The Adventures of Akai Tanner... and Friends - The Monster in Tim's Mirror

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  1. “I spend last week in hell and last two days in a windowless hospital room. I need time to adjust being back in the sun.” Anya mumble.
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    Name: Zerullian
    Codename: The Engineer
    Doctor Who
    Birthdate: (Honestly have no idea what to put here.)
    Age: Unknown, 542+ Years
    Race: Gallifreyan
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 126
    Education Level: Vast
    Time Lord
    Citizenship: Gallifrey


    Intelligence: 6
    Strength: 2
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 2
    Energy projection: 2
    Fighting Ability: 3

    Advanced Jerry Rigging
    Master Improviser
    Master Engineer and Technician
    Oddly Great Chef (Will say she was taught by THE Callious Groph from the 42nd Millennium)
    Ability to remain Calm even in highly frustrating situations.
    Able to remain Stoic in horrible situations.
    Able to quickly analyze and break down 'Lesser' Technologies.
    Amazing Artist (Gallifrey Style)


    Sonic Screwdriver

    No specific weakness. Can be affected by pretty much anything.

    "There a those of us who wish to see time bend and be rewritten... but it is our duty as Time Lords to maintain our distance and a policy of not interfering... served us well when the goblins (Sontaran) invaded. It has been a long time since that day." Zerullian spoke to the assembled mass of children. "Now, look around us." Zerullian gestured to the massive dome around the city. Outside of it was the massive defence installation covering their capital.

    "We built these monuments to protect ourselves from that which seeks to destroy us, to bring light to the darkness around us. It has been ten million years. We reign and have, our prosperity has allowed us to grow. But, never forget that which binds us all. There are some things that can never change... no matter how hard you try."


    "There are some things that can never change... no matter how hard you try...."

    Red lights began to flash within the Tardis. The machine itself had hurdled suddenly in a direction The Engineer had not expected. As if moving on its own the woman grabbed ahold of the control box. "Brace yourself... there is nothing I can do." The Engineer spoke with little emotion in her voice. One needed to accept their fate. Such was the life of a timelord, she knew it... they all knew it. Death was an absolute unavoidable facet of her existence. Yet, this was not that day.

    Tardis lurching it suddenly bucked and heaved as a fire erupted from within the command console. Another explosion rocked the Tardis and sent the machine hurdling into the unknown. Pulling herself up she ripped a level down causing the machine to level out rapidly. Crashing to the floor The Engineer staggered and got up just as a light could be seen from within the core of the Tardis. "There are some things you just can't change.." The Engineer spoke out before the Tardis erupted into real space.​
  4. Melody woke up again after a few hours and look around again.
  5. Gwen

    "Possible but not probable." She commented and shook her head

    (Yes I have)


    She giggled lightly "You are an oddball John." She congratulated him with a nod.


    "Yes. Be safe from the arrow I can lodge into your ribcage if you call the cops." She rolled her eyes