The Aesteria Chronicles: The Lost Ark - Fantasy/Steampunk [OOC and Signup]

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    Welcome to Aesteria! A new fantastical world of radically different climates, peoples, and environments that has only recently been born from my imagination. Though I have yet to be able to produce a map for my world, I shall do my best to give you a feel for what it looks like. This Roleplay will revolve around the main continent of Lucenrai.

    The Setting (open)

    The Setting:

    The Western City-States
    To the west we have hundreds of city-states and nation-states. These cities are industrially developed and occasionally bicker with one another behind large walls of stone. Here, people develop different philosophies and create new inventions, making the western city-states a haven for free thinkers and inventors. The types of governments in the city states are varied, some are democratic, there are several republics, a few kingdoms, and several mercantile cities. The majority of these city states are loosely allied with each other in a confederacy for a unified defense, though this alliance hasn't stopped small wars from breaking out between cities. You can often see airships of various shapes and sizes travelling across the skies, trading and exploring and otherwise soaring about the sky.

    The Varisie Empire (V-air-i-see)
    In the northern region lies the vast Varisie Empire, a powerful, industrialized empire that rules by wealth and might. The Varisie are one of the most technologically advanced societies in the world, and are a very proud people often arrogantly so. The empire controls its populace strictly, with an iron fist, and commands a huge army, as well as a vast fleet of airships. The current ruler of the Varisie is Emperor Rickard Varisie III, who is the 27th Emperor of the Varisie Dynasty. His brother, Johanson Varisie has also recently been appointed as the Pope of the Church of Aer, giving the Varisie family rule of over one third of the continent as well as influence over the majority of the continent's peoples.

    The Wall of Nothing
    In the direct center of the continent lies a small, but tall mountain range known as the Wall of Nothing. The mountain range creates a small circle, and reaches high into the sky, past the clouds, creating an impenetrable natural wall. People claim that a civilization lies at the top the mountain range, advanced far beyond the comprehension of all people, though this is considered heresy by the Church of Aer. Legend states that the ancient artifacts, known as 'Arks' were required to open the gates to the City, if such a city existed. Still, a shrine that is on the border of the clouds has been erected on the northern face of the mountain range, a popular place for pilgrimages and religious ceremonies.

    The Aest Wetlands
    To the south lies a large, thick forest, that opens up into a swamp, which then opens up into a small archipelago of islands. This is a land full of magic and mysteries, and the Church often dissuades its followers from venturing into these lands. Nevertheless, many people attempt to venture into these lands in an attempt to find the small towns, settlements, and cities in these swamp/archipelago lands, in hope of learning and mastering the arts of magic. Few make the journey into the swamplands, and even fewer return, but all that do are possessed of magical powers far greater than any that has been found outside of these lands.

    The Kusagi Empire
    To the far, far east, lies an oriental empire (bet you didn't see that one coming.) The Kusagi Empire stretches along the long, crescent shaped, eastern coast of the continent, making its capital on a sizable island just off the coast. The Kusagi Empire for the most part keeps to itself, relying of self sustenance and internal trade to keep it alive. While it doesn't have the technological marvels of the western and northern people, the people of the Kusagi Empire how considerable martial and magical prowess. While there never has been a war between the east and its west and northern neighbors, it is not uncommon for groups of Kusagi people to adventure into the western city states, often trading their odd and rare eastern goods, as well as serving as potent and dangerous mercenaries.

    Technology and Magic (open)

    Technology and Magic
    If you've read my tag behind the title, you'd have guessed that this is a fantasy/steampunk RP. Therefore, it has fantasy/steampunk tech. So that means airships and steam and magics galore! There will be a good mix of melee weapons, firearms, and melee-firearm contraptions, I'll get into a list of the main armaments you'll see below:

    Common Weapons in Aesteria (open)

    The Steam Rifle
    One of the most commonplace firearms in Aesteria. The steam rifle come in different variants, as they are produced by many different groups, whether they be Varisie Arms Company or the Westhof Trade Caravan. For the most part, the steam rifle is relatively the same, a breach loaded rifle utilizing a small steam cartridge. For the most part, the Steam Rifle must be reloaded after every shot, though several more expensive variants of the rifle come with 2-4 round magazines. These magazines typically stick off to the side, so not to interfere with the rifle's sights. Most variants come with an optic, each of varying magnification and reticules. It isn't uncommon for cheaper sights to be weak telescopes with a dot in the center. A steam rifle can typically fire 100-300 rounds before replacing steam cartridges, depending on the potency of the weapon.

    Revolving Musket
    A seven-barreled rifle used commonly by Varisie shock troopers, this weapon is considerably less common than its single barreled counterpart. As a result, it is considerably more expensive. A round disk, similar to a large, flattened revolver cylinder is slid into the rear of the weapon, this cylinder houses the 7 rounds, as well as pre-loaded steam combustives for each round. In order to fit the rounds into the cylinder, the ammunition used by the revolving musket is of smaller caliber than the ones usually fired by steam rifles. Ammunition is also considerably more expensive.The cocking hammer must be pulled back every time before firing the weapon. The weapon is considerably less accurate than the steam rifle and lacks the ability to place any optics. A side sight is able to be mounted, but it does little more than show the operator the general direction in which it is aimed.

    Bolt Revolver
    An intricate revolver weapon designed by an inventor from the Western City states, this weapon is unique in that it fires crossbow bolts instead of more contemporary bullet cartridges. Using a steam cartridge to provide power, the Bolt Revolver can fire 20 crossbow bolts from a reloadable cylinder. While not as powerful as contemporary firearms, and lacking the ability to pierce armor, the weapon can be loaded with magically enchanted or specially crafted bolts, and is considerably quieter than other firearms.

    Steam Repeater
    The first truly 'automatic' weapon created by steam technology, the steam repeater fires at a whopping 120 rounds per minute, and features a 30 round magazine firing small caliber ammunition. A steam cartridge is placed into the stock of the weapon, and pulling the trigger causes steam to rotate gatling styled barrels inside the weapon and fire its payload. Since the weapon uses steam both to rotate the barrels and fire the weapon, steam is used extremely fast, making it a fairly costly weapon. The steam cartridge on a repeater typically has to be replaced after every other magazine, increasing the cost of firing the weapon. The repeater also fires very low caliber ammunition and is incapable of piercing plate armor, making it a poor choice for a battlefield. On the other hand, its relatively higher rate of fire, and small size makes it ideal for airship crews, who typically don't wear unwieldy plate armor.

    Revolver Blade
    The revolver blade is exactly what it sounds like, a revolver, with a blade. Capable of being used as both a shortsword, and a one-handed carbine-revolver, the revolver blade is a versatile weapon often used by mercenaries. It comes in different variants, of differing blade lengths and revolver calibers. As a rule of thumb, the larger the blade, the more difficult it is to aim, the higher the caliber, the less balanced the sword is.

    There are also all your typical melee weapons, and revolver-melee variants. Firearms for the most part, if not single fire rifles, are revolvers, the above are examples of the tech you can expect. If you want to make your own weapons and gear you can, but know that I will scrutinize it, and if I feel it doesn't fit or is too much, I will not hesitate to tell you so.

    Magic in Aesteria is different than magic in other fantasy realms. Whether or not anyone is inherently talented in magic, no one can simply 'pick up' magic. You can't just stare at a little grimoire all day and then all of a sudden be able to cast a fireball and burn down villages, no, it doesn't work like that. In Aesteria, all magic is governed by the use of summoned spirits.

    Summon spirits aren't like your fancy shmancy final fantasy one spirit per element kind of spirit, nope. There are tens of hundreds of thousands of spirits all over Aesteria, each with their own element and classification, just waiting for you to nab them. It is only with the help of these summoned spirits can you cast any sort of magic whatsoever.

    Spirits generally fit into one of three categories:
    Spirits (open)

    These spirits are the most common, and are often the smallest, weakest, and least intelligent, though this isn't always the case. They are relatively easy to obtain and summon and generally do not require a major pact to use. Several lesser summoners have found themselves destroyed by simple spirits due to their lack of knowledge of summoning and their inability to control the mischievous spirits. Simple spirits can be found in many places all over the world. Commanding simple spirits allow summoners to do things like fireballs or lighningbolts. A competent summoner can control several simple spirits with ease.

    These spirits are generally humanoid in appearance and are by far the most intelligent of spirits. They are for the moderately to very powerful, and are quite cunning, some more malevolent than others. Pacts to enlist Humanoid spirits are generally more complex and often require a valuable artifact or offering. Humanoid spirits can occasionally be found outside of the Aest Wetlands. Humanoid spirits allow summoners to perform more complex feats of magic, such as coating a body part in a cloak of fire, manipulating a stream of water, or concentrating electricity into an object or person. Many Humanoid spirits can also fight alongside their summoners. Only a powerful summoner can create a pact with more than one humanoid. To command more than one in battle or to use magic is a rare feat.

    These spirits are massive compared to Simple and Humanoid spirits, often dozens of times larger than a human. While for the most part not as intelligent as Humanoid spirits, several Older Gargantuan spirits can be considerably more cunning and wise than humanoids. Pacts to enlist Gargantuans almost always consist of a blood pact, and are never found outside of the Wetlands. Even within the Aest Wetlands, Gargantuans are difficult to come by and even more difficult to subdue. Gargantuan spirits lack the finesse of most Humanoid spirits, instead relying on brute force of magic, creating raging firestorms and tsunamis with ease. Gargantuans can join summoners in battle and are very difficult if not impossible to defeat. Only a truly powerful summoner can create a pact with a Gargantuan. To create a pact with more than one has never been heard of.

    The Arks (open)

    Legend states that there existed 12 Arks before the advent of modern civilization. These Arks are supposedly of immense magical power, capable of controlling spirits, as well even more fantastic abilities. These Arks were believed to be created by an ancient civilization, long before recorded history. The Church of Aer claims that these Arks are nothing more than a myth, but it hasn't stopped collectors and explorers for searching from them. Claims of people finding supposed 'Arks' are fairly common, though all claims have thus far proven to be false. - This will be expanded upon as we get further into the story.

    Welcome to Meduzart! A prominent city in the confederacy of western City-States. Meduzart is commonly called the Adventurer's Hangout, as it houses the founding branch of the Adventurer's Guild, commonly referred to as, 'The Guild'. The Adventurer's guild is the West's largest source of paramilitary mercenaries and couriers, as the Guild is a collection of small bands of mercenaries, errand runners, explorers, summoners, and mechanics. When people need something done, they usually come to a Guild house to get it done, provided they have the coin. Meduzart, the hometown of the Adventurer's Guild is known for having some of the most reliable adventurers in the West. We shall, or most of us shall play as members of this hardy guild, whether or not we are in the same band, or know/of eachother is up to us.

    A strange air has taken over the Varisie Empire recently. While always arrogant and pompous, the Varisie have never been outright violent, so the Varisie's sudden expeditions into Western territory has taken the City-States aback. With formidable technology, and an organized force, the Varisie had already taken by force the north eastern City States before the remaining states could begin to muster a defense. Without giving a reason, and ignoring all diplomats, the Varisie began a steady advance into the western territories before the Confederacy could force the Varisie to a halt, at the expense of grievous losses. The Varisie have for the moment stopped their advance, consolidating their position on their captured city states, still ignoring all diplomats and messengers from the western cities.

    One day, a pair of youngsters, one male, one female, burst into the main hall of Meduzart's Guildhouse. With a sum of coin unexpected of their age, the two have requested a group of adventurers to take them to the City-State of New Eden. The only problem is, New Eden is the heart of the Varisie operations in the western regions. The pair avoid all questions regarding their reasons for making such a foolhardy adventure, and request only the bravest and most willing Guildsmen accompany them. And this is where we come into the picture.

    Concept: As members of the Adventurer's Guild, we the players will undertake this adventure to guide these young people to the City of New Eden, facing whatever troubles we will along the way. There will be a good amount of in-city adventures and combat, as well as airship travel and land travel. As we travel with these youngsters, we will eventually discover the 'Arks' and their true powers. I'll accept a group of 4 or 5 players at the most. Players are limited to one character per. Due to the small amount of spots, this will not be first come, first served.

    The Adventurer's Guild (open)

    The Guild, an organized hodge-podge of paramilitary mercenaries, couriers, errand runners, explorers, summoners, and mechanics. The Guild is based loosely on a decentralized hierarchy. Each City's Guild Branch operates independently of one another, but agrees not to interfere with each other's work, of engage in combat or sabotage one another. Most branches keep up a healthy rivalry with one another, but will provide each other aid in times of need.

    Within each Branch, the Guild is further split into small teams, or 'Bands'. The Branch is run by a group known as the 'Guild Overseers', typically the oldest and most experienced Guildsmen in the particular city's branch. The Overseers manage daily goings on of the Guild, as well as the various job boards, organizing them by risk, pay, and length, among other variables. The Guild Bands, or individual Guildsmen will take jobs from the boards as they see fit.

    The Bands themselves are considerably less regulated, each band typically having their own noteable customs and traits. Some bands openly accept all recruits, others are invite only. Many bands have their own type of initiation ritual. For the most part, bands are cooperative with one another, and also hold healthy (and typically friendly) rivalries.

    Prominent Bands in Meduzart include the Red Hawks, well known for their adventurous members and skilled pilots; and the Drunken Bards, a well loved group of daring and jovial strongmen and storytellers. The Serpentines, are a somewhat elitist, but highly effective group of mercenaries and summoners, and serve as direct rivals to the Errant Knights, a proud group of stalwart warriors and technicians. The Metal Monkeys Band is Meduzart's premier engineering group, and are well known for their potent, though occasionally dangerous custom weapons and gear.

    Character Skeleton

    Human (open)

    Appearance: Your character's appearance. I prefer art images as opposed to real life pictures
    Name: Your character's first and last name. You can add nicknames here as well.
    Age: The age of your character, the minimum age is 17
    Guild Band: The name of the specific band your character is a part of. Prominent Adventurer's Guild bands include the Red Hawks, the Serpentines, and the Errant Knights.

    Personality: One of the more important parts of your CS, give me a good taste of what your character is like.

    Backstory: Important, but not as important as your character's personality, give me a small summary of your character's history and bio.

    Skills and Abilities: Here is where you put things your character can do/are good at, as well as what magic abilities they have (if any).

    Equipment: Here is where you'll give me a list of your character's equipment. Weapons, armors, tools, and other gear goes here.

    Spirits: Here you will list what Spirits(If any) your character controls, as well as the powers the spirits provide to them, and the details of the pact used to acquire the spirit.

    Spirit (open)

    I will also provide players with the option to play a humanoid spirit (bound to another player).
    Appearance: Your spirit's appearance. I prefer art images as opposed to real life pictures.
    Name: the name of your spirit.
    Age: The age of your Spirit, the age range I'm expecting for most characters is typically in the centuries

    Personality: One of the more important parts of your CS, give me a good taste of what your character is like.

    Backstory: Important, but not as important as your character's personality, give me a small summary of your character's history and bio. Include the details that making a Pact with your spirit consists of.

    Skills and Abilities: Here you should list the skills and magical abilities of your spirit, as well as the magical powers you grant your summoner.

    My Character (open)

    Name: Alan "Kite" Ryner
    Age: 24

    Guild Band: Red Hawks
    Relaxed and calm, Alan Ryner is is known for his amicable, though distant attitude. He works well with others though prefers working on his own and with his summoned spirit. He isn't quick to anger, but isn't afraid to use force to assert himself, and has a habit of utilizing dry or sarcastic humor. As a result, he's considerably more serious when compared to the guild's relatively humorous and light hearted attitude. While more aloof than his companions, he is not to be mistaken as cold, and has a caring, but not necessarily compassionate disposition. Cautious, but not by any means calculating, Alan Ryner believes in taking necessary risks, but tries to emphasize the difference between risk taking and suicide.

    Growing up in the multi-religious city of New Eden, Alan was exposed to a multitude of religions as a child, from the widespread Aerism (Pseudo Catholicism), to less common religions such as Chrastolism (Pseudo Protestantist Christianity) and Zehism (Pseudo Buddhism/Shinto/Zen-ism). His father was a Zehist Minister, and his mother's family were an affluent merchant company. As a result, Alan grew up in relative prosperity, with a good education and no lack of funding. During this time however, New Eden was experiencing large amounts of turmoil. Aerism was on the rise, and its followers in New Eden were getting increasingly miilitant towards the smaller religions.

    The New Eden Riots, declared bogus by the Church of Aer, and downplayed as a massive uncontrolled city fire, resulted in the destruction of most of the minor religions housed in the city. A combination of Aer fanatical 'crusaders' and Inquisitors stormed and sacked countless places of worship, including the Zehist house in which Alan's father worked at. Admist the chaos, the young Alan was separated from his parents while attempting to flee from the city. He was found himself cornered in an alleyway by a group of fanatics who had recognized him as a minster's son, and therefore a pagan.

    As he was attacked, his father intervened and stopped the fanatics with the help of a summoned spirit. In the ensuing fight, Alan's father suffered a grievous wound. With his life force fading fast, Alan's father quickly made a pact with his spirit, bargaining with his remaining life force, that the spirit would protect and guard Alan until he came of age (15).

    Fleeing from New Eden under the protection of his late father's summoned spirit, Alan escaped to the nearby city of Melanhart. Through some sort of miracle, Alan was reunited with his mother and the remains of his extended family in Melanhart. The Ryner family made themselves a new life in the city of Melanhart, starting with nothing and building up slowly.

    At the age of 15, his father's summoned spirit was freed from its service and renewed its service with him through a formal pact. By age 18, after many years with his summoned spirit, Alan Ryner had developed into a summoner of some note. Bolstered with his educated background and hardy physique, Alan proved to be a capable adventurer, with the ability to handle physical labor as well as provide mental tact. He joined a courier service, traveling all over the Western City States delivering messages and important/time sensitive, delicate materials. It made good money and it allowed him to explore the worlds, as well as introduce him to a multitude of people. Of course, the life of a courier was quite solitary, and he found himself with few close friends outside his own summoned spirits and fellow couriers.

    After a few years in the courier service, Alan found himself in Meduzart, where he came across the founding branch of the Adventurer's Guild. Hiring a few guildsmen to aid him on a rather risky delivery, Alan found himself enjoying the company and reliability of the guildsmen he had hired. Eventually his run with the courier service ground to a halt as the head of the courier service was caught stealing funds and selling secret information and was thus disbanded.

    Without a job, Alan eventually found himself back in Meduzart, where the same guildsmen he hired eventually helped him find his way into the guild. Joining up with one of Meduzart's premier bands, The Red Hawks, Alan was given the nickname "Kite", based on one of the many Birds of Prey. (The Serpentines are based in the city of Melanhart, and are considered the Red Hawks' rivals, and the Drunken Bards are a really well known band within Meduzart, as are the Errant Knights)

    Skills and Abilities:
    Well rounded - While not particularly amazing at any unique skill, Alan is fairly average in most aspects. He is well rounded and picks up on skills with moderate ease.
    Twin Firearm Fighting - Alan's combat style mainly revolves around the use of his pistols in combat. While able to wield both at once, he usually only uses one at a time.
    Dexterous - While well rounded, Alan leans on the side of speed and dexterity over strength and size. He is relatively quick and nimble.
    Competent Flying - As a part of the Red Hawks, being able to fly is mandatory, Alan is a talented pilot, and is able to fly smallships with little difficulty. He has yet to pilot a full sized Airship.

    Alan carries a pair of revolvers, a silver-plated snub nosed revolver (silver colored metal, not actually silver) in a compact rear holster for a quick draw with his left hand. His second revolver is a gold-plated (again gold colored metal) long barreled revolver in a crossdraw holster under his left arm, for a quick draw with his right hand. Each revolver is decal-ed with religious insignias of the opposite metal on it (Gold revolver has silver insignias, silver revolver has gold insignias). His signature red jacket is made of tough leather and fabric, and was woven with enchantments to resist damage. The jacket was further enchanted by his spirit to resist fire.

    Seru (open)

    Name: Seru
    Age: 800
    Like her summoner, this centuries old spirit is aloof and reserved. However, unlike her summoner, this Guardian Spirit maintains a kindly, nurturing personality, and is fiercely protective of her summoner as well as those she considers allies and friends.

    Skills and Abilities:
    A Spirit of fire, Seru herself commands considerable control over the element of fire, and her red blade burns whatever it comes into contact with. Seru is also able of shifting into the form of a large, white wolf, its fur perpetually warm and burning. To her summoner, Seru grants the ability to manipulate fire.
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  2. [For your consideration - If you require more detail or alteration, please notify me.]

    Appearance (open)
    This Guy.jpg

    Name: Edward Sullivan Brigge (AKA Ed to his friends)

    Age: 28

    Guild Band: Errant Knights

    Personality: Edward lives for a challenge. Whether it's big or small, dueling with a skilled opponent or shooting a bottle from a ledge, he is up for it. Up for it as long as there is something on the line. He has a proclivity for money, but has been known to accept favors of various kinds. Otherwise, he is well known for his sharp-eye and brutal honesty. Not afraid to speak his mind or making his opinion known. This is coupled with a sense of justice not quite understood by others. Something that one person perceives as entirely abhorrent, he might consider a necessary evil, or vice-versa. A good example of this could be revenge, which is universally considered a bad thing, whereas he believes "an eye for an eye" is a fitting statement. Ed is a pretty optimistic guy and would, in a tight spot, be the one trying to keep hopes high and perhaps look for a way out of said situation. Other traits common in him would be his flirting (or more like attempts, according to others), enjoyment of liquor and a tendency to get more gear tattoos.

    Back-story: An orphan of Meduzart. His father was named Vincent and that is about as much as he knew about the man. He was an adventurer, a man who disappeared shortly after copulating with Edward's mother. His mother, named Lorraine, on the other hand had the decency to stick around. Until about age ten he lived with her. She had no other family, having moved to Meduzart to pursue her own dreams. Unfortunately she suffered from a degenerating disease and passed on just before the boy's eleventh year.

    He then jumped around from orphanage to orphanage a while, before finally falling to the streets where he joined a small rat pack of urchins. The group, consisting of no less than seven children, including Edward, were all boys. They spent their days loitering, trying to pickpocket and even stealing from merchant stalls. On one of these days, Ed's life changed drastically. They were busy with distracting a new mark. A handsome man, with round glasses and peculiar style of beard. It was not a very successful venture to say the least. He felt a grip tighten around his wrist just as he slipped his grimy little hand in the man's pocket. All the other boys quickly scattered, leaving Edward caught. No matter how much he struggled, the grip was firm and unyielding.

    To the clink was the first thought that ran through his mind, but the man never called out. He just examined the boy, a smile creeping onto his face. A conversation followed, a card was given and Edward was on a new life path.

    As the man suggested, Edward tried to follow more admirable pursuits. He left his little gang, tried and succeeded in finding odd jobs around the city. He did deliveries and cleaned shops. Anything that kept him off the streets and out of trouble. When he was old enough, he followed the instructions on the aforementioned card. Talked to the person it led to and was inducted into the Adventurer's Guild. It was grunt work at first. He needed to learn a lot and he had to build a name for himself through the ranks. Instruction was given to him and he even practiced on his own. It took a while, but he was finally accepted into one of the more reputable groups of the Guild. The Errant Knights. There he continued to hone his skills until the day the two children showed up.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Forgery: With a great eye for detail comes the skill to accurately recreate written documents to the point that they are confused for originals. A skill he learned from another adventurer that taught him writing and reading. Valuable to fool goons or inattentive people.
    Keen Eyes: The opposite of the previous skill. Edward is able to spot forgeries under scrutiny. He is also able to notice small details. This could be seeing that someone is reaching for their weapon or that something isn't the same in a room he previously visited.
    Focus: Boosted accuracy when using his rifle. Requires him to not be in immediate danger or have his attention divided between different things. Could leave him vulnerable in the event someone sneaks up on him.
    Close Combat: The fact that his main weapon is a rifle and his sidearm is only single-shot has forced Edward to become effective in close quarters combat. This could be unarmed or using the blade on his sidearm.

    Magnifying Eyepiece: As seen in his picture. This eyepiece serves more than one purpose. It is there to inspect small details, used to clean every speck of dirt from his gun or even serves as a spotters scope when he uses his rifle.
    Gunblade: A white handled, single shot pistol with a blade not exceeding 7 inches in length. The blade has multiple patterns engraved, but no discernible image is visible. Carried at his right hip in a leather holster that covers the entire blade.
    Gunblade (open)

    Rifle: A standard steampunk rifle, with a very good, detachable scope. Has religious symbols carved into it. Not by Edward's choice, just remnants of the previous owner. Usually in a holster on his back. Usually the scope is detached in most circumstances, having no immediate for use for it and not wanting to damage it.
    Rifle (open)

    Spirits: N/A [None as of the start of the Adventure]
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  3. @Cahil, I like what I'm seeing so far.

    Note that I have now added my character to the bottom of the Opening Post, for reference, if needed.
  4. @Vietmyke Plan on bringing this to life still?
  5. Probably not, it's been a while and I'm already running two other RPs at the moment so I don't really have the time to manage another one
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