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  1. A galaxy is a large place. A large place, inhabited by a great many sentient beings, many of whom trade with each other, or wage great wars. Alliances are created and wither all the time, friends and enemies being made, old empires crumble, new races arise.

    And for a galaxy not to be a complete mess, different sentient races send out emissaries, diplomats or other people, to talk to other races, to find others with the same interests.
    Occasionally, such people even have meetings or balls, where unexpected allies or friends can be found.

    And now, the Nae'Thran have decided to make such an even to dwarf all others.

    They have made a great space station just for this purpose, and sent out invitations to a great many races all around the galaxy. And as word of it spread, more races requested a invitation for their own envoys. Several hundred races are on their way to this meeting, for diplomatic discussions with others.

    Are you one of them?


    In other words, it's a meeting of people who does the talking on behalf of their race, to make deals with other races. Stop a war, start a war, make trade agreements or just get drunk with a bunch of important people!

    Racial and character sheet:

    Name of the race/empire:

    Age: How long they have been known and traveled the galaxy, not the actual age of the race.

    Physical description: How does the people of the race look? The average look, if it's a empire of different races.

    Behavior: How the race usually behaves. Are they war like? Peaceful? Greedy? Just wanting to sit in a quiet room alone?

    Technological level: Is the race barely able to fly through space, or are they masters in the field of lasers?

    Fame: Is your race well known around the galaxy? Why, why not and what for?

    Name of the person/being/character:

    Age: How old is your character, and how old is that for his race?

    Position: Is he a ambassador, a trade-baron, a part of a hive mind or something else entirely?

    Description: How does your character look?

    Personality: Someone nice working more for themselves than others? Someone working for the better good, while also enjoying the party too much?

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  2. Name of race/empire: Curabitur
    Age: It has been over two thousand years since the first Curabitur reached the stars.
    Physical description: They usually stand at 6ft 4. Slim and humanoid, minus some other features.
    Six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot
    Two large, dark eyes (in length) that stretch across their faces.
    Don't usually wear clothes
    Hair is dark and normally very long. In most cases is looks similar to dreadlocks
    Small mouths
    Ghostly white, sometimes followed by a white glowing light. When threatened, this changes to a red glow.

    The Curabitur are a race of shapeshifters. This genetic ability has aided them in their attempt to document all of the known universe, as they could blend in to other worlds and civilizations. A Curabitur will only show it's true form among other Curabitur, when threatened or during what are considered important occasions (such as this). The only other example is if a member of another race has proven his/her/itself worthy.

    Behavior: They like to be peaceful, but can be violent if the situation changes. They are hostile to any possible threats, no matter how large or small. Due to their strong beliefs in the power of knowledge and the desire to collect and document all knowledge in the known universe, some Curabitur can be quite smug or condescending, documenting everything. Very curious and intelligent.

    Technological level: Technological experts as far as space travel, medicine and study goes, but not technologically advanced when it comes to weaponry. This has been the Exen's major advantage throughout the war.

    Fame: In the planets and systems where the Curabitur are heard of there is a mixed reputation. Some see them as a peaceful people driven to violence by a long and brutal war. Some look to them for guidance due to their vast knowledge and scientific achievements. Others seem them as a horrible race who spy on other species and their brutal war with the Exen has made them unpopular in many systems.

    Name of the person/being/character: Sapientes Legatus (literally translates into "Wise Diplomat")
    Age: 200 (considered to be in her prime)
    Position: A high-ranking diplomat and the Curabitur's nominated ambassador.
    Description: Hair stretching to the back of her knees. She lost her left eye in an assassination attempt. It has been replaced with a metallic one.

    Personality: Keen and passionate beliefs in her people's values. While she is quite disciplined, her natural curiosity makes he want to try new things. She has a deep rooted hatred of the Exen.
  3. @Some_Bloke Sounds good to me! An invite has been sent to Sapientes! :D

    Also, I love your signature!
  4. I think it's the best gif on the internet :)
  5. I've got two in mind, with some bad history between them. In fact one, the Arcrayans, look a little like your avatar, and they just recently lost their empire where they controlled a third of the galaxy. Lot of bad blood there.
  6. Now see, this is the kinda stuff that can make such a even interesting! Bring 'em both around, and we'll see how well they'll do! A third of the galaxy sounds like a bit much though...

    @Some_Bloke Yes, it may well be. Among the top ten, at least :P
  7. i have an idea as well that i have been working on for a while, known as something called Genomians, a sentient race of beings that can change their height and mass according to gravity situations, meaning they change their height and weight based on the amount of gravity in a certain area, the character i am using is well respected on the planet, and knows a lot of knowledge about his planets history, there should be some interesting conversations between him and a few others, and some of his clans members who are also well known around Genoma are coming with him so i will have to make a few character sheets for them
  8. @bloodlight I can understand how they can change their height, but do you have any idea how they change their mass? Mass can't usually just come from nothing and disappear again, after all. Interesting concept though!
    As for the character(s): He's respected because he knows a lot. Fair enough. But does he have some official title, or is he just a smart guy? Because this isn't a meeting of intellectuals, but of ambassadors and such, as said. If he is, then of course he might get invited!
  9. Racial and character sheet:

    Name of the race/empire: Genomian

    Age: The Genomians haven't been known that long, they just started moving through space around 50 years ago in their time, so they haven't even scoured a quarter of the galaxy.

    Physical description: The Genomians look close to humans, but with a more deadly look about them. The most common look of a Genomian is a 17 ft giant, because of how large their planet is. They are humanoid, males usually don't have hair on their head and if so it's rare and means that they will be great leaders, the same goes for the females almost, but usually the females with hair become great warriors along with a few select males. Their eyes usually have a metallic look to them, or the look of some kind of gem. certain areas that Genomians live in give them a tribal look due to having to survive the dangerous animals that move around the areas. If they don't live in the massive survival areas, which are mainly meant for rituals and cultural beliefs to be enacted, then they live in the newer urban areas that give them a look of more peaceful beings.

    Behavior: Mostly peaceful beings, but there are some Genomians who are hardcore extremists and are brutal savages that only think for them selves. other Genomians are manly religion based and follow the ways of their gods, which are not always good gods. the religions is most definitely polytheistic. The tribal areas of Genoma make some Genomians hardened, and they become leaders through these wild trials that heir gods give them to live on.

    Technological level: Guns are not a new thing to the Genomians, but melee weapons are still a big thing in Genoma. Holographic viewing systems are quite new as well as morphotronic weapons, or also known as SCW's, Shape Changing Weapons, that can change into a melee weapon or a projectile weapon like a gun. These types of weapons are made by the person who owns the idea of that exact weapon. Certain ones are are made like this for military, police, or body guards for famous people of Genoma. Spacial travel is not quite as new, as well as self opening doors and smart technology that requires a certain person to use an object. Some still don't trust the technology so they stick to their older way of living and don't really accept how life is changing on their planet.

    Fame: The Genomians aren't that well known around the galaxy. Spacial travel is quite new, mainly known to scientists and important people of Genoma. They haven't really mastered space technology, and are still learning, they haven't really scoured much of space.

    Name of the person/being/character: Rikon Bloodlight

    Age: Genomian age of 35, human years would be around 245

    Position: Ambassador of Genoma, and leader of the Bloodlight clan

    Description: rikon.jpg Rikon's race of Genomians is a rare breed, and they are called Bloodlight's because they are able to control their blood or a recently dead persons's blood. They have a specific organ that helps them do this certain skill, but it take's a lot of their strength to do so. Rikon had his right arm ripped off by an enemy of his and now uses an experimental artificial arm that can act as a completely real arm.

    Personality:He is quite hardened by the trials he has faced, his specific race of Genomians are a rare breed and there are only a few like him. It has made him cautious over the years of his life, but it has also made him strong and difficult to talk to unless he senses a feeling of trust between someone. As an ambassador of Genoma, he has learned to talk to people more often, but only if it was business matters, if he trusted someone, or if it was in anger.

    Name of the person/being/character: Freya Bloodlight

    Age: 33 in Genomian years, which is 231 in human years

    Position: Wife of Rikon, Assisstant to his business matters

    Description: Freya.jpg She is also part of the Bloodlight race of Genomians, and her abilities are her own speed and massive strength, she is not someone to mess with

    Personality: warrior like, and sometimes not very trusting of others, unless if it can be verified that the person she speaks to is trusting enough to deal with. She faced the same trials that Rikon did when they were kids up until their adult age of 22 Genomian years.

    Name of the person/being/character: Karum Bloodlight

    Age: 38 in Genomian years, which is 266 in human years

    Position: First General of the Bloodlight clan, and bodyguard for Rikon and Freya

    Description: Karum.jpg He is half Genomian and the other half of his race is unknown, his arms are covered because they are reptilian like(that is from his other alien heritage that is non Genomian), his other heritage gave him the dangerous ability to create weapons from thin air, he also creates weapons for most of the Bloodlights. And if he is not using weapons, the creation of every weapon is stored in his memories, he has to cast a spell to summon the weapons though, which is a slight disadvantage to the weapon creation skill.

    Personality: Can be very aggressive if the time comes, and will barely hesitate to kill unless if instructed not to, he is very good friends with Rikon and Freya and will do anything to protect them. Karum is not very sure of what he truly is, and doesn't take any insults about Genomians or anything of his other heritage.
  10. @bloodlight So, a very tribal society, who has been space-faring for just 50 years, and haven't mastered it yet. By that, I assume they haven't gotten to the point of faster than light travel, which really limits their movement, meaning that others would have to come to find them, and making travel to the meeting difficult.

    And how can Karum create weapons out of thin air? Creating something out of nothing, or at least just out of air is either impossible, or requires huge amounts of energy. That sounds like a very overpowered ability, even if this isn't supposed to be a fighting rp.
    Also, why would he be both the first general AND a bodyguard? Those two positions doesn't seem to work together very well.
  11. well i had to make adjustments, and yes it is a bit over powered but the weapons are only something like a simple sword or a mace, he cannot materialize complicated weapons, that is why it takes a lot of his energy, the body guard part is for this moment, the First General part was because he is one of the most trusted clan members out of all of them besides Freya, and there are more, these are just a few members, the whole space travel was actually figured out by the top scientists on Genoma, and they were able to soon figure out light travel, by examining some of the ships that had landed on there planet several times before to try and invade the planet or explore the planet either way, the ships are only prototypes, it's kinda complicated
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  12. @bloodlight It takes a lot of energy, which makes sense, but I very much doubt someone like that could have enough energy for something like that, even if they are big.

    Okay, he's one of the most trusted. He's still the highest ranking officer (I assume), and it doesn't make sense for him to leave to protect someone, at a diplomatic meeting.

    The discovery of the FTL travel kinda makes sense, as they can probably use the ships of those who tried to invade them. But if several different factions have tried to invade them, landing on their planet and everything, it seems unlikely that they've managed to repel them all. When someone's trying to invade a planet, that tends to mean that they've got lots of resources.

    Also: They're a small tribe, with the best scientists on the planet. They're tribal, and yet they manage to figure out how FTL engines work, and to fight of invaders. I just find it a bit weird, is all.
  13. there are only certain areas that are tribal, the ones who live in the urban areas are where they get the scientists, who figure out what technology comes onto their planet, Genomians have a high learning capacity and are able to learn very quickly, yes there are points that stumble them but they get through it like any other being would, if they were able to concentrate on such hi tech devices anyways. The Scientists aren't even Genomian, they were enslaved beings that knew how to work the technology before they landed onto Genoma. Genoma's inner core is also the size of the solar systems sun, making the rest of the planet extremely large, the outer core is triple the size of the inner core, the inner mantle is slightly bigger than that, and the outer mantle is smaller than the inner mantle slightly, making the crust about over 300 meters large, not including the large mountain the planet possesses, just a few scientific facts about, Genomabut the lands that they live on make some of the population on Genoma tribal, not all of them, kind of like how earth is, but more dangerous. The Urban areas, required a lot of Genomians to come together in peace. they have faced may hardships, invasions were one thing, but they were small ships of space pirates, and then there were explorers with great scientific knowledge, that were captured and put to use making the blue printsfor light travel spaceships, the Genomians worked on it, at least ones that could understand what had to be done to work on the ships, the ones who could understand, explained it in simpler terms for the ones who did not and that was when space travel completely started for the Genomians. this was just a little more history about Genomians, just so you could understand what i mean a bit better
  14. Whoa whoa whoa. If the planet's core is the size of the solar system's sun, then it's a fucking huge planet, with the sun rotating around it. Stars are generally many hundred times the size of the planets orbiting them, thus they have big mass, and a strong gravitational pull, allowing them to make the solar systems, with all the planets orbiting them. I'm no expert on the topic, but I'm pretty sure the planets can't be many times the size of it's sun(s).

    Anywho: Okay, slaves and stolen technology. That's a start. Clears up how it works. That makes sense. Fine enough.
  15. alright glad i could clear that up for ya
  16. @bloodlight I'm not sure if the wife will be allowed at the ball itself. And idea by the Nae'Thran to make more people mingle.
    And there will be no bodyguards allowed though. No weapons at all, unless they'er of the ceremonial kind, in fact. Just to avoid any "incidents".
  17. that is fine, as i said for the female character of mine though she is his assistant at this moment in time, she will always be his assistant when it comes to ambassadorial matters, in this case, the meeting of ambassadors, but if she will not be allowed in the ball then maybe she can keep in contact with Rikon, something close to a prototype hologram or a microphone of some sort so they can communicate with others, either way i have somewhat of an idea planned for her
  18. Eh, I'll let you bring the female. She's his assistent as you said, and thus far there hasn't been too many trying to get in.
  19. alright then, thank you for that
  20. Dehlgyrs (open)

    Name of the race/empire: Dehlgyrs/The Dehlgyr Order

    Age: The Dehlgyr have been known by some for thousands of years.

    Physical description: Dehlgyrs have two arms, two legs, a body, a head and sometimes wings, tails or other growths. They have both an inner and an outer skeleton structure, the outer one being dark brown in color and mixed with ash-textured skin. Males have a rougher exoskeleton compared to the females who can sometimes be as smooth as polished wood. Dehlgyrs have no hair growth, but instead small sectioned spikes and thorns, which their females sometimes grow long enough to reach the ground. Two plate-formed bones shield their mouth and its sharp teeth.
    Their two eyes are long ovals with an oil-like gleam, a way of telling the age of a Dehlgyr is the amount of dots in their eyes, one for each cycle of growth (where one cycle is approximately 16 earth months).
    If a Dehlgyr grows a pair of wings they will be made of varying amounts of spine-like bones and connected by flaps of ashen membranes. A tail grows as sections of triangular bones, sometimes ending in a spike or hook-like appendage.
    The Dehlgyrs have one physical peculiarity that has shaped both their culture and their technological progression. They are able to open their exoskeleton in some places, some more than others.
    Due to them having multiple tongues, their voice will often sound as if uttered in many tones at once.
    According to some the Dehlgyrs are presumably growing as long as they live and therefore they are able to eat their own weight in food every day. This is however a thing that makes the Dehlgyrs blush as they have a strong sense for what is appropriate. And a reason as to why you seldom see huge Dehlgyrs.

    Behavior: The Dehlgyr are known as mercenaries, assassins, killers, information brokers and threaders of the deep space. They are known to wage war among themselves as well as against others, and it isnt uncommon to find them fighting for the cause of another. But whatever one might say about them, the Dehlgyr are proud and true to their word, even if that word would mean their death. The strange thing is that while they have no qualms about fighting themselves, they tend to stop the fighting of others, seeing it as unnecessary.
    Their code has bewildered others for ages: "Only when you know Fear, may you rise against them."

    Technological level: The fleets of the Order thread the deep space like their home, known to appear out of nowhere. Their spacecrafts seemingly expanding and growing, changing constantly, and always bearing scars from battles. They use a hyper-drive they call "The Fears trail" to travel long distances, but nearby ships have sometimes seen them disappear only to reappear again some days later, their ships looking as if they had flown through a warzone.
    Their weapon technology can be described by one word. "Varied" They use lasers, plasma, explosives, gravitational, biological, psychic, drones and mechanical weapons. When it comes to battles on board ships they use the same variety, but prefer to slay their enemies directly by using knifes and blades.
    They wear their space suit as an armor into combat, recognizing the idiocy in having too strong a faith in their exoskeleton.
    Regarding their other scientific and technological advances, they excel in biological/genetic modification and the study of interstellar lifeforms.

    Fame: Dehlgyrs are known for their partaking in large battles and wars, be it that they were hired or simply stumbled upon them. No smuggler or pirate in their right mind journey through their territories without a promise of safe passage. They are also a renown buyer as well as seller of information, regarding hostile races and fleets in particular. Few if any have been to or even seen their home, but it is rumored to be a huge fleet-station somewhere in the deep space. when asked by their home planet they only say "The Fear have it now".

    Name: Kyhaln of true Fear

    Age: 126 cycles (a high age even among the Dehlgyrs that dont take part in battles. The usual soldier gets to live no more than 30 cycles before they are killed on the front. Ship-crew might be lucky and survive some 50 cycles before their ship gets destroyed. And the general populations of the Dehlgyr fleet-stations often live around 100 cycles before they fall asleep for the last time. Only the 43 High Families can boast with ridiculously long life-spans.).

    Position: Kyhaln is a war-hero, a living legend among the battle-fleets of the Dehlgyr. Nor captain nor front-soldier doesnt know his name. Not even his family, one of the High, could continue to see him as a disgrace when he returned from his 100th crusade into the Fears trail, not to speak of his more mundane battles. Even though Kyhaln could retire if he wanted to, and take up his place as one of the High, he continue to stand at the front-lines. His stature in the Order is such that he does more or less what he wants to. Which includes him taking odd missions the Order dont know who they should send for.

    Description: Kyhaln stands but a inch below 14 feet without his battle-suit, his exoskeleton is riddled with scars and regrowth's. Like other Dehlgyrs his face resembles that of a human, but with another surface of bones above it. He has shoulder-length "hair" mostly consisting of spikes, and a beard of thick thorns.

    Personality: Kyhaln has lived a life of battle and war, which either is the result of a quick wit and active body, or the reason. He is less interested by the political struggles of the High families and the logistics of the fleets than the thrill of the fight, but along his long life he has picked up an interest in exploring the different cultures of space. Which might explain his situation as an ambassador for the Dehlgyr. Luckily the Dehlgyr arent known by name as much as a whole among other races. And he hopefully wont meet someone who has a grudge against him. And even then, he hasnt survived this long by running his mouth off.

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