The Aire Virus

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  1. Hi! I'm new here, And I thought why not start a roleplay? I'm fairly accommodated to the things here, And I'm an Intermediate writer.
    So, I'm going to write up the starter, And If you like it just jump right in. I guess that's why they call it the 'Jump right in' Forum. Okay, I'll stop talking.

    The starter:
    A few years ago, The outbreak started. At first, It was only in a few places. Then, It slowly spread, person by person. They called it the Aire Virus, Because it was mostly airborne. Soon, The whole world was infected with this hard-to-treat virus. People were dropping off the face of planet earth like flies.
    Fast-forward to today. Rarely do you see another human. The closest you come to a human is a deranged animal. No, Not an actual animal. If the virus hadn't killed them, It left in its' wake a string of animals, Ferocious, Ravaged beasts. They had no purpose, But to kill. They were called Manglers, Because of their vicious reputation.
    Almost every single house is abandoned, except for the hordes of Manglers.
    If you looked outside, You'd see chaos. Clothes, Newspaper, Cars, Scattered everywhere. Houses were boarded shut. The virus was dead, Yes, But the tragedy wasn't. There were pockets of civilization left. But only in various places. New york was one of them. Las vegas was one of them. California was one of them. But the places in-between? Nada. The people that weren't infected were left in the ruins, forgotten. Forced to fight for themselves.
    Will these 'left over' humans survive? Will they bring the human race to life again? Or will they die, along with the countless others? It's your choice.
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  2. Anna walked over the debris over parts of an unrecognizable highway downtown. Most of the buildings were either destroyed or rusting, rotting away. The young lady was only 16 years old but learned to survive for two years in this apocalypse before her parents died.
    The wind blew softly as Anna stared at the end of the dilapidated road. The ruins were discusting, but there had to be some supplies in the buildings somewhere. With a sigh, she continued on.
  3. Alex hummed quietly to himself as he stepped over the debri in his path, his small bladed knife held tightly in his hand, his back up dirk stored safely in his belt, ready to be taken out if needed. "Need some food.." He murmured to himself, pausing to rummage through a pile of rubbish on the floor. "Nothing." He sighed, straightening back up, looking around quickly. "Hm? What is that..?" A small smile spread on his lips as he spotted a light, it wasn't a bright one, but it was just about noticeable, just. The young male started to make his way towards the light, slowly and cautiously, stopping to listen every few steps. The light seemed to be coming from some sort of house, one that appeared to be still in tact. 'Jackpot!' He though to himself, his smile growing wider as he quickened his walk, jumping over a patch of scattered glass on the floor. "There's gotta be some food or something in there..."
  4. I sat huddled in the basement, rocking myself once again. I had found this basement that was used as a bunker in the war, and turned it into a panic room. I had just encountered a horde of manglers and barely got out alive. I shivered as another wave of pain shot through my arm. I looked over to my sliced bicep, shuddering and pulling the blanket I had closer to me. My stomach grumbled, signaling it was time to return to the surface again. I slowly made my way up the stairs, my eyes widening as I found one of my high-power flashlights turned on and pointed towards the window. No. No, No, No. That was bound to attract manglers. I quickly shut it off and grabbed some of the food I had stocked in the cabinets, and hastily returned to the panic room.
  5. Levi could still remember the screams as a horde of Manglers tore through his home so many years ago. Since then, he had forced himself to be numb, to not feel the pain of it anymore. That was how he survived: as a machine. However, that day, when he had spotted a light shining through the window of one of the many abandoned houses, he felt the steel cage around his heart break a little. There were other people still alive.

    For months, he had half-believed that he was the only person left alive, that the rest of humanity succumbed to the virus or to the Manglers. Now, though, he knew the truth. And as he crawled into the house through the window, he immediately was plunged into darkness. Whoever it was must have turned off the light. "H-hello?" he called out softly, his voice scratchy and weak from months without use. "Anyone here?"
  6. I heard a voice and froze, my blood running cold and my hairs standing on edge. There was someone else. No, It couldn't be. They were all dead. I slowly looked towards the basement door, and with a wooden bat in hand, I crept up the stairs. "H-Hello?" I mimicked, my voice trembling.
  7. Ford was wounded but alive. As he looked in houses for food, or possibly even a weapon, he knew it was only a matter of time before he'd bleed out. He couldn't focus on medical supplies as the chance of finding those so late in the game was close to none. A clean cloth would be the best he coule find. Stepping on broken glass, he didn't care if he made noise. He wandered into a house and sat in an old ripped chair. "Am I really going to die now...? After all this...Why...?" He just sat there, his final bit of hope beginning to go out. He just waited for the Manglers to finish him off.
  8. Levi let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding when he heard a voice respond. Letting out a sigh, he said, "I...I'm not a Mangler...I'm not going to hurt you. Y-you can turn the light back on..." He stepped forwards, immediately running into something with his shin. Cursing, he stumbled and fell, making a loud racket. After the silence returned, he simply lied there for a long while, listening for sounds of Manglers. When none came, he stood once more, trying to remember from which direction he had heard the voice.
  9. I had slowly walked up, My blue eyes shining with worry and excitement. I saw the man fall, And I jumped back for a second before walking closer. "H-Hi.." I whispered, Partly in denial. "W-What's your name?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper.
  10. Alex quickened his pace a little as the light went out. He was about to turn around and head back, figuring that if the light went out then someone had probably just been there and taken everything, when he heard voices, barely audible from where he was standing, but there all the same. "Other people?" He asked himself, frowning a little as he reached the place, fiddling around with the door for a few minutes before it finally opened. He practically fell through the door way, only just managing to grab onto something before he hit the floor, pulling himself back onto his feet and closing the door behind him. "Anyone here? I heard voices... " He called out, looking around in the darkness. He was planning on staying silent, taking the resources he needed while whoever else was here was distracted, then leave again. But whoever was here, probaby already knew he was there, from the amount of noise he had made coming inside.
  11. After a while he got fed up. Ford stood up, now wanting to live. He couldn't just give up. He walked out of the rokm and shambled into the streets. He hobbled from house to house looking for supplies.
  12. Corrie sat up abruptly, her slim fingers curling around the hilt of the long knife sitting on the table in front of her. Soundlessly she stood and made her way towards the boarded up window. There was a slim crack between the boards- just enough for her to peer out onto the street. Was that... was that a person? He was moving as if in pain, and the small girl watched as he entered a house near the one she had been hiding in for a couple weeks. She waited, her cold blue eyes narrowed and almost unblinking. After a while, he moved towards the next house, growing closer.

    Quickly, Corrie counted the costs of helping him. He seemed to be hurt and still sane, but what if she was wrong? No, she wasn't normally wrong about these things. In a split second she had made up her mind. Keeping in the shadows and running on her toes, she made her way towards the shambling boy.
  13. Hearing someone approach, he stopped and didn't turn around. "Huh...So I am dying today..." He put his hands up, hoping he wouldn't be killed. "I don't have anything. I don't want any trouble." The pain in his leg and stomach was getting progressively worse. If he wasn't killed by this person, he'd bleed out sooner or later. He slowly turned to see it was a girl. "Please...Just let me go..." He couldn't run, and couldn't fight. His life depended on these next few minutes.
  14. Jason limped through the streets, hearing noises from behind him, he ran to the nearest house and hid in there. He didn't know if he was being followed or not, but he didn't want to risk anything. He hid there for a while until he felt safe, took out his flashlight, and started to look around the house. He found some canned food and a knife he could use. He went to an upstairs bedroom and started napping on a bed.
  15. Victoria pocketed a knife she found half-buried in the floorboards of an old store. There wasn't much food here, either. At this rate, she'd have to hurry back to Las Vegas before nightfall. "Damn it," she whispered as she heard a faint noise outside.

    Vic peeked through the gaps of the long-since abandoned store's boarded up windows. A Mangler. This will be a riot.

    She picked up some debris and walked a ways closer to the only entrance and exit, chucking it as far as she could to lure it away.
  16. Victoria pocketed a knife she found half-buried in the floorboards of an old store. There wasn't much food here, either. At this rate, she'd have to hurry back to Las Vegas before nightfall. "Damn it," she whispered as she heard a faint noise outside.

    Vic peeked through the gaps of the long-since abandoned store's boarded up windows. A Mangler. This will be a riot.

    She picked up some debris and walked a ways closer to the only entrance and exit, chucking it as far as she could to lure it away.
  17. After a couple minutes, which seemed to drag on forever, Alex decided to just bail, not wanting to get into a fight if whoever was in the house was hostile. Once outside in the cold he shivered, quickly making his way through rubble towards a few not too badly damaged houses that he could see in the distance, hoping no one else would be there, and that he may be able to get some rest, thoughts of more supplies pushed the the back of his mind, for now at least.

    Having now reached the houses he yawned, looking between the few that were there. He could just about see a small amount of light coming from one. It was hardly noticeable, but his keen eyesight was able to pick up on it. the light wasn't too strong, so it was probably coming from a small torch or something. He walked to the door and opened it, entering the house and closing the door behind him again. He headed towards the stairs, figuring ng he'd probably be safer up there than downstairs.
  18. After some time, Jason awoke from a nightmare, and knocked down a nearby lamp, breaking it. "Damn it." He muttered. He got up and pulled a short metal pipe from his backpack. "Damn it, Damn it I'm pretty sure someone heard that." He said as he hid behind the bed and listened for any sound.
  19. Corrie clutched her knife tightly in her hand. "You're hurt." She commented, her cold blue eyes scanning him up and down. After a moment, she took in a quick breath of air and let her hand fall to her side. "Now are you going to continue standing there like a moron with your hands up, or are you going to follow me? I have first aid kit a few houses back. A bit of food. Enough to keep you alive for now, at least."
  20. The grip on the knife in his hand tightened as he heard a crashing sound. Alex hesitated outside the door to the room the noise came from, taking a deep breath before slowly, cautiously opening the door and stepping inside, his eyes scanning the room quickly, ready to protect himself if needed.
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