The Airvenger

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  1. The Airvenger slid into dock at the station that connected to the city of Tarmak. Captain Vhant smirked out his Captain's window and turned to look at the man standing behind him. Brown hair and blue eyes, wearing dark pants and dark vest over a white shirt, Wasp immediately went to attention.

    "We lost how many fighters in the last town?" Vhant asked. It was Wasp's duty to know how many fighters there were at one time.


    "And gained how many?"


    "Hmm... Let us gather five here, if there are five good candidates. I doubt there will be many who are not chosen here already."

    Wasp nodded and left. He would do as commanded by the Captain. After all, he was the only fighter with a steady paycheck. The others were given all they needed and didn't really need one. They only needed the preparation that Wasp would give them to prepare them for future possible Guardianship.


    Wasp wandered through the town, asking for information regarding students from Academy. It was still early for graduation. The ceremony was in a few hours. Wasp walked through town on his way to academy and arrived just in time to talk to some of the teachers about the students. This gave Wasp an idea of who he'd want if they weren't chosen.


    Before the Graduation, Wasp watched the students who had failed the test. After speaking to the teachers, he knew which of the students were going to fail and which had the potential to become more with the right training, training that most students weren't able to get in the Academy and that Wasp could provide. They couldn't handle the massive classes and the lack of one-on-one training.

    He quickly spotted the first one, a young man that went by the name of Aladdin. Wasp tapped his shoulder and motioned for him to follow. A look of confusion passed his face, but he followed.

    "Hold here. I have a few others to call over," Wasp stated before turning his attention back to the stragglers still leaving the Academy. Next that came out was a young woman by the name of Lyra. Wasp called her attention, and was lucky enough to see Aki, another young man, quickly come out next. Wasp caught his attention as well, and he led the three to the Graduation ceremony.

    "I have others to gain the attention of, and then I'll explain," Wasp promised. He just hoped the three would follow.


    After the Choosing, which was when the Elite of society chose their Guardians, Wasp smiled. He knew who he would choose for the Captain's new fighters.

    First he approached a young woman by the name of Akira and motioned for her to follow.

    "Join the three by the tree there," he said, motioning to the sole pine in the yard before moving on. He had one more young woman to see to, and it wasn't long before he found her.

    "Seriah? Or Pixie perhaps?" he asked. Having her attention, he motioned for her to follow and then he led her to the group.

    Luckily all of them stayed there, so Wasp smiled a little to seem friendly.

    "I am Wasp. I'm a part of a crew on an airship named the Airvenger. I am recruiting fighters for further training. You will be given everything you need and want, plus extra training. You will also be given further chances to be chosen as a Guardian in other locations, perhaps not ideal locations but you would still be offered the chance to try for Guardianship again.

    "While on the Airvenger you would have to answer to two people - me and Captain Vhant. The crew that flies the Airvenger are not your bosses. You must always remember that, since they will try. You actually outrank them, per Vhant."

    Wasp looked at each one.

    "Any questions? If not, I'd like to offer you all a place on the Airvenger."
  2. Seriah sat crying in the academy's library, she had fled there when she hadn't been chosen. Why, why not her? She had passed the test without a single flaw, wasn't she good enough? She cried not only for losing her guardianship but for that small hope that her parents would want her again. She sighed and swallowed hard, knowing she must go and face reality however harsh it may be. As she steppe outside she couldn't help but notice the smiling chosen ones, she envied their happiness and bit her tongue to keep from crying again.

    She was a little startled when she was approached by a strange man, how did he know her name? Her nickname? She was curious and her day was ruined now anyway, so she followed and stood beside the other students. She recognized a few faces, but didn't know them by name. She turned her attention back to the man, who she learned was called Wasp. While he explained his reasons for being there she kept her face neutral but inside she dared hope that this was the answer to her problem. "Yes i have a question, what's the catch?" She asked, a tad suspiciously.
  3. Days of thirst had ravaged his once peaceful city, in his mind he could see many citizens; Women, children- Families dying of the dryness that had erupted. The people were already poor, must were destined to die soon, days earlier he had been called back onto the very grounds he loathed, escaping from the now barren wasteland of his town. Luck was on his side, it seemed. But all of this was of no importance, he had no family that awaited him back home, no friends or loves- No people he held dear. Thinking back, if he would of actually passed the Guardians exams he would of shared the same fate of his people, he would of wish so. Pride was everything, with pride came honor and no man was without honor. This all damaged because of that test. " Steady now boy, we got a long road ahead of us " he spoke calmly towards his most trusted stead, Heathcliff-- A prize he had won while defending a clan of rogues and thief, low class scum as he would put. He was a rather large stallion, a wide and muscular frame, all colored in the darkest shade of black that camouflaged greatly into the night. Just the way he liked it. For reason he had yet to hear, the Academy has called him back on a few days previous. They finally realized their damn mistake, were the only thoughts he could reason. The Academy was a fraud in his eyes, only accepting men and women of high class- Nobles. Had he been failed if he were as rich and bred as them ? He thought so and nothing in the land would change his reasoning. Aladdin, after days of wandering through out the desert, gave his thirsted horse clear glorious water he had been given be various travelers along the way. The art of trading was something he enjoyed. Some folk were completely oblivious to scams before him, but not him. He enjoyed a hard gamble.

    A few more days passed until he had finally arrived into academy campus grounds. Teachers had greeted him, but he choose not to acknowledge any of them. Anyone who would make such a choice as too fail him was dead to him- Not worthy of speech. Walking down various hallways and corners he found himself in a dead end, only one window that let out to a incredible garden view. Good things come to those who wait, he reminded himself. Patience was a virtue he was surely NOT gifted with. With a long sigh he had decided it was time to leave again, as he went to turn he had found himself in the presence of a stranger, the said stranger proceeded to order him. How dare he !? Nonetheless he was lost and the man had given him directions, he had to remember to smile at many times. The man looked powerful and he had already many enemies, he was looking for no more. The man had led him to a section where other people stood, he would remain calm and respectful- For now.
  4. Akira stood with a sort-of dazed look on her face. How could I not be chosen? She asked herself. Generation after generation of Guardians and she'd been the first to fail. Putting her hand thoughtfully on her cheek, she went through everything in her mind, trying to find where she'd gone wrong.
    "Join the three by the tree there," someone said to her. Without putting much thought into it, she nodded and headed to the pine where the man had indicated. Still thinking, she gave the others a nod and leaned against the tree. What was my mistake? She wondered. She was so deep in thought that when Wasp came back and explained everything, all she heard was: "You will also be given further chances to be chosen as a Guardian in other locations, perhaps not ideal locations but you would still be offered the chance to try for Guardianship 'again."
    At this, Akira looked up eagerly and followed along with the rest of the explanation. She was in. If there was a chance for her to become a guardian, she had to take it. She didn't care about any catches, she had to try.
  5. So it's like that, huh?

    Gritting his teeth, the young and ever proud Aki threw another book into his satchel with just a bit of oomph. Yesterday, a representative of the Guardians academy had summoned the courage to come and harrass him at his workplace. The woman even had the nerve to order him to clean out his locker of all his personal possessions or they would be thrown away. Sure, he should have done so after being released from the school but at the time, he'd been so royally pissed with his test results that he'd left without a second thought to anything else other than how badly he never wanted to see those school snob faces ever again.

    And yet here I am... he bitterly thought as he drew tight the buckle to his satchel and slung it over his shoulder.

    "Aki! Are you back?!" a student called from a few feet away, waving to get his attention. Aki attempted to make like he hadn't seen or heard the boy, heading off toward the exit, but it was a pointless effort. "Hey. I didn't know you were back."

    "Naw," he replied, throwing on a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his head with a hand. "Failed the finals. But whatever, you know? I'm too good for this school anyway." Chuckling as if it really was no big deal, he gave the boy a little salute and turned on his heel, the grin quickly falling from his face once his back was turned.

    He was just outside the doors when yet another person stopped him. Really, he wasn't in the mood today to play Mister Popular and he was just about to tear into the stranger when he noticed two others were with him. This, he thought could be either bad or good news and he hoped it wasn't an attempt to gang up on him for whatever purpose because he really wasn't in the mood to kick ass so early in the day. However, the stranger was intriguing, mostly because of his quiet demeanor. Naturally, Aki followed him without question.

    When it seemed like the whole group was assembled and the man began to explain himself, Aki's cranky mood quickly dissolved. This sounded long as there wasn't any "catch" as the one girl put it.

    "Pretty Chick has a point. Just what exactly is in it for you, Scarface?" he voiced, cocking his head to the side with an innocent smile on his lips. "I've heard about you guys; drunks in my pub rambling on about Airvenger and how it's going against the decisions of the Guardian schools, making a mockery of everything the education board stands for." Stuffing his hands in the pockets of his pants, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sounds like fun. As long as I don't end up as someone's love slave, I'm in."
  6. Romeo 'Aladdin' Soto
    Currently: Staring at both girls & making comments of Aki​

    Aladdin shrugged as he heard and saw new faces approach the small group he was in. So far he had caught none of their names, not that he intended to actually, these kids probably failed due to stupidity unlike him. It was a hot day, sky was clear and just a small number of clouds passed; The tree provided an adequate form of shading but with his clothing it seemed like he had stepped in hell. He was dressed with his clan's proper attire, covered head to toe, no skin but the sockets of his eyes and nose showed. It was tradition and who was he to change tradition ? Not that he had a problem though, his clothing at times was rather useful- Of course it had its down sides with the heat but during ambushes it served him greatly. There were two girls and a man that stood near him, each asking questions but none of who's faces he recognized. Most looked eager, hell he was quite interested as well. Aladdin muffled a laugh at one of folk's comments, "
    Love slave ? Have you been one, perhaps, before ? " he added. Rolling his eyes his mind wandered back not only towards his town but more importantly his horse. He had given him to a man near the gates, supposedly he had no permission to ride on said horse on campus grounds. The poor stallion must have been waiting for him to return. Glancing at both girls he observed him quietly, his constant glancing could of been misinterpreted by staring but he could really care less. By their presence he had only once thing in mind- Since when did such small girls become eligible for Guardianship ? Hah...Women.
  7. This wasn't exactly what Lyra was expecting when approached by the stranger. She tilted her head to the side, mulling over the proposition presented by the man now known as Wasp. Glancing from face to face, Lyra made a quick size-up of the others gathered around her and their reaction to the news. With little else planned, of course Lyra would accept as a means for continuing on with some sort of purpose- but she was curious as to what the others thought...

    "Sounds like fun. As long as I don't end up as someone's love slave, I'm in."

    As the conversation continued on around her, Lyra lapsed into a deep thought of where she was a few hours ago, before fate decided to take a drastic turn.


    "You what?" Liam asked incredulously, his eyebrows raising to his hairline.
    "I... failed." Lyra replied tersely.
    "That's... that's impossible. You've worked too hard, trained too hard, studied too hard.." He raked his fingers through his hair in frustration, "It doesn't make sense..."
    Lyra averted her eyes from his searching gaze and shrugged the subject off as if it were nothing, her cheeks burning in shame beneath a curtain of light brown hair.
    "Well then.. I guess this is goodbye." Liam quietly responded.
    She whipped her head up in surprise at his words, not believing his audacity.

    Blinking a few times, Lyra shook off the wisps of her day dream. With a deep breath and a sly grin spreading across her face, Lyra responds, "Alright, I'm in.."
  8. Wasp grinned. "There will be no love slaving. If there is, I want to be informed. And the catch is only this - sometimes crew members want a fighter escort. They're allowed up to two escorts, and they get to choose who. You're permitted to say no unless it's Captain Vhant's orders.

    "I have four interested..." Wasp turned to Seriah. "What do you say? Sound reasonable enough to you? Free further training, opportunities to become Guardians else wehere, and all you have to do is listen to me, Vhant, and occasionally escort a crew member."
  9. Seriah glanced at the boy who had spoken and raised an eyebrow, pretty chick? Oh well she'd had worse nicknames. While she waited for Wasp's answer, she looked around at the others. There were two other girls and a guy, the guy seemed to be staring at her and the other girls. She fixed him with an examining stare of her own, then turned her attention back to the conversation. She laughed when she heard the brown haired boy say "love slave", she doubted he would be anyones first choice for that. She could already sense some arrogance, though she had to admit he was good looking. Seriah looked at Wasp, she nodded and smiled "okay I'm in." "When do we get started?"
  10. Wasp nodded; he was happy that they were all willing to join.

    "All right, then, we'll head to the Airvenger now. Captain Vhant is waiting for us," he told them.

    Along the way, introduce yourselves. And remember, call me Wasp."

    Wasp led them through town to the docks. He knew surely getting strange looks due to his following. It would have passed through most of the town by now that these were ex-students, failed at becoming Guardians. And if they got a good look at his vest they'd see the small emblem of the Airvenger, an emblem that was talked about everywhere because of the way the ship seemed to "kidnap" these ex-students.

    Wasp stopped beside a massive airship of a dark red white light violets and whites. There were dark, tinted windows scattered along its surface. The front resembled the front of a ship that sailed through waters with a deck and railings, though the area was rather small. A few people were standing there, and upon seeing Wasp waved enthusiastically. They were all fighters that he was training.

    Turning to the students behind him, he became the teacher, indifferent. "Those will be your fellow classmates," he said in introduction before leading them to the ramp into the lower quarters of the ship, surprised to see Vhant standing there.

    "Captain Vhant!" Wasp said, getting into attention. "I have brought five new fighters."

    "Good, how many does that put us at?"

    "Well... after losing many in the last several towns, we're down to 67."

    "Good." Vhant turned to the five. "Welcome to the Airvenger. I hope you find this place to your liking. If you have any problems, please direct them to Wasp or myself. Now, do you all have everything? You may either send a crewmember to fetch your things or you may have an hour to say goodbye and fetch them yourselves. If you need anything, let me know now and I will have them purchased for you."

    Wasp turned to the students. "I'd hate to say this, but my suggestion is to just have Vhant buy you new things and separate yourselves from here as soon as possible. I understand if you have families to say goodbye to though. I would like to get started on the tour of your facilities as soon as possible so we may depart."
  11. Aladdin had kept quite through out the whole walk, he'd rather observe that speak. Not that he knew if it was even his place to do so. He nodded half willingly when others talked to seem as if he were listening, but he really was not. Maybe that's what made me fail... I never listed.. No. Shaking said thoughts from his head he let out a soft sigh, it was gonna be a long day. " Well, seeing as I have yet to talk all day, I think it is only fair I do so now... " He muttered, " The name's Romeo Aladdin Soto, but please ONLY call me Aladdin " he said while glaring at who he though were obvious trouble makers. Which would be all of them. He then quickly proceeded to 'smile', a action he hardly did. It was a new journey, might as well start fresh no ? " I look forward to working with you... Wasp " Strange name.

    Once arriving onto the ship his eyes scanned his surroundings, it was a rather large flight to say the least. It screamed out to him respect, which is what every person should have. A grin crossed his face, maybe this little 'adventure' wouldn't be so bad. He could hear Wasp calling out to a older man, the captain he heard him say. Aladdin did a quick bow out of respect but refused to look him in the eye once he spoke.
    The captain had ordered various things of gathering items we might need but forgot-- At this his mind wandered onto his horse, Heathcliff. Running a hand through his short cropped hair, he faced Wasp.

    I could care less of family but I do have a thing of importance. My stallion awaits me at the front gates of the Academy, if he cannot come make sure he is passed onto a good owner, warrior's honor" He said while putting a stern face on, " I rather he did come. He's a good horse, might serve us, me in particular well ".
  12. So this deal wasn't really just a front for something sinister? Now that that was cleared up, Aki felt like he could fully relax and enjoy this interesting turn of events in his life. The thought brought a genuine smile to his face, the kind he often didn't show in public because he believed that showing your true emotions was showing your weakness. Being tough meant staying alive for someone so alone.

    When the five recruits were introduced to the other Airvenger students, Aki scanned their faces, taking note of which ones looked like easy targets for being useful to him. He looked a bit like a child in a candy shop as he gazed around at the ship, hardly paying attention to what Wasp had to say; he wasn't interesting enough at the moment. More than once, Aki's gaze traveled over his fellow recruits and if they caught him staring, he simply smiled and nodded his head at them in a friendly manner. When the word 'captain' caught his attention, he turned back to Wasp and, with a grin, mimicked the man's motions, snapping to attention. His expression however was proof enough that the gesture was more silly than serious.

    But when they were all told to make their preparations for leaving, Aki finally grew serious.
    "Everything that's worth anything to me is right here," he voiced, placing a hand on his satchel, the other hand touching fingertips to the pendant around his neck. His attention switched to the man named "Aladdin" as he spoke up about a horse. Aki had never seen a horse before, only pictures. They were rare in his city, regarded as dirty, dumb creatures but he disagreed entirely. Perhaps once he was settled in and if the horse made it onto the ship, he'd give the animal a visit.
  13. Akira remained silent as they followed Wasp. When a young man introduced himself as Aladdin, she merely nodded and said, "I'm Akira." And once again, she fell silent.
    When they approached the ship she was mesmerized by it's...ship-ness (the best way to describe it). She was immediately distracted, taking in all of the ship's exterior design. She didn't care for good-byes or for gathering things, she just wanted to get on the ship. She started getting slightly jumpy as she waited to get on, biting the tip of her thumb in the process. "Let's get on now," she muttered half to herself.
  14. Seriah walked along with the rest of the group she was quiet, only speaking up to introduce herself "I'm Seriah but my friends call me Pixie." She turned her attention to the ship, it was incredible she couldn't wait to explore it. Her attention was drawn ti the captain, and she listened intently. She was already carrying a backpack full of her belongings, she had already said her goodbyes, and of course she had her pendant. She took a last look at the distant academy, she vowed one day she'd return there as a proud guardian. She turned back to Wasp and the captain, "lets go."

    She listened as the boy named Aladdin spoke of his horse, that made her smile. She'd always had a love and a kinship for animals, she'd wanted a pet growing up but as she was living at the academy it wasn't permitted. Perhaps she could persuade Aladdin to allow her to spend some time with his horse.
  15. Zakiya had stood upon the deck, eyeing the five new comers Her trainer, Wasp, had recruited to bring on to the ship. Her classmates, whom she had known for only a span of two days, had waved enthusiastically. She, on the other hand, had remained still. She was mildly observing the new editions from behind her veils.

    "What do you have in store for them?"

    Her head tilted only slightly to suggest she heard the question, her eyes still upon the newcomers.

    "Hello? Are you deaf?"

    Zakiya smiled at her partner's lack of mannerisms. So petty. He'll learn better soon.

    "If you don't want an eel, or some other unsavory creature to magically manifest in your soup this evening, i suggest that you get back to practice." she warns. "And learn some manners dear, your crude way of speech is unbecoming."

    She never noticed the effect her sinister voice had on the surrounding trainees. They immediately did as she bade them to do, leaving her well alone to her pondering.

    Without looking at the speakers or even bothering to speak another word, she listens to the retreating footsteps. Inwardly, she sighs.

    The other students hadn't taken to her well, perhaps because none of them had gotten so much as a glimpse of her face. It had to be a mixture of their lack of trust in her. Or even fear. No one here seemed to appreciate her sense of humor either. She chuckled darkly, recalling the time she'd released a few marine beetles into the women's washing quarters after a few of them had attempted to rip her veil from her face. Those screams had put a little spice into her day.

    Upon exposure to other towns, she'd gotten the rude wake up call that perhaps many people might fine her strange skin more than disturbing. Dismayed, she had taken to completely covering her self with black veils. Once she'd reached the academy, there was no one who had seen her true face, or even a glimpse of her hair. She'd taken to braiding it, and tying it in a small knot at the nape of her neck to fit beneath her hood.

    Absently, she fingered the edge of her brown hooded cloak. It had been purchased in a small village, yet the material was soft yet firm. Scanning the deck to be sure that no one was watching her, she slipped off one of her gloves.

    Her skin glinted harshly in the sunlight, and she winced as the glare pierced her eyes before they adjusted to the sight of the bright glare. Hurriedly she slipped the glove back on. Today was not the day.

    She picked up her mother's scythe. It was made of a mysterious obsidian metal, with amber gems ingrained along it's staff. She rested the butt of it upon the deck, gazing up at the blade. Gleaming like onyx, the blade gleamed with a dark, wicked beauty.

    Finally she turned to her weary practice partner. He was trembling with fatigue, and for a moment she pitied him. The scythe was indeed a heavy weapon to parry against.

    "Can you take a few more rounds until Wasp gets back?"

    "...yeah... i guess - "

    "Good. Lets play!"

    The next few moments were filled with clangs of metal as the two trainees put sword against scythe.

    "Perhaps" thought Zakiya "They will be an interesting addition to these pitifully ill spirited recruits."
  16. Lyra chewed on her lower lip as she followed Wasp with the rest of the group. She purposely fell to the rear of the crowd, quietly settling into the background where she was most comfortable; observing and not being observed. She tilted her head back slightly to stare at the huge craft before them, keeping an ear towards the conversation going on about her. When introductions started, she gave the group her undivided attention- paying close attention to their names.

    She eyed each character closely as they introduced themselves, the man named Aladdin walked with a swagger of arrogance- she wondered if this were a show. She grinned softly as the girl named Akira jumped several times and seemed overly nervous, perhaps she was already regretting her decision to join? Next was Seriah or Pixie, Lyra decided to err on the side of caution and address her as Seriah as she wasn't sure if they would be considered friends by mere association. The man named Aki she found particularly unsettling, she didn't appreciate him staring at her (or any of the others for that matter). She met his gaze solidly each time she caught him staring, challenging him silently until he smiled and looked away. Noticing an unnatural silence, Lyra realized she had forgotten to introduce herself and everyone was waiting for her two cents.

    "Oh! I'm Lyra, nice to meet everyone.." She murmured, trailing off at the end of her sentence. Everyone turned their attention to the leader of the group for further information and instructions.

    Wasp's words caught her attention. "I'd hate to say this, but my suggestion is to just have Vhant buy you new things and separate yourselves from here as soon as possible. I understand if you have families to say goodbye to though. I would like to get started on the tour of your facilities as soon as possible so we may depart."

    While everyone seemed more than willing to forget all that they would be leaving behind, Lyra desperately had to return to her dorm and retrieve a few things. Sliding back against a wall, Lyra turned from the group to head back for the campus, calling over her shoulder "I have to grab a few things, it will only take me maybe 20 minutes." As she turned to glance at Wasp and ensure this was alright, something caught her eye on a deck over his shoulder, off in the background. She squinted to get a better look at the fully garbed figure staring back at the small group. Then, shaking her head and blinking, she headed off in a jog, eager to get back to her place.


    "Th-that inconsiderate, deceitful p-p-piece of $#^!" Lyra growled as she pushed her dorm room door fully open. The room was barren. There were still dents in the carpet, lighter pieces of the fabric where heavy furniture had once sat, perhaps a few hours ago. The room was stripped bare of any sign of comfort, decor, or sentiment. Helplessly, Lyra wandered about the room in a vain search for some item, some remnant to show that she had once lived here. She found it hanging from a nail on the wall- a braided leather necklace with a single gem, clear crystal quartz tied to the end. With a cry of anguish, Lyra gripped the quartz in her hand and furiously ripped the necklace free from the wall, sending the nail flying across the room to land with a dull "ping". Thick tears gathered in her eyes as she stared dispassionately at the jewel in her palm, thinking back....


    "Do you like it?" Liam asked nervously, his hands trembling ever so slightly as he held the necklace out for her to view. Dark brown eyes searched her bright green ones anxiously. The quartz winked in the sunlight as a beam of sunshine went through it, scattering rainbow colors across the floor.
    Lyra grinned brightly, taking the necklace from him.
    "No I don't like it.." she replied, then laughed at his look of dismay. "I love it..."
    Leaning forward, Liam tenderly gripped the back of her neck, pulling her forward for a kiss.....


    Lyra screwed her eyes shut, forcing the painful memory to end and hide in a corner of her brain freshly made for memories such as this. Shoving the piece of jewelry in her pocket, she took one final look around the room and then shut the door behind her with a definitive slam. Storming off back towards the ship, Lyra knew she wouldn't give up until she found him and put an end to this.
  17. Wasp nodded and let Lyra go back for her things before turning to the other four.

    "Aladdin, that is what you wish to be called?" Vhant asked the boy, smiling softly. "Go get your horse. We will find someplace for it to stay on the ship. That is, only so long as you do not expecting my crew to take care of it. The horse will be your responsibility alone."

    Vhant didn't wait for an affirmative, he just turned and entered the ship.

    "I leave the rest to you, Wasp."

    "Aladdin, go get your horse. As soon as you and Lyra return, we will go for a tour of your facilities and get you into dorms," Wasp commanded.
  18. Akira shut her eyes. Did they HAVE to wait for those two? She glanced oer the ship. Anxious, to get on and explore, kick things in her dorm maybe? That was her favorite pass-time, kicking inanimate objects. One time, she'd been yelled at by her mother for kicking a chair and breaking it. To other people, her pass-time was more of a nervous twitch...

    Akira shook her head quickly, having drifted into her thoughts again. She wondered if anyone had spoken to her, she hoped not. That'd be rude of her, to drift off while someone spoke.

    Then again...she did it an awful lot.
  19. So they weren't leaving right away and though he was a little disappointed, Aki shrugged it off and leaned against a docking post. For a while he gazed up at the ship, watching the older students practicing, feeling more and more excited about continuing his training as a Guardian.

    While he was working as a bartender in the pub, he'd often thought about tracking down Airvenger and insisting that he be taken on as one of them but he'd never thought Airvenger would come looking for him. He was sure the others were feeling even more flattered than he was at that moment because there was a part of him that wasn't much surprised. He was gifted and people were realizing it.

    Stomach suddenly growling, he dug around in his satchel for something to eat. What he found was a bit of cheese wrapped in a cloth. He wondered how long it'd sat in his locker and upon unwrapping it...he definitely found out. Making a humorous face of disapproval and disgust, he quickly wrapped it back up and shoved it back into the depths of his satchel. He'd discard it later for sure.

    By that point, Lyra was returning and it was evident by the expression on her face that she was both furious and upset. Aki cocked an eyebrow her way, though he kept his mouth shut, knowing that it wasn't the right time to make some teasing remark.
  20. Lyra squared her shoulders and lifted her chin a few degrees, delicately avoiding eye contact with Aki who seemed to be reading her face like a book. She was fully aware her rage was tangible to the group that stood, awaiting her return. A pang of guilt hit her as she realized that they were probably more than ready for the tour and had had to wait on her account. She just hoped they didn't notice that she returned empty handed-as if the cur had left anything behind for her. Coming to a stop amongst the group, she inhaled deeply and pasted on a smile as best she could.

    "I'm sorry if that took longer than anticipated, thank you very much for waiting..." she announced politely. Her eyes flitted from person to person's face, gauging their reaction, searching for any hint of irritation or anger. Exhaling softly, Lyra ran the back of her hand across her forehead to remove the beads of sweat that gathered during her sprint back to the ship. This was going to be a very long day.