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  1. “Fear not the darkness my children, for darkness is not the enemy of Light. Darkness is only the absence of Light’s protection. The true enemy is that which stands in its way, blocking its protection from those who need it most.”

    In Character Thread

    Three centuries ago, a thousand seraphim descended on wings of fire to the surface of the world, abandoning their celestial seats to stand alongside humanity. They spread throughout the world, to the farthest reaches of humanity’s territories and even beyond. A hundred disappeared into each the east and west and were never seen or heard from again. The remaining eight hundred took to their duty with a religious fervour, standing against the evil and corruption that had permeated the world. They would be a shield for those who were pure and innocent and a sword against those who sought to abuse their fellow humans.

    But though they were immortal they were not invincible. One by one the Seraphim would fall. The armies of evil were great, and even the holy warriors could not defeat them all singlehandedly. When the horde of a tyrant battered down the keep walls they stood at the breach, sacrificing themselves to protect their charges. Others found no heroic last stand, dying instead to a knife between the shoulder blades from those they trusted. Some simply broke inside, unable to withstand the horrors that humanity committed. The fire that was their soul burst free of its fleshy confines and enveloped all in its conflagration. And those who remained crumbled as the world grew no brighter by their actions, cutting their wings from their bodies and walking away.

    They say less than one hundred remain in this day, less than a hundred holy warriors prepared to fight by humanity’s side. And they have left behind a weakened humanity. The Seraphim became their guardians, their legends. Poets sing of their battles, of their victories, and of their deaths. The priests espouse their virtues and their purity. But these tales inspire no one to take up the mantle of a hero beside them. Humanity has forgotten what it means to arm themselves against that which hides in the dark and live in fear of the dying light. The mission of the Seraphim, once so bright now dims, and in doing so reveals the flawed world it leaves behind.

    A world failing. A world falling. A world of humanity’s weakness.

    A world where heroes must rise once again.

    Gather round children and listen as I recite the tale of the Heroes of Mercen who gave our ailing world hope.​

    The nation of Mercen stands on the brink of collapse. To the southwest the Tyrant of Vannar sets their sights on the country, eager to draw the remaining Seraphim to his waiting blades. With a poor, untrained army and no allies it will fall without their aid. In the east the living trees of the Dreadwood continue their slow encroachment onto the lands of men. The holy fires of the Light that have held the trees back for centuries now begin to dim and darken. Soon there will be naught to stop the expansion. And within its own borders rebels, bandits and monsters roam freely as the citizenry cowers behind their walls, praying for someone to save them. In desperation the King has sent a final request, calling for any man or woman brave enough to stand with him against their enemies. For anyone brave enough to be a hero.

    The Light
    Since the dawn of Mankind the Light has been a constant in their lives. A nurturing, protective force that allowed humanity to grow and spread across the world. When needed in times of great duress the Seraphim would reveal themselves, fighting alongside humanity as a physical proof of the Light’s existence before returning to its realm. It was inevitable that humanity would turn to worshiping the Light and elevating the Seraphim to even greater heights in their minds.

    In times past great rocks fell from the sky, burning up as they passed the barrier between space and earth. When they hit they dug great pits that remained filled with fire, fire blessed with the Light’s holy magic. They have remained burning for centuries, ignoring any attempts by dirt or water to extinguish them. Many have been enshrined in chapels where priests spend their lives crafting iron vessels that can take part of the fire out to be used as humanity needs. These smaller fires have been known to burn for decades until their energy finally dies, though when their power is called upon they flicker out much quicker.

    And in a few rare cases the Light blesses a human being with its power, filling them with its holy radiance. These beings, known as Lumen, can call forth the power of the Light from their body and use it as the Serpahim do. Their true power is unknown to most people as they are so rarely seen at all, let alone in battle. They are known to glow with a light visible in the daytime and are claimed by the priesthood at birth, whisked away and raised to be holy warriors. They are naturally good and kind people who are said to be impossible to corrupt and will eternally stand by the values of the Light. Indeed the stories of the past confirm this as fact.

    The New Moon
    Said to have arrived four centuries ago the New Moon has disobeyed the laws of space that man has discerned. Arriving from nowhere, one night it appeared in the sky on the opposite side of the planet to the sun. Since that time it has slowly moved around the planet until this day, where it stands beside the sun in the sky. The Astronomic Order, a specialised chapter of the church, claims it will continue to move, and in but seventy five days it will pass before the sun and eclipse its light entirely, shrouding the world in vulnerable darkness. Around the world people mark this day as the most important of their lives, for both good and ill reasons.

    Map (open)

    Character Sheet
    Please note no player controlled characters will be Seraphim, Lumen or Church members.
    Appearance: (Anything is fine)


    History: (All characters must have a strong enough connection to Mercen to volunteer as one of the King’s heroes. At least two paragraphs is minimum for length here)

    Weapons and Armour:
    Misc relevant Equipment: (No need to list things like food or basic utilities like a torch)
    Skype: (Not required but I prefer to add everyone to a skype group for RPs, helps everyone get to know each other)

    Remember when making a CS there are no human heroes. No character is going to be a great warrior who regularly goes out hunting monsters that threaten villages. There is a very set in stone attitude that the Seraphim will save people. Maybe your character has helped fend off a bandit attack or two with some luck, maybe they have some basic training in weapons as a soldier in the army, but nobody is a hero yet.

    Accepted Characters
    The reason every battle is now aquatic based, Ansgar Staudinger
    Who you should thank when the flaming bats attack, Victoria Dawn
    If a Caessur attacks well, he's signed his death warrant, Lucius "Lucy" Marcus
    Who guessed we'd end up in flooded, underwater tunnels, Elyn Aldgild
    Dragons were just a story told to scare children, until now, Emherith Rivia
    Her fear has already happened? That sounds like a challenge, Thaycin
    I don't really need to put anything here do I Daices ;), Tai "Tae" Xi
    That name is just asking for trouble, I'm happy to deliver, Mion Umbra
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  2. Awesomes^^!!

    But kay soooooo like I know you said our charries aren't heroes yet, but we don't have to be utter noobs right? Like we can be expert hunters/trappers or smiths or sailors right?
  3. You don't have to be noobs haha. Being experts in those types of professions is fine.
  4. Hey there! I'd like to sign up for this! I'd like to run my character concept by you to make sure it's alright before I write up a history that doesn't work in your setting. I'm thinking of going with the background of Former/Reformed Bandit. As in, was bandit, got captured, assigned to manual labor, proved loyalty and was given freedom upon agreeing to answer the king's call.

    Would that work? Or in your setting are bandits executed without chance of redemption?

    Also, I'm assuming that the only character race option is human, right? And I'm assuming the only sort of magic (that the players would know of anyway) is the Light?
  5. That idea would work great!

    There are indeed only humans in the world and the only source of magic is the Light, in the form of Lumen, Seraphim and the Holy Fires.
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  6. Name: Elyn Aldgild

    Age: 28

    Gender: Female

    Description: Elyn maintains a lithe figure that borders on 'wiry' and when combined with her stony regard for others she can come across as 'hardened.' She isn't actually as implacable as she seems but her muscles are very toned and hands calloused under her fingers, so she's no stranger to exertion that's for sure. She carries herself subtly so as not to attract attention but is always alert, her emerald gaze attentive if sometimes distant.


    Personality: Elyn was once an outgoing and charming girl who enjoyed equally going along with the group to be part of a cause while also speaking up and trying to guide the collective. This has been vastly toned done as a result of her experiences since leaving her village, and now she conducts herself in a reserved manner, cautious and alert at all times, slow to warm to anyone or open herself up. She respects capable people who can handle themselves in a situation rather than hiding behind others to protect them as most humans do these days. As such, she doesn't despise failure so long as the person did their best and strives to learn/better themselves afterward.

    Agile: Quick on her feet, highly-coordinated, and with a stellar reaction time, she strives to avoid enemy attacks and strike at weak points past defenses
    Alert: Rarely caught off guard, she constantly surveys her surroudnings to monitor her environment and the entities in it at all times

    Haunted: After having killed more people than she ever thought she would, the last thing Elyn wants is to end another human life. Killing monsters is fine, but she'll try her best to avoid killing humans if she can
    Lightweight: Although strong for her size, Elyn is still pretty skinny and lacks the weight needed to shrug off blows

    Claustrophobic: After getting briefly lost in the Dreadwood as a child with trees and darkness pressing in from all sides she was left being terrified of small, enclosed spaces
    Being a burden: She fears being the weak link in the chain and letting her team down when they're depending on her but tries to channel that fear into motivation to do better

    The very thing that kept the small village of Beacon Hill safe, also promised to be its downfall. Located just inside the the border Mercen near the ever-looming Dreadwood, Beacon Hill had once been one in a line of casting points from which the Light was wielded to cleanse the ominous vegetation from the territory of man. But that Light has not shined in many years and as a result the darkness crept closer and closer until it became clear to all that the very future of the village was in jeopardy. The elders of the village sent plea after plea to the capital requesting a Seraphim to come hack back the ominous trees, or at the very least a chalice of Light to stave off further intrusion. But every request was denied, with a host of excuses and explanations, as always some other cause was deemed more worthy than the minuscule northern village.

    'Move south' was always the conclusion they were told, and like cornered beasts the younger villagers grew agitated and restless. They refused to wait and watch their village be devoured, forced off of their lands and into homelessness when a solution could still be had. They came up with a plan to convince one of the fire chapels to relocate to their village and thus provide a constant protection against the woods that would last for generations to come. It was an unrealistic plan utterly beyond the scope of possibility and yet the hope of it put a zeal within their hearts once more. To even begin to accomplish such a task they would need great riches far beyond the capabilities of such a modest settlement. After the latest of several failed attempts to secure a legal source of income and deep in their cups at the town's tavern an idea took hold of the band. They'd traveled the roads in a group to stay safe on their journeys in search of a loan or trade deal, and seen the sort of company who shared the roads these days, harried and afraid of the threats that lurked. They'd witnessed the lack of protection their king afforded the common wanderer, and they began to imagine the riches they could have come by if they'd not simply passed those travelers with a curt nod.

    By the next day they'd made up their minds, and Elyn along with them, strapping in place what little leather and metal she could find as armor and taking with her a pair of sharpened kitchen knives. They would be bandits on the king's roads out of desperation to save their village. It was not an easy career change, to say the least. Several of them died within a month of heading out: a pair lost to a pack of shadowy wolves that attacked in the night, another struck down by an indignant merchant with a sword and the courage to use it, an additional two succumbed to poisonous mushrooms consumed in ignorance. It was tough going but there were successes, and Elyn's hands did not stay clean for long. Her first kill was accompanied by as much terror in her as in her victim, and she didn't sleep for two nights after. It eventually got easier... but never easy. She lost the butcher knives in favor of daggers and in between raids practiced twisting and dodging away from the swings of her fellow outlaws. In addition it was her chosen task to cook meals for the group, as no one else could, which put her in good favor in their merry band.

    They were making progress toward their goal, storing up wealth and making contacts amongst those who would buy their ill-gotten goods. They even got into protection business, though the prices they demanded meant they never wandered far from thievery. As they neared completion of their task (and word came of the first buildings abandoned to the Dreadwoods) they got sloppy, over eager. They heard of a large convoy of loaded down wagons traveling a great distance and immediately set out to ambush it. Taking up places in the woods, they waited for the wagon train to make its way over a hill before setting upon them with a roar. But the old cloaked men walking beside the carts threw off their coverings to reveal metal plates, and the canvases covering the supposed goods soon roiled as footmen poured out of every wagon, swords raised and shields ready. The battle was over swiftly.

    Most of her fellow bandits were slain in combat. Elyn took a gouge to her side that cut through her boiled leather armor, though it at least saved her life. She woke up several days later on a bed in a small chamber, the smell of blood in the air and a pain in her side that shot through her every time she moved. But that did not stop her jailers from dragging her before the local lord whose men had captured her. He pronounced her guilty of banditry and murder, but in exchange for her confession, cooperation, and guidance to where the treasure was he agreed to provide land for the rest of the villagers still at Beacon Hill, helping resettle them to an uninhabited patch of land near the city. For her part, Elyn was sentenced to serve in the kitchens, her ankles bound to prevent her from running.

    She proved remarkably loyal however, and skilled as well, ascending from kitchen assistant to chef within a matter of months, even being trusted with a knife again due to her apparent sincerity. In all honesty she was happy to be done with the bandit lifestyle, the stress of danger constantly nibbling at the mind... Though she did find herself missing the rush of excitement and thrill of battle. And the comraderie of her fellow chefs lacked the depth and intensity as the bond shared between warriors. But this life served her well and she was content knowing that although her home town would now be forever lost to the uncaring grip of the forest, at least the people from that town would go on. After six months her shackles came off for the final time and a year later she was given leave to quit her station if she so desired, though she did not take on that opportunity.

    It wasn't until the call went out for those willing to stand by the King against the dangers poised against their land that Elyn considered leaving. She slept on it for a couple days before seeking council with her Lord, and he encouraged her to set out and offer her services. She voiced concerns about having taken too many lives already but he made her realize that this could be a chance for atonement, to put her martial prowess to use for the betterment of their nations, rather than its detriment. And so with his blessing and some coin for her 2 years of service she set out on a caravan to join in on the King's last-ditch effort to save his kingdom.

    Weapons: Twin daggers with back-mounted sheaths

    Armour: Leather armor, steel forearm guards and right pauldron

    Equipment: 2 vials of herbal burn salve, 30 foot roll of rope, blade-sharpening kit, rolled parchment hand-painted map

    Trivia: Can whistle with her teeth painfully loud, is a skilled seamstress, practically invulnerable to spicy foods

    Skype: Insomnant (le gasp!)
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  7. Most excellent, I'll work on a character later tonight, hopefully, and have one done then.
  8. Hello! This looks really hype :D I've got a pretty good grasp on my character concept XD I look forward to rping with you all
  9. Alright, figured out what I am making as a character, so how's he look?

    Name: Ansgar Staudinger
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Ansgar is often considered a surprisingly patient man, despite his plain manner of speech and lack of care for formality or pleasantries in this day and age. He has little dealings with nobles or even the Seraphim, often awkardly silent in their presence or otherwise avoiding interactions with them at all costs, often times preferring his own company or the company of other common folk over nobility and legends, which could be mistaken for being shy or soft spoken. In the right company or the right situation, he has a strong, firm voice that he guides with, used to organizing villages and their folks for avoiding bandit or hostile kingdom raids, even if the town itself ends up being lost, Ansgar has a desire to preserve life when possible, something that might stay his hand from anyone not of Vannar, as he harbors a special spite for them and would, with a bit of training or guidance, be more than ready to stand against them. However, he isn't some plate clad hero warrior, not by any stretch of anyone's imagination, and he shies away from open conflict, having gotten lucky a few times, and that was good enough for him.

    + Skilled Tracker and Scout
    + Good Head for Tactics and Planning on the fly
    + Unlikely to panic readily or break ranks
    + Ambidextrous

    - Special Hatred for Vannarites, which could blind him readily
    - Inability to easily speak with Nobles, Serephim, and other high society types
    - Lacks a formal education
    - Little formal training with the swords he has (Carries them to intimidate and make himself feel safer)

    - Vannarite Rule
    - Oceans/Suitably Large Lakes/Bodies of Water
    - Drowning (Cannot Swim)

    History: Ansgar Staudinger was born in a small village near the border between Mercen and Vannar, near a rather large lake that the village would often fish in, providing a rather nice supplement to its usual farming and livestock growth, never over taxing the lake's natural ability for the fish to reproduce and replenish themselves. They managed to avoid too much trouble for a fair number of years, until Ansgar was old enough to start helping his father around the forge, often times playing out on the outskirts of the village otherwise, people confident that the Serephims would always be there to help, and barely had any sort of protection. When the bandits hit the village, however, they raized most of the place to the ground. Ansgar's family was able to escape, but nearly drowning while trying to hide from bandits looking for him, his father's firm grasp pulling him, half dead, from the water scarred him in multiple ways. Gone was the youthful innocence or trust in the powers that be above them, and he turned his hide and seek games into something more practical. Growing up, he dressed to hide in the shadows and dark places, tracking bandits and warning villages of impending attacks, helping organize them to flee and mitigate the damage suffered.

    His father would routinely try to convince him to come apprentice and stop this dangerous nonsense, but Ansgar was set on tracking people and warning when it was time to run. He didn't fight the bandits and enemies, and seemed to try and vanish whenever the Serephim rarely showed up, due to their numbers now being so few, but his father forged him a pair of swords, more for his own peace of mind than anything else, and Ansgar would keep running messages and warnings from place to place, aiding the woefully underfunded and prepared people of Mercen in surviving. He was just trying to survive and keep people surviving, the idea of standing up and fighting back foreign to him, his blades rarely used longer than necessary for him to create the distance needed to run and escape. When the word came out about the King of Mercen looking for 'heroes' willing to take up arms to replace the fading light of the Serephim, he reluctantly went. It had been getting harder to warn and save people just by running and leaving little for the bandits and monsters to loot, and after several close scrapes, it felt right to go to the capital. He had been helping his kin all these years to begin with, perhaps it was time to try to solve the problem itself instead of just trying to treat the symptoms?

    Weapons and Armour:
    Twin Swords - Ansgar's personal weapons that he was gifted by his father, a blacksmith that saw what his son did for a living and wanted him to have something to protect himself with. The swords are tailor made for him, their balance and design only readily comfortable to Ansgar, lightweight and rather plain, making all the effort in their construction go to their lethal efficiency. A shame that, as of right now, Ansgar doesn't readily know how to use them very well.

    Watchman's Attire - Dark colored, well made leather that does more to protect Ansgar from the elements and prying eyes of people than it would against a real weapon, the hardened leather would provide some moderate level of protection against common weapons of bandits and scoundrels, the weapons of real, proper soliders wouldn't have much issue passing through on a good, solid hit. Arrows and other long range weapons also wouldn't have much issue, but on the upside, the gear doesn't slow him down much at all, and for providing some protection against common weapons and the elements, it does its job well enough for Ansgar, and just might have some room for improvement.

    Misc relevant Equipment:
    Journal and Quill - A personal item that Ansgar carries about with him, he often keeps his private musings and thoughts inside the journal, as well as goings on, sketches, plans, and other miscellaneous things one might expect to find in such a journal. Nothing unusual in its design, being fairly plain and functional, it is weathered and has seen many years of use and travel, evidence of pages being replaced, added, and removed apparent in its current shape and design.

    Trivia: Ansgar's fear of drowning and large bodies of water came from his near death experience at the hands of Vannar bandits, paid to raid Mercen to aggravate their problems, and will often outright refuse any sort of water bound transport, short of certain death.

    Skype: Gunman543
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  10. WIP

    Character Sheet
    Please note no player controlled characters will be Seraphim, Lumen or Church members.
    Name: Lucius "Lucy" Marcus
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    Quiet would be the best way to describe Lucius. The woodsman has lived most, if not all of his life in varying states of isolation, and the results are a quiet man who tends to keep to himself. Lucius isn't an unfriendly fellow, far from it. Instead Lucius prefers to speak little and do more, letting his actions show what he means rather than long drawn out speeches. This attitude also applies to animals in a way, with Lucius feeling pretty close to the beast's of the forest when he wasn't needing to catch his dinner. The result is a quiet man who gets along with animals as much as he does with does with fellow humans.

    -Knowledgeable in herbs and medicines
    -Great survivalist
    -Trained Marksman, even on horseback

    -No Formal "etiquette" training whatsoever
    -Unskilled at CQC
    -Being Buried Alive
    -Caessur attacks (Dangerous and rare beast, and also the cause of Lucius' scar.)


    The life of a hunter is one Lucius knew from birth. Raised by a single mother on the outskirts of Mercen, Lucius' was hardly that of ease. His mother did her best to raise him, and given her limited supplies and the fact that she still had to hunt for her food it was quite amazing that she was able to do so with such skill. From a young age Lucius was instructed in the skills of archery, as well as that of herbs and their uses. Where many learned from books, Lucius learned in person that some plants were good eats and other made your stomach grumble and howl in pain, an experience he wished very few others would experience. They raised their horses, patroled their woods and fought off occasional poachers or the even rarer beast.

    One night however, the two were attacked by a lone Caessur, and his mother's mount as well as his mother herself were quickly slain. Lucius ran into the night, and while he escaped with his life, there was a grim reminder left on his own face of the dangers of the wilds. His cabin in the woods felt lonely then, without his mother's warm smile or tough demeanor to guide him he felt lost in the woods he used to call his own, so with few other options, he decided to enlist with the king. Searching for a new purpose, Lucius brought his horse and his bows, determined to find a new life beyond the one the Caessur took from him.

    Weapons and Armour:

    1x Set of Studded Leather Armor
    1x Longbow
    30x Arrows in a quiver
    1x Short Sword

    Misc relevant Equipment:
    1x Pouch of Herbs and Medicinal Components

    Mount (open)

    Rose, a brown mare


    Big tiger like cat, smooth blue skin, blind but with two tnedrils extended from its shoulders that are both sensory organs and constricting limbs, and claws and teeth. This rare creature is the cause of Lucius' scar, and he barely managed to escape from one with his life intact. Survivors of one Caessur attack are rare.

    There's yet to be a reported survivor of two.
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  11. Working on a CS now!
  12. So much interest :D
    I normally go through CSes in bulk when I've got a few done and accept/explain what corrections need to be made then. So don't worry that I'm not replying about them instantly.
  13. Character Sheet
    Name: Tai "Tae" Xi
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female

    Tae's desposition is remarkeably similar to that of someone fourty years her senior. Indeed, one of her main traits is her unyielding gruffness, speech clipped and often muttered, expression almost always one of faint displeasure. Quite a silent and brooding type, she's prone to bouts of sulleness and, on ocassion, bursts of immature petulance. Despite her cantankerous nature, Tae prides herself on her truthfulness and unwavering moral compass and is quick to help or support anyone who needs it, often unable to say no to any reasonable proposal. Very implicitly trusting and somewhat oblivious to social cues, Tae has a bit of childish naivette and sees the world in simple shades of black and white.
    - Wild Survivability
    - Tracking
    - Cooking
    - Constructing traps
    - Amputated left leg(under the knee)
    - Generally pretty slow(mentally and physically)
    - Literally has no friends
    - Farsighted
    - Unable to hide emotions(no lie sounds convincing, no displeasure goes unseen)
    - Infection(consequentially, being poisoned)[/BCOLOR]
    - A certain someone getting hurt
    - Being locked up/confined/settling down

    Born and raised in the heavily wooded mountain ranges of southern Vannar, Tae was thrown into a mountain man-esque lifestyle at a very early age. Her family -which consisted of her and her mother, her father an unacknowledged shadow- made a living off of haggling and bartering with the dispersed yet complex network of the other socially recluse, her mother trading herbs and pelts for other materials. It was from her that Tae learned how to set traps, as her mother was a slight woman, only slightly over five feet, and no match for some of the more exotic life forms in the woods if a hunt happened to go wrong(Wendeer were a prime example). She also learned how to read, write, and perform basic arithmetic under her mothers insistence. She had most likely inherited her fathers genes, though; standing at a rather imposing five foot nine, Tae was gifted a crossbow when she first started to grow. Crossbows because the area of impact was much smaller; they sold fur, after all, not meat, so a lodged bullet was of little consequence when it would be found later while carving the meat to smoke.

    Due to the scarcity of any small towns or neighbours, really, Tae was forced to trek to the nearest trading post -a good half a day away- ever since she was thirteen as her mother's arthritis became too painful. It was during one of these runs where she had a run in with a pack of Wendeer; despite having scrambled up a tree to evade the rabid animals, one of them was lucky enough to gouge a good chunk out of her left leg. Surrounded by a pack of rabid animals merely incensed by the smell of blood, Tae had to turn her scarf and coat intotourniquets and bandages, to try and stop the bleeding.

    There was a period of time where she had been lost in delirium, most likely because infection had set in(Wendeer were about as clean as stagnant cave water). Ironically, she remembers her feverish dreams and disjointed realities quite well; the images of those hellish, subconscious purgatorial still occasionally visit her in her sleep. When she truly woke up, she found herself in a foreign place, a neat little town that seemed a bit too posh for a town in mountain-man territory. There, she had found herself with a new addition(and subtraction); a simple curved bar of metal, replacing her leg, that had -lo and behold- become severely infected and inflamed by the time help had arrived, which had actually been two days after the incident. She had been asleep for another four, tring to recover from the experience.

    She couldn't leave, at first. She couldn't stand without dry heaving, and simple movement sent spikes of pain through her vehemently protesting body. She had spent a little under ten months trying to work with her new leg. At least the doctor was plenty patient(and not bad for the eyes, either), and actually helped her recover most of her mobility slightly before the predicted schedule. She had seen very little of the town besides the doctor's large house, which fouled as a hospital. The entire town was surrounded by a tall stone wall, making recognizing the surrounding topography and terrain exceptionally difficult. Tae didn't mind it, exactly; stranded in her own little Ogygia. But she had to leave; guilt ate away at her every day that she stayed, knowing that her mother probably thought her dead and had to fend for herself.

    It had been exactly one year later, when Tae went to sleep one day and woke to find herself slumped against her cottage door, her mother sobbing tears of relief. Tae could do nothing but go on with her life, trapping a myriad of animals, specializing in Quetzar pelts, falling back into a mundane pattern. She hasn't ever stopped searching, however. There's someone waiting for her, and she'd be damned if she made them wait too long. When she heard about the King's predicament a few months after, it was not wntirely out of the goodness of her heart when she answered. Perhaps the King's call would draw her closer; perhaps she could make herself known, tear free of the silence and invisibility of her fur trapping life, and find her.
    Weapons and Armour:
    - (x2)Hunting knives (roughly 10", single edge)
    - Cured leather vest, vanguards, and thigh guards
    - Crossbow(two-handed, fifteen 9mm bolts)
    - Her leg, really(made out of a thick, curved band of metal, useful as a bludgeon)
    Misc relevant Equipment:
    - Vial of strong disinfectant(and a bundle of clean linen strips)
    - A myriad of animal deterrents
    - very gay
    - Is quite paranoid about taxidermies coming to life
    - allergic to most nuts(;o)
    - feels very strong phantom pains/senses where her left leg used to be
    - doesn't really enjoy wearing fur clothing despite being in the trade
    Animals mentioned:
    Wendeer - Their closest "normal" relative being the Elk, Wendeer are tall, gangly, deer-like animals that travel in packs of four to seven. Despite being related to Elk, Wendeer are omnivores and autotrophs, able to eat everything from grass to carcasses to try and soothe their insatiable appetites. their teeth are almost like a mix between shark and mole teeth to accomodate; jagged and sharp in front with wide molars in the back, the front teeth must be worn down constantly and the back are easily replaced. Almost all have very short, matted fur in shades of black, grey, and brown; however, Wendeer kept n captivity have been seen to grow their fur out(although it still doesn't quite hide the sickly and emancipated look that Wendeer have). Telltale signs that Wendeer are close by would be by their harsh, almost birdlike calls, as well as areas where all vegetation is stripped bare(this includes the bark of nearby trees).
    Quetzar- Small, bear-like animals the size of a large dog, they are extremely popular because of the fine plumage that streak their bodies(the designs and placements fluctuate almost as much as the colours do). While their fur is almost always a fine beige, their feathers can be anything, variegated or matte, and can emulate the feathers of any bird. Many are caught illegally and sold as pets or stripped of their pelts to become fashion statements. Some feathers could even be ground to produce pigments. Due to having promiscuity equivalent to that of rabbits, Quetzar are relatively common(although the rarity of certain plumages do differ).
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  14. Character Sheet
    *Ignore the Scar and Blue eyes please :)*
    Victoria Dawn
    Friendly, Generally good hearted, but can be manipulative at times. Generally tries to go at things with a calm head, though she does have a temper at times, especially in times of high stress. Can be described as a free spirit. In the face of danger, if she is certain the odds are against her, she may waver to save her own skin/

    Quick Wits
    Fast and Agile
    Great Climber

    No weapon training besides throwing daggers at targets

    The Law

    As a child, she lived on the outskirts of Mercen, raised by a happy family including both parents and an older sister. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother a herbalist, and for a time it seemed like the horrors were a distant problem, and the bandits were the biggest problem. The village wasn't ready for the monsters creeping out from the darkness. The first three creatures were monstrous bats, the size of a horse as they scooped people out of the village. Victoria herself was nearly taken from the garden outside of her home if it wasn't for her neighbor stabbing the creature with a pitchfork. He didn't survive long. That night a fire started, one her mother couldn't out run. Her father blamed the monsters, and was stubborn enough to stick around and try to take revenge. He was torn apart by a pack of monstrous wolves. Her and her sister stayed with a family friend, and a week after her fathers death, the same monstrous bats attacked the town. The creature tore through the cottage roof and Victoria could only watch as her sister was plucked up into the air, the bat carrying her off into the night.
    Then dropped her to her death.
    Victoria went and lived with her Uncle in the capital. At the age of 16, he began teaching her the ways of a thief, and she quickly learned about how to be silent, hide in plain sight, and the art of lockpicking. Using her skills to make a living for herself, money wasn't much of a problem anymore, though now the law was. As Victoria grew, so did her skills and she was a natural. She picked up throwing knives as well, using them to cut ropes or just for simple fun. Her and her uncle planned the biggest job yet, stealing a noblemens painting. The plan was working well, before Victoria dropped a throwing knife from a window ledge, alerting the guards. Victoria managed to flee safely, but her uncle was imprisoned. Blaming herself, she seeks a way to free him.
    As the King sent out a call for heroes, Victoria decided she would become one, avenging her family and using her influence to free her uncle.

    Weapons and Armour:
    Set of Black Cloth Armor, useful for stealth more than direct combat. (Above)
    Half a Dozen Throwing Knives
    Climbing Axe (More of a tool, but can be used as a weapon.)

    Misc relevant equipment:
    Lockpick Set

    Trivia: Victoria is a free spirit of sorts, so if she is given an order, but in her mind believes it can be solved in a different way, she will likely do that instead. She has a soft spot for kids and saving lives, believing no task is too big over the life of anyone.

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  15. @Rax Rosetta Accepted without any issue :)

    @Lonewolf888978 I just need you to change one thing in your history. The monsters of the Dreadwoods are the trees themselves (I'll give a proper explanation ICly) there aren't any other monsters or animals that live in the woods. The bat and wolf monsters are fine themselves you just need to change where they come from so others don't get confused. Then she'll be accepted.

    @Everyone else, let's get those CSes done!
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  16. So I wanna make a Cs. But I'm curious to know, there is not any magical or paranormal abilities our characters can have right?
  17. Alrighty, finished my character sheet! Sorry about the delay, had a busy weekend.
  18. There are none. The PCs are completely mundane.
  19. After the Wire magic incident Dough here's gone full anti-magic
    We will never speak of that accidentally OP crap again -_-
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