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  1. Mummaro Academy, a school for teenagers and their unusual abilities, weather or not they had a photographic memory, can suddenly speak several different languages or could built anything in the world, your genius here was accepted and...experimented on! That's right! You were forced within this school by the government to experiment on the extra ordinary ability that you had!

    Each and every unique person had a small room to sleep in and a lunchroom to eat, they were supervised at all times, and you could go almost anywhere you'd like as long as you stay within the walls.

    Jessica Nicole was one of the newest members of The Academy, she had an entity that had been with her all her life that keeps growing stronger every day.
    She was a looker, brown long straight hair, gorgeous soft light face along with exotic blue eyes and an amazing body with gorgeous lips.
    The young woman had a beanie on her head, rockers t-shirt, ripped jeans and combat boots.
    "Welcome darling, to Mummaro Acadamy..." Super attendant Scarlet Rachel's said, leaning back in her desk.
    Jessica was led to this particular office before even beginning any of her classes.
    "What's your name?" Scarlet asked, but it seemed as if Jessica was somewhere else entirely, she was glancing around the office while someone handed the boss a file folder.
    "So, your names Jessica Nicole?" the woman asked, the young teen quickly looked at Scarlet, "yes...that's my name..." she said quietly.
    "Good," Scarlet smirked, "it can speak..."
    Suddenly, the file folder was thrown across the room, Scarlet turned to Jessica..."what the hell?" she said with wide eyes.
    "I have an entity, his name is Nicholai...and he dosen't take to kindly to insults..." Jessica said.
    Suddenly the lights flickered and Scarlet looked around, "i-iv'e never seen anything like this..." She then turned away, "get her out of my sight..."
    The gaurds led the girl to room 208 "this is your room...right now it's lunch time...there are other people with unordinary talents...not like your's, each persons talent is different..."
    They led the girl into the lunchroom, where every unique person is eating.

    (Of course you can join as long as everyone has a different talent, yes you are human and it has to be a rare gift that ordinary people can get like photographic memory or playing more than one magic like super speed or flying)
  2. CS: Vic/Victoria (open)

    Name: Victoria "Vic" O'Malley
    Age: 17
    Grade: Junior, 11th
    Gender: Gender Fluid (dresses in male and female clothing without spacific gender identification. Pronouns depens on how she's dressed)
    Sexuality: Pansexual but leans towerds females.
    Types of clothes she wears:

    Personality: Vic is a very laid back person. She doesn't like taking things seriously most the time and would rather be goofy or have fun. People can most often find Vic on her free days chilling under a tree with headphones in her ears and a camera in her hand.
    • Photography
    • Sleep
    • The color turquoise
    • Sweets
    • Being interrupted
    • being told what to do
    • being made fun of for her sexuality and gender
    • judgemental people
    Brief Bio: Vic grew up in a stric religious household. At a young age she had interests deemed unnacceptable for females. Her father had always tried to change her to be in his image but she rebelled against him. So he got fed up, and when the opportunity came to send her to this school, he gladly welcomed it so she wouldn't be a pest.
    Talent(s): Photography, she can take pictures of anyone anywhere without them knowing, and she can mimic any voice perfectly, and schizophrenia that allows her to hear voices.

    Vic walked towards the school with a suitcase in hand and her trusty camera around her neck. She had dropped off her bed and dresser and desk and such earlier the week and now she had one last suitcase with clothes. Today she wore black leggings and a Black Veil Brides tanktop on. She sighs and pulls the suitcase up the sidewalk. She had a student orientation to get to after she put her things away. She was already about 15 minutes late.
    "Stupid Taxi driver, getting lost all the time.." She said with a mumble. when she reached the girls dorm, she frowned a little. She really wished her parents had asked her opinion on what dorm she wanted to stay in before putting her in the female dorms. She ran a hand through hee short light purple hair and started walking inside.
    "Home sweet home, huh?" she said bitterly and walked towards her dorm.
    Eventually, she had packed everything and after a good look around to make sure her dorm looked alright, she ran out and towards the main office.
    'This is weird. Why are we here? why don't we get a drink, okay Vic? Or some food. You still got that fake ID right? Lets just go.' Said a deep make voice in her head. That was Richard, the male voice in her head. Meaning she had two.
    'Hush up! Your a terrible influence Richard! We should go photograph the gardens instead. What do the teachers care if she shows up anyway? Lets go!' Said Richard's female counterpart, Lizzie. Lizzie had a high pitched, squeaky voice and choosen more well behaved options over Richards more rebellious suggestions.
    "Both of you shut up. I'm busy." she said as she knocked on the office doors.
  3. As Jessie walked into the lunchroom she looked around, people of all types were eating and talking among their cliques, the girl just waited in the lunch line and grabbed a tray.

    "What do you think Nicholai?" Jessie asked, there was no response...or at least out loud for other people to hear.
    The girl smiled a little, grabbed some pizza and a drink before moving on to a table by herself, she didn't realize it at first but people were staring and already starting to talk about her.

    "Nicholai, it's gonna be okay...don't be nervous..." Jessie said.
    As the mysterious girl ate, the milk that was next to her floated into her hand, the girl just looked up again "thanks Nikolai."
  4. Oscar sat in a corner of the lunch room, dressed in a too big black sweater and ripped skinny jeans. He always hated the lunch room. There was too much...static, it felt like. In his mind's eye, all of their voices created a myriad of colors and he couldn't close his eyes for too long because it gave him headaches. He felt like he was going on a bad trip or was stuck in a car in the car wash, and he nearly threw up every day. Eating just made it worse, so more often than not, Oscar didn't eat.

    He was tugging nervously at a loose string on the sleeve of his sweater when a girl he didn't recognize sat down at the empty table next to his own. Glancing at her through his thick black-framed glasses, he reached up and brushed his blonde curls out of his eyes, flinching as a new color added itself to the mix in his head when her voice reached his ears.

    He was still watching her out of the corner of his eyes when the milk floated up to her hands and she spoke again. His eyebrows furrowed together for a moment, but he blinked and figured that he had been imagining it. Still, he watched her, unsure of this new color to the mix.
  5. Jessica started drinking her milk when she noticed a young man staring at her, she blushed a little glancing at him every now and then.
    Nickolai started whispering in the young woman's ear, who just nodded.

    "Oh gosh, that girl is so wierd!" Angela, one of the popular girls sneered.
    "Yeah, but she's hot though," one guy laughed.
    "Shut up Gary!" Angela snapped before she took out a mirror from her purse, checking herself out.

    "Nickolai, don't...just leave her alone!" Jessica said, completely annoyed.
    There was a moment of silence before she groaned, "Nickolai!"

    Angela continued talking bad about Jessie, that is until her mirror broke, she looked around, "what the hell?"

    "Nickolai! Enough...leave her alone, she isn't worth it..."
    Angela's milk fell over, spilling on her lap. The girl groaned and grabbed a napkin, wiping as much liquid from her blouse as possible.

    "Nickolai!" jessica growled, but the entity wouldn't listen. Angela and Gary's table flipped and all the windows in the room shattered. Everyone started freaking out, trying to run out the doors, but they were all locked.

    "Stop it Nickolai!" Jessica screamed. Girls started choking and collapsing to the floor while others were having chairs and tables thrown at them.

    "I SAID STOP!" Jessica shouted angrily making all the chairs collapse to the floor.
  6. Vic walked into the office when it opened. The teacher in there talked about school rules, which she didn't pay much attention to. What caught her attention was when she was told she had to dress in the standard girls uniform. "Excuse me, can't I wear the boys too? I like both clothes, despite what my father says. Will that be alright?" She said as polietly as possible. But that had only earned her an odd look from the teacher.
    'I swear if we get that odd look again, I'm controlling the Body and I'll stab her with the letter opener in that top drawer of hers.' Said Richard. Sure, she hadn't seen the top drawer in the teachers desk, but she knew a letter opener was there. The voices were pretty good at that. Knowing what's where without actually having visual proof. Vic wanted to tell Richard to shut up, but she just swallowed her pride. Something she had become adapt to doing when given odd looks. The teacher eventually agreed to providing Vic with two sets of uniforms and went on about other stuff, handing her a map of the school and her schedule when another teacher burst through the door frantically.
    "We need your help in the lunch rooms! Now!" They both instantly took off. Vic took her map and schedule and was hot on there trail when she approached what was happening. She had time to slip Into the lunchroom through the doors before they locked shut. She looked around, surprised at all that was going on. 'Behind you! Duck!' Said Lizzie. Vic didn't question how Lizzie knew and did as she was told, ducking down as chair soared past her. She slowly stood back up, her attention snapping to a girl who yelled out 'I SAID STOP IT'. Vic looked around as everything stopped and glanced at a few passed out girls. 'The place is a mess. Food everywhere. People yelling and passed out chicks. Sounds like the parties we use to have, eh Vic?' Richard said, followed by his chuckle. Vic rolled her eyes at the memory of when she was careless and partied. Pushing it aside, she walked through the crowd, stepping over and around students on the ground. "Whoa. So much cooler than my last school." She said to herself. She was relieved everyone was still panicked instead of question her on if she was a girl or a boy. She eventually came to a stop in the middle of the lunchroom, standing over a girl with a broken mirror and a major wet spot on her pants that made it look like she wet herself. "What happened here?" She questioned in her deep, yet slightly feminine voice.
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  7. "Does it look like I know freak?" Angela sneered, eye liner ran down her cheeks from her crying so much. As the girl wiped her eyes, only smearing the makeup.
    "All I know is that tables and chairs started flying around the room okay!? Now leave me alone!" she demanded.

    Jessica stood there looking around before she ran out of the lunchroom, she didn't know where she was going but anywhere was better than there.
  8. Oliver had been about to get up and leave the noisy lunchroom when chaos erupted. A table went flying and the windows shattered. The screams that filled his ears created a blinding white, searing it into his eyes as the other students panicked. Grunting in pain, he quickly tried to put his hands over his ears, but was unable to block out the swirling colors that fogged his mind.

    A second later, his own table was taken from him, and Oliver was barely able to grab his backpack before the table was flung at a group of girls. All around him, girls were dropping like flies, though most only looked unconscious.

    It was all too much for Oliver, who was on the verge of being sick. Catching sight of that weird girl from earlier running from the lunchroom, he decided that it would be good for him to do the same. He raced outside, taking the same exit she did. Once the door shut behind him, his mind finally was clear, and he was able to take a deep breath.

    Sighing heavily, he ran his fingers through his hair and tried to follow the girl. "Hey?" he called, feeling finally normal. "What happened back there...? I, uh...did your milk fly to you, or something...? And then the entire room fell apart? What was that about?"
  9. Jessica turned to see the boy from before who was staring at her, "It's nothing...look," she began turning to him..."listen, maybe-"
    Suddenly, the window next to the boy broke, "you should leave..." she breathed, "I'm...I'm sorry..." she said walking into her room, slamming the door and crying.

    The boy was nice to think of her but she didn't need Nickolai hurting him.
  10. As the girl spoke, his head filled with a pleasant turquoise color, and he found himself smiling. At least, he was smiling until the window beside them shattered, and he was told that he better leave. As she disappeared, he let out a heavy sigh, and ran his fingers through his hair. "Well, then...that was weird," he said softly, pushing his glasses up.

    A group of teachers rushed past him, towards the lunchroom, but paid him no mind. Wishing he could get some answers, he nearly went to the girl's room to try and see what was wrong with her or if he could help, but he decided against it. What if she thought he was a creep? Then, he'd never know what made the windows in the lunchroom shatter.

    Sighing again, he began walking to his own dormitory, hoping no one thought he was to blame for this.
  11. Vic sneered at the girl for being so rude. "Maybe you should look at tour face before calling people a freak. You don't exactly look camera ready, princess." She said, mimicking the other girls voice perfectly. She turned her back to her and watched at the teachers tried to calm the students. They announced they won't be having classes for the rest of the day, which Vic was fine with.
    'Get your camera. Southwest corner of the school has a garden. You'll get some great photos there.' Lizzie said. Vic thought it was a good idea. She jogged out the lunchroom and headed towards her dorm room. Unlocking the door, she grabbed a dark gray sweater, zipping it up halfway and taking her camera off it's resting place on her dresser. Walking out, she raked a hand through her light purple hair to push it back and looked through her pictures while she walked. There were several photos of people in them. The people didn't know they were being photographed, as creepy as that sounds. But they were casual photos, which Vic liked. She enjoyed natural photos of people, without them being told how to pose. It was images of old couples on park benches, a women playing with her son, a man admiring a tree. She smiled and walked out of the school building, heading to the southwest part of the building to view the garden. Sure enough, a beautiful garden was waiting there for her to photograph. She smiled and looked around, strolling the garden and snapping closeup photos of flowers, a few having small insects on them feeding off the necture and pollinating them. She smiles to herself and looks towards the school building. She was outside the dorms And had a clear view of her room.
  12. The girl slowly went to sleep in her bed.

    The very next day Jessie went to the garden and sat down on one of the wooden benches with her guitar. She was very little when her mom first got her a guitar, being treated like an actual child was bearable memories but there were always consequences to them...with good memories, bad ones followed behind them. After her mom found out that she was linked with an entity she was placed in different scientific programs funded by the FBI in the Paranormal department to try and understand the other world better...her mother promised her that she would come back every day to see her, but she never came back.

    The woman tuned the piece of metal before she strummed once, filling the area with a beautiful melody. She then closed her eyes as she began playing "Will The Circle Be Unbroken," soon after strumming, she sang...her beautiful voice illuminated the room as well as the sounds of the instrument.
    People stopped walking past the garden, couples...and as they leaned onto one another, they listened. Soon, more people gathered around as she sang more songs.
    The small crowd applauded as she smiled, looking down at herself.
  13. The next day, Vic didn't want to get up. He was tired from being out all night. If there was one thing Vic absolutely loved, it was the night. Though that didn't exactly go with his love if sleeping as well. Eventually, though, he got out of bed. He fixed his hair, styling it just right to be the perfect amount of masculine, and put on the boys school uniform. He was good at this, dressing like a guy. In fact, he was so good he always fooled people. And he looked a lot better than most guys did. He fixed his school tie and headed out the room. He got some odd looks from the girls, both in confusion and in interest. Vic pulled out his phone, slipping in his headphones and looks through the music on his phone till he finds Get Scared. Grinning, he presses play on there music and heads outside the building.
    'Dude, hold up. You might wanna lay low on leaving the girls dorm dresses like that. Some of the chicks are already talking. Though they are still pretty fooled by those looks.' Vic rolled his eyes. He didn't feel like replying so he blocked out the voices. Having that ability was one of the reasons why he wasn't in the coocoo house now. His parents didn't know of the voices because he learned to ignore them when needed. Vic turned and headed towards the back of the school, snapping pictures of students while they didn't know. He got some great action shots and pictures of friends laughing at jokes. He smiled and hummed along to a song by Get Scared as he walked.
  14. Oliver went to his room, and worked on his homework for a while before he decided to read for the rest of the day. Eventually, he went to bed, where at least he didn't have the colors in his mind fogging everything up.

    In the morning, he had one of the many tests he was required to do. He went to the testing room, and sat down in a metal folding chair they had set up for him. One of the people that worked at the Academy, Oliver didn't know who, was sitting across a table from him.

    "You know how this goes, Mr. Parker. You wear the sunglasses and tell me what color you see in your mind when I play the sounds and voices."

    Oliver nodded, rolling his eyes. He knew how this went. He picked up the pair of sunglasses in front of him. They were shaped like miniature boxes and were completely black. He couldn't see anything beyond them. Putting them on, he sighed and closed his eyes, since it was easier for him to pay attention to the colors.



    After he made his affirmation, the first recording began. "Today, Mommy and I went to the waterpark."

    "Ice blue," he said a second later, no hesitation in his voice.

    The rest of the tests went flawlessly, as Oliver knew they would. When he was finished, he was allowed to leave. As he was allowed to leave, he slipped outside the testing room, and ran right into some guy with a camera, who was too busy looking through it to know that Oliver had been walking where he was.

    Falling back on his ass, he glared up at the guy, a frown twisting his features. "Dammit," he cursed, brushing his fingers through his hair. "Seriously?"
  15. "Jessica...its time..." A scientist said, walking up to her.

    "For what?" The young woman asked, looking up at him cautiously.
    "Your...paranormal tests..." The man hesitated, as if he wasnt quite believing what he said himself.
    The woman followed him into a room with cards and some blocks, it reminded her of kindergarden, next to it was a helmet hooked up to some wires.

    "Where are we and what is that thing?" Jessie asked eyeing the thing.

    "This device will help us scan your brainwave activity..." The man who brought her in said, "if you need anything then we will be outside the room..."

    The man closed the door as the girl put the device on her head.

    A man started speaking through the intercom making Jessie jump a little.

    "Lets begin..."
  16. Vic stumbled slightly when he felt someone run into him. He took out a headphone and looked down at the boy. He gave a shy smile and holds out his hand to help the other up. "Sorry, man. You okay?" He asked in his deep voice, in his mind cursing the voices for not informing him he was in the way.
    'Your the one who tuned us Out. Why should we bother to help someone so rude? Jerk.' Said Lizzie.
    Vic held back an annoyed eyeroll at the voice. They could have such terrible attitudes at times.
    'I say we leave the kid! He ran into US. Why bother helping him? He should have watched out!' Voiced the ever so negative Richard. Vic clenched his jaw to prevent himself from yelling out at Richard that he didn't need to be so mean all the time. But, Vic helped the kid up anyway and checked his watch. He had a few minutes to spare before he had to go and take some specialized test. He assumed it was a placement test of somesorts since they said they were going to work of Vics "skills". Not that it bothered him. They had given a shirt description on how they wanted him to mimic a few voices, and see what his special friends knew about stuff. So he was prepared for what would come.
  17. Oliver took the offered hand, letting the other male help him to his feet. "S-sorry," he said, getting a weird vibe from him, like the colors his voice made in his head weren't right. Biting his bottom lip, he asked, "A-are you new...? I haven't seen you around here, I'm Oliver, by the way..."

    He nervously brushed his curly blonde hair back, immediately wanting to know all about this strange person.
  18. Vic looked at the other and gave a friendly Smile. "Nice to meet you, Oliver. I'm Vic." He said, preferring to say his nickname over his full name since people often get confused.
    "And yeah, in new to this school. Any tips to surviving this place?" He said rather cheerfully. He was greatful to meet someone in this school who didn't annoy him. He glances up at the kids blonde curls, mostly out of curiosity.
    'See that hair color? That's what I want us to have next! Isn't it pretty?' Lizzie said excitedly.
    'Hush up! Were gonna get red next, not blonde! It was decided last week, remember?' Richard countered in an annoyed voice. While the two bickered in Vics head about his hair color, which Vic thought should be HIS decision not theirs, he Self consciously rubbed the back of his purple head and tried tuning out the voices again.
  19. Oliver glanced up at Vic's purple hair and the way his hand reached behind his head and ruffled his hair. "Uhh...well, I guess, you just...go to class and take the tests you're supposed to...? I guess it kind of depends on why you're here..." He shrugged, still getting strange vibes from Vic as he spoke to him.

    "So, uhh...why are you here...? I mean, uh, do you know? Like, everyone's here for a reason, so, uh, what's yours?" he asked, his brown eyes gazing up at Vic's. "Me, I've got what's called synesthesia, but it's really bad for me. Before I got sent here, it was so bad that I couldn't function...couldn't leave the house or go to school or anything. My parents sent me here, so, um, yeah...?" He gave a nervous laugh, knowing full well that Vic might not care at all about Oliver's reason for going to the school.
  20. All the windows were shattered in the room as Jessica's nose bled a little. Her entity was uncontrollable, and unstoppable. They couldn't test her until she had more control of it. They let her go early, terrified of her.
    During the test in the other room a woman picked out a card and it was Jessies job to pick out the same card as the woman in the other room. Instead Nickolai threw a fit, almost killing the woman in the other room.

    The girl sat by herself again at the lunchroom.