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SIDE STORY The Adventures of Arya and The Doctor! [Non-Canon]

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Klutzy Ninja Kitty, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    The Adventures of Arya and The Doctor! Game of Thrones x Doctor Who Crossover.

    This is a 1x1 roleplay between Jenny (Jenna) and Klutzy Ninja Kitty (Kimmy). It's a continuation of the roleplay: Murder: The Shadow's Grip, a multiverse roleplay game that can be found here: http://www.rpnation.com/threads/murder-the-shadows-grip.57446/

    Story: The Doctor wore many different faces, lived many different lives, and saw many different lands. It wasn't long ago that he acquired a new face either, his 11th one to be exact. He had earned it by dying to save his young friend Arya, whom he had met not long after arriving to a strange apocalyptic world plagued by people with a shadowy disease. After recovering from his regeneration process, he vowed to find a cure for the disease and escape alive with Arya, promising to take her aboard his ship and show her the stars. But would the two of them escape this shadowy world alive? And if they did, would they be up to facing the dangers that awaited them out in the vast universe?​
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  2. After leaving Siegfried's house with the Doctor, Arya was in deep thought.
    So many things changed in such a short time, and she obviously felt lucky that she wasn't alone while it all happened.
    But still, she felt slightly out of place in this world. Even now, the new clothes and hairstyle she was wearing were strange to her.
    Although they were comfortable and looked nice, they weren't the dresses she wore back at home.

    Arya glanced up and looked at the Doctor beside her.
    He always seemed so happy and confident, it was something she had to admire.

    "Do you really think you can find a way out of here with the things you've gathered?"

    Completely unfamiliar with any of the stuff he was holding, she was curious to see what he would do with it.
    She kept her thumb on the hilt of her sword Needle, that had sheathed in a belt she was wearing over her dress.
  3. Drumming his fingers along the rim of the trash can he was holding, The Doctor tilted his head toward Arya when she spoke. "Why, yes, I believe we can! Okay, it's possible but not likely. Okay, it's not very likely at all--but that's never stopped me before! I have plan-ish... thingy." He stuck one of his hands inside the garbage can and rifled around in it, feeling of some wires and other material that were inside of it. His mind was ticking quick like clockwork, scanning over every possible idea he could think of to escape their strange prison. He did have a plan, but it wasn't one he really liked. It involved using Arya's help for a lot of it, and he was very uncertain about risking her life.

    "I'm going to build something that will explode, it's called a bomb. And it should weaken a small section of the force-field in this town. Once I've done that, I should be able to use my sonic screwdriver to open up a tiny hole in the force-field. The upside is, you will be small enough to escape through that hole. On the down side, I'm too big. So you'll have to sneak into the laboratory and find out how to shut the force-field off. How, I'm not yet sure, but I'm still making this up as I go along," he said, making their way to one of the edges of the town.

    A faint glow could be seen surrounding the town, obvious signs that the strange force-field holding them hostage was still very much functional. The Doctor was determined to get them out of this place. He didn't want their lives to end here. They still had far too much to do!
  4. Arya looked up at the man as he explained his entire plan. When he started, he mentioned an exploding device called a bomb. She nodded, letting him know that she understood.
    After that, he continued on about all kinds of things, none of which sounded familiar to her. A frown started growing on her face, tilting her head a little in confusion.

    "Force-... Sonic scr-... Luh... Luhbor..." she occasionally mumbled as the Doctor spoke.

    Trying her best to make sense of the words, she found herself in complete confusion.
    But she did notice that she and the Doctor were walking to the edge of the town, and then also noticed the blue glow surrounding it.

    "Wait, so... we can't leave this place because of this... force field." She pointed to the light, then chewed her lip in thought for a while.
    "So you'll make a hole in the light... I'll go through it, and I'll have to find this luhbuwubbu-place... where I can shut off the force field. Right?"

    Arya turned her head forward, looking at the forcefield with a light frown.
    Everything was still very confusing to her, but she hoped it would become clearer as time went by.
  5. While The Doctor was talking, he didn't realize Arya was struggling to keep up with him. Appearing a bit rude, he talked over her for a few moments before realizing she seemed a bit confused. "A laboratory is just a place with strange mechanical objects used for experiments. And the force-field is this..." He stopped in front of the field, setting down his trash can and taking Arya's hand. He touched her hand to the invisible wall. "A force-field is just like a wall you can see through. But I'm a bit worried about enacting this plan. All of this machinery is a bit foreign to you. We may need a way to communicate so that I can guide you through it."

    The Doctor knew he wasn't small enough to fit through the hole, but he remembered something that could be.

    "Those robots!" he exclaimed. "Remember those little bots who bothered us for our autographs earlier? Let's find them. I'll hack into one of them and have it follow you through the hole. I should be able to speak through it so I can keep in communication with you. So long as you really are okay with going by yourself through the hole and into the laboratory." He didn't want to send her if she was uncomfortable with the idea, but right now this plan was the only thing he could think of.
  6. She felt a bit nervous when the Doctor took her hand toward the strange wall, but Arya was relieved when she found out it didn't hurt her. All she felt was a very light sort of vibration on the palm of her hand.
    When he mentioned the robots, she couldn't help but frown a little again. The two things seemed sort of wacky, but in a slightly creepy way. She remembered them calling her Maisie, and the Doctor Matt.
    But she wanted to get out of this place, and besides, it would be quite an adventure.

    "Alright" she nodded.
    "But the blue one is coming with me. At least that one will shut up."

    Arya turned and started walking back into town with the Doctor.

    "Last time they just sort of... appeared when I stole something. I suppose they'll come again if we break the rules somehow."

    // were you planning on playing the bots or should I? (:
  7. //You could play them if you'd like. You did a pretty good job with them last time. Sorry I was eating dinner. XD

    The Doctor nodded and went to ruffle Area's hair. "Bloody brilliant thinking, Arya!" he praised. "We'll just have to comit a crime. Should we steal something again? Or perhaps cause some chaos? You could always attack me with your sword. I am still within the first 48 hours of my regeneration so any injury inflicted on me will heal right away."
  8. Arya couldn't help but grin a little at the compliment. But now to find a way to get the robots back over to them...
    Stealing something meant that they would have to walk back to a shop first, which could still take a pretty long time.
    The Doctor's suggestion of her attacking him seemed like the easiest one, but she was afraid to do it.

    "Are you really, really sure I won't... kill you?"

    She looked down at her sword. Arya had killed some men and even a young boy before, but this looked like it was a very big risk.
    After the Doctor assured her it would be alright // which I assume you will do // , she slowly pulled Needle.

    "Alright... I'm sorry."

    Arya quickly swung her sword at the Doctor. It would have left a diagonal cut across his chest, if the blade didn't get pulled out of her hand.

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" P-Body desperately cried out while running at the two, Atlas by his side.
    The orange-eyed robot pulled Arya's sword to him with some kind of magnetic power, then simply dropped it to the ground and ran at the girl.

    "I don't care if you're famous, you can't hurt the Smith! You're sentenced to death! DEATH I TELL YOUUUUUUUU!!!"

    P-Body quickly ran behind Arya, taking both of her arms and holding them behind her back.

    "Don't worry, Matty! We got her for ya!"
  9. "Oh, I'm positive," The Doctor replied with a grin. "Time Lord, remember? I'll be fine; I'll be just fine." He kept his voice calm, trying to reassure Arya. It would still hurt, of course, but escaping was a little more important than dealing with a little pain.

    He held out his arms and gave her an easy target, prepared to take the hit. He was surprised when one of the bots charged forward, screeching at Arya to stop.

    "Why thank you, little bot, for stopping this criminal!" he exclaimed. The Doctor knelt down by the bot. "Is there anything way I could repay you for helping me?" He smiled and kept his voice friendly, wanting to draw them closer so he could take control of one of them.
  10. The small robot called Atlas helped his colleague arrest Arya, cuffing her hands behind her back and then forcing her down to the ground.
    P-Body looked over at the Doctor when he spoke, giving Atlas full control over the young criminal.

    "... Actually... There's this one tiiiiiiny little thing that you could maaaaaaybe do for me..."

    As the small robot held his foot on a grumbling and struggling Arya's back to keep her down, the tall one with the orange eye slowly walked over to the Doctor, holding a metal hand over his metal elbow.

    "See, my boss didn't believe I got the actual Matt Smith's autograph, so I was thinking maybe you could... I dunno, maybe write 'Yo, I'm the actual real legit Matt Smith' on this paper."

    Once again, P-Body printed out the piece of paper the Doctor had signed earlier. The pencil also came out the same way as before, and the robot approached him to hand them over.
    In the meantime, Arya was calling Atlas all kinds of bad names for pushing her into the ground and getting her new clothes dirty. It didn't seem to mind much.
  11. "What? Now that's rubbish! Nobody could be the real Matt but me! And that is obviously my writing," The Doctor replied, pointing at the paper. "But oh very well, if your boss needs proof then so be it. Although, I do have a reques for you in exchange for signing that again. Could you hold my sonic screwdriver? It will be difficult for me to hold it and write at the same time."

    He offered his screwdriver to the robot and once he took it, the small sonic machine activated, shutting down the robot's systems. The Doctor grinned and took the screwdriver back from the robot before standing up again.

    "Excuse me, Atlas, was it? I have a confession to make. I'm not Matt Smith. I'm an impersonator and I just shut down your friend. What are you going to do about it?"

    He hoped to anger the little robot and get it to charge at him so he could use his sonic screwdriver against it like he had on P-Body. He only needed to take control of one of the bots, but he still had to shut both of them down.
  12. "Yes, of course, sir! It would be an absolute honor to hold your s- bzzzz" P-Body collapsed like a bunch of junk, the light of his orange eye fading.

    Atlas watched, keeping his mechanical foot on Arya's back as his partner got shut down.
    In low-pitched, robotic voice, he started calculating his next move.

    "Forced system shutdown detected. Partner eliminated."

    He pointed his blue robotic eye to the Doctor.

    "Target confirmed. Initiate arresting protocol 12-A."

    After a short silence, Atlas started taking quick steps forward to the Doctor, blurting out the man's rights in what sounded more like gibberish.

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  13. The Doctor waited with screwdriver in hand for the remaining bot to approach. He chuckled at ignored most of his gibberish. "Come at me," he whispered.

    When the not got close enough to him, he zapped him as well, shutting down his systems like he had done to the first one. He knelt down at tapped on it. "Sorry little one, but we really need your help."

    He stood back up and walked over to Arya, using his screwdriver to undo her handcuffs. The Doctor then offered a hand to help her up. "Are you all right? I've got the bots taken care of. Which one would you like to accompany you? Take your pick," he offered with a grin.

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  14. Arya groaned and rubbed her back as she pushed herself up.

    "Seven hells... He's strong for a creature as little as that... Thank you."

    She raised her head and looked at the Doctor, giving him a quick grateful smile while wiping all dust of her dress that she could.
    Looking at both of the powerless robots, it was almost funny how pathetic they looked now.
    Walking over, she tapped one of them gently with her foot, as if afraid it would come back to life and grab her foot.

    "I think I'll take the blue one... He's smaller, so he's more likely to fit in the hole you'll make."

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  15. //Thank you soooo much for saying I could take my time. The Doctor is a special kinda dude who needs a certain mindset to play. And it was hard to write anything "clever" as him when I had a painful sinus infection pounding against my head. >_<;; Sorry I couldn't be more active to help entertain ourselves before the next murder much. XD Did you hear anything about if the current one has finished yet or not?

    Once The Doctor was certain Arya was back to her feet, he glanced to the blue robot she had pointed to and nodded. "Blue one it is!" he chirped before going over to it. He pointed his sonicscrewdriver at it before glancing to Arya once more.

    "This will only take a moment or two," he said to reassure her before getting to work. The tip of his screwdriver glowed green and its light touched a control panel on the back of the bot. To the untrained eye, it would look as if someone had shined nothing but a torch on its back. However, in reality, the intelligent old time lord was hacking into it... with his mind.

    The Doctor winced a couple times, feeling the robotic mind fight to keep control. Every time it resisted, he felt as if a small shock of electricity had touched his mind. But despite the poor little robot's resisting, it was no match for The Doctor's control. Once he had control of it, the bot stood up again, but remained silent.

    The Doctor walked back over to Arya and patted her back gently. "There you go. He's under new management now. He won't be doing anything but what I tell him to do for the time being. Are you ready to go?" he asked. "If you need me to explain any of the plan to you again just let me know and I will."
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  17. Watching as the Doctor did his magic on the little robot, Arya decided it would be best not to try to understand what he was doing.
    Somehow, the man seemed to be in some pain sometimes. Maybe the robot was causing it.
    However, the Doctor had told her it would take a moment, and she believed he would be able to take care of himself.
    Nevertheless, Arya was prepared to step in should anything happen.

    The little bot stood back up, its eye fading to a bright blue light once again.
    Arya smiled, looking up at the Doctor, having to admire him for his intelligence.

    "That's impressive... The first thing I'd like it to do is be quiet... the entire time. That voice gets on my nerves very quickly."

    After that, Arya started making her way back to the edge of the forcefield with the Doctor.
    Placing her hand on it once again, she repeated the plan for him, assuring him she knew what was about to happen.

    "You'll make a hole in this, I go through with the... robot... Then I find some kind of labuh-building, and find a way to shut it down."
  18. //I'm so happy the manhunt one ended. XD But I do feel better today so I'm gonna post more. I'm just gonna have breakfast first. Work didn't want me coming in today because they don't want my sick rear end there around students so I'm free today~ :)
  19. When Arya stated she wanted the robot to be quiet, The Doctor immediately believed her. They were little chatter-bots, and somewhat annoying anyhow. They would be distracting to their task of they kept talking.

    "I'll shut them up. The only voice you'll be hearing through them is mine. Oh I'm brilliant. Just listen carefully and do what I say once you exit the hole I'm going to make in the force field. And one more thing... make sure to protect the bot. If it gets damaged or destroyed in there we will no longer be able to communicate. That could make things difficult for us."

    The Doctor began to head back to the force field with Arya, having the first bot follow along. Once they arrived, he began setting up the contraption in his garbage can to make an explosive device.

    "All right, let's take cover and I shall make this thing explode!" The Doctor cried, taking Arya by the arm and rushing a ways away from the force-field. He took them behind some bushes--which would hopefully be far enough away.
  20. Arya stared at the robot while the Doctor spoke. She hadn't really taken the time to observe it yet.
    It looked like very complicated technology to her, something she could never understand properly. So if this robot broke, they would indeed be in trouble.

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of him... or it, rather." she assured the man.

    After running to cover, she ducked and covered her ears with both hands.
    Arya hadn't personally seen any explosions yet, but she was warned about the noise they make.
    When that cannon goes off, you better cover your ears or you'll be bleeding from them, girl, someone had once told her.
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