The Animal Within

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  1. The young woman walked down the busy city streets. Even in the summer heat, she wore nothing but black. A sleeveless tight fitting tank top covered her upper body, the lower half was covered in black pants that hugged her legs. Each piece of clothing looked to be made of soft velvet, but in reality it was pieces of long past shape shifters stitched together. As terrible and gross as it seemed, it was the best and suitable clothing for her. It allowed transformation to be seamless and required less energy to do so.
    Raven black hair swung back and forth, hanging past her hips. Her ice blue eyes scanned each building slowly as if looking for something. She was tall for most women, standing at exactly six foot. Her body was slender but well toned like an athlete's. Her movements were precise and calculated like a feline.
    And if one had to guess an age, she looked to be in her early twenties at the oldest.
    She stopped walking, letting out a long breath. she really didn't know where to go. She hadn't been in the city long, she was only here because she had heard of a little "parasite" problem from a group of witches days ago.
    She had scoured every part of the city, and nothing. No signs of them, she was starting to lose hope and would probably move on soon. Shrugging to her inner thoughts, she turned on her heel and walked across the street towards a park. It was filled with children flying kites, throwing Frisbees, laughing and playing together. Despite the jealousy she felt at their innocence, she smiled softly and handed a rogue Frisbee back to a little boy who was chasing it.
    "Here you go, now be careful next time, okay?"
    With a nod, the boy returned to his friends. She sat down under a tree, stretching herself out with her hands behind her head. She began watching the clouds crawl across the blue sky before she felt exhaustion take over and her eyes drifted close, enjoying the warmth of the day, the cool green grass at her back. A soft purr like sound escaped her lips before she gave in to the sleep that called her.

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  2. Without realizing, night had fallen. Lauren propped herself up on her elbows, yawning. "Well," she said, looking around the now empty park. "Guess now might actually be a good time."
    She stood up and stretched a little, rolling her shoulders some. Pausing long enough to make sure no vehicles were coming down the road, she jogged across the street and made her way to the outskirts of the city. It was probably the best place to find Vampires. The Witches swore they were here. But that was days ago, they possibly moved on by now, but she still had to try. Normally, she wouldn't have a problem with Vampires, but it was in her blood, her ancient history. The Witches recruited the Shape Shifter clans to protect their kind when the Vampires declared war. But oh, how wrong the books were. A truth Lauren would have to find out the hard way.
    She passed a dark alley way, where a loud crashing sound came from. She turned to face the darkness, her body poised for attack. her nails had turn to long cat like claws, and a black tail stuck out behind her, swaying back and forth slowly. Waiting....
  3. Jason would be in the alleyway has he walked some of the light in the sky showed his appearance to the girl in front of him. His eyes blood red and his hair silver. He had on a black long sleeve shirt and black baggy pants and black leather boots. He looked like he was in his early twenties and on his right eye just underneath layer a red tattoo. He glared at the girl that was in his way..and in a cold voice with no emotion he said " why are you walking around by yourself at night? " he asked tilting his head to the side
  4. She looked the young man up and down, then stared into his eyes. They were cold and calculating, and his voice sent a shiver down her spine, making her hair stand on end. "Does it really matter why? I can take care of myself," she replied harshly, straightening herself. The claws shrunk and returned to her normal looking hands, but the tail remained, twitching in agitation.
  5. A curse was a curse and she could feel her skin begin to burn. Green eyes quickly scanned the alleyways. She could see them, she had to find them, watch them. She didn't care much for the male, it was the woman she had to follow, to make sure she did what she had to do.
    The first sharp pain stabbed at her stomach as she looked away from the two and tightly shut her eyes with a wince. Swallowing hard she exhaled sharply. Why would they send her out to follow the shape shifter when they knew? After all they had caused it. She had been serving those damn witches for centuries, they had promised to lift the curse...Nonsense, never trust a witch.
    She was a witch once but it had been taken from her. Her powers stripped and a curse placed upon her, for what reason? For the man she loved of course.
    Another wave of explosive pain, this time she barely managed to keep her voice in; gripping her stomach she clenched her jaw and growled in frustration. Glancing over at the two once more she gritted her teeth before rushing out of the alley.

    She swiftly moved through the city streets, reaching the outskirts just in time as her body forced her to the ground, she crawled forward as far as she could, stopping as she saw a pair of shoes that were awfully familiar to her. Her fingers dug into the dirt as she ripped out chunks of grass, slowly she brought her head up to meet the dark, brown eyes that looked down at her. The pain was evident in her face as the other woman grinned while looking down. Kneeling down she forced the green eyes to meet her brown ones, long thin fingers cupped around the pained woman's chin as their eyes were forced to meet.

    "My dear Anna." The older woman grinned. "I hope you are doing as you're told. You wouldn't want to make things worse for yourself would you? Cause that's not something difficult for us to do." She chuckled.

    The pained woman, Anna, clenched her jaw as her face twisted into a snarl towards the older woman.

    The older lady stood up, the grin remaining on her face. "I shall see you in the morning dear." Another soft chuckle as she flicked her right hand up rather swiftly.

    Agonizing screams escaped Anna, the sound of bones snapping and breaking echoing through the forested area.
  6. Lauren stood, waiting for any sort of answer from this man. But she heard screams in the distance. A faint growl escaped from her lips. She couldn't wait for an answer, she had to investigate what was going on. "Sorry, guess you ended up being lucky this time."
    Turning on her heel, she sprinted down the streets as fast as she could. Seeing the end of the city limits, and the expanse of trees ahead of her. Leaping, her body shimmered, like a mirage in the hot desert. Her limbs bent in awkward positions, the pale white skin turned black and glimmered in the moonlight. Ears, claws, a tail. She landed, 350 pounds of pure muscle, teeth, and claws. Her muscles bunched beneath her skin, then released their energy to spring her forward again.
    Deeper and deeper into the forest until she came upon the woman. The sounds of her screams were torture on her ears as she neared, padding a little closer.
  7. A smirk appeared on his face then he heard the scream and would look towards the sound of the screaming. " interesting" he said has he looked back the girl and heard what she said he glared " it's is you that is lucky girl. " he would back away into the darkness and with curiosity plaguing his mind he wanted to follow to the screams.." he jumped up and landed on top of the rooftop and he would start jumping rooftop to rooftop getting closer to the screaming
  8. Finally it had all ended. An eerie silence surrounded Deep husky breaths were taken as the figure was barely visible in the dim light of the moon. If one were able to see it within the darkness, they would make out a much larger figure than what was in it's place agonizing moments ago. Large, pointed ears twitched in various directions. Slowly they caught the cautious, silent padded steps that approached. A swift glance over revealed the same green eyes. A low growl as the upper lip curled into a snarl. A series of large, glistening fangs shimmering in the moonlight. Certainly inhuman. Slowly the new figure stood up, it was easier to make out as it moved. It seemed like it's height would never end but eventually it did.

    Eight feet seemed like a good estimate. The figure was thick, pure muscle and well defined, it could be seen even with the fur that seemed to cover it's body. A melding of human and animal. Long claws shone in the light as it slowly got into a more offensive position. Even if it was once human it now seemed to be purely primal and feral, it's humanity gone; the only thing that seemed odd were the eyes, perhaps the smallest glimmer of humanity managed to shine through.

    Ears twitched once again as more sounds entered it's ears. Another approached. Was there a reason for the two to be approaching at the same time? Would a fight happen? The thought of blood shed excited the canine-esque being. It didn't really know what it would be facing, if there was a chance in the fight...but it's excitement grew and it decided to stay where it was. Stand it's ground and enjoy.
  9. Jason would then start to run along the rooftops and when he got to the edge would jump to the next rooftop. His curiosity was driving him to madness has an evil grin appeared on his face. His eyes started to glow his power radiating feeling a dark magic nearby. He finally reached the locator and glared down at the animal. He would then jump down from the building. His hair forced upwards has he landed being 20 feet away from the creature a created a crater around the earth crumbled underneath him. He was in a crouching position his head looking down.. He looked up and a smirk appeared on his face has he started to show his teeth all of them sharp... " is this where the screams came from" he said slowly standing up and crossing his arms. He tilted his head to the side and glared into the beasts eyes. " now I see.. very interesting
  10. Keeping her distance, she dug her claws into the soft earth beneath, she stood in strange amazement at the sight before her. Someone, or something, like her. A faint growl escaped past her snarled lips as she noticed the disturbance some feet away. The man from before. Of course he would follow. There was something. Wrong, evil about him. Her hair stood on end as she inched her way along the shadows, her ice blue eyes the only visible part of her.
    She could feel the tension rising. A fight would more than likely break out. She was strong and fast, but she wasn't sure what chance she would have against the both of them. This other creature was certainly bigger, and by the looks of it, a lot more stronger than herself. And the man, well. He was strong, fast, and certainly had the look of someone had to be strong and fight to survive. Slowly, she crawled up into a tree, inching along a large thick branch to watch from a distance. "Who.... Who are you?" she sent telepathically to the woman who had changed. Though a little intimidated, she was curious. She had never met anyone else like her in all her years. She had heard of their stories, but most of them were wiped out and only few remained. At least, that is what the stories told her.
  11. The large, wolfish creature looked at the smaller man. The size difference was great but that didn't mean the beast wasn't aware of the power that came from him. It snarled as it stretched out it's fingers. It's head jolted to the left as it heard a voice, another low growl coming from the large creature. It wasn't the voice it usually was different.

    "Not her..." That was the voice it recognized the creature looked back towards the male.

    Dropping to all fours it circled the man. Whoever the other person was it wasn't supposed to attack her. It's lip curled into another snarl again. Was the male supposed to be killed? He definitely seemed like a threat. The large creature was surprisingly cautious as it studied him. It wanted nothing more than to tear him apart but it was also intimidated by the power that radiated off him just moments ago.
  12. He didn't move or show any sign of fear has the creature circled him. He stood still has and his eyes would move to where the creature was following it. A smirk came across his face feeling the dark energy coming from the creature. " the witch did this to you.. she must be close. " he said has he quickly turned his speed fast and swift. With his right arm he shot it out to grab the creature by the back of the neck and force it to the ground. He had no intention to harm the creature but to attempt to revert it back to its human form
  13. The assault was quick. Taking the beast by surprise. It growled as it's chin hit the ground roughly. It glared at the man. Bringing it's arms up it pushed itself up off the ground breaking the grip of the male. Standing on two it roared at the man.

    "You're smart, you know what needs to be done." The voice echoed in it's mind as it growled deeper towards the male. Although it's mind continued to go back to the display of power moments ago, the wolf beast slowly grew more excited at the thought of finally facing someone who could prove to be a challenge. Stepping forward it looked down at the male, fangs glistening in the moonlight. It almost looked like a terrifying grin. Hunching forward slightly the large wolf creature lunged towards the man.
  14. A smirk appeared on his face as the beast broke free and he then looked up at the beast still showing no fear has the beast lunged at him he would quickly side step and then would lift up his arm and with great speed and strength having a tight fist would aim for the creatures rib cage to punch it. Trying to knock it down long enough to revert it back to its human form so he could us his power to drain of the dark energy which wouldn't take the curse away but temporarily cast it away..
  15. Her eyes widened as the scuffle broke out. She knew it would. The tension and power. Lifting herself from the branch, she jumped out of the tree, gracefully arcing through the air, then landing on the man, throwing them both to the ground. But to avoid crushing the man, she had changed once more to her human form. Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, she rolled and pulled them bot to their feet. "What are you and what the hell are you doing?" she asked roughly, her eyes boring into his.
    Something about the wolf creature did not scare her, only this man. His power radiated off of him, pulsing into her.
  16. Jason would get caught off guard being more focused on the creature her staring into eyes.. no emotion only pure hatred and anger but it was all a misunderstanding since his real targets were the witches " I'm trying to revert the creature before you interrupted!!" He yelled at her had electricity formed around him to push her away from him
  17. Shaking it's head the creature slowly got up, remaining on all four once again. It watched as two humans yelled at eachother. It wasn't really sure where the other woman had come from, was it the one it wasn't supposed to attack? The voice re-assured it as the creature snorted. The beast stepped back as the man used some sort of magic to push the other away. Slowly the creature began to grow irritated with all this. The voice in it's head told it to fight, but it's gut told it to be cautious.

    Should it fight? If it didn't would there be punishment? The creature snorted at it's own thoughts as it watched and kept it's distance.
  18. With a loud thud, she landed on the ground, tucking and rolling to only push herself back up to her feet. She stood there, staring at the man. "What?" she asked, some what confused. It sure didn't look like he was trying to help the other creature. "How.. how can you revert her back? Unless..." She turned to the wolf creature, tilting her head a little. Was this creature only able to be this way because of magic? Turning back to the man, she raised an eyebrow. "Why on earth would you want to help her? I sense nothing but evil from you, the kind of evil I have been sent to kill and destroy."
  19. Jason would grin and nod " indeed i am evil.. but I'm tracking down the witches that tried to control me.. the awaken me from my slumber and we'll there's hell to pay.. " he would then turn to the creature.." that creature will lead me to them.. and I will torture those I'm holding back.. my real strength would of killed the creature.." he would grin evil has the lightning around him began to spiral in front of him" going to have to stun the beast.." he shot lightning at the beast it spiraled has the sound was louder than thunder
  20. "No," she said, stepping back in front of him. "I will not let you." It was her duty to keep the witches protected. Even if it meant dying, she had to protect them. Even though most had cast her out for her mistake and harming the prophet child, she still swore to protect them since they had taken her in. "I can't let you harm her anymore, and I can't let you get to the witches. I'm sorry, but it isn't going to be as easy as you thought."
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