The adventure of two lost souls <3

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  1. It was happening again... Mom and dad are going to continue to fight like they always do, before Krysten got the chance to o down the stairs again... What would she do? There was really nothing that Krysten could do in total, but she knew that all the fighting that was going on was her fault. They always fought about her. She sighed as she sat up in her bed, she was only seveteen years old, and she could possibly be put in the orphanage with all the other bad kids... Krysten didn't take crap though, she stood up from her spot on her bed, and made her way down to her foster parents an shook her head.

    "You guys should really just stop fighting, is it really worth seeing her cry, John? Is it really worth seeing how red his face gets when he is mad, Kathy?" After she spoke, she crossed her arms, and Kathy glared at her. But they had stopped fighting, that was all that Krysten wanted. John shook his head, and told her to go pack her bags, he told her that they couldn't handle her anymore, and they were going to send her away. Krysten knew this day was coming so she just nodded her head and did as she was told, it was better to get out of this damned house anyways...

    Later that week;

    After a couple days in this damned orphanage with the cheery nurses, and the bratty kids, Krysten got tired of it, and packed her bags. she told the nurses to go screw themselves and left the orphanage, she was not very happy. Although it was raining as she left, and her blonde hair got trapped against her skin, and a soft sigh left her lips. What was she going to do now? She questioned herself and went over to a building leaning against it as flat as she could to get out of the rain.
  2. Dylan had just ran across the street, soaked from the rain. His messy dirty brown - blond hair was matted down. His green eyes darting around, glancing at an unfamiliar figure standing outside of the building flat. He ignored her presence and entered inside. The orphanage woman simply shook her head while beckoning a few of the older children to grab a towel. The little ones swarmed him, asking where he went this time. He merely smiled and put a finger to his lips. The rowdy children hushed at once, their eyes looking at him hopefully.

    Drying himself off a bit he whispered about his morning walk. Despite the fact that he was an orphan boy who was looked down upon in society, he strove for an education. He didn't want to be a hassle to someone and he wanted a future. Most of the time he got himself in trouble rather than looking for it. He hated the name of "street urchin" or "stupid child". Sure he had no parents but hell, he had learned to live on his own from the age of eight with the death of his father. He had no siblings, well none that he knew of. His mind drifted off into the dark memories of him and his father, he was an alcoholic who often came home late at night with some women in his arms. Dylan was only a child then but he knew it was wrong. The picture was wrong. Every story book he owned, it was always a beautiful gentle mother and a kind caring father. But the book lied. His life was nothing but utter shit.

    As he told them of his trip to the library he entertained them with the books he saw. He liked being a role model for these kids who had lost as much hope as himself. He wanted to show them that life had more to offer. That they weren't alone. And the least he could to do was comfort and entertain them to the best of his abilities.
  3. Krysten had noticed the boy running and when he spotted her, she was almost surprised that he didn't come to her and take her back, she had seen him around. She knew who he was, and what he meant to all the other kids, and she knew if she stayed there for long, she would get caught, she she wrapped her arms around her and kept walking. She knew Dylan was the type of guy whom all the kids loved, and Krysten was the type of girl they strayed away from. It wasn't like she was a mean kid, she just didn't really talk much and when she did she usually was bitter and snappy. While she was walking, she noticed someone fast walking towards her. She stopped in her steps almost uncertain if the person was walking towards her, and then she noticed... It was John. He grabbed her arm and shook his head.

    "What are you doing out here?" His grip tightened and Krysten snarled softly.

    "I don't belong in that damned orphanage, every one there hates me and I'll never be adopted..." John shook his head, although his eyes did soften.

    "Well I'm sorry but I have a duty, and that's too take you back, you'll make some friends..." He then guided her back to the orphanage, and walked in smiling at one of the nurses who was looking at Krysten with a gentle smile.

    "Did you have a nice walk?" Krysten narrowed her eyes.

    "I only went out there to run away but this bastard found me..." The nurse narrowed her eyes and took a hold of Krysten, like someone who would be motherly would hold their daughter who got hurt.

    "I'll take you to the room with the others..." Krysten didn't resist she was too shocked about being held, and then when she was there, she sat in a corner, and pulled her legs against her chest.
  4. The children were happy with yet another story. Dylan did his best to make up events as he went along with the words that tumbled out of his lips. Their eyes widened and their mouths were shaped in little os. Staring in awe, their eyes glittering like hopeful jewels. They all asked questions and laughed at the right parts, clapping when great things happened. He was glad that he was able to entertain them. The woman in the back smiled with a nod, giving him encouragement to go on. As he finished with "The End," they all sighed with content. A few begged for another story however the orphanage lady told them to get off to their naps. She thanked him and he merely nodded, saying that it wasn't a problem.

    As Dylan was turning down t he hallway he heard loud sounds, something like an argue. He bumped right into the girl from before. Getting up, he added a grin to his face.

    "Hey there, I'm Dylan... and you're...?" He asked quizzically.

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  5. When Krysten was arguing with the nurse, she jerked her head away, and then was bumped. Her eyes went wide; she wasn't expecting to be bump, shoved, or ran into so when she was she stumbled backwards a bit. Of course, due to Krysten having a horrible personality, and her eyes narrowed, she laughed slightly. When he introduced himself, she nodded her head slightly.

    "I know who you are, Dylan. Not that it isn't nice to meet you or anything..." She shrugged and walked towards the room he was just in, closer to him for a minute. "I am Krysten. I'm sure you've seen me around or heard of me, you know, Krysten the Trouble Maker?" She laughed and stepped away and crossed her arms.