The Angels, The Sins, and The Horsemen: Redux

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  1. ((Guys, there will be regular news updates in this. Please listen to them, learn about them somehow. they reveal Important plot points, and summarize what has happened. like we all came down in Meteors, and have caused issues.))

    Strange new disease spreads after a meteor Crashes in China...

    Tsunami after a meteor hits Japan, almost 300 assumed Dead...

    Hospital workers report seeing man in black standing over Dead patients...

    Disease spreads to Japan....

    Study shows, that since the meteors hit Earth, people have been getting Fatter and Lazier...

    11 more meteors crash to Earth...

    Popular Priest declares it's the End Times...

    New disease spreads to America...

    "Though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no Evil." -Psalm 23

    "Alas, Poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio." -Hamlet

    "I heard the voice say "Come" and I saw a Pale horse, and it's rider was Death, and Hell Followed behind him." -Revelation 6:8

    Michael sat with Death in the Hospital's Starbucks. They had just gotten over a shift, and were waiting for the CDC agent. Michael took a sip of his coffee.
    "I'm so tired!" Michael said. "It feels like we've been up for days!" Michael rubbed his eyes and took another sip of his coffee. "I've only had an hour of sleep, and I just want to go home! I hate epidemics!"
    Michael was still getting used to his human body, and being a Medical Intern wasn't helping, especially during an Epidemic. He was friends with Death in Heaven, and the lines for him and Death were blurred as to which side they were on. He looked at the other doctors and families that were also tired and sick. Michael's lab coat was dirty, and Michael felt disgusting. He hadn't had a shower in a few days, and wanted to go home. He took a sip of his coffee again and continued waiting for the CDC rep.

    Aaron put his Coke on the bar and sighed. He didn't want to go meet the doctors at St George's Hospital. He just wanted to go back to Atlanta, and stay in his house. Or, go to some place that wasn't New York. but, he did what the UN told him. He paid for his drink and walked out of the bar.
    "Stupid Plague that I created. If I had known of the consequences, I wouldn't have started it!" Aaron straightened his jacket and hailed a taxi. "St George's please!" He said to the driver. He said something about not going there in a foreign language. Aaron handed the driver some cash, and the driver perked up.
    "Where do you want to go again?" The driver said.
    "St George's hospital." The driver hit the gas and a few minutes later, they pulled into the Pavilion covering the entrance.
    "Thanks!" Aaron shouted.
    "You're welcome!" The driver replied.
    Aaron stepped out of the taxi and into the lobby. He sighed. "Home sweet home."
  2. Name: Lillian Madeline and Livia Jade Thatch
    Affiliation: Sins of Lust and Envy
    Where: At home/at work (Aphrodite)
    Interactions: With one another and customers

    "Thank you for coming~ I hope that we help you~ Make sure to come visit the Aphrodite again~ We shall work as your goddess of love and beauty for your future romances~"
    Giggling at all the lies that were spilling out of her mouth she giggled to herself. Although they did made sure to give the person a good love, the amount of sexual and jealously/envy that they experienced with that love was over the top. Although amazingly these humans had managed to keep these relationships. they had already received several different invitations to several Weddings which they were planning to go to each of them. We can test their strength of their relationships~ Giggling to herself she was stopped abruptly when her sister tapped her on the head with a book.
    "Did you go finish your homework?"
    Groaning, Lillian looked up at Livia, "Do I have to go and do it~? PLease can't I stay with you~?"

    Moving her body closely and kissing her sister's cheek she was disappointed when her sister glared at her and pointed further into the building. Nodding her head slowly, Lillian went further into the house and looked around at the house part of the building. They had made the front of their house their work place and due to the fact that it was a small company there was only just the two of them working there. Taking out her books and placing them on the table she set off on work and waited patiently for Livia to call her for help when she wanted it.

    In case we are still not clear, Aphrodite (their business) and their home is in the the same building, their business has been built into their house just we are clear~ ^^

    Name: Elina Chrystaline Rhett
    Affiliation: Virtue of Kindness
    Where: Reading in the library
    Interactions: With the novel in her hand

    Reading the novel in her hand, Elina couldn't help but allow a tear fall down her cheek. Quickly she wiped it in hope that no one noticed it, sniffling softly to herself she allowed her hair fall in front of her face not wanting anyone to see her the way it was at the moment, Reading the characters interactions she sniffled a little and rubbed her eyes. Her small little hands quickly removed the moistness in her eyes. The males in the room gazed and glanced at the cute little Elina but of course she was oblivious to everything except for the characters in the book and what was happening.
  3. Candy was waiting in line at the coffee shop, all the staff at school asked her pick them up some along with a whole landry list of other things. Candy knew she was be taking advantage of, but didn't mind as much as she should have. Because she wanted to help, but everyone there just gave her their jobs and it was exhausting. It didn't help that she would stay up on her phone reading all the news updates. When her order came up, Candy really wished she could drive or at least someone to help carry them all.
  4. Plague: Plague stepped into the Hospital. He sniffed that Hospital lobby air. It had an all to familiar smell. He made his way to the coffee shop to meet his contacts. In the Coffee shop, he saw a woman struggling with a bunch of coffee. He walked up to her. "Mind if I help you? You have a lot of coffee." Aaron pit down his duffel bag with all his Medical Supplies. "I have to meet someone, but I can take a few minutes to help you."

  5. Candy looked at the man with so much happiness and gratefulness that she would have hugged him if her arms weren't full. Carefully handing him half of her load, she started toward the school.

    "Thank you so much, its just a block away at the high school. It started as a coffee run for the principal then turned into a school wide one. I'm lucky the students didn't join in haha" Candy tried to keep her tone light and fun, but she was tired and just knew if the coffee got cold on the way she would get yelled at. The staff used to be kinder and more understanding, but lately they're more demanding and angry at any mistakes she made. 'Come on Candy, the life of an assistant isn't a restful one or easy. Just do what you can and figure out how to take care of these sins'

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  6. Plague: Aaron laughed. "Yeah. That's seriously lucky." He took half of the coffees, ands asked a nearby doctor to take his bag to Infectious Diseases. Aaron began walking. "I understand. Two months ago, I was doing this job, running things for other CDC doctors, and now I'm head of the whole CDC!" Aaron began walking out of the Coffee shop. "I'm Aaron White by the way. You've probably heard of me on the news."

  7. Candy's eye went wide at finding out the man helping her was Aaron White, the head of the CDC. This man was working hard to put a stop to this plague and here he was right away n front of her.

    "Oh my, its an honor to meet you Dr.White. My name is Cadence Matthews, tho a lot of people call me Candy for short. I hope that meeting isn't serious, seeing as you stopped to help me. If it is I can figure it out, I wouldn't want to keep you." Candy was star struck. She knew that she looked up to people of power or famous actors a little too much, but they work so hard to get where they are. If Candy could stay human for a life time she would want to work for these people, to help them on their way.

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  8. Plague: "no, no, it's nothing serious. Just checking on the plague. We fear it may have spread here. And if so, it may be very widespread here in the city." Aaron ran to the door. "I'm always happy to help someone. I'm a doctor, it's kind of my job." Aaron breathed a sigh of relief because the door was automatic. "Which way?" He asked.


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  9. "Right, I left my cart by the principal's office. I'll have to let him know about the palgue moving here, we need to set up a screenings for the students and staff. Not to mentioned making sure everything is clean and sending notices home..." Candy's mind went miles a minute trying to think of what she needed to do now. Looks like another late night for her. Giving a sigh, Candy saw the principal standing by her cart waiting.

    "Mr.Brown, I just got here with the coffee. So sorry for the wait."

    "Where did you get it from?"

    "A little coffee shop a block away."

    "What! I wanted the coffee from the café across from the subway! Go back and fix this." Candy wanted to argue that he said the coffee shop she went to was the one he wanted, but she didn't want to get yelled more. Yeah today was going to be a long one.

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  10. Plague: Aaron stood in front of the Principal. "Ma'am. No need to get angry. It was an honest mistake on her part. I will go get the coffee if you need me to." Aaron put the coffee on top of a trash can nearby, so it sat, but didn't fall. "I'm Aaron White, head of the CDC." He stuck his hand out to shake it. "It may be startling that I'm here, but don't worry, there is only one confirmed case of plague! Now, I will be right back with that coffee."

  11. Candy looked at Dr.White with thankfulness, Mr.Brown had been getting more and more restless lately and was so nice to have someone to share the work.

    "Thank you Dr.White, If the plague is coming this way it might be best to send the students home until we know for sure. School is too perfect a place to spread it. Candy, after you're done with passing out coffee, I need you to connect parents and inform them of the possible risk. The staff should be in the break room waiting." In moments like this principal Brown went back to his kinder self and made working more stressful tasks worth it.

    "Yes sir, I get on it right away. Thank you so much Dr. White for helping, if there's anything I can help you with just give me a call." Candy passed a scrap of paper with her number on it to the doctor before putting all the coffees on her cart and headed for the break room. If the principal didn't want his coffee she would drink it any way.

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  12. Merrick: The Grim Reaper, as usual, was dealing with one of Pestilence's screw-ups. His date with Livia was delayed as he was brought a "safe" body that he could extract a living sample of the plague virus and begin to create a cure. He and Michael were occupied as usual, his student and old friend given a break as soon as he took the remaining three bodies to the incinerator. The plague didn't spread though air at all, and seemed to utilize water, blood, and other oxygen-rich fluids. He, being a horseman, was immune to the plague. However, he was performing overtime as he also had to guide all those who died to Paradise, Purgatory, or Hell. If Dante still had to travel the waiting time would be at least three years. He carefully severed the aorta, carefully removing the heart and placing it in a sterile chamber where he could isolate the living viruses and identify their weaknesses in an artificial environment. He then pressed the button on the intercom that connected to a an earpiece his students wore, sighing. "Michael, take care of that body and then contact Dr. Aaron White, reporting to my lab afterwards. We've finally extracted a living virus colony for research. Genevieve, I need you to take care of the remaining bodies, putting them in the incinerator." This was a major breakthrough, as Death had finally extracted a large enough virus colony to survive. He'd have to get some artificial red blood cells to ensure that they would thrive. He then sent a text to Livia, apologizing once more for work delaying their evening.

    James: James Thatch, Broadway actor extraordinaire, was enjoying what he considered a break as he lived off of the millions of dollars he had in his account. He walked into the house his sisters shared, the younger of the two calling about needing him for something. At this point James was unaware that Merrick was Death, but only because they were never in close enough proximity for him to learn such while Merrick knew well who the three were. He yawned as he walked inside, his voice slightly sore from the musical he had finished performing two days ago. His voices rasped slightly, but it was barely noticeable. "Lilliana, I'm here. What's with all of the urgency? Don't tell me you're trying to get out of your homework again."
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  13. Michael: Michael nodded. "Yes, sir." He said. Michael pulled out his iPhone. He dialed the Head of the CDC's number. "Hello, Doctor White? This is Michael at Saint George's. We have three more cases. We are taking a sample. We have found out that it is Waterborne." Michael then ran down to the Coffee shop. "Genevieve, I'm going off call." He said. He turned his Pager on, and headed towards the Elevator. The TV was on in the Hospital Lobby. A Morning Show interview with Broadway Actor James Thatch. Michael put his hands in his pockets. He felt keys. "Wait! These are Merrick's keys to the Doctor's Lounge." He said. He had to give them back to Merrick. He turned on Find my iPhone, and began tracking Merrick.

    Plague: Just as Plague was picking up the Principal's coffee, his phone began to ring. "Aaron White." He said sighing. He thought it was the President, or FEMA, but instead it was Doctor Michael from Saint George's. He listened to Michael say how there were Three more cases, and how it was Waterborne. Aaron sighed, said "Alright, I'll be there soon." And hung up. Aaron began to head back to the school.

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  14. He's got to be here.

    Gabriel glanced at his smartphone and nodded, as if the device was more than an electronic miracle-worker. It served him well, guiding him to this nondescript location. He observed the exterior from a distance, careful not to look conspicuous. A futile effort, he sighed inwardly, for if the owners of this particular business were exactly whom he suspected they were, then his true nature was impossible to conceal. Those not originally of this world could detect each others presence, it seems. Not exactly what Gabriel would consider a weakness, but rather the Almighty's way of making an even playing field.

    Birds of a feather...

    He approached what he assumed was the entrance. Aphrodite, they called it. Named after the ancient Greek's goddess of love and beauty, how quaint.

    He looked for a buzzer, or something that humans invented that emitted a sound to announce a customer's arrival. He found none, but he did hear an odd whirring mechanical noise. Gabriel looked up, finding himself staring at the cold dark lense of a security camera.

    Though it was not Gabriel's true form, the security feed would register an attractive average height brunette young woman with glasses. He tilted his head quizzically and waved.

    Hopefully the owners, again assuming they were whom he thought they were, would not mistaken his being here as a job inquiry.

  15. Merrick: The man with three Ph.D.'s would be isolating the virus from the heart, leaving a colony in the heart to be as he put one of them underneath the microscope with a sliver of oxygenated cardiac muscle, watching the breeding habits of the virus. He wrote two sets of notes, one in English and the other in ancient Egyptian due to ancient habits dying hard. The Egyptians had been one of his favorite civilizations. They focused so exclusively on death that they made his job thousands of times easier. Heck, the virtuous ones practically showed themselves the doors to Limbo. It truly was a shame so few of them were Jewish, but it didn't matter either way. He then isolated them into various environments. He placed one in a blood-filled environment, another in water, and another where he set up the variables. Given he was in his private lab, Michael had no reason to track him. In fact, the only reason Michael had Merrick's keys was because he took the wrong lab coat, forcing Merrick to use his spare. He spoke to Merrick when he entered, hopeful. "Michael, first thing's first. Take off my lab coat and hand it on the peg. Second, come check this out. I've gone ahead and placed them in various environments. They don't seem to be breeding very quickly, but they definitely require a lot of energy in order to do so." He then moved, allowing his student to look through the microscope as he look to the monitors near the containers as he could see the viruses move. "I'll have to borrow some CDC members and keep them monitored. Looks like we're one step closer to fixing Aaron's mess."

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  16. Michael: Michael hung the coat up on the peg. "Sorry, I'm just really tired. I called Aaron like you asked. Since when has he been head of the CDC?" He rubbed his eyes and took them off of the Microscope. "I saw James Thatch on the tv. He seems like a nice guy. Sometimes, he comes into Infectious Diseases looking for you when you're busy with a patient. How do you know someone so big and famous?" Michael turned around. "Where's the Bathroom? I need to change my scrubs." He asked.

  17. Merrick: "I'm dating one of his sisters. Besides, he's the leader of the Sins, Pride. Lust and Envy are his sisters in this world and I'm dating the latter. Other than that the bathroom left of the sterilization chamber. And Aaron's been head of the CDC since God said so after Aaron almost annihilated three amazon tribes during his last hiccup in the Peace Corps. He hasn't screwed up this bad since he got into a fight with the previous Wraith and made HIV/AIDS. That and make sure you use the sterilization chamber anyway. We may be immune to this but we are around humans who aren't." Merrick continued to take notes, studious as usual.

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  18. Michael: Michael went to the Sterilization chamber, and waited for the Decontaminant to be sprayed on him. "So, uh, He's Pride? Thanks for ruining my Dreams of him being a normal Mortal. I guess I haven't been able to tell because I've been so tired. My senses have been a bit off." Michael dumped his old scrubs into the Biohazard bin. "So, How is the family then? That's a heck of a family to have. What do his sisters do?" Michael's phone outside buzzed. He dried off with a towel, and put on the scrubs as quick as he could. He ran out and grabbed the phone. "Hello?" He said.

    Plague: Aaron stood once again in the Hospital Lobby. He dialed Doctor Michael's number. Michael picked up after the third ring. "Yes, this is Doctor White. I'm in the Lobby, why don't you and your teacher come and meet me."

  19. Merrick: "They run a little matchmaking business they called 'Aphrodite.' Other than that Lust is still in college and Envy graduated it early. They're five years apart. Lust is twenty and Envy is twenty-five. Nice family. Besides, he isn't as bad as Greed is. Greed's apparently a billionaire by using his powers to fix games and gambling-related events. I haven't met the others Sins here, though I know they're in NYC. Now run and bring Aaron up. You can't exactly leave these samples unattended." He continued taking his notes, recording them into the computer. He would need to publish his findings periodically, as otherwise the worldwide community not find these discoveries. He then turned his attention back to the virus, sighing. "Now, why do you suckers only thrive in oxygen-rich liquids...?"