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    This is the official OOC/CS thread for The Allegiance roleplay! The links to the In-character thread and Discord chat will soon posted up. Before we get started, do note that this roleplay takes place in a modern-day setting. So yes, YouTube is still the ruler of the Internet and Barack Obama is still playing golf in his retirement years. However, do note that many of the places the OCs will travel to to look for Praedo's soul will most probably be located in less suburban areas and more village areas/ with little population.

    A long time ago, before Earth was even created, lived the Gods that resided in Heaven. They lived in harmony from the dawn of time but they came to a realisation and that is; they couldn't just live as Gods without serving any purpose whatsoever. As such, they created Earth with all its splendors. And then, they created Humans.

    This was so far, their greatest achievement. The Humans were delighted at this and offered their prayers and fellowship to them but after awhile, Humans begin to question their independence and freedom. Did they truly need the Gods?

    Mortified, the Gods decided that they needed to create something so vile and horrendous that only they could defeat it. Once again, instilling their purpose into Humans' hearts.

    As such, they created the Praedo. Also known as the Destroyer.

    However, the Gods overestimated its power and soon, darkness, chaos, misery and death fell upon Earth.

    Determined to end what they started, the Gods fought Praedo and broke her soul into 12 pieces. They then hid it only place they loved and trusted- Earth.

    The Gods then created 12 individuals (the Chinese Zodiac) that were destined to protect Earth and its Humans and ensure that Praedo doesn't rise back up and destroy humanity once again.

    However, a group of individuals known as the Empire sees Praedo as one way to reset the world and vanquish all the uselessness in the current world, to build a better world.

    It is now time for the descendants of these 12 individuals to come back together, find Praedo's soul before the Empire does.

    As you know, you will be playing a descendant of one of those 12 individuals. Each Chinese Zodiac has reproduced and as they do so, their powers would be transferred to those (usually one, very rare to have a few) who are destined to be the Protector of the clan. Your character will have to go on an expedition with the other 11 Zodiacs (12 if you include the Cat) and find the 12 pieces of Praedo's soul before The Empire gets to them first.

    1. What powers do they have? How can they use them?
    Answer: There is no set power that is deemed specifically for them. As such, I suggest you go with powers that could be related to the Zodiac animal you will be roleplaying as. It doesn't have to be 100% in relation but tying it back to your character will be good. An example, the Pig is a lazy animal but endures through out the journey. He might have higher endurance level compared to other characters. Abilities in relation to that; maybe he lasts in a fight longer than other more 'powerful' characters.

    2. Why do they need powers for?
    Answer: Not only will they face the Empire trying to get the 12-piece soul but there will be Praedo's underlings that are trying to resurrect him. These are Adsignatos; they're usually smaller demons/ monsters like this. However, there are three types of demons/ monsters you will face. As the expedition gets further towards completion, you will meet Prodigiums and Tenebris. Prodigiums are middle-ranked demons/ monsters that are more difficult to take down while Tenebris are the higher-ranking demons/ monsters that usually requires team effort to take down.

    3. How do I differentiate Adsignatos, Prodigiums and Tenebris?
    Answer: Adsignatos are smaller in size and are usually red in colour. Prodigiums varies in size but their most distinctive feature is their blue skin. Tenebris, on the other hands, are the most recognisable out of the three as they come in many forms. However, they are usually huge monstrosities that a black or gray nature to them.

    4. Who are the Empire?
    Answer: They are a group of archaeologist that discovered the landing site of one of Paedro's 12-piece soul. The piece, however, was not there as it was moved by one of the original members of the Zodiac to a safer place. The characters who will be played as the Empire will be introduced in the 'Characters' section.

    5. Do the descendants of the 12 Zodiacs (+1 Cat) know where these pieces are?
    Answer: No, they do not. The original Zodiacs hid these pieces all around the world and left no inklings as to where they were hidden. It was far too risky to have them jotted down and possibly, found out by unwanted individuals like the Empire.

    6. How will the Zodiacs find the pieces then?
    Answer: Each zodiac has an heirloom from their descendants (even the cat)- a small piece of gemstone that were extracted from Praedo's soul (yes, it's a reasonably sized gemstone). When placed together, they will shine and emit out an almost holographic figure that will be the next clue for where the next soul piece will be.

    7. I thought there were only 12 pieces of Praedo's soul? How did the Cat get an extra one?
    Answer: When the 12 pieces of Praedo's soul are pieced back together, a black gemstone (what the Cat has) will be created before Praedo will be released from the Underworld and will be resurrected.

    8. Do the 12 (+Cat) know each other? How?
    Answer: Every 6 years, the clans have a meeting to ensure that Praedo's soul is not discovered yet. You can see it as an official business meeting of a sort. All of them know each other in one way or another but are probably not close unless you'd like your characters to know each other. And no, they aren't related by blood so....go wild.

    1. All Iwakuroleplay rules apply. No exceptions, buts or excuses.

    2. No Godmodding. If you don't like your character being controlled, don't control other's character as well. As the GM, I won't too unless you give be substantial reason to do so.

    3. No Gary Stus, Mary Sues and etc. Your character is mortal. If it gets stabbed in the heart, there won't be a sudden explosion or a revelation that he/she is the Avatar.

    4. No John Doe's or Jane Doe's. This is a group roleplay where everyone wants to enjoy defeating monsters, yes but character development is an enhance to the roleplay too.

    5. OOC Drama or Fights are a no. We're all mature adults here or at least, we have logic and are literate. If you want to start a fight with someone, by all means. But take it outside. No one wants to get involved in it. If you do involve others in the group in it, I will take action against you.

    6. Be literate. Some of us don't have English as their first language and that is okay. Having the occasional grammar mistake is okay too. Write something that others can understand and don't be an asshole about it if no one can.

    7. Curse words are alright, just don't use it as a noun, verb, adjective, conjunction and etc. Nobody minds 'Get the fuck out of here!' but everyone hates it when it's 'Why in the hell are you fucking doing here, you bloody pussy?

    8. I expect two paragraphs minimum from everyone. Give me one liners and I will give you a warning.

    9. I'm not expecting too much so please post at least twice a week. There are 168 hours a week. Don't tell me you can't spare two hours of it. However, if you can't post, let us know in the Discord group! It'll be more upsetting to not hear from you rather than knowing already.

    10. Violation of any of these rules will be given a warning. Three warnings and then you're out!

    ~Insert image of character (Anime/ Face Claims are alright)~

    Name: What's their fullname?
    Nickname: Do they go by anything other than their name? Or is there a short form of their name?
    Age: How old are they? Note that they should be from 19 to 25.
    Zodiac Family: Rat? Ox? Tiger?
    Gender: Female? Male? Cis?
    Sexuality: How do they like their man/ woman?
    Ethnicity: Where are they originally from?


    Physical Description: Describe their looks. 1 paragraph+. Hair colours, eyes shape and colour, how tall are they? How do they walk? Their body shape?
    Clothing Style/ Preferences: What are they usually seen dressed up in? You can insert links too!
    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings: Anything they'd like to cover up about themselves? A rebellious stage in life where they got a tattoo of a bacon?


    Personality: How are they like? Shy? Drama queen? Cold-hearted motorcycle dude?
    Biography: What's their history? Do they like their family? Is this quest too much of a trouble?
    Weapon of Choice: How do they defend themselves? Katana? Nunchucks?
    Ability/ Power: Super strength? Can they hold their breath for 1 hour straight? Nothing too OP though. They're still human.
    Weaknesses: What's their Kryptonite? Do they dissolve at the sight of water?


    Likes: Do they secretly like pineapple on pizza (BLASPHEMY!)?
    Dislikes: Do they hate pineapple on pizza?
    Hobbies: What do they do during their free time? Sleeping? Computer games? A secret Otaku?
    Fears: From cockroaches to the sea, we are all scared of something.
    Relationships: Who's your friends and who's your rival? Maybe someone special but how would we know?
    Extras: Anything to add? Quirks? Theme song?

    Eliza Agron

    Leader of The Empire


    Age: "Does it look like it matter? Get back into your line before I sew it up and send it to your grandmother."

    Biography: Eliza Agron is half-Jewish and half-British. Her parents are famed archaeologists, Yacoob Agron and Helda Portland. As a result of such jobs, Eliza was fortunate enough to experience the expeditions and adventures her parents have faced for a whopping thirty years. After her parents retired, she vowed to them that she would continue on her search to discover what they have yet to uncover. While in the midst of one of her expeditions, her crew and herself stumbled upon the sight whereby one of Paedro's 12-piece soul was once buried. Being consumed with the leftover energy that was still present in the site, she vowed to dedicate the rest of her life into resurrecting her.

    Esme Agron

    Pilot of The Empire


    Age: "Younger than my wench of a sister. Ah, don't worry, she calls me bitch anyways."

    Biography: Esme has always wanted to be a world-renowned pilot. She planned her life out at the age of ten that she would go to flight school, pass with flying colours, get a job, travel the entire world and become the richest person on Earth. Her sister on the other hand, wanted to follow through her parents' footsteps and was obviously their favourite. After her parents' died though, Eliza inherited almost everything (no surprise there). She soon spiralled into a hell hole and ended up flunking flight school. However, one day her sister suggested a proposition- help her find those jewels and she'll not only get most of her inheritance but Esme would get reinstated to flight school. What was she to lose at this point?

    Fong Kee Keen

    Co-leader of The Empire


    Age: "I stopped counting after 45. Add a few years onto that and you'll get it."

    Biography: Fong met Eliza Agron when she was in China. At that time, she had reason to believe that one of the 12-piece soul was hidden in a farm at Beijing. Hearing how passionate she was about finding these pieces, he decided he would tag along. In fact, he had nothing to live for at this point. His wife and children had been murdered a couple of years back because he was given a task by a Chinese tycoon. He deemed the world already lost once after the incident. Fong decided that he would meet his wife and children once again after this last expedition is completed.

    Sachi Ryugazaki

    Guide to the 12 (+1) Zodiac + Caretaker


    Age:"28. If you count by human years, hehe."

    Biography: Sachi is unfortunately, just a human. However, she is an exception to the clans as she is the only outsider who knows about the clan and the Zodiacs. Her parents were actually from the banished Cat Clan. About a century ago, the Cat Clan had a few members who were unhappy about the arrangement of being an outcast. As such, a number of them left. However, one family in particular came back after leaving. They were pardoned but were given the punishment of having to serve the other 12 clans for the rest of eternity or until their clan dies out. From a young age, Sachi was trained (like many before her) of what her duty was to the 12 clans if there is a rise of those who seek Paedro's soul. However, since the punishment was given a century ago, not many of today's clan members know the existence of the Ryugazaki's duty to the Zodiacs.

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  2. Placeholder for arc/ chapters.
  3. Mako's babies

    « »
    Danielle Lee


    Danielle Lee Ara | Dani, Danielle & Ara | 23 y/o | Pig clan | Heterosexual | Korean

    Physical Description:
    Danielle stands at 5' 4" (an approximate of 165cm). She was born with light brown hair which she later on highlighted with strokes of auburn red. Currently, her hair reaches her mid back at the ends of which are wavy. Most of the time, she lets her hair go but whenever she is seen stressed out, she will shape it into a bun. She was blessed with strong cheek bones to an oval-shaped face. The pupils of her eyes are a dark shade of brown and her biggest insecurity about her physical appearance are her thin eyebrows. Her body figure is shaped proportionally, however, she does not see herself as well-endowed as other women are.

    Clothing Style/ Preferences:
    Cover it all up, girl.

    X ; X ; X

    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings:
    X on her wrist; she also has a few scars from training in various places.


    One personality trait that is prominent about Danielle is the fact that she hates being bossed around and sometimes can be seen as rude. She is very honest in her opinions and doesn't see it necessary to hide them, especially since her clan and herself ends up getting the bad end of the stick for being the last. Danielle, however, is an understanding individual who does express empathy (although not a lot of times). She isn't very expressive with her emotions but she isn't stoic. Although hard to admit most of the time, Danielle is a rather lazy person in general. If someone volunteers to do something or there is another way that is easier around the situation, she doesn't see the point in cracking her head over it.

    Other than that, she is known for her dark sense of humour at times. She tries to keep it at bay but dark and morbid jokes are her way to go. Though she won't admit it, she can be quite clingy to people she enjoy company to. However, she is a very dedicated person to her friends and will probably (if it doesn't involve climbing 1000 steps) engage it.

    Danielle Lee was never a big fan of the other clans. Or clans, in general. When she was born into the Pig clan, her parents were overjoyed that she received the power and would henceforth be the successor to the 12 descendants. Everyone treated her like she was a Goddess. She would have turned into a spoiled brat if it wasn't for her grandfather. He was the only one who treated her like another human being. She hated dressing up, going for obligatory ceremonies or meetings. She wanted none of that and only wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a freelance musician. After her grandfather passed away, she begin to be rebellious. She never took her responsibilities seriously and hoped that one day, her powers would just be transferred to another descendant in the family.

    Now, however, she was summoned to aid in the finding of Paedro's souls. She initially thought of running away and not bothering about such a stupid quest but she wouldn't want to make her grandfather disappointed in her, especially since he only wished for her happiness.

    Weapon of Choice:
    Twin pistols

    Ability/ Power:
    - User can influence/manipulate/move objects/matter with their mind. Her power covers within these areas; Binding, Levitation, Psionic Healing and Psionic Strength (To augment user's physical strength). Note that Danielle is able to perform these to her abilities but she is constricted to size of object, its matter arrangement and other possible factors. She can levitate an elephant up in the air but she can't do so for a whole building.

    Extreme sounds; More advanced mind manipulation techniques/ practice


    Meat, the rain, firm pillows, the trumpet, cats, amusement parks and yogurt.

    Kimchi, soggy tea bags, crop tops, slow-thinking people, politics and religion.

    Playing the trumpet, sleeping, eating and listening to music.

    Any insect, extreme filth (contracting diseases) and heights.


    - She has never eaten sushi before because she is scared of contracting worms (from a documentary she watched).
    - Danielle pretends to like most Korean food because she doesn't want her whole clan screaming 'DISGRACE!' at her.
    Haruo Ito


    Haruo Ito | Haruo, Haru & Ito-san (Mr Ito) | 25 y/o | Rooster clan | Closeted Homosexual | Japanese

    Physical Description:
    Standing at a whopping 6 feet 3" (approximately 190cm), Haruo usually finds himself towering almost everyone he comes across, female or male. More on the former, to be exact. He has unruly raven black hair which fringe begs to be cut off anytime soon. He has been told on multiple occasions that he has sharp features that compliments his height. He never keeps any facial hair as he finds that he looks stricter than he already is. Although, his nose is what he likes to exaggerate and calls a 'deformed potato begging to be unearth'. His eyes are a grayish-blue but they are rarely noticed as they are usually blocked by his glasses.

    Clothing Style/ Preferences:
    Dress to Impress

    X ; X ; X

    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings:
    He has a medium-sized birthmark that resembles an Amoeba on his left pec; A straight scar on his torso.


    'Satisfactory behaviour' is what Haruo would describe himself as if he was given the choice to do so. Haruo's personality is stemmed from being analytical to the point of cautiousness. He dislikes taking risks that aren't accounted or calculated for, especially if repercussions and endings could be severe in his or those in his company's case. Despite being seen as the calm and collected businessman many might mistake him for, he is rather talkative to his own standard and tries to be more extroverted as he can be. Although, there are times where he admits he can go wild. Wild in the sense where he offers no restriction to anything he does with the influence of alcohol in his system.

    Although he tries his best, he is born a realist. He doesn't dwell on the possible negative outcomes nor does he fantasies over those that will never occur. He is also rather hot-tempered but he tries to keep it at bay. Most of the time, he resorts to running through the multiplication table in his head if he is about to lose his cool. Though, he is a very loyal companion to have by their side as he believes that loyalty is one of the very few items in hand that cannot be bought by money.

    Haruo Ito of the Rooster clan is the next in-line to be the president of Medic Corps. His father, Kazuki Ito, started out the pharmaceutical business in the hopes of being an international export-import giant in the medical field. After having gone through many blood, sweat and tears, his father finally made it to the big league when Haruo was ten years old. From then on, he was to be the successor of his father. His siblings had no interest in running such a big corporation, especially since a risk as small as 0.001 could destroy the business existentially. However, not many people were glad at this news.

    They preferred his father's second-in-line at the company to take over as his business horizons could be compared to those of even his father's. As such, Haruo Ito has a fair share of enemy. Once he even got stabbed at an international medical conference held in Osaka. His enemies only grew in numbers and it was his decision to leave the company in the hands of his father's second-in-line. He knew that one day, after all of this mess is done with, alongside with those of the Zodiac, he will reclaim it with the help of his father.

    Weapon of Choice:
    Japanese Sai

    Ability/ Power:
    Sound Manipulation
    - User can create, shape and manipulate sound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. This ability of his covers through the fields of Frequency Manipulation, Sound Absorption, Sound Amplification and Sleep Inducement. The limit of his abilities is prominent through existing sound. If he is in a quiet room whereby a sound is not to be made, he can't use his ability.

    Sound Immunity; Water as his breathing affects his ability.


    Mathematics, jokes (especially if they're intellectual), meeting new people, avocado, wind and iced lemon tea.

    Learning other languages, heat, strawberries, dogs and cotton balls.

    Running, exploring the Internet, listening to thrash metal and reading.

    Dogs and small spaces.


    - His favourite past time after exploring the Internet is listening to his collection of trash metal that he finds on YouTube.
    - His secret talent is juggling items.
  4. 1.
    Name - Raymond Hues
    Nickname- Ray
    Age: 20
    Zodiac: Monkey
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Strait
    Ethnicity: American


    Physical Description:

    Raymond stands 5'7", but looks vitally the same as the image... Bite me

    Clothing Style/ Preferences: What ever is trendy in the area.
    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings: NA

    Personality: Incredibly energetic, very friendly, anything but shy, likes to cause trouble.

    Biography: Born as the son of the head of the house hold, Raymond Hues lived a very privileged life. And as a member of the free spirited Monkey Clan, one can easily assume that his life couldn't be any more perfect. As a child Raymond was in and out of all sorts of trouble though his harmless pranks, until one faithful day everything changed... When fighting off Some bullies to defend his fellow clan members and trusted friends, Raymond Transformed into an Elephant. It was on that day his parents told him about the prophecy and the fragments of Praedo's soul. From that day Raymond took his role as a "Zodiac Enforcer" with pride and joy, and promised to do his clan proud.

    Weapon of Choice: None, His powers are enough... He dose know a number of martial arts though
    Ability/ Power: Shape-shifting (animals only)

    Animal list (open)

    Weaknesses: Limited to only 15 animals, The longer he remains an animal the harder it is to not only return to human but also retain his humanity. Sometimes a strong enough blow can force him to revert back to human. AS an animal, he has the weaknesses of that animal.


    Likes: Eating, pulling pranks and practical jokes, having fun
    Dislikes: being bored
    Hobbies: Gaming, dancing, karaoke (usually deliberately singing off key)
    Fears: Ghosts and goblins, He's kind of silly that way
    Relationships: Although He dose have a tenancy to make friends with vitally any he meets, he isn't without enemies.
    Extras: Nothing to note.


    Name: Hisako Yumi
    Nickname: She will turn you into ash if you give her one
    Age: 22
    Zodiac: Dragon
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi
    Ethnicity: Japanese


    Physical Description:

    Hisako stands at 5'4" and weighs in a 125 Lbs, and her hair is just past shoulder length. She doesn't have a tattoo on her shoulder, she dose have one on her back though. Hisako also has red eyes.

    Clothing Style/ Preferences: Unless it's a special occasion, She is seldom ever NOT dressed like an edgy teen. Despite not been a teenager.
    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings: Dragon tattoo on her back

    Personality: Cruel, very serious, sometimes comes off as rude, condescending to those she deems as "weaker than her".

    Biography: Demon, monster, freak, dragon, all these and more were the hurtful names others called Hisako the day she discovered her Zodiac powers. The Dragon Clan have always been a strict group of people, so much so that they would not tolerate failure or imperfection. This couldn't be any more true for Hisako, who already had enough to live up to with her Uncle becoming leader of the clan after her father passed away. Hisako never wanted to have this power, but as she wpuld soon learn... Not everyone get's to pick their destiny.

    Weapon of Choice: None, HER powers are enough
    Ability/ Power: Pyrokinesis, she can even use her powers to make her entire body made of fire/
    Weaknesses: Water, if she is soaked she cannot use her power. If she wants to make her body fire, she must make the conscience decision to do so.


    Likes: Reading, using her powers, reptiles
    Dislikes: The Monkey Clan (She's jealous of their freedom)
    Hobbies: Burning things
    Fears: Rain (only in combat), anything that would negate her dragon powers (also combat only), Bugs
    Relationships: She isn't much of a people person, and when she doesn't like some one she makes it very clear about it.
    Extras: She may have a bit of a "Hate Crush" on Raymond. She likes him but hates him at the same time.
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  5. Name: What's their fullname? Issac Greyworth
    Nickname: Guardian
    Age: 25
    Zodiac Family: Ox
    Gender: Male?
    Sexuality: Straight and likes a women that is kind and understanding and flexible and sweet to help him balance his sometimes frostyish nature
    Ethnicity: England


    Physical Description Isaac is a built like a bring shit house but ironically enough he's not slow, he has Strawberry Blond hair and grey and blue eyes with hints of get, when he's really pissed his hair goes dark red and his eyes a nasty hazy blue. He stands at six foot six inches, He tends to be work or out clothes or martial arts gi because of his besides being a geography teacher he also job and a martial arts teacher, his shift vary's depending on what day or if the people can come on that day. When he's not in either school or the garden growing the herbs and vegtables he sometimes works as a host in a place called blue heaven.
    Clothing Style/ Preferences: What are they usually seen dressed up in? [​IMG] When at the host club
    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings: Several small to medium scares for weapon based or accidents while helping people all over his body.


    Personality: He can be cold heated and bossy and moody and uncaring, but he is also sincere, mysterious and subtle playful and fun to talk and hang out with if he likes you and full of interesting facts about life he also has a kinkier side to him if you can draw it out but he tends to hold this back most times and every so often loves crushing bullies.
    Biography: Issac traveled the world in his younger years due to being left a lot of money from his parents and had several lovers, and made both friends and foe with his nature, one day he got sick of all that and decided to become a teacher and pass on his knowledge. When he can he tends to use his money to help others get a better life since so many grow up with shitty lives in some form or another through many things but some how remains in the shadows. His best friend is the snake Zodiac called nina who he's kept contact with over many years no matter where he's been. Some say they were more than best friends but they both didn't want to ruin what they have so they didn't go down that road.
    He doesn't hate his family for the most part his role is fine as watching them grow through his help and strength of character. Is the quest worth it that depends on his mood and the people at the times.

    Weapon of Choice: He is a weapon, he can channel his super natural strength into his kick and punches or even slice bricks or metal like his arm is a broad sword (note his arm doesn't turn into a broad sword)
    Ability/ Power: Super strength, and the ability to use the wind to protect or cut a for or many foes.
    Weaknesses: He loses his sense of self when he has a fighters high and will turn on those closest to him . Drawing on the wind takes focus and time thus he's wide open till he can use the wind, this also drains him faster and he can sometimes black out.

    Likes: Do they secretly like pineapple on pizza yes he does and they can sod off, books cooking training gardening the stars being pampered every so often good conversation and interesting people and more
    Dislikes: Overly arrogant and foolish people, badly made food and sweets, people that complain too much, having his work messed with this is one of the bigger no no Don't call his best friend nina a slut this will get you into a fight with out a second though because he knows what she went through as a kid.
    Hobbies: cooking a secret Otaku learning new things and more
    Fears: That he will never find true love because of his old reputation resurfacing
    Relationships: Nina the snake, others not sure if can called them friends yet but that doesn't stop him from caring about them. sometimes it's a royal pain in the ass and he doesn't have as much in inspiration.
    Extras: Is always eating something because he's stomach is like a black hole, sometimes forcefully clicks his joints this can creep others out. doesn't mind having a little dirty on him but does wash so he doesn't smell. Enjoys messing with bully's and Sometimes enjoys a good scarp with strong foes.
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  6. a634d3c4802bb91223085eaa928dad0c.jpg

    Ash (Opal) Sanders /Ashy /Sans


    Zodiac Family:



    American (grew up in Chicago, Illinois. Current residence is in Hawaii)

    Physical Description:
    Describe their looks.

    Ash has striking red hair which he dyed to be that bright of a color. His natural hair color is onyx black, something easy to tell as he didn't dye any other hair that can be visible on his body. His eye color resembles that of an opal or a diamond, without a doubt it doesn't look like a normal person eye color, but he was in fact born like this. Along with his eyes being unique his ears and teeth are as well. His ears are slightly more pointed, and his teeth have fangs. Though these features are without a doubt odd on a person, he doesn't bother to hide it in the least.

    He comes to a height of about 5 foot, ten, this is without wearing anything to increase his height. He also has a very athletic build. Not one that has too much muscle like a body builder, but a rather lean body that has more muscle than fat. His build is great, though one may have a tough time figuring that out due to the way he holds himself/walks. He often slouches or is usually seen sitting down/leaning against walls etc.

    Clothing Style/ Preferences:
    Ash give a damn about looks. Never in his life has he worn a suit, and he'll be damned if he ever does. When it comes to what he wears on a daily basis it always varies. For the most part he wears baggy shirts as well as hoddies as he finds those the most comfortable. For his pants he wears regular jeans that were obviously bought at goodwill and when it comes to his shoes. He either wears combat boots, or tennis shoes depending on which were closer at the time he needed them.

    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings:
    Ash's body is littered with scars (as seen in above pic). There are scars on his face, shoulder, neck, back and chest. Scars he received after an event which took place in his childhood. This event also caused him to lose his left eye completely. Along with these scars he wears the earrings seen in the above pic 24/7 (the earrings each have a design on them, the one on the left has a yang sign while the other has a yin).

    When you first meet him he is a extrovert and an outspoken person who makes sure his opinions are heard. Even if he doesn't give off much initial presence at first, he'll make damn sure you don't ignore him. He's pretty smut, and often thinks he knows best, he is someone that prefers to act first and consider thinking some other time.Not to mention he is headstrong, and isn't the easiest person in the world to persuade, if he wants to beat the shit out of someone. You would have to physically restrain him to stop. If he doesn't want to do somewhere or do something, well good luck making him do it. He is quite the jackass to people for the most part, though if he doesn't like you, he makes it pretty damn clear right off the bat. He isn't capable of pretending to be nice to someone or anything like that. If he is asked to bow his head to someone that he has no respect for, he will refuse to do it. His pride would never allow him to do something like that, you can try and make him. In doing so, you will likely get a ferocious response in return.

    Though he is a loudmouth, stubborn, jackass that isn't capable of being kind to people he doesn't like even when he really should. He's not irredeemable. If Ash likes you he will show another light of himself to this person. While he can still be irritating, he dials it down a good deal. This is something that is very clear if he respects you as well. Gaining his respect and becoming his friend is how you see the brighter side of him. He is willing to share a good laugh and will happily join in any fights you get into. Even if you were in the wrong he'll have your back (as long as you don't attempt to take advantage of him). He'll talk to you as his equal rather than look down at you as if you were a roach. Also, if he does like you, he is more likely to listen to that person suggestions rather than ignore them (something he has a huge tendency to do).

    Being who he is, Ash is horrendous at planning ahead. He might plan his meal for the day or some exercise. However don't expect him to make any plans for the next day or any days after that. He is very impulsive, so any plans he does make always change at any moment. Or the plans he made in the first place were so vague they couldn't be consider actual plans. If someone offers up a plan, he may listen, but all in all its unlikely. Unless of course he trusts said person. While he is a brave person without a doubt, he's just not always the smartest one around.

    Though he seems to be a pretty active person in terms of personality, when it comes to life goals and dreams. He has none. Sure, he will do the duty given to him as a Zodiac. However he currently has nothing he personally wants to achieve that isn't purely based on his duty and pride.

    Ash grew up in Chicago Illinois, a city that is anything but kind due to the rampant crime that goes on there. Something of which ash was became familiar with rather swiftly. For his parents were both leaders of one of the top gangs of the city. They were respected, feared, hated and always targeted. As a child this life style suited him just fine, he didn't mind it in the least, if anything he learned how to adapt to it. Violence, illegal activates, etc became part of his everyday life and that was just fine. Despite the crime the family was involved in, they were still people that had morals and respect for life. Honestly, they tried not to have too many people killed, but business was business. They made sure to act just well enough to remain in the Tiger clan, well at least from what the showed the other clan members.

    When it was discovered that Ash was the one that would inherit the tiger zodiac, his parents couldn't have been more proud of their son. They made sure to foster him in a way to be able to handle such responsibility. He was never abused by his parents be it physically or mentally, as despite the profession they had, it was clear they truly loved their son. They made sure to train him in a way that his body could handle. For sadly since birth Ash had several complications as a child. Not only did he have a blood discord that always had his mother worry. But he was born as a sickly kid who was rather weak physically.

    Upon gaining the power of the tiger, things started to look up. The power he gained was helping his body greatly. He became less sickly and he started to gain strength (though the blood condition didn't change). However, as time went on something became strikingly clear. Despite the positive changes to his body, Ash simply wasn't able to handle the power the zodiac tiger was bringing to him. Whether it was due to his weak body or the power simply being stronger with him was unknown. All his family knew was that Ash was starting to suffer because of the power. He faced violent mood swings and couldn't control the growing power. Something that became very clear at the age of 10, when he accidently injured his own mother when throwing a tantrum that was fueled by more anger than he knew how to deal with.

    When this happened his mother and father seeked out help from other clan members and after a through search they came upon someone that could help them out. Using a very specific ritual, a shaman was able to create a collar that could hold back Ash's growing powers, to a level that the young boy could handle. This item showed immediate result. It bottled up power that had been hurting the boy and made it so he simply couldn't use it until his body could handle it. The initial plan was to wait till he was eighteen before even considering to remove the collar, however things didn't go as planned.

    At the age of thirteen, his family was in the middle of a gang war. As some wanna be group wanted to over throw the Sanders and gain all their power. This war last a long time, and many people became victims to it (something which honestly saddened the Sanders for they didn't wish to have too many causalities). During this war, one of the victims of it, was Ash himself.

    When his parents went away for an important meeting with the Zodiacs they had to leave their son behind. For fear of an attack on them during their travels. They of course left their son in the care of their best security and told him not to leave their sight for even a second. He listened, however, they were betrayed. One of the security guards were bribed into revealing security details. Details which lead to rival gang breaking into the safe house and capturing Ash, after killing the men that were with him.

    With him in their hands, they immediately stole him away and took him to an unknown location to use as a hostage. Intending to force his parents to into surrendering.

    Upon learning of the capture of their son, the parents immediately returned from the meeting cutting it short. A full week went by as they tried to find Ash, but to no success. Every day that passed they knew meant that there child could die. Though they didn't want to hand over their territory, they were starting to lose hope. A hope that got even darker when the mother got a package in the mail. A package which contained one of Ash's eyes. When learning what their son was going through this didn't make them want to give in. Rather it made them utterly furious. They had tried to solve the issue involving as few people as possible. But upon receiving this package that was completely tossed out of the window. The father used every single resource he had, even if that meant stopping deals that could have raked in a large about of money. He nor his wife cared about that, all they wanted to do was find their son and make the ones that took him pay.

    With all the extra help and favors called in, Ash's location was narrowed down to a mansion that a relative of the rival gang lived in. Upon learning this, both the mother and father went to this place personally. Along with a large company of men (who were also part of the tiger clan) they stormed the place in search of their son. Upon entering the home they found no one, that is not until they arrived at the basement.

    When they got there, they were met with a strong scent of blood and upon entering the basement their eyes were greeted with a horrific sight. In the room stood Ash, still as a rock right in the center. He made no movement nor seemed to realize that anyone entered the room. The boy that stood there was drenched in blood, for around him were the corpses of his captors and on the floor at his feet was a broken collar.

    Though they were shocked by this the mother and father rushed over to their son to check on him. At first he gave no reaction but once the father took the broken collar and placed it on his son's wrist (thank ducktap for being able to fix it a bit). Ash passed out on the spot, unmoving, but breathing.

    After this event took place many things changed around the home. He had even more security than ever before, not just for his sake either. He was given a new collar to contain his powers and had to seek therapy for years. As time passed the event faded away from his mind, or at least he tries to make it fade from his mind. For despite what he told people, he was very shaken up by the experience. Not only because he took life for the first time, but because the power he had was something that made him do it.

    As time went on and as he grew older, the collar was changed to earrings. For it was deemed he needed something that would allow him to use his powers at least a bit, rather than all or nothing. Which was something that was very useful for him. When he reached 18, he wasted no time in moving away from his parents house. Not because he was pissed at them, but he just needed/wanted a place to himself. Even though he moved away from his family, he of course returns for the six year meetings for the Zodiacs.

    Upon learning about the quest he had to face, Ash made no complaint and simply accepted it. Though he had no personal motivation to do this quest, he wanted to make sure his parents efforts weren't in vain. Besides, maybe during this quest he can find a way to better control the power that is trying to rip apart his body.

    Weapon of Choice: Hunters dagger and sword that has been passed down his family for generations
    Show Spoiler

    Ability/ Power:
    Yin Yang

    Show Spoiler

    For his powers Ash has four different forms he can take. Each of which give him a different set of abilities, strengths and weaknesses depending on what form he is in. No matter what he is always in one form or another and its not something that can be switched off. As for the forms, though they change his appearance a bit, there is nothing to striking in terms of physical appearance. He what one would notice mainly change is his behavior, aura and personality as well. For this power to be activated he has to take out one of either earring or both (however the latter is ill advised)


    This is his how he is on a day to day basis. This is his weakest form, but it takes nothing out of him to be like this. While like this the aura people will notice is that of a lazy, unmotivated person. He doesn't give off much presence when he's like this unless he actively tries to do so. When like this, he doesn't have powers. Rather he does get slightly amped abilities. However, nothing that can be considered super. It would be above average best.

    These amped abilities are his speed and reaction time


    This form is one of the two that has some actual power behind it and can be used in a variety of ways. With this form when he chooses to use it, his personality changes to one of a more active, happy person that is easily satisfied and very self sacrificing, to a fault. When he's like that he also dresser cleaner, actually bothers to comb his hair and is rather polite. When he's like this he often is against fighting and the abilities/powers he has in this form back up this tactic.

    The power he gains with his Yang form is: Light Aura.

    With this ability he can manipulate light around him and others. This ability doesn't damage however for it only gives out positive effects. If surrounded with it, the light can give one extra defense by providing a shield of light to prevent damage directly to the body (though there are only so many hits it can take before breaking). He can also use it to give speed boost, or even heal a bit. The healing is limited as well, for it wont heal wounds that are old, it will only heal fresh wounds. Even that cant be used a lot to make someone perfectly healthy. Rather the bleeding will stop and the body will start to repair itself, as long as the light is constantly touching said person. The light aura has other benefits as well that affect Ash.


    His third form is the one used when he needs to beat the ever living shit out of someone. When he chooses to use this, his personality becomes dark, cruel, sadistic, and merciless. While Yin would never think about hurting someone and neutral doesn't care. Yin will not only happily hurt someone but he will have no issues with killing and torturing the person he is in combat with. This form is far more cocky, and taunts anyone as well as everyone. He loves battle and finds joy in it once he has completely decimated his opponent spirit as well as body. The traits that are noticeable on Yin, is the fact his hair will have several black streaks (which disappear when he goes back to neutral) and his eye are not opal, but rather completely black (everything in the eye turns black not just the Iris). His powers in this form are completely offensive, and are meant to negatively effect the enemy, though they can also effect those that are allies.

    The power in his Yin form is: Dark Aura

    This ability allows him to surround himself in darkness, something of which he uses to enhance his attacks and abilities to make him more effective at killing. He can also have this aura go out and latch onto his enemy. Upon doing so this allows him to possibly induct fear into the creature to give him an advantage in combat. He can use this aura to create things such as tendrils etc to help him fight. Not only that, but if he is surrounded in darkness that isn't his. He will be able to absorb that to increase his power even more and more. However, in doing so his defensive abilities become almost nothing.


    The pervious forms are all capable upon him removing one of his earrings or keeping them both on. The last form is what occurs when both earrings have been removed or even destroyed. This form is one he has gone in once and never wishes to go in again. While like this he has no personality, he losses himself to the power that is in him and becomes a vessel of just power that is eating up and destroying his body. When he is like this, the eye that no longer works open and is completely made of light, while the other made of darkness. His aura is split right down the middle (the side with the dark eye is the side that has light aura surrounding it, while the side with the light eye has the dark aura round it). Here he is capable of using both his power simultaneously even though Ash himself would have no more control. What makes his body move and act in this situation would be the emotion/sense that he is feeling the strongest at the moment.

    The power in this form is both Light Aura and Dark Aura

    If fear is the only thing that is filling him then he becomes destructive, trying to destroy everything around him in an attempt to decimate whatever caused such an effect. If he has a strong sense to save someone or complete a duty. The body will use all of its power to do this. While he is powerful in this state, he's not him any longer. The longer he is in this form, uncontained the worse of an effect it has on his body. This power will easily over execrate him. Should he not be contained by that point, the power will continue to take from Ash. However rather than energy, it will take his lifespan as fuel to continue either its rampage or goal . This is a form he isn't willing to take despite its power. While it can be useful, it is also very dangerous and easy to abuse. Not to mention if used, there is a high chance he will either be crippled, or face death.



    Claustrophobic, if placed in a tight spot where he can barely move his body he will start to panic. His focus will be on getting out and nothing else, this can cause him to injure himself if he's in such a spot for too long or worse.

    Hemophilia, this is a rare blood disorder that prevents clotting. His is pretty bad, not in the sense that a paper cut can be fatal. Rather, it becomes dangerous if he receives something larger than a paper cut. He isn't capable of stopping the bleeding without medical help (or unless he is in yang form)

    Weak body, despite the tiger power helping his body get stronger, without either the Yang or Yin form in use, he is rather frail. He has weak bones even though he may not give off such an appearance seeing as he's trying to cover it up/hide it with all his working out


    If he is in complete darkness he is unable to use his ability. He needs light to be around him for it to work effectively, the less light around the weaker his power becomes.

    Too kind for his own good. When in this form he is kind, to a fault. He will always show mercy to the enemy and cant bring himself to do something that will injure someone. He is someone that would try to protect another even with his own body which while noble, is too risky for him to do, due to his blood disorder.

    If he stays in this form too long he will become increasingly exhausted and weaker as time goes on. He prefers not to stay in his Yin Yang form for more than five hours. Because if he goes past that mark, he will simply pass out on the spot. While he can recover energy while sleeping in these forms. He recovers at least five times as much if he returns to his neutral form before resting. (this weakness applies to Yin as well)

    Requires the removal of the Yang earring. If for some reason he can not take off his earrings he isn't capable of changing into the forms. As those earrings, though nice looking, are blocking his power from getting out of control. (this applies to all the other forms as well)


    If he is completely surrounded by light, his powers are weak to non existent. If he has to fight in the day he will have to find shade, or a dark room to fight in to have even a decent amount of power.

    While like this he is completely reckless and is utterly sadistic. He easily brings danger to those around him with his actions and can get others injured due to them. Though if this happens he will not care .Of course this can negatively effect the area he is in (ie could get him in trouble with the law).

    Requires the removal of the Yin earring.

    Requires the removal of both earrings, he doesn't have to be willing for the earrings to be removed.

    While like this, he is very easy to manipulate and be controlled by a third party. For this form doesn't have a personality and has no morals of what is right and wrong. It does what is the strongest emotion that Ash was feeling at the time of the removal of the earrings. If one were to mess with his anger and hatred before forcefully removing the earrings, he would become a weapon of destruction. While if he's made to become protective of a certain person he will protect this person to the death in this form.

    This form ruins Ash's body if in for a prolonged amount of time. While his other two forms can last five hours before putting a strain on him this one will last one.

    Unlike the other two, rather than passing out when he reaches his limit. In overload, he uses his own life force as fuel

    Doesn't revert back to himself till the earrings are replaced, or until he uses up his lifespan.

    Likes: Exercising, napping, getting into bar brawls, fighting, combat, rain, snow, swimming, night, day, green tea ice cream and walks be them short, long, with or without a destination

    Dislikes: Driving, having to wait, burning hot days, people who cant shut up, drinking alcohol, sharp objects of any kind, wimps, being told what to do, having to bow his head to someone he has no respect for.

    Hobbies: Exercising, swimming, watching TV...............................................baking

    Fears: Claustrophobia, he also fears losing himself to his powers

    Relationships: wip

    Extras: When he is uncomfortable or bored he often fiddles with his Yang earring
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  7. Alex Williams

    You can also call him by his known gamertag, LostDreamz


    Zodiac Family:



    Australian/Japanese (lives in Canberra)

    Physical Description:
    Alex is a rather lanky man who stands at about 5"9, he's not the tallest of people, but his height is decent. He doesn't have much muscle at all due to his lack of working out. He has messy black hair that barely passes his ears. His hair, no matter how hard he tries, never straightens out. It is always messy/curly and it is very intent on remaining as such. He has soft blue eyes, which are often covered by the glasses he wears. Though the spectacles aren't what you would call stylish, he still likes wearing them (even though he is perfectly capable of wearing contacts). His skin is a bit tanned, though not much as he still looks rather pale, it's also surprisingly soft to the touch. Another thing about him, is that he is a bit baby faced, for despite being 24, many people mistaken him for 17 years or at least in his late teens rather than his mid twenties. Alex also has this charming calm smile about him, one that isn't seductive, but rather warm and friendly. Nothing about his appearance would make people assume he has bad intentions, and really he just has this aura about him that makes him feel endearing.

    He has a soft gentle demeanor about him that makes it very hard to think he is even possible of hurting a fly. This also makes him anything but intimidating, if he tries...well expect people to laugh. As for how he carries himself he often as a defensive shy walk. He is a bit scrunched up and if in a group he stays to the side and back, unless he is pushed into a different spot or asked to be else where. When speaking with people that seem threatening, he often starts playing with his fingers and looks anywhere but at that person face. He does this with people he is honestly scared with or feels may hurt him. Though he is like this he never tries to run, even if the person is starting to pass the accept things to do when arguing with someone.

    Clothing Style/ Preferences:
    What is seen above is the clothing he averagely wears. He find that he gets very easily cold if he doesn't have enough clothing on (not to mention he doesn't want to expose his skin). So often he dresses as if it were late fall, early winter. With a shirt, sweater, and a jacket with some fur on the inside. Not to mention the plaid pattern scarf that is always around his neck. Even in summer, and burning hot weather he still has a tendency to wear long-sleeved clothing along with that scarf. If he doesn't have a decent layer of clothing on, he often involuntarily shivers (though this doesn't apply if the tempature is at least 80F or 26C, if its that hot he wont shiver if he doesn't have on as much clothes as often).

    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings:
    Bruises, though there are none on his face, when they first meet, he would have bruises all of which are covered by his clothing. Around his neck is the bruising of someone that has been chocked often and rather cruelly.

    Alex is a soft spoken person, who isn't one to yell, even if he is in a verbal argument with another person, or even if that person is yelling at him. He simply doesn't raise his voice. The person he is conversing with can be a threat, yet Alex would still keep an even voice as he tries to calm said person down. Though if the situation escalates he becomes increasingly scared and timid, he would start to shake and begin shuddering as he seems to be bracing himself for the worst. No matter what happens however, he wont yell, and even if he's struck he rarely retaliates. He's more likely to not only take the hit, but to apologize after the fact. Even though he has never done anything to deserve a beating. With him however, he doesn't want to cause more problems. If all he has to do to diffuse a situation is to take a hit. He has zero issue in doing this, he doesn't want to get struck, but he does little to prevent something from doing just that. Due to him wanting to be liked and anything but hated, he for the most part smiles and tries to look at the bright side. He could be bruised, bloody and in tears, but still, he would try his best to stop crying and find some reason to smile.

    One thing anyone would notice upon meeting Alex is his cheeriness. Honestly for the most part its genuine and rarely forced on. If he enjoys something he shows it and is more than happy to show it to others. Should the person he's interacting with not be interested in the same thing, that's fine. That wont get Alex down in the least, rather he would try and see if there is something in common with the person he's talking to. If he can find one thing he would turn the conversation to that subject. He's a sweetheart. He doesn't like seeing other people suffer, and goes out of his way to help him. He has on more than several occasions given things on his person to homeless people or even stepped up if people need help. He's someone that is great with children able to easily talk with them as well as enjoy their presence.

    Alex is a trusting perso, it takes very little to nothing to win his trust. Though this can seem nice, it does put him at a high risk to be manipulated and used for someone's personal gain. Sadly, Alex is very easy to manipulate and use. Due to the lack of attention and genuine love in his childhood, he now seeks validation from others constantly. While on the outside he has a beautiful heart warming smile, and seems to be brimming with joy. On the inside he is filled with self doubt. If something around him goes wrong he will assume its his fault. He has zero confidence in himself and his self worth. The only way for him to feel like he means anything is by hearing others say that he is in fact worth something. Because of this, he has become extremely dependent on his lover. Not for financial reasons, but mental ones. This attitude of him as lead him to be clingy to those he loves, to a great fault. His constant self doubt plagues his mind and he is always scared of messing up and ruining things with just his mere presence. Something of which he simply doesn't show on the outside. All of those rays of sunshine, are masking away the darkclouds that storm inside him.

    For as long as Alex can remember, his existence was an utter mistake. A fact that was made extremely clear to him as soon as he started to have interaction with other people. The faces of annoyance and disgust they had on, the way almost no one wanted to touch him as if he were diseased. To say he was disliked since birth would be a vast understatement of how the people around him felt about him, including his own mother. The reason for the animosity was due to the fact he was born out of wedlock. His father was a good for nothing outsider of the clan, who ditched the second he learned that his girlfriend was pregnant with Alex. The mother would have had an abortion, but she learned about the fact she was pregnant too late to legally get one. During the time of her pregnancy almost no one helped her, and those who did, did it out of pity not concern. Ever since his existence was known, his mother considered him nothing more than a burden and a constant reminder of the man that betrayed her.

    Upon his birth the talk of sending him to an orphanage outside of the Sheep clan was immediately ceased. For the boy had been chosen as the new Zodiac guardian. Even if he was nothing more than a mistake, they knew they couldn't get rid of such an important child. They may hate him, but none of them were willing to kill the infant either. Even if his death meant that possibly someone more fitting could fill the role.

    Even though Alex was the new guardian, his mother refused to take him. After a long talk and being forced to, the mother did eventually let the child live with her. However her care in him was non existent. She did the bare minimum to keep the boy alive, and never once smiled at the child. Though she never got physical with him, her detest in her own child, was heart breaking. After three years of raising him, she couldn't do it anymore. The boy in her eyes was the worst mistake of her life, and such a constant reminder of her horrible decision. So, she left. No goodbyes, no warnings or care. She took her things and just left the clan like it was nothing.

    Had a passing member not heard Alex's weak cries as a child, he could have starved to death in the empty home he had been left in. Now motherless, the clan had to decide what to do with Alex. It was a long discussion, but it was decided that raising the boy would be an effort done by the entire clan. Meaning he would stay at one house for a few months before being moved to another and another. This way he could be raised, but not stay too long to become an economic issue to a family.

    As one could image, this was horrible for Alex, but not once did he voice how much he hated this treatment. Even when he was able to, he just accepted his reality. After all he was fully aware that he was extra weight to the clan. Luckily enough some of the people that took him in were kind. They fed him, clothed him, showed him how his predecessors controlled/used their powers. Sadly, households like these were not as common as he would have liked. On average the families tolerated him, and in worse situation he had to deal with the kids of the family bullying him. Be it out of jealous or due to the fact they heard all the venomous rumors about him. Whatever the situation was he bared with is and smiled through, not wanting to seem selfish in the least. He found solace in his dreams. For there anything and everything was possible, he let his mind have some fun as his body rested from the stress everything was causing him.

    As time went on this lifestyle was something he grew accustomed to. Going between families as if it were a mere sleepover, and dealing with whatever issues he had to in these household. While in these households, he of course had his training, and had to take school just like everyone else. Though it did seem his bar was raised higher than that of the average kid. Should a child of the family he was in get a B everyone was content. On the other hand, should he get that same grade, he would be reprimanded and sent straight to his temporary room to study some more. Each house had a different way to punish him, all of which he tolerated as he understood it was for his betterment. The constant strict life he had, along with the bullying and derogation, not to mention the loneliness was becoming unbearable for Alex.

    His sole light, at least in reality, came from one man who actually seemed to care about him. This person was someone Alex met after he ran away from one of his temporary homes. Having done so after having to deal with a great deal of frustration due to him not having met their expectations perfectly. The man that showed any care to Alex was named Carter, and almost immediately Alex became attached to him. Whenever things got rough and stressful for Alex, he would leave the house he was at and just meet up with Carter. Just being in this man's presence was enough to sooth Alex. As time went on Alex started to get more and more attached to Carter, as the man made him feel like he was actually worth something. Eventually the two started to date, which made Alex overjoyed. He of all people never thought he would find someone that actually loved him to any degree. This love caused Alex to go blind in a way, as he ignored all of Carter's faults, and solely focused on pursuing him.

    As soon as Alex reached eighteen, he and Carter both left the clan and moved to an apartment in the capital of Australia (Canberra). Here things took a turn for the better for Alex. Carter got a part time job at some convince store, meanwhile, Alex decided to do something a bit more ambitious. He choose to become a streamer. Not because he thought he would bring in loads of cash, but because he wanted more validation from people. He hoped that becoming a streamer that all this pain he felt from his empty life would one day just vanish. So, once he was able to get a good computer, recorder etc he began streaming. Though at first he only got one or two viewers, over the course of only a few months he started to gain more and more traction for his gaming streams, vlogs, and streams he did when he went to the shooting range (one thing he had been trained in heavily when he was at the clan was how to use/put together a variety of guns, his favorite being the sniper rifle). For once in his life, things were looking up. He had a handsome loving boyfriend, he was away from the judgmental clan, and his stream was gaining more viewers, many of which were very kind to him and donated a good deal of money.

    Of course, things couldn't stay simple. After several months Carter was fired for stealing from the workplace and things at home got rocky. Pissed off at the loss of his job he took his anger out on Alex. While this reaction to losing his job my seem sudden, this was anything but the case. Carter had shown many signs that he wasn't a man to be trusted. He had a temper, and yelled at the most petty of things, not to mention he actually drank quite a bit and started fights. All of these are red flags, red flags which Alex was utterly blind to. At first Carter took his anger out by just verbally shouting, however, after a time he went further. Still feeling pissed off and not being able to take responsibility, he accused Alex of being the reason his life was in such a bad place. Alex tried to deny this and reason with Carter, but no sooner he attempted this, did the other start to beat him. At first it was one hit, then two, then three and more. The way Carter started to treat Alex was horrible. He would beat, degrade, take his money claiming it as rightfully his, and even worse he would force himself onto the other, even when Alex begged him to stop. Carter only got worse and worse. This was allowed because Alex, despite everything didn't dare to leave Carter. There were points were Alex feared for his life, for one way Carter chose to hurt Alex was by strangling him. Either with his hands, or a belt, he hasn't yet done any permeant damage, but the bruising on his neck from the constant strangulations, show these attacks are nothing to scoff at. Even still, Alex refuses to leave Carter.

    Alex isn't capable of bearing the thought of Carter leaving him. After all this man was the first one to care for him and make him smile. He wouldn't let ruin his relationship because he was being selfish. At least, that was his thought processes. He must have done something wrong, that's why Carter was always hurting him so cruelly. Refusing to get help or even call the police, he took, and still takes these beatings. They aren't too often, on a good week he may get beaten only twice or three times a week. Only when Carter is truly pissed off, does he hit Alex in the face. After all, if Alex is too severely injured or if his face gets ruined he couldn't make as much money by streaming. If there was one thing Carter loves, its taking Alex's money for his own personal usage. this was also when Alex started to wear his scarf and extra clothing, he didn't want anyone to see the markings. After all....he didn't want to cause Carter.......any trouble....

    Now, at the age of 24. Alex is an extremely popular streamer who is in some of the top charts when it comes to online personalities, his face/stream is known world wide. He's seen as this man with a beautiful personality, a charming/heart melting smile and seems to be someone that can draw in more people with whatever he does. He hasn't had a single controversy around him and has many positive followers on the site he uses. Only bits and pieces of his real life is known to the public. He has done a great job at not only keeping the clan a secret but the life he has with his lover as well. Despite wanting to have nothing to do with the Ram clan, he still accepts the responsibility of being the Zodiac guardian. Even though Carter doesn't want him to leave, Alex has chosen to go and do his duty after a whole lot of arguing and pain.

    Weapon of Choice:

    While Alex is proficient in many kinds of guns, from pistols to assault rifles, his personal favorite is the Sniper rifle. Which is what he is likely to use that and incase he has to fight in close combat he also has a metal baton.
    Show Spoiler

    d01797939e520a8fe3fd7d5ca642e3c3.jpg 9dd2903a4042ce90d97250a93e5d11bd.jpg

    Ability/ Power:

    Dream manipulation

    With the use of this power, Alex can always have lucid dreams when he falls asleep. Whenever he closes his eyes and his body rests, his mind does anything but. In this lucid dream, everything he does is something he will remember upon waking up. This allows him to learn a new skill sooner than other people, especially if its one that doesn't need to be learned physically. His lucid dreams are very realistic as one could imagine, and he has the power to change/manipulate anything in his dream as long as he is in a calm state of mind. Along with this he can walk into other peoples dreams as well and interact with them to an extent. He can have a conversation with them, show them something he creates with his illusions or completely mess up the dream they are in the middle of having. This also allows him a chance to get an understanding of a persons subconscious.

    He is also capable of creating illusions to the people he chooses, however unless they are daydreaming or asleep the illusions are minor and wear off rather quickly. If a person is placed to sleep, his powers are far more effective to them. If given the proper time, he can give people night terrors, going to the point that if he works long enough (has to be done quite often to a person over the course of a week or so) he can drive them to insanity, as he would be able to mess with their ability to tell the difference between what is real and what is a dream.

    He can not put people to sleep
    . While he can manipulate others dreams placing them in a spot that allows him to do so isn't something he can do with his powers. If someone put them to sleep, or if the person is naturally asleep then he can work his powers.

    Not great for offensives situations, though he can use his illusions to confusion people or frighten them, they are in the end illusions which have no physical effect on people. It can do a number to ones mentality, but that takes time.

    Illusions to people who are focused are weaker than those who aren't. If a person is focused be it in combat, patrolling or doing their jobs, really anything that would make them more alert, any illusion he uses on them will be weaker. While those who daydream he can make a pretty realistic illusion that can fool four of the five sense, with those more alert only one or two senses can be fooled.

    No matter what, he can only fool the max of four sense. These senses are Taste, hearing, seeing, and smelling. Since his illusions aren't physical in any sense of the word, he cant fool that sense. If he created a fire illusion, people could smell the fire, hear the crackling, see it glowing, and taste the smoke. However, should they reach out and try and feel its warmth they would feel nothing but air.

    His mind is always active. When he goes to sleep, he always has a lucid dream. The only way for him not to enter into a lucid dream is if he doesn't dream (which can only be prevent by drugs, at least for him). This state makes it so that his mind is always active, which can be a burden and a bit painful. For there are times he gets massive migraines due to the stress his brain continuously goes through.

    If he dream walks into another persons dream, there is no promise they will remember him or what he said. Though the chances are higher than remembering an average dream. In the end a dream is a dream and it can be easily forgotten.

    His own lucid dreams are extremely realistic. While one may not see a problem in this, it makes it hard for him to discern what is fake and what is reality at times. For time passes in his dreams as it does in the real world. While the average person may only experience 12 hours of a day. He experiences all 24 hours (unless he's placed in a drug induced sleep that blocks his dreaming). Because of this it makes it difficult to figure out the two, since in his dreams he can feel things as if they were from the real world. He does have methods that let him figure it out, but if he cant use said methods, then confusion can ensue. One such method is by causing self harm. In the dream any harm done to him is automatically fixed, in reality not so much. While you may think its easy to tell the difference between the two if you can control the dream, that isn't always the case for him. As it depends on his own state of mind.


    Getting other people to smile
    A good joke
    Engaging in conversation
    Going to the shooting range
    Making real friends
    Making Carter happy with him
    Fiddling with his guns

    Angering people around him
    Pissing off Carter
    His clan
    pushy people
    Having to try and be intimidating
    Getting caught in a verbal argument
    Black Licorice
    White jelly beans
    Being ignored

    He loves gaming~ Be it some Moba game or hardcore first person shooter, he just enjoys playing games.
    Streaming, the only thing better than playing his games, is if he is streaming while doing so.
    Cleaning, caring, shooting his guns

    Being forgotten and abandoned again

    He has a boyfriend of about 6 years named Carter
    Show Spoiler


    Has a habit of biting his hand, wrist, or arm hard enough to bleed, this is how he checks to see if he is in reality or in the middle of a dream.

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  8. [​IMG]
    Jake D Kane

    :Wardogs codename:


    :Zodiac Family:



    Hawaiian/ Japanese


    :Physical Description:
    Jake is 6'3 and physically fit, he has brown skin and jet black hair that is parted on his right side. His eyes are also brown with a slight silver tint to them and always seems to be slightly squinting .

    :Clothing Style/ Preferences:
    Jake is usually seen wearing his trade mark surf shorts and tank top combo but is forced to wear suits when travelling or on the job.

    :Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings:
    Japanese Kanji running down his back


    " jake is intelligent and hard working, he's a really good swimmer and he likes crab legs and fried fi.."
    " get out of here Tani!"

    Jake Kane actually is intelligent and can be a hard worker but assumes a rather calm and nonchalant attitude towards practically everything he does, and constantly has trouble staying awake.


    Jake grew up in hawaii and besides the whole descendant of the gods thing he had lived a somewhat nomal human life.
    Jake works for his father who is the director of Wardogs, a worldwide security firm that was started by his great grandfather's father. The firm was created to allow the Dog clan to financially prosper over the years.

    :Weapon of Choice:
    Prefers Martial arts but is required to carry around a firearm for work.

    :Ability/ Power:
    Ehanced senses
    Enhanced speed and strength
    " he's really warm"
    " sorry"

    Jake is sensitive to loud noises and strong smells when he is caute off guard.


    quiet places, beach , swimming, surfing, naps.

    paperwork, working ,vacuums, talking about his mother

    "ill let you know when i figure it out"

    Jake has a pretty neutral friendship with the other descendants.
    * cold stare*
    And a little more closer relation ship with the descendant of the Rat clan since they are childhood friends.

    A private security company which provides armed and unarmed security services and expertise to private and public clients.

    Show Spoiler

    Tani Uciano

    Tan Tan

    :Wardogs codename:


    Zodiac Family:


    "Jake says im to young to be thinking about these type of things "


    :Physical Description:
    Tani is a brown skin girl that is 5'1 with a trim figure, She has auburn eyes and long brown sun kissed hair that reaches her lower back .

    :Clothing Style/ Preferences:
    Tani wears a wide variety of cloths that cover up her body, she won't even wear a swimming suit without a large shirt cover.

    :Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings:
    A piece of Japanes kanji on her back since she ran away before the tattoo artist could finish.
    ( tatoo looks like a 1)


    Tani is is a kind and polite girl who gets along with anyone. But lacks any courage to even talk to another person besides her friends since she doesn't like to be confrontational for any reason, to the point she doesn't even like being confrontational about her dislike of confrontation.Tani has a bubbly demenor around her close friends.

    Tani was born in the Philippines but moved to hawaii when she was 5. Since the Rat clan and the Dog clan had been close friends for years, Jake's dad had allowed Tani to stay with them and recieve a proper education. After finishing school Tani was hired as a desk agent for Wardogs.

    :Weapon of Choice:
    She has a small Tanto since it was the only weapon that she agreed to carry since it had a pretty gold design on it

    :Ability/ Power:
    Tani has the ability to erase her presence for 10 minutes, During the 10 minutes she is invisible and makes no sound

    Physical strength


    Reading, studying, Campfires

    Fighting, confrontation, swimming, bullys, her wardogs codename

    Disappointing her clan



    I had to (open)

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  9. Eun-Jae Sin
    “Too many stars, too many dreams. The reality is that in front of these things, I’m just a speck of dust.”



    Eun-Jae Sin

    Jay or Kitty


    Zodiac Family:
    Cat(Meow Clan)





    Physical Description
    With his slender figure standing at 5’9, it could be said that he is of average height. Eun-Jae has very fair skin that is cared for meticulously, leaving it with very few flaws. Contrasting this is a head of black hair that is either left alone or styled up. His hooded eyes give him an air of mystery but his ever present smile is like sunshine in winter; gentle. He wears blue contacts to hide their original color(Gold), thinking that it’d scare others away and make him seem pretty intimidating. His every movement, every expression is like that of poetry and as graceful as cherry blossom petals daintily skimming over puddles of water after a stormy night. Adding to his relaxed temperament is his scent which is similar to that of sandalwood.

    Clothing Style/ Preferences
    His style has always been pretty formal for most occasions but he isn't above wearing street clothes, in fact, after being introduced to the outside world, he has been charmed by everyone's unique sense of fashion. He is a sucker for over-sized coats and flannel shirts and has drawers filled with nothing but pointless accessories. He is currently in the mix-matching experimental phase and can be pretty reckless with his choices but he pulls most styles off flawlessly. Two things that he is hardly ever seen without are a pair of cat eared headphones that his best friend had gifted him long ago and a pair of gloves that keep him from harming people he does not wish to harm.

    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings
    Nothing notable.


    At a Glance: Most people view him the way one would view a marshmallow. He is unbelievably soft hearted and gentle. Many believe he would never harm a fly. Eun-Jae gives off a serene feeling that tends to calm those around him. Contrasting with his tranquil demeanor, he’s actually considered to be pretty stupid. He spaces out for long periods of time and can’t even answer the most basic of questions. As a sheltered child, his knowledge of the world is pretty small and he is ignorant of many things.

    Deeper in: What many don’t see is that he’s actually much colder than he lets on. He is unused to people and gets uncomfortable really easily so he tends to keep some distance for the most part. Eun-Jae is also more intelligent than he lets on. However, this only applies to “book-smarts”. Socially, he feels inept. While he isn’t aware of much when it comes to the outside world and although he seems kind to a fault most times, to him it feels more like an act. He often wonders whether he’s truly kind or just trying to be accepted by those he views as superior.

    These thoughts are constantly conflicting one another. As an overthinker with too much time on his hands, it isn’t strange for him to be self aware to the point that he picks at his faults constantly leading to his low self confidence and all of the insecurities he hides away tactfully. He is reserved to the point where you’ll really have to dig to see how he truly feels about you. For the most part, he is pretty jealous of the other zodiac members. At the same time, he views some as friends that he is very possessive over.

    The cat clan have always been considered outsiders, many branches had always held a grudge against the other clans. Others couldn't care less and went on to live normal lives but Eun-Jae's luck could be said to have been bad. He belonged to the former bunch. It was quickly discovered that he was the successor as his ability had unintentionally permanently harmed his mother after she had a long and tiring birth, something his father had never forgiven him for.

    His mother's body was already small and sickly. It would already have been a miracle if she had survived a normal birth. However, she was a stubborn woman that never backed down regardless of her body's constitution. She was still conscious by the time his cries filled the room. It was only after she held his hand that everything fell apart. Her remaining energy had been drained and her eyes closed. Whether by fortune or misfortune, she survived but has been in coma ever since. This left him in the care of his negligent father who had fallen so far into depression that he could barely care for himself. If it weren't for his uncle having taken him in, Eun-Jae probably wouldn't have survived past infancy.

    His uncle was a silly man but a busy one as well. He was an entertainer who worked on a variety show that was loved by many. The times that Jay got to spend time with the man were some of the happiest. His Aunt however was a different story. She was a cold chinese woman who made sure he was brought up properly. She trained him in martial arts so that he would have no excuse to use his powers, afraid that he would harm another person. At the same time, she never forgot to compare him to the other clans, hoping he would be like a diamond and grow strong under pressure.

    She also homeschooled him and considered the school system incompetent in comparison. With her around, his life was not quite dull but definitely not excuting. While his aunt may have been a little cold he was grateful to be under her tutelage and she rewarded him well. So long as he did well in his studies, she'd sneak him into the hospital to visit his mother.

    One would think this to be an irresponsible action. There are many negative effects that could have come of this but Eun-Jae was an earnest child who loved his mother despite never having heard her voice or seen her smile. He would chat about how well he was growing, how his day went, and all of the things he learned for as long as his aunt allowed. Moments spent by his mother's side were definitely treasured.

    Aside from the adults, there was also Hani, the next door neighbor that liked shooting paper airplanes through his window. It was through these airplanes that the two sent messages and got to know each other. She was a silly girl, very bubbly and very courageous yet a year younger than him. She was always trying to get him to come outside to play. Jay however was much too worried about any consequences that may come forth from a few minutes of freedom. For two years, she struggled to convince him to join her to play.

    Sometime after his seventh birthday, he finally gave in. His aunt was down with a cold and he was tired of disappointing his only friend. Once she got him out of his home, they went to a nearby park and had the time of their lives. They played happily until evening. On the way back they came across a tall tree with low branches. Hani dared him to climb it so that he could get a change of perspective. Her faulty child logic thought that if he had the courage to climb a tall tree, he'd have the courage to come outside and play again. When he refused, she couldn't help but feel a little irritated. It took her years of convincing to get him to go outside and now he couldn't even play properly. She had claimed to have climbed it many times and tried to urge him on but he wouldn't budge an inch. Left with no other choice, she decided to show him how it was done. With the grace any young child would have, she clumsily climbed higher and higher until she was at a height she was comfortable with.

    Eun-Jae was clearly frightened but he was also uneasy at the thought of being outdone by a girl younger than him. She didn't even practice martial arts! The thought that he could at least rely on his training to protect himself gave him some courage. After taking a deep breath to calm himself, he followed her up slowly, his movements more precise and cautious than Hani's. The higher he climbed, the more exhilarated he became. After reaching her branch, he climbed onto the one above it to show off.

    Not one to be outdone, Hani did the same. The two then continued to climb up, neither giving in to the other. It wasn't until he felt that the branch above him wasnt as sturdy as the one below him that he recalled the dangers and stopped. He hadn't noticed that they were so high up on the way up but when he looked down towards Hani, he found it hard to breathe. Paralyzed, he told Hani that he couldn't come down and wouldn't go any higher. He asked her to get help since she had apparently climbed this tree before. She wanted to laugh at him but she also hadn't noticed their plight until it was too late. When she looked down, she also felt a little woozy. However, it was her fault for making him climb the dumb tree so she slowly made her way down anyway.

    Neither of them could have foreseen the unfortunate turn of events that followed. She accidentally missed one of the lower branches and plummeted down to the ground, hitting branches along the way helplessly like a rag doll. While she lay motionless on the ground, Eun-Jay was still stuck in the tree in a state of shock. There wasn't really much he could have done about the situation but he couldn't help but feel guilty. If he hadn't shown off, she wouldn't have climbed high enough to get hurt, much less fallen to her death.

    It took close to an hour for a person to walk by and notice the scene. His gaze was focused on Hani the entire time as if she would awaken as long as he kept looking over her. When the paramedics moved to cover her with a sheet, he couldn't help but yell at them to stop, making his presence known to them. Not wanting him to fall while in a panicked state, the paused what they were doing and called over the fire department so they could get him down and everyone could move along with what had to be done.

    After the fire department arrived, everything felt like a blur. Hani was taken away and pronounced dead at the scene and he was back to being stuck indoors, a punishment he couldn't help but agree with. He believed all fault rested on his shoulders. Had he not gone outside, the two would still be sending secret paper airplane messages to each other. He was the older one and should not have allowed her to push him around in the first place.

    From then on, life slowly passed by. After turning 18, he had planned on auditioning for a big entertainment company, the same one his uncle worked under. His aunt however, had other plans. She sent him to live with her family in america to learn acupuncture and further his martial arts skills. Knowing the result of disobeying her, he complied unhappily and bid farewell to his mother, promising to return quickly. He wasn't fond of the idea of leaving her alone but he hoped that she would be well cared for.

    When he arrived in America, he may not have known East from West and the slang was confusing as all hell but he flourished in his studies, his aunt's preparations weren't a joke by any means. If anything, she over prepared. He was ahead of his distant cousins by far. His schedule was also far more lax. He was free to wander about and explore. Although he tried to stay indoors, eventually his curiosity got the better of him. Aside from nearly drowning at the beach at one point, his time spent in America was actually rather relaxing. Before he could leave, he recieved a call from his uncle stating that he was to meet with the other clan successors.

    Although he had attended a few meetings before, he never really got to know any of the members on a personal level and this was the first time meeting up with the rest alone. He would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous especially when his uncle explained why his aunt was hard on him and how much the rest of the clan were relying on him to show the world that the Meow clan was not to be trifled with. Although it was not something he wished for, he was tired of letting people down and hopes this ordeal allows him to grow as a person.


    Weapon of Choice
    Acupuncture needles

    Ability/ Power
    Energy Theft: With but a touch, he can drain another person's energy. When it comes to those with powers, it prioritizes draining them first. He can also use them for himself. However, this is only temporary The victim of the theft will be left unable to use their gifts for the short length of an hour. Likewise, Eun-Jae will only temporarily be able to wield them for the same amount of time. Minor possible side effects of having your power drained include Lethargy, Drowsiness, Vertigo, and sometimes even Nausea. These effects of course have a high chance at affecting Eun-Jae as well once the powers borrowed wear off.

    ~Power Related Weakness: Naturally, with gifts come curses. When he borrows a person's abilities, he inherits its weaknesses as well. (such as water or lack of air to fire)
    ~To use his abilities, he has to have time to remove at least one glove. He also cannot control his power and has to avoid touching anyone whose powers he doesn't wish to drain. Luckily, his ability is centered on his hands. He is free to touch people with any other part of his body.
    ~Jokes and puns: This applies particularly to cold/bad jokes that aren't intended to make others laugh. He will fall into an uncontrollable giggle fit, especially if it's cat related.
    ~Females: Growing up, he had very little contact with them but was told to be extremely kind. Even after spending some time around them, he is still either really shy or uncomfortable around them to the point where he wouldn't even think of raising a hand against one.



    ~Rainy Days
    ~Rock Music
    ~Bad Manners

    As someone who's always had a dream of becoming a famous Idol, he naturally loves singing, dancing, and composing music. It is rumored that he has taken more selfies than there are trees on the earth or stars in the sky. As an indoors type however, he had spent much of his time drawing and reading.

    Fears: Acrophobia(heights), Bathophobia(Depths)



    Tiger: "Awesome... scary awesome."
    ~With the two of them representing felines, Jay as always felt a connection to him despite never having spoken to him. However, he can't help but look up to him even if he's only capable of admiring the big cat from afar.

    Sheep:[Color=5cb3ff]"He's got a cute smile."[/color]
    ~Although he doesn't play games himself, he loves watching others have fun. His favorite streamer to watch just so happens to be Alex Williams from the Sheep Clan. Something about Alex's smile when he's genuinely having a good time makes him unable to hold back a grin himself. It could be said that he sees him as an idol he hopes to one day surpass.


    Cat: "I think you call people like me masochistic? But I'm the one doing the harm so I guess I must be a bit of a sadist as well.."
    ~Eun-Jae's relationship with himself is a conflicting one. On one hand he is ashamed of his cowardice and will pick at his faults the way one picks on scabs. On the other hand, he isn't against change and uses every day to be at least a little better of a person than before.


    Quirks: Instead of waving his hand when greeting or saying farewell, he wiggles his fingers. He also subconsciously licks his lips often. Especially when deep in thought or spacing out.


    Dialogue: Crystal Blue #5CB3FF
    FC: Baekhyun Byun

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  10. Name: Nina Monsa
    Nickname: The charm queen
    Age: 22
    Zodiac Family: Snake
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bi but heavy male lean unless she really likes you
    Ethnicity: Ireland but is half japanese on her mothers side


    Physical Description: She has brown purple hair and grey and blue eyes and very tall for a women, six foot two and hour glass figure and a fairly big rack and ass and nice legs as well. She is often seen in the semi sexy blue and grey wet suit because she loves see life and works at aquarium and many other water based jobs. She can dress really feminine such as Chinese dresses and so on.
    Clothing Style/ Preferences: What are they usually seen dressed up in? [​IMG] When on official biz she is often seen in very elegant dresses and such
    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings: A old burn mark on her lower leg from when he step mother branded her out of spit because she was insecure about herself.


    Personality: Nina is complex while she can be Cold-hearted bitch if she hates you, there are also times when she's very wise and flexible and understanding and caring, she also mysterious and doesn't talk to most about stuff that's bothering her apart from issac because they have a very deep bond and she will also go out of her way for him. She knows how to mess with people if she feels like it but prefers not to as it's to much hassle and doesn't like forcing her power on people if can be helped. She can also be flippant about things and doesn't like to be taken advantage of too often if she becomes friends or more with you.
    Biography: Nina's mother died when she was ten years old of a rare heart illness and she started to become very jaded and distrusting of most people, thinking to her self why didn't they put her on the transfer list she really needed it. At first she was even bitchy and cold to issac when they first started to go to school as sophomores , but as time passed she realized he's a really nice guy once he's warmed up to you just like she is with others. For the most part she's a watcher and does her best not to judge but isn't afraid to step on toes if it is getting out of hand. Sometimes she thinks what's the bloody point most aren't going to accept us and we know very little about it.
    Weapon of Choice: He self
    Ability/ Power: Charm or mass charm and charm over drive, she can release physic waves to sway someones or a large group but it takes time, in over drive she can speed this up but this places a lot of strain on the mind and body.
    Weaknesses: Has a limit of two hours then can't use the ability for three because of the amount of energy and focus required, she also needs to nap and eat. Forcing the ability passed it's limits can cause her cough blood and become numb or even pass out so she does her best not to over use her powers".


    Likes: Interesting people, drinking and good food, Fun activity's Reading, sea life and snakes and more
    Dislikes: People that don't take a hint, people that throw their lives away or hurt themselves for no reason and more
    Hobbies: shopping cooking traveling and more
    Fears: Being hurt again because she's different
    Relationships: Issac is her best friend
    Extras: Has plenty of money due to working many jobs, so she is always trying to learn new things and loves action moves and is like a kid when she goes to see them but does her best to hold that side back.
  11. Name: Mai Van Allen
    Nickname: None
    Age: 20
    Zodiac Family: Horse Clan
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Ethnicity: Japanese/British


    Physical Description: Mai has long black hair that reaches her hips, she has a dark set of purple eyes which seem to glow whenever she is using her abilities. She is a curvy woman and stands at a mere 5'4 but don't call her short because she will ram her foot up your ass. She always walks with a skip and depending on how much sun she gets she can either be quite pale or a nice milky color.
    Clothing Style/ Preferences: She usually wears professional clothing mostly because of her work environment. She is seen wearing a black pencil skirt with some panty hoes, black heels and a white button up shirt. Causal wears she likes to wear dresses with long coats.
    Birthmarks/ Tattoos/ Markings: She has a tiny birthmark on her left ring finger. It's a perfect circle that she likes to admire whenever looking at her hands. She has her ear piercings but that's about it.


    Personality: Mai's personality can change quite dramatically. Sometimes she is a fun loving girl with a free spirit who is really down to do anything but then there are days when she is in a very sour mood and you do not want to mess with her. Say anything bad to her during these days and again she'll kick her foot up your ass. So beware and watch out for any sign of danger near her because she can go from hot to ice cold.
    Biography: Mai grew up in a huge family, ten brothers and sister to be exact. She was the youngest out of the bunch and therefore treated the harshest. Most of her siblings grew up to be quite successful so Mai was expected to be as great as them. She is currently at her second year in college trying to become a lawyer like her older sister. This quest she will soon be put on her will caused quite a lot of stress and trouble on her.
    Weapon of Choice: Her preferred choice of weapon would be a wooden katana. She'll protect herself but also doesn't wish to harm others. She has train in the art of Aikido as well and is praised for her skills in it.
    Ability/ Power: She has the strength of a horse meaning her kicks can be quite deadly and she is fast on her feet making it quite hard to catch her basically has super speed. She also can somehow manipulate the wind around her. Depending on how fast she moves her body for example she can kick from afar but the wind moves with her causing the wind to cut through most things.
    Weaknesses: Her temper can be the death of her. She can lose it to any single little thing which causes her to be unpredictable and maybe even end up hurting herself. She relies heavily on the other zodiacs being around her. Without their presences her powers are weaken and she can't do much damage. Depending on how many of them she is around she is stronger. If she is isolated and left alone then her powers weaken and she is not of much use.


    Likes: candy, sweets in general, horror movies, laughing, bad jokes, dad jokes, cake, reading, singing(Badly), dancing(Badly as well) and food in general.
    Dislikes: Being told what to do(Although she has dealt with that her whole life, loud noises, being surprised, getting sick, not getting enough sleep, being disturbed when she is trying focus and losing her temper
    Hobbies: Sleep, read books, writes, and binge watching random videos on youtube(Especially fail American Idol auditions)
    Fears: She is scared of the dark. Sometimes it's fine and she can handle it but then there are other times where she feels as though she is going to have a panic attack especially in small dark places (beware when this happens and watch out for her kicks)
    Relationships: She doesn't have many friends except for one childhood friends. She can admit that she does feel something for her friend but does not want to pursue anything in fear of ruining their relationships. Other than that her family is what is important to her and she is close to them despite them being a little distant from her.
    Theme song
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