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  1. hello!! i'm ghoul and i'm super new here, just joined a few minutes ago, and i'm really happy to have found such an active roleplaying community! i have been struggling so hard to find a place to post my ideas and roleplay them, as well as discuss those said ideas with other people!! however, if i make any mistakes, please tell me so i can correct them! i looked for rules in regards to posting threads, but i didn't find anything, so if i'm missing something here go ahead and give me a heads-up!

    alrighty then, cutting to the chase now. i want to make this clear right off the bat: this is not a guro (erotic gore) rp! i happen to like gore a whooole lot, and i spend quite a bit of time reading horror manga, but please don't go all uziga waita, please~

    for the plot, i have a lot of ideas, but i'd really appreciate having your guys' input! this is a joint effort! ^u^

    P L O T
    (currently under construction)

    Deep within our hearts is a darkness that no light can pierce. When Magic crushes your heart, this darkness spreads tendrils into your mind and you become its puppet. You are a Demon, an Angel turned evil, who could not handle Magic and died, your soul corrupted by the Devil. You crave destruction and blood. You are the antithesis to all that is pure. You struggle to hold the remnants of your past self as you tear asunder all who draw near.

    Deep within our souls is a light that blinds the darkness. When Magic courses through your veins, you rise and suffocate the shadows. You are an Angel, a human whose body was strong enough to accept the Magic. It is your duty to rid the world of its darkness and impending doom. You are the antithesis to all that is impure. As Angels of God, you smite the Demons that would annihilate Earth.

    To be infected with Magic and turned into either an Angel or Demon, you are visited during your dreams by an unknown entity that seems to be the light and darkness combined.

    Angels each have their own unique powers and weapons bound to their souls. To summon their "gifts from God", all they have to do is press one finger against the middle of their forehead. Powers can range anywhere from pyrokinesis to teleportation, it all depends on the person. No one person has the same power or weapon. They must be on guard at all times, as Demons are especially drawn to their pungent aura.

    Demons are possessed by their own defiled souls and seek to rip humanity and the Angels apart. While they retain some of their former selves, they are mostly dangerous and should be avoided and eliminated whenever possible. They can no longer eat normal food and can only gain sustenance from eating human flesh. During the day they may seem normal and suffer from constant migraines and nausea. During the night, or if they are angered, pass out, or extremely hungry, they cannot control themselves. They have enhanced strength, speed, and dexterity, and will actively seek out prey.

    S E T T I N G
    (currently under construction)

    The story is set within the fictional town of Saisei, and focuses on the students of Fujiwara Academy, a boarding school for poor and rich students alike. Recently there has been an upwards spike in death counts, and the police are at a loss as to who - or what - could be committing such a gruesome crime. The town is paranoid, and residents are instructed to not exit their property alone. Police are keeping a constant and vigilant eye on the streets, especially during the night. Unbeknownst to them, there is nothing they can do to stop these murders.

    R U L E S

    1. All Iwaku rules.
    2. Your writing level must be adept or above.
    3. Each player is allowed 2 humans, 2 Demons, and 2 Angels unless otherwise stated.
    4. All genders and sexualities (or lack thereof) permitted.
    5. Please stick to a Japanese naming theme.
    6. Please ask to join with the characters you intend on using.
    7. If you want to use images, use only one. If it's drawn by someone else, please give credit.

    edit: wow the spoiler code was flippin' the fuck out dude. i'll just post the character sheet like i did for the rules.
    C H A R A C T E R + B I O

    Name: (Please use Japanese names)
    Role: (Demon, Angel, or human)
    Age: (14-18)
    Appearance: (Include height, weight, skin-tone, eye color, hair color, hair style & length, and anything else you can think of)
    Personality: (Please be as descriptive as possible!)
    Power + Weapon: (If Angel)
    Other: (Anything else you would like to add!)

    if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!! thank you for reading!! ^u^
    if you have any ideas to contribute to the plot and setting, please speak up~
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  2. On the scale 1 - 10 what do you expect the level of horror and gore to be? (1 being not very much and 10 being hardcore)

    I am really interested but the only thing stopping me is the amount of horror/ gore there is going to be... ^^;;
  3. hello~ nice to meet you!
    i would say 5 or 6. i'm not sure how to answer this question?
    i mean like... i guess it'd be considered "realistic"? so if you get scratched, it'll draw blood. if you're punched, you're prolly gonna get bruised. if you're decapitated then... well, you've lost your head!
    it won't all be explained in excruciating detail, but it'll definitely be touched on!
  4. Oh well then I shall join~ Sorry if it sounded like a silly question... ^^;;

    Also i didn't say so before but..

    To iwaku~! ^^

  5. eeeee thank you so much, this is super cute!!
    and no, it wasn't silly~ you're good!
    i guess now would be a good time to fill out character bios?? i'm not sure how things work around here, to be perfectly honest~
    oh! and if you have any more questions, ask away!!
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  6. Hehe why thank you~
    Also thank good ness *sighs with relief*
    I shall when i have any question needed to be answered. If you need any help with handling the site you can always come to me.
    *starts on character sheet* i will have it finished soon... hopefully...
  7. Question~ Can I put in an image? And then add those extra details afterwards?
  8. okie dokie artichokie! i appreciate your help <3
    take your time. i probably won't have mine up tonight, hee hee hee. though i'll aim to have them all in by tomorrow, and hopefully we can get the rp started on the main forum (whenever i make it), lol

    yeah sure! if it's someone else's artwork though, i recommend stating who the artist is.
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  9. Also~ I was wondering, Do you want age in there?
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  10. oh pfff i totally forgot to add that to the character sheet! yes, please ^u^
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  11. I am just wondering what sort of powers do you want?
  12. anything's good, really!! if i have a problem with your power i'll make sure to tell you, but i doubt that'll happen, hee hee.
  13. okie dokie~

    I shall hope that it is alright~
  14. i managed to finish up one of my characters before my sleeping meds kicked in. so here's asami mano!

    Name: Asami Mano
    Role: Angel
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'9", thick thighs and wide hips, dd-cup. Long black hair that reaches to her hips and a middle part. Light blue eyes. Pale-skinned. Always wears red star stud earrings. Wears glasses.

    Personality: Delicate, modest, and graceful. Asami is a loner who prefers to be left out of the spotlight. She's very self-conscious due to her slight stutter and deaf left ear. She suffers from depression and can be pretty negative at times, though if anyone needs her support, she does her best to feign optimism. She puts others first and always puts herself last.

    She is honest to a fault and has difficulty distrusting others. Asami is too kind for her own good, and as thus is a doormat to her less kinder classmates and a target of bullying. Although it is exceptionally rare, when Asami is angry she becomes extremely violent. Susceptible to bouts of random crying. Asami is also a hopeless romantic.

    Power + Weapon: Her power is healing (minor injuries are no biggie, moderate injuries result in her having headaches and dizziness, and major injuries result in cluster headaches, dizziness, and vomiting; she could technically be able to bring someone back to life, but it would end up killing her.) She cannot heal herself.

    Her weapon is a rapier.

    Other: Asami is a homoromantic asexual (she has romantic feelings for females and is not sexually attracted to anyone). If she had a theme song, it would probably be "Somnia Memories" by Yoko Shimomura and Shani Rigsbee or some kinda Sailor Moon song. I also doodled a quick shitty sketch of her. I'll draw a better one tomorrow~ (wow it is really shitty I'm sorry!)
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  15. Name: Kazumi Terumi
    Role: Angel
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Extra Appearance Details:
    Height - 5'2"
    Weight - 100 lbs

    Being a demon she can be very cruel and can treat others with the lowest of respect. Thinking she is better than the rest, Kazumi can have a rather stubborn attitude on things. Even though she has a high attitude she likes to look after others in her own way.
    But when you see her around, she always has a happy smile on her face smiling to herself about something that no one wants to know about. Another thing that can be normally seen from her is that she is always humming and singing to herself.

    She is able to manipulate people's emotions by singing, of course it is harder to manipulate people's emotions when they have a stronger mental strength.
    The stronger the mental strength of the opponent the more energy is drained from Kazumi and if the opponent doesn't have very much mental strength the easier it is for Kazumi to manipulate them and less energy is loss.
    Another point is that she needs to be concentrating on the person when singing to affect them. If she is just singing for pure enjoyment no one will have their emotions manipulated with.

    Kazumi loves music and always has a small charm that is attached somewhere on her clothing, the colour of the charm changes but the appearance is the same. The only reason why no appearance is shown is due to the fact that she makes sure no one can see it.

    Name: Kuro Shihaya
    Role: Angel
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Extra Appearance Details:
    Height - 6'4"
    Weight - 130 lbs

    Kuro likes to keep to himself and can be mistaken as a devil within the angelic community. Not that he minds though, he somewhat enjoys the solitude and the feeling of being by himself. Talking to him is rather intimidating and even just approaching him can be very difficult due to the aura that he emits. Not that girls haven't approached him and even some males, he doesn't feel like he needs to talk to another person to feel like he can be seen as he likes to call it.
    When in battle Kuro's robotic stoic face is kept and his emotionless actions are rather frightening, even if they are doing something good. No one can exactly tell if he is being cold hearted or not.

    Kuro can summon spirits with his powers and can also use the power of darkness to aid him in fights. The darkness is his friend and his creatures that he summons look like the links provided below.
    Chibila : This is the lowest level of shadow creature that Kuro can summon, it can only attack it's opponent with physical attacks rather than anything else.
    Shirono : Second level of shadow creatures that Kuro can summon. This shadow creature is a lot faster than Chibila and can create small portals for it self allowing itself to go from one place to another.
    Koimino : The third level shadow creature that Kuro is able to summon. Even though the damage it can do is great the main weakness of this creature is that it is slow.
    Yuugure : Fourth level deamon that Kuro can summon, it can have it's own concious and isn't a moving corpse like the others. Fast like the Shirono, Yuugure are able to move around quickly and can fight back with skills of a ninja master.
    Yasha : The highest level shadow creature that Kuro can summon. Not much is known about this shadow creator. Kuro has only ever summoned this monster once and afterwards suffered amnesia for a little while. He hasn't tried since.

    Kuro enjoys reading books in his spare time and can be found in a library at times. Furthermore he is found hiding in the dark corners and shadows anywhere he goes. He also uses the black beaded bracelet that can be seen in the image as his device to summon the creatures, he can do it without it. But he drains a lot of his energy if he does so.
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  16. god... that took forever! ALSO!

    The images for the actual characters are made by myself on a rinmaru. The shadow creatures for Kuro's power are from Kingdom of Hearts, if anyone didn't know~ ^^
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  17. Me has questions if you would answer yes......
    Ahem, So is the story about magical girls fighting/eating each other or more on the angel vs demon part or... Angelic magical girls vs demonic magical girls (+gore)?

    Also, what are the roles of humans?
    To just either become angels or demons?
    To fight an unending war between the forces of good and evil!?
    Or are they just cattle guarded by angels,their shepard from the demons, the wolves?

    Anyways, what are your posting expectations? Well I know its adept but how adept is adept? I am very intimidated by writing levels...any levels actually especially in games I am very scared of high level bosses but I have digressed. Could you briefly tell me what you expect someone to reply to this/your roleplay? Length,detail,number of paragraphs etc.

    Oh, and welcome to Iwaku sorry for these nonsensical questions. English isn't my first language.
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  18. hello there, nice to meet you~ also, your icon! i love battler~

    the story is about angels whose duty is to kill the demons. the demons are cannibalistic people who couldn't handle the magic and thus didn't ascend to angelic status. yes, there is gore!

    the humans are generally unaware of the angels' and demons' presence. there might be a select few who know about it, but they would seem more like crazy people spouting apocalyptic nonsense. they could kill demons if attacked, but would probably die. so mostly the humans' role is to be puzzled by what the fuck's goin' on with all these horrendous deaths! for example, if you had a human character, they would be scared out of their mind with what's going on. maybe they could even try and figure out what's happening! angels would also try their best to discreetly keep humans from harm.

    hmm... adept would mean few grammatical errors and typos as well as a nice writing flow? you seem to have a nice writing flow, but your punctuation skills are lacking (however i think it's pretty amazing; multilingual people are generally very intelligent, and it's impressive!). however everything else about your writing is good! as for length regarding the posts, once we get started on rping i would expect no less than two paragraphs.

    it's all good, my friend; i did say to ask questions if you had any! you can join this rp if you want to, maybe it will help improve your english skills! i can give you some pointers on correct punctuation if you would like~ (jeez i hope i don't sound ignorant!!!)
  19. Thanks for answering my questions and that was what my teacher said as well. My horrid punctuation skills will be the death of me in my finals. Magniloquent styles of writing be damned if my I can't even place my coma right, but I have yet again strayed from the topic.

    To be honest my writing style is usually off when I'm writing long paragraphs but as it stands I should be able to write a somewhat good enough paragraph? Nonetheless, if you would still have me I would love to join but if my writing becomes too horrid to read through I'm willing to let my character be eaten by a pack of demons for the heck of it. Oh, I love pointers! Can't have too many help these days. Anyways, once you give me the green light I'll post a character sheet as fast as I can or you can give me the red lights which would mean the opposite... I live somewhere in Southeast Asia so I'm quite sure I can't post as fast as you guys would want me to, so let that be another factor. (Nah, you don't sound ignorant at all but I'm not that intelligent, really and age doesn't matter. [P.S. Never joined a organized group RP before.])
  20. @ghoulprincess I hope you don't mind but I changed her from a demon to an Angel~ ^^
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