The accident that was meant to happen; Kagome& Inuyasha.

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  1. You know... I never meant to fall down that well... I never meant to meet Inuyasha... I never meant to be her descendant... I just wanted to be a real girl, a real person, and now what am I doing? Now I am sitting in my room in the village writing on paper from my time, and waiting for him to come over so we can get packed and go to the next village to look... Inyuasha... I may have never wanted to meet someone like you... But I'm so glad I did..

    Signed, Kagome.

    Placing the pencil down from her time, she stuffed the paper into her bag, and crossed her legs, closing her eyes as she waited for the man of her nightmares... And of her dreams to come find her. She was ready, even if it wasn't Inuyasha, she could live without the cranky demon! She laid in her bed and closed her eyes, drifting into slumber.
  2. Inuyasha stays up and sits outside waiting for Kagome to wake up. He yawns and looks back at Kagome. "Great. Now she falls asleep. " he yawns and soon drifts off to sleep himself.
  3. Kagome didn't even dream that much, or maybe she did... She had a vision or a dream of her being normal and Inuyasha was in the real world with her they were kissing. Kissing him?! That was out of the question, suddenly, Kagome's eyes opened wide, and she looked around. "Inuyasha?" she whispered, and then looked out her window and saw him. A disapproving look was set on her face, she opened the door, and pulled him in, setting him on the bed, with much effort due to her lack of strength. "Lose some weight..." She murmured and then curled up against his side, falling back asleep.
  4. Inyasha woke up eyes wide and quickly sat up. "Kagome!" Looks over at her and relaxes. "God that dream was too realistic."
  5. As soon as Kagome heard her name being shouted she jumped up, placing a hand to her chest, glancing to Inuyasha. "Geez! What the hell was that for?!" She took a breath and then continued. "What did you dream about?" She tilted her head, curiously.
  6. Inuyasha turns away his arms crossed. "Why do you care?"
  7. Kagome narrowed her eyes, she then sat up, and got up. "Are we leaving tonight? Or tomorrow, cause if tomorrow then I'm sleeping somewhere else!" She then turned around and left the room.
  8. "Kagome! Please don't leave. I had a dream that you fell in love with Kouga." Turns away embaressed.
  9. Kagome took a deep breath and walked back into the room, her arms across her chest and a scowl was on her face. "You know you really need to start telling me things, I mean it... but why would I fall for Kouga?" she shuddered but then laid in bed with him again.
  10. Inuyasha sighs. "I don't know."
  11. "Well get it out of your head, alright..." Kagome sighed and pressed her face to Inuyasha's chest, her eyes closed and she whispered softly. "Are you ready for our next adventure?"

  12. Inuyasha nods. "Yep."
  13. After a while of just laying on his chest, she sat back up, and took a breath. "Inuyasha? I'm going for a walk, I won't be gone for long..." And then she got up and walked out of the room, and out of the little shack they were in, she was walking down the street with her eyes closed.
  14. "Ok. Don't go too far. I can't afford for you to get hurt." Looks at Kagome with a worried look. "Promise me."
  15. Kagome looked at Inuyasha and nodded her head, "I won't go far..." And then she was gone. She was sitting by the tree she had found him in, she crossed her legs, and took in a deep breath. "Oh boy... I just wish... I hope maybe he knows, and if he doesn't? Oh well..." She leaned back and closed her eyes, relaxing.
  16. Inuyasha sits and wait eventally falling asleep at one point.
  17. Kagome didn't return to the room, she stayed where she was, and looking up at the sky until the day light came, she still sat there, breathing softly.
  18. Inuyasha never fell asleep. He sat there and waited for Kagome to return. He was starting to get worried.
  19. Kagome stayed there, and took another deep breath. Alright time to get back. She then went back and entered the room; "Hey again."