The amount of mail storage

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I think 100 is way to short. If I send out 100 requests then I cannot get any back. Can you please make this go higher? I am waiting back on people to write me back. So it's so hard for me to keep it low. Thanks
You know... I think that is the first time in years anyone has asked for more pm box space! XD

Have you tried cleaning out your Sent pms? Or are you using the PMs for roleplaying?

By the way, you can download your PMs, if you're using them for roleplaying! That way you can save them and keep your inbox cleaned out!

Anyway, I went ahead and increased it to 200, but you do need to regularly clear that thing out. >:3
I'm using the pm's for sent items. If I delete any of them will the people still get the message even if I delete them? Thank you for increasing I try to delete them. Is this like a thing that goes up after you have been here so long or is this for everyone?
It's the same for everyone!

And no, it won't delete the PM for the other person! So they will still get the message. It only makes a copy in your inbox. So you can delete them safely!
Ah nice ok. I like to sometimes keep messages so I can look back and remember. Thank you for clearing this up.