The Academy of the Vanishing Art of Magic

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  1. "Welcome to the Academy of the Vanishing Art of Magic!
    In a world where citizens are forgetting about magic, instead investing their time in scientific advancements and weaponry, the AVAM serves as the last Academy worldwide to teach magic! All species and races are accepted, proven you're potty trained and won't eat any other students. Join now, before the vanishing art of magic is lost forever!"

    The King of Wragnoth read off of a piece of parchment. He hesitated a moment, scanning over his war generals who had gathered in the room. "Magic has gone too far!" The King bellowed, violently throwing the scroll aside. "I can't stand even the word..." He muttered, tapping his fingers on the wooden table. Black scorch marks appeared on the surface where his fingertips hit it. "I am laying down a new law: No more magic! Those who continue to practice it face lifetime imprisonment.. Those who teach it, execution!"
    The generals exchanged brief glances. No one was sure why the King was so opposed to magic, and one particularly bold sole stood up. "My King, why is magic such a problem?"
    The King hesitated, his jaw clenched tight. "Why?" He said quietly. "You see.. It's too dangerous!" He sounded as if he needed a moment to think why. "Yes, it's too dangerous to Wragnoth! Wizards and witches are not to be trusted!"
    The man who spoke nodded, but his curiosity wasn't satisfied. He had suspicions that there was something deeper to this, but didn't speak again for fear of losing his job, or worse. And so, at the King's word, the generals departed to spread the news to the townsfolk, and set about destroying the Academy.

    Not even two hours later, a small army returned with a big group of prisoners. "These are the students and teachers from the Academy who surrendered, my King." The head of the army said, bowing to the king. "Send them to the dungeons." The King ordered. "What about the rest?"
    "They have turned the Academy into a fortress of sorts, and are rebelling against army forces." The head said, not meeting the King's eyes. The King gave him a glare and growled, "Well, then, hurry back and let's see how fast we can make that fortress fall!

    Set in a medieval age, in a world where there is absolutely no limits to the kind of creatures tht inhabit it, from mythical creatures like elves and dwarves to anthropomorphic humans, or just regular humans. The use of technology like guns, gas lanterns, et cetera has just been released, causing people to drop the art of magic and focus on developing new technology. Play any role you fancy, from a soldier to royalty to Academy students to travelers from other kingdoms-There isn't any limit!
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  2. [Prima Fauna, Cat/Wolf hybrid] The pitter patter of paws could be heard from a short distance if you really tried to listen as Prima was sneaking through the school. This academy was her only home and her classes is what kept her mind at ease and although classes were illegal, Prima wanted to continue to take any class she could sneak into even if it meant getting caught and handed over. Usually she would be standing and walking upright, but she didn't feel safe so she reverted to her primal red wolf image with big ears, a bushy tail, and vivid green eyes. Prima was also dragging a bag of her books with the straps in her chops. Each book inside was disguised with a recent magic trick they were taught by a very political teacher who was paranoid about this type of thing happening. All Prima could do now was hope and wish that this would blow over because the longer she stayed in her primal form, the more her mind would settle into that frame of mind. It was never permanent, but it was often hard to snap back into an anthropomorphic phase.
  3. [Sage Larksong, Elf] Sage walked down the one of the halls of the academy with a blank look on her face. Her green robe and black hair flicked out behind her due to the speed of her walk. Her black knee-high boots hit the ground loudly betraying her anger. She paused and looked outside the window, she was met with the sight of the army men running around trying to find a way in and stop them. It angered her that such a thing had happened to them. She had merely come to learn more about magic and become one of the best mages to ever walk the earth. These government officials were hindering her, it was unfair. She closed her ebony eyes and ground her teeth in frustration, she was caught up in her anger at the army that she barely paid attention to see if anyone was nearby.
  4. [Nejiss Wing, Kitsune] She pulled lightly at her straight hair, feeling slight nerves begin to collect in her stomach. She watched the armies outside through a castle window, bristling with spears and guns pointed at the castle. The heavy-duty soldiers like trolls and orcs were in front, bearing heavy armor and weapons. Behind them were the average soldiers, ranging from elves to humans to everything else imaginable. Army generals rode on steeds, circling, trying to find a way in. For now, the defenses set up by the Academy members should be enough to hold off any attacks.
    Right now, she was wearing a simple black cloak concealing her green fabric shirt that was covered with a leather vest of types and leather leggings. Her hood was limp on her back, leaving her elbow-length blonde hair and dark red fox ears, positioned on top of her head, uncovered. Nejiss was in her human form, save for the aforementioned fox ears. She turned back to the hallways of the Academy, her powder blue eyes seeming unfocused as she thought of new ways to try and safely escape the castle. She didn't care much for the rest of the students, or this kingdom-She only came here for the academy, which wasn't resuming lessons until it was legal again (At least, not formally. Some of the teachers resumed to teach the students in secret).
    She leaned against the walls of the Academy, giving the wall a blank stare, quickly becoming lost in thought.
  5. It wasn't long until Prima would see a couple of students out in the halls, one standing against the wall in the hallway to the left, and to the right hall, she saw someone stomping loudly. Prima sat at her hall intersection, quietly waiting and deciding what to do. She didn't know who was a spy and she didn't plan to find out any time soon. A red and grey blur of fur zoomed by to go to the top intersection hallway where, at the end, would hopefully be class to take her mind off things. Prima gulped quietly, her ears twitching in all directions, then she padded down the hall while making full use of her peripheral vision.
  6. [Nejiss Wing, Kitsune] She glanced up, her ears flicking forward at the sound of stomping boots in the hallway. A girl who appeared to be an elf pausing to look out a window. Nejiss pursed her lips. I didn't know elves had such tempers. She turned back to the window, holding up her fingers and lightly snapping them, creating a spark that quickly vanished into nothing.
    A sudden movement and the sound of paws against stone caught her attention, and she looked up just in time to see a four-legged ball of red fur flash by. Lots of odd students here, She thought, wondering what the rush was about. She didn't have much better to do, and didn't really want to end up on the receiving end of the elf's rage. There was a quick rustle of fabric, and a slight breeze blew through the castle. A white fox bearing two tails appeared where the girl had once been standing. Nejiss shook out her fur and followed after the animal that had ran past, trotting at a brisk pace.
  7. [Balut Ironfist, Dwarf] Balut enters gingerly in to the main entrance of the academy with his map in his hand and travel sack of some sorts made out of goats skin on his back. He opens the door and enters the academy. The main hall seems huge to the only 5ft tall Balut as he looks up at the ceiling and round at the walls taking in the interior.
  8. Her relief at not getting caught thus far was cut short when she heard soft padding against the floors. "Oh, dear. They've found me. What am I to do??? OH, don't freak out. Act normal and play cute. People like cute." She thought to herself and then immediately dropped her bag to roll over onto her back and exposing her tummy. She lets out a soft purr and her fluffy tail swishy quickly whilst Prima squirms on the floor with her tongue lulling off to the side.
  9. [Balut Ironfist, Dwarf] Looks around for the head master or sectary so as to get introduced in to the academy his parents had looked round the academy with out him even knowing and this was all such a big surprise for him having to go to a new place with out knowing he had to go. then he calls out "hello anyone here ? oops" his loud bellowing voice echo's down the hallways.
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  10. [Nejiss Wing, Kitsune] Head tilted to the side, I approached what appeared to be a cat-wolf hybrid rolling on her back. I stopped, and looked around, wondering what on earth she was trying to achieve. I read somewhere that wolves rolled onto their back as a sign of submission to higher ranking pack members, but the purring made me think it was more cat behavior. Back itch?
    "Having fun?" I asked, wrapping both of my tails around my paws as I sat down. My eyes drifted to her bag, as if she was going to class.


    [Atlas Avidità, Bakeneko] I perched on the ground outside the castle walls in cat form, a scroll of parchment in my mouth. It was risky, leaving the castle during times of such war, but this scroll was key to a historical lesson I planned on teaching. I tensed, looking up the walls of the castle. The open window was at least 25 feet off the ground. A pressure began to build up under my paws, and I narrowed my eyes in concentration. Shadowy mist was just beginning to form when I sprang, using the collected magic to spring up and vertically run up the walls of the castle and right through the window.
    Once inside, I leapt onto my desk and set the scroll down so I could breathe through my mouth, tired. Using magic to affect anything physical was particularly hard for me, I had a much better aptitude for metaphysical and psychological magic. It was a moment before I felt recovered enough energy to switch to my human form. A dark shadow fell across the room, and I was suddenly standing on two legs, adjusting my black shirt so it fit more comfortably around my neck. I walked over to the window and pulled it closed, then tucked the scroll into a bag hanging from my desk chair, pulled the bag onto my shoulder, and set out for the classroom I plan to hold the upcoming lesson in.


    The Headmaster was sitting in his office, focused entirely on projecting a shield over the Academy, protecting it from the outside army's assaults. He couldn't do things like run the academy, or tend to the new students-He thought that no one would seek to join the academy at times like this, but clearly he was a little off when a letter from a teacher slid through the door, explaining that there was a new student and offering to see to them himself. The headmaster wrote a quick reply on the back of the mail, saying thank you and please do so, and sent the letter back. The use of this magic caused a gap in the force field at the very top of the academy, and the shield was closed again before the army could have acted on it-Not that they would have seen it, as the shield was invisible.
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  11. [Frank Travis, Vampire/Bat Hybrid] "That king has to go! Most of my mafia uses magic and without it we're....almost powerless," he said. "If that king doesn't go, then consider our whole underground gang dead. I'm gonna go overthrow that damn king! Who ever wants to come you better leave now," his wings began to grow out of his back, "because I'm already on my way!" Frank jumped up into the air and spread his wings. He began to fly towards the castle walls. "This law ain't gonna go through,"
  12. [Sage Larksong, Elf] Sage paused and took a deep breath. Her anger would have to be dismissed, she could not let it get the best of her or else she could never be a great mage. She was startled out of her thoughts when she heard a voice call out. Immediately she started walking to where the voice came from and was surprised when she saw a Dwarf. "Hello, did you need help?" Her anger had gotten the better of her earlier so now she was determined to be kind.
  13. Prima thought it was weird that the other person smelled like an animal but she had guessed they were a big animal person until she peeked an eye open int he direction of the Kitsune. Her immediate reaction was to fall limp on the floor, stare at the student, and then raise her head to say, "You aren't a spy. Or a guard. Man! I am going to be late for class!" As soon as she had stood and grabbed her bag, Prima started to run before she tripped on her bag with her front paws and went face first into the floor. "Smooth... Absolutely divine. Now I look like a complete klutz." She rises to sit on her rear, tail wriggling, and her front paws between her haunches.
  14. Frank rushed through the forest that surrounded the castle walls. He then realized he probably needed help. He landed on the ground softly, and gently. "I can't prosecute this thing by myself though...I know I wouldn't be killed, but that damn king would get away. I need more people to help," he said to himself, before flying off in another direction looking for reinforcements.
  15. [Balut Ironfist, Dwarf] sees the elf and looks up and says "hi im balut im new here and kina stuck as to what is hapeing"
  16. [Sage Larksong, Elf] "Ah, well then I suppose I should fill you in. My name is Sage by the way. The king of the country has banned magic from being practiced, and at the moment the army is trying to break in here. No need to worry however, the school s protected very well. Classes are still going on for those who are still determined to take them."
  17. [Balut Ironfist, Dwarf] Balut nods and says " ah the news of the academy travels very far and fast thus why my parents sent me here. as for class are there set class i have to go to ?" Balut waited for a reply. then when no reply came Balut walked down the long corridor to find some one else to explane how things worked at the academy and weather there were classes he was due to be in. as he walked down a corridor he spots a girl with fox ears in the corridor and approaches and says "hi can you help me im new here ?"
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  18. [Nejiss Wing, Kitsune] I tilted my head. A spy or guard? If I was a spy, I don't think I'd make it immediately obvious. "I didn't know there were any classes held today. Mind if I come along?" I asked, perking up and getting to my paws to keep up with the colf.
    I jumped aside as she tripped, slightly startled.
    "Do you want help with that? It looks kind of hard to carry in your mouth." I offered. It occured to me that she might be an anthropomorphic, and capable of taking a two-legged form, but I wasn't sure why she didn't. It's hard to breathe when you're carrying anything in your mouth and trying to run, from my own experience in my two-tailed fox form.


    [Atlas Avidità, Bakeneko] I was walking down the hallway when I stopped to look outside the window. I noticed that they were constructing odd rock structures that seemed to be leaning against something invisible. Staring for a moment, I was trying to think of what they were doing when it hit me. They had leaned rocks against the protective field around the castle, and when the rock structures fell, they would strike. I had to say, it was quite the plan. The Headmaster of the Academy was the one projecting the field-A very mighty feat, I have to say, the Academy wasn't a small building. He would have to stop to rest and sleep sometime, which would leave the castle undefended. Well, I don't think I can continue class anymore, not with a battle looming just around the corner. I better alert the students.
    I held my hands in front of my face, and breathed out. The breath was a dark color, and collected into a ball of energy in my hands. I said, speaking clearly, "All classes will be canceled, as the Academy is facing a direct threat from a looming attack by the King's soldiers. An assembly will be held in the dining hall to create a plan of action." With that, I thrust the ball away from me and into the air. It split into five strands, and shot through the halls, repeating my message as it went. Soon, it will have travelled all throughout the castle, reaching all of the students. With that, I turned around and headed to the dining hall to meet up with the students who were willing to fight.
  19. [Balut Ironfist, Dwarf] Looks baffled and points and him self and said "who me ?" in a confuses voice then he heard the announcement that all lessons were cancel and rushed off to the dining hall to see what was going on as he over heard something about those willing to help fight going to the dining hall. Balut was a good fighter all though as a dwarf lacked the skill of using a bow but yet could wield and fight with a hammer with out any trouble.
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  20. Daemon materialized in the dining hall. Sure, he knew the basics of material transportation, but that wasn't his specialty. He was a master of barrier magic. He wondered if he was the only human left. He smacked his staff on the floor, and a purple-blue aura would surround the school, and everyone would feel a odd. Most of the students would know who did it... and perhaps now that he was back, they might have felt a bit safer. See, they had all idolized Daemon for his abilities, and girls were constantly swooning over him. He hated it really. He was quiet and cool headed, and didn't really have time for inferior things. He worked alone, got the hard missions, and everything seemed to work out for him.