The Actor and the Au Pair

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  1. "Kids, slow down!" Sophia hurried after the children while trying not to bump into anyone on the movie set. Catching up to them, she knelt down and wrapped her arms gently around the kids. "You guys can't run away like that when we're on such a big set. I don't want to lose you, okay? Please just hold my hands and we'll find your dad soon." Standing up, she held out her hands and let both of the kids take one hand before they continued down the street.

    Sophia was the nanny for Abigail and Joseph Chambers, the son and daughter of the actor Mikael Chambers and his wife Amelia. She had joined them just a few months ago but had already become part of their family. She got along so well with the parents and loved to take care of the kids, helping them on their homework and encouraging them to try new things to discover their passions in life. Abigail was 8 years old while Joseph had just turned 7 and both were immensely curious when it came to new hobbies and adventures. Today their adventure was visiting their father on the set of his current movie project. He was working on an adventure movie about a crashed plane and the survivors on the island. Amelia, Sophia, and the kids had arrived earlier that morning and checked into their hotel. While Amelia had wanted to join them to visit Mikael right away, her stomach had been acting up and she knew it was safer to just rest and meet up with them for dinner that night.

    As they walked around the set, she took in the things she saw and found herself stunned. Sophia had never been on a movie set before. It was already still stunning that she was in beautiful Australia working for an actor that she held in such high regard. Now she got to see a movie set on a gorgeous Australian island with amazing actors. It was a movie-lovers dream come true.

    Looking down at Abigail and Joseph, she gave their hands a squeeze and smiled. "So when we find your dad, maybe we can get him to show us around before we grab some lunch with him. Would you two like to see some of the sets?" The kids nodded and cheered, looking around to find their dad.
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  2. "Aaaaaannnndddd cut! Great shot guys! Take lunch and we'll start back up 3:00? Cody immediately relaxed when the director yelled cut and gave a small smile which quickly turned into him widening his eyes and sticking his tongue out at his best friend Mikael Chambers. "Keep that up and you won't have one left," Mikael threatened playfully as he walked off the main set with Cody. "Everytime you say that but you never mean it," Cody finally spoke after drinking half a bottle of water.

    Dressed in a simple pair of dirty jeans and a dirty white tshirt, Cody had just finished shooting an earlier scene for the movie. He sat down lazily on the ground, a small smirk a appearing on his face before dissipating just as quickly.after a few minutes, he finally stood up and focused his two-toned eyes on his friend as they broke off into a deep conversation. Upon glancing around for a brief moment, he raised an eyebrow before nofding past Mikael. "Aren't those your little demons?" He asked playfully as he watched the kids with a small smile. "Don't say that out loud. Cameras may hear and spread," the actor countered before laughing and spinning around, kneeling down and spreading his arms to embrace his kids with a huge hug.

    Cody stepped back and smiled at the sight though it turned into a smirk when he caught sight of the beautiful woman attached to the kids. He watched her intently and crossed his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the right as he stared at her.
  3. Once the children had spotted their dad on set, Sophia's request for them to stay with her went out the window. The kids cheered and let go of their nanny's hand to race over to their dad. The kids jumped into his arms and hugged him tight while Sophia jogged to catch up to them. Normally, she would remind them about their promise not to run off but since they had been able to see Mikael when they ran off, she knew they wouldn't get lost. She stopped by her employer and smoothed back her hair. "Hello sir. I hope you don't mind us coming today. The kids were just too excited so Amelia said that I should bring them over for lunch."

    Mikael chuckled and held his kids in his arms while smiling at their nanny. "Don't worry about it, Sophie. We've just been released for a long lunch so you guys made it at a perfect time. We can get something from catering and just enjoy it on the beach or in my trailer." The kids instantly starting cheering for lunch on the beach and Mikael hugged them close. He turned to invite Cody along when he saw the man looking at Sophia with his tilted head that signaled interest. "Oh right. Let me introduce you. Sophia, this is my friend and costar, Cody Wayland. Cody, this is Sophia Miller, the young lady I've been telling you about. She's our new nanny for the kids. She's amazing with both of them and has pretty much become part of our family."

    Watching her boss turn to his side, her eyes followed his motion and stopped on the handsome man before her. She gasped softly and stared up in shock when she saw Cody Wayland in front of her. She knew that her boss was good friends with Cody but she had not been expecting to meet him so suddenly. Dressed in just her denim shorts and floral peasant blouse, she blushed as she was found right in front of one of her favorite actors. Then she heard Mikael complimenting her and bowed her head, trying not to blush too much. "Thank you, sir. It's really nothing. These kids are wonderful and I'm happy to help in any way that I can."
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  4. Cody diverted his eyes to the kids just as they broke free and started running. He smiled as they jumped into their father's arms and couldn't help but let his mind wander. Finally hearing Mikael speak again, he moved his two toned eyes back to the gorgeous blonde, his head tilting to one side once again. He gave a small smile of a greeting before standing up straight and dropping his hands. He looked down at his clothes and gave a small laugh. "I'm gonna go change. I'll be back shortly," he said with a smile as he gave one last glance back at Sophia, taking note of her blushing. "You should keep blushing. Something about it," he told her simply before turning and walking away to his trailer.

    Once inside, he went straight to his room and began looking through his clothes. Finding a well-fitting pair of jeans and a simple black button up shirt, he changed clothes and glanced in the mirror, deciding to fix up his hair and add a bit of gel. When he finished, he slid on his black converse and brushed his teeth after washing his face just to make sure all the makeup was off. He gave a single nod of approval and headed back out silently. He said a few hellos to people he passed but otherwise remained quiet as he made his way back to his friend and godkids. When he arrived, he gladly picked up Abigail and kissed her cheek playfully. His eyes always lit up when he saw the kids. It was almost like they were his own and he wouldn't treat them any differently. He spared a single glance at Sophia before looking at Mikael. "I think the beach would be a good idea," he said with a small grin as he looked at the kids. "What do you guys think?" He asked as he raised an eye two at them.

    Watching as they nodded enthusiastically, he couldn't help but chuckle at their reactions. He sat Abigail down before suddenly remembering something. "I'll be right back," he said before jogging away. Grabbing an apron from catering, he slid it on after his jacket them filled a bucket with ice water. He took it back over to Mikael before winking. "It's the second Friday of shooting," he said before looking around for the director. Once he spotted him, Cody looked at Mikael. "Gotta drench him with iced water," he said with a chuckle before taking the water up behind him. Lifting it up silently, she grinned as he dumped the water on him, backing up to avoid getting soaked and laughed.
  5. As Cody left to change, Sophia watched him and smiled. His comment about her blushing had only made her blush more but she was working on controlling it. Mikael mentioned going to change as well so Sophia took the kids and talked with them while their dad changed in his trailer. When Mikael returned dressed in a pair of jeans and a black muscle shirt, he picked up Joseph and began to tell them about what they could have for lunch. He waved as Cody approached and picked up Abigail. "Alright. Time for lunch on the beach." He stopped when Cody excused himself again. Looking to the kids and Sophia, he shrugged his shoulders and had no idea what his co-star had in mind. He instantly understood when Cody returned with the bucket of ice water though. Setting Joseph down, he walked over to help Cody carry the bucket before they dumped it over the director.

    Sophia held the childrens' hands as they watched Cody and Mikael douse their director in ice water. They all laughed and watched the director shout in surprise from the cold water. Mikael hurried back and grinned, quickly leading them towards the catering trailer. "Okay. Time to get some food now before he comes back for revenge."

    When they got to the catering trailer, Mikael let his kids pick out a sandwich and chips to eat while they played on the beach. Sophia walked over and looked at the options before picking out a small variety platter of fresh sushi. Once they all had their food, they walked out to a part of the beach that had picnic tables. Sophia helped the kids sit at the table and start their meal. She got them bottles of water and opened them before setting them by each kid. "Mikael, would you like anything to drink? Cody, can I get you anything?"
  6. Cody smiled as he patted the director on the back, earning a small smile before he quickly ran off and followed them. He settled on a bag of chips and a sandwich with a salad. He stood in front of the desert section for what seemed like forever before finally breaking down and getting a slice of red velvet cake. He gladly followed the family onto the beach and sat down at a picnic bench. He glanced out at the water as he began to eat with a small smile. He was brought out of his reverie at the sound of a female voice and looked up to see Sophia looking at him. He froze momentarily before swallowing his food and smiling. "Just a water is fine," he said before taking another bite of his sandwich, mixing it with a couple of chips. Mikael couldn't help but laugh at Cody's reaction and shook his head. "A coke if there's any left Sophie," he said to her as he looked up, winking at the kids.

    "How about, IF there's any time left over, we go play in the water for a bit a little while after you finish eating?" he asked the kids, earning enthusiastic shouts of joy. Cody glanced at Mikael with a chuckle as he shook his head playfully. He pulled out his phone and stood up suddenly. "I'll go call Aiden and have him bring over their swimsuits," he said before walking away and calling.

    He returned a few minutes later and sat back down just as he put his phone away. "All taken care of," he said as he finished eating and started on the cake, thanking the good Lord he chose to get the cake. Once he finished, he threw his trash away and leaned forward on the table, trying his best not to stare at Sophia. The moment his phone rang, he got up and left to retrieve the kids' swimsuits. He left them in Mikael's trailer before heading to his own to change into a pair of simple plain blue swimshorts. He threw on a white tshirt before going back out to the beach and staring out at the water quietly.
  7. Hearing the drink orders, she nodded and walked over to grab a water for Cody and a soda for Mikael. She walked back and saw Cody sitting down after making a phone call. It wasn't long after she sat down that the kids announced that they would get to swim in the ocean if there was time left after they ate. "Wow! That sounds pretty awesome. You two just have to promise that you'll put on more sunscreen so you don't burn before we get into the water, okay?" The kids nodded and promised to wear more sunscreen. The kids began to eat their lunch faster, wanting to get to swimming as soon as possible. Sophia chuckled and ate her sushi as they chatted during the lunch. She took a sip of her water and listened while Mikael told them about the plans for the rest of the filming for the week.

    Once everyone was done with lunch, they headed back to Mikael's trailer to change. The kids got into their swimsuits and put some more sunscreen on. Sophia was surprised to find out that when Amelia had sent the kids' swimsuits, she had also sent one of her suits as well. Silently thanking the woman, she went to change into her bikini before pulling her peasant blouse back on to act as a cover-up. She put on some sunscreen and slipped her sandals back on. Mikael walked out of the bathroom in his black muscle shirt and red swim trunks. "Who is ready to go swimming?!" The kids cheered and Sophia nodded, following them out of the trailer to walk to the beach.

    Once they reached the each, the kids ran straight for the water. They began to jump around and splash each other as the waves moved back and forth on the beach. Mikael and Sophia caught up with the kids and watched them for a moment. Sophia set down the beach bag Amelia had sent and pulled her hair up into a messy bun to keep it dry. She smiled and nodded to Cody before being called to the water by the kids. She kicked off her sandals and pulled her blouse off, showing off her royal blue bikini that complimented her porcelain skin tone. After tucking her blouse into the beach bag, she ran to the water and began to splash around with the kids.
  8. Cody couldn't help but smirk slightly as he watched the kids start to splash around and play in the waters. He turned away and found the sunscreen, applying it on his tanned skin before putting it away and waiting for a few more minutes. As he waited, he watched Sophia run out to the water and play with Joseph and Abigail, and before he knew it, he was thinking about what his life was going to end up turning into. Deciding not to worry about it, he shrugged to himself and kicked off his own sandals. After aligning them beside the bag, he pulled off his shirt and tucked it around his shoes and finished applying the sunscreen to himself and put it up once more before running his hands through his hair and ran out to the water and splashed around with the kids.

    After a few minutes, he went a bit deeper into the water. He was finally deep enough that his feet didn't touch the ocean floor, and he went even deeper, feeling the fish skim past him. He glanced back and decided to go under water, so he did. Cody disappeared underneath the rolling waves, not resurfacing for several minutes. Moving forward, he slowly approached the shore until he felt his feet touch the sandy bottom. Once he had control of his motions, he held his breath and bent under the water, using his hand to skim the sand until he felt something flat and hard. He picked it up and pulled it out of the water, rinsing it off before smiling at the large sand dollar. He made his way to Joseph and handed it to him before ruffling his hair with a grin. He turned to Abigail and knelt down in front of her. "I know exactly what to get you but it's not in the water," he said with a smile as he kissed her head and got out of the water. He walked to his things, his shorts hanging off his hips, and picked up his phone, suddenly frowning. He typed rapidly on it, a look of pure shock mixed with outrage on his face as he waited for a response.

    As he waited, he walked over to patch of roses and picked one before laying it on Abigail's things. He felt his phone vibrate and read the message before tensing up and deleting some things. He tried to act like nothing was wrong as he made his way back out to the water and began to swim around silently, trying to figure out why his now ex-girlfriend had cheated on him.
  9. The kids splashed around and laughed with the adults. Sophia knelt down in the water to make herself the same height as the kids. She laughed as Abigail splashed her a bunch, getting her completely soaked. She picked up the little girl and stood, spinning around to make them both laugh and dizzy before falling over and splashing into the water. Popping up from under the waves, both girls brushed their hair back and wiped the water from the face before smiling to each other. Mikael picked up Joseph and tossed him into the air before tossing his son into some deeper water. He made sure his son popped back up from the water before looking around for Cody. He had glanced over to see his friend go under the water further into the ocean but he hadn't seen him resurface.

    Sophia had also seen Cody dive underwater and it was starting to concern her that he wasn't coming up for air. Finally, he resurfaced and she let out a breath she hadn't realized that she was holding. She turned back to the kids and swam around, glancing over to check on Cody every now and then. Joseph thanked Cody for the sand dollar before running to Sophia to show it off. Abigail giggled as he kissed her head and told her that her present wasn't in the water. She clapped in delight and thanked him with a hug. The kids began to look at the sand dollar before wanting to search through the swallow water to find more. Sophia helped them while Mikael went to grab a drink from his water bottle.

    Mikael could tell that something was wrong with Cody. He grabbed his water bottle from the beach bag and took a swig. "So... what's wrong? And don't think you can fool me. I know something has been bugging you. You're not acting like yourself. You've been zoning out."
  10. Cody jumped when he heard Mikael speak and looked over at him quietly. He began to shake his head just before he was told that he couldn't fool his friend. Letting out a long sigh, he wiped the water from his face and ran a hand over his hair. He glanced around and shook his head once more. "It's Allison. Some guy just texted me and told me to leave her alone. That she's with him now, and then he sent I'd rather not discuss in front of the kids," he said quietly as he sipped his own water. "She cheated on me so I'm done with her," he added before focusing his gaze on Sophia and growing silent. "It's probably for the best though...I mean I kind of figured it wouldn't last forever. Some girls just can't handle it, but that's their problem," he said before looking over at his friend.

    "Well... that and the fact that you never mention that one over there could be a damn model if she chose," Cody said as he pushed Mikael's shoulder. " owe me BIG time!" he said with a laugh as he finished his water. Throwing the bottle away, Cody laid out a towel and laid down on his stomach, watching the children with a small smile. He rested his chin on his hands, propping his head up with his elbows as he soon became lost in his thoughts, something he seemed to be doing a lot here lately.

    He let out a soft yawn as he checked the time and got up. "Mikael, we gotta go. we got a half hour and we still have to get ready," he said before looking at the kids. "Your present is on your things Abby," he said as he folded up the towel and put it away. "Don't let them get hurt, sweet cheeks," he said to Sophia with a smirk as he winked at her, suddenly becoming his old self again. He turned and grabbed Mikael's arm, pulling him along as he ran back to the trailers.
  11. Mikael frowned as he heard about Allison's affair. He couldn't believe that the woman who always seemed so happy with Cody had just betrayed him in such a way. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry, Cody. I know that's painful but I can tell you that she has given up a great guy. You deserve better and she's made a mistake she'll come to regret later." He gave his friend a pat on the back and listened to him as he mentioned Sophia. He laughed when Cody pushed his shoulder and shrugged. "Hey, it's not my fault she's a lovely single woman that just happens to be pretty much your ideal lady from what I've heard." He stepped away before Cody could get him again. He walked back to the water and played some more with the kids, enjoying this time he got to spend with them before returning for a long haul of filming.

    Sophia smiled as Mikael returned and the kids showed him some more sand dollars they had collected. Standing up from the water, she moved to stand beside Mikael and spoke to him quietly. "Is Cody alright? He seemed a little upset a few minutes ago." Mikael looked to the young woman and smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to give her a small hug. "Yeah, he'll be okay. He's just got some stuff that's been stressing him out. It's all handled now so he's got a big weight off his shoulders." The actor was happy to hear that the young woman was worried for his friend but he wasn't going to tell her too much because it wasn't his place to tell. When Cody called out to him, he nodded and turned to the kids. "Hey kids. I've got to go back to work. You two have as much fun swimming as you want but listen to Sophie when she says it's time to go. I'll see you tonight or tomorrow, depending on how long we shoot." He gave them both a big hug and a kiss before heading towards the beach to grab his towel and dry off.

    The kids waved to their dad and Cody as they left and Sophia waved as well. Then she heard Cody call her sweetcheeks and wink at her. Her face instantly started to turn pink as she blushed and nodded. "O-okay! Have a good time filming, you two!" She ran a hand over her hair and watched them leave. She couldn't help but let her eyes move over Cody's well-toned and tanned body as he walked away. He was like a real life Adonis with a seductive Australian accent and eyes the color of the ocean. 100% perfection to Sophia.
  12. Cody felt eyes on him as he pulled Mikael along. He couldn't help but smile as he stepped into his trailer and went straight to the bathroom. After a hot, relaxing shower, he gladly dressed in a pair of dark wash jeans and a plain red muscle shirt. Checking to make sure his phone was charged, he slid on his only pair of red converse and headed out, walking back to the set in complete silence. When he arrived, he was instantly swept into a chair and was having his makeup done though it was only to make him look sweaty and dirty. As soon as he saw Mikael, he laughed as the same exact thing happened to him.

    "Well won't you look at that. Mr. Father-of-two is getting pampered like a princess," he joked as he began to laugh and stood up. "Oh, shut know you like it," Mikael countered with a playful smirk before they both busted out in fits of laughter. "Don't say that out loud. If your kids find out, they'll tell your wife and then we'll have some explaining to do if she finds out," Cody said, playing along before being whisked away to get his costume, followed closely by Mikael. They found their clothing bags with their names on them and took them to their respective trailers to change. Mikael came out first in a ripped black tshirt and filthy, ripped jeans but with no shoes. He went straight to the hair station and practically had his hair ruffled to make it look messy. Cody came out soon after in a simple pair of jeans and a ripped version of his previous dirty white shirt. As he was getting his hair done, he looked over the script and went over lines with Mikael just to make sure they had them memorized. When his hair was messy enough, the crew did final touches and they headed to the spot where they were filming.

    Cody couldn't help but look around occasionally in hopes of catching rare glimpses of Sophia with the kids but with no such luck. Finally giving up, he focused on filming and went through the process over and over again. Film, edit, practice, film. Film, edit, practice, film. They finally finished the scene a while later, two hours according to Cody's phone, and took a quick ten minute break to regroup before they began shooting the next scene. Mikael and Cody walked behind a camera to where a laptop was and quietly watched the scene, nodding slightly in approval with a smile. It wasn't very long but it was important. One where Cody was having to act stupid and get 'injured' though he really wasn't. He just had to use the shirt he had on as a stabilizer for his arm. Not long but major for the sake of the movie. Instead of taking off the makeshift sling, he left it on during the break and grabbed a bottle of water, sipping on it quietly.
  13. After Cody and Mikael left, the kids continued to play while Sophia retired to sitting on the beach and watching them. She grabbed some sunglasses and put some more sunscreen on to protect her from burning. She had always had sensitive skin and being under the beautiful Australian sun was a bit more intense than she was used to so she had to keep herself very aware that she had sunscreen on. The kids played for almost another hour before they started yawning and moving a little slower. This was an instant sign to Sophia that it was time to head back to their hotel and take a nap. "Alright kids. Come on. Let's dry off and head back to the hotel. I think we should head back and rest before dinner." Getting the kids dried off, she helped them put on their cover-ups and shoes before she packed up their beach bag again and stood. She pulled her blouse and shorts back on before slipping her sandals on.

    They all walked through the set and towards their rental car. She got the kids into their seats before buckling herself into the driver's seat. She pulled away and started back down the road on her way back to the hotel. It was about thirty minutes of driving to get back to their hotel. Glancing in the rearview mirror, Sophia wasn't surprised to see both kids drifting off to sleep in the back seat. When they arrived in the hotel parking lot, she parked the car and moved to get both of the kids. Sophia might not seem strong physically but she always found herself proud when she could balance Joseph on one hip and Abigail on the other, both children still on the verge of sleep. She walked upstairs slowly while humming to the kids that had wiggled their way deep into her heart. She gently knocked for Amelia to open the door before walking inside and moving straight to the bedroom the kids had. Amelia had booked them a three bedroom suite in the hotel so that the kids had their room, Amelia had a bedroom to share with her husband, and Sophia had a room for herself so she could relax when she wanted some quiet time alone.

    After tucking the kids in for a nap, she shut the door behind her and moved to join Amelia in the living room. She made sure the mother was feeling better from her stomach troubles earlier. Amelia nodded and relaxed in one of the chairs with a mug of tea. "I'm feeling much better. Thank you, dear. How was your time on set?" Sophia smiled and thought back to her day on the set with the kids, Mikael, and Cody. Relaxing on the couch, she began to tell Amelia about their day before she started to yawn and excused herself for a nap. She walked to her bedroom and changed into some cotton shorts and a tank top before plopping down on her bed to drift into a comfortable slumber.
  14. After their break, Cody and Mikael began filming once again, getting another two scenes done before they noticed it getting closer to dinner time. "Hmmmm what the hell. You guys have worked up an appetite. Take a dinner break and we'll keep filming in an hour and a half," the director said with a grin as he hopped out of his chair and watched each individual scene. "It's looking good," he said quietly before they broke up for dinner. Cody went to the catering trailer, settling on a steak and some mashed potatoes. He decided to go to his trailer to eat, followed closely by Milael who didn't even put up an argument.

    "You said she was single?" Cody suddenly asked, giving away that he had been thinking about Sophia during the long silence. It's not like he could help it. There was just something about her that he couldn't get out of his head no matter how hard he wanted to. "Yea why?" Mikael asked as he tilted his head to the right slightly in curiousness. "Well...I was thinking about..." Cody trailed off, trying to think of how to word what he was thinking. "Maybe seeing if she would go to the premier with me," he finally said with a small sigh and a shrug as he finished eating. "You never know unless you ask," Mikael finally said after a few minutes of thinking about it. Sure it was his nanny but Cody was also his friend and he wanted him to be happy.

    Cody smiled at his friend's words and threw his trash away, stretching out before going to the door and waiting on Mikael. He soon followed and they went back out just in time. They started shooting once more taking minimum breaks between then and when they stopped which was 9:00 since they "did so good" in the director's words. Cody smiled on he inside and gathered his things out of his trailer, going quickly to his rental car. He got in and started it before pulling out and heading straight to the hotel they were staying at. He decided to drop his things off by his room and changed into a pair of gym shorts and some tennis shoes, grabbing his headphones and phone before heading to the hotel gym. Seeing it was empty, he walked in and started his music blasting in his ears as he got on the treadmill and began to run.
  15. After they were dismissed for the night, Mikael grabbed his things and waved to Cody before getting in his car and heading for the hotel where his family was staying. He headed up to the room and walked in, instantly going to hug his wife and give her a kiss. The kids jumped up from the couch and hugged him tightly. He hugged his family and then looked around for their new addition. When he couldn't see her, he turned to his wife. "Where's Sophia?"

    Amelia smiled and leaned in for another kiss. "She went down to swim some laps in the pool and enjoy the sauna."

    Downstairs in the hotel's pool, Sophia resurfaced from the water and brushed her hands over her hair. She looked around the empty pool and considered swimming a few more laps. She had already been swimming laps for the last 30 minutes. "Maybe it's time to hit the dry sauna and dry off before heading back upstairs." Climbing out of the pool, she walked over to the chair with her towel. She wiped her face and rubbed the towel over her hair to dry it off some. She wrapped the towel around her hips and grabbed her room key and phone. To get to the dry sauna, she had to walk through the hotel's gym. Opening the gym door, she heard someone on the treadmill and glanced over to look. She was surprised to see Cody running on the treadmill with his music blaring from his earphones. Smiling, she continued to walk towards the sauna but moved so that Cody would possibly notice her so she could say hello. Watching him, she raised her hand to wave to him as he kept running.
  16. Cody continued to run, refraining from singing along to his music just in case someone were to walk in on him. As if on cue, he just barely noticed a moving shadow on the floor and managed to glance back without moving. He almost forgot to breathe when he saw the shadow belonged to Sophia, and his mind went back to the conversation he and Mikael had earlier. He discretely pulled out his headphones before giving a small smirk. "So this is where you disappeared to. No wonder I couldn't find you during the breaks," he said suddenly as he stopped the treadmill and stepped off, sliding his black iPhone into his pocket after shutting the music off. He wrapped the white towel around his neck and wiped the sweat off his face as he turned to face her.

    The Australian couldn't help but allow his eyes graze her for a split second before he looked up into her blue eyes. Raising an eyebrow, he glanced around and started over to the weight bench and started adding weights to it. "So what brings you in here...well besides to see me?" he asked as he finished adding weights, starting off at 125 pounds, and looked over at her. He tilted his head slightly to the right and crossed his arms, not even noticing he was walking closer to her until he was towering over her with a faint smirk crossing his sculpted lips.

    Cody found himself thinking of ways to ask her to the movie premier with him, but he just couldn't think of anything. There's still time. Just be patient. He kept repeating this in his head, allowing himself to calm down a bit. The smirk remained on his lips as he moved his hands to his hips and waited for an answer to his question, deciding not to move back a single step. He remained towering over her small frame though there was nothing intimidating about it, but instead, he made it seem natural.
  17. Sophia watched as Cody stopped the treadmill and pulled out his earphones. "Hi." She chuckled as he mentioned not being able to find her during the breaks. He had been looking for her? That was surprising and kind of exciting. Without realizing it, she walked over to meet him by the weight bench. She watched him add some weights and leaned against the wall beside the machine. She listened to him and chuckled at his remark about her coming by to see him. If this had been earlier, she would have been frozen with embarrassment and shyness. After talking with Amelia about their earlier interactions, she was able to stay calm and act like her normal self.

    "Listen to you... What if I didn't come here to see you? What if I told you that I came here to enjoy the dry sauna after swimming laps?" She looked up at him with raised eyebrows, wondering how he would respond to her response. It was technically the truth since she had no idea that he was even staying in this hotel. She put one hand on her hip while shifting her weight to stick her hip out just a little bit, the towel around her hips splitting to show one of her legs. It was only when they were staring at each other like this that Sophia realized two things. One thing she noticed was how tall Cody was. She only stood at 5'3" and he was easily 6' tall. The second thing she realized was how close he was to her. However, it didn't scare her. It only made things more interesting. With the smirk on his lips and the stance he had, it made things look like he was joking around with her and trying to tease her and make her act like the shy girl she had been earlier. Sophia wasn't going to let herself fall back into that.

    Cody might be one of her favorite actors and one of her celebrity crushes but she wasn't going to let herself act like the silly, starstruck fangirl anymore. She admired him and found him exceptionally handsome but she also knew that he was a person and should be treated like a normal person.
  18. Cody couldn't help but grin at Sophia's response and laughed lightly. "Let's see... If you didn't come see me then that hurts. And if you came to spend your time in the dry sauna then it must be my lucky day considering to either watch you or join you would make me a very lucky man," he said as he raised an eyebrow as he shrugged. He could tell that she wasn't getting intimidated anymore and laughed lightly at the thought. He suddenly frowned and looked hurt though it was playful. "And now I'm not so lucky. You're not blushing anymore," he said as he looked at her. "I like it when you blush. It's cute," he admitted as he moved back and laid on the bench, winking at her before returning to his flirty ways.

    He gripped the bar tightly and cautiously lifted the weights off the rack and began lifting them up and down above his defined chest. "So... I have a very important question for you," he said as he lifted the weights, grunting occasionally from the weight. "Well... Filming should be over in roughly two weeks and then a couple months after that, the first showing should happen for just the cast and whoever else can afford to get in..." he said as he shook his head slightly. Stop talking stop talking stop talking dammit! "I was wondering if you would mind going with me?" he asked, regretting it instantly.

    He JUST met the girl today and he was already shoving himself on her. Placing the weights back on the rack, he sat up and shook his head. "Sorry... Nevermind," he said quietly, mentally cussing himself out for being so pushy. Cody stood up and walked over to the leg machine and sat down, continuing to work out. "You don't have to... I shouldn't be so pushy," he said as he looked down and let out a small sigh.
  19. Sophia listened and smiled when she heard Cody laugh, talking about how he could join her in the dry sauna. Then she saw him frown and found herself worried about why he was upset. Then he mentioned her blush and she had to struggle not to turn bright pink. A little bit of pink appeared on her cheeks but she tried to make it go away. She brushed a hand over her wet hair to find something to do with her hands. She watched him lift the weights, his muscles bulging and flexing with every move he made. She nibbled her bottom lip and moved her eyes around the gym to keep herself from staring.

    Then he asked if she would attend the movie's premiere with him and she gasped. Her eyes widened and she looked back to Cody to make sure he was serious. Wasn't he dating that Allison woman? She had seen pictures and read an article about him dating someone from one of the big Australian magazines. They had looked pretty happy. She was still thinking when she heard Cody apologize. Oh no, he thought she was rejecting him! "W-wait.. well, it's not that I don't want to. It's just... I thought you would be going to Allison. Aren't you dating that pretty brunette from Cosmo Australia?" She didn't want to be someone that caused the end of his relationship.

    "I'll admit that I would love to go to the premiere and I'd especially be honored to go with you but... I don't want to get you in trouble with your girlfriend." Leaning against the wall, she watched him as he continued to work out and tease her with his wonderfully toned body. She fiddled with her hair to keep herself from fidgeting in her place too much.
  20. Cody froze at the immediate sound of Allison's name and tensed up with anger once more. He felt the unfamiliar feeling of rejection before Sophia explained her words. He slowly relaxed and stopped working out, wiping his face once more with his towel before finally gaining the strength to look up at her, hurt evident in his multicolored eyes. "I am many things, Sophia, but I have my morals. I wouldn't even consider asking you if....." Cody broke off as he looked down and took a deep breath, unable to bring himself to speak for a few moments. Earlier, he hadn't realized how much being betrayed by the one person he loved more than anything hurt, but it did.

    He finally looked back up at Sophia and stood up, beginning to pace. "I found out she cheated on me earlier today on the beach so I'm done with her. It hurts but nothing time won't fix, and I need to start moving on for it to do that. Knowing she didn't give a damn about me helps me not give a damn about her. I mean she was sweet most of the time, but now that I think about it, she wasn't even that pretty to be honest," he finally said, realizing he had stopped pacing. He dug through his things and found a pen before walking over to Sophia. "Nothing compared to you," he said softly as he moved a strand of loose hair out of her face and behind her ear. He took her hand and wrote his phone number gently on her palm before putting the pen in his pocket.

    He looked up from his pocket and into her eyes, gently placing his hands on her arms. "Just think about it. There's still plenty of time and I don't want to rush you. Just take your time to consider it," he whispered softly, his face mere inches from hers. Finally forcing himself to pull away, Cody turned and walked out of the gym, heading straight up to his room. After getting one last shower for the night and downing a bottle of water, he plugged his phone up to the charger and laid down, setting his alarm for 6:00 in the morning so he would have time to do his usual morning workout and get ready before going to film.
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