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    This world was once a peaceful, and prosperous place. Lead under the rule of one man, a man beloved by all the creatures who live in Morcaida. His name was Sevrin Voltaire, The Gentle Elven King. He ruled over his people with love, and understanding, putting his heart, and soul into thier well being, but none were more cherished to him than his beloved Dragon Riders. The riders that protected their nations leader on the backs of sixteen scaled beasts. They soared through the skies, their beasts letting echo through the clouds, and the kingdom their mighty roars.

    Voltaire's benevolent rule lasted for years without a threat to him, his people, or his kingdom, but nothing lasts forever. Darkness lingered in the deep pits of the Orc Marshes. An insidious evil that had been planning its moment for years upon years. Right under the noses of their loved leader, and his prized riders, a dark sorcerer persuaded the Orcs to join him in his uprising to take the thrown, and the kingdom from Voltaire. The Sorcerer unleashed a vile plague upon the lands that wiped out a third of Morcaida's population, the beloved king, and his riders included....every rider but one, and two infuriated dragons. The last remaining rider guarded the knowledge of the only hope to one day bring this nation peace from the disater it has met, for deep within the castle dungeon hid a crate which harbored four dragon eggs. The rider gathered these eggs, and rode throughout Morcaida distributing the eggs in different regions, hidden where the sorcerer would never find that they would hatch, and imprint on new riders. The future of their world.

    A panicked uproar broke out among the people of this once peaceful nation, their king was dead, and only his beloved daughter was left as heir to the thrown. The sorcerer had succeeded in his goal, but he had not gained all that he wished. With her head held high, and her tears tried from her eyes, the Elven Princess brought order, and peace back to her country, but nothing would ever be the same as before. Morcaida had split into three seperate nations.

    Selvana, the nation looked after, and protected by the princess herself. A nation full of love, and peace. A kind nation rulled with benevolence, and love. Elves thrived within these lands along side gentle humans as a nature pure, and light.
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    Nifora, the nation ruled by the last remaining dragons. A neutral territory filled with a variety of free spirits who worshipped the mighty beasts who claimed this land. This land is inhabited by the three races; elves, humans, and orcs. Those who do not wish to side with the Light, or the Dark.
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    And lastly, Dinivia, the nation ruled by the evil Sorcerer. A Tyrany enslaved Orcs, and Human beings alike. A purely mechanized nation filled with the echoing beats of hammers on anvils, and the deafening screeching of tool of destruction. It is dark, vile, and impure.
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    It is now hundreds of years into the future since the Plague. The young dragons will have hatched, and the nations will have fallen into a routine they all know so well. But do not think that evil has fallen silent. The sorcerer plans to take Selvana from the princess, and sits on his thrown devising a plot against her pure nation. It is said that he will unleash upon her another plague, but that deep in the ruins of an old orc tomb, an artifact lies capable of ridding this world of the vile plague, and the evil ruler. An ancient dragon's Scale endowed with powers old, and unknown. It is up to the new riders, and their dragons to either join forces with the light, the dark, or neither, and attempt to bring down the nations they despise.

    What is your allegiance, Rider?

    All magic originates from the elves. The other races may learn magic from the elves, but they CANNOT perfect it. Orcs will find it VERY difficult to learn any magics.
    Orcs are a purely mechanized, and hardworking race dedicated to the art of war.
    Just because elves are said to live in Selvana, and Orcs in Dinivia does not mean that they cannot live in the other regions as well as a corrupted, or purified creature.

    Character roles:
    RainbowwaveDrake J'donDragonMale345NeutralTiriel38.84
    Lady AmatsuScyllaDragonFemale108DarkMelech24.13
    Lady AmatsuTiriel "Tiri"ElfFemale237NeutralDrake
    ~x~Fylakas angelos~x~Luna SapphiraElfFemale228NeutralDhuun
    GulliverLemiwaux GillafainElfFemale202LightSlibil?
    shinakawolfShin-ak kyotzakiHalf-elfMale20DarkTiernoch
    ~x~Fylakas angelos~x~Princess AppolineElfFemale488LightNone
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tiernoch (Dark)~ Shin-ak Kyotozaki (Dark)
    Skyvalla (Neutral)~ Garruk (Neutral)
    Drake J'Don (Neutral)~ Tiriel (Neutral)
    Slibil (Light)~ Lemiwaux Gillafain (Light)
    Dhuun (Neutral)~ Luna Sapphira (Neutral)
    Scylla (Dark)~ Melech (Dark)

    Character Sheets:

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    Race (Human, Elf, Orc, Dragon. Im sure you all know that Humans elves, and orcs are for riders.):
    Human Appearance (For dragon):
    Allegiance (Light/Dark/Neutral):
    Magic (If any. Note that Not many humans know magic, and nearly no orcs do.):
    Brief History/Backstory:
    Your Dragon/Your Rider (Update when you have found yours):

    1. Please write 4-5 sentences per post. I wont ask for paragraphs because I know some people are not capable.
    2. Post AT LEAST 4-5 times a week. If you'll be gone for an extended amount of time, message me, and let me know.
    3. Be kind to others, and have fun.
    4. TRY to use proper grammar, and punctuation. I dont always, but I try.
    5. Seeing as this role play has multiple characters, I may allow 2 characters per person. MAY being the key word.
    6. No modding, bat manning, or the likes. There will be combat within this roleplay, and so Combat rules do apply.
    7. Romance is encouraged :D Just...keep it respectful to our readers. Take anything that should be done in private to a private area.
    8.Its simple. Let me love you <3 :D

    Im giving credit to some very special people for helping me with the plot, and story of this roleplay. They had great ideas, and brilliant minds. <3

    Thank you all <3​
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  2. Name: Tiernoch
    Age: Primordial
    Race: Ancient Dragon
    Allegiance: Dark
    Rider: None so far.
    Human Appearance: Rarely witnessed, although utilized when needed. This form bears ancient armor not seen for many ages, set with Draconic and Elven runes that imbue it with strength to protect this lesser body, while amplifying his powers. Without it, he adopts a middle form between an Elf and a Human, adorned with fine silks, gold, and jewels, the very same way he appeared in the Gentle King's court so many years before.

    Mist - The source of the Sorcerer's foul magics, Tiernoch exhales a heady mist in his sleep that permeates Dinivia and slowly creeps upon the other lands. It seems to attract monsters wherever it can be found, but strangely has no adverse affects on the races of Morcaida.

    Of Earth - Having slumbered in the flowing lava of Dinivia until recently awakened by the Sorcerer, his massive frame seems to be made up by stone from the earth itself, grafted in places by the natural magic of the world but leaving gaping cracks where glistening scales are lighted upon by the sun. Being ensconced in this way enables him control over nature and life.

    And Flame - Tiernoch harbors the most common breath element among dragons; Tales of old spoke that aspiring mages would pray at the badlands where it was rumored to be resting in order to be blessed with the gifts of Tiernoch's flame to use in battle. Before the Sorcerer had risen to power and summoned Tiernoch, it had been a rite of passage to
    undertake this journey.
    Personality: Tiernoch's age is beyond comprehension; He has seen the world in its infancy, and witnessed the birth of mortal races. His flame has been a beacon, and at one time, his power was worshiped and his wisdom sought after.
    It has filled him with a great sense of pride in being a dragon, and he acts with caution and reserve, like a noble would in a court of his peers. As such, he does not act with impudence, relying on self-control and logic to govern his actions.

    As of late, he has suffered greatly from the decline of his kind, and harbors a deep-rooted anger for the mortal races of Morcaida. As a result of this, he rarely utilizes the magic to change forms, believing it to be repugnant and lesser, only when needed to disguise himself among the humans, elves, and orcs.

    Brief History/Backstory:

    There are legends preceding the wise rule of the Gentle Elven King, of draconic entities that had come into existence at the same time as the heavens machinated the birth of the world. Whether or not this story is attributed to Tiernoch is unknown, though it is known that the dragon was incredibly old, soaring the skies before even the first of the Elves had been born yet.

    When the King had risen to power upon the united throne, Tiernoch had been at his side, dispensing his veritable knowledge to the elf lord before he had been called away to the lands that now make up Dinivia. Then the dragon burrowed into the ground, causing massive rumblings in the earth itself and forcing up lakes of molten rock to shape the country into what it is today.

    He slept for centuries, mist seeping up through the cracks in the world, until the Sorcerer unleashed their plague and its brethren dying haunted and embittered Tiernoch. The Sorcerer then staked their claim where the ancient dragon rested, and cast their magic, forcing him from the dreamworld into the here and now so as to pledge his power to the dark wizard.

    Seemingly enraptured by the Sorcerer, Tiernoch agreed, and once again spread his wings on the skies of Morcaida.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Five Hundred and Twenty Nine Years old

    Of the Species of Dragon

    Skyvalla is Aligned to no one

    Rider Garruk.

    The Orc came to the mountains some ten years prior and through fighting together in the wars of Skyvalla's Mountains the pair became closer and eventually a bond developed of trust and affection.

    Banished of Magic
    Skyvalla is incapable at channelling any magic. During her warring years she encountered a powerful Elven mage. She bested him in battle and was about to kill him when he released a powerful erratic burst of magic fueled with anger and fear. He effectively cut her off from magic for the rest of her life. However the elements Earth and Fire were 'sad' for the loss of their child. She would have become very powerful as she grew. So they do not wish to hurt her. This means for her that spells of fire and of earth try to avoid causing her harm, often spells go wrong around her and those that do hit her cause less damage than they would do normally.

    Queen of the Wild
    An ability that could be considered magical, one of the only powers she truly has other than breathing fire. All creatures seem to respect and obey her as some kind of leader or paragon of their species. They flock to her when she is near and defend her without question.


    Skyvalla's egg was hidden deep in shadows of a great mountain range separating Nifora and Selvana. Her first few years of life were treacherous as the mountains were inhabited by huge savage beasts that were certainly larger than a hatchling like her. It took all her cunning to survive and she often was frozen and starved in the high reaches of the peaks, hiding from all her many predators. However this period of hardship paid off for her in the long run. She grew larger and larger, her skills of survival turning to skills in battle as she challenged the creatures that had once hunted her and rose to the top of their small ecosystem. She became somewhat of a Queen amongst the mountains, all animals deferring to her in all things. She was not cruel, she made many friends amongst the species she lived with and often went with an entourage of creatures whom followed her and learned from her and were safe under her protection.

    Eventually noted Humans and Orcs traversing her lands, either wandering through paths made long ago or venturing into the valley forests to hunt boar and buck to bring back home. She always watched them carefully, silently from the sidelines, ensuring they were not greedy nor disrespectful. Tales of Hunters whom had taken too much or carelessly left fires alight being brutally slaughtered for their crimes quickly reached the various settlements. A few took it as a mountain spirit, leaving offerings for Skyvalla and in fact giving her the name Skyvalla, meaning
    'Warden of the Heights'

    Others considered her some giant Wolf, more vicious and murderous than most, and went out into the mountains to find her and kill her. Of these groups, she always left one alive, there to tell the tale of death and blood from some silent and dark shape that never showed itself and slaughtered them brutally in the dark. Eventually however, a group of Orcs entered her domain with the intent not to kill her, but speak with her. Their homes had been constantly under threat from both marauding bands of dark thralls from Dinivia and bands of humans and elves who hated their race n principle. They came into the Mountains in droves, women and children alongside them, asking the Warden of the Heights for her blessing to settle in her mountains where they might finally be safe.

    Skyvalla had circled and studied their company for many nights, never showing herself and trying to discern their purpose. She heard their pleas, understanding their language from the other orcs whom had crossed her path, and she did indeed feel for the plight. Eventually, just as they began to give up hope, she appeared to them, walking up to their firelight tall and graceful and powerful to behold. All were in awe of her and most grateful when she approved of their settling, taking her as their Deity. In the years following Skyvalla became protective and fond of these peoples. They were respectful and simple in their ways and she enjoyed walking amongst them sometimes or hunting with them other times. Fifty years passed in relative peace but soon enough others discovered the settlement.

    At first the Orcs repelled anyone else who wished to flee from their own lands to the safety of the mountains, demanding they ask Skyvalla's permission first. However many of the elves and humans who entered the mountains believed Skyvalla to be a simple fairytale to scare others away from their safe haven. This being the case, the attempts of others to settle there became more and more forceful. Eventually it became a war. Skyvalla did not involve herself at first, thinking it was a dispute between a race she was not part of. But the sadistic bloodshed unlike any other race she had seen shocked her and eventually she was forced to intervene. The first battle she fought, the Orcs had been pushed right back against a sheer cliff and they thought all was lost. As a last effort their voices rang out with a prayer to their guardian deity, an action that struck up a bout of cruel laughter from their attackers. They were not laughing when Skyvalla leaped down from the peak above them and set half of them ablaze.

    In the months following Skyvalla became very acquainted with war. She shadowed the Orcish War Lord of her Mountains, a man named Grisc, old and grizzled from a lifetime of mercenary work who taught her many things. She involved the Mountain creatures in their war, knowing that it was their lives that they were fighting for as well. So whosoever entered the mountains now suddenly were set upon by wolves and bears and snowcats, Boar gored their soldiers and ate from their supplies at night. In the end after many gruelling and horrifying sieges and battles fought and won by Skyvalla's Orcs, the humans and elves ceased their hostilities. They had lost much in their pursuit of a new home and now the mountains were cut off from them entirely.

    Skyvalla stood as the victor but now the outside world worried and intrigued her. What if this was to happen again? In order to protect her home she decided she needed to venture out beyond her borders and understand the world as a whole.

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  4. Anyone who wants to be Skyvalla's rider PM me and lets discuss stuff and things!

    (character relationship discussion OH MY *wiggles*)
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  5. Name: Shin-ak kyotozaki
    Age: 20
    Race: half elf
    Appearance: its the attached file
    Personality: Shin-ak is a very silent person and kept together person, he mostly will not get involved in most affairs unless it involves a fight of some sorts that is were he mostly lets his emotions run wild is in the heat of a good fight.
    Allegiance: dinivia
    Weapon: he has two, one black lance with a ripped small red sash on the end of the pole and one long black and silver hilted sword.
    Magic: shin-ak has two types of magic
    one is the power of fire known as
    Black fire: this fire comes of the color black hence the name, this is a fire that can have its shape manipulated, common ways shin uses this fire is he will summon it as a small demonic figure to scare his foes, uses it as small orbs he shoots from his palms and lastly as a shield.
    Shin-ak's second magic is of of wind
    Shin wind magic can be conjured as sharp spiraling blades around his body they can be as sharp as a sword when he concentrates the winds speed and velocity correctly.

    Brief History/Backstory: shin-ak was a young boy when the nations all split apart and the dark sorcerer tok control of his home, he was saddened because both parents died before he ever knew them so he has learned magic on his own and had to survive in the dark city of dinivia by himself because he is most likely the only elven to ever live in the dinivia nation. he was chosen to be a rider because he can use magic and that was a needed and most wanted skill for the dinivia nation. With shin-ak's sad past he is mostly kept to himself.
    Your Dragon: possibly tiernoch

    image: [​IMG]
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  6. @shinakawolf; You've spoken with JUDGE about him becoming your dragon?
  7. @Lady Amatsu He sent me a PM, and we agreed to work things out during the rp. If his character can convince mine, I'll allow him to be his rider.
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  8. yep im sure we will make a great partnership pal judge
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  9. :D Of course, I'm keeping Tiernoch's options open.
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  10. Ill make my character closer to when the rest of the characters are pretty well full.
  11. @Erranruin @JUDGE Human Appearance has been added to the CS. Dragon DO have the ability to shift from dragon to human. A gift inherited by the elves of olden days.
  12. @Lady Amatsu I've been trying to find an appearance that matches him, but rest assured, I'll figure something out.
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  13. @JUDGE Its not required, but it is encouraged x3 You can simply describe his appearance if you cant find a photo.
  14. Isnt that a form of magic? In which case She cant do that either ^_^'
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  15. @Erranruin CS revision accepted, Lovey :3 Welcome to our happy little family XD
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