The Adventures of Seloh, A Pokemon Tale IC

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    Everlyn Voronis, Champion of Seloh
    Everlyn rinsed her body to a bit of music as she prepared herself for another beautiful day. She had a relatively light work day, only one trainer had made it up to her as of recent, and she planned to crush them and show just how powerful the Champion of Seloh was!! Though... Not until she had her nice relaxing shower and a cup of coffee to start her day. The hot water felt good on her body, drenching her long crimson hair in the hot and steamy water. She washed her body slowly, reveling in the relaxing feeling the warm water gave her. Once she was done, she dried herself off and got her makeup on for the day. She looked in her wardrobe, deciding that for today she would wear her Delphox cosplay! She loved wearing it, especially on a battle day against challengers. It let her dear Delphox be with her even though she didn't have her submitted on her team.

    Once dressed, the Champion of Seloh made her way down to the kitchen. There was a pot of coffee already made and under a coffee mug was a note that read Have a wonderful day Champion! <3xoxoxo Slowking. She couldn't help but smirk, seeing how Slowking was the one who did most the chores around the house and kept most of her life in order, she couldn't help but appreciate all that the pokemon did for her. She poured herself a cup of the dark caffeinated beverage, adding a bit of cream to it to cut the bitterness down just a bit. She let out a deep hum of delight, loving how strong it was and how it picked up her spirits nearly instantly. She made her way to her office, turning on the radio as she looked over her high powered PC. The song that was on made her bounce her body a bit.

    Her PC, which was a very large computer with 3 monitors, a powerful tower for regular computing and some gaming, and to manage her powerful Pokemon PC that professor Willow made for her. It had the fastest transfer rates in all of Seloh, maybe even the fastest ever. It could also exchange entire 6 pokemon at a time, allowing Eve to "draft" teams and swap them whenever she needed. She touched the touch screen interface, finding the team labeled "Champion" and pressing the Withdraw button. In seconds 6 Pokeballs appeared in a tray on the left, making her nod and grab each on, putting them in her specially designed Pokeball case that went at her hip and held all her pokemon in place for easy access. You never knew when you might need to start a battle, and Everly was always ready.

    Once her song ended there was a news broadcast that caught her attention, making her pause and listen in. Good Morning Chalgrove, John this just in... Team Power has struck again!! There has been another five reports of Pokemon theft all throughout Seloh. They seem to be going after Pokemon of all different types, not really giving a good guess as to what they might be targeting specifically. In one of the incidents where the victim resisted, they were brutally beaten by what appears to be a poison Pokemon of some sort, venomous cuts were found all over the woman's body... Please, be careful out there Seloh, and keep your Pokemon ready, at this rate... Team Power might be anywhere... Thanks John, this is Stacy with your weather. Today should have a high of ab-...

    Eve turned off the radio, not able to listen to it anymore. She shook her head, feeling the passion in her heart growing stronger and stronger to crush Team Power.. They were causing havoc all around Seloh and they needed to be stopped!!! Her hands clenched into fists, her teeth grinding together as she felt herself getting furious. She stormed out of the office, though her eyes caught the shine of a neck collar as its silver metal loop and studs shined in the sunshine from a window. She smiled, nodding slowly and let out a deep breath. She walked over to it, nodding slowly and picked it up. She slowly fastened the collar on around her neck, letting her fingers trace over it slowly. She felt her cheeks flush up a bit, making her bite her lip as she thought of a special someone. She opened her eyes, letting the moment pass and decided it was time to go to her battle!!

    --After the Battle--

    She was victorious in all three of her battles with the new Challenger, which was certainly a good start to her day. Everlyn decided it was time to head down to the city to get a treat for her and her Pokemon for a job well done. She called for her Salamance to come forth, and the mighty dragon soared into the air and let out a loud powerful roar. Eve chuckled and said, "Get down here! We need to head to town for some Ice Cream. Both for me, and YOU!" The Salamance's eyes grew wide and instantly dove to the ground, letting Eve climb up on her back so that she could go to town. She smiled and nodded, part of her almost wanting to run into some Team Power scrubs that need to taste the bottom of her boot, and feel the power of her and her Pokemon.


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  2. Another day, another few Pokémon battles. Zachariah stretched out in his chair. Being an official gym leader in such a competitive region such as Seloh sure was tiring. Back in Akuledas he’d be free to come and go as he pleased, as there rarely were challengers. Now, however, there were ambitious trainers of all ages at his door at around all times. Thankfully he lived close to his gym. Ah, his house. A miracle he was awarded a humble place of living once he got the gym. Although he wasn’t entirely sure it was Pokémon League officials that gave him the address and keys, someone gave it to him, and for that was he grateful.

    He leaned back just a bit further, almost snoozing off before the doors of the gym slammed open, the light shutting his eyes open. Used to the general dimness of his ice-laced gym locale, what stood before him appeared as but a shadow against the bright light. “I wish to challenge the Ice gym leader!” the shadow yelled in his direction. Lovely, a challenger.

    “Very well, one second.” Stretching just a bit more, Zachariah rose from his chair, walking to its backside to pick up a box. Inside, fitted into six casings, were his six Pokémon for use in his gym battles. “You must have travelled far to come to fight here in Seloh, have you? For your sake, I hope you do your best! Cryogonal, go!” Turning his throwing hand into a pointing finger, Zachariah took on the most dramatic pose he could. How awesome this would have looked at just the right angle, he thought.

    _*_ After the battle _*_

    The battle was a blazing defeat. Quite literally, the challenger had based much of his team around Fire-types. Was there one thing Zachariah’s team failed to hold back, was it fire. That, and Fighting-types. A lot of the ice that covered the floor was now molten, Zachariah being unsure what water was from the gym and what from his Pokémon. He shivered at the thought.

    “Here you go, guys.” Letting out his team in front of his various fans and coolers, he gently tried applying and refreezing water to where it was needed. His team, besides Weavile, seemed to prefer cooling down a bit first before going to the Pokémon center. So to say, he understood. At least after fire-heavy battles.

    Once his team had calmed down a bit, looking a bit better, he scooped them all up in his six Pokéballs, then started the march towards the center next door. Getting them healed there had become a regular routine. Not even in his victories were they spared from the massive damage. Although, as competitive as they were, they all insisted on keeping going. He supposed, he wasn’t gonna stop any day soon either. Working for Pokémon rights had to wait until someday he wasn’t working for the League. He shook his woolen scarf upon seeing Nurse Joy return with his Pokémon. The two actions weren’t related, it was just a bit hot outside his gym, but he couldn’t help it. It was his favourite, and he had sworn to wear it as much as possible. To honor her.

    Finally back in his gym, he let himself down on his chair again. The metal handles had gotten almost unbearably cold as only metal can, though through his blue jacket, he didn’t notice. What did catch his attention, however, was a broadcast on the radio. “Huh, Team Power. Every region’s got ‘em. Though these guys are something of the unusual… What are they trying to do?”

    He shrugged it off. There was little about them he could do anyways. Instead he grabbed a Pokéball from inside his scarf, then threw it on the now reappearing ice. His beloved Froslass. He never used her to battle anymore, though she still kept him good company. Even if she wasn’t who he thought she was at first. He couldn’t help but chuckle at his own stupidity, before going into a half-monologue with her.

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  3. [​IMG]

    A small boat stopped at the Chalgrove dock, where a small girl and a gold furred Azumarill stepped off the boat. The sails were tied back, anchor down and rope tied around the post. Why bother travelling through the regions by foot when there was obviously a far better and faster way to travel? A few people seemed to gawk at the site of such a tiny girl being able to manage a boat all by herself, but Wannyan was used to that look. And it was obvious they were newer trainers, finally making their first visit to the home of the Champion and the Elite Four, Chalgrove. Or to find one of the best places to trade Pokemon. Even Jublife City couldn't compare to the place the Elite Four member called home.

    "Team Power? Not them again..." she sighed, pulling the headphones attached to her mini radio from her ears. "All they do is cause trouble. Right, Uguu-chan?" Wannyan smiled at her companion. "Azu!" the Pokemon cried back, an annoyed expression plastered onto its round face. "Hopefully the authorities will do something about it. The other regions found solutions, after all." That's right, she had heard of other villainous teams during her travels to other regions. Team Magma and Aqua, cult like teams that seemed to want to wish a natural disaster on the world sounded dangerous. Yet they were thwarted. Team Galactic, Team Rocket, all stopped by a trainer in the end. So how long was Team Power going to last? Wannyan had heard rumors of their eyes set on Mega Stones. She wasn't about to let anyone mess with her Gyarados.

    Looking up towards the hill where the Champion and the Elite Fours normally spent their time, she spotted a speck in the sky that was slowly growing bigger and bigger. The more she squinted the more she began to realize it was a Salamence, the deep aqua scales and the scarlet red wings shining under the sun. If it was coming from that direction, it could only be one person. "Eve~" she grinned to herself, making her way towards the city as well, keeping an eye on the growing dragon Pokemon.

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  4. [​IMG]
    Professor Yvonne Willow
    The Professor was hard at work as she studied over the different findings of the trainer's reports that had been submitted from time to time. She really was making a lot of ground breaking discoveries, finding what all linked the pokemon to their hidden power that was Mega-Evolution. She realized that all Pokemon had a powerful energy within them, but it wasn't only thta. It was the power of the entire universe!! Everything had reason for doing what it did, including Pokemon! Many people were okay with them just "Having" these powers, but not her. Yvonne knew there was more to it, and she realized that indeed there was an intense and powerful energy that Pokemon could tap into. Trainers who had the strongest connection to their Pokemon were able to unlock that power, allowing Pokemon to use it in ways only seen in normal evolution. However, what the connection was between people and pokemon was not entirely concluded in her studies, and needed more answers before she could submit a final analysis. She knew there was a connection, but could it be true that the power of emotion and friendship was enough to bridge the link needed for Pokemon to unlock that powerful hidden potential within?

    None the less, the Professor felt that she needed a small break, so she turned in her office chair a few times, spinning in circles as she looked over her shiny pokemon that were all over her office space. Talonflame was doing some grooming, Azumaril was jumping about for fun, Chandellur floated about, Chesnaught was moving some boxes of files around, and Alakazam was analyzing some numbers for Yvonne and putting them into a program so that the Professor could understand his findings. None the less, she pushed herself away from her desk and said, "Come on guys, lets take 10! Or... 30... I need a break. Maybe it is good for all of us to get some fresh air, hm?" Her pokemon certainly didn't object, and they followed the Professor out of the room, some a bit more protective than others.

    Anson was hustling and bustling as always, making her smile as she saw all the new people coming off the train from Kalos. There were people of all types, some battle ready trainers, some fabulous Pokemon Contestants, some Photographers, some just... People. The love of Pokemon was clear to be around everyone, and she couldn't help but smile as she looked about all the different faces of people and Pokemon as they moved from merchant to merchant, many getting ready for their first hard challenge, the Normal-Type Gym and its leader Michello. She smiled, but once she felt her sight seeing was complete, she let out a small sigh and said, "Alright guys, break-time is over, lets head inside."

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  5. Rory awoke to the usual, a few folks who thought they had what it took to best him. Lots of people assumed just because they beat the fire gym, that they'd be prepared for his gym. So many of them were wrong, and he laughed gently upon seeing the teams he had to face. He quickly put down a few of the trainers, stomping them with his bulky heavy hitters, and finishing them off with his quicker, special hitters, grinning as only one of them managed to defeat him "Good luck beating the champ, kid" he taunts with a smirk, handing over the badge and patting him on the back "She beat me like I was nothing, and if that doesn't give you an idea of how good she is, you'll only realise after you face her in person"

    He pauses and adds, before walking back a few steps and sipping on some water "And try not to let her looks get to you, she's as beautiful as she is skilled, don't let her get into your head, you'll lose for sure if you do" he smirks and sits down, placing a few berries out for his team to enjoy as he continues to drink his water "Well, I think that'll all I gotta deal with today, time to shut close the gym and head into town. Rock Solid has had his fun, time for Rory to catch some fresh air"

    Removing his signature costume, he'd quickly slip out the back of the gym, so as not to let anyone see what he really looked like. He enjoyed being a gym leader, but all the attention it carried with it was tiring. He hated how everyone felt he had some kind of obligation to battle them, even when outside of his gym, so he took to using the disguise while working, and then blending in when out and about. He saw Rock Solid as his alter ego, and enjoyed some of the rumours that had been spread about him

    He had about two hours to burn, before he'd return to the gym to battle any more contenders who'd managed to reach him. Thanks to the other gym leaders, he'd ended up with a pretty lax job, he only ever had a few challengers, as the first handful of gyms often weeded out the weaker trainers, and those who weren't beaten there, would either be beaten by him, or meet their fate at the hands of the elite four, or if they were lucky, they'd lay their eyes upon Seloh's champion, and fall at her feet

    The way he saw it, when he defeated a trainer, he was sparing them the taunting words of the champion


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  6. Michello Francis – Normal Gym Leader

    If anyone had asked how Michello had prepared for the new season, his first season as the Seloh’s first great hurdle, he’d tell them that he’d been undergoing an intense regimen of training and practice and theory crafting and…

    …he’d be lying, of course. Truth be told, he’d been napping in the Gym’s large central room with his most of his team out of their Pokéballs and joining him for the sleepy mid-day break. He knew that a number of people had claimed that Michello did not have the right attitude for being a Gym Leader, but after his run at the championship the season before, he had proven he wasn’t just a choice for a slot as a gym leader, but a damn good one at that.

    At about mid-day, the dark-haired gym leader was awoken by the sound of knocking at the central room’s door. One of the Normal Gym’s assistants was there, a simple looking man, if nothing else. The man informed Michello that the train from Kalos had arrived, and with it his next batch of challengers. Michello rose to his feet, stretching lackadaisically as he started to move towards the door. Only two Pokémon rose to follow him out; his Zangoose and his Lopunny. The others remained as they were, comfy and contented.

    Stepping out of the Normal Gym’s front door into the city of Anson, Michello watched as the train arrived. His gym was intentionally close to the train station, to greet the would-be challengers with the impressively grandeur of their first hurdle. The building had only recently been refurbished from the previous Gym, and it had the appearance of a large castle-like tower; complete with ramparts and bulwarks and an impressive drawbridge. He grinned as he looked down from the top of the tower, looking down, literally, at the would-be challengers. He liked to play the cocky fool, because to helped fire up his challengers.

    In the distance, he spotted an unusual sight; the island’s premier Professor, and her entourage of Pokémon. He whistled down to Professor Willows, waving at her from atop the tall gym and smiling; uncaring of the no-doubt vast amount of attention he’d attract with the action. “Hey, Yvonne! You better not be visitin’ Anson without visitin’ the newest gym leader! I’ll make you a cup of coffee if you want.” Without taking no for an answer, Michello pursed his lips and whistled a shrill little tune. Within a moment, the gate to his gym was slamming open; much to the likely surprise of the would-be challengers. “Come grab a snack before I gotta start takin’ challengers. We’ve not chatted in ages."

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  7. Natalie Tabitha Darwin

    Local Pond » Meow Meowth Café [outfit]
    Mood: Wistful » Peeved » Hungry
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    The early morning air felt cool compared to what it what it would be mid-day, but that didn't deter Natalie from stripping down to a blue and yellow bathing suit and taking a dip in the local waters. Ever since she was a little girl she liked swimming. It calmed her nerves, especially when she fell into a rhythm. Her liking was partly why she chose a water Pokemon to be her first partner, so he could swim with her. Said first pokemon accompanied her in the waters along with Little Blue, Swamper's bulk having no troubles breaching the surface. Little Blue on the other hand, had taken to hiding somewhere below the surface and probably won't be surfacing until it was time pounce on his prey.

    Her other Pokemon were strung along the shore, all except Pel Pepper, who still held a bit of a grudge for choosing her not to compete in Seloh's Pokemon League. She tried to make it up to her but the water bird Pokemon was not having any of it. She'd come around. Eventually. Meanwhile, Rosier was playing in the shallow parts of the pond with Breloom, and Rocky Bull sat near them quietly watching the water with distrust. When he was just a young Snugbull, his name may have fostered a bit of an identity crisis in him as he was wholly convinced he was rock-type Pokemon instead of a fairy-type, which caused a bit of frustration, and confusion on the challengers part, when he "fainted" after being hit with a water gun and of the like. Little Blue was probably the most amused by this and had taken upon himself to prove that no, Granbulls were not rock-types, by pushing him in the nearest body of water. Unfortunately, due to his "aversion" to water, Rocky Bull never learned how to swim and the near-drowning experience have him a whole new reason to dislike water.

    Poor little guy was traumatized.

    Near them them, Delphox and Toxicroak were sitting quietly and keeping to themselves, the later deciding to take a nap while the former laid beside him to look up at the clouds. Lickililly contented herself with watching Noivern show off in the sky, and then there was Steelix. The towering steel-type decided to loom by the route, eyeing passerbys and overall doing her best to set everyone on edge. Natalie couldn't be bothered to recall her and let her be. It wasn't like she was hurting anyone. Instead, she allowed herself to float on her back while she contemplated her life choices. Now twenty-four, she was still doing this whole Pokemon trainer gig, and while she found little interest in any other career besides helping out her mother at the ranger station, she at least thought she would have gotten somewhere by now. As it stood, she was never once able to beat the Elite Four. Hell, she could bary beat the gym leaders. Yet, here she was in one of the most competitive regions competiing yet again in the Pokemon League. Why couldn't she be more like those other trainers who grew up to wise, eccentric, experienced adults who were confident they could beat you and held an air of nonchalance because of it?

    She always thought she'd be at least Victor by now, if not Champion. She'd blend in with the crowd so no one would recognised her and sit alone in a pub somewhere, and when a group of rowdy punks came in to cause trouble, she'd play the oblivious, naive role. She'd lower their expectations of her, but when it came time for her to strike? She'd leave them all beaten and reveal who she really was! Then those punks would realize they messed with the wrong woman and run away with their tails between their legs while everyone cheered and applauded. Maybe they would even ask for her autograph.


    "Oh no, really, it was nothing!"


    Natalie practically jumped out of her skin when she realized just how real that voice was and floundered disgracefully in the water until she was righted and staring at a perplexed woman. Behind her, two young ones hid behind her legs, one giggling behind her hand while the other remained shy. The woman's perplexity only lasted for a moment before it gave away to annoyance and she cleared her throat into her fist. "Miss, is that Steelix over there yours by any chance?" Natalie glanced at the Pokemon in question who was now looking back at them.

    "Uh, yeah?" She cursed at the uncertainty in her voice and tried again, aiming to be a little more smoother, "I mean, of course! It's such a lovely morning; I thought I'd let all my pokemon out, you know?"

    The woman didn't look impressed in the least bit. "Yes, well, he's making everyone uncomfortable, could you recall him?"

    "Her," Natalie corrected.

    "Pardon me?"

    "Steelix is female. You can tell by the ridges under their chin. Two sets means they're male, one set means they're female. My Steelix only has one set, so she's female." Her father was the one who taught her that, but it wasn't until she realized her Lickitung was actually a male did she become more invested in telling apart Pokemon genders. The children at least looked impressed with her knowledge and that brought on a bit of pride. Their mother? Not so much.

    "Please recall your pokemon, Miss." Natalie sighed and climbed out of the water, gathering her towel she layed out over her bag. In the same motion, scooped up Steelix's pokeball and gave the appropriate command. In a flash of red light, the giant steel-type disappeared. With the request completely, the woman thanked her and walked away, leaving Natalie looking after her, a little peeved.

    "Whatever. Sorry guys, but if one pokemon can't be out thEn none you can be." It just wouldn't be far to Steelix if they all continued to play. Lucky for her, her pokemon understood where she was coming from and returned at well. Well, after she abused Delphox's fire-typing to help dry her. Satisfied, she slipped her clothes on over her swim suit and threw her bag over her shoulder, leaving her towel to drape over it to dry. It was then did her stomach speak up and and she perked up at the thought of food.

    The Meow Meowth café wasn't that far of a walk but from where it was located she could see the top of the first gym protruding from over the surrounding establishments. It honestly couldn't be that much of a challenge - it was a gym full of normal types after all - but then again, there were plenty of gyms her team should have handled with ease but failed at doing so. I'll just have to be careful and try not to make any make any mistakes, she decided. She looked up when a male waiter, dressed in a pair of meowth ears and tail, set her ordered crepes down in front of her with a gentle clank. Luckily for the poor guy, the establishment owner had a descent taste in costume, but he would have looked better in Skitty merchandise. Oh well, eye candy was eyes candy. She grinned and took a bite out of her chosen breakfast.
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  8. Nina Smith – Power Seeker

    Nina did not like waiting.

    It had been a number of days since her last tip-off that Team Power had been seen in one of the large forests between Anson and Bardney City. She’d been camped out in the forest for a number of days, keeping quiet and avoiding as much attention as possible by keeping herself camped in the branches of one of the largest tree. Only her Bisharp and Crobat had been out of their Pokéballs in that short time, mostly for her own sanity’s sake. She’d watched a number of trainers come through the area; some bragging about newly claimed badges, or their newly obtained Mega-Stones…it made her feel unwell as she watched them flaunt their Pokémon, using them like ineffective children as nothing more than play-things and dress-up dolls. How many of the Pokémon trainers would languish away in the depths of failure? How many of them would never stand a chance against an actual threat? It was a cruel fate that so many loser trainers would stop their Pokémon from ever actually achieving anything. The Pokémon of half-hearted trainers would be better off being released; instead of being forced to lose in the hands of losers.

    Eventually, Nina’s boredom was disturbed by the sound of a battle. She’d heard a few trainers clashing in her few days camped out; but this time it was different. She returned Checkers to his Pokéball, and then jumped from the tree branch. Janine flew through the air, catching Janine’s outstretched hand and acting as a handhold as she flew towards the scene of the action.

    When she arrived, the battle was already over. Two members of Team Power were there; one considerably weakened by the battle he’d just won. Without hesitating, Nina opened up Cleo’s Pokéball, who dropped down and crashed into the weakened Team Power member’s last ‘mon and knocked it out. Staring at the other Team Power member, Nina stared at the man. “Damn trash… Hurry up and send out your Pokemon.

    [[Battle here. ]]

    The battle against the Team Power recruit was probably closer than it should have been. Truth be told, Nina was still not used to some of her current teammates. Anna was still her closest partner, and Cleo was still a great addition, but Krookodile and Conkeldurr were still a bit of a weak-link in her mind. If the grunt hadn’t been weakened by the fight with the trainer they’d intended to rob, Nina might have struggled.

    But in the end, Nina won. Just as she always did. As Cleo and Nina loomed menacingly over the recruit and the grunt, Nina contemplated beating them down further and tying them up. It always tempted her, but in the end she never went through with it. Maybe it was past inclinations, or maybe she just didn’t want any of them talking to the police, but Nina left this one unbroken…mostly. "Utter trash. Tell the rest of Team Power that I'm hunting you losers down. One-by-One if I have to." She turned her back on the pair, unafraid of them as she walked over to the trainer they’d targeted. The recruit paused for a moment, staring between Cleo, and Nina, before shouting back his own retort.

    You'll regret this Nina!! You might be thinking you're hunting us.. BUT WE'LL BE HUNTING YOU!!!"

    Nina didn’t even react as she heard the sounds of the pair scrabbling to their feet, and running off. Nina rolled her eyes, clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth in disappointment, more than anything. Walking over to the trainer, Nina looked down at the average looking man, rolling her eyes. “Go home. Seloh isn’t for someone like you. You’ve got your little toy, and you get to keep your Pokémon. Next time, I won’t be here to bail a loser like you out.” She turned away from the person, not giving them time to complain or thank her before she whistled for Jenine again. She watched the Crobat descend as she lifted her hand to be picked up once again. When she was in flight, she sighed heavily; shooting the beam from her Pokéball and returning Cleo to her side. She only said the word “Chalgrove.” to the Crobat, before it made a sharp turn and exited the jungle; heading for the Pokémon centre.

    Ten minutes, Nina landed in front of the centre, where she handed over her injured Pokémon to be healed. She ignored most everyone else in the room, content for now to deal with her Pokémon as far away from anyone who might take interest in the recent case of vigilante justice meted out in the forest between Anson and Bardney City. A part of her contemplated getting a snack. After all, it’d be a while before her contact got in touch with her about any more planned Power attacks. Might as well take some time to recharge; maybe try and find some decent replacements for the weak-links on her team.

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  9. A deep, metallic rumble roused Gold from his slumber. The man let out a bit of grumble, but opened his eyes to the familiar sight of his partner. He and Wrex had been camping in the woods for the last couple of days, doing ranger work while Gold waited for a more concise lead on team Power's whereabouts. It was always slow going with law enforcement, but he didn't really have any other options at this point. The man rubbed sleep out of his eyes before sitting up and starting to clear up camp. Wrex was keeping an eye on the surroundings, just as he had been the night before. Unless they were trying to be stealthy, or in some civilized town where people frowned on it, Wrex was nearly always out of his poke ball. The two had been through just about everything together at this point, and they knew each other better than anyone else.
    "Team power has struck again! There have been five more reports of pokemon theft throughout--"
    Gold smacked the tiny radio that was there only source of news out here, causing the plastic pieces to groan in discomfort. Did the newscasters have anything more important to say about team power? Like where and when such thefts had happened, or any inclination of what the cops were doing? The man let out a sigh and set the radio in his hip pack before moving.
    "No time like the present. Let's see what else we can find today."
    A metallic grunt was all Gold got in response, but that was all he needed.

    As it turned out, they would find quite a bit early on in the day. Wrex was the first to notice it, a disturbance between the trees. With some prompting, Gold was able to pick it out as well, and recalled his Metagross before moving to the source of the disturbance. He caught just the tail end of a battle against team power, just too late to be able to chase after them, which nearly caused him to curse out loud. However, there was something else to catch his attention. A young woman, berating the trainer she had just rescued. It wasn't too long before she flew off on her Crobat, presumably to heal her team. Gold thought for a minute--only a minute, before opening up a ball of his own and calling out his togekiss.
    "Momiji, take us to Chalgrove--quickly. I have some questions for that woman."
    The creature tilted its head to the side for a moment, as if questioning Gold's line of thought, though he did take Gold where he desired. After just a few minutes of asking around, he found the woman in question in the corner of the pokemon Center.
    "Hey. I saw your handiwork in the woods. You mind talking for a bit?"

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  10. "Ma'am! A challenger is here to face you!"

    Ari looked up from the handheld console upon hearing of a challengers arrival. Setting it down and placing a hand on her knee she rose to her feet. "Well then..." She said with a quick tug on her gloves, her Pangoro rising at her side. "Lets hope they've brought a powerful enough fighting spirit!"

    Ari stepped forward, waiting for one of the dojo's students to show in the unlucky trainer that had to face Ari to advance. Ari crossed her arms across her chest and held her chin high, a stance of confidence that her Pangoro mimicked beside her. The sliding doors opened, revealing a familiar silhouette. Ari raised a brow, the light behind the new arrival making it hard to tell exactly who at was that was challenging them. However, when the sliding doors finally shut behind the challenger Ari and Pangoro both turned away and sat down in unison.

    "W-what kind of a response is that to your mother!" Freya shouted.

    Ari's head sunk as she turned back on her handheld 3DS, light shining up and reflecting off her glasses. "We don't need the abuse, just take the badge and go please."

    "I didn't come here to battle the gym leader, I'm obviously just here to visit before work tomorrow."

    "Oh yeah." Ari said, raising her head up and shutting the top of her 3DS.

    A few minutes later the mother and daughter duo had taken their seats on the floor mats and digressed into small talk.

    "So whats new?"

    "Well, besides a rather interesting weekend, I ran into a few trouble makers on my way here."


    "They wanted any mega stones I might of had. I tried to ignore them, but they were surprisingly persistent."

    Ari leaned forward, suddenly more interested. "That must be those Team Power guys! I ran into them myself a couple days ago!"


    "Pfff... I made one of them cry before the police showed up. They're just a bunch of weaklings. No idea why everyone is so worked up about them all of the sudden."

    "Well, I doubt those three will be bothering me again."

    Ari shuddered at the thought of what her mother'd done. "Y-yeah..."

    "Normally when guests arrive you treat them with tea or something..." Freya said, closing her eyes and placing her hands in her lap.

    "Tch. What is this, the dark ages? Nobody drinks tea anymore. Let me get you a civilized drink!"

    "You most certainly will not!" Freya argued, knowing the kind of garbage soda that Ari filled her body with. "Honestly, I don't know what went wrong raising you."

    "Probably letting me watch TV!" Ari said, smiling and pointing back with her thumb at the huge modern looking television behind her.


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  11. Liliana Florence


    Liliana's hands stretched outwards towards her alarm, before sluggishly pressing the button to stop her morning alarm from buzzing. By now it was already late in the morning, but luckily Lily didn't have any scheduled Gym battles for today, so she could sleep in. To be honest, she still didn't want to wake up, her bed sheets provided a cozy canopy of warmth, but knowing that her Rotom-Wash would blast her with a powerful hydro pump if she fell back to sleep, Lily got up anyway.

    The late morning sun peeked through the flowing curtains as Lily hopped out of her bed, still half awake with her hair all tangled up like the vines on a Tangrowth. Just then, Chansey walked into the room, with a tray that had a plate of pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries, along with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands, and placed it onto her table. Chansey was never really into Pokemon battles, but along with Rotom-Wash, they did a lot of chores together around the house for Lily, since the latter is often too caught up with Gym battles and had no time to do those things. As a result, Lily was extremely grateful to have those two on her team.

    "Thanks Egg," Lily rubbed Chansey's head, before giving a warm smile. The Chansey smiled back as a way of saying "no problem". "You don't have to do much today," Lily continued, "So you and Maid (Rotom-Wash) can take a break."

    Hearing that, Chansey nodded and slowly hopped away, whilst mumbling its name in a happy tune. Time to get ready then.


    After a good breakfast and making herself more presentable to society, Lily then slid down the giant staircase of her mansion to the ground floor, before walking towards the lounge room and flopped onto the leather couch. Immediately afterwards, her Whimsicott popped her head from the window that was accidentally left open from last night. Luckily, as far as Lily knows, all of her Pokemons were in one place in the backyard minding their own business. "Hello there, Puffy. How are you today?" Lily then wrapped her arms around Whimsicott, with the latter gladly accepting it back. For some reason, it always liked giving hugs to other Pokemons and people. Well, it wasn't like anyone was complaining about that though, since Whimsicott was a very soft and cuddly one.

    Afterwards, the wind-veiled pokemon left a piece chocolate in Lily's lap, before skipping away with a smile. Curious, Lily took a bite from the random chocolate, before her gag reflexes kicked in. Turns out, it was a chocolate-coated Jaboca berry, a berry that was notorious for being incredibly bitter and slightly sour too. In the distance, Lily could hear Whimsicott snickering, much to the dismay of the former. "Not again..." Lily mumbled to herself, before going to the kitchen adjacent to the lounge to chug a giant glass of water to get rid of the awful aftertaste. Shaking her head, she went back to the couch and turned on the TV.

    The first thing she saw was the caption "Breaking News". Immediately, it caught Lily's attention and didn't change the channel so that she could watch the broadcast. If it's breaking news, then they must be talking about...

    "Good morning folks of Anson City. We have just received news that the infamous and elusive Team Power had struck the city once again, with reports of several trainers and citizens injured, as well as many pokemons missing after the incident. This was also not the only attack that Team Power had launched last night, as there are also numerous reports that Chalgrove was also attacked on the same day. Currently, the police are investigating the incident and asks witnesses or other victims to please report to their nearest police station. The government has also advised all trainers to look after all their pokemons at all tim-"

    Lily turned off the TV immediately, bewildered at the fact that even after all this time that no one, not even the police were able to stop the villainous organisation from terrorising the city. "They can't be that powerful right?" Lily muttered, before seeing her Rotom-Wash hovering towards her with a concerned expression. "If organisations like Team Rocket and Team Flare were stopped by a single trainer, surely this one can be stopped too right?"

    Lily shook her head, knowing that logic was horribly flawed. Guess that means I have to pitch in and help, too. She then went out to the her back garden, and let out a very loud and distinct whistle. "Everyone, come here to me" Lily then shouted.

    All of her pokemons instantly stopped what they were doing and ran, skipped or jumped towards Lily's front view, albeit slightly confused.

    "Look, here's the deal," Lily started, before taking a deep breath. "After seeing what Team Power is doing on the news, it's not safe for all of you to be running around in my back garden unsupervised anymore. I know I know a lot of you guys will hate that. But I can't risk having your safety being compromised. We are living in a now-dangerous area."

    Immediately afterwards, Lily grabbed out all of her Pokeballs, and called every one of her Pokemons to retreat except for six of them. She then shrank the Pokeballs and placed them around her belt. The six that remained were Gengar, Garchomp, Togekiss, Darimanitan, Milotic and Chansey, all of which were her most reliable Pokemons.

    "Follow me," Lily signalled the other Pokemons to come back inside the mansion and to her room. When they arrived, Lily walked over to the PC, where she sends and deposits all of her Pokemons to Professor Willows. However, it seems that she had just missed her, as the professor was offline. "That blows..." Lily replied. "Guess I'll have to go to her lab myself."

    She then placed the pokeballs in her backpack, then pulled out the remaining six empty pokeballs and recalled the remaining six. "You guys will stick with me." Lily answered, but then realised that she still needed some sort of transport to fly to Professor Willow's lab, so she left her Togekiss out of her Pokeball.

    "Jubilee..." Lily patted her Togekiss, who then nuzzled the former with her head.

    "Time to fly!"


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  12. [​IMG]
    Professor Yvonne Willow

    Professor Willow was about to head inside when she heard someone call out her name. She most certainly wasn't expecting it, but she turned to see who it was, not truly recognizing the tone of voice. She blinked a few times, adjusting her glasses to see that it was Michello, the new Normal Type Gym Leader here in Ansen. She waved back, and she shrugged at own internal thought of whether or not she should go to say hi, deciding that her work could wait just a little while longer. She moved across the busy street, smiling and giving Michello a bit of a bow. "Well Hello, Michello, right? Its so nice to finally meet you, though I will inform you for future matters that I am in no way visiting. My Laboratory is just across from your Gym, and I live here in Ansen as well. Though I didn't expect you to know that, an honest mistake I am sure. So, how goes the competition? Good I hope, yes? Are you 'Crushin' the sribs' as you trainers like to say?" She let out a small giggle, nodding up and down as she felt that she was being cool with her "catchy trainer phrases".

    The Professor was about to make a comment on how she would love some coffee, but she heard someone call out to her from up above no less. She turned to look, hearing the voice of a young woman calling out to her from a Togekiss. She winced, trying to block out the sunlight with her hand until she realized that it was Liliana, the Fairy Gym Leader!! My my.. All the Gym Leaders want my attention today.. Just... Gotta play it cool, don't want to make them think I am old... I am FAR too young to be considered old yet! She smiled as she watched Liliana land before her, making her smile and great the Gym Leader. "Yo!! What is up Liliana!? How has it been hangin'? Not every day I get the pleasure to see you, lady!" She looked between them both, and it seemed that from the look Liliana had on her face that she wanted to talk about something that didn't include just the weather. But, she wasn't about to just blow off Michello.

    "Hey, so, Liliana, have you met Michello yet? He's the rad new Normal Gym Leader. Well, I think we should all head back to my lab and chat? I think it'd be nice for us all to get to know each other a bit more, don't you? I mean you guys practically work together, right?" She smiled, then nodded her head suggesting them both to follow her to her large Research Laboratory. As one might imagine, the Research Lab is rather large, an impressive four story building that was each dedicated to a different part of her Pokemon research, and the top level being her home. She liked being able to go from work to home by just going up and down the stairs, and needing to move files over was so much easier when all your machines were all in the same place. None the less, she lead them to her desk, sitting behind it in her large and comfortable office chair as she let the two Gym Leaders take seats across from her in the smaller, but still comfortable chairs.

    "So, Liliana, what brings you from across town to see me? I know you're a very busy woman, and it would be illogical for me to estimate that you'd want to come visit me on a matter of small talk. Though, there is a chance of that, I don't like the probability of it one bit. So, tell me, what's on your mind?" The Professor folded her hands over one another as she looked to Liliana, then slowly turned and looked to Michello, giving him a small smile and hoped he didn't mind getting to hear what the Fairy Gym Leader had to say.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Everlyn Voronis, Champion of Seloh
    Everlyn made her way to the heart of Chalgrove, jumping off her Salamance and bringing her back into her Pokeball with the bright red beam of energy. She knew it would be SO much easier if she got all the ice cream FIRST and then found a place to sit where she could let her pokemon have at it. She ordered a variety of different flavors that she knew her pokemon would like. She didn't know how her Umbreon could eat spicy icecream, but who was she to judge. Everyone had their particular tastes, right? None the less once she had all the Ice Cream for her pokemon, she ordered herself a cup full of Cookie's and Cream ice cream. She smiled, thanking the cashier and turned to find a bench to sit on.

    That was when she spotted Wannyan, the Water Elite Four Member who seemed to be running up to greet her, waving her arm with her gold furred Azumarill running along side her. She gave the girl a head nod since her hands were full and said, "Well hey there Wannyan! Why don't you get some ice cream and come join me! Its so worth it! I'll be right over here!" She smiled, her crimson hair getting picked up by a breeze for a moment until she turned away, finding a bench to have a seat at with a nice large table as well. She set the ice cream down on the table, taking hers as she got a bit of a naughty idea. She took a spoon full of her ice cream, and she put a few drops of it on her cheek, and then took a big bite, making sure the ice cream got all over her lips. She then took out her phone, quickly taking a picture of herself, biting her lip with her devious smirk she liked to give. She quickly selected a contact to send it to, then wrote a quick textHey~ Just thinking about you... ;) and pressed send, sending the lewd picture to her special someone. She kinda wished the other person who was close to her heart had a cell phone, but maybe she'd have to fix that herself in time.

    She took a napkin and wiped her face off, licking her lips to remove the ice cream from them. She then called forth all six of her pokemon, and gave them each their favorite ice cream, which made them all more than delighted for sure! She smiled, then turned to see Wannyan approach her once more, making her smile and turn to face her. "So! How's everything my dear? Seems that you've been on the road, or maybe the sea lately? I'd expect nothing else from the fabulous Water E4. Any interesting trainers I should be ready for? I pretty much crushed the guy who came to me today. I am surprised that he got past you, though I am guessing his Mega-Venasaur was just that good huh? It was certainly bulky, but nothing Blaziken couldn't handle." Upon hearing her name, Blaziken looked up from her ice cream and let out a few delightful chirps, but then quickly went back to her delicious treat. She was so glad that all her pokemon were so happy, that was always one of the most important things in her life, keeping all her pokemon happy and proud to be at her side.


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  14. Targen was already in the Gym with his pokemon ready at 05:00 sharp, while the others were enjoying the casual luxuries of being Gym Leaders, Elite Four etc and more loose with their schedules as a result Targen was still rather strong in the military mindset, forcing him to be very punctual at all times, though his wardrobe was more of a loose fit than it was in the army. Being the second to last Gym Leader there turned out to not be many trainers around to fight him today, he ended up being able to fight through them with relatively little effort through applying military pokemon tactics to the Gym. Said tactics having actually built a reputation in his gym for building some of the most disciplined and focused trainers and pokemon there were in Seloh, yet also some of the most bonded as he aimed to make what he taught eager trainers very similar to the way he was taught in basic training.

    By 09:00 when the battles were all done with for the day he proceeded for the next little bit training what trainers chose to stay behind for practice. Those who were there knew the routine, so they went straight to fighting one another with Targen over watching thing. A little bit in though he noticed one of the newer trainers starting to get a little arrogant yelling out "That's what you get for trying to use a Zigzagzoon in such a fight! Don't you know that's a useless pokemon! Get a better team loser!", which prompted Targen to get involved. Targen approached the Trainer, standing right in front he stared him in the eye silently for a few moments before saying "Is that you think? That some pokemon are just unable to fight?".

    "Hm? Well of course I do! You can't seriously expect such a weak thing to stand up to something that can fight like a Salamance! Do you?"
    "Tell me son, have you ever fought?"
    "What kind of question is that! Of course I fi-"
    "No, have you ever fought?"
    "... No. No sir, I have not"
    "I see. So I suppose you've never been in the situation of being in the Trenches, having lost have your squad already to a surprise ambush and the other half all wounded. Seeing more arms and legs spilled across the battlefield than drops of water left in your Canteen. I suppose, if such a situation you've never had to worry about fruitlessly trying to hide the scent of Blood from the Skarmory Legion, sent out to pick out any straggling enemies as to prevent men from returning to battle. I suppose, you've never then had to deal with the fear of then being spotted and watching then descend upon you thinking this is the last thing you will ever see. That in mere moments the last memory you'll have is being descended upon, and picked apart alive while hearing the cries of those you called brothers and sisters. Only to then see the blessings of Arceus himself when a lowly Spheal, a pokemon no one took seriously managed to get a surprise Blizzard on the Skarmory's. Holding them off just long enough for reinforcements to arrive?".
    "Not all Pokemon may be born fighters. Not all pokemon may have a desire to fight. But think twice before you accuse someone of not having any fighting spirit or potential".

    Then pointing to an array of potted plants behind the Trainer Targen said "Now, grab one of those plants and carry it around with you for the rest of the day. That way you'll make up for the oxygen you wasted on your earlier statement. And if I hear you set it down for even a second before tomorrow you'll then need to carry it for a week. Do I make myself clear?", "Y... Yes Sir!".

    The rest of the training sessions then went on without incident, wrapping up and trainers leaving the doors right about 03:00 it gave Targen some time to enjoy some relaxation before some rather big contests and competitions started in the next few days. On his way to the Pokemon center he turn on his Pokegear's radio station only to come right in on "Team Power has struck again!! There has been another five reports of Pokemon theft all throughout Seloh. They seem to be going after Pokemon of all different types, not really giving a good guess as to what they might be targeting specifically. In one of the incidents where the victim resisted, they were brutally beaten by what appears to be a poison Pokemon of some sort, venomous cuts were found all over the woman's body... Please, be careful out there Seloh, and keep your Pokemon ready, at this rate... Team Power might be anywhere", seemingly something the station was putting on repeat. If Team Power was getting more active that was concerning, he'd have to keep an eye out on his future walks. Speaking of which, he could hear some noises of a scuffle up ahead which caused him to rush to the scene. Though by the time he could get a view of what was happening a battle between some Power Grunts and a woman was just finishing followed by some small yelling before both sides separated.

    He could never understand a Trainers tendency to just let criminals leave after losing a Pokemon battle. As if not reporting them was bad enough, the assumption that a person required pokemon to be dangerous was also a greatly flawed assumption. So before anything else he followed the Grunts, and once he caught up he was quick to let Caesar, his Infernape out to grapple one of the Grunts to the ground as he himself took down the other. "In the same of Seloh law and Trainer decency I, Gym Leader Targen am sending you off to police for the crimes of attempted robbery". A bit vigilante, but these guys were in uniform and word were against that of a respected Gym Leaders. The grunts gave their usual spiels of how he was mistaken and how Team Power would free them, but he paid it no mind as he now had to make a detour to the police station.


    After off loading the Grunts Targen went back on his usual route, heading towards the Pokemon Centre to switch his team out. Putting his Gym Team away he took out his personal team, intending to do his usual walk along the outside of the city at this hour, but now double it as a Team Power scouting. However, as he was about to leave he noticed the same woman he spotted the grunts earlier. And he apparently wasn't the only one, for another trainer who had also seen the battle unfold was now asking her about it. Annoyed enough about just needing to clean up her mess from earlier, Targen decided to change his plans once more and approach the duo saying to Nina "Miss, as a Gym Leader of the city and witness to your earlier incident I feel the need to both congratulate you for saving that man, but also remind you that we have law enforcement for a reason. So next time you do something like that, at the very least call authorities to clean up after you".

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  15. Liliana Florence

    The breeze fleeting invisibly through the sky was extremely cold, making Liliana regret not bring her faux-fur jacket with her before she flew into the sky with her Togekiss. At least Togekiss didn't make the ride any more bumpy than it already was because of the strong wind that was common to this area. Just then in the corner of her eyes, Lily saw the ever so familiar building that Professor Willow resided in. It was a huge lab, so it wasn't exactly that hard to miss it unless you were blind.

    "Over there!" Lily pointed her index finger to the Professor's lab on the ground. "Stop over here, Jubilee. Hey Professor!"

    Jubilee then did a loop-de-loop without warning, although Lily was able to hold on pretty tightly when the Pokemon did so, before descending down at a even faster speed, causing Lily's waist-length hair to fly everywhere, nearly fully obstructing her view. Within a matter of seconds, the duo was now only a matter of centimetres off the ground, and Togekiss then extended her toes onto the dirt, making a soft landing for Lily. By then, Lily's hair was pretty much in the same tangela mess that she had just after she woke up. Nevertheless, she groomed Togekiss again, before recalling her back into her Pokeball. Lily then ran her fingers through her hair to make it more neat, as well as patting off any excess dirt that caught onto her dress so she wouldn't appear as if she just got out of a trainwreck. What she did not realise that by the time she had landed, Professor Willow was already outside, greeting her.

    "Oh hey Professor," Lily smiled, immediately getting back her composure, before chuckling at what Willow had said. "Yeah I guess it's been a while since I last came by."

    "The new Normal Gym Leader?" Lily asked back, before looking at the Michello and raised her eyebrows slightly, before flashing a quick smile and offered her hand to the new Gym Leader. "Hey, I'm Liliana, the Fairy Gym Leader. Nice to meet you!" She then brought her voice to a whisper and casually when up to Michello's ear.

    "Hopefully, you're better than that Bug guy that we used to have. He was creepy as hell...also had this strange craving for lobster claws and crab legs for some reason..."

    She then turned around and nodded at Willow's request to head back inside the Laboratory. "Wow, it has changed quite a bit!" Lily replied, glancing around the interior of the lab. "So many new and upgraded machines...Wonder how you keep track of them."

    When they finally reach Professor Willow's lab, Lily sat down on the cushioned chairs that was across from Willow. "Oh don't worry, I actually don't have any matches going on today, I can have a little bit of small talk if you wish."

    "This is gonna seem like a very unexpected request," Lily sighed after Willow asked why she came by, before taking a glance out the window next to her. "but here it is."

    Lily then pulled her bag out, before laying all her dormant Pokeballs on the desk. "After the recent news about Team Power attacking the areas nearby my house and kidnapping Pokemons, I don't think I should leave my Pokemons running around without any supervision when I'm at my Gym. So is it possible if I can deposit these Pokemons with you? I actually tried to contact you earlier through the PC about this, but you weren't on. That's why I flew here."

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  16. Nina Smith – Power Seeker

    Upon dropping her Pokemon at the centre to be healed and finding a private cornor, Nina was lambasted by a stranger with blonde hair. The man was dressed as a Pokemon ranger, and when he asked about her ‘handiwork’ she found herself sighing heavily. “You have my attention…briefly. Make it quick, I don’t want to have to deal with requ…” Before she could even fully finish her statement however, another man approached her. An older individual with a more confident stride to him. He looked like he had purpose in the way he walked; the sort of purpose gained from organisational work. Her first thought was police, which turned her neutral face into a sort of mildly-frustrated frown, but the man quickly announced himself as a Gym leader –as if it meant anything to her- and tried to tell her what she’d done was any of his business. “Oh joy…More people.

    Before either of the two men could lambast her with further queries, Nina reached down to her bag and brought out a bottle of water. She took the time to intentionally ignore them both and take a sip, before looking up at the pair of them; focusing first at Targen. “Last I checked, being a Gym Leader doesn’t make you an authority figure. I don’t need your thanks, and I don’t want your reminders. Maybe if the authorities were competent, I wouldn’t be forced to deal with the problem like I did.” She took another sip of water, before turning this time to Gold. “Now, I’m sure you have questions, and I’m stuck here until my team is healed up; so if the both of you could bash your little heads together and pick out whatever questions you need me to answer, I can be left in peace.

    In the mean-time, Nina reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone, typing a text in private before sending it off. The flagrant disregard for the two men was probably compounded by her casual use of the device. In truth, she was texting her contact; trying to find out if there were any more Power attacks expected in the near future.


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  17. Michello FrancisWhen Yvonne admitted that she much remember more than his name, he pouted a little in disappointment. They’d only met once, true enough; but it had been a pretty big deal for him. He’d gotten a Mega-stone from her, and now he was a gym leader. He’d hoped that might strike some sort of cord with her; make him a little more memorable. When she mentioned ‘Crushin’ the scribs’ as she put it, he was momentarily confused. What the hell did that even mean? Was that something he was meant to know? Was that official speak among the Gym leaders? Oh crap, had he missed some sort of orientation or something? He sort of smiled blankly; trying his best to not look completely confused by it all. “Huh, didn’t know you were only across the road. Well then neighbour, it’s always nice to know who you might need to borrow a cup of sugar from.

    With the arrival of Liliana, Michello saw the sight of someone who probably recognised him…maybe. He certainly remembered having a good battle with her last year; earning himself his third badge from her was a pretty tight-knit affair, and…

    As it turned out, she didn’t remember him either. It made sense; how many dozens of people do Gym leaders fight a week? A month even? Hardly makes sense that they’d remember many of ‘em.

    Putting on a brave face, Michello smiled and waved when Liliana offered him her greetings, and a passing request that he be less weird than the previous occupant. “I’m Michello, nice to meet ya again Liliana. I’ll try and be less weird, but that ain’t really for me to be decidin’. Can’t much be the judge now, can I?

    Instead of accepting his invitation, Yvonne offered the two Gym leaders to join her in her lab. It was a nice request, so Michello accepted with a nod and a smile. “Sounds good. It’d be nice to chat with you two before I have to defend my badge some more.

    As Michello was guided through the laboratory – with Lopunny and Zangoose in tow. As he reached the various different floors, he ummed and ahh’d appropriately, offering what he thought was the right level of impressed. Truth be told, he’d seen the tech before and, while it was still pretty cool, it wasn’t exactly a shock. The invitation into Professor Willow’s office was a bit different, considering last time he’d just come for the mega-stone, and to prove that he and his Lopunny were close. Sitting down on one of the chairs behind the desk, Michello waited for Liliana to speak first; mostly because he’d only come for small-chat.

    As it turned out, Liliana had come to visit Yvonne with a very serious question; a request to look after some of her Pokémon. It hurt his heart a little to think that Team Power was causing people to go to such extreme lengths, but at the same time he could understand the worries of Yvonne. It helped that Michello lived on sight, but if he were ever forced to be an excessive distance from any of his less fight-capable Pokémon, he might consider something like this. “Them damn Team Power fools. They’ve been causin’ such a fuss recently, it gets right in my craw!” Michello had been involved in a few run-ins with the Team Power goons. Most of them before he’d become a Gym leader, but still; it was heart-breaking that some of the younger kids on the island were dealing with their loved partners being taken away from them. “I just wish we knew where those Team Power sods were. If we knew that, we’d be able to cut the head off those sneak-headed rat-bastards.” He was frowning the entire time he spoke. He hated feeling helpless, and that was exactly what it felt like when it came to dealing with Team Power.


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  18. [​IMG]
    Professor Yvonne Willow

    Professor Willow listened to both Liliana and Michello about their personal concerns with Team Power. They were most certainly becoming quite a problem, and she hated how crafty they had become over the years. It was unfortunate, one of the few things that wasn't able to keep up with the mass influx of people that came to Seloh was Law Enforcement. Everyone that came to the region was looking to compete in one thing or another, but the Police and other emergency response teams were not able to keep up with the growing demand. What is worse is that so many people think that just because trainers in other areas were able to defeat Team Rocket and other villainous organizations that the trainers of Seloh would be able to handle them as well. However... That most certainly wasn't the case. Team Power was as strong as any of the trainers in the region, some even stronger. They were skilled, knowledgeable when it came to Pokemon Battling, and were ruthless to both Pokemon and Trainers. They hurt the people that they stole from, and from what she had heard recently, there has even been some killings.

    So, Liliana's concern was certainly valid, but it raised concerns of her own. "Liliana, as much as I would like to think that you idea is a good one, sadly... It is flawed my dear. See, if we have too many Pokemon, powerful and important Pokemon like yours all in my lab, then... Well it would make me more of a target. I have had a few run-ins with these goons myself, and frankly I did not like what I see... They carry full teams of well trained pokemon, doing whatever they can to win the battle and leave you defenseless against them. They have not been able to beat me, and I don't fear them too much in concern with them actually being able to beat me... Not in a one vs one that is.. If they found out that I had lots of Pokemon that were not just my own, I fear that they might even send more than just the one, raid my lab and.."

    The Professor clearly had a bit of a saddened look on her face. She couldn't let her research get in the hands of Team Power. If nothing else that was most important above all else. As much as she cares about Pokemon, if her work were to get into the wrong hands... It could be dangerous for all. "I'm sorry Lily, but.. The best hands for your Pokemon to be in.." Yvonne reached out, taking Liliana's hands into her own for a moment and said, "Is yours." She nodded a bit, pulling her hands back so that she could turn to her computer and type a few lines onto her keyboard. "However... This doesn't mean that you should give up. Oh no no no no.. I won't have that. As a matter of fact, you know who hates Team Power more than any one? Champion Everlyn. She has been doing her own investigations on Team Power, but has only gone so far. I bet if all the Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members, the most capable members of competitive Pokemon in all of Seloh came together, working together to defeat Team Power... THAT would be the best thing that could happen. Team Power isn't like Team Rocket, or Flare, or any other criminal group before them.. They are organized, ruthless, and ready to do whatever it takes. With how few police officers we have in Seloh.. I fear that it will be up to people like us, and Everlyn, and the other strong members of our community to stand up and fight back."

    She nodded, looking to Michello who was probably most heated and frustrated at the same time with Team Power. That made her want to add another point. "However... We have to be smart and collected about it. If we start running around trying to kick down doors and take names, Team Power might start pushing back in ways that hurt the community. I think it would be wise to talk with some of the other Gym Leaders, even go to Chalgrove to talk to Everlyn herself if you needed. But... We all need to stick together and work together. That is the most important thing." Professor Willow nodded, letting out a deep breath and realized that she still had emails to send. She shook her head and said, "Gah!! Well... As much as I'd love to keep chatting... I need to get some work done and send some emails... Please, do visit again soon though. And you can Email me any time with your Pokedex!! There's all sorts of nifty features I've plugged into the Seloh Pokedex! Calls, texts, pictures, GPS, music... Its like a super smartphone with the best Pokedatabase in the world!!" She chuckled, rising up to give both the Gym Leaders a hug. She shooed them off however, knowing she really needed to get to work.

    The Professor sat at her desk, looking through her emails and pulled up her address book, nodding slowly and finally found the person she was looking for. Mister Vale Simpur, the Eevee Breeder. She then nodded, writing in the Subject Line: In Need of Eevee's for research. Dear Mister Vale, it has been brought to my attention that you are a very skilled and reputable Eevee breeder in Seloh. As you might know, I am Seloh's lead researcher in all things Pokemon, and I think I may have found a bit of a connections to Mega-Evolution and connecting it to their evolution. None the less, I am going to need you to come to Ansen right away with 18 Eevees! I do not need any sort of competitive nature or specific gender, in fact, the more random the lot the better!! So please, get back to me Promptly to ensure that you're able to fulfill the request, otherwise I'll contact a breeder I know in Kalos instead. Thank you and Best Regards! --Professor Yvonne Willow She pressed the send button and smiled, glad that she was on a roll with her different fields of research, and only hoped that this Vale would be able to give her the pokemon she needed promptly.

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  19. While Zachariah sat there, in a way talking to his Froslass, something behind her caught his attention. A pretty face like hers, against the light from outside, contrasted with his dim, icy gym? It’d make for quite the scenic shot, if you asked him. In fact, it seemed no trainers were coming in a while. Perhaps, just perhaps, he’d make it into town, get to see some photographer, then take a few snaps. It’d be great, he assured himself.

    With his total of ten Pokéballs equipped, he made his way out of the gym and into the streets. And once more, like so often in recent days, the sun was out and a bit too bright for his comfort. Though the weather wasn’t up for him to decide either way. Even so, the heat annoyed him.

    Now, what was the name of the shop? He had heard a few mentions of a photographer’s shop somewhere around the region, Poké Perfect Frames was it? He gave his wallet a quick glance. Now that he for once was in an official position, he was receiving paychecks too, and what a delight those were.

    After another little bit of walking, he could see a peculiar building, perhaps a sign, that reminded him of a photography studio. Well, that was where he was going. Going up to the front door, he gave it a few polite knocks, before realizing better and walking straight in. This was a public building. Well, at least during opening hours. No need for subtlety. “Greetings, owners of Poké Perfect Frames!” he spoke up in the direction of the closest person. “Will I be able to reserve a photo shoot of my Pokémon here?”

  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Mornings were always crisp, there was a special time of day where the world woke up to the cries of Pokemon. Cries that could be heard distances away. The furthest reaching sound was the sound of their world. One most people did not listen to very much or casually ignored their world. They were too self absorbed in what their Pokemon would wear, they were too self absorbed into how their Pokemon looked with them. He met them all.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The vacant, the vapid, the shallow, and the talentless their only talent was putting their Pokemon in jewels and giving them disgusting nicknames. Every morning Ansel would wake up, with a different suit. They meant nothing to him any more, the only thing that ever meant to him was the locket that he shared with Pidgeot or Gusty sometimes Pidgey.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mornings always came and past, it always started with him heading downstairs from the studio he lived in on top of his working studio. Flipping on the open, and letting the crowd settle flash after flash after flash. All the same people in a way. Even if they were just new in Seloh, they were the same. Some guy in a Pikachu suit, he was way to old to be dressing like that whatever. Some couple with matching Hoppip and Jumpluff hats, god these people love your Pokemon don’t dress like them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Frame after every flash after every frame after every flash. The exchange of the yen. It was boring, a simple job anyone could dude and he could hear his father’s voice in the distance of his mind. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Now you’re making a name for yourself,” Ansel could hear the voice that had haunted him since adulthood. His Pokemon were around, he never really trusted the storage system, simply doing Pokemon things because Ansel felt that was how it should be. They could help him if he wanted or they could wander off for a while. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Though Gusty had a habit of staying behind, probably because he had his back sprawled onto the counter as he was staring up to the ceiling of his studio. Somehow the morning had calmed down for him to sit back and relax for a second. Except, could you really considering sprawling one’s back onto a counter and staring at a bumpy ceiling relaxing?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He wanted to go explore Seloh, take pictures of the landscapes and how the Pokemon lived there. He had only heard the adventures of what his Pokemon did. He wanted to take photographs of the wild Pokemon and wanted to feel the fresh air. He wondered if he could close the shop maybe just for a few hours. Then again though, his father’s echoing, commanding voice echoed in the back of his mind.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Rippling, criticisms. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Wrrrrooo,” Pidgeot finally spoke up and said something.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Want to go out to?” Ansel asked Pidgeot.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It simply flapped it’s wings in excitement. Ansel smiled. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I’ve told you before, you can go out whenever you like,” Ansel told Pidgeot. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Despite Pidgeot’s size, it hopped onto the counter and nuzzled him gently with its beak and the top of it’s head. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I’m okay,” Ansel told Pidgeot. Though he knew Gusty didn’t believe a word he was saying, and he didn’t believe a word he was saying. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Greetings, owners of Poké Perfect Frames!” he spoke up in the direction of the closest person. “Will I be able to reserve a photo shoot of my Pokémon here?”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ansel looked upside down with a raise of his brow at someone who walked in. Inspecting them upside down a teenager with a wind tight jacket had walked in, his blue hair, his scarf. Then he was the ice gym leader of Seloh.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Flipping himself over he looked at the kid.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“We do have a walk in policy, when it is slow like this” Ansel told him, “unless you do want a reservation.”[/BCOLOR]
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