EXERCISE The Alleged Machine

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  1. In writing, machinery only fails when it is convenient for the plot, but in reality, devices require constant maintenance, not to mention that they are bound to fail at one point or another. Even the most well-maintained car will eventually rust away as entropy grinds away at it, however, as experience can attest, some machines just refuse to work. There is always going to be some device that will not function or break down continously regardless of what one does to it, no matter the age or the era. God help anyone if they ever encounter this always-faulty device, but it does make for some amusing stories.

    Your exercise is to create a machine that even if it might be useful in theory, it always breaks down and seems only to exist to cause grief for people. You can use the following sheet as a guideline, or make up your own.


    Description: (A short summary of how the machine looks)

    Purpose: (Why was this machine invented in the first place?)

    Performance: (When not busy breaking down, how does the machine perform?)

    Characteristic faults: (What are some of the most common problems that occur when this machine is running?)

    Catastrophical faults: (Problems that occur while the machine is running and impede its functioning critically.)

    Maintenance: (How can you repair this machine and how long does that take? Do people even bother repairing it?)

    Price range: (Is it an overpriced piece of junk or a cheap piece of junk?)

    Use: (Is somebody insane enough to actually use it?)

    Reception: (How do the people react to this machine? Do they groan at the mention of it, or is it so rarely used that only a few know of it?)

    History: (How was the machine was created? Whose idea was it anyway?)
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