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    Name: Rhinethria (Rina) Yunthiaut
    Age: 16​

  2. Rina sighed softly as she ran her fingers through her long lavender coloured hair, golden eyes gazed up at the sky as she smiled softly at the sight of a group of birds flying off into the horizon as they sung to one another. Now to fly would be a nice feeling~ The wind in my hair no one and nothing to worry me.... Yes that is bliss~ Skipping on the stones that lead up to her mansion, Rina flipped open her smart phone and quickly sent a text to a friend about them meeting later in the evening. Can't wait to get started on that art piece!!! Singing and humming as she swung open the door Rina stopped short as her father stood there waiting for her. By his side a young male with cat ears and a tail.

    "Father? Who is this??"
    Tilting her head to the side, Rina was used to her father bringing home his robotic creations and giving them to her as gifts, but this one was different to the others. ....A little more... Lifelike I guess is the right word... Looking at his auburn hair and dark eyes, Rina wondered if he really was a robot. Chuckling at her speculation that her father would do anything like use real humans for test subjects Rina looked at her father as he spoke.

    "This is my gift to you~ Our most successful creation yet! Much more real than the others that have been created~"
    The old man looked at Rina with a warm smile and ran his fingers through his pushed back white hair before wrinkling the bushy moustache under his nose.
    "Do what you would like with the creation, it won't bother me what you choose~ As long as you don't hurt it in anyway~"

    The old man then picked up a black briefcase and tipped his hat at Rina and then turned to look at his creation one last time - not that Rina would have noticed but a cruel smile appeared on the old man's face showing the greed and maliciousness that was held within his soul.
    "I need to head back now~ Cancel any arrangements for tonight!"
    Rina stared as her father like always came in and out of the house like a typhoon leaving her with yet again one of his creations.

    "......... My name is Rhinethria but call me Rina~ Do you have a name?"
    Moving closer to the being Rina looked up at the child wondering if he was going to respond or not.

  3. The neko looked at her. He was very shy and he nodded, but didn't say anything. "Kyoto..........But for short......Kyo........." He shyly said and he looked at her. He had tattered clothes, rough rigid hair, and he looked like he was lost in an alley. Abandoned is more the right word.... He kept looking at her in a shy way. He then slightly smiled at her from her warm smile.
  4. Staring at the shyness of the being Rina chuckled softly and patted his shoulder.
    "well nice to meet ya Kyo! Come with me and I will get you some new clothes~"
    Taking hold of his arm Rina lead the confused boy up to her room where she then sat him down on the bed.
    "Noooowwwww what do I have.....?"
  5. He looked around and then looked at Rina. Kyo was very confused. "What is this place............I've never seen anything like it before......." He was just looking around in amazement and awe as well.
  6. "You've never been in a bedroom before have you?"
    Patting his head as she handed a shirt and a pant Rina ed the boy into the bathroom.
    "Here go ahead and take a wash"

    As she left him in the bathroom, Rina opened up her phone to quickly message her friend about being unable to come and hang out that day. Too bad I was really looking forward to it~ But this is pretty interesting as well~ He feels like a real human though.... But he doesn't really have our emotions that are normally found by someone. Sighing she closed her phone and laid in a flump on her bed closing her eyes for a little while.
  7. He washed up at first he was confused but he got it. Then he changed and waited outside the bathroom door for Rina. "Hmm........Where is that person I saw......." He asked himself as he sat down and played with his fingers.
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