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  1. He strode purposefully through the cobbled streets of a small town, drawing eyes with every step. Strangers were uncommon at best, and he would be providing the town's tavern with gossip for weeks to come. A gaggle of wide-eyed children trailed after him, giggling and playing. Houses of plaster, with thatch roofing crept by as the stranger passed, and concerned mothers called their children back from the stranger.

    House after house he passed, ignoring storefronts, and inns alike. He was drawn like iron to a lodestone, to the south end of the little town, where the houses had been built into the rising hillside, rather than atop it. One house in particular that was nearly half-buried by the hillside was his target. He strode up to the door, and raised a fist. Three sharp raps to the frame announced his presence.

    While he waited for an answer, he examined himself in the panes of glass set in the door. He was a tall man, standing at nearly six foot three, and narrow in the shoulders. He had hair as black as a raven's feathers, long, unkempt, and pin-straight. His eyes were like chips of pale blue ice. His clothing was fine, a suit the likes of which men of the little town would wear only on feast-days and celebrations. His coat was a dark, dark blue, almost black in shade. Beneath that, a vest of bolder blue practically shone in contrast. His slacks were clean and unrumpled, despite the distance between the little village, and it's closest neighbor over dusty roads. And finally his boots were turned down at the knee, and just as black as his hair.

    He cut an imposing figure.

    Tearing his gaze away from his reflection, he rapped on the door again, ignoring the gathering crowd of gawkers.
  2. She looked toward her front door when she heard the first knocks ring out then quickly turned back to the mess she was cleaning up. Sighing, she gazed down at the broken shards which had been a perfectly good plate before a few minutes ago. She bit her lip as she recalled having stubbed her toe particularly hard on the corner of her table then suddenly one of the plates sitting on it flew off and smashed against the far wall. Not that that was enough but of course that hadn't been the first (she cringed at the word) magical thing that had happened to her- because of her- that day; she had also thought she caught herself accidentally lifting her pillow without even touching it and when she had passed by a mirror almost thought she hadn't seen her reflection, but when she looked back she was able to see her blue eyes staring back at her. The knocks seemed to echo through her house once more.

    Cursing underneath her breath she simply tried to kick the rest of the pieces out of sight before rushing to the door, stopping at the mirror halfway there to make sure her countenance didn't reveal any of the strange event from her day. She looked over reflection- her slender form was covered by a 3/4 length navy colored shirt and skirt that went to about her knee, she stood at around 5'6" and had her dirty blonde hair pulled up into a fairly messy bun. She scrunched up her nose and quickly pulled out the hair tie, allowing her hair to fall to about mid-back on her. With a shrug she figured that was the best she'd get from her appearance and ran to the door before the knocker got too impatient.

    She took a deep breath to calm her breathing so as to not give anything away that something was off with her and swung open the door only to see a tall stranger standing there. Her eyebrows shot up at this as there were almost never strangers in this town and if there were it never really ended well since after the War everyone has been terrified of a mage coming back (another reason why she couldn't let anyone know about that morning). She shrunk back into the house more and eyed him warily. "Uh, h-hello." She swallowed then noticed the small crowd of onlookers who were also wondering what this man was doing there and at her doorstep too. She stood up straighter and did her best to wipe the emotion from her face. "Is there something you need?" She asked, hoping he would say it was just the wrong house and leave.
  3. "Yes," The man said. "As a matter of fact, there is." He continued, glancing over his shoulder at the gathering crowd. He didn't much like the idea of conducting his business in front of a crowd.

    Back he turned to the woman standing in the doorway. The Bond was pulling him towards her. It was as if a fishing line had hooked his breastbone, and was dragging him towards the stranger. For a perhaps uncomfortable moment, he was silent, wrestling the sensation of the bond to clear his mind of the sheer magnetic pull.

    "I have some important news for you. It may be best if we spoke privately, away from the public eye." And more importantly, the public ear. He didn't know how poorly these people would react to a familiar. Just the appearance of a stranger was enough to set them whispering. "Have you noticed anything strange recently?" He added, in a softer tone of voice. He'd pitched it not to carry beyond the front stoop, and it was a risk even at that. "About yourself, perhaps?"
  4. She was disappointment but not surprised when he didn't just leave and go bring attention to someone else. After a moment of him simply looking at here and her waiting for him to expand on what he needed, she shifted her weight awkwardly at his pause. Finally he spoke again and he eyes widened at his proposition of her noticing anything strange and her breath hitched at him mentioning it being about her too.

    She was about to stutter out a response of nothing being out of the ordinary and slamming the door in his face but she stopped herself. There was something about this man, something different and hell, maybe she was just over-reacting by assuming he was there concerning her new-found ability. She knew it might be a reach but comforted herself in the thought that she could just yell and the other townspeople would come and get rid of this man they already distrust.

    With one last glance to the crowd she moved from the doorway, opening her door wider to allow him to fit in, "Come right in." She told him quietly then shot her neighbors a comforting smile to show everything was fine before closing the door. She immediately she turned back to face the man, "Alright, what is it? What do you know?" She asked with an edge to her voice. There may be something about this man she found almost familiar but she still didn't trust him, at least not until he proved she could. After all, if anyone found out about her causing something to move without even touching it she'd probably be dead by tomorrow!
  5. He strode in without hesitation, or so much as a glance towards the gathered crowd outside. He turned to face the woman as she spun on him with her demands. "I know that you are a magus." He said, quietly. "That you have the ability to control this world with your will, should you be trained in it's use."

    He stepped nearer. The bond pulled at him so fiercely that he was surprised when he didn't go flying towards the woman out of hand. "I know that you will be in danger if your abilities manifest for much longer in this place. If the people here trust magic as much as they do strangers, they will set upon you the moment they find out."

    "Most importantly perhaps," He drew a step nearer still, though not close enough to loom over the woman. "I know that I am your familiar. Bound to you by fate, to guide you on your path to mastery of the arcane. If you are of a mind to learn, then all you need to do to seal the bond is to speak my name."
  6. Her heart seemed to stop at his words and her gaze dropped to the ground, yes she already basically knew what she was a magus but hearing aloud made at all so much more... real and so much more frightening. She didn't even noticed he had been stepping closer until he finished speaking and she finally looked up to meet his eyes. She knew about magic and all the evils that entailed but a familiar was new to her.

    So, he was her teacher now...? Her brain tried to register the reality of her situation and she searched his face for any sign of deceit or ill intentions. After a moment she opened her mouth but no words came forward so she closed it. Did she want to take him up on this offer? If he new she had magic that would mean he did too and it was common knowledge in the society that magic was evil and she should at the very least turn him away but she also knew that if she did then she'd have no one to teach her anything and she'd end up getting found out before she could even get close to mastering hiding it on her own.

    After waiting a second she opened again. "I-I..." She looked away and took a deep breath, clenching her fist in determination then looked him right in the eye, "What is your name?"
  7. "That," He said, a small, small smile curling the corner of his lips upwards, "Is the correct question."

    He bowed from the waist elegantly, before straightening once again. "My name is Alinuwannin. You mustn't tell even your dearest friends and family that name, for it belongs to you, and only you." He offered one long-fingered hand to the woman, his blue eyes glinting with anticipation. The pull on his chest was swelling, and he could scarcely stand the pull of the bond.

    "If anybody else hears my name, and knows what to do with it, then I will be compelled to obey them in anything that doesn't directly damage you. Even to the extent of standing idly while you are in peril." He paused. "This is important. Do you understand this?"
  8. When she heard his name it was like something sparked in her, like it had some deeper meaning to her despite the fact this was the first time she'd ever heard it and she didn't stop the small smile from creeping onto her face at the sound of it. "Alinuwannin." She murmured at almost a whisper once she heard it and her smile grew. Even the feel of the name felt right to her. When he continued to say that his name belonged only to her she felt a swell of pride grow in her chest at being the only one to be granted with knowing such a wonderful name.

    She took in his instructions and warning of never revealing his name to any others. Her eyes widened in shock and fear at the amount of power his name had over him. She nodded, indicating she understood what he said at the implications that would have. She then locked eyes with him and tentatively took his outstretched hand, "Yes I... I understand." She said, not taking her eyes from his. She could feel a sense of foreboding in the pit of her stomach but she also felt an even greater sense of peace like what she was doing was right and even quite possibly meant to be.
  9. "Good." He gave her hand a squeeze. His hand was firm, warm, and calloused. "I will act as your protector from here, onward. I will help guide you through the muddles of learning magic. To begin with," He said turning to the house. "I am afraid that you must collect food, clothing, and anything else you'll need for travel. Pack lightly. Bring a bottle, or a skin for water. Two, or three if you have them. A pocket knife or two, if they're available."

    He began to move through the house, examining it curiously. This is where his Bonded lived. Perhaps this had been where she'd grown up. "Make peace with any family you've got. Tell your lover that you're leaving. Bring him with, if he's willing to come."

    Finally, the familiar returned his attention to his bondman. "This place prickles like rough wool. It is not safe for you here, and the sooner we are gone, the better."
  10. She stopped at his words, "W-we're leaving?" She had known in the back of her mind that they would have to leave but when she actually heard it did it really set in. She looked around at the small and obviously lived in house with its semi-chipping paint, scuff marks and dents but each had a story. Her family was not the first to live in this house but they caused their fair share of the marks in it.

    She was raised in this house along with her older sister (who was now married so she lived in a different house) and their father who died of age and mother who passed due to a sickness they no longer could combat with the level of technology this new world had. So it was just her and Déia, her friend she had had since they were children living in the house but fortunately Déia had to work that day so she was absent while Alinuwannin was there and luckily she was able to call in sick so she could deal with these new 'powers' she had.

    She shook her head when she realized that he had actually continued speaking while she was in her reverie and moved to start gathering some of the items he had listed. While she was setting her water skin into her pack she stopped at his mention of a 'lover'. "W-w-what? Um I-I don't have a l-lover..." She said with a slight blush, while she was comfortably with the rest of her life, it was her love life that was the largest thing both her sister and Déia would tease her about most constantly since both were happily in a relationship.

    She then quickly set back to packing the skin, her good knife she'd bring whenever she had to clear out the houses of the deceased for new residents for her job along with some food stuffs that she knew would last, being sure to leave those which Déia liked and threw some clothes in also.

    Just before she was about to tell him she was ready to leave she remember she should at least write a note for her sister and friend. She quickly pulled out a small paper and pencil and scrawled out a simple notes saying she was going to visit the village that lay on the other side of the mountain theirs was on to trade some supplies for her boss. It was the best excuse she could think of and it would buy her some time before they started to ask questions.
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  11. "We're leaving," He confirmed, surely.

    "No lover? All the better. Fewer mouths to feed." Said the familiar. He picked a spot along one of the walls, and leaned against it to wait for his magus to gather what she needed for the road.

    "We'll head south from the village, down the foothills. We'll skirt the road, and stick to the woods, but we'll follow it all the same. If we don't lollygag, we can come to the first campsite by nightfall, and I'll fix us some dinner."

    The familiar turned his eyes from the surrounding apartment to his magus once again. "What is your name, magus?"
  12. She was glad when he didn't make any sort of teasing comment about her lack of a love life and finished her note with a sigh, the image of Déia arriving home and seeing the note, expecting her back in a few weeks tops completely ignorant of just how long she would be gone... She shook her head to erase the saddening image and set the paper on the table before picking up her pack and slinging it over her shoulder, listening to his explanation of their journey. She cocked her head to the side curiously, "Campsite? Do you mean to say there are just camps of Magics?" She asked in confusion, she wasn't aware there were so many left after the war.

    At the mention of her name her eyes widened as she remembered he still didn't know it, "Oh I totally forgot I haven't told you- everything has been happening so fast I forgot." She rambled an explanation then gave him an embarrassed smile, "My name is Whisteria." She said, her head bowing slightly to him.
  13. "I mean to say that I planned ahead, and prepared some necessary provisions for when I retrieved you. If there are any other Magi left in the world, apart from yourself, I have not met them." Long fingered hands slid into his pockets, as he regarded his bondsman.

    "Living as a mage is going to be a lonely sort of life in this world. Part of me wonders if that isn't just the reason that people like myself were made. To lighten the burden of loneliness." His narrow chest rose, and fell in a gentle sigh. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Whisteria. I am sorry that I have to pull you away from your life."

    He moved back to the door, peering through the window. The crowd had dispersed, for the most part. "Do you have everything you need?"
  14. She nodded her head slightly with relief at the news she wouldn't need to meet any other Magi since she still felt fear about them but she also felt a hole seem to grow in her gut at the knowledge she was alone except for Alinuwannin. She looked around sadly at the house filled with memories around her and murmured, "Yeah, I am too..." She then took a deep breath and turned to face her new companion, "Yeah, I'm all ready." She gave him a small smile. "Let's go!" With that she opened the door and walked down her porch to the road, ignoring the curious looks she was receiving from her neighbors and then started heading South, remembering Alinuwannin saying that was the direction they'd be heading in.
  15. The Familiar slipped out of the house behind his magus. He quickened his step to match her stride, and offered her his arm. Whether or not she took it, he'd lead them southwards, down the foothills of the mountain where the village lay. It took them nearly thirty minutes of walking to get out of the small town, and onto the path that looked like it was sorely in need of repair.

    "When we stop for the night, we can begin with the exploration of your talents if you'd like." He suggested as the descent from the foothills lead to plains, which eventually lead into a thick forest.

    "While we walk of course, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about magic, or myself. The unknown can be frightening. I am here to arm you with knowledge."
  16. She took his arm with a soft smile that didn't quite reach her eyes then looked down at the ground, still thinking through her current predicament. It was only when he spoke that she looked up and to his face. She nodded to his suggestion of learning more about her new powers but was still wary of it all- she had been taught her whole life that this was all evil and despicable after all.

    At the invitation to ask him questions she felt a sort of comfort at the knowledge he would be there for her but she bit her lip nervously, trying to sort through the hundreds of questions buzzing through her head. After a moment she finally spoke, "Why me? Why am I the one to somehow have powers all of a sudden- it's not like any of my family would have anything to do with magic." Her voice was soft, hollow almost. This had been the most prominent question echoing in her mind. Her family was average, every member she knew was normal and she was pretty certain she would have heard if any of her family members were magi. And if not that then it was random? So why was she chosen, of all the people left in the world?
  17. "Because you have the Talent," He said, simply. "It is a rare, and precious thing. There was a time, long, long ago, that everybody was connected to the Power. It was as much a part of every day life as breathing. Everyone that now lives, is connected by blood to the Talent in their lineage. Now and again, someone with the Talent will pop up again. It is the job of men like myself to make sure they survive their awakening, and the prejudices of the people around them."

    "I know that this sort of thing can be horribly abrupt." He admitted, resting his other hand on the arm looped through his own. People were less likely to stop Whisteria if she looked as if she were on an outing with some strapping stranger, rather than just picking up and leaving. "If it helps, you can think of this as the first steps on a grand adventure. Consider the places you'll get to see that you never might have. The old, wonderful places. The beautiful natural places."

    The Familiar smiled, as if recalling something fondly. "Mysteries of the past will be laid before you." He said, as they descended into the foothills. "And although it will not be without danger, you will never have to face those dangers alone."

    He turned as they walked, to take in his Magus's profile. She was pretty enough, although she looked somewhat disheveled by the day's events. "You seem to be taking this rather well, all things considered."
  18. She sighed heavily and looked to the ground. So she was forced out of her life thanks to her lineage and chance? Great... that's just her luck. She looked back up to him when she felt his hand on her arm. She thought about the suggestion- growing up she had wondered what the rest of the world looked like; her town had very little contact with any others and even then it was just with those close by. This brought a small smile to her face but it wouldn't reach her eyes. When he mentioned how well she's been taking it she chuckled almost humorlessly; "Yeah well, just wait until this all hits me. I think I'm still in shock maybe? I don't know but I'll probably be a mess tonight." She admitted. Tonight would be her first time sleeping somewhere other than her own house... She looked up to her Familiar, "How did you take it when you first found out about your powers?" She asked curiously.
  19. "I do not have any of the sort of powers you are imagining." He said, simply as he walked, losing some of the stiffness in his stride when they had wandered far enough from the little mountain town to make tracking difficult for any pursuers. "I cannot command the elements. I cannot bend force to my will, animate the dead, give life to inanimate objects, heal, or see into the timestream. No more than any mortal man. That isn't to say that I do not have some measure of magic."

    He let out a gentle sigh, "A familiar does not... Come into his powers as a magus might. It does not happen suddenly, or unexpectedly. It is something we are born with. A sort of cognizance is with us at all times. A knowledge of our purpose. A knowledge of our history. A knowledge of our Name. A knowledge that some day, the Calling will be upon us, and we will be summoned to serve."

    He went on, idly patting the arm looped through his own. "We gain some boons for our service, and connection to our magi. I can go longer without rest than another man. I am a little stronger, a little faster, and a little more agile than another man with a similar build might be. I have a proclivity for armed and unarmed combat. The biggest boon perhaps, is that a familiar is a very difficult creature to kill. We carry on long after another man might expire."

    He trailed off, and walked for a time in silence.
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