The Adventure of Trainer and Champion

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  1. Champion of the Region (open)

    Name : Crystal Azleo
    age : 23
    Rank in the pokemon world : champion of the region
    Pokemon type : all kinds, each battle is different, different pokemon all the time.
    Her travel team
    Name : Rexols
    Gender : male
    level 86
    Ability :Flash fire , If hit by fire type its fire power moves are made stronger
    Moveset : shadow pulse, flame thrower, Grass knot, calm mind
    Personality : A firey pokemon with a large heart for all pokemon but ruthless in a battle
    Name : Arceus
    Gender : male voice, no real gender
    Level 100
    Ability : mulitype : in battle he can change his type
    Moveset : Judgement, Draco Meteor , calm mind, Extreme speed
    Personality : A calm and soft pokemon though when defending someone or pokemon he will be as ruthless as a blizzard and intail judement on those who harm others.
    Name : Tylo
    Gender : female
    Level 89
    ability : Dark Terrain , when in battle the terrain will turn pitch black
    moveset : Shadow ball, dark paulse, shadow claw, calm mind
    Personality : Calm and personally a dark shady pokemon that doesn't trust many people other then her trainer.
    Name : Hyno
    gender : Male
    Level : 95
    moveset : Night Daze, Flame thrower , Scary face , Agility
    Personality : Deeply distrust for all trainers except his. Anyone who dares try harm his trainer will be brought down with a night daze
    Name : Fesl
    Gender : Male
    Level :89
    ability : Overgrow
    Movset : Leaf storm, coil , calm mind, Return (super effective)
    Personality : calm and collected pokemon, always try to be friendly but can be a snake at times and get what he wants with force
    Name : Shard
    Level : 99
    ability : Stead Fast
    moveset, Bone Rush , Fire punch , ice punch, extreme speed
    personality : gentleman to all pokemon and willing to die for those who he cares for. He is the very pokemon that Arceus thought would meake the region better, being so close to its trainer its proven to be more powerful then the legendary trio ( entei and raikou and suicune) Able to control his own extremely powerful Arua and others he is able to block any legendary attack, fire, flying or dark type. he is also very fast and ruthless in battle and well known as the Master of the Arua and Master of the kind heart. He is the champion's first pokemon and has been the closest to her making him the most powerful pokemon of the group faith and fighting and listening sense.

    Crystal was walking through the city of the fifth Pokemon gym seeing the gym leader had vanished and the report from his fellow friends where right. Crystal was a tall female with deep golden hair that was thick and plenty of sunlight going through. She came around the gym place and smiles gently and was about to lock the gym iup but saw a male coming over with his pokemon and raised eyebrow "Hello ? I am sorry to say but the gym leaders that are past this gym have gone missing and I do not think you can battle any time soon. I am sorry for that. If you come back after i come back then you can battle the gym leader is back " she said with a thin smile and looking around gently and chuckled softly.

    "I am really sorry but you can't go in and that is that" said peacefully and looked at the building and locked it up slowly and smiles gently "Should train your pokemon" said wisely and started walking away she had no pokemon out with her and kept walking and then turned toward him slightly and smiles "Have a good day" walks away slightly, he could challenge her if he so pleased.
  2. Pokemon Trainer Shane (open)

    Trainer Picture (open)

    Name: Shane
    Age: 20
    Badges: 4

    Jolteon (open)

    Nickname: Bolt
    Level: 47
    Moveset: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang, Signal Beam

    Blastoise (open)

    Nickname: None
    Level: 50
    Moveset: Skull Bash, Aqua Tail, Blizzard, Rapid Spin

    Houndoom (open)

    Nickname: Cerberus
    Level: 46
    Moveset: Flamethrower, Fire Fang, Crunch, Foul Play

    Metagross (open)

    Nickname: None
    Level: 50
    Moveset: Meteor Mash, Psychic, Psyshock, Iron Head

    Salamence (open)

    Nickname: Sally
    Level: 50
    Moveset: Fly, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath

    Froslass (open)

    Name: Frosty
    Level: 48
    Moveset: Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind, Icy Wind

    Shane had just arrived in town and both he and his Pokemon were geared up to fight the next gym leader. They had all the necessary items, had trained a lot, and had pumped themselves up with some relaxation nearby sprawling out to stare at the stars the night before. All seven of them were ready for what was coming... Except that what happened once they got to the gym was a total let down as some chick told them they couldn't go into the gym, and that they leader was missing.

    "Fine, then, if we can't challenge the gym leader, we'll just challenge you! You've gotta be strong if you're the one they have looking for the leaders, right?" he called after her, starting to follow her. "And even if you say no, I'll just follow you until you agree, got it?"
  3. She smiles "very well how many pokemon do you want to use in this battle?" asked peacefully as her eyes trained on him peacefully. The pokemon balls around her waist jummped around happily to do something in this move and attacks they wanted in on the fight. She smiles "How about all six pokemon ? " asked smiling as she stood there slowly. Few people looked at the champion and trainer "No way, this trainer is going to take on crysta, impossible he's in big trouble" many voices echoed around them The girl was unfazed, if this trainer wanted abattle so bad then let him, its easy to find weak points in all trainers no matter how tough they thought they where.
  4. The few people passing by barely even registered in Shane's mind, though he did manage to catch the name of the girl and there was something familiar about that name but he couldn't place it. His focus was already on the battle rather than the world. "I can agree to six Pokemon. Chances are you'll need it," he told her, grabbing one of his Poke Balls and enlarging it to prepare for the battle. "You wanna take this inside, or is here in town all right with you?"
  5. "we can battle here" she smiles and then took one pokemon ball out "Come on out Shard" said smiling as the Lucario came forward from the pokemon ball and roared deeply and stood ready for battle "your move first" the girl said smiling as she was ready for a full blown good battle, her Pokemon ready as well. her lucario gave off sharp amount of Arua power which made shock waves of gale force winds.
  6. Shane frowned for a moment, considering his options. He figured he could win this, but he had to think and concentrate. A Lucario, huh? He could get past this. "Go, Bolt!" he called, tossing the Poke Ball he was holding. There was no way the speed of his Jolteon could possibly be outdone by Lucario! "Bolt, use Thunder!"
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  7. The girl merely smiles and said calmly "Bonerush go" said smiling as her Lucario eyes glowed and the bone appeared as the lightning came down it twirled the bone rapidly and deflected the thunder and shot at the Jolteon and hit it several times sharply and very fast with the bone into the air and slamming it down onto the ground with a sharpness of a legendary pokemon causing a uproar of wind and landed near the girl bone disappearing in its paws and stood ready.
  8. Jolteon took each hit and stood there, struggling on his feet before falling over. He was too weak to continue, much to Shane's disappointment and sadness. "Return Bolt," he said softly, holding out the Poke Ball. Once Jolteon was back safely, Shane reached for a new Pokemon. "Fine, then. You can take this guy, Houndoom!" He tossed out the ball and it released a Houndoom before returning to his hand. "Houndoom, use your Flamethrower!" Houndoom got into a stance before shooting fire from his mouth in Lucario's direction.
  9. "BoneRush" smiles as the Lucario nodded twirling its bone oce more and made the flame thrower gone before she smiles "Extreme speed and bone rush go" she said calmly as her pokemon nodded moving at shocking speeds as he ran around the houndoom smacking it sharply with the bone knocking it aisde and then flipped away sharply to its trainer ready for a fight. But she returned the pokemon "maybe the next oppenet might be better fazed" smiles waiting tos ee who h was going to call forth next.
  10. This was so frustrating! Shane scowled as he recalled his Houndoom and reached for a new Pokemon. This was not the way his Pokemon should be battling! They were stronger than this, and he knew it! But then, he had to also admit that this girl was probably stronger than them too... Even so, he challenged her so he would see this to the end. Besides, maybe she was only as strong as her Lucario. He might still have a chance, he just had to figure out how to do this. "Fine then. I'll choose Sally!" He threw out a Poke Ball, and a Salamence emerged between the two of them.
  11. "very nice choice" she pointed to the sky and said "Arceus, come i need your help" smiles gently as a Portal rift appeared and flew out the legendary godly pokemon that landed and stood there. his sheer size, power and influance on pokemon mostly caused many to back down. On lookers blinked as their ;okemon ducked and ran off and the trainers ran after them. She smiles "Arceus Judement" she said. the legendary pokemon nodded flying into the sky his plate color changed to ice type and used jusdgement and balls of holy ice pelted the dragon pokemon sharply and the Godly pokmon landed once more. its plate changed back to golden once more.
  12. Shane couldn't decide if he was in awe or if he was upset. His Pokemon weren't having any luck at all against this woman's Pokemon. "Return Sally," he said forlornly. What could he possibly use against Arceus? He had three more Pokemon left to choose from, but it was obvious by now that he stood no chance as he was. Scowling, he got out another Poke Ball anyway. Even if he lost horribly, he couldn't just give up! "Your turn, Frosty," he said, tossing his Poke Ball and revealing Froslass. "Let's try Shadow Ball, all right?"
  13. The Arceus stood there , his type now was Normal and the girl mekely smiles and the Arceus was hit but no dmage was taken for shadow ball didn't effect normal type pokemon. She said "Arceus use Flamethrower" said as the Godly pokemon godd and ran forward and on the top of its head formed a ball and exploded woith flames smashing into the froslass sending it backwards sharply then she girl nodded "thanks Arceus , i shall talk with you later" she promised and the godly pokemon nodded and left. she then took out a her zoroark that made a happy sound ready for a good battle.
  14. It was a ridiculous fight. Truly a horrifying way to be humiliated in public to have none of his Pokémon land even one hit. Shane was getting frustrated by the battle, but even his remaining Pokémon seemed ready to give it try. "All right. Metagross, it's your turn to give it a shot," he said with a little conviction, tossing out the next Poke Ball. Only this and one more before he was horribly defeated. "Let's do this, try using Iron Head attack!"
  15. "Zoroark dodge land ontop then use Night daze. I would warn you to be prepared" said to the other trainer as the Zoroark barked and nodded and as the pokemon barled forward it oddge djumping ontop of the pokemon using Night daze creating a massive dazzle of light and magic causing an up roar of darkness and gust of penslizing wind forcing everyone back few feet. The zoroark then jumped off the fainted pokemon and hissed happily and was returned "One last pokemon" she said to the other trainer. returning her pokemon as well.
  16. Shane called back Metagross and sent out his final Pokemon. "Blastoise, let's do this!" he exclaimed, trying to sound pumped up. Blastoise nodded and got into a position to battle, feeling only as confident as his trainer. He could feel the exhaustion from his fellow teammates, and felt his trainer's despair, but he didn't want to give up anymore than Shane did. "All right. What are we facing, girl?"
  17. "Flesi " she said as her grass snake Pokemon came forth tail rattling eyes looking at the water type knowing this match up was not favored by her foe. She smiles "coil and get ready" said smiling as the seperior hissed nodded coiling up getting its attack, defense and accrecy and speed boosted by two stages.
  18. That only intesified Shane's scowl, feeling almost toyed with. He thought for a moment, since water attacks wouldn't do a thing against the grass type before them. After a moment, he gave his command. "Hit him with a Rapid Spin, Blastoise!" Blastoise nodded and did a spin as he retracted, gaining speed before pushing forward to hit the opposing Pokemon.
  19. "Leaf storm now" she said as the snake nodded jumping into the air rapidly spinning sharp leaves shine around smashing Dow to the water type sharply forcing it backwards .
  20. Blastoise flew back, landing on it's back right in front of Shane, knocked out. Shane reluctantly called him back into his Poke Ball before putting him away with sadness. As he calmed down from the loss he took a few steps forward to offer his hand to the girl. "Thanks for the battle. I'm Shane, a Pokemon Trainer. Sorry for taking things out on you and pushing you to fight me. Guess you showed me, though, huh?" he asked with a dry laugh.
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