The Afterlife

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  1. In the year 2018, a huge war took place throughout all the continents of the world, fighting for territory because the population was growing more rapid than ever before. After 20 years of battle the once simple war became a nuclear warfare, killing millions. When the war ended there were barley any survivors. Most people that did survive died of radiation poisoning, some people who did survive were transformed into unholy creatures bent on rage. They were called Zelta. As the Zelta killed off most humans, the ones that did survive the poison ended up dying at an earlier age than they should have. Two-hundred years passed and new life grew from the ashes of the old life. Humans have died but from the war created new life. However as new creatures grew so have the Zelta, whom want to see the world taken over by them and them alone.

    There are six Kingoms:

    Cloud City- A mechanical city in the sky
    Utropolis- An underwater utopia for air and water breathers
    Norland- A Kingdom in the north
    Eden- A forest Kingdom
    Agnes Dei- The Kingdom of all the Zelta
    Fire Kingdom- A kingdom of pure flames ruled by the flame people

    Sarah sighed as she sat on the edge of the embers known as her home. She was a fire princess, with glowing red hair that fell down her lower back and a long dress made out of twigs and leaves. With her finger, she slowly reached her hand to the luscious grass in front of her, separating her home from the world unknown. She was 18 but was forbidden to go outside of her home declared by her father the king of fire, Moutumas. Rumors have it that the flame people are ruthless barbarians that would kill anyone that entered their domain, however that wasn't true.
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