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Would you like to make a sequel role-play and continue the story line after this one has ended?

  1. Hell Yes!

  2. Nah, I'm okay

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  1. A Plot discussion, question and answers, and just general chatting.

    The Plot: You were a lonely kid, not knowing anything more then abandonment. But, someone took you in, gave you a house, clothes, food, and love. But you were raised for a reason.. An Experiment.

    Soon you were once again striped of the good life. And forced into cages in a laboratory in Southern California. You heard hushed whispered about what would happen to you. "Angel.." "Wings.." "Birds DNA" "test subject.." When you are sedated and pulled from the cage you have no idea what is about to happen to you. When you awake you are surrounded by scientists, gawking at you. Amazed by you. You wonder why.. Until you see your reflection in the cold hard metal ceiling. You have wings. Huge, bird like wings. You must be dead.. You look like an angel.. This isn't happening.. But you are once again shoved into a cage, forcing your majestic wings to curl onto your back. But this time, you're not alone. You're in a room, with other angels... Your choices?
    Stay and get played with some more, or group together and find a way out and stay safe.

    A General Overview: Basically we are experiments that have escaped and are trying to hide from being caught again and deal with teenage issues along the way. Drama, survival, romance, bird DNA, and teenage hormones? What could go wrong.

    Current Place in RP: A fellow angel has been killed by a terrible monster (Dr. Fields) The group has been separated yet again and currently no one knows where they are going

    Current Angels:

    Ariel (Adira) TS #3754 Age 16
    Liam (Gold) TS #1503 Age 17
    Jessica (MiraNikki021209) TS #2186 Age 16
    Maddie (MiraNikki021209) TS #1256 Age 10
    Nicky (Adira) TS #506 Age 9
    Mia (Nocturnia) TS #998 Age 18
    Paris (Raye Fields) TS #2389 Age 18
    Lilith (Lilith Reid) TS #015 Age 18
    Aliah (Coralaliah) TS #6439 Age 14 RIP
    Scarlet (Koolkat4595) TS #3918 Age 17
    Kalia (Kaatyy) TS #368 Age 18
    Cyra (GreatWest) TS #006 Age 18
    Coral (Coralaliah) TS #7297 Age 8

    Other Characters:

    Scientist Dr. Raye Fields (Raye Fields) Age 32
    Cat DNA infused test subject Luna (Nocturnia) TS #006 Age 14

    The Rules
    1) No Godmoding
    2.) Please use good grammar
    3.) No one liners
    4.) If you do not post after 2 weeks without contacting me you will most likely be left behind
    5.) No killing each other, fighting is fine
    6.) Have Fun

    *Please note that breaking any of the rules could end in the role-play being shut down or ou being asked to leave. You get 1 warning. Please also note that I can change the rules as I see fit. Thank you!*
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  2. okay awesome, i'm hoping a couple more people join. i want this r-p to go well
  3. Just so you know, awesome idea.
  4. Aw thank you! I've been struggling with this idea for awhile and i figured why not go for it. I was hoping people would wanna join!
  5. hello! i would love to join this rp! are you still accepting?
  6. yep! Go ahead and check out the actual rp and jump right in!
  7. Still accepting? I'd love to join!
  8. Yep! Jump right in when you're ready
  9. Heh I remember these books. Still haven't got round to reading the last one though. I would join but theres already a significant number of people so ill pass I think.
  10. I loved them and thought the idea was pretty cool. Hey you could always be a scientists. I can't really tell you not to join anyway!
  11. I've been thinking... isn't this technically Modern Sci-Fi and not Modern Fantasy?
  12. that's true. I put it as super human at first, i couldn't really decide where it fit.
  13. So it seems that some of us are on the ground and some of us are in the sky.. am I the crazy one here? I thought we were still flying/hovering... but I could be totally wrong. Just wanna get it all cleared up.
  14. Mia is flying in any case, she cant hover anyway. I dont know for the others though. Mia will be trying to silently glide away, so she doesnt inconvenience anyone.
  15. I think at this point we should probably just leave

    Wait, have we left yet? I thought we were just flying aroung the building premises but some posts make it seem like we've alreadty traveled some distances,,,?
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  16. I was under the impression that we had flown a little bit away but we were kind of stalling to see if the others would come...
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  17. I think we are sorta of stalling a bit for others to catch up but were a little distance from the building.
  18. I love when all of y'all are online! Makes everything much more fun!
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  19. Agreed! Things move quicker and I love reading and responding! I hate leaving people behind though so I think I'm gonna ask people to refer from joining for now. :/ if this one goes well maybe we could make this into a series of adventures almost like the books.
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