The Ambrosius Academy for Witchcraft and Wizardry (Original Wizard-School RP)

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  1. ((note: due to time constraints in my life last time, I was unable to launch this. Sorry if you were one of the original cast and got pissed that I never posted the OoC. It was unfair of me to keep you all waiting, but now I have more free time and I can run this)).


    "Hey, (your character's name here), you've got a letter!"

    A letter? Who writes letters anymore? Must be important if they took the time to write it out by hand... Let's see what this is all about.

    Open the Letter (open)
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    Ha! This has to be some kind of a joke! There's no such thing as a Wizarding school... Right?


    Are you ready to accept the invitation to the Ambrosius Academy? If you are, post below and feel free to ask questions!

    The basic idea of this would be that we all attend a Wizarding school to try and become better witches and wizards. I won't give away too much of the plot, so that's pretty much all I can say at the moment. Think of a Harry Potter based RP, except this exists in its own universe with its own rules and lore.

    I'm currently about to finish a possible "house" system (I know it's ripping off HP, but it's a really fun idea to create good-natured competition between the characters) that we will be equally divided into (either randomly in the IC, or in your character sheet).

    This is up for debate, but I would like to potentially start with all of our characters as 1st years, meaning we'd have time to flesh out the roles and personalities of our characters through our years of enrolment at the Ambrosius Academy, which we would play through as the main focus of the RP (with the potential for new people joining later in the RP when the next year starts).

    There is also a potential to have a "Voldemort-eque" portion of the RP, where we deal with some huge issue in the magical world, but we don't want to deliberately rip off HP, now do we?

    Anyways, post below if you're interested. We should be able to start the OoC if we get 6 people to join (not including myself).
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  2. Sweet, anything you want to ask and/or discuss?
  3. Um apparently according to your little letter stuff up there (which is super cool by the way)...all characters should be born without knowledge of the wizarding world? I kinda wanted my char to be a half-blood, knowing she'd get a letter when she comes of age.

    also, I suggest adding a character list to keep this interest check organized. One that sets a limit and standard for characters so there aren't too many or unbalanced when you make the OOC

    for example:

    plans to make Male:

    plans to make Female:
    1. Ravenbelle

    hmm... maybe I should just ask to be co-Gm so I can help you out and make sure this thing doesn't tank..
    So...may I join you in setting up a wonderful new group roleplay?

    plus I wanna know about the lore behind this universe. whatever's different about this than HP
  4. Yeah that's a good idea.

    The whole "hey what's a wizard school" thing was mainly just an attention-grabber. You can know about the magic world, not know about it, be half-blooded, etc.

    I'd personally say the character limit is 8-12 (12 being the ultimate cut-off), so I've got that organized.

    Sure, you can co-GM! I'll try to share as much stuff as I've got done thus far.
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  5. YAY! ^-^ pm me anything I should know ;)
  6. Interested :D!
  7. Also interested! However, I don't know much about HP (I've never read any of the books and I've only seen one movie... ;-;), so I don't know any of that information and/or style. Of course, I know how witchcraft and wizardry works in general, but I just don't know the wizardry from HP, if you get what I mean. Since this RP isn't directly connected to HP, then I should be fine. If my limited knowledge is alright with you, then I'll definitely join once the sign-ups are open.
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  8. Cool, seems like we've got a group! @Ravenbelle, still here?
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  9. This pile of eyes buttons is interested.

    I've always loved the Harry Potter universe; I have the entire series in book form and movie form. I even have a friend that lent a hand carved wand.
  10. Oh nice!

    So, any questions/comments about this?
  11. I'm in. I like the idea so far!
  12. seem cool i like it ;c i'm in ;c
  13. I like the idea but I am trying to launch my academy. I'll think on this one and if mine does not get any bites, I'll join.
  14. interested. I'm always down for a good fantasy rp.
  15. Interested. Seems fun o;
  16. I think I'd be interested. :)
  17. Room for another or am I too late to the party?
  18. If this is open I'm really interested, but this would be my first (and I mean first ever) group roleplay... So it's really up to you if you want a newbie :P
  19. Any Rp involving Magic and the possibility of magical creatures I up for.
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