The Adventures of Space Cat [With Pictures]

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  1. Prologue
    A long, long, long time ago a cat named Neil Purrstrong was at his office desk at the Cat Space Program, (CSP) look into the sky out his window. From the 30th floor it sure seemed close, and down below the cats that wandered Land O' Litter looked smaller than a litter box grain. He looked up at the clouds that slowly pass by his building, wonder how in the world could he get to the sky, the blue ocean above. A scratch at his office door suddenly took him out of his daydream and he said "Come in." A siamese cat walked in, it was his boss Miss. Meowingtons.
    "Oh no, what did I do now, lemme guess, I didnt use the right nip in your milk this morning?"
    "Why would I ever bother you in your important work for something like that"
    "I dont know." She had a point, he always brought her milk in the mornings before even reaching his office, not once has he forgot 2 nip 3 sugar.
    "The head of CSP wanted me to walk you to their office, they said it is urgent and that you need to come no matter what you are doing, they need both of us there."
    The head of the CSP wanting Neil was bad, the last time he visited their office it was because he was caught cleaning himself at his desk, his punishment, no scratching post for a week. "Im coming, but did they say why I had to come? And why you have to be there?" She turned around without answering and started walking out. Purrstrong adjusted his collar and followed behind, nobody wanted a crooked collar in front of the CSP, especially when you're the top employee every single

    They arrived after a long walk to a door that had been embedded with the words "Head Office CSP Command (Staff Only.) He started to think that nothing good could come of this. They walked through the door to a brightly lit room with 4 Siberian cats, all with the golden plated flea SmartCollar with the CSP logo on it, which meant they were the Elite 4 of the CSP, nobody ever told them no, not even when they were told to take a salary cut. "Please sit." Said one of the four. They both sat with the greatest of posture, which told Neil that Meowingtons was as worried as he was. "Mr. Purrstrong, what is this?" he took picture of a cat in a cardboard box flying upward toward the sky to him. It was Neil's fantasy, flying into the blue sky in a cardboard box.
    "That sir is my drawing, where did you get it?"
    "We found it lodged in between a Cat Fancy Magazine, we assumed that it was yours."
    "You assume correct sir."
    "What does this picture depict of our company?"
    Neil started to get real nervous, but careful not to stumble over words. "It is my dream, to go into the blue sky in a cardboard box, I dont know what I was thinking, please forg-"
    "You dream to fly into the blue sky?"
    "Well, yes, I want to see if Space is real, or if the pictures of this gray ball floating around in a black mass is just another human mistake." The humans liked to make things up, nobody could ever trust one, but they were wiped clean of the universe long before Neil had ever been born.
    "Im sorry, but how do you plan this to work exactly?"
    "Well, you see sir, its just a dream, I dont think that any cat will ever make it to the blue sky to see if space is real in my entire 9 lives."
    "How come?"
    Neil had come to a standstill, he had absolutely no idea why he thought that. "At this time the cats are far behind what the humans were at when they took this picture sir." Meowingtons had finally spoke up for Neil.
    "This is true, but how did Mr. Purrstrong even know about the CardBoard Box project?"
    "No idea, I never told him sir, I swear." replied Meowingtons. The room went dead silent and the Elite 4 looked at eachother, stood up and walked to the room attached to the room they were in. "We'll be right back."

    After 10 minutes the 4 came back. "Mr. Purrstrong, Miss. Meowingtons, congradulations, you are now on the team researching the CardBoard Box Project." They both looked at eachother and then back to the 4.
    "What is the CardBoard Box Project might I ask?" Neil had no idea what it was.
    "Us cats here at the CSP have been developing a systematic machine that will fly the first cat into the blue sky, we thought nobody was ever capable of doing so, until now. Meowingtons, you will work on development and aerodynamics of CardBoard Box 1 and Purrstrong, you will be our pilot for the CardBoard Box Project. Follow us."
    They both got up, still shocked at the major promotion they had just gotten, Neil had just gotten permission to fly into the blue sky above like he had always dreamed of doing. They walked through double doors just down the hall with the embeddment "CBBP" and then Neil saw the greatest thing he ever saw in his entire life.

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