The Angels, The Horsemen, and the Sins.

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  1. This is a roleplay where we are The Seven Deadly Sins, The Seven Virtues, The Four Horsemen, or the Archangels. Please note: Some roles have been reserved.

    The story: Once, God created seven angels to watch over man's sin. The angels did as they were asked, and were given names to represent the sins they watched. but, names have power, and the angels became corrupted by the sin they watched. God cast them out of heaven and into Earth. Now, they were scattered around Earth. God sent the Four Horsemen to track them down so that they wouldn't meet up. God then noticed The Horsemen causing Chaos and assisting the Sins, so he sent the Seven Virtues, who were created as opposites to the Seven Sins, to hunt all of them down, and sent the Archangels to assist them. Now, it is the year 2015, and everyone is in New York City. A city 8.406 million people. How will they find each other and put an end to the sins once and for all?

    The CS:


    Appearance: (Anime or real doesn't matter)

    Age that you appear to be:

    Job: (Horsemen must be something that is almost the opposite of what they represent i.e Famine is a
    grocery store owner.)




    Roles taken:
    Michael and Pestilence
    Death and Pride
    Envy and Kindness
    That is all I have for now.
    Credit to: Someone on a different forum for giving me the basic Idea.
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  2. Name:
    Uriel Elhradin



    Age that you appear to be:
    19 years old

    Uriel (God's light) wishes nothing more, but to peace to ascend on Earth, and even though he does not enjoy fighting or bloodshed, he is not afraid to do so in the name of peace, harmony and God. He's usually very calm and considerate towards anyone around him, and shows great respect to those either above him or equal to him. However Uriel do enjoy having some fun, which can be a bit trouble for the other archangels, but nothing more than harmless pranks to sometimes annoy the others. He's also very charming, but also very young, compared to the other archangels, but he certainly does not lack in magical power.


    Uriel did not bring anything from Heaven.

    Uriel controls all light particles and can bend them to his own will, this means that all weapons and or attacks are made out of light particles, and he also emits a bright light from himself. ​
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Lucius Alfaro
    Age: 18
    representations: Seven deadly sins (Wrath)
    Personality: Short-tempered and a bit disrespectful at times. Lucius enjoys fighting and doesn't care for pain. It doesn't take much to annoy or irritate him.
    Job: Cashier at fast food restaurant
    Supplies: nothing but the clothes on his back and a pocket knife
  4. The CS:

    Name: Aaron White

    representation: The Horseman of Pestilence

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age that you appear to be: 27

    Job: CDC Agent

    Personality: A brave Horseman, He was always the first to do anything. He was the first horseman to go into battle, He was the first horseman to cause chaos. He is impulsive, and has an infectious sense of humor. His best friend is Death, and they meet for coffee often. He has an Infectious sense of humor, and is known for spreading disease. He loves his job, and sometimes messes with the other agent's heads. He is smart as well.

    Supplies: HAZMAT suit, VISA Black Card, Cell Phone, Notes on disease.


    Other CS:

    Name: Michael Peterson

    Representation: Archangel

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age that you appear to be: 24

    Job: Medical Student

    Personality: Although an angel, He was the warrior of the Four Archangels. This means he's brave, Strong, and sometimes wants to fight. The other Archangels have to watch him to keep him from hurting himself or anyone else. But Michael is still kind and caring. He is the eldest Angel, and is assigned to watch over Uriel. He respects God and other Authority figures above him, and will protect you with his life. However, he is OCD, and wants things in a proper order.

    Supplies: Notebook, Paper, Pencil, Backpack, Lab coat, regular credit card, Cellphone

  5. Name:
    Alice d'Arc

    Virtue - Charity


    Age that you appear to be:
    18 years old

    Unemployed, but works as a volunteer at a close by orphanage and animal clinic.

    Alice does know very well that she is Charity and have more than enough troubles taking anything from anyone, and has some troubles keeping what she has, but she does whatever she can. She's quick to help and can come off as a little bit gullible, but she's not completely dumb either. A smile is always visible on Alice's lips, and she will help out any time she can and whatever she can. If there's anything she can give, then she will and will not take anything in return.

    She usually has nothing with her, but sometimes she can be found fiddling with her cellphone.

    Alice wields a bow made out of pure silver that she can summon at any time given, but she rarely uses it since she's against violence. ​
  6. Name: Merrick Black

    Representation: Death

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age that you appear to be: 28

    Job: Neurosurgeon/Experimental Biologist

    Personality: Death is the eldest of the Horsemen, and unlike them is closer to being one of God's agents as opposed to the other three. He is the most logical and powerful of the Horseman, and Michael would frequently challenge Death to see who was stronger. Death always refused in case he hit Micheal with the blade of his scythe. He is constantly keeping Pestilence from causing complete mischief while on Earth, reminding him it isn't the Revelation yet. He often acts as the peacekeeper when any of the band who came to Earth are about to get into a fight. The Archangel Michael is one of his students that aid him in the hospital. He is the only neutral Horseman and he helps to keep Pestilence on a similar field. Death himself doesn't really care who wins, as he more-or-less keeps the matters balanced.

    Supplies: He brought his scythe with him, as well as his black horse. He keeps his horse in stable outside the city. His scythe, however, appears to be a black pen until he clicks the cap. One touch of his scythe's blade and one will instantly die, including the other Horsemen, the Sins, and the Virtues. He also has a iPhone 5s, a VISA Black Card, a journal, and a lab coat.

    Other: He can kill any human on Earth in any given way he desires by merely thinking about it. He can also change a person's death date and how they die, although he prefers not to use either of these powers.
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  7. Approved!
  8. The CS:

    Name: James Thatch

    Representation: The Sin of Pride

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age that you appear to be: 28

    Job: Broadway actor and fortune teller.

    Personality: Pride is the leader of Sins, and by far the most cunning. He is overconfident at times but knows his limitations as he is well aware of the abilities of the others who came to Earth with them. A mastermind, he is only thwarted by Death at pitting his enemies against one another as he is practically worshiped by the masses.

    Supplies: Pride didn't need to bring anything with him except his double-bladed sword, but is commonly seen with his cell phone, a tarot deck, and his wallet, which is constantly full from the money he makes.

    Other: Pride has the ability to transform into anyone he sees, as well as show them what they look like along various life paths. He can also divine their future regarding to the path they will most likely take. Being Pride, he receives a massive amount of positive attention and popularity, which he uses to secure his luxuries and roles as a Broadway actor, since his he is also able to copy the abilities people are most prideful of.
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  9. And, accepted!
  10. Saving a spot for Envy in the 7 deadly sins and Kindness in the 7 Virtuosos. ^^
  11. Alright! Cool!
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  12. I am going to take the virtue Chasity and an archangel
  13. Alright, we can do that!
  14. This sounds interesting, but I'd love for there to be a list of Sins, Virtues, and Archangels.

    I know the sins, but I can't tell which ones are left. Also I have no idea about the Virtues or Archangels, so some direction would be helpful.
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  15. Name: ((Lillian is on the left and Livia is on the right))
    "You want to know my name~? Oh whatever for~?"
    "It seems they seem to be cocerned about something in particular."
    "Oh Livia~ Don't act so cold~ Let me warm you up~"
    "Get off me."
    "But Livia~"
    "Lillian Madeleine Thatch. Get. Off. Me."
    "Okie dokie~ Madame Livia Jade Thatch~"
    "...Now they know our names."
    "Is that a problem~?"

    "Maybe we can hang out sometime~ I like cutie pies like you~"
    "Do not allow your Lust to overcome your other feelings."
    "And do not allow you Envy of me paying attention to someone else overcome your other feelings dear sister~"

    Age that you appear to be:
    "Now now~ Isn't it rude to ask a lady for their age~?"
    "Maybe you know James."
    "Ah~ James our cutie~"
    "We are younger than him."
    "Around 3-4 years younger than him~"
    "Especially with appearance I would say."
    "Ah~ Yes yes sister~"
    "But I am older than you."
    "Ah~ that is right~ I am around 19 or 20 I would say~"
    ".... True... very true..."
    "We have a big age gap sister~"
    "Yes sister we do."
    "Around~ I would say 4 or 5 years~"
    "Yes sister that is right."

    "Together we help those who are finding and losing love~"
    "It isn't very fun."
    "But dear sister~ Nothing is ever fun for you~"

    "Our personality~? Well maybe you got a bit of a clue from reading all the rest~ *giggles* Maybe sometime you can come over and meet me somewhere to get to know me better~"
    "Just calm down. That Lustful attitude of yours will be your downfall Lillian."
    "And your Envious attitude to many things will be yours~ You can't help be rather possesive of your things~ I sometimes feel bad for them~"
    "You are one of those things."
    "Oh I know~ But I enjoy it~ I like our relationship~"
    "You are rather strange sister."
    "Oh I know sister~ But isn't everyone a little strange~?"
    "... Agreed sister agreed..."

    "We have the money from our job."
    "Ah yes~ All those poor souls coming in and out with broken hearts~ The poor poor things~"
    "We can survive with that... and with James."
    "Yes yes~ We have James with us~ Our lovely James~

    "I guess we should give a small amount of info on our abilities~?"
    "We could."
    "Livia is able to bring out negative energy in others and can bring lots of trouble with her~ If she wants~"
    ".... You make me sound like a bad guy."
    "Maybe we are sister~"
    "I see."
    "Well I have the ability to bring out the lust within everyone and change my form into the way that it appeals most to someone~"
    "Yours is more evil than mine."
    "Hehe~ Maybe sister maybe~"
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  16. I will get up Kindness soon ^^
  17. Name:
    "Why hello there, and who might you be? Oh what a lovely name! My name is Elina Chrystaline Rhett it is a pleasure to meet you!"

    "Ah I represent the Virtuous of Kindness,

    Age that you appear to be:
    "Ah my age...? Oh you mean what age I appear to be? Oh why I guess I would say that I look rather young... Maybe around 16...?

    "I don't have a job but I do help out at the kindergartens around where I live and I do love hanging around the children around me. Aren't children amazing? They are able to see all the amazing wonders of the world and they are not worried of what is different. they want to find out more about it... It is amazing..."

    "Many of the children say that i am very kind and patient with them and they love the way that I always hum to myself as I clean up the room. They also say that I am able to make sure that all of them are okay... and goodness it sounds like I am boasting! I am sncerely sorry! What? I do not? Well I am glad for that... Well I don't think there is much else to say though... I might leave it at that."

    "I don't normally hold many things with me but I always have a plentiful of hugs and many lovely flowers for you all."

    "Many people have different abilities and powers. I don't like violence... It isn't they key to solve anything... More violence just causes more harm... But of course we all need something to protect ourselves. For me I have this simple ring... It holds the strong bonds of friendship and kindness. The way I can harness this power.... I just won't share it yet..."
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Geo Farce

    Representation: Chasity

    Age that you appear to be: Around 21

    Job: CEO of a Computer Company

    Personality: Geo is calm and collected. She thinks logically, and is always prepared. She keeps her hair tied back constantly, and when she let's it down, she sees no other choice but conflict. She is always honest, almost brutally, lacks humor, and she is very uptight. Always maintaining schedule, always punctual, always knowledgeable.

    Supplies: She basically has anything at her disposal, being a CEO that is. Though she does carry spikes in her heels, and pepper spray in her pocket just in case.

    Other: She has a tenancy to run her hands though her hair when she gets tired.
  19. Alright, available are:




    I think that's it.
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