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  1. Within Tarios Academy for Military Training there is a class of seven extreme fighters. Each one has a very powerful skill, that of which they do not stray. But their skills put together as a team is one the deadliest combinations. This team is kept separated from the rest of the trainee's, They perform separate training, and are not to have contact with other soldiers. Team Alpha One is sent on missions the other teams can't handle. Especially on recovery missions for rebel forces.

    The team used to have eight people. Eight fighters that worked together better than a well oiled machine. But one found the system to be corrupt. She left. Her name was Agent Sky Simmons. And she is a traitor. She wasn't much to the team anyway, and it didn't hit hard for the team. She was a simple analyst. She did nothing more and nothing less. She was useless. But she has a suit or Alpha Team Armor, and is therefore powerful. Alpha Team's new mission: Find and Eliminate Agent Sky Simmons aka Alpha Agent Ana

    (If you've ever played Halo or watched RvB Seasons like 8-11 than its kinda like Project Freelancer, but not exactaly.)


    No killing players unless permission is given
    Just don't be an asshole


    Code Name:(Basically a nickname)
    Armor Ability:
    Appearance: (No Pictures if Possible)

    Name: Teagan Simmons

    Code Name: Circuit

    Age: 21
    Specialty: Computer Hacker extraordinaire. Her job entitles hacking the systems and getting her team in silently.

    Armor Ability: Speed

    Appearance: When her armor is on the only thing you can see is it's silver color with black accents as well as her black tinted visor. During the night or anytime she does not have her armor on, Teagan looks a lot like her sister Sky. Long brown waves, usually tied up in a ponytail, light blue eyes hiding under her bangs. She is slim and short, yet muscular, as every alpha soldier is trained in combat. Her facial features are delicate and soft, her lips full and rounded and pale pink. Her skin was light, olive in color.

    Personality: Stubborn and Strong willed. But kind, and she always had a witty remark. She is weary of anyone outside of the Alpha Team. Teagan is fun, and loves to make jokes to ease the mood, even in combat situations.

    History: Teagan and her twin sister Sky signed up for the Forces at the same time. Sky was a genius, not so good with people, but smarter than anyone Teagan ever knew. Teagan was also smart, but she knew electronics. She could hack into anything set before her. That was it, she knew computers and security systems. After Sky left, Teagan was wary. She was wary of her other teammates, and she thought they were wary of her as well. But they had said Sky was too smart for her own good. It corrupted her and sent her tumbling over the edge. Teagan believed them. And so their new mission came. Find and kill Agent Ana.
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  2. Name: C.T. Jones

    Code Name: Scythe

    Age: 23

    Specialty: Weapons Specialist

    Armor Ability: Shields

    Appearance: Dark purple armor, with white accents. Her visor is pure white. Without armor C.T. is tall and skinny, but muscular. She has a head of pin-straight fire red hair, and green eyes. Her hair is almost always braided. C.T. is not as muscular as the other members, as she relies purely on weapons. Not fists or feet. Her guns and knives are her safety net. She has very defined features, with full red lips. Her skin is tanned well.

    Personality: Playful. C.T. is always teasing her teammates. But she is a little ball of energy. Most of her team would call her innocent, but out of anyone, she is likely to be the person to giggle and make a dirty joke out of everything. Immature. That doesn't mean her team doesn't enjoy it though. The Alpha's are always on very serious missions and its nice to have someone to lighten the mood.

    Bio: C.T. was born in a small town in Connecticut, USA, Planet Earth. With her light country accent, C.T. followed in her fathers footsteps, studying weapons and eventually enlisting in the Forces. At the time, she had no idea that she would be placed on an advanced team of soldiers. She trusted each of her teammates with her life. The Sky deserted. C.T. loved Sky like her sister. She knew that Teag wasn't going to join her sister. Teag believed too much in their mission. But now their whole lives revolved around the death of Sky Simmons, Agent Ana. C.T. had a small problem with hurting her friend, but she joined the Forces for a reason. And she intended to keep her vows to the Forces.
  3. Name: James Hammond
    Code Name: 'Mars', after the Roman God of War
    Age: 30
    Specialty: Heavy Weapons Specialist [Much different than your assault rifles and grenade launcers, with missile launchers, anti-material rifles and all that stuff]
    Armor Ability: Strength [Carry heavy stuff and take heavy hits, so that high-recoil heavy weapons can be used easier]

    Appearance: Black armor with dark green stripes. Bumps up James's 6 foot frame by about 6 inches, with reactive plating, titanium-tungsten arm and knee pads, ceramic plating everywhere else. He's covered with a special Kevlar to help absorb the shock from small arms fire, to make him more like a man-sized tank. Full-cover helmet with a customizable visor; can be colored, programmed, or simply removed or raised. Physically, he's six foot tall, doesn't exactly appear to be super-strong, but does lift enough to pick up the smaller Alphas and throw them over his shoulder, without a sweat, armor or no. Blue eyes; brown hair, broadshouldered.

    Personality: Sarcastic, friendly, and caring. He's friendly in a sarcastic way; he'll welcome you, but also go over-the-top with it in a way to hide how he's kind of awkward with straight-up friendliness and the like. In addition to that, he'll never actually say he cares for someone unless they, say, just had their helmets blown off and their armor crumpled and melted, and there is a good chance at a serious injury or worse. Or if someone really tries to get it out of him.

    History: James grew up in the suburbs outside of Dallas, in Texas. Here, he had grown up to be one of the star football players at his school, while doing the above-average work and getting the above-average grades. He flew through school, barely even noticing, really. Nothing really challenged him; it was either so easy that his memory just remembered it, and he just aced it or did very well, or he simply didn't care very much to try very hard, and didn't work very hard. He had no real connection with his parents, either, because he really just didn't like them very much. Really, he's had a simple life with 'you're at point A, and you need point B to go forward', and then he just decides how fast he'll get there.

    So when an unknown school offers him a place, with an unusual name, and therefore exotic, different, and unique, he jumped at the opportunity, got away from all his 'friends' and 'family' to go make some real friends or family, or just have something challenging.
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  4. Yeah! Both Kit_Sparks and you look good to go. Just get the History. And your personality is fine, doesnt have to be long or anything :P
  5. Name:
    Maxwell Michale Humphries

    Code Name:


    Hand-to-Hand Combat (Mixed Martial Arts)

    Armor Ability:

    Duke blue armor, with slim silver accents. His visor is brandeis blue in color. When he took off his armour, one might notice that the lower half of his face is covered with a black mask with silver chains wrapping around it which he is never found without. His long raven black hair flowed freely, grazing down at the bottom of his spine. During mission times, he’d wore it in a high ponytail but he’d let them loose when he’s not engaged in one.

    He stood slightly below six feet tall with silver eyes. He has a tattoo of a phoenix spreading out in black ink on his left arm. The name, ‘Sebastian’ is inked across his right wrist.

    Maxwell Michale, as the head of his clan acts in an aristocratic manner. He always seems serene and apatheric towards other people, even while actually deeply conflicted. He is notably calm, even in battle. He generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations he is faced with, and rarely views his opponent as being worth his time.

    He is easily offended if his name is not used properly, viewing anyone with disdain who failed to address him properly. When he was younger, he was quick to anger and very hot-headed, as noted by his teacher.

    Maxwell Michale strongly believes in law and order, as the head of his clan, he works hard for a peaceful society. He feels that if someone in his position does not follow the rules as a good example, no one else will. He believes that to maintain the order, all law-breakers must be punished, even if it goes against his own wishes.

    He feels that part of his responsibility is to make sure that his team members’ responsibilities are taken care of. In spite of his icy and regal manner, Maxwell Michale cares for and protects those important to him.

    Maxwell Michale was born as the first son into the Humphries clan and grew up in the Humphries mansion. Until the age of seventeen, he would spent countless hours training, preparing to take over the leadership of the Humphries family.

    On his seventeenth birthday, he received an invitation from the Tarios Academy for Military Training and accepted it on the consideration that he needed something more to breakthrough his stagnant self.
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  6. Alright, finished mine, ish, i think.
    How is it now?
  7. And just saying, but you need a post to start off the story, you know? Cause I don't know anything about this Academy, is it American, Chinese, completely foreign, is it all indoors, is it a giant plane, is it an underground former missile silo, ya know?
  8. Usually if such cases are unknown, I would either wait for the owner to start it or start with a safe place like in my character's room or cafeteria.
  9. Name: Aragon Ventorí

    Code name: Ace

    Age: 25

    Specialty: stealth/assassinations

    Armor ability: enhanced senses (if that's acceptable. If not, stealth)

    Appearance: Aragon has a black armor with blue accents. Under his armor is a black stealth suit with a hood that casts a shadow over his face. His armor isn't overly thick, only enough to stop him from taking critical damage, but it allows him to be quick and agile which he can use in both offense and defense. Aragon has black, spiky hair with bangs that fall over the top half of his face; concealing his face along with the mask.

    He stands about six foot one, with a slim yet fit build. His eyes are an icy blue that seem to be able to see into every corner of someone's soul.

    Personality: Aragon has great leadership skills though he can be easily angered and sometimes his anger can cloud his judgement. For the most part he is calm and in control and is good at keeping his emotion to himself. His main focus is getting the job at hand done with as little complication as possible. Everything is second hand.

    When it comes to his teammates, he believes in "no man left behind" he is willing to put himself at risk if it means the safety of his partners. When it comes to anyone else, depending on the situation, he can be quite heartless. If someone isn't with him, then their against him; and that is a problem.

    History: Aragon was born into a family of assassins and military contractors. He has been training ever since he was a young boy and has perfected the art of stealth and assassination throughout his life. When he was in his late teens, his brother murdered their parents, then Aragon killed his brother. His brother is the reason that he has a hard time trusting others and in some cases can be paranoid.

    All in all Aragon adjusts to the situation and can have different reactions
  10. Both of you are Accepted! Welcome to the Team!

    Since we now have 5 people, I'm gonna do a starting post, and if more people join in than they can just pick up where we are. Sound good?
  11. Name: Mia Grey
    Code Name: Enzyme
    Age: 27
    Specialty: Chemical Specialist
    Armor Ability: Analysis and Camouflage (I can remove the camouflage bit though!)
    Her armor is grey with lime green accents and trim. Because of her need to move about quickly and cover as much as ground as possible, the armored parts are not in the usual places. The top half of her armor consist of a turtle neck and detachable sleeves with bracers on them. Her lower half is somewhat baggy and has multiple pockets along the sides so she can hide her various chemical bombs/gadgets. She wears boots like most soldiers, but almost always tinkers with them so that they can have small release points that emit either smoke/fog or sleeping gas if she needs it. On her face she wears something akin to a gas mask so she won't succumb to the effects of her own creations. The eye part of the gas mask has a special scanner technology in it so she can identify what type of chemical is being used against her and her team. The scanner breaks down and analyzes the chemical so that she can see which compounds were used to make the gas/liquid.

    When Mia removes her armor you can see that she's a medium height woman, standing at exactly 5'7" and weighing about 146 pounds. Her skin is dark brown and her eyes are the same color. Her hair is black, natural and cut close to her head so that if she ever had to engage in armor-less combat, there would be nothing for her opponent to latch onto.

    Personality: Mia is pretty laid back and pretty much nothing pisses her off or makes her break a sweat. Except, when people interrupt her zone or enter her lab. She absolutely positively despises it when people screw up her process. Interrupt her coffee break? No big deal. But barge in on her when she's in the middle of creating a nasty bomb that blinds people upon explosion--she'll kick your ass. And by kick your ass, I mean with words. Mia knows that she's not the most physically capable person. Sure she can thrown a few punches, give someone a good kick in the pants, but she can't really follow up on that. She's a nerd to the core and nerds, use words.

    History: Mia was born into a pretty average family. Average parents with average jobs, a nurse (her dad) and a teacher (her mom) to be exact. She had a sister, a pretty girly girl type who had a lot of friends and quite a few boyfriends (all at the same time). Mia, not so much. She wasn't the 'date a lot of guysl, have a lot of friends, and go to prom in your best dress' type of girl. In fact she was more of the 'have a few friends, date no one, go to science conventions, sneak into college chemistry lectures' type of girl. And that was fine, she had a great childhood doing what she loved, she transferred into a great private 'scienc-y' oriented boarding high school--and dropped out.

    Yeah. She dropped out after her junior year. Why? Because the science classes at that school just weren't doing it for her. They were making lollipops from scratch for goodness sakes! Lollipops! Where were the explosions? Where were the accidents? Not in that school apparently. So she dropped out school and prepared to get her GED. Naturally she returned home, where her parents welcomed her back, only a tad disappointed. However, while she was away at school, Mia's dad had moved up and become a hot shot doctor at a fancy hospital that saved fancy people. So of course, he got fancy money. So he got his daughter a fancy lab, with fancy equipment, and Mia was overjoyed. She could do whatever she wanted in her lab! And she did! She made a bunch of things that probably weren't quite legal...And that was when she got in trouble. But before she could go to court, Tarios Academy approached and well, she stayed.
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  12. Accepted! Except Analysis would not be an armour ability. That would just be like you're good an analyzing.
  13. @Lowlife Adventurer

    I put that because of the scanner technology in her mask. Because it analyzes the chemical compounds in gases/liquids?
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  14. Mmmm.. yeah I guess thats fine then
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  15. I like how my character is the only 'prodigy' of his respective field that isn't in his 20s.
  16. Lol. Let's wait for the rest to catch up. Anyway I need to work now so see you.
  17. I hope you guys don't mind I took up the role of the Director!
  18. That kind of thing is, I thought, at least, up to the GM, solely and completely. I didn't say anything about the annoucement, but you need to wait for LowLife to do the plot-moving. LL might of had a different plan in mind for the annoucement or mission, so I would think that one shouldn't go and commandeer the plot. :/
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