The Angel's Quest for Peace

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    "welcome new Angel to heaven where I Gabriel will lead you to the gates of god for your testing to begin. I am Archangel Gabriel Prince of the Archangels and I am here to bring you good news, I am here to allow you to see that there are more to the Angels then humans will ever know about. there is darkness rising and new angels from all around are flocking to heaven, now will you help me defeat the darkness or let everyone you know and love parish in the flames of hell? its your choice Mortal but choose wisely"



    Michael is identified as an archangel that withdrew from the devil when he disputed about the body of Moses. Michael did not boldly condemn the devil instead Michael said “The Lord rebuke thee”. In his spare time Michael loves to listen to music, play his guitar with friends or write about his extensive career as an angel. Michael is also passionate about the welfare of animals on this planet which is something that he hopes will improve.Michael is often seen shrouded in gold energy flecked with purple, green and silver. On a very rare occasion Michael can be seen surrounded by a beautiful turquoise energy


    Uriel : The fire of GOD, able to burn and demand demons to leave houses or cities, unable to leave heaven without Gabriel or Michael consent.One of these duties involves the training of angels who are being assigned to regions of the Universe where life is becoming so diverse it has a different composition than nature intended. Angels assigned to these regions require a level of comprehension far more advanced than for assignments to other areas of the Universe.


    Raphael is one who brings prayers into the glorious presence of GOD.Raphael is one of the most powerful healers in the Universe whose unique healing technique is used exclusively by angels under his direct supervision. Raphael sources his healing energy from a rare star like substance found outside the Universe

    Taken by Me

    Gabriel - Archangel Gabriel is one of the highest ranking angels in the Universe, Gabriel has a variety of duties in addition to his role as Principal Guardian Angel, one of them being guardian angel to Archangels Michael. Gabriel works very closely with Archangel Michael overseeing our safety. For this reason Gabriel and Michael are the angels to call upon to remove unwanted spirits from houses, buildings and anyone affected by them.Gabriel is one of the most endearing angels assigned to guide and protect us. He has a unique approach to his work as principal guardian angel and a wonderful ability to make people laugh. Gabriel’s deep love of children means that he is often assigned to disadvantaged children, children with disabilities and children who are terminally ill.Gabriel is an extraordinary angel has been waiting for the opportunity to tell us the truth about his true identity and that of his fellow angels. Gabriel is also anxious for us to understand the true significance of Humankind.


    Archangel Azrael is known for his love of children and is usually assigned as Guardian Angel to children who suffer from cancer. He spends a great deal of his time trying to communicate with them while they sleep to offer them comfort and hope.


    Archangel Isis has multiple duties in addition to that of Principal Mentor. Isis is also a counselor, principal guardian angel, philosopher, master mathematician and is the author of several books on these subjects that are currently in print throughout the Universe.

    Angel Races

    ◾Seraphim - first order (those who see most clearly) They stay above god floating covered in eight wings, unable to show their face or else all those who look upon them would burn.

    ◾Cherubim - second order (fullness of knowledge) They stay in the libray of god, they do not leave

    ◾Thrones - third order (contemplate divine justice) , Angels that stay before gods throne. they are unable to leave heaven or the throne room.

    Crystal Angels :The Crystal Angels have mastered a healing technique that converts crystals into energy and are known throughout the Universe for their extraordinary healing abilities.They are often seen wearing beautiful long white robes decorated with ornate crystals, platinum jewelry and intricately designed footwear.


    Though many humans are humans couldn't stand ina fight with any angel they are unforunately more powerful then that of many angels. They are able to weaken angels with lack of faith or diowning god completely. though many humans have a good heart many can turn against angels and god with ease. but even they if touched by archangels or high ranked angel will regain their faith.

    Join Forum

    Name :

    age :

    Race (human or Angel)

    Archangel ? if so who :

    Powers (Archnagels have three, angels have two and humans have none)

    History :

    Likes :

    Dislikes :

    Picture (real or Anime is fine with me)​
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  2. Name : Gabriel

    age : 34

    Race (human or Angel) : ArchAngel

    Archangel ? if so who : Gabriel

    Powers (Archnagels have three, angels have two and humans have none)

    - Gabriel is able to see into the future
    - Gabriel is able to turn invisble and visible
    - He can return life to others who have died for an hour or so

    Archangel Signature power

    Sonic speed - His speed is unmatchable and no angel or creature can out fly or out run this angel.

    History : Gabriel was made from god a part of god laid inside of the Archangel unlike his brothers who where made from god he was made of god. Gabriel was born and became the closest of Lucifer and Michael as well as many other Archnagels becoming a very much a loved angel of heaven. Gabriel and Michael keep track of humans that need protection and those of children and others who faith are starting to fade it.

    Likes : Life, Magic, heaven , laughing, children

    Dislikes : hate, war and sin

    Picture (real or Anime is fine with me)


    His Guardian Form


    Pure Form (human burn if they see it)

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  3. "Who is like God?"

    Name : Michael
    Age: 36
    Race: Archangel; Michael
    Powers :

    Michael has the ability to speak in every foreign tongue, even minor languages, and dead ones such as Latin and Enochian.

    Superhuman Tracking
    Michael is able to track the movements, thoughts, and actions of any living creature, natural or supernatural, through his mind.

    Memory Manipulation
    Michael is also able to manipulate and erase people's memories. This is helpful when they have a painful memory that seems to destroy them.

    History :

    He was very close to God and his siblings, especially Gabriel and Lucifer. When Lucifer fell, it broke a part of Michael, and now sometimes, he seems hollow. The fights with Lucifer only took more, but Michael does the best he can to remain loyal to his siblings and father.

    Likes :

    - his siblings
    - humans
    - God
    - heaven

    Dislikes :

    - earth
    - swimming
    - enclosed spaces



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  4. Accepted Danny
  5. Name : Celestine Tapia

    age : 18

    Race: Human

    Archangel ? if so who : N/A

    Powers: N/A

    History: Celestine wasn't very keen on the entire attacking god thing, when the conflict started, she stayed neutral, helping others that needed it whenever she could... Most of the time she just hangs out on her own, doing her own thing, often drawing and listening to music. Perhaps sometime soon, things will change though...

    Likes: The color voilet, helping others, music, spending time alone, drawing

    Dislikes: Talking in front of too many people, being around too many in general, arrogance

    appearance (open)

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  6. Accepted
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  7. I am stuck between Uriel and Raphael. If I had pictues that would help, but Im just gonna say whoever takes them and comes to me first I'll accept ya.

    Name : Tom/Thomas/Tommy (Will accept any variaton of it, but being called Tommy makes him feel like you are calling him a child.) Pix

    age : 21

    sex: Male

    Race: Human

    Sexual orientation: Gay

    Out of the closet?: No

    Disabilities: Alcoholic

    Text color: Gold

    History : Tom has lived with an extremely religious family all his life. They told him always pray to god and he will take care of you. Be good and stay away from the devil. For the most part in his early days the boy believed it all. He went to religion classes and read the bible memorizing all the passages. He prayed every night and did everything that he was suppose to do until one day it all seemed to unravel on him. After finishing school and going into the real world things seemed to just blow up in his face. College he had no money for. He could not get any loans or anything to go. Getting a job at minimum wage at McDonalds was all that he could do. Life became more depressing by the day and his faith slowly grew more and more dim. He started going into bars and drinking alcohol. Although not full no athiest Tom is very far from his roots of praying to god and doing his will. If it was even all true the bible says god hates gays, which he found out early he was so it was all useless anyway. Several times Tom tried to kill himself, but typically the neighbors in his apartment complex was able to find him in time to stop it.

    Likes : Alcohol, Margaritas. screwdrivers, headbangers, shots and anything that will make him leave reality quickly.

    Dislikes : Being sober, people trying to tell him what to do, religious people and being told to 'turn to god' or 'have faith'

  8. Accepted, Gabriel shall help you XD
  9. Oh he will now? Don't know he is pretty lost in faith. Needs encouragement. -wink wink nudge nudge-
  10. Gabriel is always the one for help all those who have lost their way. Thast what Archangels are there for
  11. I'll be Raphael XD I love being a healer.
  12. still looking
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