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  1. Plot Summary: You are a pathfinder who had the misfortune of joining one of the Society's less reputable groups: Misery Company! Where the Society sends those who have broken the Society laws but are still of some use, or simply where they put undesirables and/or unsorted until the higher ups see them fit to represent the Society.

    The run down: This is a solo adventure between me and May, where I throw various obstacles and challenges at her character for shits and giggles. Based off the Tabletop game Pathfinder, there will be dice rolling, but I also want a good amount of character too! You're not a roll player, but a ROLEPLAYER!

    Character Creation:
    I use Mythweavers to create actual Pathfinder character sheets, though you need and account with them to make one yourself. As far as actual character creation itself, here are some things that's a bit different than your usual fare:

    You can chose to do a Point-Buy for your character attributes (Use this site and select "Epic fantasy") or a dice roll (Use the site's dice roll system to roll six 4d6, and you can chose which score goes into which attribute). You can redo the dice roll once if you're unsatisfied with the results of the first roll, but you MUST accept the second set of rolls even if they're worse.

    You get two feats at level one, not including whatever additional feats you may get from your class or bonus feats from your race or whatever.

    You get 1000 Gold at the start to purchase whatever you think your character needs. Depending on how you Roleplay it I may accept our character having certain items for a free or reduced price, so long as you have a good reason for having it and it is not overpowered.

    There are no restrictions on races, feats, traits, etc, though I hold the right to ban something as the situation warrants.

    If you need help with character creation, post your questions here and I'll help the best I can!

    The place to go for general Pathfinder goodness!

    Go here to get more familiar with some terms and such.

    Here is a good place to consult for character creation.

    While this is a 1x1 RP, don't think that your character has to travel alone! As part of Misery Company, and by extension the Pathfinder Society, you're expected to work together with other characters to fulfill your mission. And while it's not required to befriend any of them, they're suppose to watch your back, so do what you must. Meet the team!


    Bobby Baby-Face (open)
    An Oread of all things, raised by humans he was later introduced into the army and served as an improvised medic when the clerics weren't around. The guy is a good fighter and knows how to keep his cool, but his communication skills suck. He's in Misery Company because he had a hard time trying to explain his situation and ended up here. He doesn't seem to mind.

    Merdelain Atisha (open)
    Another elven ranger with an arrogant attitude and a decent amount of skills to back it up. She can be a bit of a charmer if you can look past her haughty demeanor, not that it helped her after she continued to belittle some Venture Captains far longer than acceptable. The only reason she was even allowed to be transferred to Misery Company instead of sent on a suicide mission was due to Poonja, a Misery Company Regular.

    Ralthavar (open)
    Your typical Half-Orc barbarian with a chip on his shoulder. While a bit smarter than your average brute he still has the charm of a rotting carcass. He actually chose to join up with the Misery Company first, claiming that he was bound to end up here anyways with his attitude. So far has been able to keep himself out of trouble, though time will tell if he's simply waiting for a good time to blow up.

    Yawni Quinn (open)
    A perky little Halfing, a bard by trade who, while having arms like a limp noodle, has a good eye for adventure and a better one for crossbows. She recently tried for the Pathfinder Society in hopes of traveling the world, but she chose to do so as a stowaway instead of joining the Society proper. When they found her they threw her into Misery Company until they can figure out if she's worth the hassle or not.


    Heresy (open)
    100% orc, Heresy practically had a spot saved for her in Misery Company the moment she showed her face at the Pathfinder Society doors. Though a lot of people thought she was nothing more than a brute (Her fighting style certain supports this), she's actually a capable mage as well, using her own physical durability to fuel her magic. Ugly as sin, but no one can deny that she one of the toughest Pathfinders in Misery Company.

    Nightstar (open)
    The toughest member of Misery Company, also a Tiefling of Sarenrae. He was once just a dim-witted brute working for bandits, but a cleric of Sarenrae from the Pathfinder Society managed to convert him to the side of good. While still pretty dim, he now uses his strength to serve his goddess, and by extension Misery Company.

    Poonja (open)
    Honorable, mature, helpful to a fault... And also a goblin. Certainly a strange one from a race of strange creatures, Poonja is nonetheless a loyal and faithful member of the Pathfinder society. He fought hard to earn his place despite his goblin heritage, and he threw that all away for one of the new rookies, Merdelain. The exact details of the relationship between the two is a mystery, but Poonja has shown a insane amount of dedication to the elf, against all logic or reason.

    Rogut Lasher (open)
    This oddly charming hobgoblin has a knack for showing off, but his skills support his theatrics. He has a sharp eye and a sharp tongue; while he may fancy himself a smooth talker, he usually lets his guns to the talking for him. Armed to the teeth Rogut has showed his skills to the Society, but as a former Slaver they distrust him and thus put him into Misery Company.

    Silent Nera (open)
    A half-drow born a slave, turned addict, turned pit fighter, before finally getting rescued and trained by a monastery of monks, Nera has led a life of struggle. Due to complications during birth, one of which resulted in the death of her mother, Nera had been born in poor health and physically disfigured. That doesn't stop her from having a strong mind and a sharp eye however, and she is one of Misery Company's best sharpshooters. She ended up in Misery Company after refusing to break a vow she made at the Monastery, costing the Society a valuable asset due to her silence.

    Xia (open)
    Don't let her pretty face fool you; While she's a foxy lady Xia is more cunning and manipulative than she has any right to be. Although she's one of the younger members of Misery Company, she has more-or-less become their leader in the absences of a venture captain. While Xia herself isn't much of a fighter her Eidolon Thaiv is all the strength she needs. She ended up in Misery Company after a string of intrigue and subterfuge took a turn for the worse, and she had to join up here to avoid a worse fate. She seemed to have made herself home however, and enjoys the comforts of leading this rag-tag band of misfits.
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  2. Sorry I bailed so quickly on you Friday >.> I've got the character part down, not the skill points and what not, so you know. Question though, how much of Pathfinder-ness will i need to know?
  3. When it comes to skill points and what not, we can worry about that once you have a basic idea for character. As for what you need to know about Pathfinder, since it's just you and me we'll be playing it fast and lose as far as lore goes. While I will consult the Pathfinder Proper for intricate things like magic and deities, your personal history and knowledge can be much more varied. Besides if your character doesn't know, it gives me a reason to spout exposition, which is always fun. You too can create the world as we go along: Remember, this is between you and me. I may be your GM, but this is your world too. Grasp it. Shape it. Love it. As for the technical aspects of Pathfinder, if you ever played DnD 3 or 3.5, it's essentially the same, aside that certain rules may have been redone. I can explain more if you have something more specific you want to know.

    I also made some changes to the opening post to include some sites you can consult for rules and such. I also have a plot in mind, or at least your team composition so you aren't soloing alone. Pretend you're like an RPG hero with his gang of misfits and you'll get the idea.
  4. mmkay, well I've got the looks/personality stuff done. Today I shall get dice work done, I promise (to at least make headway!) I'm sorry that I'm terribly slow.
  5. It's cool, take your time, have fun, so on and so forth. Once you get your stats done we can decide your classes or whatever you feel like doing.
  6. Okay, finally got non-Stat related things typed up sans history atm. But if I don't post it now, I'll lose it and I'll be sad. I'll get working on the history later and you can walk me through Stat stuff and ablities.


    A little below average height, athletic build. Black, curly hair that stops just at her shoulders. Grey-blue eyes set in a pretty face with a few freckles along her cheeks and nose. She has a preference for pants and slightly more effeminate versions of men's clothing. But she does own a few dresses too.

    Stubborn, strong willed, loyal, caring, giving, and straight forward.
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