The Animus Connection

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    What is The Animus Connection?”

    Otherwise currently known as Project Animus during this beta phase, The Animus Connection is a social network of writers, by writers, for writers that focuses on bringing together a massive community of like-minded individuals that appreciate the written word and all of its secrets to life, love, and happiness. The theme is derived from world famous psychologist C.G. Jung, who coined the terms “animus” and “anima”.

    Our members are “personas”, and they are also “egos”.

    • Account profile and activity feed reflecting posted updates
    • Private messaging system that can be used to collaborate with other personas
    • Privacy controls that help protect your posted and shared content
    • Create or join focus groups with their own activity feeds (and optional forum) to share content and updates with like-minded personas
    • Upload and share images, and organize them into albums
    • Upload and share audio tracks with others
    • Friend other personas and begin building your personal network

    Blog Contributors and Authors
    Here at the Animus Connection, one of our main areas of interest and possibly the most substantial feature is our frequently updated blog, which is managed by a selection of our brightest personas. The articles you will find in our blog help accentuate Animus and what we stand to represent as a community. They are our ideas, our beating hearts, our dreams, and the expressions of our inner Self.

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  2. I have signed up and I think this place has great potential. Get a few more signer ups and I am sure you will be on your way to a great, well known site.
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  3. Thanks for the support! :D