The Alistar Accords

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Sooo, I'll make this first post look a LOT nicer once we get a bit into the plot and I'm capable of making a cool-looking intro that isn't full of holes, haha. But for now, I'm afraid it's going to look quite pathetic. :)

In the meantime, let's post our character bios!


Character Name: Xavier Rashida
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Alistarian
Age: 22 (tentative)
Place of Birth: Alistar
Current Residence: Alistar
Occupation: Prince, heir to the Alistarian Throne
School/Grade: He has finished his basic schooling, but continues training as a Fire Elementalist
Mother: Aligale Rashida, 46, Queen of Alistare. Air Elementalist. Quick as a whip, short of temper, vain, and delighting in balls, festivals, and all things extravagant. A political mastermind and master of diplomacy.
Father: Titus Rashida, 50, King of Alistare. Fire Elementalist. Stoic, wise, yet headstrong. Quick to anger, much like his wife, and very much like his son.


Height: 6'0
Hair: Jet black; occasionally he'll die a streak white or another brilliant color – just because he likes the way it looks
Eyes: Orange
Distinguishing Marks: None
General Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, dark hair which is relatively short, dark orange eyes that almost appear amber, trim but certainly not statuesque in build.
Strengths: He has excellent control over his element for someone his age. He is – usually – pretty good at getting what he wants.
Weaknesses: He is headstrong and loses his temper easily, and this has gotten him into trouble in the past.


Allies: Anyone who will agree with him; namely the other fire elementalists
Enemies: Anyone who won't.
Current Goal/Purpose: To master his element and become King of Alistar
Aspirations: King of Alistar
Hobbies: Training (will add more later)
Likes: Training (ugh, I'll work on it haha)
Dislikes: Festivals and other demonstrations of extravagance his mother craves so
Talents: Fire manipulation
Inabilities: Like all elementalists, he is completely useless at all other elements other than his own
Fears: That he will be forced into the throne before he is ready, that the unstable peace between the elements will be broken
General Personality:
Inner Personality:
Fondest Memory:
Biggest Regret:


General History:

Present Life:



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Description: Alistar (AHL-ih-STAR) is home to the Alistarians, an ancient breed of Elementalists. Carved into the Hills of Pucila, Alistar is perfectly circular, with the Grand Palace rising up in its center. Surrounding the palace is a marketplace, where one can buy goods, food, and weaponry from all of the different elemental backgrounds. The training grounds, where old and young alike perfect the art of their element – for knowledge and mastery are very important to Alistarians – surround the marketplace, and radiating out of the grounds are the territories of the five elements that make up Alistar: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Light. The kingdom is divided up equally, down to the last inch, between the five elements, so that no one element dominates any other. Each territory has its own Magistrate, popularly elected by the People of that territory, and this Magistrate reports directly to the Queen (or King if no Queen resides on the throne) as part of the Council of Elements. The Magistrate of each territory resides in that territory's Statehouse, with tunnels deep below the earth connecting the Statehouses with the Grand Palace. Common Territory cuts through the Fire and Earth territories, serving as a neutral entryway into the palace, so that one might travel from the outer gate to the palace without favoring any one element over the other. The kingdom is surrounded by high walls.

Character Name:
Ches Kinghamortor
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Elf
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Elmensam
Current Residence: Elmensam
Occupation: Prince of Elmensam
School/Grade: Finished basic schooling and continues to study as an archer and fighter.
Mother: Ukimi Kinghamortor, 54, Queen of Elmensam. Scholar and Lecturer. Is smart and cool, hard to anger and has a deep love for experiencing new cultures. Master of knowledge and witty counter questions.
Father: Sonin Kinghamortor, 59, King of Elmensam. Sword and Combat Master. Strong, tall and wise. Has a slight temper that his wife usually keeps in line.
Sister: Ann Kinghamortor, 10, Princess of Elmensam. Bookworm. Small and sweet, she looks much like her mother. She loves books and often runs around with other children.


Height: 5'8
Eyes: Pale green
Distinguishing Marks: None
Strengths: He is very quick footed and light, allowing him to reach great speeds. He is also great with a bow and arrow or any long range weapon for that matter.
Weaknesses: He hates asking for help, it makes him feel stupid and foolish. He is not as good with a sword and is still trying to better himself at it.


Allies: Alistar and Anyone who shares his views.
Enemies: The Orcs
Current Goal/Purpose: To defeat the Orcs and protect his kingdom.
Aspirations: To be strong like his father.
Hobbies: Training, Huntering and Weapons collecting.
Likes: Exploring the forest, Reading to his sister, Training with his father and studying with his mother.
Dislikes: Being bested by his father, Seeing his sister cry and Orcs
Talents: Archery, Dancing and Acrobatics.
Inabilities: Close combat and Magic.
Fears: Losing the war and his home.
General Personality: Much like his mother he is cool and collected, it taking a lot to anger the young elf. However when he is angry he is like a bomb...the damage is quite frightening. He is also protective of his people and family and has a helpful nature, usually shown when he is helping out in the village when he isn't training or studying.
Inner Personality: Deep down he is a bit of a joker and a worrier. He finds humor in some of the greatest (and worst) places. He has a habit about worrying over everything, fearing that they could go wrong and put his kingdom in a bad spot.
Fondest Memory: The birth of his sister.
Biggest Regret: None
Secret: Wishes he was taller


General History: Ches was born and raised in Elmensam, and like many people has not left it all his life. He spent his young learning under his mother and training with his father, a peaceful life just like is should be. As he got older the learning and training grew tougher, but he was able to handle it with ease. There are no tragedies in his youth and he fits into his role as "Prince" quite easily.

Present Life: In recent years, the Orcs of the Mountains have been encroaching on their peaceful home, having attacked the innocent and burnt down buildings more than once. The Orcs officially declared war upon them when they scent the disembodied head of a forest scout, a note shoved into the mouth. Knowing that they were not match for the larger and and stronger Orcs, they Elves have sent a messenger to a neighboring kingdom of Alistar.


Description: Elmensam is a kingdom built within one of the largest forests in the world. Without proper knowledge on how to get there one could easily get lost among the leaves and trees. The Kingdom itself is rather simple, building made from the wood of the forests or carved right into the giant trees. The kingdom has some fields and gardens meant for growing food but most people live off of the bounty of the forest by hunting and gathering. The people are elves who have known the forest all their life and very few have left the safe confines of the trees. The "King" is more of a tribal chef than an actual king, living very similarly to his civilians and not having the luxuries that most royal families do. Titles such as "Queen" and "Prince" are just formalities to show respect to the family that watches over the well being of the kingdom. There is a tribe of Elders who advise the "King" and are really the only people to have the luxury of being taken care of for their wisdom and age.


(As a small note I sort of plan to play the elf in a way where is life span is only a little longer than a humans and that they have a longer amount of time where they can get pregnant, so the younger sister makes sense)
((Awesome! FYI you can go ahead and name the kingdom you're fighting - after all, it's your war ;) And they can be whatever type of creatures you like; I don't really have a preference! For plot's sake, you may want to come up with a reason as to why they're fighting, as well. Oh, and also - is there anything the Elves are very good at or produce that the Alistarians might want in exchange for help?))
((By the way, it might make more sense for you to start? I feel bad putting it on your shoulders, but it would kind of make sense: you can introduce the war (since it doesn't involve my characters yet) and have your messenger come to Alistar, then I can have my characters receive yours. Does that sound fair?))
(Uh...Wood? 8D Well I suppose they could produce herbs that are used i healing potions and such if that would be of any use. And I'll make the needed changes to my Character Sheet then.))
Also that is fine, I don't mind starting It would make sense if I did.
I just realized this is an OOC thread so I don't need to use the OOC parentheses hahaha

Anyway, awesome! You can feel free to start whenever, since I'll be able to finish my character sheet as we go along; I'm definitely capable of writing IC with what I've got already :)
Alright, I just finished my sheet so I'll throw up the IC now~
Okay, click on the link again, I fixed it up so I hope you like it more better than my crappy one~
Just posted! I figure you'll have a post where your messenger relays the queen's response, then my council will meet and make up their mind, then a messenger will be sent to Elmensam saying they have accepted and should come to Alistar to negotiate an agreement on a particular date. Something like that.
Sounds great! I just posted back with my messenger leaving back to Elmensam. In my next post I'll have him returning and I'll send the king and his son on their way to Alistar after the messenger tells them.
Posted. That was... longer than anticipated, hahaha
...Wow o-o That was long...

Well mine is as well so it's all good~ XD
Loved your post! Will be posting later today, probably in the next few hours... I need to start, you know, actually including my main character XD I always get so absorbed in the world that I forget who I'm really playing XD
XD I can't wait to read it then~ Through I have to admit that reading about the side characters is fun as well~
Alright, that was a long post but I think that got most of it out of the way~ I'll post them talking and leaving for Alistar in my next post.
Sounds good. Well I hope we can figure out a way to get the queen to Alistar, I know it wouldn't make much sense having the entire royal family leave, but it might make things more interesting to have all of them in once place, not to mention the fact that the celebratory festival needs to happen. Hmm...
Well I'm not sure that it would be a good idea to have the little elf princess be there when they are talking about war and killing Orcs...Maybe she could be left with Fertin for safety or something...