The Angels, The Horsemen, and the Sins

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  1. Strange new disease spreads after meteor Crashes in China...

    Tsunami after a meteor hits Japan, almost 300 assumed Dead...

    Hospital workers report seeing man in black standing over Dead patients...

    Disease spreads to Japan....

    Study shows, that since the meteors hit Earth, people have been getting Fatter and Lazier...

    11 more meteors crash to Earth...

    Popular Priest declares it's the End Times...

    New disease spreads to America...

    "Though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no Evil." -Psalm 23

    "Alas, Poor Yorick, I knew him, Horatio." -Hamlet

    "I heard the voice say "Come" and I saw a Pale horse, and it's rider was Death, and Hell Followed behind him." -Revelation 6:8

    Michael sat with Death in the Hospital's Starbucks. They had just gotten over a shift, and were waiting for the CDC agent. Michael took a sip of his coffee.
    "I'm so tired!" Michael said. "It feels like we've been up for days!" Michael rubbed his eyes and took another sip of his coffee. "I've only had an hour of sleep, and I just want to go home! I hate epidemics!"
    Michael was still getting used to his human body, and being a Medical Intern wasn't helping, especially during an Epidemic. He was friends with Death in Heaven, and the lines for him and Death were blurred as to which side they were on. He looked at the other doctors and families that were also tired and sick. Michael's lab coat was dirty, and Michael felt disgusting. He hadn't had a shower in a few days, and wanted to go home. He took a sip of his coffee again and continued waiting for the CDC rep.

    Aaron put his Coke on the bar and sighed. He didn't want to go meet the doctors at St George's Hospital. He just wanted to go back to Atlanta, and stay in his house, and play Video Games. He paid for his drink and walked out of the bar.
    "Stupid Plague I created. If I had known of the consequences, I wouldn't have started it!" Aaron straightened his jacket and hailed a taxi. "St George's please!" He said to the driver. He said something about not going there in a foreign language. Aaron handed the driver some cash, and the driver perked up.
    "Where do you want to go again?" The driver said.
    "St George's hospital." The driver hit the gas and a few minutes later, they pulled into the Pavilion covering the entrance.
    "Thanks!" Aaron shouted.
    "You're welcome!" The driver replied.
    Aaron stepped out of the taxi and into the lobby. He sighed. "Home sweet home."
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  2. Uriel
    It was yet another quiet evening in the library, one of those he happened to enjoy, as he was sitting in behind the counter and looking over to the seemingly empty library. "Humans really lost all respect for the knowledge of the books..." He sighed as he was already captured with a book in his own hands. In a way he was happy there was no one else there, humans could be obnoxious and too loud for him at times, but at the very least he knew that Micheal was working. Micheal, also known as his personal babysitter, was working now as well. Why he had been assigned to watch over Uriel, he did not know, but there were a complaint incoming whenever Uriel would get the chance that was for sure. "Hm... I wonder if I could go and fetch myself a coffee... but if someone comes then that's not going to be good for me," Uriel said as he looked over to the doors and then sat down, and continued to read in his book. "I might as well stay here, not worth risking it," He sighed as he let his sky blue eyes return to the pages of the book surrounded in the smell of books and the noise of nothing, but his own thoughts.

    Alice d'Arc
    Once more would a peaceful day bestow upon her, and today she decided it was time to visit Uriel! "URIEL~!" The peace of the library broke instantly as the poor guy was almost knocked off his chair at the sudden outburst, and she giggled amusingly to see him flail to not fall. "Keep your voice down Alice. We're in a library," Uriel sighed as she nodded and then almost whispered to him. "I just wanted to see if you got the book I requested," Alice whispered as Uriel looked at her and raised his eyebrow. "Louder than a whisper," He said as she repeated herself once more, and Uriel began looking for the book. "It's not here yet... Though it might be in the storage, but I haven't gotten to do that yet. It's just too much work..." He sighed as Alice's face seemed to light up. "Can I help? Please? Please?!" Alice asked as she was jumping up and down. Saying no would make her nag him more, so he just agreed and the two of them began working in the backroom with Alice rambling on about this lost kitten she had helped the other day, and even bought it some milk, while Uriel was wondering if his head was going to explode.
  3. Taylor sat in the librarians desk of a lightly populated school library. As he was waiting for a student to approach him to check out a book, he let out a small chuckle. Just how long has it been since he's been down here? He had spent countless weeks working as a librarian to this high school, ensuring that the students remain silent and bring the books back in an excellent condition. It's been a peaceful time, one that the representation of temperance wouldn't mind having for a long time. He came back to his senses as the student slid his school ID card to Taylor. Humming along to the soft song playing through the school speakers, he finished checking the student's book.

    "Thank you, please remember to return the book by the end of the month. Don't forget to have a very nice day." Taylor said with a warm smile, meaning it from the bottom of his heart. "Y-yes ma'am. You too." The now red faced male student responded, trying to avoid eye contact.

    He wasn't the first to mistake Taylor for a woman, nor would he be the last. As it had turned out, the body he was given was definitely more feminine than the average man. He wasn't too angry about it, his looks have already gotten him out a few bad situations. Besides, his form as it is seems to calm most of the emotions of the people he deals with. It also seems to be the reason for the sudden influx of male students wanting to check out books.
  4. Lucius Alfaro leaned on the counter, obviously annoyed.
    He was dealing with an over-sized idiot. Lucius works at a fast food restaurant, the only job he is able to keep. If he lets these costumers keep irritating him then that would be another job gone.
    "I don't have all day. There's no need to buy every item on the damn menu," Lucius said annoyed.
    That was another unhappy costumer leaving that day...
  5. Gabriella wrapped her hands around the small bird gently, encasing it in the warmth of her palms soothingly. Some of the angels under her would've said this job didn't suit her, considering how tough she was on them at times, but she fit into this role like she'd been born for it. A couple of the other animal caretakers were watching her from the corners of their eyes as a soft smile spread across her face while she reassured the little thing. It hadn't been very long since coming from heaven, but she'd donned a human body a few times before. It wasn't too bad. The humans always reacted this way to her at first, but that would change. She turned her smile on one of the people closest, an intern who still hadn't gotten to do much. Quietly, she lifted one hand away from the bird and beckoned the young girl a little closer. "Come here. Don't be scared." How often had she used those words?

    As if inexorably drawn, though Ella hadn't used any magic, the girl came. Taking her hand lightly, she let the girl pet the bird on the head ever so softly, before depositing it in her hands. The angel drew back again, pretending to busy herself making a feed mixture, but she watched in satisfaction as a couple of the other humans drew nearer, encouraging the young one in silence. The intern's look of reverence at the life she held was priceless. Yes, this job suited her very well indeed. If only she was here for some pleasanter purpose than to defeat and take back her former comrades. An imperceptible sigh rustled past her lips in a cool waft of slightly lily-scented breath.
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  6. Students weren't listening at all to their teachers, 'causing said teachers to just give up on them all. Candy was used to the teenagers acting up but never like this, normally at least they were talking to one another but now they were just napping.

    "Candy, can you just take these books back. We're not doing anything today, no one wants to learn and to be frank I don't like teaching them." So candy gathered the books and headed to the school library. They students were getting worse by the day, Candy hoped to get everything would get better soon so the students could get back on track. Stepping into the library, Candy saw Taylor.

    "Hey Taylor, Mr.Brown said they're not having class and to return the books. How are things with you? hope its better than in the class rooms." Candy smile to the man, it felt good to talk to someone who cared about the world around them. There were students and teachers who still care, but they're becoming less and less every day.
  7. Death:

    The Horseman sighed, drinking his black coffee and rubbing his eyes as he twirled his scythe/"pen" between his fingers, looking to his student before standing up and stretching, pulling out a scalpel after putting up his "pen." He would walk around to look at Michael, sighing. "It could be worse. On the bright side, Hell finally stopped complaining. Sometimes I hate being the liaison between God and Hell... Otherwise, Aaron is going to a lick or two from this scalpel if he doesn't knock this off." He was still wearing his scrubs underneath his lab coat, his tenth set today since the rest were burned or quarantined. He sighed, drinking his coffee in the remained of the gulp. "Oh, I heard you ran into Chastity the other day. How is she doing?"


    Pride, in his guise as James Thatch, was going about his usual routine which, at this point, was being harassed by Lust for shopping money. He had just come home for an audition for "Phantom of the Opera," which, as usual, was guaranteed due to his abilities. He was currently sitting on the main couch in the penthouse they all lived in, sighing and rubbing his left temple as he listened to the sister blabber on and on about needing clothes. "Don't you earn some spending money with your... what is it... 'match making' service that you and Envy run? So do tell why exactly you choose to try and beg the money out of my earnings?"
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  8. Pestilence.

    Aaron stepped into the Hospital, when his phone rang. It was his boss.
    "Christ. What is it now Joseph?" He grumbled into the phone.
    "calm down Aaron! What's wrong?"
    "nothing, I'm at the hospital, and whenever you call I have to go somewhere else."
    "I know. You're being relocated to a school this time. We need to do checkups on the students."
    Aaron smiled. "What school?" he laughed.
    "A school literally two blocks from your location." Aaron's boss hung up.

    Aaron took a brisk walk, and stepped into the school office.
    "Hi, I'm the CDC Agent you asked to begin checking up on the kids." The secretary was a sweet Brunette with a Southern Accent.
    "Yup, the other agents are setting up the tent out back. You'll be taking the staff." Aaron sighed.
    "Is there a place where I can put on my HAZMAT suit?" The secretary looked at him.
    "In the Bathroom, Hon. I hope there won't be problems. The students should all be sleepin'"

    Aaron put on his suit and helped put up the tent. He and the other doctors chatted for a few minutes, and then the students started to arrive.


    Michael looked at Death. "C-Chastity is good. She said to say hi." Michael took the final sip of his cappuccino and Rubbed his eyes. "But what if this disease is out of Aaron's control? What if..."
    Just then Michael's phone rang. The number was from the CDC. Aaron picked up.
    "Hello? Yes, this is Michael."

    "You're gonna have to wait a while longer for the Agent to arrive. There's a bit of a scheduling conflict in his schedule. " the person said. "He'll be there in about two to three hours."

    Michael sighed a sigh of relief. He was going to get a few more hours of sleep. The older doctors told him to go off call, so He and Death could have a few hours. Michael would probably either sleep or play something on his Laptop.

    "Hey, we have a little bit of free time." He said to Death. "Let's go rest."
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  9. Ruby was quite satisfied with her job, having cured many patients that day. She had just finished putting yet another patient down for the epidemic, and she was content with the work she had done. Heaving a sigh, she decided to go towards the hospital Starbucks, maybe grab a sandwich or something. A small little cloud of exhaustion wafted her way as she relaxed into a chair, exhaling softly. She would rather sit for a bit than order food, just looking at the people who were infected made her stomach churn. Shivering slightly, she let herself relax into the smooth leather and listen to the soft jazz.

    Geo sighed as she tapped her pencil neatly on her desk. It was another busy day at the office, but instead of a bustling pile of workers outside her door, there was only a few stragglers still left. Almost half of her office was gone from the stupid epidemic, and not only that, the government was sucking up her funds to create research materials for solving it. Granted, she was the CEO of a company that majored in electronics, it had something to do with STEM at the least. She tucked a strand of her blue hair behind her head as she got up, her phone beeping at her to notify her that she had a meeting at the hospital soon, and she should get going before anything else stopped her.
  10. News Updates:

    3 American Soldiers die after ISIS attack in Iraq...

    Tokyo, Kyoto, and Yokohama go under quarantine to prevent Disease spread...

    U.S. Navy unveils a new Aircraft Carrier class...

    Shanghai goes under Martial Law...

    CDC testing new Vaccine against the disease...

    Scientists go to China to study the meteor...

    CDC and WHO begin performing checkups at schools...

    Disease spreads to England, Germany, France, Greenland, Iceland, Russia.

    Japan goes under full Quarantine...

    Israel Quarantines to prevent from getting the disease...


    Saber Tech goes up 3.0 points.

    Walmart down 2

    Biotech up 2.0 points.

    The DOW Jones closed today at an all time high.

    The Nasdaq is down 11.0 points.

    List of Infected Countries:

    South Africa
    South Korea
    North Korea

    The following nations are under Quarantine:
    South Korea
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  11. Ella looked up at the clock, checking the time. She tended to get engrossed in these things. Her break would be soon. She turned to glance at the birds in the cages. "Be good while I'm gone." She whispered to them in a different language, before leaving the area. She let her feet take her to the library a few blocks down. She could sense some of the other Virtues in the direction of the school, and maybe an Archangel towards the hospital, but she left those for later. Hospitals and schools were usually heavily populated, but libraries tended to be less occupied and would make it easier for her to talk about heaven business. She didn't know why God had sealed their ability to sense the horsemen and the sins, but it wasn't her place to ask, so she hadn't. She knew he must have a good reason, as he always did. Now, there was just the problem of figuring out what to do taking that into consideration. Pestilence was being the most brazen, if the newspapers were anything to go off, but the Sins were more dangerous as they were more insidious, in her opinion.

    "Hello?" She called quietly, voice still echoing into the silence of the library. She didn't dare call any of the names directly, in case there were any humans or even Sins there, but still... "Is anyone here?"
  12. "Ah, good afternoon Ms. Matthews." Taylor took the books from Candy's hands. "No class today? That's a shame, it's a beautiful day to learn. Don't worry however, if we keep ourselves optimistic, I'm sure we can figure something out." He said with a smile. They were the virtues after all, and if they couldn't get a school to listen to them how will they fare against the sins?

    "Things are going swell in the library here. All the students are nice and quiet for the most part." Taylor leaned in a little closer to Candy. "They do seem to have a problem focusing on their books however. Especially the boys, they seem to always look at any girl in here or me." Taylor secretly pointed over to two of the students, eyes watching both Candy and Taylor. "You don't think it may be because of the rather challenging vocabulary? Maybe they are trying to ask for help without wanting to vocalize it?" He whispered worryingly, oblivious to the true meaning of their stares.
  13. Pestilence:
    Aaron stepped into the school. As he passed classrooms, he could see students lining up. One boy laughed at Aaron. Aaron snapped his fingers, and the kid began vomiting. Aaron continued knocking on doors, poking his head in, and saying.
    "The CDC is ready in the back!" The teachers were slightly startled. Apparently, they weren't prepared or even Told about a CDC checkup. Some of the students looked terrified.

    Aaron finally walked into the Library. He knocked on the door.
    "It's time for the CDC Checkup." He said. The students started shuffling out the door. the two women... or woman and a man? Aaron couldn't tell. Stood staring at him.
    "It's time for everybody. don't act so surprised. We can't be to careful with the epidemic."
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  14. Uriel & Alice
    Uriel was working hard in the backroom along side Alice. It was nice to have someone helping him, seeing as she was actually doing a really decent job, except her mouth never seemed to be shut. Even if Uriel liked his peace and quiet, he would let out soft chuckles and listen to every single word that left Alice's lips. It was nice to have some company, and since Alice was so energetic, it spread the energy over to him to make him brighten up a little bit. "Don't climb on the shelves," Uriel said as he looked over to see her feet in one of the shelves to place some books on the higher shelves in the bookcase, and she only smiled in returned. "Don't worry! I have everything under control!" She mused in return, as Uriel could only sigh. He knew that she was the representative of 'Charity', but her will to help others were just so high that she tended to take unnecessary risks too often. In Uriel's opinion, it was just as important to 'give' as it was to 'take'.

    The bookcase suddenly began moving as Uriel reacted instantly and flicked his wrists to grab the case and keep it sturdy, but Alice had already lost her grip and was on her way down. Uriel reacted quickly as he spread his wings to allow him more speed, and barely made it in time to catch Alice, sighing and then flicking her forehead. "I told you to be careful!" He scolded her before placing her back on the floor and then heard someone calling from the front. "Okay. You stay here and don't climb anything. There's a ladder here for a reason, and if you don't want to use a ladder, then use your wings. No one can see you so it doesn't matter. Got that?" Uriel said to her as if he was scolding a child. "Okay..." She said and pouted a bit before he ruffled her hair. "Now go and work hard okay?" He said with a sigh as he was completely defeated. Honestly, what a child. "I'll do my best!" And with that she cheered up and returned to work.

    "Coming in just a sec!" Uriel said as his wings disappeared quickly and he brushed a few white feathers underneath one of the bookcases, before he stepped out and met the girl there with a smile. "Sorry. I was working in the backroom. Anything I can help you with?" He asked as he straightened his glasses and fixed the name tag on his chest. It was better to just meet anyone with a smile, and since he was in a good mood, it wasn't particularly hard to do so.
  15. Candy really didn't want to the one to explain this to Taylor, having worked the classrooms she knew first hand that the boys well stare at any girl with a pulse, its just now its even worse. Thankfully, a man from the CDC came in and told them that check ups were being performed.

    "Already? Well I guess everyone is so busy that there couldn't give the staff a heads up. No harm done, my name is Cadance. It looks like we'll have to chat later Taylor." Candy gave them both a calm smile as she went to follow the doctor. It was good to get these checks ups done, it might even get the students to be more lively. One can hope.
  16. "It's time for a check up? My schedule didn't say anything about this." Taylor said, trying to recall anything about CDC check ups. He turned to Candy. "What a shame, guess I can have you explain the reading problem later." He gave a small nod to the CDC agent as he began to speak in a voice just loud enough for everyone who were still entranced in their books or staring to hear. "Alright students, let's follow this nice gentleman, Mr.-" Taylor paused, the man never did mention his name. "Excuse me sir, but what would your name happen to be?"
  17. Pestilence:

    Aaron stood at the door as the Librarian led the students out. "My name is Aaron White. and yes, I see the irony between my name, Job and the color of the First Horsemen's horse." Aaron begrudgingly led the students out the door. "come along." Aaron said.
    "I don't want to get blood taken!" One student cried.

    "Alright, everyone head to the tents in the back!" Aaron said staying behind with the teacher and Librarian. "Follow me."
  18. Ella recognized him the minute he came out. Now, if it wasn't their youngest. She smiled at him fondly. "A library, huh, Uri-." She stopped herself from saying his full name, in case he used something different here. "So, how are you finding this city so far?" The earth, more like. "And what do you think about this whole disease thing?" ((Sorry, short.))
  19. Name: Lillian Madeline and Livia Jade Thatch
    Affiliation: Sins of Lust and Envy
    Where: At home/at work (Aphrodite)
    Interactions: With one another and customers

    "Thank you for coming~ I hope that we help you~ Make sure to come visit the Aphrodite again~ We shall work as your goddess of love and beauty for your future romances~"
    Giggling at all the lies that were spilling out of her mouth she giggled to herself. Although they did made sure to give the person a good love, the amount of sexual and jealously/envy that they experienced with that love was over the top. Although amazingly these humans had managed to keep these relationships. they had already received several different invitations to several Weddings which they were planning to go to each of them. We can test their strength of their relationships~ Giggling to herself she was stopped abruptly when her sister tapped her on the head with a book.
    "Did you go finish your homework?"
    Groaning, Lillian looked up at Livia, "Do I have to go and do it~? PLease can't I stay with you~?"

    Moving her body closely and kissing her sister's cheek she was disappointed when her sister glared at her and pointed further into the building. Nodding her head slowly, Lillian went further into the house and looked around at the house part of the building. They had made the front of their house their work place and due to the fact that it was a small company there was only just the two of them working there. Taking out her books and placing them on the table she set off on work and waited patiently for Livia to call her for help when she wanted it.

    In case we are still not clear, Aphrodite (their business) and their home is in the the same building, their business has been built into their house just we are clear~ ^^

    Name: Elina Chrystaline Rhett
    Affiliation: Virtue of Kindness
    Where: Reading in the library -> moved to a tent
    Interactions: With the novel in her hand -> Following a strange man to a tent

    Reading the novel in her hand, Elina couldn't help but allow a tear fall down her cheek. Quickly she wiped it in hope that no one noticed it, sniffling softly to herself she allowed her hair fall in front of her face not wanting anyone to see her the way it was at the moment, Picking up the novel she went to go and borrow it from Taylor but as she went over to him she noticed another man with them. Blinking softly she wondered what was going but as he instructed them to follow him she followed compliantly. Not sure what was going she looked at the other faces and looked at them all. Confused and not sure but all of them doing the same as her they all followed the strange man.
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  20. With the mention of the horsemen, Taylor became a little cautious. Maybe this person was a fan of the horsemen, but it still made him feel uneasy. "I see, that is indeed strange. Mr. White it is then." Following the CDC worker, Taylor looked around, curious about the students.

    In his sights was Elina, and she was holding onto a book he knew he hadn't checked out. Taylor bent forwards towards her to meet her at eye level. "Oh my, were you hoping to check that book out?" He said with a warm smile "Lets make sure to check this out the proper way, okay?" He went back to his normal posture and turned to Aaron. "Mr White, please go ahead with Ms. Matthews while I attend to this student's needs. I will be sure to catch up with you afterwards, it will just be a quick trip back to the library."
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