The AI Project (seeking 2 members!)

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Are you interested?

  1. Definitely! Will be making a CS!

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  2. Sure. Might not join though.

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  3. Maybe. I need more information (please check out the OOC thread!)

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  4. Not really.

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  5. I don't like it at all.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the AI Project
    It is the year 2759.

    Humankind has left their home planet and now explore the universe around them.
    They travel to other systems in the Milky Way, colonizing planets and harvesting new resources.

    We believed we had the entire universe at our fingertips.
    We believed that we were alone in the universe.

    We were not.
    The Khaian's have run out of space in their galaxy, and have come looking to ours for new opportunities.
    Intergalactic war ensued immediately.

    In efforts to stop the war, Project AI has been initiated.
    You are one of twelve men and women to take on a young AI in attempts to find the key to winning the war.
    Good luck, and welcome to The AI Project.

    What is the AI Project?
    The AI Project is a top-secret military Project funded and organized by the UPN (United Planetary Nations). It's purpose is to create 'smart' AI that can cooperate with human soldiers in the war against the Khaian's. The Project is centered on the planet of Durness, where in a heavily guarded compound live the twelve AI and their creators. Twelve civilians have been selected to be 'test subjects'- they will each receive an AI that has been matched to them, and will undergo vigorous testing.

    If the implantation process of each AI into the brain of their human 'hosts' goes smoothly, then the enhancement process will begin. Each AI has been programmed to be able to receive several enhancements, each having roughly five slots to fill for these abilities. These enhancements are designed mostly for the military, but will be tested through these twelve subjects before put into military use.

    Who are you?
    You are one of the twelve men and women selected for the AI Project. You have shown to be exceptional in your testing, and your records are exemplary, no matter what occupation and path you've taken in your life. For these reasons, and perhaps some more hidden ones, you stand out. Scientists have taken note of your accomplishments, and have chosen you. You've been matched to your AI prior to your notification that you are to report to Durness. Once you arrive, you will undergo basic testing, receive your service number, and soon, undergo implantation. Your participation, however involuntary, will be vital to winning the Khaian-Human war.

    You will be property of the UPN, and there is no choice to be made. However, let it be known that what you choose to do with this AI is entirely up to you.

    And the roleplay?
    This roleplay is a mix between a sandbox and a plot driven roleplay- there will be times in which you can do whatever you wish, and other times in which the gamemakers will influence your path. However, these interruptions are only meant to further the roleplaying experience and help unravel the story despite the player's choices. This means that even if you choose to leave the AI Project, the ultimate plot goal will find its way around. Somehow.

    It takes place in roughly 700 years in our future, in the midst of a war between humans and a species of humanoids called the Khaian's. There is much worldbuilding to be done and much of this will be left up to the players. Being so far into the future, there really is no saying what has and hasn't been discovered, what is and isn't possible. The universe is your limit! And the universe knows no bounds.

    You can choose to be one of the twelve candidates for the AI Project, a civilian, a war hero- whatever suits your hearts. You may create technology, planets, cultures, governments; a large part of this roleplay is your participation in the creation of the universe! What happens in the story also depends largely on you and your actions.

    For more information, go here
  2. We're still looking for a few dedicated members for the roleplay! We've started the IC but there is plenty of room for openings!
  3. Id like to join butim not really used tl group roleplays so itd be difficult at first is that ok?
  4. That's alright! We'll help you out in whatever way you need.
  5. We are still looking for two (or 1, if you're active and willing to play two roleplays) more players for the roleplay! We've gotten a little bit along in the IC, but don't let that be a turnoff! We're happy to have newcomers.
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