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  1. Xythalia Academy
    And A New Semester Starts Again...
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    "No matter what, people always have secrets. Big or small.
    There are those who keep it so firmly hidden that nobody ever finds out. There are those whose secrets leak quickly. There are those who will do anything to hide their secrets, in any ways, cruel or not, possible. Your friend might be the serial killer that comes out and kill each person every night. That angel you met may in fact be a devil. Ah, but you too. When I warn you, you can also be one of the 'dangerous' ones, right? Haha. Well, I guess we'll never know....Or will we?"

    "Alvondo! Finally found you. Why aren't you in your dorm? Hurry up, we have to go to the orientation."
    "...Ah that? Should I skip it or not..Hmm~"
    The first morning of a new semester began with a blonde as he was called upon by a student. Finally located him at the hunting club's room, the student looked exhausted as he called on the blonde's name. The club room's door creaked wider as the student peeked his head into the room, which was lightened up with the sunlight that shone through the windows.

    Inside, a young lad sat. His legs crossing as he inspected a hunting-used gun in his hand. The old chair he was sitting made a weird noise every time he moved.
    Yes, Alvondo. That's his name.

    The student furrowed his eyebrows as Alvondo didn't seem to be deciding to go to the orientation. With a huff he crossed his arms.
    "If you don't go, I can get the teacher to kick you out of your favorite club."

    The blonde frowned, "Why must you threaten me this way." He didn't sound serious, though, and grew more into a joke as he smiled toward the student, hinting that he was not slightly a bit affected by what he said.
    The student rolled his eyes, "Hurry up and g---"
    "Yes yes, I'm going. You can go first."
    "You sure you'll come?"

    The student didn't look exactly satisfied, but he left either way. Leaving Alvondo alone in the hunting club's room.
    Alvondo sat there doing nothing for a moment before placing the gun in his hand gently back into the huge case where the weapons came from. Standing up, he stretched.
    ".....New semester, huh." Mumbling to himself as he neatened up his clothes, his hand eventually reached up to the necklace he was wearing. The originally metallic coldness of the cross on his neck was warmed up by his body temperature.
    "...Evelyn, I'll get your revenge...And mine." Seeing to quietly promising to himself, Alvondo walked toward the door that led to the exit of the hunting club's room before seeming to remember something. "With a devil's help." That last words escaped him with a bit of sarcasm, even though it's true.
    Alvondo looked around to check if anybody was around him. These were the only times he would say those things, only when nobody was around, that is.

    He squinted his eyes when the brightness of the hallways suddenly overwhelmed him once he stepped out of the club room. A smile slowly grew on his face then, for a new semester was still something to look forward to. He walked down to the hallway, his footsteps light as he aimed toward the auditorium.
    "Hope we have a lot of fun."

  2. Kyou was smiling, as he adjusted his collar. He then looked around the hallways of the new Semester. "Wow, this place hasn't changed much........" He said a bit disappointed wanting something new to keep with his mind gong. He pulled his black gloves tighter, on his hands as he moved his hands back through his silver hair.

    He kept his eyes on the straight hallway, until he took his left turn and looked around until he saw a Blonde guy, with a cross necklace. He smirked and placed his hands with in his pockets. "This will be fun." He said starting to walk towards him, until Kyoutozaki was stopped by the female members of the archery and kendo club.

    "Hey Kyou-kun can you show us your famous double arrow shot."
    "No, he is going to show us his famous Kendo skills."

    He listened, to there requests he then sighed and moved his arms into a defensive position to, show that he wanted his space. "Hey now ladies there is enough oh my free time to go around after I deal with something." He told them, looking over them and keeping his eyes on The blonde. 'There is something different about him.' He said moving through the girls and up to him.

    He held out his hand to him to shake, "Hey, the names Kyou I hope you don't mind the blunt introductions but, theirs something strange about you." He said, leaning in to whisper something. "I smell, blood of a demon, on you." After he whispered he then leaned back smirking at him as he walked away with the girls following behind. "Ok, now lets first head to the archery club since they asked first." He said as he turned his head one last time leaving with a small wave.
  3. Oh boy. This place again. What was he doing here? He had nothing better to do. In fact, this was probably the best thing he could ever have done....

    He entered the grand building, with feelings of nostalgia and excitement and boredom, all at once. Memories, friends, and classes all contributed to them. A little bit of fear, not much, but that was always good. Closing his parasol, he strolled slowly down the halls, taking it all in. He had been here a few times, absolutely loved it. A place where everyone can keep a secret was surely perfect for him. Not a single person knew who he really was. Which he was happy about- he didn't want to be that anyway.

    He was hoping to see some of his friends/people that couldn't get a away from him, around. It hadn't been too long, but it was time he saw someone he knew again. Oh, the anticipation that overwhelmed him. This school was the most fun he had since he was 900,000 years old. Sure, it was a bit in a childish way- but he felt like he was aging backwards anyways.
  4. "A new semester, huh..." Ren gazed out through the arch windows, looking down at the students that were streaming into the school for the new school year. She shoved her hands into the pockets of her jacket. She glanced both sides, realizing she was alone, she sighed in relief.

    Suddenly, she felt a vibration coming from her pocket. She took out her phone and saw an unread message.

    From: Father

    Whatever you do, please take care. I still don't get why you want to find them when you know it's not worth it. And, be careful when you make friends. Love you.

    "You don't have to remind me..." she muttered to herself, shoving her phone back into her pocket, "I'm a step closer. Just you wait... I'm... I'm gonna find them, then I'll... then I'll..."

    She stopped, feeling a few tears escaping her eyes. She quickly rubbed them away and returned to her normal stance. She knew that her father thought that this was a waste of time. He always told her it was useless. She wouldn't give up. Her eyes glared out of the window, "I can do it..."

    Snapping out of her serious mode, she heard a few girls, squealing over a silver haired boy named 'Kyou-kun' or something, she couldn't hear clearly since she was at the end of the hallway. Squinting her eyes, she recognized all three of them from the Archery club. Ren, too, is from the Archery club but she always kept a low profile and practiced alone most of the time. "Well, isn't it time to go to the auditorium or something?" she asked herself. She turned on her feet and walked towards the auditorium, hoping she wouldn't get lost in the big school. It'll be a shame if she does despite the fact of being here for over a year.
  5. Arlo yawned and stretched lazily, waking up from his nap he looked around to see students entering the auditorium and taking their seats. "hmm, its the new semester already?" Arlo had completely forgotton about the ceremony and had hidden in the back of the auditorium to take a nap. Noticing several girls staring and whispering at him Arlo rolled his eyes, "sorry girls, I am too old for you." Squeaking in embarrassment the group of girls ran away. Arlo chuckled under his breath and stood up, slinging his guitar over his back Arlo looked down at his clothes. He wasnt a student but he wasnt a teacher either, so he rarely wore a uniform. Today he was wearing a wrinkled grey shirt along with black jeans. Shrugging he began to make his way to the stage since he would have to be part of the ceremony
  6. Alvondo had already caught sight of the silver-haired lad when he walked toward him. Yes, he was paused by probably some girls--you know, some guys may look like girls so he needed to make sure--and raised an eyebrow when the lad had decided to approach him first. Alvondo could sense that the other wasn't human as he got near. The familiar aura he had dealt with before caused him to identify the other as in someway related to a dragon...? It wasn't his business, so he decided not to interfere. Besides, there are thousands of different species of students in this school.
    Alvondo had paused from his walk when the lad approached him, and as he did his extreme blunt introduction Alvondo had smiled to be polite, at the same time wondering why the hell would someone just pop up and introduce himself to him.
    It wasn't until the lad, known as Kyou, mentioned he smell the blood of a devil inside of him that Alvondo had his realization, His eyes did glint a moment of coldness before it disappeared, and he watched quietly as Kyou walked away, the girls following behind him. He started to wonder then, if before this semester began he had let his guard down too much. Whatever, there's thousands of demon or devil related species out there, so Alvondo decided not to care much.
    Instead, he started to walk again, and fastened his pace before he caught up with Kyou and the girls. "Wait wait, you just gonna leave without letting me say anything? Kyou-kun, it is huh. I'm Alvondo, nice to meet you, and these girls too." Slightly bowing to them all, he chuckled before turning his attention to Kyou again. "You're right, my blood got really smelly lately huh."
    Not entirely expressing what he's trying to say, Alvondo grinned at last, then checked the time. "Ah, orientation is starting, see ya," he called out before turning around. Then aimed toward the direction of the auditorium.

  7. With his playful little smirk, Royalt made his way down the halls, to the auditorium. However, he was spacing out, busy thinking about other things and not paying enough attention, and bumped into a girl that he was at least eight inches taller than, from behind. He blinked, stumbling back a bit. He looked down at her, before grinning, raising his arms, and happily chirping,

  8. Kyou smirked as he looked and saw Alvondo come after him. "Alvondo, pretty unique name for people now a days." He said bluntly showing a blank face. When Alvondo said it was time for the orientation, he sighed and followed. "Im sorry girls we will have to wait for my demonstrations." He said bowing towards them before running off towards the auditorium.

    Because he was running pretty quickly now paying much attention, he bumps into, a girl. When he looked to apologize he saw that it was someone from the archery club he is in. "Oh im sorry." He said. Running right along not giving much more time to respond. Once he entered the auditorium, he looked and found the second year seating, and took a seat in the second row and fourth seat down.

    He let out a small stretch and yawn combination, before he let out a smile. "I guess this school year will be a lot more interesting." He said shutting his eyes looking his face up into the ceiling.
  9. While walking towards the auditorium, Ren was in deep thought, her gaze on the floor, till someone bumped into her from behind. Luckily, she didn't fall front. She stumbled a bit before turning back to look who it was. She came face-to-face with someone's chest. She took a step back from the person and looked up. She saw a grinning Royalt looking down at her. She smiled, "It's been a while, Royalt. How have you been?"

    Then, she didn't see it coming, someone bumped into her again. She got a quick glance of the person that bumped into her. It was the silver haired boy from before. Before she could reply, the boy wasn't there anymore. "I should be getting used to being bumped into by now..." she thought to herself, drawing her attention back to the taller male that stood in front of her.
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  10. Running in the hallways isn't really allowed, but nobody seemed to follow the rule neither did anybody seemed to care. Alvondo looked back with a slight chuckle when he saw the girl being bumped into twice, and with a tiny shout he called, both to her and...Royalt, recognizing him as another student council member. "Orientation's gonna start~ If you don't want to skip then hurry~!"
    After that, he finally turned his full attention into heading toward the auditorium.
    Upon entering the huge room where lots of people already sat, he walked down the aisle until he reached the section where all the student council members gathered. Yes, as student council people they had to sit together. Even though Alvondo skipped many of the meetings he at least knew this much.
    "Alvon! You're finally here." He heard some of the members greeted him, and he grinned.
    "Finally here to make a mess." He replied.
    "....You don't plan on ruining this orientation, do you?"
    "Let's leave that a mystery~"
    He probably won't, though. The student council president would kick him out if he did. Besides, he saw the substitute teacher, the head of the music band? He wasn't sure, but he did know a bit of the potential of the guitar he had with him, and would rather not mess with it too much. It might be a cool guitar, but could still carry some dangers, no?
  11. He laughed a little as the girl got bumped into again. "Heh, heh... Let's just hope you don't get run over." He chuckled. "I've been doing quite well. There hasn't been much wor-" He was cut off by the yelling student, Alvondo, making him remember where they had to be. "Ah, right. To the auditorium, shall we?" he said, beginning again down the hall, beckoning the girl to come with.
  12. He opened his eyes as he started to hear the auditorium getting full. He then looked forward, He saw the blonde Alvondo, with the student council. He snickered, 'wow he must really have some connections.' He thought to himself, looking around bored sitting there waiting for the stupid thing to do.

    His phone vibrated with in his pocket. He sighed as he eased his way out and pulled out his phone, he answered the call right out side of the auditorium. "Hello?" he asked. he sighed once again hearing the voice on the other line giving him orders. "Yeah, I know the drill." He said closing his phone and, putting it back with in his pocket standing and leaning against the door, of the auditorium.​
  13. Ren nodded, remembering where she was initially supposed to go before bumping into Royalt. "Hey, wait up." she took bigger steps to catch up. When they arrived at the auditorium, there were many students mingling and catching up with one another. She observed the new crowd of students, "What a lively group... But I still need to be careful." She scanned the auditorium for unoccupied seats. She finally found a seat a few rows behind the silver haired boy that bumped into her a while ago. She pointed at the unoccupied seats, "Shall we seat over there?"

    She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket for the second time for today. She didn't bother to check since she already knew who it was, "I'll be okay, father."
  14. He nodded with a smile, before awkwardly stopping like someone had pulled his collar back. "Ugh, actually.... I'm supposed to sit with the rest of the student council. So sorry." He muttered, glancing to the group. He looked around for a moment. "How about... Unless you had friends you were planning to sit with, I'll sit there, and you can sit there, kay~?." He said, pointing to a seat in the section he was supposed to sit in, and a empty one across the aisle from it. Without another word, or approval from the girl, he sat on the edge of the group of council members. "Hello, my dear wise, and sometimes misguided council members." He greeted.
  15. Alvondo raised an eyebrow when he saw another student council member approaching. It was Royalt, the guy that was talking to the girl early. He smiled then, waving his hand to the tall male as he greeted them.
    "Oh, it's you huh, Royalt. Abandoning the girl to sit with us?" He chuckled a little before looking back at where the girl was aiming to sit at. It was at the seat behind the silver-haired lad---which is Kyou's seat. She seemed to be hesitating about where to sit as well.
    Kyou was also from the archery club, so it was normal if the girl also wanted to sit together with him...Right?
    It was then Alvondo spotted the empty seats behind him that his eyes lit up.
    "Oh yeahhhh, that girl over there! And Kyou! You guys want to sit behind us?" The blonde yelled across the auditorium as if it was nothing, ignoring the presence of the substitute teacher that was going to start making his speech. "This way Royalt can sit with you, you can sit with Kyou, and I can have fun too." He grinned.
  16. Kyou heard what Alvondo had to say, he turned his head. Looking at the girl who he bumped into and also who was in his archery club. He looked at the empty seats and smiled and stood up. Holding out his hand towards the girl. "My lady shall we go and join the rulers of the school?" He asked smirking a bit excited being the popular, bad boy who is about to sit with the student council.

    He moved to his new seat, he then examined it. "So whats so special about these seats they got air conditioner, or massage setting right?" He asked Alvondo. He then turned to the other council member. "Im kyou and you must be?" He asked taking his seat smirking, looking around "Interesting."
  17. Arlo sighed and stood up to the podium, "Hello everyone, my name is Arlo Maupin. I am the resident substitute teacher here at the academy, I am also in charge of helping new students get acclimated so if anyone has questions feel free to see me after the presentation. Looking pointedly at Alvondo, Arlo gestured to the row of the student council members. "These here are the members of the student council, they are basically in charge of making all the important decisions that apply to students. Most of them are friendly enough so if you have any questions about the council or how to join I suggest you speak to them." Arlo looked around at the assembled students and yawned, "there are some basic rules for studying at this academy. Dating is allowed but only as long as you keep any relationships private and make sure they dont interfere with anyone else. Class is mandatory for all students, if you feel ill go see the nurse and she will give you a pass for the day. Fighting will not be tolerated on campus....but I know that some of you dont give a damn anyways so here is my proposition. If you have a disagreement with someone either settle it in one of the various combat clubs or somewhere private. Please keep it civil, if anyone gets seriously injured both parties are going to be punished me. My secondary job is to keep an eye on all of you so expect me to be loitering around the hallways. If I catch any of you skipping class or breaking rules you will have detention with me and I guarantee I am not a fun person to get angry." Wrapping up his speech Arlo looked around at the mass of students. "Any questions?"
  18. Ren looked towards the area where the student council members were sitting, having a feeling as though the question was directed to her. She watched as Kyou stood up and turned to her and offered his hand. She rolled her eyes at him and stood up, following him towards the Student Council sitting area.

    "Are you sure this is okay? We're not part of the Student Council committee." she asked, Royalt and the other student that called her and Kyou over. Not waiting for a response, she quickly took a seat behind them since the teacher was already giving his speech.

    "And, the name's Ren, by the way..." she said softly, feeling a need to tell her name, at the same time, not interrupt the teacher who was talking at the moment.
  19. He was glad to see the girl sit near them. Less so the other, but he already felt bad seeing and then suddenly abandoning. After the speech, the only thing he heard was 'Any questions?' and although he knew it was probably rhetorical, he couldn't help himself. He jumped up and raised his hand.

    "Oh, I have one!" He chirped with a unfitting smile. "What if both parties are already dead?"
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  20. Alvondo watched with a grin as Kyou and the girl walked over to the seats he had pointed to. Although some of the other student council members worried that that really wasn't allowed, he brushed it aside, saying he would deal with it.
    Upon hearing the question Kyou had asked, Alvondo only sighed a bit disappointedly. "Nope, nothing really special about these seats. Student council prez just want us to sit here so when he makes his speech and needs one of us to come up we can just leave the seat and get on stage, since we're close to it here. Oh, but these seats are a little bigger though, and a little softer? More comfortable I guess," Alvondo smiled as he said so, then turned his head toward the stage as the sub teacher made his speech, and Royalt asking a question, before noticing the girl's who just spoke up, concerning about the seats.
    "Ah, it's completely alright if you sit here! Don't worry. By the way, my name's Alvondo, what's yours?"​
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