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    Time- 10:23 A.M.
    Weather: Rainy/ Cloudy
    Current threat: None


    The rain poured down in waves soaking the Earth as if this was the end of all days. The street corners were flooded due to the drains being cloaked with debris from a wind storm. Thankfully a tornado had not spawned...this time. The sound of thunder did not come from the heavens, but it instead from the engines of motorcycles riding through the rain. Normally for inexperienced riders it would be difficult to navigate a bike through the rain, but the men on these iron horses knew for far too long how to ride in even the most dangerous of weather. These men belonged to what seemed like the town's own set of heroes, some would call them vigilantes and criminals, but of course everyone had their own thoughts about the Aces of Hell. However, this charter was unlike any other because here was where it all started. The original charter, the original family of bikers, and the legacy they had started began in Silver Falls.

    A large lot sat on the outskirts of town, two buildings stood within the gated walls. A noticeable sign hung above each of the entrances- Croft Vehicle Repairs and Impound. It was a 'safe' business, but it was a cover story just as good as any other. For the true job of the A. O. H. was to run illegal guns throughout the southern and eastern border of the United States. It was dangerous, but isn't a man's job supposed to be? Desk jobs and lumber mills had little excitement to them besides to build an empire within one it was revolutionary. As men rode into the lot, each at their own times, it was clear that the Prince was absent at the moment.
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  2. Note:
    Considering that, having a good introduction post helps me get into the character and figure out the way he/she/potato functions, this first post will be relevant only for introducing my character with a lot of NPC's and really long so I apologize in advance. Next ones for sure won't be this long :P. I also decided to make a fictive location from where I will start and where my character will most likely return at one... or many points in RP, so if anyone thinks it is a place their characters would visit too, you are free to use it. It's a free country after all ;V

    Caesar Andrés Jordà


    "The Golden Coyote" bar on the outskirts of Silver Falls
    Gradually improving from shitty to bearably shitty
    Bar Music:

    Finishing off the last shot in the row, Caesar Andrés Jordà tapped the glass against the polished surface of the bar. That is, if older-than-Jesus wood could be considered spit shined and polished. Jack Haskell, that worked as a bartender for quite a while, still couldn't figure how come Little Lion - being so little - managed to drink as much, without even a twitch. Then again, not many facts about the guy that they called Little Lion honestly interested him. As long as he brought money with him and left his issues outside, Jack always welcomed him with his arms wide open. As any other bar in Silver Falls, "The Golden Coyote" never tested it's luck with openly inviting gang members to a party. However, if they had to come, Jack was grateful it was someone from The Aces of Hell as a necessary evil.

    "Unbelievable!", exclaimed the overly excited voice that represented the only annoyance in the bar for more than an hour. "Still nothing?!", the girl asked again, grabbing biker's upper arm. "Nope. As clear as a crystal!", the biker replied with obviously faked grin, after which he turned towards Jack and discreetly lifted his index finger upwards, making a slight circular motion. The arrow tattooed on the outer side of the finger made the effect of his gesture even better, for whatever reason. Unsure whether it meant "Coo-fucking-coo", or he simply asked for another round of drinks, the bartender nodded lightly and chuckled, grabbing the glass. In either case, it would do. He had a hunch that, for once, Little Lion desperately wanted to get drunk and ignore the annoying cowgirl that clung to him like a fly to a turd. If there was anything that the "mini" biker hated, it was exactly that - good looking, but disappointingly empty shell of human being. And he couldn't blame him. It has been a long-ass while since the last time he had heard more pointless topics in such short period of time coming from a single, overly talkative and overly loud mouth. He laid the glass on the bar and pushed it towards Little Lion that halted it with the opened hand and lifted his head, facing the brunette that sat on his right. "What's wrong with your face?", he asked her calmly, and at that point, Jack was certain it was the most casual sounding question asked that day. "W-what do you mean?", she asked, visibly confused.

    Little Lion made a high pitch and prolonged "weeeeell" sound, and pointed towards her, leaning his index finger on her heavily powdered nose. "I think there is a wee biiiit of make-up smudges around. Thought you might appreciate to know.", he exclaimed in a mocking tone. To Jack, she looked perfectly normal, if one would ignore the fact that everything about her was way over the top. As usual, he avoided to interfere. After all, it seemed to be working. The girl got up, slightly flustered, and hurried towards the small bathroom behind the bar, after she briefly asked for a permission, to which Jack simply nodded. As soon as he saw the doors closing behind the girl, unusual, sudden racket and the squealing of an old bar chair, turned his attention back to the biker. "What the-"

    "Shhhh!", Little Lion hushed him as he quickly threw himself over the bar, missing another patron's drink for less than an inch.
    "Give me the chair.", the biker turned to the guy that angrily pulled his drink towards himself.

    "Excuse me?"
    Little Lion rolled his eyes and spoke up. "For the sake of a healthy mind and everything that is good and worthy in this world, you will give. Me. The chair!"
    Grabbing the chair from the surprised customer's hands, he lifted it over the bar with ease and pushed it right under the door handle, against the toilet doors. Making sure it was firmly in place, he straightened his leather jacket and smirked deviously before he turned to Jack, the bartender that still stood completely confused by what happened just a moment ago. "I'll be tippin' you highly if you don't move that chair until I am outa here."
    "Sure. Whatever.", was all Jack managed to say, before he even registered what he was telling him.
    "Good.", the biker offered him a flashy grin, before heading back to his spot, this time as a civilized human being, and sitting down with an audible "Ehhhhh". As many customers still glared at the short male at the bar, one of the elders, from the corner, wearing a corny cowboy hat, coughed out a cloud of smoke and shouted in a rough, husky voice and a strong Texan accent. "For ay secon' there Ah thought to git there'n do it mahself!"

    "Well then! Here's to ya, mate!", the biker replied, lifting the glass at which the old man lifted his and grinned, flashing few teeth he had left in his head. Caesar chuckled and lowered the glass to his mouth a second before the bar doors slammed open and the murmur of numerous voices turned down.

    “Which one of you is called Lion's Asshole?”, the voice shouted. C.J. glared at the couple of males that walked in. The one that asked the question was well over six feet tall and, even for that height, visibly overweight. His companion was on the other side of the height specter, slightly shorter than C.J. himself, he was as fat as the taller one, with the same beer stomach falling over his waist line and a dark, messy beard, reaching to his belt. A dwarf and an ogre were well assembled and yet unusual couple of bullies, looking for blood. Little Lion coughed lightly and laid his drink back down, speaking out to the bartender that was now giving him the “you're bad news” kind of glare. “What? They're clearly asking for some other asshole, alright? Jesus. I appreciate the compliment though.” He chuckled lightly, but it quickly came to a stop when the duo of incredibly bad ZZ Top roleplayers stepped towards him. “Hey! Pretty boy! Got sumthin' to say?!”. Hesitating briefly, Little Lion turned to look at the guy that was standing in front of him, severely jeopardizing his personal space with his ugly mug and even uglier body odour. “Huh? Me?”, he played dumb with a slight, mischievous smirk. “I appreciate the compliment know. I am not interested. You know, I am all about ladies. Y'know what I'm sayin?”. The smell of pickles and beer from the giant's mouth almost made him gag, as the guy leaned into his face and growled. “Y'think this is funneh?! Who the fuck are ya, ya fuckin' poser?!”

    “Oh no, he did not just say that”, Little Lion thought with the rage overflowing his insides. He would rather get his face beaten in, before allowing anyone crapping over him or his gang. Still, he held on to his facade a while longer, replying with a daring smirk and a sarcastic tone. “Depends on who asks”. He barely sustained not to snap the fat sausage of finger that burrowed itself in his chest. “Think Ah have no goddamn idea who ya're, do ya?”. Little Lion shrugged. “Well, what did you expect? You did just butchered and awfully misspelled my nickname. How can I expect anything more?”. He visibly confused the guy that was an obvious meathead, but before he declared victory, loud and hoarse female voice shouted from the back. “That's the asshole, Big Dog. He disrespected me! Give him what he deserves!”. Little Lion's smile faded as he leaned to look at the girl. “Well that is just great...”. Before he managed to reply, the meathead grabbed his shirt and slammed him back against the edge of the bar, forcing him to exhale harder than usual and bartender to jerk. “Ya think it is a'right to molest mah gurl and then call 'er ay slut when she rejects ya? Well, Lion's Asshole, ya have another thang comin'!”, he kept yelling in Little Lion's face.

    “Woah, woah, WOAH!”, Little Lion raised his hands in defense once he managed to take a breath that did not include smell of a rotten ogre mouth in his nose. “Now hold on just ay sec here... What the HELL are ya'll talkin' about?! That is NOT what happened, mate.”, he hesitated slightly and chuckled rudely, looking at the tall blonde female with defined curves and tight clothing. “ leas the molesting part never happened, so...”. He was interrupted by another, harder slam. Even though it hurt like hell, he defied the pain. There was no way in hell those losers would see him suffer.

    Finally managing to get his voice back, Jack the bartender, managed to speak up, slightly shaky. “Be so kind and deal with your issues outside? Like, now.”. Both meathead and Little Lion looked at him and Little Lion cocked his eyebrow as he was hanging shirt first off meathead's fists. “Boy, you gotta be the nicest bartender in this god forsaken place. Impressive, but also stupid.”. He let out a brief laughter as he was lifted up and carried outside. “Oh! Free transportation? I am absolutely grateful!”, he continued teasing as he was carried out of the bar by a meathead, followed by a dwarf and the hoarse-voiced blonde. “Though I would appreciate if you watch th-”. His slammed down with a loud thud, swallowing a bit of rain-soaked Texan dirt. Coughing, he rolled on his back and stood up. “...the jacket.”, he finished, dusting off his biker jacket. “You ain't gettin' any tip for this bumpy lift, that's for sure.”

    C.J. lifted his head upwards, just to face a Colt M1911's barrel pointing to his forehead from the above. His nose squirmed. Not only that they had a significant two to one advantage, but they also decided to attempt the easy way out of trouble. “On yer knees, fuckface, and beg for yer life. I might think 'bout it.”. Gulping, C.J. bowed slightly and lifted his hands up. “Look man. I was joking. I always joke. It was all in good fun. On the other hand, you might want to reconsider the way you behave in front of the Blue Boys. I am pretty sure they came here to give you a nice visit. Isn't that just adorable?”. It was an obvious and idiotic bluff. Police was nowhere to be seen. However, Lady Luck always had a thing or two for Little Lion and she saved his sorry ass more than once, without a fail. This time it was no different. As dumb as he was, meathead turned around to check and, surprise, surprise, except the smelly dwarf and the tall blonde, the was no one be seen. Half yelling and half growling, he threatened. “I will KILL ya, ya fu-”. His arm jerked to the right after a hard slam and his gun fired into the dirt, inches from C.J's head. Before he could react, Little Lion swiftly ripped the gun out of his hand, painfully twisting his fingers in process and just a brief moment later, he felt a piercing pain and popping of his nuts as C.J. slammed the bottom of his foot straight over his members with all of his might. The meathead howled and cried loudly, bending down and reaching to C.J, pushing him into the dwarf's grip. Even though the dwarf was smaller than C.J., he was hell of a strong one and C.J. could feel his ribs rubbing against each other as dwarf proceeded in crushing him. “Let...GO!”, he yelled as Meathead hurried towards him with his fist clenched, aiming for the face.

    Another gunshot, followed by a howl, pierced the air and there was no one left on the street, risking their own involvement in the fight. The ogre-like thug stumbled back and fell down, holding his lower leg, swearing loud and juicy, as C.J. ran backwards, slamming the dwarf against the wall, just hard enough for his grip to loosen up enough for C.J. to pull away, turn around and plant his clenched fist into Shorty's nose. Adrenaline stormed through Little Lion's body and he slammed his fist again. There was something magical in feeling the broken nose and face shards spreading under his fist and the numbness of his fist itself. No matter what happened to him, he was never ready to give up on that feeling. “You shot me...”, mumbled the giant bearded man, trying to stop the blood that was pouring out of the hole in his lower leg muscle and his tibia. “You FUCKING SHOT ME YOU SHITHEAD!”, he yelled and howled. Pushing the fainted dwarf aside, Little Lion turned to him and leaned forward, as he was making sure the wound is still there. “Huh.”, his face took on a fake expression of surprise. “What do ya know? Guess I really did. With your very own gun too! Haha! Nuts!”. As he started approaching the wounded man, kicking the muddy dirt with his boots, his face turned serious and obviously scary, considering the blonde removed herself out of sight instantly and the meathead started crawling backwards. A man with a gun, no matter how short, was never a convenient sight. Especially when that same little man just beaten the shit out the duo that would make many others shiver and shake. As soon as the meathead raised his hand in defense, Little Lion swung his foot and landed it under his chin, sending him back to the ground, before stomping on the side of his head, which caused the meathead's face to turn into a really ugly, hairy and bloody fishface.

    “Do you know what Napoleon once said to one of his men?”, asked Little Lion, leaning above the man that whined and panted. “Well darn. Doubt you even know who that is”. Not expecting the answer, Little Lion proceeded. “He said: 'You may be a head taller than I am, but I can easily strip you of that advantage'. So do feel a little bit grateful that I went just with legs this time”. He pressed the meathead once more and removed his foot once the guy yelped lightly. “And teach your girlfriend here that a 'no' means a goddamn 'no'! Maybe she will gain some self-esteem herself”. The girl kept sobbing, more angry than scared. Apparently, she did not appreciate being rejected by a man and for sure did not appreciate her goons getting beaten up by that same man. “You gonna just stand there? How 'bout a little help? Man really has to do all on his own?”, Little Lion asked, turning towards the girl that suddenly went from confused to angry. She let out a frustrated scream and treated him with the finger. “Fuck you! FUCK! YOU!”. Little Lion straightened up and tilted his head, putting the newly purchased gun under the belt. “Well by ALL means! Yell at me for making a right decision for ya!”. Kicking the garbage can, the girl swore again and walked away angrily. He yelled after her. “You're goddamn welcome!”. From the corner of his eye, he noticed a long electric cable wrapped up and tossed against the wall of The Golden Coyote. His smirk turned into a grin as he marched towards it and pulled. Part of the cable wrapped around the old rusty water drain and, as he pulled, the drain ripped off from it's place and smacked Little Lion across the forehead, releasing a huge splat of raindrop water and filth. He stopped for a moment, trying to figure what just happened. He frowned, dropping the cable and clenching his fist towards the hanging drain. Rainy and more or less quiet day in Texas was disturbed by a loud “Motherfucker!”, and a chilling smack against the corroded surface.


    Little Lion walked back into the bar, whistling lightly and pulling his hand through a mane-like hair to shake off any leftover water and filth. Jack looked at him in disbelief as he calmly sat back on his chair. He could have sworn the biker was a dead meat. Little Lion returned the glare and asked calmly. “Say, do ya know when the garbage truck's around?”

    Confused by his question, the bartender shrugged briefly. “Should be here later today.” The biker nodded, satisfied. “Good. Your garbage cans are overflowing”. From the entrance of the bar, people were still laughing at the amusing site of two bearded bullies tied up together by an old electric cable, and garbage cans over their heads. They were still demanding the release from under the cans that pounded with the rain that started falling again. For the first time that day, Jack the bartender couldn't help but laugh out loud. He had to admit, having Little Lion around might as well be beneficial for him from this day on. “Well I'll be damned!”, he shook his head in disbelief. “I was ready to kick your dead body down the street”. Little Lion chuckled. “Yah. I get that a lot”. As he raised his glass to finally drink, Jack frowned. “What happened to your hand?”
    “Huh?”, Little Lion put down his glass again and glared at his knuckles that were scarred and bleeding profoundly. “Well great. I didn't even notice! Eh... You don' happen to have ay band aid, do ya?”
    Jack sighed. “Band aid? That will require some stitches to it.”
    “What?! Naaaah.”, Little Lion replied, staring at his messed up fist for a while. It still didn't hurt him, regardless the fact that it looked horrible. “Well. You should see your water drain then. It went through it like through the jelly roll.”
    “What?! What did you DO, Lion?!”, Jack frowned and leaned towards Little Lion over the bar.
    Rolling his eyes, Little Lion snorted. “Look. At least now you KNOW that you need to change it”. Before the bartender managed to reply, Little Lion extended his other arm. “And I can't believe you still call me that. Name's C.J. Is more convenient”. The bartender accepted the firm hand as he was still getting over the fact that he will have to repair the damage. “Do tell me”, started C.J. and Jack instantly paid attention to him. “Is the girl still in there?”
    He was sure the question was there, because the chair C.J. had left there wasn't. “Nah. She escaped with her ass in her hands as soon as she heard what was going on”. C.J. cocked his brow and smirked. He ducked another bullet. It was highly likely some other goons would come looking for him after he was brutally honest with their girls. To be fair, he wouldn't hesitate grinding and burying anyone that would threaten the ladies he knew either. However, ladies he knew, were all worth it. “Good. I appreciate your help”. Jack smirked. “Don't mention it”.

    Nodding, C.J. leaned back onto the chair. “Now! To finally finish this...” He pulled his hand back in an attempt to grab the glass, but he came too close and the drink spilled over the bar. He stared at the puddle of whiskey spreading over the bar. The feelings of anger and disappointment were mixed. He just had a rough day and now he didn't deserve the last drink. Maybe Lady Luck was a bitch on her own terms after all. It didn't take much for an anger to come to the surface and his fist to clench again. Loud and sudden yell stormed through the bar. “MOTHERF-”.

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  3. Gunnar Jay Harrington
    Location: His and Celeste's house
    Wearing: A towel
    @Princess Poisoned Rose
    With a small groan, Gunnar woke up, and rolled out of bed. He gave Celeste a quick kiss on the cheek, and stripped down to his skeevies, before making a dash to the bathroom to get a shower in before his SO (which obviously stood for supervising officer). He hated stepping into a puddle from another person's time in the shower. So, he just hated wet showers. He could only step into dry ones.

    He hummed as he lathered his not-hair and beard, washing it off about as quick as he soaped up. He made sure he stayed clean. He may be a rough and tough biker thug, but hygiene was important for your everyday life and well being. That, and he loved smelling like Passionfruit and Fiery Orange Rose. Seriously, why didn't all men wash themselves in this stuff? It was heavenly. Just the brand name- Caress- made him think of a lovely time. Why wouldn't you want to smell like Passionfruit and Fiery Orange Rose!?

    After his shower, he wrapped a teal towel around his waist, and managed his beard, trimming it and combing it. He loved his beard like a son. If it was messy, he was upset the whole rest of the day. After practicing his good grooming skills, he opened the door between the bathroom and the bedroom with a sassy flair, and strutted out, singing very loud and obnoxious. He had a good singing voice, but all was lost when he was being a dork- which was most days.

    "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know!" He grinned cheesily at Celeste, throwing himself on the bed in a "draw me like one of your French girls" pose. "Cuz we all know you think I'm sexy, gurl." He waved his hand in the stereotypical "gay" gesture, putting on a very flamboyant voice, before winking and kissing the air in her direction.​
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  4. The ebony clouds floating above Silver Falls spread an immense shadow over the small town. Local businesses' economic development momentarily stalled by the grieving skies above. The storm formed a circular contour around the borough as though keeping it quarantined from the outside world. The rain splashed on parked vehicles and empty streets as walking pedestrians hurried into their homes and under cover. To the common man, Great Mother's rage symbolized the end of the world, but the history of the town created uncommon people who rode against the chaos. These men and women were a production of their environment, established by their influences and the biography of Silver Falls. Many of these people were now indulged in what the constabulary would label as 'gangs' and 'outlaws'. They fell into these groups where individuals of different backgrounds and stories formed together for a common cause. Evidently, this 'cause' never seemed to be under legality - causing quarrel with men of the badge. Despite the fact that the penitentiary was imminent, these formed families continued their journey through the pandemonium and struck Silver Falls with their presence. On this particular day, it was the Aces of Hell who roared through the streets against nature.​


    Abel 'Grylls' Conlon - Before (9:17am)

    "What the hell. What're you doin' down here?" Abel asked his younger brother with a rough but gentle vibrato. His attenuated eyes fixed on the shelf behind the shorter individual. Within the bottom drawer behind the dusty old plates and half shattered cups one could find an envelop full of cash. The amount came to roughly eight or nine thousand dollars, all unmarked and clean bills that were being saved for Abel's wife - Christian's sister in law. It wasn't much of a surprise that Christian had once again appeared unannounced. The questioned presented by Abel was to clear up the purpose of his brother's arrival. A majority of the time, Christian arrived because he was in financial debt - Abel's abhorred burden.

    "Just looking for a little.......crystal meth...." Christian responded, knowing the result of his stupid answer would aggravate Abel. The patched member did not respect his brother's line of work. Anesthetics, narcotics, poisons, etc. were all contaminants that put Abel's wife in the hell hole she was. The possession and consumption of illegal waste led the woman into the dark corridors of prostitution.

    "Yeah, I know. Shouldn't mess my life up when everything's going so sweet, right?" the kid said sarcastically, following his comment with a disrespecting chuckle that forced his brother's expression. Abel walked back and forth around the room, looking down on his brother from time to time. It was difficult for Abel to look Christian in the eyes. At this point in time, his brother had lost his personality and soul a long time ago. He was currently a mere canvas for the subduing junkie that wore him like a sweater.

    "You talk to Pham?"

    "Yeah. I'm in." Walking towards the living room and away from the cabinet, Christian planted himself on the glossy chair where his father used to sit. The old man had passed away and left everything to mother and Abel, nothing for his second son - a partial reason for Christian's resentment towards his family. Despite this, Abel attempted to get his brother out of the streets and into some more permissible business. Pham had a job laid out where Christian would help them transport out-of-state vehicles into state. The business was usually legitimate and refrained from illegal doings. The endgame was hopefully putting Christian in a position where he could realize the fundamentals of the world of lawful commerce.

    "Just be careful. Don't do anything stupid cuz this guy don't play. Plus, I don't need to owe him anymore favors," Abel stated, reluctant to the fact that he was still in Phan's debt. Placing the envelope in his inner vest pocket, Abel fixed himself before making his way to the door.

    "Hold on man!" Christian called out to his older brother. "I came cuz I needed to tell you something," the kid said, pausing before getting to the more important information.

    "You remember Georgie? Dude with the scar on his face? Well, Haines told me he's coming back to Silver Falls. He's coming to collect bro. I still owe em man."

    Abel didn't bother to turn and face his brother. Instead, he opened the door and walked right on out, mounting his harley and letting his custom eagle pipes blast away. His beast roared through the rain symbolizing Abel's inner frustration. He had become exhausted of Christian's lack of responsibility, but was doomed from ignoring his call for help.

    At around ten o'clock Abel met his wife and delivered a partial amount of the total. The rest was saved for Christian. He was late for work.​


    10:30 am

    "Wait when did this happen? Alright....alright, thanks for callin Jack, I'll make sure he pays for the damage. Thanks," Abel responded over the phone in regards to C.J. confrontational assault on the bar. Sighing, the man placed both rough palms on the edge of an 87 Chevelle. The hood was wide open, transmission being rebuilt from scratch. The carburetors were all old metal too so they would have to be replaced. It was a lot of hours of work, but the customer was financially stable to pay for such labor. Such stability was jealous worthy.

    Taking a break, the mechanic walked out of the garage and pulled out a cigarette - lighting it up once between his lips. There he watched other members ride through the gates.
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  5. Celeste Rosia Miller AKA Hellcat
    Location: Celeste and Gunnar's home
    Wearing: Gunnar's white shirt and purple lace panties-------------> This
    Celeste had woken up only moments before Gunnar did. She laid in bed facing Gunnar; watching the steady rise and fall of his chest. When she noticed the change and him awakening she smiled brightly at him. She was instantly greeted with a kiss on her cheek. She was always greeted with a kiss in the morning and that made her exceedingly happy. "Good morning Gunn." She said kissing his cheek before he headed to take a shower. She laid in bed for a little while while he shower; when he got out and proceeded to dance/strut his way to her singing in his goofy manner. She sat up and laughed really hard. Gunn had laid next to her in bed and she proceeded to push him over and straddle him; leaning down and kissing him softly. "You are the silliest man I have ever met, but I can't help but to love you to pieces." She got off of him and gave a big stretch and yawn before headed to shower herself. She pulled out what she was to wear for the day and had made plans to see her Uncle at the compound today, before she headed over to see her Auntie for things they had planned.

    Celeste walked into the bathroom and pulled her shirt off as she did so. She turned smiling at him over her shoulder before winking at him. She closed the bathroom door and pulled her towel off of the rack and flipped the toilet seat with cover down before setting her towel on it. She turned on the shower to her desired temperature and slipped her panties off and stepped in. She was not a a messy person and mostly preferred things orderly. She began first by washing her long blonde hair with special shampoo and conditioner from her favorite store, Lush. It was the one place with products that didn't mess up her hair royally. The rich smelling strawberries based conditioner filled the bathroom with the amazing scent. She finished up the the bodywash that her and Gunn shared. Once clean she turned the shower off and grabbed her towel first drying off her hair, mostly, before moving to her body. She dried and pulled on her clothing opening the door to vent out the humidity that had gather within. She pulled a brush through her hair humming softly as she did so. "Hey babe what did you want for breakfast?"​
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  6. Jade Hess
    Alaric and CJ @Ritual Lobotomy @Deathly☠Chaos

    Jade had been fast asleep on her down comforter bed. The rain fell, and made her fall back asleep after her long night of waking up on and off and just being warm and uncomfortable. Her house air was on high to try and keep her cool.She was in a tank top that was meant for pregnant woman to sleep in and shorts. The shorts went up under her 7 month pregnant belly. Oddly enough for her, she was a very small pregnant woman. He belly looked like a 4 month pregnant belly then 7 month. She was just lucky, she guessed. However that morning sleep seemed to be impossible. Jade finally woke and went to go shower. Her mouth moved as she hummed and spoke to the child in her stomach. The warm water ran over her body. She finally got out and slipped on a summer looking dress and flip flops. She grabbed her tea and sat reading the paper. It was a normal day for the woman carrying a biker gang bosses son. She was feeling a slight discomfort in her belly. She pressed lightly and tried to ignore the growing pains in her lower stomach. she went to stand and her cup dropped to ground as she grabbed the counter for support. Her breath came in shallowly and she let out a small cry of pain. Jade moved for her cell phone and dialed the hospital. she was shaking.
    "911, What's your Emergency?"
    "I am going into labor, but I think something is wrong." Jade said shakily
    "where are you ma'am?"
    "2349 east fall lane, Silver falls Texas " She said.
    " Leave the door unlocked peremedics will be their soon ma'am Just stay calm." The voice said.

    Jade nods and went to unlock the door. She slowly hung up and went to Dail Alarics number. Her body slipped into the couch. She was dizzy and had dropped her phone. She wasn't fully aware of what was going on the peremedics got her conscience. " Who do we need to call for you miss?" She pointed to her phone." Alaric and CJ." She muttered. She passed out again as they took her and called both men telling them what hospital and that something was wrong with the Baby and Jade the mother. once in the hospital, they checked her in and the doctor said right to surgery or both mother and child would not live.

    All Jade could remember was rolling lights lots of beeping and quick movement. She passed out and finally woke to a well lit room. She put her hand to her stomach and started to panicking. Where was her baby. a nurse ran in and tried to calm her." Hey miss you need to calm down your in the hospital, your okay, your child was a premature and in the nicu, we're doing everything for your child." The woman said and Jade started to Cry. She asked what she did wrong." Ma'am nothing, sometimes babies come earlier, he is strong and healthy and should make it through." The woman said and got Jade calmed down a bit. "Now your husband is here, do wish to see him." She asked. Jade nods and wiped her eyes." He isn't my husband, but yes I want to see him." She said Jade sniffed and stayed laying back. She waited for Alaric or CJ to burst through the door.​

    James Croft
    @Tarieles @Ritual Lobotomy @Deathly☠Chaos @-QT- @Pasi

    James rode through the rain like it was nothing to him. To him it was nothing. He parked at the club with a few other bikers and went in. He spotted his wife and went over kissing her cheek gently ." Hey beautiful, you seen our boy? He isn't here actually a lot of them are not here. Thomas, go find CJ , Alaric, Abel, And Gunnar and see where the hell those 4 are at, thanks kid." He said to the man. He wanted to know why his VP was missing and why he did not have his good crew members their. Though he did have a dark thought cross his mind." No check the hospital for Jade Hess. Just in case something happened. " He said and lit up a cigarette. " What are the rest of you staring at get to work." He snapped and sighed looking at his wife." Heard anything from our son?"He asked hoping she knew.​
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  7. Caesar Andrés Jordà


    Location: The Golden Coyote - Hospital
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    C.J. laughed out and drank the last shot, slamming the glass against the bar. "Well! Think that was just about enough, mate", he winked to Jack. How much I owe you again? "20 dollars". Jack quickly responded and C.J. cocked his eyebrow. "Are you shitting me? Just 20 dollars? Man am I getting too old to drink...", he joked. Jack chuckled, grabbing the twenty dollar bill. "Well I've decided that the water drain would be on the house. That piece of junk really should have been replaced a long time ago". C.J. tapped the bar and grinned. "Thank you! Glad you came to yer senses, mate!". Before Jack managed to reply, C.J.'s phone rang. He lifted his index finger towards Jack in a "hold that thought" manner, and rumbled through the pocket of his jacket, reaching for the phone. He frowned at the screen that showed an unknown number. "Aren't you gonna get that?", Jack wondered looking at the ringing phone. Ceasar looked at him with his face dead serious, which made Jack gulped. The "mini biker" had incredible facial features. While he was in a jester mood, his face looked like that of a teenage boy. When he would be upset, it looked unbelievably mature and troubled. "I don't know this number", C.J. replied and Jack shrugged. "So?"
    C.J. hovered his thumb over the "answer" icon a while longer. "Only my gang knows this number.", his face flushed. "Something happened...", He finally accepted the call and lifted the phone against his ear when a female voice spoke. "Excuse me, are you..."

    "How the hell did you get my number?!", Caesar snapped at the female, before she managed to finish. He heard a quiet sigh and a patient voice speaking up again. "We received information of your contact from the phone owned by Jade Hess. Do you happen to know who that is?". Jack jerked when C.J. jumped off the chair almost turning it over. "Jade... What happened to her? Is she OK?!", He raised her voice and several people present there raised their head to look at him briefly, before going off with their business. "I swear I will rip your head off if...", he was interrupted as the woman on the other side of the phone explained the situation. He gulped lightly and kept nodding nervously, walking up and down. "Yes. Yes I know... Yes. In five. Thank you". The lady on the other side was still talking when he cancelled the call to dial again. "Is everything alright, C.J.?", Jack asked nervously. "Yeah...", C.J. replied with his hands visibly shaking as he searched for the contact. "The world is ending but I am fine... Am cool... All good...". He took a deep breath when the phone on the other side started ringing, and ringing, and ringing some more as nobody answered. "You asshole!", C.J. growled into the phone and cancelled the call again. Even though he didn't really mean it, he was extremely mad at Alaric for not picking up. But as far as he knew, he might have as well gotten the news and was on his way as he stood there in the bar like a bloody idiot. Then again, he maybe didn't know and Jade was in a hospital, all alone. Well, she would have a baby to keep her company soon enough... C.J. shook his head violently and approached the bar. "Jack. Mate. Listen...", Jack leaned over the bar and C.J. grabbed bartender's shirt. "If I am not back same time tomorrow, remember me as a bad ass motherfucker".

    "Wh-what the hell are you talking 'bout?!", Jack shouted but C.J. was already on his way. "Lady! Baby! Hospital! Delivery! Now!", he shouted back as he stormed out of the bar and towards his bike, kicking the two meatheads again along the way. The motorcycle sounded angrily and he quickly drove off into the rain. He was mad at himself. Alaric would trust him with his life and he left Jade and Alaric's baby alone to go and get drunk. If only he didn't trust her that everything was fine last night when he transported her home, none of this would happen. Now, he could have only hoped that everything was fine as the paramedic said it was. Of course, if anything was to happen to the baby, Aleric would kill him, but now, it was not what he even bothered worrying about. If he deserved to get his ass kicked, he will as well lay down and let Alaric do to him whatever he finds fitting. "Shit!", he swore, barely dodging the car as he rushed through the red light before he slowed down a bit. He was of no use to anyone if he was dead.


    He almost jumped off his bike once he reached the hospital, rushing in to the reception. The girl that worked there briefly looked up at him as Little Lion approached her. It was obviously not the first time she was ought to deal with troublemakers. "Hey!", C.J. called out and he leaned against the reception. She sighed calmly and spoke. "The section for shitheads is in the east wing. They will take care of your jawbreaker, hun. Now please, step away from the reception, you are dripping all over it". C.J. obeyed as he was briefly stunned by her cold approach. He realized that she was talking about his fist that bled again and him being soaked wet from the rain. "What the... no! That's not what I wanted!", he frowned and stepped towards her, determined, explaining his business.

    Once he passed the grumpy receptionist, he soon found himself in the section filled with babies. It was creepy and awkward all at the same time. "Can I help you?", a deep male voice referred to him and he turned to face the doctor that was well over two heads taller than him and highly suspicious of C.J. presence. C.J. lifted his hands in defense. "Look. Before you start the crap about how the section for shitheads is the other way, I am looking for Jade Hess. She was transferred here 'cause of labor". Doctor's face turned from suspicious to professional as he looked down at the board he was carrying. "Hess, Hess... Ah, there she is. Are you the father?"
    "Ye- What? No! I mean no! Of course I am not her father! Do I look like her father?!", Doctor chuckled briefly to the freaked out biker. "What I've meant to say is are you her husband?", C.J. shook his head. "No. I am not her husband I'm..."

    "Her boyfriend?"

    Caesar felt the anger rising as he clenched his fists, trying to remain calm. He could've sworn the doctor was mocking him.
    "No. If you must know I'm her...bodyguard."

    "Her...bodyguard...", the doctor cocked his eyebrow and Caesar sighed, tired of explaining. "Look, mate. It is complicated, alright? The father will be here in few, I was here first, she gave you guys my contact number, so I assume she wishes to see me. A'right? Good enough?". Doctor eyed his soaked clothes once more, before motioning him to follow.

    They reached the room as soon the nurse attempted to walk in and after some explaining, the nurse nodded and entered the room, just to come back out again, soon after doctor was gone, and C.J. was left waiting there like a bloody orphan. She opened the door partially and smiled at C.J. "You may come in". Just then he felt drunk, nervous and useless. What will she say when she sees him like that? Will she simply slap him and send him home? Will she ever trust him again after he wasn't there for her? He took a deep breath and stepped in, not knowing what to expect.

    Jade rested in the bed, obviously eager to see who arrived. Clumsy and confused, C.J. scratched his wet hair and spoke. "Um...hi, I... You probably expected Al but... He will be here soon, I promise!" The truth was that he wasn't even bloody sure when Alaric would appear and where the hell was he, but seeing her there, vulnerable and scared, for the first time in his life, he needed to do something to help her through it. He smirked and approached her bed slowly, sitting on the chair next to it. "Until then... I am afraid you are stuck with my sorry ass", he chuckled and took her hand into his, tapping it gently to comfort her. "Truth is, I have no god damn idea what am I doing so, feel free to slap me or yell at me for leaving you alone at any moment you feel like it, alright?", with that, he squinted his eyes shut as if he was preparing for the huge slap in the face. "Any day now..."
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  8. [​IMG]

    Location: Satan's Cliff to Hospital
    Mood: Calm, Confused
    Interactions: CJ @Ritual Lobotomy and Jade @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~
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    Alaric Croft

    The thick, large, droplets of rain soaked into Alaric's hoodie. The drive up to Satan's cliff was short lived and he soon found himself staring out over the town of Silver Falls. It was breathe taking. The ominous clouds over head seemed to awaken the valley and bring life to the hottest of summers. Many things filled the young bikers mind that made him crave this drive up the mountain. He was going to be a father soon at that wasn't something he was still comfortable with. Don't get him wrong, he loved Jade and their child, but he wasn't sure whether or not the life he was leading would supply the best life for his child. Always on the road, being shot at, killing someone, being hated, it just wasn't the life a good father should have and he knew that deep down. Things needed to change.

    Taking a drag off his cigarette, Alaric held the toxic smoke in his lungs for a longer amount of time. Maybe the nicotine would calm his nerves some. It didn't work. Why was things changing for him, why were they changing so quickly. The giant thought back to when times were simpler, when she was here, but things change when your father promotes you to VP. Life wasn't just girls, parties, and a occasional drive here and there. No. Life was hard being a prince. Taking one last drag, Alaric tossed the cigarette out into the rain, watching it land within a shallow, growing, puddle. The heavy rain had drown out the sound of the lit ember extinguishing.

    Walking back to his bike, Alaric noticed that a notification was illuminating his screen up. A furrowed brow appeared on his face as he grabbed the cellular device from his bag. CJ called? It was almost like a switch went off in his mind. Jade. Without hesitation, Alaric straddled the iron horse and brought life to its engine. If the rain hadn't dampened the ground, dust would have kicked up as Alaric drove off. Something about CJ calling him out of the blue was alarming and part of Alaric knew that Jade was at the hospital.

    As the rain continued to coat the earth, thunder began to sound out through out the small town. Alaric seemed to fly through turn after turn, light after light, and by police after police. Derek, the county Sheriff, waved him a pass as he noticed Alaric was hiding towards the hospital. Lightning cracked across the sky as the rain poured even harder. This storm was becoming worse by the second. Alaric could feel the racing of his heart in his chest as he rode on, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. The beanie he wore on his head was completely soaked when he parked his bike. CJ's own ride was few feet away from Alaric's own, proving that his instinct was right.

    Alaric was never one to run in a hospital, but today was that exception. Dashing through doors until he reached the labor unit, Alaric looked around until he found a nurses station. "Jade Hess." course the words came out as more of a demand than a question. After the nurses initial shock of his demand, she spoke quickly, "Ah, you must be the father then." Of course Alaric's attitude almost made him roll his eyes and call her a dumb ass, but he refrained from doing so at this moment. The nurse was kind enough to show him to Jade and before going in Alaric offered a quick thanks and pressed in.

    Seeing CJ already acting as chief father, Alaric leaned against the wall. "I can smell the alcohol on you from here... " The comment came out as a low growl and something malicious. Normally Alaric would never have a attitude with CJ, seeing that he was his best friend, but today was not the day that Alaric was going to play nice. "Why the hell were you not with her?" He asked, the slits of his eyes narrowed as he eyed CJ. Alaric didn't press further into the room, sure he was thankful to see Jade okay, and judging by the lack of tears, his son was okay as well. But if CJ didn't start coughing up reasonable answers, he wasn't going to be okay. However, Alaric took his attention off of his friend and focused on Jade, thinking that CJ would still give him answers. "How are you feeling?" He asked her, pushing away from the wall and crossing the room. Removing his hoodie, he sat on the side of her bed.
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  9. Jade Hess
    Mentioned/Interacted: Alaric and CJ @Deathly☠Chaos @Ritual Lobotomy
    Jade lay their as she waited to see who walked in, she figured CJ be their first. His ass was supposed to be with her, she had sent him away last night, she was fine, well she felt fine. Jade sighed upon seeing CJ and looked at him like he was crazy. She slapped his arm when he said if she felt like it. It wasn't because of the leaving her it was for being drunk, she didn't dismiss him to get drunk. She dismissed him to go to bed and rest. Jade sighed."Idiot I dismissed you to go to bed not drink, plus it wasn't even your fault, what could you have done being their" She said she sighed and got comfy in the bed . She sniffed and wiped her eye's. She was trying to hide the growing fear of loosing her child still. He was in the nicu and she wanted to see him. Jade was also in pain the medication had worn off and where she gotten the cesarean she felt the pain. Jade moved as she was uncomfortable and trying to get away from the pain. Jade sighed when a nurse came in to fix the pain for her and told her to press the red button when the pain came back. She would be in pain for a bit, but that was natural for a couple section. it had been a few hours so the numbness was wearing off and we'll the pain medication helped. She was still slightly emotional, like any minute she could burst into tears.

    Jade sighed and layed her head back after bit and took the cup with the ice chips in it. She was on a liquid diet for the next few days. Jade frowned and held her stomach. It was odd not being pregnant, she was really wanting to see her son. She sighed when she saw Alaric and watched him stand by the door. Jade wanted him close to her, she wanted to hold his hand. She held CJs hand, Jade was glad he was here. She cringed at Alaric." Alaric I told him to go, I thought he would rest and sleep, not drink. I was fine. Xavier just thought it was time after my morning tea to come into the world." She said. She wanted the father of her child, to be calm. Jade turned her head as he asked her How she was feeling." Tired, nauseous, annoyed, want to see my child and scared, want to cry." She said. Jade looked at him, She wanted comfort from him or someone. Jade let out a yawn and watched the door open it went silent as she did. The nurse smiled at Jade "alright Jade, I have to massage your stomach to help it all go back to normal in the long run. Not the most pleasant thing my dear, but it will help." She said. Jade nods and held Alarics hand when she started. Jade let out. small whimper of pain her hand tightened and her eye's closed. She cried out for the nurse to stop the woman did finally and nods to her." Good job Jade, I will let you rest now, want me to shoo them?" She asked her." No, I want them here, when can I see my baby?" She asked breathless." After you get some sleep." The nurse said and let Jade be with the men. Jade lay her head back and sighed. She turned to her side and looked at Alaric her hand in his." Don't leave okay?" She yawned half asleep "I want to see our baby together." She mumbled. " Oh CJ your ass is staying put as well " She mumbled and curled up to sleep for a bit. Her eye's stayed closed her hand held Alarics even while she slept.
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  10. Gunnar Jay Harrington
    Location: His and Celeste's house
    Wearing: A towel --> A plain white shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket
    @Princess Poisoned Rose

    Gunnar let out a soft grunt as he was pushed over. "I guess that makes me the winner!" He exclaimed excitedly, kissing her back. He sat up, watching her walk into the bathroom, teasing him, as usual. Damn, she was sexy... As she closed the door, he got up and changed, checking his phone for a few websites that he liked. He was a habitual refresher. He finished changing, grabbing his coat from the front door, all the while looking at his phone. When he heard the shower turn off, his head snapped up, and he returned towards the bedroom, hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of her without a shirt. No such luck, and he returned to the kitchen, looking through the freezer.

    "I'm gonna make waffles." He announced, taking out four waffles, and popping them down. He stood there, watching them, humming softly, before once again bursting into song. "Do you like waffles? Yeah, we like waffles! Do you like pancakes? Yeah, we like pancakes! Do you like French toast? Yeah, we like French toast!" After some time, they popped up, and he tossed them on a plate, putting some down for himself. He grabbed the syrup and strawberry syrup from the fridge, putting it on the table. "Yer weefles are done!" He called to her, waiting for his to pop up. "I wasn't sure if you wanted strawberry or regular maple-but-not-maple syrup." He said, placing his two hot waffles on a plate as well, and sitting down, smothering his in regular syrup.
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  11. [​IMG]
    @~Dark Disney~
    Outfit of the day

    "It's just not worth it really." she said as she put her hand on her forehead, the fog of cigarette smoke rolled around her as she looks over the paperwork. Tapping her finger on the desk, she shook her head, and stood up, about to go out the door, "When the hell did it start raining." she said as she definitely wasn't going out in that shit. Flicking the cig out in the rain, she made her way through the office, and then into the area. Leaning against the doorway, she watched the Old Ladies-- the wanna be old Ladies, and the crew as they bustled their way around the room. Making her way to the bar, she took out a glass, and a thing of whiskey, taking a shot. The sound of bikes roared outside over the rain, and a few moments later she spotted James, giving him a kiss back, "Hey baby.You need to get outta those clothes before you get yourself sick" she said as she lit another cigarette as she leaned on the bar and then rose a brow as she looks at him, "What's going on baby? Is something wrong? Is it time for Jade?" Sometimes she just couldn't understand that woman, it was her damn soon to be grandchild, and she had the right to know what the hell was going on. Taking a long draw, "No I haven't seen Alric-- if the baby is coming he's most likely with her.. should I be concerned James?"

  12. [​IMG]
    Brianna Rotchester
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    Outfit One > Outfit Two ~ Current One
    Car: Here.

    The days were long , stressful and difficult in her line of work.. Brianna thought as her eyes drew slowly open from that of her departed sleep. A softened sigh fell from her lightly pink tinted lips as her gaze remained fixed upon the constant spinning of the ceiling fan winding above her. This had once been her parent's bedroom... Her childhood home and above all , her sanctuary. Yet , all that changed the moment her Father had been struck down and murdered before her eye's. Crimson entirely painted the road that night and it all but resounded like a clear memory in her mind daily. Quickly , she pinched the bridge of her nose as she peeked over at the current time. 7 AM... Work was calling and the people that needed her mind and hands were awaiting for her in their rooms. Brianna slowly lifted from her bed as she swung her legs with ease over to the side and hopped up. A few moments later , she emerged from the bathroom as the scents of Rose , honey and that of lavender emerged in a mist behind her. She quickly dressed and arranged her hair into a neat bun with loose strands framing the softened features of her face. As she peered into the small mirror upon her desk , she always found herself reminded to that of her father.. " You have your daddy's eyes.." They all used to remind her and eventually she became all but to aware of the similarities to behold there. It did not hold a happy one in her heart but , more so of what had been taken from that of her.

    Brianna trailed herself away from that of the mirror as sh exited into the hall as she passed by several slightly unpacked moving boxes. Black leather hung out of the top one and all but reminded her of Alaric and her... It was his first gift to her with the sigil and initials of the club embroidered into the back. Alaric and her had been something strong years ago and passionately in love at one point. After her father though , she slowly pushed him away alongside all of the help the Club attempted to offer her and her family. They broke quicker than quick and for that reason alone , she found herself locked in the situation of abandoning the very first man that she had ever found herself remarkably in love with and devoted her full trust into. Time was time and that had gone and faded away.. She all but assumed that Alaric hated her now a days for taking off without a word those years ago. She did love him even now but she had not alarmed him or anyone of her return. Quickly , she departed her thoughts and wandered instantly into the kitchen to grab her lidded coffee and toast & apple to go before breezing out the front door as it clicked locked behind her.

    About thirty minutes came to pass as she whirled her way down the corner of the street and into Hope Memorial Hospital. Brianna shifted the car into park as she settled into her daily routine parking space near the South Wing/Maternity Building in where she worked. She drew the door open as she eased out to all but feel her golden locks trail out in a glimmering breeze behind her. She quickly sidestepped to the right in order to dive down into the car and grab up her bags , food and coffee to haul in tow. Slowly , she took a breath and let a smile grace her lips as she made her way in completely unaware of the motorcycles parked out front. She weaved her way in and out of the the growing crowds of doctors , specialists and nurses bumbling about. After finding her way in and out of the breakroom to settle her things in. Brianna found her way to the front to gather the stack of newly arrived file charts as she swung her stethoscope about her neck. As she drew open the first file on the newly arrived Pre - Me , her lips parted in shock to see the names of the parents listed there... Jade and Alaric. So , he had moved on it would seem... A father now to , who knew? Her eyes drew momentarily closed as she felt a tiny sigh fall from her rose tinted lips. With much force , she ushered her feet forward in a shuffle to make her way to the given room. As she came to the doorway's open threshold as she quietly stared in with her clipboard pressed to her hip. Her eyes befell CJ's as she winked to him with a smile revealed in her gaze. Brianna than took a deep breath and cleared her throat lightly to alert Alaric of her presence. With that , her gaze trickled into a softened demonor followed by a soft curve of a smile lit to her lips. She than spoke up in a silken soft tone to him.." Mister Croft... I am your son's personal doctor and your girl... Jade's doctor. If I could steal you for a few moments to talk over your son's health condition it would be great." She could see the tint of worry flurrying about in his gaze as she nearly let her hand reach out to take up his own in her's.. Brianna quickly shot her hand back as she kept a gentle tone with him. " Alaric... They are both fine and I just need to run over a bit with you." Her eyes remained locked to his own as she prayed silently that he would not dig up the past... At least not now , as her fingers pushed the silver locket beneath her shirt that remained the only reminder of her and Alaric at one point.
  13. Caesar Andrés Jordà

    Location: Hospital
    Mood: Slightly depressed - Angry at himself
    @~Dark.Disney.Triplet~ > Jade
    @Deathly☠Chaos > Alaric
    @Shayla > Brianna

    Even though he had seen it coming, C.J. still jerked slightly when Jade reached out and smacked his arm instead. "Idiot I dismissed you to go to bed not drink, plus it wasn't even your fault, what could you have done being there?". C.J. sighed and laid his head forward onto the bed, muffling into the sheet. "Guilty as charged, ma'am. I simply couldn't fall asleep for shit, so I've decide to drive out for a bit and...well... guess I got carried away... Look. I am sorry. Simple as that. There", he shrugged his shoulders and smirked. He gulped slightly as she wiped her eyes dry. What the hell was he even doing? She was there, worried sick about the situation and he kept on blabbering about his night. He wordlessly scolded himself and firmed the grip on her hand a bit more for reassurance. "Hey. Everything will be alright, I promise". There was no darn way he could possibly know it, but deep down, he was hoping that he was not wrong. He offered her a wide smile when she finally decided to relax. However, it only lingered for so long before he heard a somewhat scolding and annoyed familiar voice that made his face flush with guilt once more. "I can smell the alcohol on you from here... ". The only thing that C.J. came up with was nodding lightly and rolling an insecure "I know" over his tongue. He straightened up and let go of Jade's hand. "Why the hell were you not with her?". Usually, C.J. would reply with the glare as daring, but this time, he felt like a criminal and he hated it, even though he couldn't possibly blame Alaric for treating him like one. He had nothing on his mind he would say to justify himself. "Fuck you" was the only thing close to expressing how he felt, but it would only create an unneeded tension he always aimed to avoid when it came to Alaric. He was like his older brother, and the respect for him was too great to simply say such thing. Yeah, respected him so much he jeopardized his son and Jade.

    Before he opened his mouth to reply, Jade hopped in and made him lose the track of his thoughts. " Alaric I told him to go, I thought he would rest and sleep, not drink. I was fine. Xavier just thought it was time after my morning tea to come into the world". She did her best to keep Alaric calm and it seemed to be working. Alaric seemed to drop the angry act for a moment as he approached the bed with an honest concern painted on his face. He quickly asked Jade how she felt and if all was fine. As she complained, the door opened again and the nurse walked in. C.J. quickly stood up and moved away from the bed, allowing the nurse to pass to Jade and do her job. He walked around nervously, almost walking into a nurse that was only a tiny bit shorter than him. "S-sorry!", he quickly apologized as she was walking out. Today, he simply couldn't do anything right for shit. " Don't leave okay?", he had heard Jade plead Alaric. "I want to see our baby together". It was no wonder. Alaric was the father of her baby, no matter their current relationship situation. He just decided to announce that he would be waiting outside when she spoke again. " Oh CJ your ass is staying put as well ". He sighed and saluted. "Yes ma'am! Whatever you may need, I am here", he exclaimed and smiled weakly. He just betrayed the duty given to him and she didn't give him a single wrong glare. She must have been an angel of her own kind.

    The door slowly opened behind him, and he turned only to face Brianna. Was she there to read him his death sentence as well? He was another person that would manage to affect him a great deal if she was ought to do that. He knew her well though and quickly chased that thought out of his mind. She was never like that. If she was not nice, then she most often didn't have the need to be angry at all. As she winked to him without a single word, she instantly made him feel better. He smiled lightly back at her and hid his injured hand skillfully behind his back. He always admired her calmness and understanding. Even so, it was the exact same reason why the two of them never worked out in a long term. She was calm and collected and he was a mess, and it was only as much as she could handle before she walked away. He would lie if he had said it never hurt him to let her go. After all, she was the only one that he was able to talk to without being judged for the way he coped with things. However, knowing that his life caused her pain and worry, he knew what was for the best. He was happy to see her pleased and optimistic as she passed him and approached Alaric. " Mister Croft... I am your son's personal doctor and your girl... Jade's doctor. If I could steal you for a few moments to talk over your son's health condition it would be great". It was a relief to know that everything was fine. As Bri was convincing Alaric, C.J. snapped out of his thoughts and approached, speaking to Alaric. "Hey, man. I will stay with her until you are back. You have nothing to worry about". He bit his tongue lightly. It was the exact same thing he had said the night he was left to take care of Jade and her unborn child. "For real this time", he added as looked at him with determination. "Let me fix this fuck up. I can do it."
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  14. Celeste Rosia Miller AKA Hellcat
    Location: Celeste and Gunnar's home
    Wearing: This
    Celeste walked into the kitchen to hear her lovable oaf singing a song. She hummed along with his song even doing a little dance to earn a smile from him. She grabbed her waffles and sat down at the table and grabbed the strawberry syrup which was definitely her favorite. She remember when she first met Gunn; they hit it off immediately somewhat to the amusement of her Uncle. Celeste was still a serious type of girl back when they met, but since they had been together it got her to loosen up quite a bit. She finished up and started to rinse off her plate and put it in the dishwasher. "We need to get going now love. Uncle is expecting you." She said with a smile; she would probably take her car in today due to the amount of rain.
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