The Anomaly

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    ~ - Tick Tock - ~
    The anomaly, Stricken with grief, had again, phased from his existence, as many times before... However, this time, it had been different. As his physical form took to drift to nothingness, His mind had stayed intact, causing but flecks of flicking embers to remain in the pitch-black abyss, Eventually illuminating paintings. Living works of art. Memories in picture frames on the walls of his metaphysical "body" if you will. Things he couldn't escape, no matter how hard he tried... And like a snap of the fingers, it was over. The memories faded, and his mind collapsed... Only to awaken once more. His body once again intact as his slumber land had carried him onwards in life. Hundreds upon millions of years, maybe? He didn't really know, However, one thing was certain. He had obviously been 'asleep' much longer than he had anticipated to be. His body long on autopilot suddenly filled his mind to the brim with his shells' newly aquired memories, and as such, it was certain that he would find himself a small bit... Amiss for words. His eyes fixated on the outside of the building. The large, walk-out patio barely offering him sanctuary from the rain, despite the fact that he had been inside, if only for a moment longer before having kicked up and off of the pillar upon which he had taken his lean some time prior.

    He had attempted to form some sort of coherent expression of his confusion in refuge of the rain he so adored, for its capability to form his energy - However... Nothing came. He didn't feel his energy expanding, he didn't seem to exude his usual sort of life force; Though he figured this to be an after effect of being asleep so long... Either way, it had seemed to matter little, as in his stead, he would find the usual things in his pockets; A trusty old zippo, mat black, and engraved with several archaic symbols. And of course, his cigarette case, in much the same condition as he had last used it.

    In these few passing moments of contemplation, the anomaly would've expelled one of the hand-rolled cigarettes from his case, to take refuge between his lips in the dire weather all the same, as to eventually place the case back into his pocket; If only to grab his zippo from the one and very same inner coat pocket of his jacket. A few more seconds would pass as he stood, somber, in his own mind once more before metal on metal could be heard.

    Just shortly after, the sound of a flint being sparked to life, followed by the slow burn of a gas-powered flame took hold of his dire old habit's tip. He inhaled as to expand the embers upon the tobacco and paper alike, before the same metallic sound could be heard once more echoing throughout the room behind him. Smoke now pleasantly filling his lungs, just before expelling itself into the cool nights' sky. The anomaly would seem to whisper to himself in a faint mumble, in realization to the time at hand, and the collapse of the place he had once taken refuge. "I guess we are equally damaged..."

    I guess... some things never change... Even in dire straits... I guess I'll never see you again... But that's okay... I'll see you some day... I'm sure... Maybe one day... I can be free... too...Eh...?

    His mind passed off these last few words to himself. He had never wanted to live this long. And it was wearing on him... That much could be told by the many lines on his face... Despite having been perfect, and still having been... He too had aged... Though the embrace of death is something he never was truly allowed to feel. So he simply sat in the manor, on the patio... Going over his newly-acquired memories... Simply trying to catch up...
    ~ - A super - ~
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