The aftermath

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  1. Jasmine Reysong
    Age: 17
    Height/weight: 5' 105lbs
    Hair/eyes: Red and very curly/ Green

    The closet was cramped, barely big enough for her, let alone both of them. Still the house was boarded up and the door on the closet was heavy wood and very sturdy. As long as they were quiet they should be able to rest easy with no fear of being eaten in their sleep. Another plus side to the confined space was that their body heat would keep it from getting too cold. Georgia in January was not the coldest place to be but it certainly was no fun trying to sleep without heat or a good blanket, which they had done too many nights this winter.

    Tonight she would sleep well though, cramped but safe and warm. Since the bomb went off there were not many nights that she could say that. It had been nearly a year and they still had not found a safe place to settle down. Once or twice they thought they did, but it was always overrun by the dead, or discovered by one of the infected. The dead were bad, but the infected were much worse. They moved around like giant insects, crawling on walls and spitting out globs of webs to try to tangle you up. Of course there were even worse ones, all kinds of monsters, even some that looked and acted like normal people until they lured you close and suddenly opened their mouth wide enough to swallow you whole. That is why Jasmine trusted only one person in this world.