The Angel Wars

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    There Once Was A Time Angels Loved And Favored Humans.....
    The Angels would be sent by the several hundred gods to serve, fight beside, protect, and even help humans..
    The angels would never get caught up in the wars of humans, they hated the idea of humans killing one another. The Angels protected travelers and armies from beasts and demons that would attack...
    The Warning...
    The Angels had told the humans not to kill King Odalias of The Northern Kingdoms, or else the wrath of the Angels would be forced upon them. Ignoring the warning, the armies of the South attacked the North, conquered all the kingdoms, and killed the king. The Angels were outraged, and in anger came to Earth with an enraged blood thirst.
    There was still one village left of the North armies, a lonely fishing village. They saw the angels descend from the sky like calling stars. They knew that the end of all had come. The temple of Hais, the almighty god of life was across the sea to the east, that's where they could begin their way to becoming servants of the gods in the heavens. Though, a side of them said that they should help the North and South armies against the Angels..They were torn..

    The choice is yours: Save the North, or journey to the temple.

    Angel 1
    Angel 2
    Angel 3

    Fishing Villagers:
    Villager 1 (Taken)
    Villager 2
    Villager 3
    Villager 4
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.