The Amazons

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  1. This is a private RP for Joker/Justin and myself. It involves Amazon warriors!
  2. Okay! Also, to be safe but the things under all topics.
    Brenda the Amazon!
    I'll post a pic later..
    And your get Max!
  3. Mwah-ha-ha! Then Roz will be my Amazon! Who do you want for your slave. Ceaser or Sebastian?
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  4. Bleh! They both discuss me...

    Brenda looks down at Sebastian, grinning. She holds a giant battle axe above her head. She steps on his chest, forcing her wait on him.
  5. [Sorry, they're my only human males.]

    Roz grins. She's standing behind Max holdind a dagger to his throat.

    Sebastian surrenders. "Alright. Do that you wish."
  6. (Make new ones?)

    Max coughs, he holds his hand up.

    Brenda grins, "good...silly boys..."
  7. Roz giggles. "I got this one, Bren! He's a real cutie!" She lowers the dagger.

    Sebastian smirks. "Just take us already."
  8. Max relaxes, "y-your gonna let us go. Right?"

    Brenda picks him up by the collar, easily. "Why are you so anxious? Shall we feed to tiger?"
  9. Roz puts him in a head lock. "Not a chance. Come on, servant!" She giggles.

    Sebastian shakes his head. "No need! I just want to get this over with!"
  10. Max whimpers.

    Brenda smiles, "come on, slave...."
  11. Roz drags Max back to the Amazon village, with warriors hooting at him. "You're going to be really popular around here, cutie!"
  12. Max blushes, "w-what you g-gonna do?"
  13. Roz gets him to her hut. "You're my slave now. There aren't that many men in this village, so you'll be serving anyone who asks....Now, where's Bren with her slave?"
  14. Max shivers, "uh...."

    Brenda walks in behind them, carrying her slave over her shoulder. "Hey!!!!"
  15. Roz smiles. "There you are! So, should we give them their new clothes?"

    Sebastian is struggling. "Let me down, you wench!"
  16. Brenda frowns, she throws him into the ground, hard. "Talk! Only when spoken to...."
  17. Sebastian smirked. "And if I speak my mind? I am no one's slave!"

    Roz smirked. "Just try something. You'll have all of our warriors on you in a moment."
  18. Brenda smiles, she kicks him right in the crouch. "And, I'll break them..." she then steps on his chest.
  19. Sebastian grunts in pain. "Fine, I'll behave. What do you plan on doing with us?"

    Roz giggles and looks to Brenda.
  20. Brenda llooks at her, "Let's get your new attire..." giggling. "Get it Roz..."
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