The Altered. (Private)

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  2. The Altered Children


    In the small rainy industrial town of Shiguya that is populated by a mix of humans and of animal/human hybrids know as the Altered. A group of high school students begin wondering about their future and the future of their town. A tense feeling of despair fills the town and a new face brings a new wonder to a high school group that will quickly become friends. The towns factory serves as the only source of stability in what is a slowly dying community stuck in their tradition and values. Polluted rain and mysterious illness ravage what was once a flourishing social hub. What changes, if any, will come to this industrial waste, who will accept or change their fate, and will this group of high schoolers escape or remain and wither away with their surroundings.


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    The Children



    Nakushita Erebus
    (Archipelago wolf)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Bitter but not mean, avoids people, quiet.
    Animal Traits: Fast runner, Excellent smell and hearing, Gut feelings are usually correct, Strong.
    Birthday: November 8th.
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    School Club: None
    Job: Odd and In jobs.
    Voice: Roy Mustang

    Never wanted the transfusion, he was forced by his family who thought that fusing was a god send. Now he doesn't speak to his family or see them. He is usually found at the Forest or Shrine where he sleeps at night.
    He thinks humans are perfect beings. He hides his face and body because he finds himself grotesque. He is usually found traveling at night to avoid being seen. Always wears his tattered scarf but no one know's why. He is very protective of it.

    Ludwig Elderic
    (Sika Deer)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Doubtful, Scares/Startles easily, Worrisome, hesitant but brave when it is called for. Thinks about things for a long while before he makes a decision.
    Animal Traits: Great jumper, fairly fast, Excellent hearing.
    Birthday: December 21st.
    Age: 15
    Grade: Freshmen
    School Club: Kendo
    Job: Sometimes helps out in his grandmothers shop.
    Voice: Persona 4 Hero

    Ludwig elected for the transfusion wanting to better himself. Comes from a family who doesn't tend to listen. Everyone is very caught up in their own things so he never really tells people how he is feeling. He doesn't spend much time with his family. Usually they are on vacation anyways since his father is retired. Ludwig stays behind for school.

    (Caramel Crow)


    Hugo has been with Ludwig for a year and was a gift from his grandmother who says every good man should own a bird. His grandmother is a bit of a kook. Hugo is very playful and loud, he loves to fly at peoples faces and scare them. He also loves to pluck peoples hair from their heads. Hugo loves to annoy and squawk. He wont stay in a cage.


    Rend Dullahan
    (Unknown Mix)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Stubborn, Hard Headed, Unafraid and Un-phased.
    Animal Traits: Great sight and hearing, quick, but also unstable.
    Birthday: September 29th.
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    School Club: None
    Job: Unemployed.
    Vocie: Marie

    Her father was a well known scientist. He was the first successful Alteration of more and one animal DNA.
    When she was very young Rend went into her fathers lab where she mixed together all the DNA he had in his lab and injected herself with it to become just like him. She didn't completely understand just what she was doing at the time. The foreign DNA in her system almost killed her but she overcame it and is now a huge success story. She hates this fact, she only wanted to become like her father but is seen less like his daughter and more like a test subject. Day after day he would study her and report what he had found to news outlets, magazines, and other large companies. She demanded to be taken away from it all and her father moved her to Shiguya shortly after. He is hardly ever there, usually away on business.


    Umiko Isondae

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Personality Traits: Peaceful, Quiet, Hates conflict and will almost always use "flight" rather than "fight".
    Animal Traits: Average runner, good at hiding and being very quiet.
    Birthday: May 18.
    Age: 15
    Grade: Freshmen
    School Club: Volunteers at Library from time to time.
    Job: Works at the Inn.
    Voice: Hawkeye

    Umiko is a second child raised by her brother mostly but also her father after her mother left when she was 5 years old.
    She's always had a lot of resentment towards her mother for just leaving her and her father. Now she has a hard time trusting females and usually only has male friends. Her brother Uzagi is very protective of her. She is very shy and embarrassed of her horn. Umiko is very trustworthy and a loyal friend.

    (Java Sparrow)


    Bijou has been with Umiko for about two years now and was found injured in the woods. Umiko found her and took her in the nurse her back to health but then deiced to adopt her since she was so happy there.


    Ichabod/Ick Krory
    (Frilled Shark, Gigantactis macronema/Deep Sea Angler Fish)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Curious, Mischievous, Easy Going.
    Animal Traits: Excellent swimmer, strong, great sight in the water.
    Birthday: March 7th.
    Age: 18
    Grade: Sophomore (Held back twice)
    School Club: Swim Team.
    Job: Odd and In jobs for people in town and helps around with his family's restaurant.
    Voice: Ryuuk

    Ick comes from a proud line of Aquatic Alters. Ick thinks highly of himself and his fellow Altered.

    Grew up with a very large family but wasn't particularly wealthy. Ick worked a lot of odd and in jobs for his family like his other siblings but never minded it.
    Still very close with his family and protective of his name.



    Ick has had newt since he was fairly young. Newt is skittish and doesn't like being away from his rock.


    Hyde Alastor
    (Brown Bear)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Mild mannered, Quiet, Stays to himself, very aggressive if pushed or if you mess with his sister.
    Animal Traits: Good awareness, very strong, deceptively fast, can be kind of clumsy.
    Birthday: April 3
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    School Club: Wrestling
    Job: None
    Voice: Kiba

    Hyde is the middle child of the Alastor family. He has always been a little bigger than the rest of his family. He is a very mild mannered boy that tries to keep the peace between his brother and sister.


    Kasumi Alastor
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Stubborn, not shy but reserved, Cannot be bothered.
    Animal Traits: Strong, High Endurance, Roams around alone but has pack mentality.
    Birthday: March 17
    Age: 15
    Grade: Freshman
    School Club: Kendo
    Job: Helps her parents around the shop
    Voice: Mitsuru

    Kasumi is the youngest and only girl of the Alastor family. After their mother died giving birth to Kasumi when she was older she felt a need to carry on the every day duties of her mother. She seems lost when you look at her face, but her stubborn loyalty to her family and tradition keep her driven. She will never turn her back on her brothers or father.


    Sebastian Alastor
    (Satanic Gecko)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Hot headed, Loud, Outgoing, Starts fights but will not finish them.
    Animal Traits: Keen Awareness, Incredibly quick, Excellent hider, fairly weak, low endurance
    Birthday: August 7
    Age: 18
    Grade: Senior
    School Club: None
    Job: None
    Voice: Kadaj

    Sebastian is the oldest of the three Alastor children. He is the fastest to change his mind and get involved with any task though he hardly sees them through. He always wants to be on to the next bigger and better thing. For some reason Sebastian has always been aggressive even to his own family members, though his family knows Sebastian would never do anything awful. He has no real aspiration in life, but rather is more focused and consumed on himself.


    Nadine Ashburrow
    (Human/Non Alter)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Very happy, always laughing, sees the bright side in every encounter, somewhat absent minded, remains innocent.
    Animal Traits: Average human girl
    Birthday: November 22
    Age: 16
    Grade: Sophomore
    School Club: Tries all of friends clubs.
    Job: Helps her family around the Inn.
    Voice: Rei

    Nadine was always a happy young girl no matter what was happening. She comes from a fairly wealthy human family and has always gotten what shes needed or asked for. Even though she is an only child she is not spoiled but rather enjoys the company of friends, no matter who they are. She sees the good in everyone she comes across and is always willing to offer a second chance.


    Kane Maxwell

    Personality Traits: Aggressive but never acts on it, non-confrontational, borrows or steals every chance he has. Is always around a bad situation.
    Animal Traits: Very good eye sight, can glide using his wings, fairly strong, slow to get moving, very cautious.
    Birthday: December 30
    Age: 17
    Grade: Junior
    School Club: Chess
    Job: Odd, Thief.
    Voice: Asura

    Very little is known about Kane. He seemed to just show up one day in Shiguya. He keeps to himself mostly, but is always around bad situations and is constantly on the bad side of town. He borrows, takes, steals, whatever he can get, even though he surely has a family he lives with. It is believed Kane got his wings because his parents being short on money allowed the government to experiment Altering a human to be able to fly. This, however, is unconfirmed since Kane never talks about/with nor works for the government.


    Uzagi Isondae

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Personality Traits: Protective of his sister, Stubborn, Gets frustrated easily.
    Animal Traits: Great runner, Has a strong kick.
    Birthday: January 16th
    Age: 21
    Grade: Doesn't attend school.
    Job: Owns a Self Defense/Fighting Studio. Will help out at the Inn if it gets too busy.
    Vocie: Zen

    Uzagi helped raise his sister at a young age, their mother left them and their father when he was 9 years old.
    He hated seeing his sister so confused and sad. He learned how to fight to be able to protect his family. Right after high school he decided to open up a Studio to teach others how to fight as well. He also holds fights at his Studio at night and fights challengers for money to help with bills. He hides this from his sister who would never approve. He is always seen with different cuts and bruises.
  3. (August 1st., Morning, Ludwig's home.)
    Ludwig- *Getting ready for his first day of high school, making his bed and swatting Hugo away from his school bag before he leaves his room.* ~How is this year going to go... it's always so boring here, it'll probably just be the same as always~ *sighs and looks around his empty house, his parents away on a trip already not even there to send him off, walks to the door and leaves, locking up*
    Ick-*outside in his yard ready to leave for school as well, sees Ludwig* Hey! Ludwig! *Waves his arms around crazily to get Ludwig's attention, jogs over to him with a smile on his face* Ready for high school buddy?*Shoves his hands into his hoodie pockets*
    Ludwig- *hears a familiar voice and cringes a little when he realizes who it is* Hey Ichabod. Heh, of course I am, are you? What is this the second or third time you've been held in the same grade?
    Ick- Hey! It's only the second time! Geez... Does everyone know?... *Rubs the back of his head in a bit of embarrassment* School books just aren't my thing..
    Ludwig- Of course, it's not a large town after all... *walks along with Ick* not large... at all. *sighs*

    (August 1st., Morning, The Alastor home.)
    Kasumi- * Cleaning up the breakfast dishes.* ~ I wonder what high school is going to be like. I am going to be very busy taking care of my brothers, father, and trying to keep up my grades. I really don't like new places. Oh well. I guess it is something that must be done.~* Picks up her bags, opens the front door and yells* Let's go guys! We can't miss the bus!
    Sebastian- * Laying on the couch, hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling* ~ God... one more year. I have got to do something to keep myself from going crazy.~* Hears his sister calling him.* Alright!! You don't have to remind me of everything Kasumi!
    Hyde- *Already outside in the backyard leaning on a tree looking through the window at his sister.* ~ What a big year for Kasumi. I hope she fits in and catches on early. It is going to be hard for me to keep my eye on her this year with all those seniors and juniors running around. She works so hard. I need to remember to help her more around the house this year. ~* Hears his sister calling him and begins to smile. Hears Sebastian yelling back.* ~ sigh... Sebastian... What is his problem.~* I'm coming Kasumi! Do you have your bag?!
    Kasumi- * Purposely ignoring Sebastian* Yes I have my bag Hyde! Can we meet up for lunch today?
    Hyde- * Walking through the house meeting his sister at the front door.* Of course we can have lunch together. I'll look for you in the crowd.
    Kasumi- * Seeing the bus coming down the street. She starts feeling anxious, but keeps her emotions in check.* Let's go guys! The bus is here!

    (School, Morning, Auditorium)
    All the students are getting their assigned classrooms. They all start to head to their homeroom classes after the bell dismisses them.
    (Room 201, Third Floor.)
    Teacher- Alright students take your seats, I know this might seem a bit odd as you look around. This year we have too many students so we had to resort to sticking some of you lucky ones together *Says in a sarcastic tone* This homeroom is mixed with Freshmen through Seniors so just deal with it alright? Good. Now...*Turns to the board and starts to write his name on the board* This year I want you little brats to be on your best behaviors! No lolly gagging and horsing around! Study and learn! That's why you are all here! Since it's the first day I guess I will take it easy on you BUT don't expect any more free time after this! Don't say I never did anything for you little ingrates! *Fixes his hair and tie* I'm going across the hall, mingle and get to know your fellow inmates. You'll be stuck together all year. Hahahahahaha! Suckers..*walks out the door, leaving it open and walks to talk to another teacher*
    Class roster- Ludwig, Hyde, Ick, Kasumi, Sebastian, Rend, Umiko, Kane, Erebus, __________. (Other filler students)
    Ick- *Stands almost immediately after the teacher leaves, has a smile on his face* Hey everyone what's up? My name is Ichabod Krory,but call me Ick alright. Yes, I know what your all thinking "A Krory in MY class?! Wooooow!" Heh, yeaaah I'm a Krory, but don't let that intimidate you guys...and ladies. *says "ladies" more with more suave in his voice*
    Rend- *Rolls her eyes in annoyance of the obnoxious guy standing in the front spouting nonsense. Tries to keep a low profile and not be noticed*
    Ludwig- *puts his hand over his face in embarrassment of Ick's outburst* ~Ehhh... he.. just doesn't get it does he?..~
    Umiko- *looking at Ick* ~Heh, well I guess someone is excited about school.~
    Erebus - *Sitting in the back of the class with his head down, pretending he is asleep so he doesn't have to interact with anyone* ~Geez... why did I have to get this class. This guy is such a loud mouth... what a pain... He's giving me a headache already..~
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    (Ashburrow home, morning)
    Nadine- *Sadly looking out the window of her home into an empty street.* ~ I guess I can get to school tomorrow. I just really wish I could have gone out to met everyone. This place seems so down.~ Hey dad, where are all these boxes going? And do we really have to work on the Inn already?
    Mr. Ashburrow- Yes sweetie we need to get the Inn going. It is of course the only reason we moved here. This is going to be a great opportunity for us. I know you want to go to school and meet your classmates, but we really need your help here. I'm sorry.
    Nadine- *Dropping her head.* ~ Well I guess the faster we get everything done the faster I can make friends.~ Alright dad! Lets get to work. There is always tomorrow right? Do you know where my bedroom boxes are!?
    (School, Morning, Class 201)
    Kasumi- *Sitting very proper in her seat.* ~Wow I can't believe the teacher talked like that. That is incredibly unprofessional of him. Oh gosh.... a Krory. I remember dad talking about that family a lot during dinner.~
    Hyde- *Calmly looking around the room to get his bearings. Notices Erebus with his head down and Rend shrinking into her seat, Kasumi looking like she is already disagreeing, and sees Umiko.* ~Hmmm, that teacher seemed a little odd and I bet anything that Kasumi already doesn't like him. That girl sitting over there looks kind of cute, I need to keep my eye on her.
    Kane- *Taking Ick's outburst as an opportunity quickly takes a few pencils from his classmate sitting next to him.* ~HA! This is too easy.~
    Sebastian- *Half way standing up at his desk. Stares at Ick.* ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Come on man, it is way to early in the morning for you to be doing this. Everyone here already knows who you are. You aren't intimidating anyone!
    Kane- *Noticing all the commotion going on steals a calculator out of another classmates bag.*
    Hyde- *Seeing Kane steal multiple items already.* ~ Well that didn't take long for something to go bad. I really need to watch after Kasumi. That guy is good at stealing, but to anyone that pays attention knows that being the only person in the town with wings makes him an easy face to remember.... Hmmm... an empty seat... who could be missing on the first day?~
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    Ludwig- *Also sees Kane swiping things, catches Hyde's eyes for a moment but quickly looks away feeling a bit intimidated by his size* ~hm..he must be a senior.~ *looks over at rend and doesn't mean to stare but he's never seen double ears before so it catches his interest* ~What is she..?~
    Rend- Do you want me to kill you? *says with a straight face*
    Ludwig- *Surprised, looks away* Oh..uh no sorry. ~eh... scary. I have to remember to stay away from her.~
    Umiko-*smiles at Kasumi and waves a little* I really love your Yukata, it's beautiful. I'm glad we got a seat next to each other heh. Seems like our class mates like to be a little lively huh?
    Ick- *smiles, not even realizing the rudeness of Sebastian's remark, goes over and puts his arm around him* Ahhh! Of course you do! How could you not! So glad I'm not because I'm really not that scary I promise! Hahaha! *Smacks him on the back as a friendly gesture*
    Erebus-*sighs and grabs the calculate out of Kane's hand and tosses it back into the rightful owners back* Knock it off bird....~Scavenger~ *Leans back in his seat with his arms crossed, looking over the classroom*
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    Hyde- *Seeing everything that just happened tries to catch Erebus' eye.* ~ I like him. I need to know his name. Oh well. The deer seemed to notice as well. It doesn't look like I'll be alone this year. I need to figure out a way to introduce myself.~ Cough... COUGH. ~ Look at me wolf.. look at me wolf.~
    Kasumi- *remaining very proper in her seat, and does not wave back* Thank you for the compliment. My name is Kasumi Alastor, I am a freshman. Both of my brothers are in this class as well. The rude little one that just yelled at that Krory boy is my oldest brother, Sebastian. And the big guy in the back of the class that looks like my bodyguard is my other big brother, Hyde. This class does not seemed focused on learning at all. Even the teacher seems not to care much.
    Sebastian- *Squirming away from Ick with a look of pure discomfort on his face.* Back off man. Personal space. Personal space.
    Kane- Get over yourself Nakushita Erebus, yeah, I know who you are. You do what you need to do to get by and I don't bother you. Leave me alone, Shita. I'll take what I need. *Tries to sit back in his chair but his wings hurt him.* ~Damn wings. What the hell are they good for anyway. They always hurt.~
    Hyde- *Over hearing the exchange of words between Erebus and Kane.* ~Nakushita Erebus. Interesting. I've never really seen him around. Who is this bird guy? I've never seen him around either.~
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    Erebus-*starts to looks over at Hyde but then hears Kane, Lowers his eyebrows in anger* I can hardly imagine you need a students calculate to "get by"... Watch your mouth Bird.
    *Gets up and walks out to go to the restroom, trying to take the attention off himself*
    Umiko- Nice to meet you Kasumi, I'm Umiko. Heh, I also have an older brother but he isn't in school. *smiling as she talks, Looks over at Sebastian and bows her head a bit then does the same for Hyde* No they don't, perhaps we could study more in the Library later. I've heard a lot about Mr. Morooka he seems bad but he's a good teacher. I hope we can get used to his way of talking though.
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    (School, Early Afternoon, Cafeteria)
    Kasumi- *Looking for Hyde but can't really see over the crowd decides to sit down.* ~Hyde will find me any minute now.~
    Hyde- *Walks into the cafeteria and immediately spots Kasumi.* Hey Kasumi, I told you I would find you. I can't wait for lunch. What did you make for us today?
    Kasumi- Just the usual Hyde. This morning has been very eventful. Can you believe our teacher? What an unprofessional man he is. This girl Umiko told me he was supposed to be good though. I want you to meet Umiko. She said we could study together.
    Hyde- I knew you wouldn't like the teacher. Sure I'll meet Umiko. Was that the girl that nodded to me early?
    Sebastian- *Walking by rather quickly.* Thanks for lunch. I'm going to eat outside don't bother following me, alright.
    Hyde- *Not really acknowledging Sebastian notices Kane moving around the tables.*
    Kane- *Trying to pick up food off of plates and out of bags when the people aren't paying attention, gets a feeling of being watched. He stops stealing food, hoping that he won't be confronted again.* ~ I still can't get over Shita. I just need to avoid him. I don't want to get involved with him.~
    Kasumi- *Sees Umiko walking in the cafeteria, trying to mimic the wave Umiko gave her earlier in the day to get her attention.*
    Kane- *Seeing Kasumi wave he accidentally mistakes the wave toward him. He walks over toward Kasumi and Hyde but starts getting nervous the closer to Hyde he gets. Instead of going all the way to Kasumi he sits down at the end of the table away from the rest of the students.* ~Why would she wave to me. I don't know her.~ *Starts putting the stolen pieces of food on the table: a piece of fruit, a small container of fried rice but no utensils to eat it, and a bag of chips.*
    Kasumi- *Noticing Kane has no drink or utensil she looks in her bag for an extra water bottle and her back up chopsticks.* ~Well Sebastian just doesn't care so I don't need to keep these for him. I just can't stand it when people aren't prepared and focused. That boy looks so dirty so I guess he might have family problems.~ *Walks down the table hands the chopsticks and water to Kane.* Here you go. I hate it when I forget things too. You are in my class right?
    Kane- *Looking dumbfounded. Slowly taking the gifts.* Thanks. Yeah, we are in the same class. Name is Kane.
    Kasumi- My name is Kasumi Alastor, I am a freshman and this is my big brother Hyde. Would you care to join us for lunch? *Looking up sees Umiko more clearly in the crowd, and tries to wave with more courage to get her attention.*
    Hyde- *Tensing his body watching his sister interact with other people. Lets out a low tone grumble*
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    Umiko-*looking around and finally spots Kasumi and waves back at her, smiles and walks over holding her bento* Hello. *smiling at Hyde and Kane* You must be I'm Umiko. *Getting a bit more shy with the more people there are, not really looking them in the eyes* It's nice to meet you. And.. I'm sorry but I'm not sure of your name. *Speaking to Kane, Sits next to them* ~He looks quite tense, maybe this isn't the best time to meet him... He seems a bit scary..~ (talking about Hyde)
    Erebus- *walks past without a lunch, goes outside* ~Damn, I'm hungry already...stupid stomach~ *looks around outside and sneaks his way into the woods to try and find some fruits or berries, sits under a tree after grabbing a pretty off color apple from a tree*
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    Kasumi- Hello, Umiko. Umiko this is Kane, Kane this is Umiko. I believe we are all in class together. What do you think of the school so far Umiko?
    Kane- Hey, Umiko.
    Hyde- *Almost doesn't hear Umiko introduce herself because he is intensely studying Kane. Notices Erebus walk by but doesn't care.* So Kane... I haven't seen you around before. You new to town?
    Kane- *Wanting to keep his distance from Hyde tries not to lead on to what he really does.* Actually, we kind of are new to town. My family travels a lot. We don't have roots or any place that is considered a hometown.
    Hyde- So what grade are you in Kane? I'm a Sophomore.
    Kane- ~This kid is a Sophomore!? Damn, I thought he was a Senior. This guy would be a pretty good ally to have. Best to keep my nose clean around him to build up trust.~ I'm a Junior. To tell you the truth I thought for sure you were a Senior.
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    Umiko- *feels ignored, puts her head down and smiles slightly at Kasumi* Um.. I really like it. It's actually quite big though heh... I seem to keep getting lost. It's embarrassing to ask people over and over again how to get somewhere.. You're lunch looks very good Kasumi, did you make it yourself?? *Keeps glancing over at Hyde and Kane but making sure they don't see her*
    Ick- *walks over* Heyyyyy! Look who it is! It's Ichabod! ahhh, ahhh haha nah just kidding. *makes himself at home and takes a seat* What's goin' on with you guys?? Nice dress girly! I like red. *touches her sleeve* Nice material too! Fancy stuff. Hey want a muffin?? My mom makes the best muffins! Here have one! *Hands her one* Here you to! *hands one to Umiko* It's chocolate chip! You like chocolate right? Oh hey Kane what's goin' on bird man? *looks at Hyde* Hmm... Jin?....Shinta?....nope don't know your name. I'm Ick, you?
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    Kasumi- I did make it myself. Here would you like to have some? *Puts some on Umiko's plate.* Yeah, this place is really big. Hyde has been helping me out with finding things. You could always ask him. He won't ever get mad with you. He would could even walk us to class if you want. *After looking at Ick and getting touched by him her face turns angry, and her tone deepens and gets stern.* Please don't touch me. Weren't you ever taught manors. Never touch a lady without her permission. *Gets interrupted by Hyde.*
    Hyde- *Already tense because of Kane, now seeing Ick touch his sister a rage grows within, his eyes start to burn with fury.* Never touch my sister.... If you touch her one more type I'll rip you limb from limb and make you flop around on the floor like a dying fish waiting to be put out of its misery.
    Kasumi- Alright Hyde. It's alright. I don't think he meant anything by it. Beside I can stand up for myself to this guy. *Kasumi is starting to grow a dislike of Ick but tries to keep it well hidden.* I'm sorry Umiko. I don't mean to keep cutting you off.
    Kane- ~Yup. I like him. Time to drive it home. I need him with me.~ Come on Ick. You need to tone it back a little. You know you can rub some people the wrong way. We are just hanging out here. Getting to know each other. ~Alright that should do it. Come on Hyde lets hang out.~
    Hyde- *Starts to calm down. Taking a look around the table he notices Umiko again.* ~Alright Kane. I know your game. I'm not going to be won that easy. But not a bad attempt. Hmmm. Umiko, she is cute and my sister is giving me all the chances I need to hang out with her.~ Hey Umiko, yeah I will be more than happy to show you around the school. I don't mind at all if you have any questions. Where are you going after lunch?
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    Umiko- *looks a bit horrified by all the hostility, her heart starts racing and breathing gets heavy* Um.. no thanks... I think I've got the hang of it thank you both.. I'll um.. talk to you later Kasumi. I have to go now... *seems very nervous and frightened, gets up and bows politely, walks away quickly*
    Ick- Ooo! You guys gave me chill! Scary!! haha! *still smiling as usual* Ah alright i'll leave you guys to eat! See ya! *gets up as well and walks behind Umiko trying to catch up with her* Hey! Wait up girly!!
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    Kasumi- *Her body language is a bit off.* ~ Sigh. Hyde scared my only friend away. I really hope I get to talk to her again. I've got to talk to Hyde sometime soon about this.~
    Hyde- *Shoulders drop and his face looks let down.* ~Great. Ick really screwed all of that up. Now he is off running after Umiko. I think I need to calm down some. I need to be more in control. I need to talk with Kasumi about maybe giving her a little more space so I can start doing my own thing. I mean Kasumi is in high school now, and I know she is as straight as an arrow.... Hmmm. I kind of miss Umiko.
    Kane- Well lunch is almost over. Thanks again for the water and chopsticks. I'll see you guys around.
    (End Lunch)
    (Everyone back to their classroom, Erebus doesn't come back from lunch)
    Mr. Morooka -Alright kids settle down! I have to tell you brats about the school clubs opening next week. So... it's not mandatory but it's highly recommended. Okay now you know..
    *turns around and starts writing on the board and going on with a lecture*
    (School End)

    (The Isondae Home, Late evening)
    Umiko- *getting home from school, tired from her first day* I'm home.. *sits on the couch after taking her shoes off at the door* ..Brother? *looks around* Uzagi? ~He must still be working.. I'll go pick some dinner up for us.~ *stands up and puts more comfortable shoes on to just go out and run the errand, locks up the house before she leaves* ~...It's already getting dark, I should hurry..~ *walks at a quickened pace, passes the Inn* ~I wonder when the new owners are getting here...I've worked there for a long time but it was so sad when they had to shut it down... I'm happy that it will be reopening soon. Plus.. the money helps and the previous owner promised she'd give my information to the new ones... Perhaps they will call me soon... I heard it was supposed to open today. ~ *something catches her eye as she walks down the side walk to get to the Shopping District, it looks to be someone on the other side of the street walking very quickly, her heart starts beating faster as she continues forward* ~Please just pass, please just past, plea...~ *she feels someone touch her shoulder* AH! *she turns quickly and tries pushing the person not paying attention to the other person she saw before who just walks past*
    Uzagi- *Doesn't budge from Umiko's push* Umiko! It's just me... *grabs her wrist* What are you doing out here!? I told you not to come out this late! *sighs* Sorry, I had to stay late tonight to finish up some things.
    Umiko- *lets out a sigh of relief* Oh Uzagi, I'm so sorry.. Are you alright?.. *looking up at him, then down when she is scolded* I just.. I thought it would be nice to get us some dinner tonight.. Sorry...
    Uzagi- *sighs* It's alright... Yeah.. that would be nice huh? But next time.. why don't you let me do that huh? Heh... come on. *smiles slightly and leads the way*
    (August 2nd. Classroom 201, Morning)
    Mr. Morooka- Alright students it seems we have a late bloomer here.. She should be coming in any minute now to introduce herself then we will get straight to the lesson! No slacking off!! I want everyone's face in a book and NO TALKING! You'll have plenty of time to chat it up at lunch while you're all stuffing your faces! Turn to page 300 and start reading until the new kid gets here. A couple minutes into there reading he hears a knock on the door* Okay! Pay attention! COME ON IT! Okay this is *looks at his paper* Nadine Ashburns... Ashburrow! Alright take your seat back there. *points to the empty seat in front of Erebus*
    Erebus- *had his head down, picks it up to see what all the commotion is about, catches a glimpse of Nadine, his eyes widen a bit and stares, even though he doesn't mean to* ...~A human.. in this class?... A human?, uh! I'm staring! Don't stare you idiot!!~ *Puts his head back down quickly kind of making a thud sound*
    Ick- Wow a human! Hey! You are a human right? Why don't you alter!? You are pretty cute how you are though but you could be awesome! Go Aquatic! I'm an aquatic alter!
    My name is Ickabod Krory, you know me right!? Yeeeah, you know.
    Nadine- *Walking back to her desk.* ~oh my gosh, what a group of people. This is way different from my other school. I always saw and knew about Altered but... I'm the only human here!~ Uhhh, Hi Ickabod, umm I'm human yes. I guess I could always think about becoming an aquatic. I never thought about it before. *Sits down and looks around the room trying to get her barrings.* ~Hmm, I'm going to need to introduce myself to everyone today. I hope they don't scatter at lunch.~
    Hyde- *Noticing most peoples reaction to the human.* ~ I don't know what they are all going on about. It's just a normal human girl. People should calm down some. Erebus looked very interested in her.~ *Tries to look for Umiko to see her reaction.*
    Kane- That caught your eye huh, Shita?
    Sebastian- ~ A human girl... I've never gotten close to one of them before. Now she is in my class. I've got to figure out a way to get to know her quick... Stupid fish. Keep your mouth shut.. Stupid fish.. stupid fish... stupid fish.... stupid fish. stupid fish.~
    Erebus- *Grumbles under his breath at Kane and shoots him a glare* (People hardly ever see his eyes because his hair covers it all the time)
    Umiko- *Smiles as Nadine passes, bows her head a little* ~Ashburrow! Her parents must be the owners of the inn!~
    Ludwig- *looking over at Nadine, finds her very interesting but doesn't say anything to her*
    Rend- ~Good, that should keep the attention of these morons..~
    Mr Morooka- Okay no more talk!! Read your books! *continues with his lecture, the bell rings* Okay! Time for lunch but after that go to the gym you lazy brats!
    (Lunch time)
    Erebus- *Gets up very quickly as soon as he hears the bell and bumps into nadine on accident, dropping his book at her feet, looks at her for a moment, frazzled and nervous* Oh...uh...I........mmmmm.. *walks away quickly without picking up his book* ~Ahh.... damn it... what an idiot..~
    Umiko-*Stands and goes over to Kasumi* Good morning Kasumi. It's nice to see you today, do you want to see if we could have lunch together with misses Ashburrow?
    Ick- WOO! It's lunch tiiiime! Hey! New girly! Come sit with us in the lunchroom! *inviting himself to sit with Hyde and the others, smiles at Hyde*
    (August 2, Cafeteria, Afternoon)
    Kasumi- *After agreeing to have lunch with Umiko earlier, tries to find a table with enough open seats.* Hey Umiko, over here I found a table! Tell me what did you think of the lesson today, and what do you think is going to happen in gym?
    Hyde- *Slowing walking along still thinking about earlier.* ~What was with Erebus today. That Nadine girl really got to him. Well. I did pick up his book, so he will be forced to talk with me this time. I can't wait to meet him.~ *Takes a seat next to Kasumi and near Umiko.*
    Kane- *Moving table to table looking for easy food to swipe can't really find anything. He starts looking a little more frantic and begins losing his composure the longer it takes for him to find food.*
    Kasumi- *Sees Nadine enter the cafeteria looking a little lost. Noticing that Umiko hasn't spotted her yet she starts to stand up to wave Nadine over.*
    Nadine- Oh hey guys! I'm Nadine! I don't think I've met everyone yet. Have you seen Ickabod? He asked me to have lunch with him. I don't want to be rude to someone I don't even know yet.
    Kasumi- *Standing up to introduce everyone.* Hello Nadine, my name is Kasumi Alastor and I am a Freshman. This is my older brother Hyde, this is Umiko, and no I have not seen Ickabod yet.
    Hyde- *Nods to Nadine in acknowledgement but is paying more attention to Kane moving around the room.*
    Sebastian- Hey Kasumi, I forgot my lunch. Do you have anything else in that bag? And hurry up I need to get outside. *Looks over at Nadine and very obviously looks Nadine up and down.* Well.. On second thought I guess I'll sit with you today little sis.
    Kasumi- *Knowing exactly what Sebastian is doing her voice gets a little more authoritative like a mother.* Here you go Sebastian. You are lucky I pack extra. I need to always remind you of everything don't I? Everyone this is Sebastian my oldest brother. Sebastian, this is Umiko and Nadine.
    Umiko-*smiles at Nadine* Don't worry about Ichabod, he will be in here soon I'm sure. *looks around for him and spots Kane* ~He looks so hungry...~ Um, excuse me for a moment.. *Stands up and walks over to Kane* Um.. excuse me... We met the other day and.. were in the same class... um, would you like to join us for lunch? You can have some of mine, I think you maybe forgot yours.. heh... I really hate when that happened... so um... please, join us. *smiles sweetly*
    Ick-*comes in and looks around, see's the others and jogs over* Heeeey! What's up!? *sits and pulls out his massive lunch*
    Rend- *walks by without even looking*
    Ludwig-*walking by as well*
    Ick-*Grabs Ludwig's shirt* HEY! buddy! Come on join us! The class is sittin' together! Okay guys this shy guy is Ludwig, he's got a bird.
    Umiko-*looks over at Ludwig* Oh..? You do? ...*smiles* Me too. What kind is yours?
    Ludwig- mm! *looks over as he gets pulled by ick* Ick! What are you do- ... *looks at Umiko* oh.. um, he's a uh..crow. But.. he isn't very well behaved.. Yours?
    Umiko- She's a Java Sparrow. *smiles*
    Erebus- *walks in the cafeteria and grabs a milk and gives the lunch lady some loose change he has in his pockets, starts to make his way to the door that leads outside*
    Kasumi- *Feeling forgot by Umiko. Moves her attention to Ick and Kane.* Here you go Kane. My brother is very forgetful as well and I always pack a little extra. Does anyone else want to try some? *Holds out extra food for anyone to try.*
    Hyde- *Seeing Erebus going for the door.* Excuse me everyone. *Walking quickly to catch up to Erebus.* Hey man, wait up! I've got your book!
    Kane- ~This is cool. I'm getting all this food from everyone and I don't even have to steal it. This isn't bad at all. I think I'll hang around these guys more often.~ Thanks everyone. This all looks delicious.
    Sebastian- ~ sssttttuuuuppppiiidddd fiiiiisshhhh. stupid fish. stupid fish. s.t.u.p.i.d. *Begins to zone out thinking about how much he hates Ick.*
    Nadine- *Sees Rend walking by.* ~Wow.. She is beautiful. What is she?~ HI LUDWIG! My name is Nadine. I really like your antlers. I think I like them as much as I like Umiko's horn! And you guys have birds!? Like own birds? I wish I could own a bird, but my Dad would never let me. He keeps me so busy around the house and the Inn. ~oh uh. Was I suppose to talk about the Inn already. Oh no I think daddy will be upset because we aren't even close to opening.~
    Umiko- *smiles* oh... um thank you Nadine. Wait, did you say the Inn? *Perks up a bit* So it is your parents that own it. I used to work for the previous owner if you or your family ever needs any help there I would be very happy to!
    Ick- oh yeah! I'll try some. *reaches over and takes some food that was offered by kasumi* Thanks! *munches on all the food* mmm! That's tasty! You make this all by yourself Kasumi? Yum! Not as good as my momma's but still!
    Ludwig- *a little surprised* Oh heh yeah? *Feeling proud of his antlers* I really like your hair, it's very bright. *smiles at her, starting to open up a bit to the group* I would invite you over to see Hugo but... he'd probably be mean to you... *Rubs the back of his head*
    Erebus-*looks back at Hyde* ~What is he doing?...How does he have this?~ ..*looks at his book and takes it* How do you have my book? *says in a low tone* ..uh thanks. *starts to walk away again*
    Nadine- Yeah my parents own the Inn. I would love for you to come work with us! I could really use the help! I'll ask my parents tonight. I'm actually going to work for them as soon as school lets out. Thanks Ludwig! Oh I don't mind at all about Hugo. I bet I could make him like me!
    Kasumi- *feeling proud of her cooking* Yeah I cook by myself. I help take care of my family all the time. Could I try some of your momma's cooking? I would like to get a new food idea.
    Hyde- *Still walking behind Erebus to talk with him.* You dropped in in class. I saw it so I picked it up knowing I would see you at lunch. Do you normally eat outside? *Follows Erebus outside with no intention to leave him alone until he gets a proper introduction.*
    Sebastian- *Staring at Nadine and sees Rend walk by.* ~She looks interesting. And with this stupid fish here ruining my time with the human I might as well follow her.~ *Gets up and follows Rend from a distance so as not to get noticed. He starts using his Altered ability to remain very well hidden so he can get a better look at Rend.*
    Kane- Yeah man could I try some of that food as well. I've got to taste it if you say it's better than Kasumi's! *Starts mooching off of his friends.* ~I could really get used to this. Not nearly as hard as stealing.~
    Ludwig- Well... you could always come over and see him.. *smiles, feeling proud of himself for talking*
    Umiko- Oh great! Thank you so much! *smiling happily* *keeps walking until he notices Hyde isn't stopping, turns around and looks at him* Why are you following me? *Seems a little off put*
    Rend- *goes outside and sits on an outside table by herself and starts eating her lunch, looks very neutral in expression, doesn't notice Sebastian*
    Ick- Oh yeah here you guys go eat up! *pushes his lunch to the middle* We actually have a restaurant! If you guys come down I can give you a sweet deal! *has a huge grin on his face* Ludwig! Isn't are food good!? They should come try huh?!
    Ludwig- Well.. I'm kind of picky but.. yeah there are a few things I like...*shrugs as he talks*
    Nadine- Sure I will come see Hugo! I'll let you know what my parents say tomorrow alright Umiko?
    Kasumi- Yeah we will all have to go eat at this restaurant. Are you going to go as well Ludwig, how about you Kane?
    Kane- *nods head letting them know he will go with them.*
    Hyde- *Stops as he gets closer to Erebus.* ~You aren't going to scare me away wolf. That isn't going to work.~ I asked you a question. Do you always eat outside? I remember you stopping Kane yesterday from stealing that calculator. I appreciate what you did. I thought I would just return the favor bringing you your book. There is no need to get upset. Ickabod is inside sitting at my table with my sister and friends, and he is a little loud for me. So I thought I'd come out here with you to get a little quite before going to gym. *Stretches showing off his physic and that he is more muscle and is taller than most know. He also shows off his hands that are easily bigger than Erebus' head. He does not mean to show boat or intimidate anyone but rather is just tired over being inside and loves being outdoors.*
    Umiko- Sounds great! *smiles*
    Ludwig- *smiles at Kasumi* Sure.. I guess I have no choice.
    Erebus- ~mmm...this is starting to be a pain..~ I don't always eat. Look, I appreciate you bringing me my book but I don't really do the social thing so if you don't mi- *The bell ending lunch goes off, sighs* ...I'm Erebus. I guess we can walk to the gym together.. Come on. *walks, drinking his milk quickly*
    (Gym, Early Afternoon, Pep rally)
    Students are all acting wild and excited, the teachers kind of have their hands full and aren't paying full attention to every student.
    Erebus- *Looks into the gym* ~It is way too loud in there.. But I need to lose this guy..~ Uh.. I'll catch you later I'm going to the restroom. *Starts walking in the other direction*
    Ludwig- *walking with the group, hears the pep rally going on* Mm... I'm not really a fan of pep rally's.. I think i'll leave school early any one else?
    Umiko- I'll stay.. My brother would scold me if I left heh..
    Kasumi- No I'm not going to skip. I'm going to stay with Umiko. You should really stay. What are you going to do anyway if you leave?
    Kane- Yeah I'm definitely leaving. Hey Ludwig, you ever been to the Intersection?
    Sebastian- *Sneaking in after getting his looks at Rend.* I've been to the Intersection. You guys going to go? I'm not going into that gym. If I have to sit through another pep rally I'm going to go insane. Let's go guys.
    Hyde- *Still staying within ear shot of Erebus.* Hey Erebus, I'm Hyde. That pep rally sounds way to loud. I think I'm going to skip out and head to the woods. I could use a break. Do you want to meet up with me somewhere like the Shrine or the Intersection? It shouldn't be to busy yet since everyone is still at school or at work.
    Nadine- *Hearing the loudness and pep rally going on beings to get ultra excited.* OH MY GOSH!!! A PEP RALLY!!!! Come on guys lets get in there! I can't wait! Gosh I want to see all the other students! Come on come on! Kasumi, Umiko, you are staying right? Lets go keep up! I want to have some FFFUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!
    Ludwig-*Shrugs* Heh.. I really have no idea. I guess I'll stay then. ~I guess she's not so bad.. I think I could really get used to having her around..~ Sorry Kane, you could go with Sebastian? *smiles and walks in with the girls* So Kasumi, thinking about joining a club next week?
    Umiko-Yes, I'm staying! Let's go! *smiling, goes in with Nadine and the others*
    Ick- *walking along with them as well* Wow, you really have a lot of energy huh?? Hahaha! I like that! *Has his hands in his pockets* You should come eat at my restaurant sometime!
    Erebus- ~Hmm... maybe he wont be so bad after all~ ..Sure lets go. *sees Kane and Sebastian* Looks like they'll be going too.
    Nadine- Alright. LETS GO!! ~This is going to be so much fun. I can finally have some fun with some new friends!~
    Hyde- ~ I'm glad Ick isn't coming. I could really use a break. I wonder how Sebastian is going to act. I hope he just goes along with things.~ Hey Kane, Sebastian, why don't you guys head to the Intersection and figure out what to do. Me and Erebus will meet up with you soon.
    Kane- Sounds good. See you guys there. *Kane and Sebastian start walking away.*
    Hyde- *Turning to Erebus after the other two leave.* I could really use a break from them for a minute. I wanted to talk with you some about them. Do you want to go the long way around and cut through the woods just north of the Intersection?
    Erebus- That's fine by me.. If you hadn't noticed I liked keeping to myself.. *walks with him through the woods, has his hands in his pockets* You don't seem like the rest of them. What's your story anyway?
    Rend- * Walking through the forest, see's Erebus and Hyde, Keeps herself hidden but listens in on them* ~Nakushita Erebus and Hyde Alastor... I know your names but nothing about you. I guess it wouldn't hurt to learn.~
    Hyde- ~Hmm. I don't think I should tell him everything but I guess I'll explain myself. I can't help to feel like someone might be watching me though. I guess it is just being around someone new.~ No I don't really fit in with the rest of them that well. I really love my sister but my older brother is such a pain. My Mom passed away a long time ago so I don't really remember her that well. I just really like being out in the woods just hanging out or exploring some. I really can't stand being around a lot of noise like the rest of them. *Takes his hands out of his pockets and stretches in the sun light.* Man that sun feels so good. *Lets out long and semi loud yawn.*
    Erebus- Sorry to hear about your mother. I think we like a lot of the same things.. But don't get the wrong idea, we aren't best friends or anything. I'd really rather hang out with no one.. But.. I guess I can admire that you watch over your sister so well... *sighs* Can't say I succeeded in that.. Keep a close eye on her.. Looks like we're getting close to the intersection.. I can smell Kane and Sebastian's hair gel from here. *Curls his lip a little*
    Rend- ~Hm..~ *Watching Hyde more closely*
    Hyde- *Begins looking around a little bit more than what he was.* ~Something seems off.~ It's alright. I really wouldn't mind hanging out sometime. I can show you some of my favorite spots to go to. I'm not really sure what you mean about your sister, but if you ever want to talk about it just let me know. I actually wanted to talk with you yesterday when you stopped Kane from stealing that calculator. I could really use a hand keeping my eye out for Kasumi. I don't always want to be right over her shoulder, but it is reassuring knowing someone else in that school actually stands up for something right. *Sniffs the air.* Yeah I can definitely smell my brother. Oh, by the way. Ick invited a lot of us to go to his restaurant, I'm not sure when that is going to happen, but it would be great if you went with us. I really would like to hang out in the background when it comes to that visit.
    Erebus- ..I don't have one. *Clears his throat* Yeah, that would be alright. I can show you a few you might not know about. Your sister is Kasu... Uh, the one who wears the traditional clothing correct? *nods* I guess I can keep my eye on her. Since you aren't so bad. *Starts to smile slightly then hears Sebastian and Kane, looks over at Hyde* Wonder who was following us.. *Shrugs* ~Doesn't seem like a threat.. But it looks like we better watch what we say.. even when we think we are alone~ I'm sure you noticed. *They walk up to Kane and Sebastian* I'll think about coming to the restaurant.
    Rend-~Wait... did he just say they noticed me..?... I can't hear them! I need to get closer...~ *looks around then hops up in a tree, climbs it quietly and tries to get a better view of them*
    ~What is he Altered with anyway?! A monkey!? He wouldn't have noticed me... maybe the wolf... but not the monkey. hah... no way. I can't hear them!!~ *goes out to a thinner branch to try and get closer, the branch snaps, falls to the ground, landing on her side* MM!! ~OWWW OW OW OW!! Ah! You've got to be kidding me!!~ *Looks up at the four guys who are now staring at her* .........
    Erebus-*Looks at Rend after hearing her fall* ....~So, it was you Rend. heh... Did you really think we wouldn't notice?.. And why are you spying on me again? You already know everything about me..
    Is it Hyde your after this time?..~ *Can't help himself from cracking a smirk as he thinks to himself* ~You really outdid yourself this time... you're no climber..~
    Hyde- ~I knew someone was there. Hmm she doesn't really look like she is just one animal. I can't really tell what she is.~ *Looks at Rend and gives a smile. Extends his hand to help her up. His hand is larger than her head. He pulls her off the ground onto her feet one handed without much effort at all.* Well are you alright? You took a fall there. I knew you were around us but I couldn't make it out. My name is Hyde, and this is Erebus, Sebastian, and Kane. And you are?
    Kane- *Not very surprised to find Rend there.* Rend Dullahan. That's her name. I know everyone in this town.
    Hyde- Hello Rend. You want to come with us to the Intersection?
    Rend-*looks up at Hyde* I don't need your he- Hey! *Is pulled up by him anyway* ...mmm! *Crosses her arm and puffs her cheeks in annoyance* Shut up Bird Brain! No one gave you permission to give them my full name! *yelling at him, standing close to him and on her tip toes to try to yell in his face and be intimidating but can't quite reach* No! I don't want to come with you to the intersection! Don't talk to me like you know me! *turning to Hyde and yelling now* And shut up Erebus! I'm not spying on you! I'm not spying on anyone! I just happen to ...hang out up there! That's all... Tch! Like you are interesting at all! *storms off* ~eeeeeeeeeeeeh....~ *Smacks herself in the face* ~great...and what does that stupid bear think he's doing! Picking me up like that! I could have killed him! Just like that!!...~
    Erebus- *Smirking* ~Haha... Her pride must have really taken a hit.~ *Looks at the others* Let's go.
    Hyde- She was a little ball of fire wasn't she. You two know her? What's her deal? ~Now that I have your smell, you'll never sneak up on me again.~ Man Kane, she really ripped you a new one hahaha. Alright lets go guys. Anyone know where to go?
    Sebastian- God anywhere but here.
    Hyde- We could go down to the river or get something to eat.
    Sebastian- Lets just go!
    Kane- I could grab something to eat.
    Erebus- She's....a long story. But to shorten it, her father is this famous scientist who proved it was possible to Alter with more than one DNA. She's a mix of at least 4, but she was the one who did it not the dad. He took credit and she was all over the media. I guess it just wasn't her thing to be in the limelight. *Shrugs* She acts pretty tough but she has her vulnerable moments. *Trying to keep his voice down so only Hyde can hear him, They all hear a familiar group approaching the riverbed, Erebus spots Nadine* ...~The human is here?!...~ *Starts to get nervous* ~Should I leave?~
    Ludwig- *Walking with Kasumi, they've been talking since the Pep Rally and really getting along* Hey, isn't that your brother Kasumi?
    Ick- Oh yeah! Look at that. HEY!! OVER HERE!! *Waves at the others, even though they can see them clearly* Hey now we can all go to eat!
    Umiko-*smiles and waves sweetly*
    Hyde- That sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind talking with her. Do you know if she likes anything in particular? I want to make her comfortable. *Sees Ick coming and shrinks a little. Looks over at Erebus giving him a look of 'please don't leave me with him.'*
    Sebastian- ~Not the fffiiissshhhh. Anything but the fish.~ *Slowly starts backing away from the group.*
    Kane- *Sees Sebastian backing away and moves just behind him blocking him into the group forcing him to interact.* Hahaha.
    Kasumi- Oh yeah that is my brother... actually both of them.
    Nadine- *Sees everyone and starts waving* HELLO!!!
    Hyde- *Looking back to the group walking toward them and sees Umiko smiling.* ~She seems so sweet. What a nice smile.~ *Walks over and greats Kasumi first with a hug, goes to Ick and gives him a man-hug, goes to Ludwig and gives him a handshake hug, goes up to Umiko and gives her a hug.* Whats everyone up to? I want to eat. I'm starving. Do you guys want to go to the dinner close to the Factory?
    Erebus- She really likes cake... Reeeeally likes it. Fruit cakes mostly. *Shrugs* Other than that heh... beats me. But I really wouldn't bother, she wont talk to you.
    *Jumps a bit when Nadine says 'hello'* ~Shes so loud.. ...but it's not that bad of a voice I guess.. If you like that... high pitched thing.. Good thing she hasn't really noticed me.~
    Ludwig- *His eyes widen a bit, points at Sebastian* That short one is your brother?!? Hmm...Is he younger than you? *Looks at her* Hey Hyde. *smiles a bit*
    Umiko- *A bit surprised Hyde hugged her, blushes a little* Oh.. hello. *says quietly* ~He's so friendly...I don't think i've been around anyone this nice before..~
    Ick-Yeah! I'm starved!! Let's go eat! There's a pretty good dinner on the other side of the river. Not as good as mine buuuut... it's close at least? They have a pretty good beef steak.
    Umiko- ...Doesn't that mean we have to cross the bridge? *Looks a bit worried* (The bridge across is very poorly built, it has multiple broken planks and ropes and it sways a lot, even when there is no wind)
    Ludwig- We could go around?
    Ick- No way!! Come on let's go! *Starts going ahead of everyone*
    Ludwig- *Shrugs* Careful Kasumi. *walks with her*
    Erebus- *Starts lagging behind a bit, watching Nadine*
    Sebastian- SHUT UP DEER! Don't call me little! *Tries to puff himself up as much as possible.* I'll make you regret it! *Starts to back off and slides to the back of the group so as not to start anything.*
    Kasumi- Yeah, that was my brother. Watch out. He kind of has a short fuse. *Walks across the bridge and doesn't mind Ludwig.*
    Nadine- *First one across the bridge.* Come on guys that was fun! I'm hungry and I've got to get back to the Inn soon! *Sees Erebus lagging behind and decides to skip back across the bridge to where Erebus is.* Come on keep up! *Grabs his hand and starts to skip back toward the bridge pulling Erebus along. Remaining innocent and humming to herself.*
    Hyde- *Smiling at Erebus being pulled along by Nadine. Notices Ludwig being closer to Kasumi. Notices Umiko's nervousness about the bridge and her blushing after he hugs her.* ~I don't really like Ludwig being close with Kasumi already. I shouldn't scare him off but I need to show him that I care about Kasumi and that he shouldn't try anything..... Maybe I should help Umiko across. She doesn't look as happy now.~ *Walks toward Umiko.* Hey Umiko, tell me about the Pep Rally. You also said you had a brother? ~I hope this will keep her mind off of crossing the bridge. Plus I'll actually have a chance to learn a little about her.~
    Ludwig- *freezes a bit with large eyes when he is yelled at by Sebastian, looks both ways* Whoops... *says quietly* Heh... yeah seems so. I didn't mean to offend him. *Shrugs* I guess it can't be helped.
    Erebus- ~What is she doing!! Watch out! How can she go across so qui-~ *Squints to see who is coming his way, His eyes get larger as he notices it's Nadine* ~What's she doing now?!~ *looks down at their hands* ~Shes... holding my hand..? ...How is this happening to me?! ...what's happening~ *Has a mini-breakdown in his head, nervous and flustered* Uh........ *can't think of anything to say so just follows behind her obediently*
    Umiko- *holding onto the side railing tightly and inching her way forward as she looks down, looks over at Hyde* Oh.. Hyde, hello.. *Looks down again, nervous* Um.. The pep rally? It was... falling apart... *realizes what she said* Um no! I mean, it was fun!.. Hm? My brother.. yes, he fights.. Well! I mean he's not.. bad.. he owns *Can't focus on her words because of her fear of water* (Can't swim)
    Kasumi- It's alright. He gets angry at a leaf falling on him. It really is inevitable, it normally happens to me. Hyde is good at keeping him somewhat controlled through. Plus he sticks up for me. ~Oh uh. Hyde.~ *Realizes that she is standing closer with Ludwig. She looks back at Hyde but sees him with his hands full with Umiko being really nervous on the bridge.* Umm by the way Ludwig. Hyde will probably talk with you or yell at you about being around me. He doesn't mean to be mean, he is just.. looking out for me. He really is very sweet and easy going. So I'm sorry in advance for whenever he does talk to you. *looks down kind of sheepishly.*
    Hyde- ~Crap it isn't working! She is so scared.~ *Puts his hand on Umiko's back innocently to provide reassurance that she will be alright.* Fighting that sounds pretty cool. I was thinking about joining the wrestling team at school. So what is your favorite food? I don't really know mine. I really like all types of food. *Continues to ramble on about nothing in-particular.* ~Man I hope this works. I'm running out of things to say. Just a little further Umiko.~ *Loses track of Erebus being pulled by Nadine and Ludwig standing closer to Kasumi. Completely focused on Umiko.*
    Nadine- *Still humming to herself. Looks back at Erebus' face. Seeing he is slightly uncomfortable gives a sweet assuring smile.* I really like your scarf! Oh and your tail!
    Kane- *Laughing to himself almost uncontrollably at Erebus and Hyde.*
    Ludwig- Heh.. yeah. *rubs the back of his head* Ah that's okay. I don't blame him. I've always wanted a little sister. I think it would be cool to be a brother. I'm an only child. My parents are always traveling so it feels like i'm the only one in that house most of the time. *Shrugs again* Oh well.
    Umiko- *Doesn't notice his hand at first* Oh?.. You..should talk to my brother then, he could help.. *Starting to loosen up a bit and feel less scared* *Looks over at him* I like--
    *Get's cut off by Ick*
    Ick- WOAH! Look at that huge fish! *points, throwing his body a bit and caused the bridge to swing* HEY BUDDY! *Waving at the fish*
    Umiko*Her heart drops as she feels the bridge swaying underneath her* AHH! *Closes her eyes and grips onto the railing, crouching down quickly* I don't want to fall!!
    Erebus- ~M..y scarf?..And tail?..~ *looks at her a bit dumbfounded, then feels the bridge sway, gets tossed against the side a bit, pulls on Nadine's arm and grabs her shoulder so she doesn't fall, Looks back at Ick angrily, then back to Nadine* Are you okay..? *says in a very quiet tone*
    Ick- ...oh whoops... heh... sorry!! sorry!! *smiles nervously, sweats* ~I think i'm going to get yelled at again..~
    Hyde- *Having enough of the bridge and Ick rocking it picks up Umiko and rushes Nadine and Erebus along the bridge threatening to pick them up if they don't move quickly enough.* Sorry Umiko it will be over in just a second. *Looks at Ick with a look of pure anger but doesn't act on it or say anything. Gets Umiko to the end of the bridge and puts her on the ground close to Kasumi. Looks at Kasumi to help calm Umiko down.*
    Kasumi- *Understanding Hyde's look squats down next to Umiko and starts talking under her breath so others cannot hear their conversation.*
    Kane- *Extremely anger with Ick.* (cannot swim) Ick! Get the hell of the bridge you stupid bird brained moron! Are you trying to kill us! What the hell man!
    Ludwig- *sighs* Ick.. *shakes his head* Moron..
    Erebus- *Rushes off the bridge with Nadine as well, puts his hands in his pockets and waits for the commotion to die down* ~Looks like Umiko doesn't like water very much, I can't blame her. This water will make you sick.~ *Looks down at Nadine* ~Was she scared..?.. I can't really tell with her...~
    Umiko- *holds onto Hyde in fear then looks up at Kasumi as she talks to her, kind of teary but not crying, starts to calm down now that she is on solid ground and hearing Kasumi's words, wipes her eyes* Sorry... *looks over at Hyde* ~..thank you..~ ~He looks really angry..~
    Ick- Bird Brained! Isn't that an insult to you?? C'mon! I said I was sorry! I didn't mean it honest! *slinks off the bridge and looks down in shame*
    Kane- I might have wings but I'm not stupid. Your the one that thinks a fish is your buddy! Just get off the bridge guppy!
    Sebastian- *Hearing all the commotion checks out what's going on while remaining semi hidden in the woods.*
    Hyde- Thanks Kasumi. *Looks at Kasumi and Umiko and smiles. Looks back at Ick walking by giving him a glare of disapproval wanting him to understand what he did. Still doesn't say anything to him.* ~I didn't think Umiko would still be hanging on to me. She is so sweet.~ *Looks at Umiko again and smiles.~ So Umiko, now that your off that bridge what was your favorite type of food? Haha. *Trying to lighten the mood now.*
    Nadine- ~Hmm this group still has problems getting along. I think we need to do something all together. I like everyone here they are great friends. Maybe we could go on a weekend trip before the summer weather goes away.~ *Looks up at the sun, then down at the water.* ~This water looks kind of weird. I need to remember to tell my parents to get bottled water or a water filter. Not to mention it kind of has a funky smell. I wonder if the rest of them notice the smell anymore.~ *Looks at Erebus and lets go of his hand.* Well that was eventful! What a rush! Come on guys lets keep going! I'm still starving! *Notices Ick is feeling down.* HEY ICK! Bring us to this dinner already! Keep the pace up!
    Ick- Ahh.. you guys are mean! *looks at Hyde, shuts up, looks down* mmm *grumbles then looks over at Nadine, smiles* Sure thing! *walks forward feeling a bit better now*
    Umiko- *Smiles* heh... it's candied ginger. *Stands*
    (They all go to the dinner and have a nice dinner all together, still kind of bumpy but the night goes pretty well, it starts getting dark so some of the guys offer to walk the girls home, Ludwig and Ick walk alone, Sebastian takes Kasumi, Erebus follows Nadine, even though she said she'd be fine, and Hyde takes Umiko)
    Erebus- *Following behind Nadine so he can't be seen* ~She hasn't noticed me at all... How is she still so energetic?~ *Watching her closely*
    Umiko- *Walking with Hyde in silence* ... Um.. Hyde? *Looks over at him* I just wanted to thank you for what you did on the bridge.. I also wanted to apologize.. I didn't mean for you to have to baby sit me. I can't swim and have been afraid of water since I was a little girl.. Heh... It's irrational I know.. But I can't seem to over come it.
    Hyde- *Looks down at Umiko.* You don't have to thank me, and please don't apologize. If anyone should apologize it should be Ick. That isn't irrational at all. Believe it or not I used to climb trees all the time when I was younger but now I don't know. I feel like I'm to big to get up there. I'm kind of scared of it. I'm really glad you came with us today. *Catches a familiar smell in the air as they are getting closer to Umiko's home* ~Hmm. I know where you live now Rend. You've got to be close to here.~ *Looks back at Umiko.* Hey isn't that the Inn you were talking about?
    Nadine- *Gets home and looks around outside to check for anyone. Doesn't see anyone so she shuts the door and locks up.* Hey Mom and Dad, I'm home! I'm sorry I'm a little late but I could help unpack now!.... Mom! .... Dad! ... *Looks around the house and cannot find them.* ~Hmm I wonder if they are at the Inn.~ *Calls the Inn.* Uh hey Dad! I didn't think you would still be at the Inn. I'm coming over there now.
    (August 2nd, The Inn, Mid Evening)
    Nadine- *Gets to the Inn and finds her parents diligently working away preparing the Inn for opening.* Hi Mom and Dad. Sorry I was late getting home today. But I have some good news! I met Umiko Isondae today at school. You remember getting that letter about her helping out at the Inn? She really wants to come help out. I could ask her to come tomorrow after school?
    Mr. Ashburrow- *Looking at Nadine and then at the clock.* Well I guess you do need to make some friends so it is alright you were late this one night. However, I really need you to help us get the Inn up and running fast. Remember we are living off our savings right now with no income yet sweetheart. I would love to have Ms. Umiko come help us but I won't be able to pay her until at least a month from now, or at least until we have a little income to pay her. I'll certainly pay her and if she rather wait a month I understand. *Looks over at all the boxes. Then at the three of them.* I could really use the help though. Come on sweetheart lets get working. I don't want you to tired for school tomorrow.
    Nadine- *Looks around at the mess and all the boxes.* ~I really hope Umiko trusts us. We will never get ready in time without more help...... OH WAIT! I have a great idea.~ HEY DAD! I could ask all my friends to help us out with the heavy stuff and we could offer to do a cook-out for them, like cheeseburgers and hotdogs! I could make our tea too! I bet they would love it and I'm sure they would help us some.
    Mr. Ashburrow- *Looks around the front of the Inn again seeing the daunting task at hand. Gives a checking look to Mrs. Ashburrow who nods her head with a smile.* You know sweetheart that sounds like a great idea. Ask them all tomorrow and give me a number of how many and I'll buy us the food. Make sure you talk to Umiko on the side about working for us though alright.?
    Umiko- *Smiles and nods* Yep... Well this is my home. .. Thank you so much for walking me Hyde. I really appreciate it. *Bows to him* I'll see you at school tomorrow okay? Get home safe and tell Kasumi I said goodnight! *Smiles and hesitates to go inside* ...Goodnight. *Goes inside*
    Erebus- *Sees Nadine go inside then walks on his way*
    (August 3rd, Lunch time)
    Ludwig- *Comes up to the group and sits with them, everyone slowly migrates to the group as well* Good Afternoon everyone. Hyde? What club are you joining next week?
    *Sitting beside him, trying to show him that he is no threat to Kasumi*
    Rend- *Sitting by herself at a table not too far away from them*
    Umiko- *Chatting with Kasumi and laughing*
    Erebus- *Sitting with Hyde, kind of dreading being inside, has a chocolate milk in his hands but hasn't opened it yet*
    Ick- So then! I put it in boiling water and then the oven! Try it! *Talking to Kane and Sebastian about the lunch he made himself which looks like someone stomped all over it* (Ick can't cook, at all)
    Hyde- *Looking around trying to get comfortable with all those people around him. Looks over at Erebus and sees him struggling as well.* ~At least I'm doing better than him. I should try to get the group to eat outside next time.~ I think I'm going to join the wrestling team. *Stretches while purposely flexing a little to intimidate Ludwig.* What about you? Are you joining any team? *Smells Rend close by and looks around for her. Once he makes eye contact he smiles and nods slightly.*
    Nadine- ~Well I guess this would be a good time to ask them since they are all here.~ Hey EVERYONE! Umm I have an announcement for you guys! So if you don't know my family is the one that owns the Inn and we just moved into town not to long ago. And well there is a ton of heavy stuff that me and my parents are having a hard time setting up and moving. SOOO I wanted to invite everyone to come over on the weekend to help us set the Inn up and get all that work done. BUT NOW LISTEN! If you come and help out my parents are going to have a cook-out and cook a whole bunch of food for everyone and we will have my families tea that you've got to come and try! So what does everyone think! Will you come help us out!? *Gets back down from standing up at the table and leans over to Umiko.* Hey Umiko I talked to my parents about you working for us, could you come talk to me after lunch once every one else clears out? *Gives a really warm inviting smile.*
    Kasumi- *Looks over at Hyde and nods in approval of helping out.*
    Kane- Free food for moving some boxes, hell yeah I'll be there count me in!
    Hyde- Me and Kasumi will certainly come help out Nadine.
    Ludwig- Ah, I see. I think that would be a good calling for you. *Smiles* Wrestling really isn't my strong suit. I'm better with weapons. I'm joining the Kendo Team. I think Kasumi would be good at it too. She has good discipline.
    Rend- *Glares at Hyde* ~What do you want Monkey!?....With your stupid face...~ *Looks away*
    Umiko- *Smiles and nods* Sure thing Nadine. I'd love to help this weekend too! I'm looking forward to meeting your parents.
    Ick- Food?! Count me in too! *Raises his hand in excitement* I'll do it! Ludwig will help too. *Smirks*
    Ludwig- Me!? Don't just volunteer me like that Ick! ... *Sighs* Ah.. I guess I'll help too. I like tea. *Shrugs*
    Erebus- ~Helping at the Inn?.. Everyone else is saying yes.. I guess I have no choice~ *Looks at Hyde* ~At least Hyde is going.~
    Hyde- ~What an ugly face she made. I'm going to go talk with her. I don't know what her problem is but I'm going over there before lunch ends.~ *Looks around the table and ends looking at Ludwig after what he said sunk in with him.* You know something Kasumi does have good discipline. I think she would be good at Kendo as well. Not me though. I don't need a weapon. I rather rip someones limbs off and smack them in the head with them. That wouldn't be a half bad team to join either. HAHAHA. If you all wouldn't mind I've got something I need to do before lunch is over.... I'll see you after school right Kasumi?
    Kasumi- ~Well I guess that was a better exchange of words than what Hyde has done in the past.~ Yeah of course Hyde. *Looks over at Ludwig.* You better be coming to help. I would have volunteered you if Ick hadn't. And I think I will join that Kendo team. That does sound fun and it would give me something to do with my time.
    Nadine- Aww thank you everyone so much for helping. I promise the food will be great! *Smiles at Umiko to let her know she will talk with him in a few minutes.*
    Hyde- *Looks over at Erebus giving him a look of wish me luck. Stands up from the table and walks over to Rend sitting down right in front of her across the table.* Hi there Rend. I'm not sure if you remember but my name is Hyde. I just wanted to ask to see if you were alright from that fall. We missed you at the Intersection. It was a lot of fun. Ummm... You don't have to answer right now but the class is going to go help Nadine and her family this weekend at the new Inn. If you wanted to come or show up please do. I told Erebus this and I'm not really that outgoing when it comes to big groups. I really like hanging out with Umiko and Erebus because they are a little more quite and my speed. I think you would fit in with us really well. So please consider coming with us alright? *Smiles at Rend trying to give the softest face he can. Tries to show body language of hoping she says yes.* ~Man I hope this works. Please don't yell at me again. I hope Umiko doesn't get angry with me for leaving her at that table to come talk with you. Don't turn down don't let me down pleeaasseee.~
    Ludwig- ~...Strange guy.~ *smiles at Kasumi* Heh, guess I really did have no choice then. Well it's fine with me. Oh? That's great. I'm sure you will really enjoy Kendo. *Happy he now has a friend to train with*
    Umiko- *Smiles at her as well*
    Erebus- *Smiles/Smirks at Hyde* ~Ohhh... not a good move~ *Watches him with Rend*
    Rend- *Just glares at him for a moment before she speaks* Oh? Are you done? ...Good. Now I can tell you to go away Monkey face! Why would I ever be interested in coming to help someone I care nothing about!? I'm getting nothing out of it so bud out and leave me alone! Why do you think you can just come over here and talk to me like you know me so well!? Huh?! *Stands up with her tray to move, hits her foot on the side of the table and her tray goes flying as she catches herself, the tray hits Hyde's chest, ruining his shirt with a staining sauce* ....oooo, that wasn't... intended. *Mumbles and just looks at him*
    Umiko- *looks over at Hyde, stands in concern* ~Hyde?..What is he doing over there?... Hmm.. I wonder who that is? I don't think I've seen her around... wait. She's in our class..~
    Erebus- *Lets out a bit of laughter under his breath at Hyde's predicament* ~Well... at least now she owes you.~
    Hyde- *Looking down at his shirt with a huge stain on it.* ~I could use this. Think think fast...~ *Looks up at Rend with a huge smirk on his face* You know... My shirt is ruined. I look like a fool. I can't really go back to class like this. I know you aren't a huge fan of class either. Why don't you come with me and keep me company. I need to head home and change my shirt. Then we could go over to the Intersection to get something to eat.
    Rend-...mmmmm *grumbles and mumbles to herself* you've got to be kidding're kidding me right...?....right...? *Sighs deeply* Yeah whatever Monkey brain lets just go already!! *Walks ahead of him* But don't think I'm going into your house!! You could be some kind of psycho or something!
    Erebus-*A bit surprised Rend actually agreed to go with Hyde, smiles a bit* ~Wonder why hes so interested in her?~
    Hyde- *Smiles a bit knowing that he got Rend.* ~Ha that ended up being easier than I thought.~ Hey Rend, wait up I need to do something real quick. *Runs back to the table. Gives Erebus a smile of confidence and triumph.* Hey Kasumi, I'm running back to the house to change my shirt. I won't be back to get you after class. Hey Erebus, Ludwig, would you mind walking her home for me? *Smiles at Kasumi because he included Ludwig, Shoots death glare of you better not blow it to Ludwig.* Umm hey Umiko, Do you want to meet up tonight around dinner time? I think I remember where you live.
    Rend- What!? Hurry up will you!! ...stupid monkey..
    Erebus-*Smiles at Hyde and nods at him slightly to say 'good luck' then nods more saying yes* Mhmm.
    Ludwig- *smiles a bit then gets a straight face again when Hyde looks at him, then goes back to a smile when he leaves*
    Umiko- Huh? Oh.. um.. S-ure. *looks at the group a little flustered he asked right in front of everyone* ~He's leaving school with her?
    Rend- HURRY UP! Geez!...*Walking a long with Hyde, leading the way even though she has no idea where Hyde lives* I can't believe you are really dragging me out here like this!
    Hyde- Thanks Umiko. I'll come get you later. *Smiles really wide at Umiko.* Alright Rend lets go. *Starts running and is deceptively fast getting ahead of Rend. Turns around to face Rend once they are outside.* Alright Rend. First off I am not a monkey. I am a bear. I don't think monkeys have huge hands, are strong, and are fast. Plus I can smell you from a mile away now that I've picked up your scent. I don't want to argue with you the whole time so could we please try to get along and have a normal conversation?
    Rend- Well well... someone thinks highly of themselves.. *Rolls her eyes* And what do you think we should talk about? I hardly doubt we have anything in common. *Has her arms crossed and a stand off-ish body language* How much farther until we get to your house anyways!? I want to get this over with already!
    Hyde- The more you pout the worse it will be. Well lets see if we have anything in-common. My favorite color is yellow, I really like being outdoors, I prefer small groups to large, and *With a smile on his face because Erebus already told him about it looking at Rend.* I really like fruity cakes.... What about you? You like any of those things?
    Rend- *Her eyebrow twitches a bit as she hears 'fruity cakes' * way! Yellow is horrible.. *Shrugs* I guess the cakes aren' bad? I mean.. ones with Strawberries are pretty good... ....and maybe some whipped cream... *starts to smile* I LOVE cake!! You are getting me cake now! I know a really good shop close to here! They do all sorts of cakes! They are all so pretty and yummy too! *Starts acting a bit child like with her excitement*
    Hyde- *Huge smile on his face knowing that he got her again.* Alright I could certainly go to this shop. But first I need another shirt. Come on I know a short cut. ~I think she will talk with me a little bit more. Maybe I should talk about myself first so she doesn't feel put on the spot.~ So do you know my brother and sister? My sister is Kasumi the girl that hangs around Ludwig, and my brother Sebastian is always moving around and seems constantly angry. I was thinking about joining the wrestling team next week. Is there anything you might join? How do you know Erebus and Kane?
    Rend- Well, of course you are going! Fine fine, let's just hurry up. *Walking along with him* I am an only child. Mm, yes I've seen them around.. but I don't really care about that.
    Hmm... Wrestling huh? *Looks him up and down* I guess you'd be okay at that. *Looks at him like 'are you stupid'* (About joining a club) I know them because of where we spend our time.. that's all. It's not like I hang out with either of them... or like them for that matter! So don't go getting any ideas!
    Hyde- Where do you spend most of your time? *Looks back at Rend giving her a calm down relax look.* Only child huh. That's cool. You don't seem to like much of anything really. What do you do to pass your time? What's your favorite thing to do? Oh we are getting close to my house just a little longer now.
    Rend- Hey! Don't say it like that! I don't dislike everything you know! *puffs her cheeks* I don't really know... *Looks down* I'm usually just in my house. My father isn't around much. He travels for work, my mother always goes with him. *They come up to Hyde's house* Alright! Just go change already..
    Hyde- *After changing comes back outside and finds Rend waiting on him.* ~Wow, I'm surprised she didn't just leave. I'll have to give her a little more credit now.~ So lead the way Rend I want some of this cake. You know I'm sorry about offending you earlier. I really didn't mean to. What does your dad do for a living? Mine works at the factory like everyone else here. My Mom passed away a while ago so me and Kasumi try to help him out as much as we can around the house. He keeps really busy and unfortunately isn't really a big part of our lives any more. It is kind of sad seeing him. I think he is lost and doesn't really know what to do. I guess I could say that about my older brother as well. Me on the other hand. I think everything will be alright. I don't plan on staying in this town. I think I'm actually going to try and get into college. The only thing really holding me back is Kasumi. *Looks down.* ~Kind of Umiko now. I wish she was here. But I just now only know her. Gosh I can't wait to eat with her later tonight. Oh I better pay attention to Rend or she will get mad with me.~ *Looks back up at Rend waiting for a response as they walk together to the cake shop.*
    Rend- ...It's alright. *punches his arm* But...still. *Smiles a little* Don't do it again. *Starts walking and leading the way to the cake shop, which is in the higher class shopping district* Mm, I guess were in the same boat with our fathers. *Shrugs* Oh well... who needs 'em anyways.. I'm stuck in this damn town for now.. but it's definitely not permanent. I just haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.. *They reach the cake shop and sit down together as they look over the menu's and pick what they want to eat, the waitress takes their order and brings out there food a bit after that* Mmmm! It looks so gooood! *Grabs her fork and digs in without hesitation, excited for the delicious cake* ...Hey, you seem okay I guess... so about that thing you said earlier.. I guess I can show up for a couple of hours at least. You said it was at the Inn right? * Looks over at him as she sips her tea*
    Hyde- *Eats his cake in one bit. While still chewing when Rend looks up he begins to blush with a mouth full of cake.* Ummmm.... *Swallows food.* Yeah that would be great! It is at the Inn. You could meet everyone else. I think you'll get along with all of them. *Tries to sip his tea so it isn't gone in one go.* Yeah I know what you mean about dads. If you don't mind me asking you. I can't really tell what you are by your smell. What did you end up Altering with? Mine was a brown bear.
    Rend- *laughs at him a little* Maybe we should have ordered three for you... *Smiles, then her smile fades when Hyde asks about what she is altered with* ..Does it really matter!?.. *Says in an annoyed way, looks down* ..I don't even know.... *looks around* Were done here right? I've got the get going.. *Stands and puts some money on the table* See you tomorrow. *walks out quickly, not giving him much of a chance to talk back*
    Umiko- *Inside her house, sitting on the couch very properly, keeps looking at her phone for the time and putting it away, stands and goes to a mirror hung in the living room, checks her hair nervously*
    Uzagi- *Comes in the front door*
    Umiko-*Jumps a bit when he comes in* Oh.. Uzagi, it's just you, *Puts her hand over her heart and sighs, smiles a little* Welcome back.
    Uzagi- ..Well yeah, of course it is. Who were you expecting? *Gives her a look*
    Umiko- Oooh.... um.. heh no one! heh heh.......I'm just meeting a friend tonight for dinner. *Looks away knowing Uzagi will protest*
    Uzagi- *Squints at her* A friend? ....What's her name? *Crosses his arms, standing in front of the door*
    Umiko- Well....Hyde..? *shrinks a bit and starts to turn red*
    Uzagi- Hyde huh? ...That's a pretty weird name for a girl. *Not enthused *
    Umiko- W...ell... it isn't. Hyde's a boy.. *Picks at some of her hair out of nervousness*
    Uzagi- *Sighs and drops his head* Umiko! I thought I told you to stay away from the kids here! You know they are no good.. Besides, you're too young!
    Umiko- He's only a friend Uzagi! Don't act like I don't know what I'm doing! I'm not stupid you know... *Looks down*
    Uzagi- Hey come on! I never said that! *Sighs again* Look, I know you aren't stupid Umiko, but you don't understand a lot of things as well! And I know boys are one of them! They will take advantage of you!
    Umiko- No he wont! Not everyone is like that Uzagi! Besides! It's not like we are dating..
    Uzagi- I'd rather you go with a group! Not a one on one!
    Umiko- ...Dad wouldn't mind..
    Uzagi- I don't care!
    Umiko- ...I do! *Hesitant to talk back to her brother but does anyway*
    Uzagi-*Sighs and gets a bit angry* FINE! Do what you want! *walks away in anger*
    Umiko-...*looks down, feeling bad *
    Hyde- *Walking to Umiko's house quickly.* ~There must be a story about her Altering. I guess I shouldn't push it with her anymore. Man I cannot wait to see Umiko. I better hurry up. I don't want to keep her waiting.~ *Finds the house and walks up to knock on the door.* ~I'm kind of nervous. oh well here it goes.~ *Stands up straight makes sure his clothes are proper and knocks on the door.*
    Umiko-*still messing with her hair to get it right, looks over at the door as she hears the knock* ~Oh! He's here!~ *Clears her throat and takes a deep breath to try and calm down, opens the door with a smile* Hello. I hope you made it here okay.
    Hyde- *Voice cracks slightly.* Hey Umiko, 'cough cough' yeah I found it alright. How are you doing?
    Umiko- *smiles a little more, seeing that he is nervous too* I'm well. *Starts to walk with him* And you? ~Should I ask him about that girl in our class he went with today?... No, it's not my place..~ S..o, um... Where are we going?
    Hyde- I was thinking we could go up to one of the nicer places to eat in the shopping area. Then we could walk around some after or go through the woods to the shrine. What do you think? Oh hey, are you going to help out at the Inn this weekend?
    Umiko- *Smiles* That sounds nice. Hm? Oh, yes. I've worked there before for the previous owners so i'd really like to again for the Ashburrows. I think it'll be a lot of fun with everyone else helping out too! It will go by a lot faster and it's not as much work when more people are involved. *Thinks back to earlier when the group agreed to help out at the Inn*
    (Earlier, lunch room, after lunch, Umiko and Nadine are talking)
    Umiko- You wanted to talk with me Nadine? *Smiling*
    Nadine- Hey Umiko, thank you for talking with me. Umm. My parents would love for you to work for us at the Inn. But.... well.... Umm we don't have any money right now. We are living on our savings and we couldn't afford to pay you for at least a month. And you see we would love for you to help us now because we could get the Inn up and running sooner and we could pay you sooner. We just couldn't pay you right now. BUT my Dad said he would certainly pay you for all the work. *Looks around feeling bad she doesn't have a lot of money.* ~Please say yes. I really want a girl I could talk to and be friends with. I need a best friend...~ *Looks at Umiko with a smile.*
    (Evening, walking to dinner, Umiko and Hyde are talking)
    Hyde- Yeah I can't wait to help out. I don't remember the last time I went to the Inn. So are you alright with sushi? I know a really good place! *Walks a little ahead to lead the way.*
    Umiko- Oh! Is that all? *Smiles* Of course I can help now. No need to worry about the pay. I really love the Inn and I can't wait to see it up and running again! The Inn is usually so lively and fun.
    Umiko- Yeah, me either. I really love there hot springs! It's so relaxing. Mhmm, I really like sushi. *Smiling, walking along*
    Hyde- *Looks kind of sheepish.* What is a hot spring? Is that like a hot spring roll? It is just right up here by the way. Do you want to share some tea with me? Their tea here is really good!
    Umiko- *laughs lightly* No silly! You know, like a large bath. *Smiles and nods* Oh yes please, I really love tea. What kind do you like best?
    Hyde- *Looks kind of shocked.* Everyone takes a bath together? Umm I guess that could be..... interesting.... Anyway I really like Goyokuro tea! Let's get a seat come on. *Takes her by the hand to lead her into the restaurant.*
    Umiko-*Turns red* N-no! They...they separate men and women. *Looks down at their hands, smiles* Okay. *They find a table and sit together* It's really nice in here. *Says as she takes a look around the place*
    Hyde- *Still looks kind of confused.* Well I guess I could try it. *shrug* You've got to try the salmon here. It is really good! So how was school today after I left?
    Umiko- Okay. *Smiling, having a really nice time talking with Hyde, slowly opening up more and more as their time together goes on* It was fine... Um, you were okay right? I mean.. after you got that spill on your shirt? It didn't burn you or anything? Who was that girl who tripped? Um.. If you don't mind me asking heh...
    Hyde- *Not fazed by the question at all, not really understanding he left school with a girl.* Oh yeah I was fine. It really wasn't hot by the time it ended up on my shirt. That was Rend. I really don't know much about her but she is in our class. I was asking her to join our group a little more because she is such an outsider. I also got her to come on the weekend and help Nadine and her family out with the Inn. So you will get a chance to talk with her then..... Umm it is getting a little late do you think you can still head to the Shrine or will your parents get upset if you are out late?
    Umiko- ~Rend.. At least I know her name now.. He talks freely about her. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not..~ Oh that's great! I'm sure Nadine will be happy about that. *Smiles slightly, looks out the window, sees that it's starting to get dark but doesn't want to cut their time together short* Umm...No, no not at all... I can go. ~Why did I say that! Uzagi will be so mad... Dad's going to be going to the factory, I know he wont care... but... uzagiiiii....~ ..Let's go!
    Hyde- *looks outside* Do you want to go to the shrine now? I really like being outside. I'm starting to feel cooped up in here. *Hyde waves for the check to pay, after paying they stand up and leave the restaurant. Walking to the Shrine the sun starts to go down and the street lights turn on.* This time of night always makes me tired, I feel like I wake up more once the sun goes all the way down.
    Umiko- *smiles and nods, disregarding her thoughts of getting in trouble with her brother, walking with him as well, looking around, slightly nervous* Oh? heh, it's probably the bear DNA. I still get pretty tired when the sun goes down. *They get to the Shrine, smiling* I really like it here, i've never been here at dusk before though.
    Hyde- I've spent the night here before. It is really peaceful. I like coming during the day the most though. I stretch out and just nap in the sun. Are there any places you really like to go?
    Umiko- Umm...*Tries to think but comes up with nothing* You know... I really can't think of anything... Maybe the Library? *Smiles with a bit of embarrassment* That's a little nerdy huh? *Gets a call on her cell phone* Oh.. I'm so sorry.. *Looks at it* 'Call From: Uzagi', hits ignore and looks back up at Hyde* It's no one.
    Hyde- Haha I don't mind the library. To each their own I guess. *Looks around while Umiko looks at her phone.* You know it is getting really dark. I can make the stars out now. Are you sure you don't need to be heading back soon? I don't want you to get in trouble. My Dad doesn't care about it at all, but my sister will be worried. I guess I should call her real quick. Pardon me. I'm sorry. *Calls Kasumi to tell her everything is alright and not to wait up for him.*
    Umiko- Um.. I can stay a little while longer. *smiles and goes to sit at the shrine's steps to the offering box* So, how long have you been in this town? * Looks over at him*
    Hyde- *Leans against the post of the Shrine looking down at Umiko.* My family has been here for as long as I remember. My Dad works at the factory still. I don't really know what he does there but he doesn't seem to mind it much. He doesn't come home as dirty as he used to, so I guess he has moved up there. My Mom I think was born here but I don't really know. She passed away giving birth to Kasumi. I know that I don't really want to be here anymore though. I really want to move out of this town and go to college. I'll be the first one in my family to go to college. I feel like Kasumi will be the first to graduate though. She is much smarter than I am...
    So what about you? How long have you been here?
    Umiko- Heh, our stories are quite similar. My father also works at the Factory. He's taken a night shift lately so I really don't get to see him at all anymore... but I miss him. *Looks down* My.. mother left us when I was five. It really tore him up so... he's not very easy to talk to anymore... I really try and help but I don't feel like i'm getting through to him most of the time. I know he tries to put on a happy face for my bother and I but... I can see through it. *Realizes her story is getting a bit sad* Oh.. heh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say all of that.
    Aw come on! You are very smart too, i've seen you in class. *Smiles* I'd really love to go to a college outside of town as well. *They hear some rustling in the woods behind them, looks at Hyde then quickly looks behind them* What was that?
    Hyde- *Puts Umiko behind him and focuses intensely in the forest. Smells the air some and starts to settle down.* That's just Erebus. He will probably show himself soon. Don't worry it is nothing bad. *Looks back at Umiko.* Thank you for telling me that story. You know something. I don't think anyone in town really has a good family anymore. I'm pretty sure most families have broken, someone has died, or some gets sick. That seems so odd.... I wonder....
    Umiko-...Oh, you can tell? *Looks up at him for reassurance* ..Hm.. actually now that you mention it.. That's true... *Looks down in thought* ..Maybe we should get back soon anyway.
    Erebus-*Comes out of the woods and waves a bit* Sorry to interrupt.
    Hyde- *Looks at Erebus.* It is alright. We are actually about to leave. I've got to get Umiko home. See you tomorrow Erebus. *Walks with Umiko toward her home.* I've had a really good night tonight with you. I really like spending time together.
    Umiko- Good night Erebus. *Walks with Hyde*
    Erebus- See ya. *Sighs a little in relief* ~Bed time.~ *Lays down behind the offering box*
    Umiko- *Smiles* I've had a really nice night with you too... I've never really been together like this with a boy my age before.. Heh, I thought I would be a lot more nervous than I am. ~Wait.. did I really just say that to him?!~ ..Um! ....I mean.. *Sighs, they get to Umiko's house* ...Thank you for tonight Hyde. *Smiles* See you tomorrow at school?
    Hyde- Of course! I thought I was going to be a little more nervous as well. I hope you sleep well tonight. See you tomorrow. *Waits just outside on the street for Umiko to close and lock the door before he leaves.*
    Uzagi-*Grabs Umiko and pushes her inside then shuts the door, grabs Hyde's hood* HEY! What the hell do you think you're doing?!
    Umiko- *Opens the door again* Uzagi stop!!
    Uzagi-*Glares at Umiko* Get inside!! *Turns back to Hyde* Look, I don't know your deal but you stay the hell away from my sister got it! She doesn't need to be hanging around with bums like you! *Lets go of his hood with a little push and goes inside with Umiko* I said get inside!
    Umiko- *Looks back at Hyde like 'I'm sorry'*
    Hyde- *A little shocked at what happened and still trying to figure out what is going on.* ~That was crazy. Who was that. Wait a second, he was really aggressive, he can't treat Umiko like that. What if he hurt her throwing her inside like that. What the hell type of a person does that.~ *Turns back around gathering himself after being pushed. Pounds on the door. Gets himself psyched up and ready for a fight.* UMIKO! ARE YOU ALRIGHT! WHAT IS GOING ON! HEY YOU BASTARD YOU CAN'T HURT UMIKO LIKE THAT! COME OUT HERE! *Pounds on the door more. Begins snarling showing off his teeth starts to breath very heavy and losing control of himself. Starting to rage more and more.*
    Uzagi- *Standing in front of the door from the inside* Go to your room Umiko... NOW!
    Umiko- Uzagi please!! It was my fault we stayed out this late!! You can't do this!! *sounds distressed and scared*
    Uzagi-*pushes her a bit towards her room as he turns to open the door* I said go! *Opens the door and pushes Hyde back* STOP! If you want to fight come on!
    (Uzagi has been well trained in fighting, starting when he was very young so he isn't intimidated by Hyde) *Gets into a fighting stance* She's MY sister! I WILL protect her from scum like you!! You wont hold her back in this piece of shit town!!
    Umiko- Uzagi STOP!! Hyde!! Please! Just go!... *Standing in the door* Please! *Starts to tear up out of nervousness* I'm so sorry!
    Uzagi- Don't apologize to him!!
    Hyde- *Instantly tells Uzagi is capable of fighting based on his stance yet he is still raging and not thinking correctly.* You are a crap bastard for treating her like that and yelling at her! How dare you put your hands on her like that! You think you have to protect her from me and you are the one throwing her around like a rag doll! *Gets in a defensive position for fighting. Knowing he won't have a chance if he attacks but he won't back down either.* If you want to push someone and feel big why don't you try it with me! Leave her alone and don't hurt her again!
    Uzagi- I'm not the one who is hurting her here! I'm warning you now if you fight me I wont hold back on you because of your ignorance! I'm giving you one more chance to get the hell off my property! NOW!
    Umiko- NO!! *gets in front of Uzagi* Please stop both of you! This is crazy!!
    Uzagi- Get out of the way Umiko!! I told you to go inside!!!
    Umiko- I'll only go if you do!! *pushing on his chest to try and get him to go but not budging him* please!!
    Hyde- I have a sister and if I ever treated her like that she would tell me I was hurting her! I'm not holding her back from anything I'm supportive of whatever she wants to do in her life. I'm not backing away knowing that Umiko is in that house with a brother that throwers her around! You should be ashamed of yourself! *Hyde prepares himself for a fight. He raises his huge hands and starts to protect himself with his superior reach.* I won't let you hurt her so you better come try to hurt me! You'll be surprised at what I can do! *Knowing he doesn't have anywhere near the level of technique Uzagi has Hyde gets in a more powerful defensive stance so he can use his reach and better strength to his advantage.* ~I know I can't beat him outright but I'll make him pay. I'll hurt you, you bastard. I'll rip your knee apart, or break your shoulders. You'll hurt me but I'll be sure to break you before you put me down.~ *Looks at Umiko and sees her distress and tears.* I won't let him hurt you Umiko. I won't.... *Looks back at Uzagi and gives him a look of pure determination. You can see in his face that he knows he will lose but he won't give up, truly believing he is doing the right thing for Umiko.*
    Uzagi- You're a real dumb ass aren't you!? Can't you see YOU'RE the one hurting her! Tch... you don't even know anything about her! I've been holding back knowing Umiko would hate it if I fought you! Besides... heh.. you don't stand a chance kid. ...Umiko lets go inside. *looks back at Hyde* Go home. You're in over your head with her. She isn't interested. *goes inside with Umiko who is in tears and unable to form words at the moment, slams the door*
    (Next Day, Early Morning, Homeroom)
    Everyone trails in except Umiko.
    Erebus-*Looks at Umiko's empty seat* ~Wasn't she with Hyde last night..?~ *Looks at Hyde then taps his shoulder* Hey, you okay?
    Ludwig-*Talking with Nadine* So Nadine, what's a BBQ anyway? *turns around in his seat*
    Ick- Isn't that like a uh... like a grilling thing? *Looks back*
    Hyde- *Still looking angry and distraught. Leans in his seat and turns around to Erebus.* I think I need your help. Umiko's brother was very violent last night when I brought Umiko home. I don't know if she is alright and her brother Uzagi looks like he knows how to fight. I think I could hurt him but I know I couldn't win. I don't know what happened to Umiko and I'm scared. I think I'm going to ask Kane and Sebastian to come as well. If Umiko is hurt or bruised I think all of us could take Uzagi pretty easy. *Looks at Erebus giving a face of not really knowing what to do.*
    Nadine- Yeah that is right. We grill a lot of food! It is going to be great I think you will really like it. *Looks at Umiko's seat.* ~I was going to ask her if she could come work with us tonight. I wonder if she is sick.~
    Erebus- *Looks a little surprised* Really? ... Looks Hyde, those are her own family issues.. I don't think it would be very smart of you to get involved like that.. Especially when you are talking about taking an entire group of guys to go beat up Umiko's brother... How do you think she would react to that? I'm sure she's fine.. Maybe she's just running late? ..Uzagi runs a fighting studio. In the day it's just a harmless self defense class but at night he turns it into this fight for money thing. He knows what he is doing,.. I wouldn't get tangled up with him.
    Ludwig- Hm, that sounds really good. I like food. *smiles a little*
    Ick- Haha "I like food" You sound like a moron! Hahahaha!
    Ludwig- *Glares at Ick* Shut up will you?
    Hyde- *looks angry* God damn it. What a bastard. I swear I'm going to train and get stronger and I'll make him pay. You all don't have to help me. I'll do it myself. I know Kasmui would never let someone just be abused like that. *Turns away from Erebus but not being angry with him.* ~I know he is right, but I can't let that keep happening. what can I do to help Umiko. I'm not just going to leave her alone and hope her brother doesn't do anything. I might have to go to that fight studio.~
    Nadine- Hahaha I like food too. So I guess I'm a moron as well. *Looks at Ick.*
    Erebus-*Sighs a bit. knowing Hyde is upset about the issue*
    Ick- Oh uh... no no! That's not... I mean how he...Ahh!
    Ludwig- Hahaha. *Smiles at Nadine*
    (School End, Umiko never came to school, Weekend and the INN)
    (Erebus and Hyde are walking together with Rend to the Inn)
    Erebus- So Rend.. Have you taken a liking to Hyde? I guess he really is popular with the ladies.. *Smirks knowing it will piss her off*
    Rend- What the hell did you just say mutt?! *Glares at him*
    Erebus-*Shrugs* Nothing.. *Looks over at Hyde* ...I'm sure she'll be there.. You can talk to her then. *Seeing that Hyde is still upset*
    Rend- I don't get it? What's wrong with you? *Looks up at Hyde*
    Erebus-Leave him alone shrimp.. *Pokes her forehead and keeps walking*
    Rend- HEY! Don't touch me!! *pushes him but he doesn't move much*
    Erebus= Ehhhh... you are such a pain..*Sighs* Look were here will you behave?
    Hyde- *Not really listening to Erebus and Rend talking. Somewhat makes out Rend's question but chooses to ignore it.*
    (Last night after Hyde leaves Umiko with Uzagi.)
    Hyde- *Walking home through the woods.* ~I just don't understand. I've never been treated or confronted like that before. I'm not holding Umiko back. I know I'm not. Maybe I should just bury my feelings. It has worked in the past. I could never sleep when I did that though. I've always had trouble sleeping I guess. I just can't accept what happened.~ *Starts to look up at the sky and the stars.* ~I hate this town. I hate this stupid small town that has nothing in it but that factory. What a stupid waste of a life this place is. I can't stand my dad anymore. He just looks like he gave up and doesn't care anymore and that isn't me. Maybe I can't get everyone out of this place but I can sure try to get the ones I care about. I have to help Kasumi get out of here. Does Umiko really matter though. I mean I just met her.~ *Starts to make himself angry thinking the way he is. He starts grabbing trees and ripping bark off the trunks.* ~That is stupid. I can't give up on Umiko yet can I? Did I ever really try to help Umiko? God, what a stupid crush this is. I need to focus on my grades and getting into that wrestling team. Maybe I could join that fight studio Uzagi runs. I could train because I have access to the high school gym and weights now. I could learn the technical side of wrestling and watch the other guys fighting to pick up more of the street fighting. I'll build myself into something worth getting out of this town.~ *Starts feeling more confident even though he is somewhat giving up on Umiko already.* ~I'll focus on me and if Umiko or any one else comes along I'll give them a chance but I'm not going out of my way anymore. I'm a sophomore. I have three more years to get myself together, earn money, maybe get a scholarship and get out of here. I'm not working at that factory.~ *Gets home and only sleeps about an hour.* ~So it starts again. No more sleep. Just gives me more time to study and practice.~
    (Weekend, Inn)
    Hyde- *Gets to the Inn with Erebus and Rend. Trying to keep true to himself from the conversation he had with himself from the night before. Still showing he deep down cares about Umiko though.* Yeah well we are here. I guess it is time to help out with all the work. *Tries to be more distant from the group than normal.*
    Kasumi- *Can tell something is off with Hyde but tries to help more at the Inn.* So Nadine, where can we start helping?
    Nadine- Thank you everyone for showing up! Come on we will start moving some boxes. If the guys could grab some of the heavy things the girls can start moving lighter things and cleaning.
    Umiko- *Already there with her brother, see's Hyde come in and looks down* ...*Walks over to him*...Hi.. Hyde. Um.. Can I talk to you please? It'll only take a minute..
    Uzagi-*Looks over at them then goes back to working*
    (Ludwig and Ick walk in as well)
    Ick-WOO Were here! You can start the party now! *Smiling and looking around* Heeeeyyy, why is everyone so down?!
    Ludwig- Hey, we have to work first you know? *Looks over at Ick* C'mon. *Walks over to Nadine and smiles* Hey, were here. What do you want us to do?
    Rend- She already said move the heavy things moron! ...Heh... if you can. *Smirks and goes about her business helping out*
    Ludwig- *Curls his lip in sarcasm* You really don't like me do you... *Shrugs* I guess I can't say I care much. *Starts moving some boxes with Ick*
    Erebus- ...uh...hey.. *Rubs the back of his head nervously as he tries to work up the courage to talk to Nadine*
    Hyde- *Being distant. Makes eye contact with Uzagi and feels a heat building in his stomach.* ~I hate you Uzagi.~ *Looks back at Umiko.* Yeah that's fine but it should be quick since we are supposed to work.
    Nadine- *Turns around with a perky smile on her face.* Hey Erebus, whats up?
    Umiko- ...Yeah, it will be. *walks outside with him for a moment, looking down the whole time, trying not to make eye contact with him* ..I'm... really really sorry about what happened last night. ..Uzagi..My brother has a really bad temper some times and.. he's just not used to seeing me with ...well... *Sighs a litle* I'm not making excuses for him.. I'm just apologizing for him.. And me. I knew was a bad idea to stay out so late but.. I was having so much fun spending time with you! ..I'm so sorry I ruined that.. I shouldn't keep things like that from someone like you.. *Looking does still as she talks, messing with her hands* ..T..hat's all I wanted to say. I understand if you don't want to hang out with me again. ..Thank you so much for last night.
    Erebus- H..uh? Oh uuuuh.... nothing... *Walks away quickly and starts moving boxes very fast* mmmmmmmmmm...........*Grumbling to himself because he couldn't talk to her*
    Hyde- *Looking around outside at the Inn not really looking at Umiko.* ~Ugh. What the hell am I supposed to do with this.~ *Starts feeling a little sick to his stomach for treating Umiko badly.* ~Harden up you loser. Don't let this get to you like this.~ Yeah I understand. No need to apologize for him. If he wanted to apologize he should do it, and I know he doesn't want to apologize. I'm sorry for what happened last night. So I think it might be best if we just see each other in the group. That way you won't get in trouble with Uzagi.... I think we should get back to work. Why don't you head back in before Uzagi comes out here. I'm going to stay out hear and clean up the grounds some. They will have to do some work out here as well. *Turns his back to Umiko to go work in the yard.* ~Just keep it together Hyde. It will get easier.~
    Nadine- Don't work too fast Erebus. Don't wear yourself out.
    Mr. Ashburrow- Hey Nadine, come here for a second please. *Walks into a private room and closes the door.* Sweetheart, you didn't tell me all your friends were Altered. I mean I'm not opposed to them or think badly of them, but.... Never mind sweetheart.
    Nadine- No, what is it Dad?
    Mr. Ashburrow- Well me and your mother choose to come here for the Inn because we could offered it. And well... We know that the Altered that live here don't really expect much in the way of luxury. So we could potentially make a really good profit here.
    Nadine- *Has a very confused look on her face.* ~Are we bad people? What is he talking about.~ Umm I think I understand Dad. *Gives a look of knowing what he said isn't right or ethical.*
    Mr. Ashburrow- ~What can I say to her. I'm not an awful person. I just.. thought this was for the best for us.~ Hey Nadine, why don't we invite all your friends on a weekend get away? They are working really fast, and we might actually be able to open early now.
    Nadine- Yeah I can ask them about that. *Turns away from her dad still feeling confused and let down. Walks back out to help work.* Wow guys! This looks great! Let's keep it up and we will finish early and get some food!!!
    Umiko- *Hesitates and just looks at him for a moment, not thinking Hyde was the type to just drop her and get scared off, has her mouth open slightly wanting to say something but doesn't* ...*Bites her lip and walks back inside* ~...I really thought he was someone different.. I guess Uzagi was right..~
    Erebus-...*Just looks at her as he holds a box* ...uuuh... yeah..
    (Everyone works very hard for a couple more hours then they all take a break for the BBQ)
    Ick-Pheeeew! I'm TIRED! *Rubs his neck* That was hard work! I'm starved!
    Ludwig- Yeah, my feet hurt. But it feels nice to do some work. *Smiling*
    Rend- Hey Human girl? Will there be cake? *Has a very straight face as she asks*
    Umiko- *Standing by Kasumi, seems down and out of sorts*
    Uzagi- *Standing in the back of the group with his arms crossed*
    Umiko- O..h, Everyone this is my brother, Uzagi.
    Uzagi-*Looks around at all of them* Nice to meet you all.
    Hyde- *Finishing outside and heads back in. Looks around the room and sees Umiko next to Kasumi and Uzagi in the back.* Hey Kasumi! Come here for a second. *Steps away from the group for a second with Kasumi.* Kasumi I just really don't want to be here anymore. I think I'm going to slip out the back when people start eating.
    Kasumi- Alright Hyde, can we talk later when we get home?
    Hyde- Yeah that's fine. I'll see you back at the house alright. *Knowing Uzagi is watching him and not wanting to seem like he beat him or scared him away from Umiko he walks over to Umiko.*Hey Umiko, I'm going to slip out the back and I just wanted to say bye. It was good to see you again. *Gives Umiko a hug, looks at Uzagi and gives a look of defiance.* I'll talk with you at school alright? Try not to be sad or upset. We can still talk and see each other. Just not date yet alright? ~Did I just say date? Oh well I said it. Just focus on yourself and everything will be alright. If Umiko is that important she won't leave me and she will understand trying to get out of here.~ *Slips out the back and heads to the Shrine to lay down in the sun hoping to get a little sleep.*
    Nadine- Come on guys lets get some food! Mom made the tea and my Dad has been getting the BBQ ready! These are all the hot dogs and cheeseburgers! Umm sorry Rend there isn't any cake but we have cookies *shrugs* I hope that is alright. I'm soooo sorry. But I make I really good cake and could bring you some next week!?
    Umiko- *A bit surprised by Hyde, smiles when she is hugged and hugs back* ~Everyone is going to see!...~ *Nods at him, not sure what to say, looks happier*
    Rend-...cookies?...heh.. no no, you don't understand. Cookies are nothing like cake! Ah.. you humans.. *Rolls her eyes* Well I'm not into meat... I'm heading out. *See's Hyde hug Umiko, lowers her eyebrows slightly* ...hmm. *walks out a bit after Hyde, following behind him from afar*
    Ludwig- You can cook Nadine?? *Smiles* Wow, you are so mature for your age. Hm.. that sounded creepy.. I didn't mean it like that heh.
    Erebus-~ S...he can cook too? ...What is this deer talking about... should...should I hit him? No! What am I saying of course I shouldn't... ...should I?~
    Rend- *Makes it to the shrine* ~Damn that hill!! I'm beat!!~ *Rest on her knees for a moment, see's a rock and smirks, picks it up and throws it at Hyde* HEY! Why did you leave!! You were the one who made ME go!! You should have at least talked to me there! You jerk..
    Nadine- Yeah I can bake..... You call making a cake baking. *Winks at Ludwig like he is an idiot.* Umm hey guys. My parents wanted to invite everyone to a weekend get away for helping so much and getting so much done for us! If you have to ask your parents first that's fine and I can give you my parents phone number if your parents want to call them about it! Well everyone dig in! Don't let it get cold!
    Hyde- *Being totally aware Rend was following him the whole time turns around and steps out of the way of the stone she threw.* Rend... You know that would have hurt if that hit me right?... I'm really not in the mood for your attitude today alright. You can stay here with me just don't go crazy on me alright. You know. I'm so tired of this town. I'm tired of this shrine. It is falling apart. The whole place is falling apart. And look at those clouds, and trees, and the water. Nothing in this town looks like the pictures in our books and the TV shows. Everything looks.... dead.... What do you think? You aren't from here. What's it like outside of this shit town. *Lays down in the grass in the sun light and stretches out. Showing his stomach as his shirt pulls up but he doesn't care. He likes the sun. Closes his eyes trusting Rend not to mess around with him.*
    Ludwig- Heh.. yeah right baking. *Smiles with his eyebrows down showing little embarrassment* Oh, hey.. This might be a little odd but my parents have a beach home a couple towns over. It's a bit of a drive but we could all stay there. Guys would have to stay in the same rooms and girls in another but it would be fun. The beach it private and super clean. The air is awesome there. Plus the food..
    Ick-FOOD?! Yeah! That sounds great count me in!!
    Umiko- *Smiles and laughs a little* Ick, you'll go anywhere where there's food huh?
    Ick- Heh, yeeeeah... Pretty much! I mean look where I am right now! This food is amazing!! What is this thing again?
    Ludwig- Hot dog.
    Ick- Hot dog! Yeah! It's great!
    Erebus- ~A trip... out of town?..~
    Rend- Well...duh. That's why I threw it. *Walks over and sits next to him with her legs criss crossed* (don'tknowhowtospellit)
    ...Well this town IS dead. *Looks around at the trees* Other towns aren't like this one.. They are... brighter. *Shrugs* What does it matter anyways? Every town is just as bad as this one in some way or another. ...What's eating you today by the way? You usually aren't this down. ...uh! Not that I know you well! *Looks away in a huff but her eye trails back* Why are you stripping!? *Turns red a bit* Put your shirt back in you oaf! Geez!
    Nadine- *Feels like something is in her throat.* Cough cough cough. I'm sorry guys. *Tries to swallow but is having a very hard time.*
    Kane- ~Hmm. A cough.~ *Looks around the room.* ~I know Kasumi's leg gives out, and I know Ick's skin drys out. My stomach is really weak. I know something is off about this place.~ *Has a look on his face like he is figuring something out.* ~This can't just be dust from cleaning. I know this has something to do with this town.~
    Hyde- *Has his eyes closed with his face turned toward the sky.* Not every place is as bad as this one. I mean you even said it's dead. I'm just tired of being here. You don't understand. You've always been able to move around town from town. I can't be here anymore. *Stretches more and his shirt comes up more. YAAWWWNNN.* The air even hurts a little when I breath. That can't be good can it? I mean in school we learn things should be clean and alive. That isn't here. Nothing is here. *Stands up and pulls his shirt down. Looks down at Rend and smirks.* Well.. I guess we are here aren't we. Do you want to get out? Are you even tied down to anything here? Didn't you say your dad is never around. Even all the families here are dead. Nothing is healthy.
    Erebus-*Looks over at Nadine with concern, holds out a tissue for her* Here you go.
    Ludwig- Oh? You okay Nadine?
    Ick- Yeah, that don't sound too good. *Looking over at her* Oh hey excuse me for a sec imma call my mom. *Walks over to a quieter spot and calls his mother, asking about the beach trip they are going to take then walks back over when he is finished* Hey! My mom said I could go! Oh she said she would also talk to your parents bud. *Looks over at Ludwig* She also told me we should plan it for the week were out of school comin' up! Whatcha thing Nadine? Guys?
    Umiko- *Smiles and nods* I think that sounds like a great idea Ichabod. *Looks over at Uzagi* Hey Uzagi? Do you think we could go too?
    Uzagi-*smiles and nods* I'm sure Dad wouldn't mind. I'll talk to him tonight when he gets home from work.
    Umiko- That's great! *Looks at Kasumi* Kasumi, do you think you and your brothers will be able to make the trip?
    Erebus-*Looks away a little, feeling like no one wants him to come to the trip*
    Rend- They have different reasons for being bad but they are still bad.. *Shrugs* Well... why don't you leave? You know you can. *Looks at his tummy* If you keep showing that thing off i'm going to smack it! *Looks up at him when he stands* Heh.. I always want to get out.. *Looks down again* But.. I doubt i'll ever find a place where I belong. *Stands as well, dusts herself off* Heh lets run away together huh? What do you say? *Smiles playfully*
    Nadine- *trying to get the attention off herself.* Yeah so everybody is going right!
    Kasumi- Umm actually I haven't heard anything from Erebus. Are you going? Umm, I'm not sure Umiko. I'll have to talk with Hyde, but I guess we will go with you guys. I would say yes but if for some reason he says no I'll let you know.
    Kane- Yeah Shita, you have to come.
    Nadine- *Looks at Erebus and smiles.* Shita? I thought your name was Erebus?
    Hyde- ~Could I just leave with? No way. I have no money. What am I supposed to do just walk out of here on my own two feet?~ *Smiles at Rend like he is going to say yes.* Yeah Rend, lets run away together. We could pack our bags and just walk out of the town. *Smirk. Extends his hand to Rend as if saying come on. He is trying playing a game of chicken with her.*
    Umiko- *Smiles* Okay, that sounds great! I think this is going to be a lot of fun! I haven't been to the beach in a long time!
    Erebus- Huh? *Looks at Kasumi, who is sitting at the same table as him* Yeah uh, sure.. I guess I could show up. *Looks over at Nadine as she talks to him* U..h it well uh my.. last name is..
    Ick- His name is Nakushita! *Says as he stuffs his face with more food*
    Erebus- *Glares a bit, wanting to tell Nadine* I prefer Erebus..
    Rend-I can just steal my fathers money. And one of his cars? You can drive right? *Smirks and shakes her head* Tch don't play games with me Hyde Alastor! I'm not that type of woman. *Turns away from his hand, puffs her cheeks* Hmph! *Smiles and pushes him then runs away tries not to get caught* You're a jerk! I'm going home you stupid bumbling bear!!
    Kasumi- This sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad we are all going to the beach. *Smiles and Erebus.* Hey Nadine, maybe we could talk together about cooking while we are there. Umiko, do you cook as well? I imagine with Ick and Hyde being there we will have to have a lot of food for everyone.
    Nadine- *Cough cough.* Yeah that would be so much fun! We could have the boys go fish or crabbing for some food.
    Hyde- ~Oh no. You aren't always getting to end things however you want Rend.~ *Takes off after Rend and jumps in front of her blocking her from running off.* Why are you leaving already Rend! You don't have anything better to do today. I know you don't. Come on I know where the river is shallow and some stones and logs are above water that we can cut across to the shopping center to get something to eat, the get some cake *Gives a look to Rend.*, then we can head over to the factory and take a look around, then walk up the train tracks going North. I don't know what's up there. We don't have school tomorrow and tonight is a full moon so we will have plenty of light on the tracks. No one is waiting up for me... what about you? *Gives a glare again and extends his hand one more time daring her to go with him.*
    Umiko- Um...a little heh.. But i'm not too good! So.. please don't expect much. *Smiles with embarasment*
    Ludwig- *Raises his hand* I can cook.
    Ick- Oh wow, Kasumi! You know how to cook?! Umiko too! And Nadine??! Ahh.. you girls are amazing..
    Ludwig- *Glares at Ick*
    Ick- ...What?! *Hears Nadine* HEY YEAH! We can do that!!
    Ludwig- *Sighs a bit* I'd rather cook... *Mumbles*
    Erebus- *Concerned by Nadines cough* ~..Why is she coughing all the sudden?~ Are you feeling alright?
    Uzagi- Well, it's getting late. Umiko, we should get going. It was nice meeting you all today. *Bows*
    Ick- Hey nice meetin' ya too pal!
    Ludwig- Goodnight Umiko, Uzagi. *Smiles and waves*
    Erebus-*Nods a little to say goodbye to them*
    Rend- *smirks* I know what you're doing bear boy! Heh.. I have no one waiting so fine! I'll go with you. And uh duh! You owe me cake after just leaving me with those freaks today like that! *Takes his hand* Let's go already! Why are you just standing around! *Pulls him along, smiling happily to herself* ~Heh.. stupid bear~
    Kasumi- *Smiles a little at Ludwig saying he can cook and mumbling to himself.*
    Nadine- ~Ow this really hurts. I've never coughed like this before. It is probably just cleaning all this dirt.~ Oh yeah I'm fine I think I just got some dust in my lungs or something. Everything is good.
    Kane- ~That isn't dust.~ *Stands up.* I think I'll be heading out as well. Thank you all for the food. *Heads for the door before anyone really says anything back to him.* ~Lets see what's going on around this town tonight.~
    Sebastian- *Just slides out with Kane since he really didn't say much during the day.* So Kane, do you want to go find a fight. With Uzagi here I know there isn't anything major going on tonight. Come on lets get to the other side of town.
    Hyde- HAHA *Smiles and finally feels relaxed. Forgetting Umiko and Uzagi.* ~I feel free with her. This is going to be a lot of fun.~ *Starts running faster since Rend is pulling on him. He runs faster than Rend.* Come on Rend, COME ON! *Smiles very wide.* I'm starving! The river is right up here. *Looks around the river and finds a path across mixed with stone and logs.* Are you going to jump across with me or do you want me to carry you across? *Fakes stooping down and turning his back like a dad does for his child to hope on.*
    Erebus- ..I should get going too. Thank you for the food. *Bows and walks off as well*
    Ludwig- Maybe you and I should go too. *Turns to Kasumi* Want us to walk you home Kasumi? It's getting dark.
    Ick- Yeah it'll be no prob! Hey Nadine, and Mr. and Mrs Nadine thanks!! *Stands and grabs his things, waits for Ludwig and Kasumi* We'll talk to you about the trip tomorrow Nadine! We might swing by since there is no school. That cool?
    Rend- Ah slow down you long legged beast!! *Tries to keep up but is mostly getting dragged by Hyde, smiling the whole way* HA! You wish bear! *Smacks his back and hops on the first log* This is easy!! ~If I fall in i'll die..~ ...REAL easy!! Let's see if you can do it! *Hops to the next stone* hahaha! it's dark! I can't even see!! What have you gotten me into bear! I'm going to die! *Keeps jumping even though shes scared*
    Kasumi- *Stands up and bows to Mr. and Mrs. Ashburrow.* Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ashburrow. *Turns to Nadine.* I'll try to come by tomorrow as well. Come on guys lets go.
    Hyde- *After getting hit in the back and watching Rend jump on the first stone, takes off across the river and is on the other side before Rend gets to the fourth jump.* HAHAHAHA Come on! Just think you could have been this much closer to CAKE! *Mocks Rend a little. Rolls around on the ground at the edge of the River.* HAHAHA *Starts crying a little from laughing so hard watching Rend struggle to get across.*
    Rend-HEY! THIS IS SO NOT FUNNY YOU STUPID BE- *Her foot slips and she falls into the river* UH!! *Comes up* AH!! GROSS!! HELP! *flails around* SHIT HYDE!! HELP!! *The current is bringing her down stream quickly* *Coughs and keeps bobbing up and under the water, trying to grab onto something, finally grabs a hold of a tree root on the side of the back* HELP ME! *Sounds a lot more in distress now* I CAN'T TAKE THIS!!
    Hyde- *Jumps to his feet and takes off down stream after Rend. Jumping into the river close to Rend, the current doesn't really push Hyde that much. Grabs Rend and pulls her out of the water and puts her over his shoulders out of the water. Gets to shore and puts her down.* Hey hey Rend are you alright. Rend calm down pay attention to me. REND! *Takes off his coat which is only a half way wet but almost covers Rend completely in the dry part.* Come on we need to get you back to your house so you can get cleaned up. Did you swallow any of that water? *Looks very concerned for her.* I'm so sorry Rend please don't be angry with me. *Pulls her in and hugs her mainly to assure her she is alright and on the ground.*
    Rend- *trying to calm down and catch her breath* Damn it! Why did you make me go across!! .. no I don't think I swallowed any.. EH! Why did you get in!! *Sighs* I'm not angry.. but.. you owe me two cakes now.. *Smiles when she is embarrassed, closes her eyes* Just get me to my house.. I know how to fix this.. Hurry! *Looks up at him* It'll be okay.
    Hyde- Alright just close your eyes and we will be there before you open them. *Picks her up and takes off back across the river making a B-line straight for her home. After a few minutes Hyde gets them back to her house. Starts feeling winded running and carrying Rend.* Rend. We are here. This time we can walk together to the river and let me carry you across this time alright? *Looks at Rend in a slightly mocking way to keep things light.*
    Rend-*Digs in her backpack that she carries around with her and grabs out her keys, opens the door for them* As if! We're talking the bridge! *They go inside* There are towels inside the closet there. Stay here and dry off, take your shoes off too! *Goes into the kitchen a bit lethargically and digs through a cabinet, grabs a pill bottle down* COME IN HERE! *Opens the bottle and shakes out some pills for Hyde and hands them to him then herself* Take these. *Takes her quickly* We wont feel great tonight but this will stop the pollutants from spreading more in our system. My dad.. *Sighs* My dad invented these shortly after moving here... They help with this kind of thing. We should be good as new in a couple hours or at the latest the morning. ...I'm going to get changed. Stay here and I'll be right back. *Goes upstairs quickly and gets changed into some pajamas* Ah, that's much better.. HYDE! Come get these! *Holds out a pair of pajamas* Sorry if they are a little snug. My dad's...kind of a small man. But.. they should still fit. Plus, they are better than what you have right now. Get changes and hand me your wet clothes. *Turns around and covers her eyes* Hurry up will you!?
    Hyde- *Very surprised that Rend is in pajamas and she is standing there wanting him to change. Trying to still play the chicken game with her he does what she says taking the pills and changing into the pajamas.* Umm well I'm changed but they don't fit so great. *The shirt is short and very tight around his chest and arms. The pants go down about mid calf and are very tight around the thighs.* Hey I thought we were going to go get cake. We can't go out like this. And what if your dad comes home and sees me in here with you in pajamas. ~Wait a second. I just took pills. What the hell were those!~ HEY! What were those pills you just gave me!? What do you mean your dad invented them when you guys got here? What pollutants? WHAT!?
    Rend- *Turns and just stands there for a moment, Hyde can see a grin/smirk form on her face before the bursts into laughter* HAHAHAHA! *points* YOU LOOK SO STUPID! AHAHAHAH!! Oh!! Ohhh ahhaha! That's rich!! Hahahaa! ...It's too late for cake stupid! Besides! I don't feel so great you know! Tch.. as if! He's gone for another three months minimum. You don't have to worry about that deadbeat... *Lowers her eye brows* What are you accusing me of! They were pills to help! ...*Sighs* Like you noticed before! This town isn't clean! Remember!? *Reaches up and knocks on his head* Anyone there? *Goes and sits on the couch and turns the tv on* Yeah, dad and I kept getting sick so he looked into it. *Looks over at Hyde* He said if I ever fall into the water here or go near the plant I should take them... Or if I just start to feel bad. *Pats the couch*
    Hyde- *Looks around the house a little.* ~Should I be here? What am I doing?~ *Starts walking toward the couch.* ~It's not like I can go home right now anyway. Look at me. I look like an idiot.~ *Looks at Rend sitting on the couch.* Umm, I don't want to sit. Because uhhhh. *Starts to bend and the pants look like they are about to rip to shreds.* Hey what do you have in the kitchen? My sister taught me who to cook some. I'm still starving you know.
    Rend- Well you shouldn't have left the BBQ so early.. What was up with that anyway? *Stands and walks into the kitchen with him* Help yourself. *Smirks* I'd like to see this. *Pulls out her phone and snaps a picture* Perfect. Hehehe. *Clears her throat and puts her phone away* Were you mad at someone there? You didn't seem to happy.
    Hyde- How about this. You delete that picture and I won't eat your phone. And I'll tell you about the BBQ if you tell me about this pollution your dad was talking about. *starts pulling ingredients.* I think you said you didn't eat meat right? *Smiles a bit because he remembered he talking earlier. Still getting ingredients to cook dinner.*
    Rend- Hmm... I'm going to say no. *Smirks* Besides you can't eat it.. I'll hide it. *sighs* I already told you! What more do you want me to say?! You are Bear-y annoying. *Smirks and walks around to a bar stool, sits and watches him cook, smiles* No, I don't. Heh.. I'm surprised you heard that. Now come on and tell me! What was going on today??
    Hyde- You'll be sorry. But what is the pollutant that makes you so sick and where is it coming from? *Starts planning a way to get her phone away from her. Starts cooking dinner for the two of them.* Well I was confronted by someone and I was treated in a way that I've never been treated before. It really opened my eyes up. It pushed me into gear. I need to focus on grades, earning some money, and getting out of here. I can't let other people tie me down right now. I really need to be free and unrestricted. I'm going to join the wrestling team so I can have access to the gym and the weights. I'm going to train really hard, and start doing those fights you hear about in the ally and maybe move up to Uzagi's studio. I just thought I could be something and be with someone, and it turns out that I couldn't. So I guess you could say I am going through a life change right now. Umm hey could you come here and give me a hand real quick. Hurry up before this burns. *Starts his plan to get Rends phone from her. As she comes over to help he lifts the phone off her without her noticing.* Soooooo what do we have here. *Holds the phone up out of her reach and starts going through all her pictures and texts.*
    Rend- ...~Doesn't..want to let other people tie him down?.. Wanted to be with someone..?~ *Just looks up at him with her eyebrows down a bit, doesn't say anything for a moment* ...Oh, I see. *Looks down* You can delete it if you want... I don't care. Look...just clean up when you're done! I'm not your maid! ...You can sleep on the couch! *Runs out of the kitchen and goes upstairs quickly and into her room, sits on her bed with her knees up and at her chest with her face buried in them* ...~What am I even upset for?! ...stupid bear...~
    Hyde- *Puts the phone down without deleting the text. Gathers the food he just cooked and brings some to Rend. Knocking on every closed door until he finds her.* Hey Rend here you go I know you didn't eat yet either. You must be hungry. I have to say I had a ton of fun with you tonight. I think that was the most fun I have ever had before. I really felt like I could do anything, even leave this town, I felt really adventurous with you. Some people seem so rooted and concerned with everything else. I don't get that from you. You really made me feel good today. *Slowly starts to turn away from her after setting down the food at the foot of her bed.* Goodnight Rend, I'm going to go clean the dishes. I'm sorry if I keep you up with the noise but it will only be a few more minutes before I lay down.
    Rend- ...*Doesn't look up* Don't leave. *says quietly but Hyde can hear her, picks her head up and looks over at him* You stupid bear.. *Smiles a little at him* ..Come eat with me okay?
    (Next Day, No School, Mid-Morning.)
    Ludwig, Ick and Kasumi are all on there way to the Inn to see Nadine.
    Ludwig- *Looks over at Kasumi* Hey, did you ever get an answer from you dad or brothers about coming on the trip?
    Ick- Yeah you gotta come!
    Kasumi- *Kind of knowing where Hyde is even though he never called to tell her. She is upset with him about the situation.* Well I know that I'm going but I can't speak for my brother.
    Hyde- *Wakes up mid-morning at the foot of Rend's bed. Rend is under the covers sleeping normally. The dishes are still on the floor from last night.* ~Hmm I don't even remember falling asleep. I guess I'll go do the dishes and make breakfast.~ *Gets up quietly not to wake Rend. Goes does the dishes and starts cooking.*
    Ick- You can go by yourself?
    Ludwig- *Laughs a little* Of course she can.. What are you thinking Ick?
    Ick-*Shrugs* Well Hyde is usually guarding her like a hawk.
    Ludwig- Yeah..that is true.
    Rend-*Wakes up a little while after he's left the room* ...*Yawns and stretches, looks around* ~I wonder if he's still here..~ *Gets up and goes down stairs* Hey, what are you doing?? *comes into the kitchen and peers around* Cooking again?? Wow you must really like it! Haha. How'd you sleep?
    Kasumi- I can make my own decisions. I don't have to be babysat all the time. Dad isn't around nor is Sebastian. Hyde can do things without me and make decisions without me and I can do the same. *Talks in a tone so the others know not to ask about it again.*
    Hyde- *Smiles at Rend.* Well I don't know if you know how to cook. If your dad is gone for three months I was trying to make some good food for you. You know if you ever wanted to stop by myself my sister cooks way better than I do. Umm I slept alright. *Rubs neck because he had to sleep in a ball to stay on the bed.* How about you?
    Ludwig and Ick- Uh, YES MA'AM! *Smiling nervously*
    Rend- No, I don't. I usually order take out or make easy dishes. Heh.. I'm sure I prefer yours. *Smirks a bit and sits at the bar stool* When it's like this we seem like a married couple. heh.. isn't that funny? *Shrugs* I slept like a baby. *Smiles* What are you making?
    Kasumi- Come on lets get to Nadine's place. *Starts walking ahead.*
    Hyde- I can teach you how to do basic stuff. Come on get up off that bar stool and come help me. *Waves Rend over with a smile.* Married.? I don't know about that. I never thought I would be in a girls home with her parents gone and me cooking for her, I never thought I would have slept in a girls room either haha. We should try to save up some money and go to different towns. I know you've traveled but I never have. And your dad will be none-the-wiser if he is gone for so long.Ludwig- *They get to the Inn and knock on the door*
    Ick- Are they here? Seems kinda quiet.. *Looks around* Maybe she's at home?
    Rend- *Turns red* Sleep in a girls room!? *Remembers they fell asleep right after eating, smacks him on the arm* You didn't leave!?! *Sighs* Don't mention that to ANY one!! Got it!? ...
    *Looking at what he is doing* Yeah, that's fine with me. I can show you around some towns I know well. *Smiles*
    Kasumi- Why don't you run to Nadine's house Ick? Me and Ludwig will look around the Inn and pick up the yard a little more.
    Hyde- *Smiles a little after getting hit.* Let's eat and then walk around the town a little. I actually feel really good, better than I ever had. What was in those pills? I can't believe I slept all night.
    Ick- *Nods* Sure thing! *Runs off into the woods*
    Ludwig- *Smiles at Kasumi* I wonder what the trip is going to be like with everyone. We don't know each other that well yet. *walks around picking up things here and there and throwing them in the outside garbage can*
    Rend- Sure, I guess. *Smiles* I can show you around some spots you might not know about. *Shrugs* I dunno.. I'm not a scientist. Is it done yeeeet?? *whines a little* Come ooon!
    Kasumi- So Ludwig. You've been hanging around me a lot these past couple of days. I just wanted to talk with you about what is going on. I hope you know that I'm not really interested in dating. I don't mean to be mean or confrontational I just wanted to talk about what our relationship is. Because if we are friends then that is great. I think everyone will get along really well on this trip. I think there might be one issue but I don't think it will be that bad.
    Hyde- *Flicks some uncooked food at Rend.* Quit whining. It's done. Come get some... and you are doing the dishes this time.
    Ludwig- Dating?! Heh no no, it's nothing like that! Not that you wouldn't be a great woman to marry. *Smiles* But I don't really have time for things like that right now. Hm? What do you think the issue would be? *Doesn't seem rattled about what Kasumi said*
    Rend- Ewwww! *Whipes it off and glares at him, walks over and grabs some* Heh... no way. My cleaning lady does that kind of stuff. *Smirks and looks at him* Haha kidding.. *They sit at the table and eat together*
    Kasumi- I noticed something with my brother yesterday at the Inn. I think something happened between him and someone else but I'm not sure who or what it was about. *Doesn't seem phased by what Ludwig says about dating. Continues on as normal.*
    Hyde- *Finishes eating.* Let's get out of here. We are wasting valuable day light here!
    Ick- *Gets to Nadine's house and knocks on the door* Hey! You in there girlie??
    Ludwig- Oh I see.. You're brother can be a little bold at times. Maybe he pissed someone off? Or someone pissed him off? *Shrugs* Oh well. *Looks around* How long has Ick been gone..
    Rend- Do you ever stop? Geez.. *Gets up with him* We are still in pajamas you know. *Goes to the laundry room and gets there now clean clothes and hands Hyde's to him* You can change down here. Just yell when I can come down. *Goes up and changes in her room*
    Nadine- *Opens the door. Cough cough* Hey Ick! Yeah I'm coming sorry. I'll be out in just a second. I had a rough night last night. *Invites Ick inside.* Hang on just a second. *Runs upstairs to get herself together. Comes back down and starts walking to the Inn with Ick.*
    Hyde- *Changes quickly still feeling like Rend is a little odd about getting changed.* Come on Rend! I'm ready. Where do you want to go first?
    Ick- Ah there you are. Hey, you still coughin'? *Walking with his hands in his jacket pockets* Gettin' sick? *Looks over at her* Maybe you over worked yourself yesterday?
    Rend-*Comes down stairs* I know a cool club! ...well.. it's morning isn't it? They are only open at night. Hmm.. *Ponders where they could go* Do you know any good places?
    Nadine- Yeah probably just some dust and stuff. *Walks along trying to control her cough.*
    Hyde- Oh gross! Clubbing? No thank you. Come on I know a few places. If we go south on the train tracks there is this cool stone cave with a huge tree growing right at the opening so no one really knows its there.
    Ick- Ah yeah that's probably it. *They make it to the Inn* Hey guys! Were back!
    Ludwig- *Smiles* Oh hey guys. Is anyone else coming over today?
    Rend- It's not a dance club doofus! It's just a hangout. ...A cave? *Raises her eyebrow* I'm not hanging out in a cave! That's boring!! Think of something else!
    Nadine- I'm not sure if anyone else is coming. I don't really remember what Hyde, Erebus, or Rend said last night.
    Hyde- Alright I have an idea come on follow me. *Starts leading the way to the cave anyway but avoiding the train tracks so Rend doesn't catch on until they are there.*
    Ludwig- That's fine. *Shrugs* What do you guys wanna do? *Looks around at the group*
    Ick- Let's go shoppin! Like uh... for beach stuff!
    Ludwig- I do need a swim suit. You guys want to go? We could go to Junes.
    Rend- ...Wait a second. *Looks at the cave* THIS IS THE CAVE!? HYDE!! I said I DIDN'T want to go here!! Eeeeh! Stupid bear! *Looks at him angrily* It's going to be boring! Why did you bring me here?

    Kasumi- *Looks at Nadine.* Umm yeah I guess we can go shopping. I don't need anything though.
    Nadine-*Looking back at Kasumi with an excited smile.* YES! That sounds like a ton of fun. *Muffled cough.*
    Hyde- Would you shut up you little girl. Come on. *Pushes some branches and roots out of the way to enter the cave.* Come on I've found this cool place. *As they go deeper into the cave it gets cooler and cooler as well as very dark. But up ahead they see a faint glow.* Come on we are almost there. *The glow gets a little brighter but is not bright like a lamp or natural sun light. The air gets very light and moist. It feels clean and refreshing.* Come over here and sit down. I found this place a while back. I always feel really good in hear and these plants or mushrooms or something give off this faint glow so it isn't super dark. Look lay down here on the stone and look up at the roof of the cave. *Looking up at the roof of the cave the fungus or plants look very much like stars in the night sky with their faint glow.* I've never seen anything like it. Not even in the other caves around here. Cool isn't it?
    (Ludwig and the others go off to Junes, The shopping center)
    Ick- *Holds up a pair of swim trunks* Hey what about these?! They look cool huh? *A pair of black swim trunks with a white fish at the bottom*
    Ludwig- Hm? I guess..
    Ick- I wasn't talkin' to you! Nadine, what do you think?? *Smiles*
    Rend- *Follows him and reluctantly lays down* It's cold and damp in here. Is this your idea of a date? *Smirks* I guess it's kinda cool. If you like this sort of thing. *Looks up at the roof of the cave* How did you find this place anyways? *Looks over at him*
    Kasumi- *Not really enjoying the shopping center much. Keeps looking around at different clothes not really paying attention to the others.*
    Nadine- Yeah that looks neat! *Looks through the women's swim suits and finds a very revealing bikini.* Hey Kasumi! Look what do you think!? *Being innocent in the matter and not meaning to be a bad influence.*
    Kasumi- *Gives a disgusted face at the suit and shakes her head rapidly.*
    Nadine- What do you boys think? Should I get it? *Thinking that Kasumi just thinks it has a bad color patter on it and not that it is overly revealing.*
    Hyde- *Looks over at Rend and smiles.* I am an insomniac. I've never slept well my whole life. I would leave the house at night and wonder around. I would also go out further during the day looking for secluded places that no one would find me or bother me. It was just a matter of time before I stumbled on this cave. I've seen almost every one in this area. This is one of the only spots I could actually sleep in some times.
    Ick- *Nods his head quickly* Oh yeah! You should for sure get that one! Yeah! *Can't stop himself from grinning widely and not really trying*
    Ludwig- *Smiling as well, nods* Yeah, I think you should get that one. It looks nice.
    Rend- Hmm.. Why are you an insomniac? *Sits up and puts her knees up* I thought bears were supposed to sleep well?
    Kasumi- *Pulls Nadine aside.* Nadine, I'm not your mother, but don't you think that shows off a little much? I wouldn't get it.
    Nadine- *Looks a little confused.* But my Mom does have one of these... I think I'm going to get it. Why don't you get one too! Look here is a red one! *Hands Kasumi the swim suit.*
    Kasumi- *Refuses to take it from Nadine's hand.* No. *Turns around and leaves the store.* ~I can't believe she would wear that. She basically isn't wearing anything. And to think she thought I was the type of girl to wear one of those things. I would never. I don't even want to get in the water. I can't swim and I'm not showing my legs.~ *Rubs her leg. Kasumi is very self conscious about her Ox legs. She thinks they are grotesque.* ~Forget that. I'm going home. I can't believe Ludwig would agree to her wearing that. What a pig. Ick I could see it from but not Ludwig. UGH yuck.~ *Continues to walk home alone.*
    Hyde- That's what you'd think. I'm always tired. I just can't ever actually sleep. This place helps me a lot. And I was surprised that I slept so well at your place last night. *Sits up and rubs the back of his head.* So your turn. Where do you want to go?
    Ludwig- Hey, where did Kasumi go? *Looks around then over at Nadine, still searching for a swim suit*
    Rend- Hm, maybe you just aren't comfortable where you usually sleep.. *Smiles* Alright! I want you to take me shopping! I'm not sure if you heard but we were invited to a beach house yesterday! Woo lets go! *Smiling happily, ropes Hyde into taking her shopping, after they finish they say goodnight to one another and part ways*
    (Friday, School, School just ended)
    Ick-Woo! I can't wait for tomorrow!! A whole week at the beach!! Man I can taste the salt water!! *Drooling as he imagines the ocean*
    Ludwig- *Looks at ick* oookay.. *Smiles and looks at the group who agreed to gather in homeroom after school let out* So, are we still meeting up at your place in the morning Nadine?
    *Says as he looks over at her*
    Umiko- *Hasn't talked to Hyde much, has been helping out a lot at the Inn so she's talked to Nadine quite a bit now* I hope you guys really don't mind that Uzagi's coming... I promise he's not always so strict. *Smiles*
    Erebus- *Standing in the back of the group with Hyde* I feel like I haven't talked to you all week. You smell like Rend. *Smirks a little*
    Rend- *Hears Erebus* Got a problem with my smell mutt?
    Kasumi- Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. How long was the drive again Ludwig? And who was driving?
    Nadine- YEAH this whole week is going to be awesome! I can't wait for it. Do you guys want to meet up at Ick's restaurant for dinner and we could go over the plans there? That is of course if we get that heavy friends discount. *Winks at Ick.* Of course we don't mind if Uzagi comes. It will be fun and I'm sure he could use a break as well.
    Kane- ~Man I feel like I've been so out of touch with the group lately.~ Yeah I want to go meet up with every body that sounds fun.
    Sebastian- Well I know I can drive a car. But I don't know if we can have my dad's car so I'll need to ask him.
    Hyde- *Hears Uzagi's name come up again and gets a little angry. Leans over to Erebus so no one else can hear him talk.* Hey Erebus don't you think it is a little ironic that she is calling you the mutt. *Chuckles under his breath.* I'm just saying haha. *Tries not to really make eye contact with Umiko still.*

    Ludwig- *Looks over at Kasumi* It's about 3 hours from here. Umm, I think Umiko's older brother is driving us? We might have to rent a van or something? Unless Sebastian can drive some people.
    Ick- Hey yeah!! You guys can come eat at my family's restaurant! On the house! My mom has been wantin' to meet you guys! Let's meet there tonight at 7, hows that sound?
    Umiko- *Smiles at Nadine* Thank you. I'm sure he could. I've been really craving the tofu your mother makes! I can't wait!! *Smiling happily* tooofu tooofu!
    Erebus- *Laughs a little as well, quietly*
    Rend- *Glares at Hyde, has a lot of anger behind it* .... *Hurt that Hyde would say that about her, very sensitive about her Altered state*
    Hyde- *Shrugs.* I didn't mean for her to hear that. I guess she has better hearing than I thought. *Looks visibly upset.* ~Damn it, damn it. She wasn't supposed to hear that. I mean come on. She calls other people names and acts mean and throws fits all the time and I say one thing about her and she acts like I'm the devil. Well screw that. I don't need to spend time with her either.~
    Kasumi- *Can tell something odd is going on with Hyde but doesn't really know what.* Dinner tonight sounds great.
    Kane- WHOW Free food heck yeah! *Looks over at Sebastian and sees that he is weighing between free food and spending more time around Ick.* Come on Sebastian we can go hang out after dinner. What do you say?
    Sebastian- Yeah alright, let me go call my dad about the car. *Leaves the room to call and comes back rather quickly.* Yeah dad said I could take the car so we won't need to rent the van. We need to figure out who is riding in what car. ~I'm not taking that fish. I'll drive us off a cliff if he gets in the car with me.~
    Ludwig- Well I will go with Ick since no one here can stand him for more than an hour. *Looks around at the group*
    Ick- Hey! Don't say that man! That's so mean! ...Everyone here loves hangin' with me! *hangs his head*
    Umiko- I want to ride with Kasumi and Nadine! Rend? Do you want to ride with us girls? *Smiles over at her*
    Rend- Sure... why not. *Walks over to them and stands beside Kasumi*
    Ludwig- How are we going to divide the rest of us? I think only one more can go with the girls.
    Ick- Hey! Why don't we let them choose!? *Thinking they will choose him, grinning*
    Umiko- *Smiles and looks at the other girls* What do you think? Who should we pick to ride with us? *Looks at Kasumi, Nadine and Rend*
    Rend- Like I care! *Crosses her arms and looks away*
    Sebastian- Well I'm driving and Uzagi is going to be driving the other car. So I it looks like you can either pick Kane, Hyde, Ludwig, or Ick. *Puts on a face because he knows Uzagi will drive the girls and he does not want to be stuck with Ick in his car.*
    Hyde- I think me and Ick need to be in different cars since we are the two biggest. I think Ick should go with you guys and Uzagi drive that car. ~Please take that idea I don't want to be in a car with Umiko, Rend, and Uzagi. I swear I will make something up and not go if I have to.~
    Kasumi- *Could tell that Hyde wants to be away from that car.* Yeah I think that is a good idea Hyde. That way me and Sebastian aren't in the same car together. I vote for Ick.
    Nadine- *Smiles not wanting to hurt any ones feelings just goes with Kasumi's vote since she talked first.* Yeah I'll vote for Ick as well like Kasumi.
    Sebastian- ~Please please please, just a few more votes.~ I agree with Hyde, Kasumi, and Nadine. That sounds like a good plan. What about the rest of you girls?
    Erebus- *Glares at Sebastian* ...I'm here too you know.
    Ick- *Getting more excited as things are going in his favor*
    Umiko- ~I will get a serious head ache if ick comes with us! nooo...~ *Looks around* U...m...
    Rend- I want Erebus to go. That fish is too loud!
    Umiko- YEAH! ... um.. I mean.. Yeah, I feel like I haven't even heard Erebus speak at all. Why don't you come with us! What do you other girls think?? *Kind of frantic*
    Erebus- Me..? *points to himself*
    Kasumi- I still vote for Ick.
    Nadine- *Remembering what happened in the shopping center the other day with Kasumi.* Umm I'm going to stick with Kasumi and vote Ick. ~I don't want to make her upset again and go on the side of other people again. She will hate me forever if I do that.~
    Kane- Hey what about me? I don't get any votes and the boy deer wonder doesn't either? Come on this is hurting peoples feeling. Just put all of our names in a hat and pull one out. *Speaking in a semi-angry tone.*
    Hyde- I'm not going to ride with the girls this time so don't bother putting my name in the hat. *Looks over at Erebus.* I'm going to the shrine before dinner if you want to come with me or meet me there. *Gets up and leaves the classroom.*
    Sebastian- *Getting annoyed because he thought Ick was not going to be in his car but now there is a chance.* Would one of you change your mind already or just do the hat thing.
    Rend- Whatever take the fish I don't care. You are all a bunch of babies. I can't stay here all day you know!
    Ick- WOO! I'm goin' with the girls! So girlies! What should we talk about on our long trip huh? I get to sit in the middle right?
    Umiko- *Sighs a bit* Sorry Kane, Ludwig. It's not that I didn't want you guys to come. *smiles*
    Ludwig- *Smiles* It's fine. I didn't mind. Kane was the one making a fuss.
    Erebus-*Nods and goes with him*
    Kane- *A little upset.* Would you care about something and stand up for yourself deer boy. Or are you alright with me saying this alright.
    Kasumi- It's alright guys just calm down. Nothing to get in a fight about. It is just three hours to the beach then everyone gets to hang out with every one.
    Kane- Yeah I guess. You ready to go Sebastian? We will meet you guys at 7.
    Sebastian- *Feeling good because he doesn't have to drive Ick.* Yeah lets go Kane. The car thing isn't that big of deal. Everything will be fine.
    Hyde- *Walking along with Erebus.* I just don't get it Erebus. Nothing seems to be going right in this town. Why isn't that we always end in fight when we are in that large group. Plus I think I really screwed it up with Umiko and Rend. Maybe I should just not care about it. What do you think?
    Ludwig- *Looks at Kane and shrugs* It just doesn't bother me.
    Umiko- See you two later! I have to get going too! I'm going to go see if Uzagi can get off work early so he can join us at the restaurant. *Grabs her school bag and runs out with a smile on her face and waves*
    Erebus- I think you should just be yourself.. If they don't like it then tough but if something bothers you then speak up. We haven't been with this group for long of course it isn't great right now. We've only known each other for a couple of weeks.*Looks over at him* Just relax and have fun.. you worry too much about small things. What happened with you and Rend? I thought you were hanging with Umiko?
    Kane- *Gives a death glare at Ludwig. And leaves the with Sebastian.* Are you kidding me Sebastian. That deer just rubs me the wrong way. I can't believe that.
    Sebastian- Just don't worry about. What does it matter. It's not like he is in every ones face.
    Hyde- *Looks over at Erebus.* I should just be myself. I can't make my mind up about what I'm doing with Umiko or Rend. I like both of them but I just don't feel like it's time right now. I feel like I need to just pull away from everyone. I hate Uzagi and the problem is Umiko is fine with him. Now he is coming on this vacation and I have to spend that whole week with Rend who I just offended and Umiko and her brother. I really don't want to go at all. I rather just stay here.
    Erebus- Stop worrying about it and try to have a good time. Umiko's fine with him because Uzagi's her brother. He's taken care of her since she was five years old. Her mom isn't in the picture. Uzagi seems ridged but he's just worried about Umiko entering her teen years. C'mon you are basically him! You watch after Kasumi like crazy, try to see where he's coming from. Rend is fine.. she'll probably forget it or make you buy her some cake. Don't stress over all of this stuff it's not like someone's holding a gun to your head and making you pick which one to marry. *Smiles and pats his back* You really freak out over small things huh?
    Hyde- I'm not freaking it. I just really don't like Uzagi, and I'm not anything like him. The guy is crazy and runs a fighting studio and invites people to come try to beat him. I'm sorry that is a little crazy. Whatever though. I don't feel like talking about this anymore. We might as well just go waste some time before we go to this dinner.
    Erebus- Weren't you just telling me you wanted to train so you COULD beat him?? Alright alright. Where should we go? *Looks at him* Do you have ...a swim suit? *Looks a little embarrassed*
    Hyde- *Looks flustered with the conversation.* Yeah I did say that, and I am going to train. But beating him won't really mean anything to me really. No I don't have a swim suit. I just normally wear some gym shorts. What about you?
    Erebus- Heh.. I don't even know if I can swim.. *Sighs* This is going to be a long week huh..? Hey uh.. I know this is kind of sudden but do you think I could sleep over your house tonight? I understand if you say no with Kasumi being there.
    Hyde- Yeah that is fine. You can have my room. I have a few things I need to do tonight before tomorrow. Sebastian will be there and he probably won't go to sleep until later, Dad will be there too but he will probably be asleep when you get there and he will be gone before you wake up. I trust you around Kasumi. I think you are my only real friend in this town right now.
    Erebus- You wont be there? Eh.. I don't think i'd feel right stayin' there if you aren't there. Thanks though. Heh... you're telling me. (About the friend thing) *Smiles* Well it's 6:45pm we should be getting to the restaurant. *They both go the the restaurant and meet up with the group, they all sit together and get there orders, they are all enjoying there food and talking with one another*
    Ludwig- So, the girls are in the kitchen and were on the grill for this trip right?
    Ick- Woo!! I can't wait to try all of you girls cooking! I bet it's so awesome!!
    Umiko- Well.. I'm not really..the greatest cook..
    Uzagi- Haha! That's putting it lightly Umiko. *Smiles at her*
    Umiko- Heyyyy! Don't say anything!!
    Uzagi- *Laughs a little and drinks his drink*
    Hyde- *Still not interacting the way he used to with the Umiko or Rend. But is looking around the room and is less frustrated with Uzagi. Leans over to Erebus.* This isn't that bad. I guess it will be fine.
    Kasumi- Cooking is very easy actually. I can teach you a few things on the trip. Maybe Uzagi will appreciate it later.
    Nadine- Yeah I could teach you a few things as well. I can't wait to share ideas with you girls.
    Kane- I don't cook so I'll just be indulging haha
    Erebus- See, don't worry about it. Just get to know the group. *Smiles* I'm out of my comfort zone too but I'm making the most of it.
    Rend- *Throws a roll at Hyde, laughs a little* Eat up bear boy! You're doing the car unpacking tomorrow!
    Uzagi- *Smiles* Thank you Kasumi. I'm sure I will.
    Umiko- Heeeyyyy! *Sighs and hangs her head* That's so mean...
    Ick- Hey! Are we assigning jobs and stuff like that?? *Looks at Rend*
    Rend- Hmm, sure why not. You can help with the unpacking too.
    Ludwig- I can set up the beach stuff?
    Kane- That all sounds good to me. I'll go explore the beach for a few good spots take fish.
    Hyde- Picks up the roll and eats it in one bit. *Looks back at Rend giving her a playful mean look. Looks over at Uzagi.* I'll be right back Erebus. *Hyde gets up and goes over to Uzagi and asks to speak in privet for a second.*Rend- *Smiles a little and looks down, feeling happy*
    Uzagi- *Looks over at him then nods, stands and goes over with him to a private spot* Yes?
    Hyde- We got off to a really bad start, and I'm sorry for my hand in that. I should have known better and had Umiko home earlier even though she said she could stay out. We are about to spend a whole week together and Umiko is in my class on top of that. So I think we should try to put our differences behind ourselves and move forward. I'm not asking for an apology or asking permission to date your sister. I just think we need to get along for the sake of the group and Umiko. I have a sister as well so I know what you were doing and I do understand and admire you watching out for her like that. *Moves around and fidgets some because he is uncomfortable approaching Uzagi especially since he is older.* I wanted to ask you if it was alright with you if I could walk Umiko home tonight after dinner. I want to talk with her some and try to settle things down as much as possible before tomorrow so we can all have a really good vacation and hopefully get along. *Stands back a little not knowing how Uzagi will take it.*
    Uzagi- Umiko explained to me how she told you it would be okay if she was out that late. I have no hard feelings towards you and I hope you can forgive me. I reacted poorly. I just.. it's hard seeing her grow up. *Smiles a bit sadly* I think Kasumi is a fine girl and I understand why you want to protect her. I feel like I know her the way Umiko goes on about her at home. I know you mean well, so yeah. You can walk her home. *Smiles* And I wont follow. Deal? *Holds out his hand*
    Hyde- *Shakes his hand.* Thanks. I do appreciate it and I'll have her home early. *Walks away from Uzagi and smiles at Umiko.* ~I still feel like I don't like him. I just don't like him. Oh well let it be for now.~ *Sits down.* So Erebus I feel better now, not the greatest but at least the first half of my plan is going together well. *Looks at Rend and can tell that she isn't happy with him smiling at Umiko.* Now I just have to set up my second half. *Smiles at Rend.*
    Uzagi- *Smiles and laughs a little* Good.
    Umiko- *Looks over at Hyde who is looking at her, smiles back at him* ~ I wonder if they apologized to one another... I really hope so.~
    Rend- *Kind of giving him a displeased look but not angry, more suspicious*
    Erebus- *Shakes his head with a smile* You are one weird guy..You know that?
    Hyde- Coming from the guy that sleeps at the shrine, won't talk about himself, or his history, and wears a mask more often than not. I sure am the strong one there huh Erebus. *Pushes him in the arm and laughs a little.*
    Dinner ends and they all start to go their own way.
    Hyde- Sebastian and Kasumi, would you mind setting up a room for Erebus to stay the night. He tends to sleep in and I don't want to wait for him to leave for the beach tomorrow. *Looks at Erebus and smiles.* Go on buddy, it's fine they will take care of you and you could use a good shower before we all sit in the car together for three hours.
    Kasumi- Absolutely. *smiles at Erebus* Come on we can get you set up pretty quick. We have a guest room or you could bunk in Hyde's room.
    Hyde- *Starts to walk Umiko home.* So Umiko. I wanted to talk with you a little about what has been going on. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the confrontation that I had with your brother. I hope everything was alright with you and him. I think we can certainly be friends and have a good time. Ummm but I really don't think we should be focused on seeing just each other right now or dating. I really like you, I'm not going to lie. But I don't think right now is the best time to really be into that. What do you think? I'm sorry to put you on the spot like this.
    Nadine- Would anyone like to walk me home? I know I live the furthest but you could stay at the Inn! There are plenty of rooms if you didn't want to go back tonight.
    Erebus- What do you mean by more often that not?...I always wear it.. *seems to not get that he is weirder than Hyde*
    *His eye widens a bit* Hyde! *Yell whispers then sighs and goes with Kasumi* Oh uh thank you Kasumi. *Looking down at her*
    Umiko- *walking with Hyde, listening to him, blushes a bit* Um.. I agree. We really don't know each other well enough for that yet.. plus we are still young. *Smiles* I'm fine with it. I just want to be friends. I feel like I couldn't talk with you this whole time.
    Ludwig- I can walk you home, it's no problem. *Smiles at her* I don't have to be home at any certain time anyway. *Shrugs a bit*
    Ick- I gotta stay here and do dishes..*Sighs* Sorry!! *Waves as he gets up and goes into the back* See you guys tomorrow!
    Kasumi- *Leads the way.* Are you excited about the trip this week Erebus?
    Hyde- I'm glad you understand Umiko. I'm really looking forward to this trip. You live right up here don't you? *Gets to her home then hugs her goodnight.* I'll see you tomorrow alright.
    Erebus- Um...My stomach kind of hurts... I want to vomit. Does that count? *Walks with Kasumi*
    Umiko- Me too. *Smiles* Sleep well! Thank you for everything Hyde. I really missed talking to you. Well, goodnight! *Goes inside*
    Kasumi- Umm. No, no I don't want to vomit. Are you sure you didn't get food poisoning? *laughs a little.* That food was alright but it isn't all what Ick makes it out to be.
    Hyde- *Leaves Umiko's house and walks to Rends. Knowing her Dad won't be there he knocks on the door for her to hear.* Hey Rend, it's just me Hyde. Can I come in?
    Erebus- *Smiles* Mm, I think it's okay. Ick hypes everything up though.
    Rend- *Answers the door* I had a feeling you'd show up again. Look if were going to make this a habit at least bring a tooth brush okay? *Stands to the side, inviting him in*
    Hyde- *Smiles when Rend opens the door.* How did you know I'd show up again? *Walks in.*
    Kasumi- Alright here is the guest room. Feel free to help yourself to any food here, the bathroom is down the hall.
    Rend- Mm, just a hunch I guess. *Smiles* So... you walked Umiko home? *Walks into the living room with him* That must have been fun. *Says sarcastically* Why'd you come here?
    Erebus- I appreciate it Kasumi thanks. *Smiles at her and goes into the guest room* Goodnight.
    Kasumi- *Bows* Goodnight.
    Hyde- Yeah I walked her home I need to talk with her and Uzagi before we spent all week with them. I wanted to come here because you are the exact opposite of them. I mean just look around I'm with you alone in your dads house and he won't be here for three months. We could do anything with no restrictions. That is what I like. No hassle. Just me and you watching TV. I mean have you ever been so restricted before like me?
    Rend- Mmm, I doubt that.. I've been on my own since I was fairly small. I guess I am just used to the freedom. *Sits down* Are you going to be staying here with me or will you just keep inviting yourself from time to time? *Smirks at him* Not that I mind. Doesn't Kasumi wonder what's going on? Or are you done with all the big brother crap?
    Hyde- I haven't talked with Kasumi about it yet. I know if I do she will just look down at me like everyone else. I feel so trapped. It isn't that I don't love Kasumi, I just want a little distance. I want to watch out for her but Erebus has been a real good friend to me and he gives an eye out for her and I trust him. Besides. I think Erebus has a thing for Nadine. *Sprawls out in one of the reclining chairs.*
    Rend- Yeah, I understand. *Nods a little* Well of course he does! He basically worships humans.. *Flicks through the TV channels* Didn't you know that? Well... I guess you did just meet him. I've actually known him all my life. It figures I would move to the same town he's in though. *Sighs* Are families are friends. Well... his "used to be" family.
    Hyde- What do you mean? What did happen to his family?
    Rend- Well nothing. He just.. left them when he was young. *Raises an eyebrow and grins* You don't know his story yet do you!? Ah.. I see. *Nods nods* Aren't you curious about his mask at all? I know you haven't seen under it yet. I've only seen once! And it was when he was a kid! Erebus' family are a long line of Wolf Alters but Erebus never wanted to Alter. He was always really afraid of it but they forced him to. Needless to say he hated it and them for doing that to him. He and his family had a giant argument when he was ten. His father ended up attacking Erebus and stabbing him in the eye!! He's completely blind and has some pretty nasty scars there now... I guess he doesn't like showing it. *Shrugs* I can't say I blame him really.. Not that I've seen it recently but still. Erebus really loves humans but has never really been around one until now.
    Hyde- Oh I understand. That is a sad story. Is he from this town by the way? I have a theory about a few things. Also if you don't mind talking about it. What is your story. I've never seen anyone like you. I really actually find you very attractive. I really like the way you look. *Doesn't try to hit on her but rather is trying to be reassuring of her appearance.* I mean uh cough. I like the way you look is all I'm trying to say.
    Rend- Not originally no. His family isn't even in this town, he came here after that altercation when he was ten.. *Her eyes widen a bit when she hears Hyde likes the way she looks* What? *A little shocked, never heard that from someone before* You like the way I ...look? *Looks down and thinks for a moment* Well... *Sighs* I guess I'll tell you.. but don't make a big deal about it okay!? My dad is the Scientist who discovered that you could Alter with more than one animal DNA. ...Long story short I was a curious kid, I got into his Lab and... well.. I mixed up a bunch of animal DNA's and.. injected myself. *Shrugs* I survived through it all and became my dad's prized possession... but that's all I am to him... his success story.
    Hyde- You are one hell of a success story Rend. I would be very proud of you if you were mine. *Didn't realize the meaning of what he just said.* I didn't mean it like that. I didn't mean if we were dating or married or anything. I wouldn't be ashamed of you or think of you like some success story. Umm not that I would be losing if I were to be with you. Ahhh never mind. I'm not making much sense. SOO! Umm do you have a swim suit for the beach? I just wear my gym shorts.
    Rend- *Turns even more red* *Punches his arm* What are you saying!? You say that then go to a swimsuit!! Geez you perv! *looks away a bit embarrassed* Let's just watch some tv then go to sleep alright!! *Flips through the channels faster* ~He would be proud of me if I were his...?~
    Hyde- ~Damn I just made a fool of myself. Oh well just relax and watch some TV.~ Heh sorry. *Watches TV.*
    Rend- *An hour or so passes as they watch TV together, they both get tired and decide to go to bed*

    (Beach, a couple towns over. Pulling up to Ludwig's beach house. Early Morning.)
    Umiko- Wow! There it is! *Looking out the window* Look guys! It's big!
    Ick- Wow! It is huge!
    Rend- Well it IS an ocean.. *Raises her eyebrow*
    -Their car comes to a stop-
    Uzagi- Alright, were here. *Parks the car and smiles* Everyone out! *They all get out of the car and stretch there legs* Make the drive okay Sebastian?
    Ludwig- *Walks up to the front door and unlocks it for everyone to go inside*
    Erebus- *Dying inside, hates being cooped up for so long* ..I ...want to die.

    Sebastian- Yeah that wasn't that bad of a drive.
    Hyde- *Gets out and stretches. Loving the sun.* Man that feels good. *Looks at Umiko and Rend and smiles.*
    Kane- *His wings keep catching the breeze coming off the ocean.* ~That feels kind of good. It doesn't hurt as bad.~
    Rend- *Smiles at Hyde, starts to walk over to him*
    Umiko -*Smiles at Hyde as well and walks over to him, gets there before Rend, but not trying to cut her off just doesn't notice* Good Morning, How was the drive for you guys??
    Ludwig- The house is open, everyone can go put there things away. The girls room is upstairs to the right and the guys is to the left. *Smiles and grabs his things out of the car*
    Erebus- *Looks around at the beach then takes his things inside*
    Uzagi- *Helps unpack the car with Ick*
    Hyde- *Hugs Umiko then hugs Rend.* The ride was alright. I felt really squashed in there though. How about for you girls? How was Ick?
    Kasumi- Hey guys I'm going to go inside and take a look at the pantry and fridge. Does anyone want to go shopping with me in a little while?
    Nadine- YES! I'll go. I want to see whats around here.
    Kane- *Starts walking toward the beach looking for a high cliff.* ~I really wonder.~
    Sebastian- No I'm not going to go shopping. I'm gonna go claim a bed and hit the beach.
    Ludwig-*goes inside and puts his things away* Ick! Come help me get the grill out! *Looks at Kasumi and Nadine* Why don't you guys take Erebus? He could help with the bags.
    Erebus- Hm? Oh uh sure, i'll go..
    Umiko- *Smiles as she is hugged then looks over at Rend* He wasn't too bad right Rend?
    Rend- Tch.. if you call asking every five seconds how much longer until we get there "not too bad".
    Kasumi- Yeah come with us Erebus. Lets go for a walk.
    Nadine- *Starts skipping toward the town.*
    Hyde- Haha sounds like Ick. I think I'm going to go to the beach and lay down in the sand. What are you girls going to do?
    Umiko and Rend- I'll come with you! *Looks at each other*
    Umiko- *Smiles* I'll go get the beach blankets! *Runs inside to retrieve them*
    Rend- *Lowers her eyebrows a bit* Yeah, why don't you do that. ...and don't come back *Grumbles the last part under her breath*
    Erebus- Okay.. *Walks with her, watches Nadine to make sure she's okay and not getting into traffic* Have you two ever been to the beach?
    Hyde- *Smiles at both of them but remaining innocent.* Come on we can bring extra blankets. HEY GUYS! We are going to the beach if any of you guys want to join us!
    Kasumi- No I've never been. I don't think I'll get in the water. What about you?
    Nadine- *Doesn't hear Erebus and just keeps on skipping.*
    Ludwig- We'll join soon! *Bringing out the grill with Ick's help*
    Ick- Yeah!! Hurry up buddy I wanna get in the water!
    Ludwig- I'm hurrying calm down. *Smiles and shakes his head a little*
    Umiko- *Comes back with the beach blankets and sets them up for the others*
    Rend- *Looks out at the beach* It's been a while since i've been to a beach.
    Erebus- Never. Heh... *Shrugs* I'm not sure if I can swim, but I'll try it. Why wont you get in? *Looks over at her*
    Hyde- *Grabs the blankets and runs for the beach leaving the girls behind.* HAHAHA!
    Sebastian- *Seeing them going to the beach decides to go further down to be alone.*
    Kasumi- I just don't want to get in that's all. *Clutches her leg.*
    Umiko- Hey!! *smiles and chases him* No fair!
    Rend- *Glares at Umiko* ...
    Ludwig, Ick and Uzagi all come down to the beach*
    Uzagi- *Smiling* It feel great out here. Do you come here often Ludwig?
    Ludwig- No, not really. *Shrugs a little* I usually have school.
    Ick- WOOO!! *Runs after Umiko and Hyde* RAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
    Umiko- Ahh!! Ick!! Don't tackle!! *Now running away from Ick than chasing Hyde* No Ick!! No!!
    Erebus- Oh.. *nods* I see. *They get to the store, grabs the shopping cart and walks along as the girls throw things into the basket* What are you two planning on making this week? Cooking isn't an easy job. Thanks for doing it.
    Hyde- *Sees Ick running after them. Turns and grabs both girls and takes off running, still faster than Ick.* HAHAHAHA ICK YOU SUCK! YOU ARE SO SLOW! *Gets to the sand and drops the girls and the blankets and runs for the water. Jumping in and splashing around.* Come in girls the water is great!
    Kane- *Found a cliff now standing on top of it looking down.* ~This feels really good. I feel like I could fly.~ *Spreads his wings a little and the wind catches them picking them up off his body but he doesn't strain to lift them.* ~Oh man they can actually move.~ *Looking down the cliff again.*
    Kasumi- I'll probably make a lot of home favorite meals and seafood dishes.
    Nadine- I have a really good idea for some breakfast and maybe another BBQ! This time with ribs instead of hot dogs and hamburgers.
    Ick- Oh I'm slow huh!?!? *Runs after Hyde into the water and charges through it like it's nothing* AHAHAAHA!
    Umiko- *Surprised* Oh!! *Laughs a little and gets up running to the waters edge* We don't even have our swim suits on yet!! Don't go in without us!!
    Rend- Hey!! Don't pick me up!! Are you crazy... *Grumbles and she dusts herself off* *looks over at Kane, she can't really make him out at first since he is pretty far* ...what the...?
    *walks over* HEY! Bird brain what the heck are you doing all the way out here?! Don't tell me you are about to use those things!?
    Erebus- *Smile at them a little* I look forward to it.
    Hyde- *Still romping through the water not really swimming. Has a lot more power than Ick but Ick can swim circles around him.* HAHA This is so much fun. COME ON UMIKO! REND HURRY UP!
    Kane- *Can hear Rend just a little over the breeze. Looks over and can't really make her out. He gets angry and walk back down off the cliff so others can't see him.* ~Stupid thing yelling at me. I just want to be alone.
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  4. Umiko- I just said we don't have our swim suits on! I want to wait for the others! *Smiling* Are you going to get in Uzagi? *Looks over at him*

    Uzagi- Nah, not yet. *Smiles as he watches the others*
  5. Kane- *Walking further away from the group.* ~I just want to figure out my wings. I've never used them before and they always hurt me. I just want a second without people always around me.~ *Keeps walking looking for another cliff.*

    Hyde- You guys are so lame. *See's Ick swimming right underneath the water. Hyde leaps up out of the water and goes into a elbow drop type position and splashes down into the water on top of Ick.* HA I GOT YOU!
  6. Ick- *Doesn't even get phased by Hyde, swims through the water at lightning speed with Hyde on his back*

    (Erebus, Kasumi and Nadine get back with the groceries)

    Erebus- Looks like everyone is already on the beach.. *Looks out the window as he puts away some groceries with Kasumi and Nadine* Do you need help cooking? I can.. like chop things?
  7. Nadine- No thanks! Girls only! Get out of here Erebus.

    Kasumi- *Smiles a little at Nadine and Erebus.*

    Hyde- *Shocked he is getting pulled through the water plants his feet in the sand and pulls Ick out of the water.* You are going to drown me! God you are a great swimmer man. *Throws Ick back into the water and walks back toward the beach where Umiko is.* Hey where did Rend go? *Looks around the beach only seeing Uzagi, Umiko, and Erebus walking out of the house.*
  8. Erebus- Oh.. okay.. *Stands there for a moment then goes outside with the others, not really wanting to*

    Ick- Hahaha! I'm in my element!! *Keeps swimming around happily*

    Umiko- *Smiles at Hyde and hands him a towel* I'm not sure where she went. *Looks around a bit* It looked like you and Ick were having fun.
  9. Hyde- Yeah Ick really isn't that bad of a guy he is just a little awkward sometimes. *Sits down on the towel next to Umiko and lays out in the sun to dry.*

    Kane- *Finally sees another cliff and starts to climb up it.* ~I hope I have a little time this time.~

    Kasumi- So Nadine, what brought your family to our little town?

    Nadine- Oh you know, my parents needed to find a job and some work. So we bought the Inn. I see you and Ludwig spend a lot of time together, anything going on there? *Leans in to Kasumi a little.*

    Kasumi- Haha no no, nothing. We are just friends. Now my brother and Umiko, or Rend for that matter I'm not sure. *Finishes putting all the food away.* Do you want to cook, or would you rather just do cold sandwiches tonight? I don't really want to cook after being in that car all morning. Come on lets just lay out some cold-cuts and lets go to the beach. *Smiles.* Let me go change real quick. *Kasumi runs upstairs and puts on a long skirt with a slightly more open top than normal but nothing revealing.*

    Nadine- Oh my gosh. Your brother is like juggling those two girls. There is going to be a big fight sooner or later. Yeah let them get their sandwiches. *Gets changed into her very revealing bikini she bought even though Kasumi told her not to.*

    Nadine and Kasumi walk to the beach.


    Kasumi- I left cold-cuts out for everyone for lunch. Go help yourselves when you get hungry.

    Hyde- *Perks up when Rend's name is called and he looks around seeing her a little in the distance.* Umiko you should go get changed. I'll hold our spot for us until you get back.
  10. Umiko- *Smiles and turns around when she hears Nadine* You're back!! Aw Kasumi! You look so pretty! And wow Nadine, that swim suit is cute! *Looks down at Hyde* Mkay! *Hops up and runs inside to go get changed*

    Rend- *Coming back to where everyone else is, has Erebus by her side* What are all you people yelling about!? Alright alright I'm going!! *Looks over at Erebus then leaves with Umiko not too far ahead*

    Erebus- *Walks up to Hyde and sits beside him, just in the sand* Hey. ...*Hesitates then looks over at Nadine, just stares again without realizing, his mouth starts to open* ~ ...I...don't think I've ever seen that much of a girl... What is she wearing...?!~ *Gets up and grabs the towel from under Hyde, yanking it , goes over to Nadine* I uh... um... *Holds out the towel for her* Did... you forget your clothes?!...*Flustered and completely red in the face*

    Umiko- *Comes back changed with Rend, in a full/one piece bathing suit* Ready to swim! *Smiling, slightly shy*

    Rend- Yeah yeah... *In a two piece with a small cover skirt*

    Ick- *Comes up out of the water* Wow! All you girls look hot! *Grinning*

    Ludwig- *hits Ick in the head* Hey don't say it like that.. *Sighs*
  11. Hyde- *Gets very angry with Ick when he heard him say that.* SHUT UP YOU STUPID FISH! You don't talk to girls like that. What the hell is the matter with you!

    Kasumi- *Get's very uncomfortable after Ick's comment.* I think I'm going to go have lunch. *Gets up and walks back into the house.*

    Nadine- *Giggles a little at Ick. Looks over at Erebus and gives him a weird look.* What are you talking about? This is my swim suit. *Stands up and runs into the water with Ick and starts playing around.*

    Sebastian- *Hearing all the yelling decides to walk back to the main group. When he gets there he sees the girls and sits down and just watches them.* ~As long as I don't stare or be an idiot like that fish I'll be fine. Uzagi won't notice.~ *Looks around the beach but very discretely.*

    Hyde- *Seeing Kasumi walking back to the house alone decides to go with her.* Hey Kasumi, wait up. I really like your clothes. It looks much cooler than what you normally wear. You said lunch was cold-cuts? *Puts his arm around Kasumi as they walk to the house.*

    Kasumi- ~I feel bad. I don't want to be "hot". What a gross thing to say, and Nadine just eats it up.~ Thanks Hyde, yeah it is much cooler I can feel the breeze much better. Where have you been all week? Are you alright?

    Hyde- It's been a while since we have really talked hasn't it? I'm doing alright I can't sleep again. I've mainly just been spending time with Umiko and Rend. I like them a lot.

    Kasumi- ~HA yeah a lot is a little on the understatement.~ Just be careful with them. I like them as friends too. I want to spend a little more time with Umiko and Rend. Especially if you are going to be spending the night with them sometimes. *Smiles at Hyde when she says that.*

    Hyde- *Blushes a little.* It isn't what you think. I promise. *Scratches his head.*
  12. Ick- Hey! Calm down man! It was a complement. Why are you always goin' off of the deep end... Geez.. *Smiles at Nadine* See she isn't offended!! Only you are and I wasn't talkin' about you! Hahaha! *Plays with Nadine and splashes her* Wanna ride on my back?! Hey! We should play chicken... or wait? Is it called duck?

    Ludwig- *pinches his bridge and sighs, gets out of the water* I'm hungry too. *Walks inside as well, sees Hyde and Kasumi, doesn't hear what they were talking about* Hey Hyde, what's up? Hey Kasumi, liking the trip so far?.. You don't seem too happy. *smiles* Thanks for picking up the food. I hate shopping.. *Says as he makes a sandwich*

    Erebus- H..uh..? *Watches her go by, dumbfounded*

    Uzagi- *Standing in the middle of it all with his arms crossed, in watch mode*

    Umiko- *Goes in the water, smiling and having fun*

    Rend- *Sitting with Erebus, pats his back* You just don't get it huh?

    Erebus- ...I think you forgot your clothes too... but that's okay, you have the body of a child.

    Rend- WHAT?! *Smacks him*

    Erebus- OW! What?!...oh I said that out loud?... hmm... My bad.

    Rend- Whatever MUTT! *Stands and walks over to Uzagi* You seem not dumb... what's your name again?

    Uzagi- Not..dumb? ...My name is Uzagi. *Looking down at Rend* You're Rend right?

    Rend- Yeah.. *Sighs and looks out at the beach, they stand there quietly*
  13. Hyde- *Doesn't bother with Ick and keeps going.* Not much Ludwig just getting hungry. How about you?

    Kasumi- Your friend is very insensitive. He needs to watch his manors... that is if he has any. *Keeps walking with Hyde.* Are you going to get lunch too Ludwig? I really don't mind shopping I like it.

    Nadine- SURE! *Continues to play with Ick.*

    Sebastian- *Sees Uzagi and Rend standing next to each other and walks over.* Are you guys enjoying the trip so far? By the way, how was Ick, Uzagi haha?
  14. Ludwig- Yeah same here. *Looks over at Kasumi* Yeah.. I know.. But he doesn't mean to be rude. That was just his way of saying you look beautiful. *Smiles* Oh uh.. yeah heh. Really? That's good.

    Ick- Woooo! *Picks her up and runs around in the water*

    Uzagi- He's quite talkative that one.. But I can handle it. I'm enjoying the trip so far. The weather is nice here.

    Rend- Yeah, I like it alright.. It's better than home at least.

    Erebus- *sitting by himself again, watching everyone else have fun, doesn't feel like he belongs there, stands and walks around the beach* ...*Sighs*
  15. Hyde- *Gets a little angry but keeps himself under control with Ludwig's comment.* ~Can't you tell she is already uncomfortable because of your shit head friend you dumb deer.~

    Kasumi- *Gets a little uncomfortable but not as bad.* Thanks. *keeps walking into the house.*

    Sebastian- Yeah I really like the weather here. What do you do for a living Uzagi? I'm about to leave high school and I can't figure out what I'm going to do. I just know I'm not doing the factory. *Kind of ignoring Rend but not on purpose.*
  16. Ludwig- *makes his sandwich and leaves*

    Uzagi- I fight. *Looks down at him without moving his head, just his eyes*

    Rend- *Walks away from them and pairs up with Erebus* Guess I'm stuck with you again.
  17. Hyde- Why don't you go hang out with Ludwig for a little while. I think I'm going to go back to the beach and meet up with Rend and Umiko again.

    Kasumi- Yeah I think I will. I'll come back to the beach with him.

    Sebastian- *Is interested.* Hmm that sounds interesting. So do you take bets and that is how you make money? Because I think I have an idea to make even more. I could be your promoter in a way. I could talk to Kane and he could probably find more people interested and bigger bets could be placed.
  18. Uzagi- If I tell you, don't tell my sister. Got it? *Looks down at him, then back out at the ocean* I hold those types of fights at night. But by day it's just a regular self defense class.

    -Erebus and Rend are far from the other group on the other side of the beach, talking with one another.-

    Umiko- *Goes up to Hyde* Hey Hyde? Where's Kasumi?? It's fun to play in the water! She should come out!
  19. Sebastian- Yeah that's fine. I don't tell my sister everything. But we could talk about this a little later. We are on vacation haha. I'm going to go relax a little more. *Walks back to the towel and sets up an umbrella. Starts watching them all playing again.*

    Hyde- Hey Umiko! Kasumi is hanging out with Ludwig. I think they are still eating, but they should be coming down pretty soon. Do you want to help me set up this net so we could play some volleyball or do you want to go play around in the ocean again?

    Kasumi- You know, I really don't mind Ick that much he just gets on my nervous when he talks like that. I find it kind of vulgar and inappropriate. If you don't mind talking with him just a little I would really appreciate it. I want to relax as well this week, but I don't want to feel like I'm constantly getting checked out by Ick.

    Nadine- *Continues to play with Ick in the water.* COME ON GUYS COME PLAY! *Looks around the beach and sees Hyde and Umiko by the volleyball net.* ~Ohhhh I hope they set it up. I'll get Ick to help if they do!~ *Continues to look around and notices that Erebus, Rend, and Kane are missing.* Hey guys, where did Erebus, Rend and Kane go? Are they getting lunch? We should all play a game! Ick if we can find Erebus we could play chicken! Let me ride on your back and you swim up the shore line alright?
  20. Uzagi- *Nods and continues what he was doing as well*

    Umiko- Sure! We can set it up! *Helps Hyde* Then we can go play in the water. *Smiles*

    Ludwig- Ick means well.. He's not some pervert or anything. He's a gentlemen in his own way. *Shrugs* I will talk with him but I can't control him.

    Ick- Okay *smiles and crouches down so she can get on, swims quickly to shore, stands* Ahh~ I want to live in the water.. *Puts his hand over his brow and scopes the beach* Hey there they are! *Points* HEY GUYS C'MON!!

    Erebus- ...I think they are calling us? *Looks over at Rend*

    Rend- *Sighs* Looks like it. Well come on dog breath.. *Walks over with him to the others*
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