The Anthro gods

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  1. We are at war with the humans! They try and out rule us and try to keep us from going ahead, they are scared, no! frightened of us and our power. But we must rise, rise together as a family; Brothers and sister! Hear my cry, I am Skoll the wroalgof! The mighty father of you all! and together we shall fight this war to the death of us, so grab your sword grab your weapons and rally. Rally with me! and together you will be pushed to greatness power.

    This roleplay is basically, i am playing a quote on quote god. due to my special hybrid gene which i will allow a few other to have. You will have to be able to use proper grammar hah
    I am also only accepting 6 spots just because the real plan is to have six strong god like warriors

    just follow the cs and you will be fine​
    Species Anthro/Hybrid:​
    Weapon of choice:​
    (i will post mine once i have enough people)​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.