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    The AI Project is a top-secret military Project funded and organized by the UPN (United Planetary Nations). It's purpose is to create 'smart' AI that can cooperate with human soldiers in the war against the Khaian. The Project is centered on the planet of Durness, where in a heavily guarded compound live the twelve AI and their creators. Twelve civilians have been selected to be 'test subjects'- they will each receive an AI that has been matched to them, and will undergo vigorous testing.

    If the implantation process of each AI into the brain of their human 'hosts' goes smoothly, then the enhancement process will begin. Each AI has been programmed to be able to receive several enhancements, each having roughly five slots to fill for these abilities. These enhancements are designed mostly for the military, but will be tested through these twelve subjects before put into military use.


    You are one of the twelve men and women selected for the AI Project. You have shown to be exceptional in your testing, and your records are exemplary, no matter what occupation and path you've taken in your life. For these reasons, and perhaps some more hidden ones, you stand out. Scientists have taken note of your accomplishments, and have chosen you. You've been matched to your AI prior to your notification that you are to report to Durness. Once you arrive, you will undergo basic testing, receive your service number, and soon, undergo implantation. Your participation, however involuntary, will be vital to winning the Khaian-Human war.

    You will be property of the UPN, and there is no choice to be made. However, let it be known that what you choose to do with this AI is entirely up to you.

    This roleplay is a mix between a sandbox and a plot-driven roleplay; while there will be sections of the roleplay which contain a definite goal (most notably the beginning few chapters), you will also be able to explore and create the universe in which the roleplay exists in. The roleplay does have a predetermined endgame, but how you reach it is up to you. You may leave the Project and try to live your life normally. You may join arms against the Khaian force. Or, perhaps, you will join them.

    Much of the storyline will be withheld from the players and only revealed on discovery. However, the actions of the players will also determine the direction of the game. Side plots are welcome, as well as side characters. The universe is your limit, and the universe knows no bounds.

    Each character begins in transport to Durness, the planet housing the research facility that is sponsoring the AI Project. All characters have been messaged two weeks before of their required participation in the project; no candidates may 'skip out' on the project, lest they suffer the consequences. After free transport to Durness on an official UPN ship, they will begin a schedule of training and education before they are implanted with their AI.

    After the first few chapters are played out, the characters will be released into the universe to explore to your hearts content. But, be warned. The universe is not a friendly place, and there are a plethora of dangers waiting for a single misstep.​

    This is a roleplay of mine that I launched some time in the summer. I've since been working on it (slowly but steadily) and have been adding new information and plot details to the game and have decided it's time to reboot it for another shot. The above is just a quick interest check; if you'd like more information, you can search for the thread "The AI Project" which has more information; but keep in mind, that is the outdated thread. You can also PM me with questions, or leave them here.

    The goal of this interest check is to see how many people are interested or would like to claim a spot in the roleplay. There will be a maximum of twelve character spots for those who which to play an AI candidate- one of the twelve men and women that will eventually have an AI companion. I would like to have a minimum of five players (not including GMs) and eight candidates. If we don't have enough players for all twelve characters, we will allow some people to double up on characters. Not every candidate has to live and be a vital part of the plot, but I'd rather no more than four candidates to have empty spots.

    There are also positions for other characters as well, so if you don't want to play a character with an AI, or want a side character, that is also an option.

    In addition: this roleplay focuses heavily on worldbuilding and exploration. All players will get to contribute and help create the universe. The universe is your sandbox, and you've got all the tools you need to make a wonderful sand castle- metaphorically :P

    Full sign-ups and OOC will be posted if enough interest is received.

    Note: This roleplay will likely take place in a group, as the roleplay will be split into multiple chapters to keep the plot moving steadily along. Each chapter will then be allowed to be stored together in one area. We will still have a public sign-ups/OOC thread, but we will have another OOC thread in the group.​
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  2. This looks interesting. I'm willing to try it out! :)
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  3. I'm interested. As you may already know, I'm a sucker for AI in stories.
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  4. Count me in. This sounds great!
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  5. Cool! Very glad to have all of your interest :) I hope to get the sign-ups/OOC launched next Friday (not tomorrow). If you have any questions, do let me know!
  6. Just a (or some) question/s, if you don't mind.

    I'm a sucker for AI and its potential/disadvantages/probabilities, especially the kind that was explored in Ghost in the Shell (I've not seen the movies, only the anime series, Stand Alone Complex) where the AI programme eventually develops its own personality/soul that was never included in its programme (hence the term 'ghost'). Will it be something similar like that?

    If that's not the case, then what sort of AI are we looking at? Is it the kind that replaces the human mind (ala The Host/Body Snatchers) or the kind that is added to the human mind for the two to cooperate?

    Or should I just wait for more updates? :P
  7. It will be something developed much further in the roleplay, but I can give you some insight to what to expect!

    Each of the AI in the AI Project were created from cloned human brains, and some super-secret technology that will be revealed in the story itself. As such, they each carry some characteristics of the cloned humans. An AI created from the cloned brain of a biologist will be more likely to carry information and an interest in sciences and life, while one from a war strategist will be more focused on strategy and planning. Each player will get to choose from a list of the twelve AI, which have broad but still preset personality traits. The old OOC AI can be used as reference, but I am reworking them to much more broad and open for players to adapt the AI for their candidate character.

    The AI will be implanted directly into the brains of each candidate, and incorporated into their neural passages. They will serve as companions, but won't replace the mind.

    I can also say this: these AI have no pre-programmed purpose or goal. They've been designed without any job or task to perform- a blank slate. This would theoretically cause a problem to an AI; AI are usually built to run a process, solve a problem, do this, do that, yet these AI are not designed to do so. They will have thought processes (in the way most "smart" AI do), but left to their own devices, it's unclear as to what they would do.

    Take that as food for thought as you may. I don't want to 100% reveal the nature of these AI quite yet, as I've developed quite an interwoven plot with them, but those are the basics.

    Although I suppose if you have a bit of a less broad question on them additionally, I'll be very happy to answer that as well! Sorry it's a vague and maybe cryptic and confusing answer! If it helps, I can put up more information on the roleplay as a whole sooner than next Friday.
  8. That sort of AI is extremely dangerous, but also full of potential. The cogwheels of ideas in my head are turning.

    But I will wait, of course. :)
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  9. If I can finish getting the last few things prepped a bit early, I'll set up the sign-ups before Friday. I'm working on cleaning up a few more things and working on some additional stuff with my co-GM.
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  10. Das (re)boot.

    Figured I'd go ahead and post up here - I'll be helping Jay with the GMing and plotting throughout the RP and if you need help with anything that may come up, feel free to shoot me a question or concept and I'll be glad to see what I can do.
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