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  1. (Yes, I'struggled. I was about to create this roleplay when I realized there's another person using an academy as the base setting. And I was struggling and rolling on my bed to see if I should create this RP then I decided whatever I should. Yes I was new to this site so I just realized that there's that academy RP...I still wanted to do this Academy RP because it's the very first RP I created on another RP site that officially brought me to the RP world. ;w;)

    Welcome to the
    Xythalia Academy
    Also known to be as the...
    Academy of Secrets

    What can't you tell the others about?

    "No matter what, people always have secrets. Big or small.
    There are those who keep it so firmly hidden that nobody ever finds out. There are those whose secrets leak quickly. There are those who will do anything to hide their secrets, in any ways, cruel or not, possible. Your friend might be the serial killer that comes out and kill each person every night. That angel you met may in fact be a devil. Ah, but you too. When I warn you, you can also be one of the 'dangerous' ones, right? Haha. Well, I guess we'll never know....Or will we?"

    Within every academy, people of all different positions roam. Ranging from students to teachers, from student council president to school guardians, etc etc, in every academy, that's how and where people work and learn.

    However, the Xythalia Academy wasn't as simple as that. Rumored and famous for being the "Academy of Secrets," it is one of the highly difficult academy to get into. It doesn't matter if you usually get super high grades or not, this academy is not a simple academy for any students.

    It is an academy for those who have secrets...And for those who have an intention, a purpose, and a reason for being in the academy.

    Are you in the Academy just to enjoy your high school life?

    Famous for being one of the best "secret-hider" academy, behind the usual happy lives students may get and wonderful types of classes and clubs for students to attend to, the academy is also where none of your secrets will be exposed to the outside once you are enrolled in this school, the Xythalia Academy is known to be as the greatest place to keep you safe...As well as the most dangerous place if you want to dig into the academy deeper and more....

    It holds the darkest, deepest secrets that people leave behind. Though the secrets may not leak to the outside, it wanders in the inside, hiding. Many students for this mere purpose enter the academy. Perhaps to seek revenge, or simply to kill someone. Perhaps he or she may just want to search for a lost love, or to search for ways to help his or her unlucky family...Perhaps the reasons are even more bizarre....

    However, there are those who enter it for the simple sake of hiding their secrets, for protection or simply to find out other's secrets and get themselves into the exciting yet dangerous adventure of secret-digging.

    Or sometimes, the school slip in those, who know nothing about the dark side of the Xythalia Academy, who get enrolled into the school not knowing a thing about these secrets....

    Which one are you?

    But of course, it's still an academy. So enjoy your life here.
    Play, eat, learn, chat, do anything you want.
    Just choose the way you're walking toward, though...
    Once you cross the line, you might never come back.

    For you never know how much a secret values to another.
    For you never know when your life will end because of a mere secret....

    Have fun.

    Alright alright! Enough of the introductions, let's get into the rules.

    Xythalia Academy School Rules:
    1. Finish all your meals! Don't waste them! Wasting foods are bad!
    2. Keep the hallways clean! Keep your dorm rooms clean!
    3. No skipping classes! No cutting classes! Well, many might break this rule but....(Allowed in RP! Obviously!)
    4. Be polite to one another! No godmoddling. If you want to curse a curse word please use "**", for example, "s**t."
    5. Well it's an academy. Can't stop people from falling in love huh? Yes, romance is allowed. NOT 18+ THOUGH!
    6. Have fun!!!!!!!!!This may be an academy with secrets but you can also just enjoy your life here!

    7. Yes, you can enter the academy through various types of different reasons, not limit to what the ssaid. ^_^
    8. Believe it or not, weapons are allowed! Not for shooting or attacking around in the school though. That's against the school rule. (Well, many might break this...Allowed in RP :P)

    More information:
    - You can be of any different types of species/creatures: vampires, werewolves, shape-shifters, angels, devils, humans, anything is fine.
    - Special powers are allowed, but please don't go overboard and resulting in godmoddling. Most is 3 special powers.
    - Yes, all types of weapons are fine as long as it's not bombs that will blow the school up.
    - You can be of any different positions in the academy--student, teachers of various types, school guardians, cleaners, student council president, etc etc etc...

    Any questions just ask :D

    Hope this RP doesn't sound boring... ;w;
    (Sorry for any grammar mistakes! ><)

    The main thing is, I want a storyline to develop properly through students and their secrets. Well, it's all up to you if a good storyline will form or not, though! :D

  2. Alright...OwO....

    Name: (First & Last name)
    Appearance:(Picture or description. Prefer drawn pictures.)
    Species:(Human? Vampire? Etc.)
    Position:(Student? Teacher? XX Club member? Etc.)
    Special Powers: (If any, or leave it blank)
    Bio/Background: (Please contain at least a paragraph of character background, with reasons why he/she enter/enrolled into this academy. In another word, he/she's secret. However, if you want to keep the "secret" or the "reason" part secret because you want the roleplayers to discover it themselves throughout the RP they can. Background info is still wanted.)
    Special features:(Tattoos? Scars? If any, or leave blank.)
    Extra:(If any, or leave blank)

    I'm sorry but if this is not how this site roleplays or do the CS ahaha my apologies. I've always been roleplaying on and this site is kind of new, yeah. If I make any mistakes let me know. Thank you very much :3

    I don't know if roleplayers on this site do this, but roleplayers who want to roleplay more than 1 character in a rp is welcome. Just less than 3 please.
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  3. Hooray! I always love special academy roleplays. I look forward to this.

    Oh, and I guess I reserve a spot.

    But actually- I feel this needs a special request.

    Can my character secretly be the god of death?
  4. Name: Ren Kazuya

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Position: Student, member of Archery club

    Age: 17

    Stands at 5'3 / 160cm

    Has a habit of carrying sharp objects like knives or scissors.

    Ren has a habit of mumbling to herself a lot. She usually has a frown on her face, which automatically makes people think she is sad, which she isn't. She is an introvert and observant person. I guess you could say, she's always there but you just don't realize her. Some people would consider her a heartless and cold person by the first look but she is actually a kind soul that needs to get out of her shell. She can be stubborn sometimes. While facing a dilemma, she would start getting panicky. She speaks in a polite manner. Sometimes, her actions might have a hint of a sadistic streak she has in her, but she isn't really a hardcore sadist.

    Being forced to grow up quickly at an early age, Ren led a not-so-comfortable lifestyle. Her mother left the family with her twin brother when she was 4 and she grew up wishing her brother would be back. Her father was rarely home as he works to support the two of them. Therefore, she was raised by her neighbor who was kind enough to take care of her. Before attending Xythalia Academy, she was curious as to where her mother's and brother's whereabouts were, but was told by her father to not bother about them. Thus, being the stubborn person she is, she hung around the areas where the rumors of the towns people would be spread around. There, she heard her mother ran off with her brother to marry a yakuza boss.

    Wanting to find her mother and twin brother without being noticed, she enrolled herself to Xythalia Academy, knowing that if anyone knows she's tracking down the yakuza group, her father would be killed by said group. A year before she entered the school, she heard that her twin brother joined the gang. This made her more determined to find them. Her father questions why she would want to find her mother and brother. She would always leave that question unanswered. She tends to keep to herself, afraid that anyone she meets might have a connection to the yakuza group she is hunting down.

    Special features:
    If she gets close to anyone, she likes to show a scar (which she got by accident) that is at the back of her right hand, it hasn't disappeared since she was eleven. She would start off by showing her hand to the person and says, "Do you wanna know how I got this scar?". There's isn't anything special about this scar but it's the only scar she thinks looks cool.

    She enjoys observing people and their actions. She is skilled at knife throwing and archery, which she learned from her neighbor. Good at aiming. She enjoys listening to rock music.
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  5. Name: Meira Shadowbrand
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Species: Nightvein
    Position: Student
    Weapon: Knowledge
    Special Powers:
    Aspect of Shadow - While mortal form remains in one location, the spirit separates from it's body in the form of a shadowy mass, which often appears to be slimy and pulsating with a bluey red light.
    Aspect of Flesh - Immortal spirit becomes a visage of rage, growing large and somewhat spiky. Some of these spikes erupt into the mortal world in the form of crystals of crimson and black, acting like a very scary weapon.
    Aspect of Chaos - Immortal Spirit completely sheds mortal shell, and reveals itself as a demonic form constructed of blood and darkness. After the aspect is over, the spirit constructs a new shell from the shed one. Usually this form is the same as the old one, but sometimes she changes it just to keep it fresh.
    Personality: Meira, like all young Nightvein, is sadistic and cruel, however she can also show compassion. She enjoys watching other people suffer, and her chosen abilities reflect this.
    Bio/Background: Meira is a young Nightvein - On their time scale she is still a juvenile, however, she has been alive for about 500 human year measures. As such, her mortal form must also be of a similar relative age, about 16. While she can technically change it to be of any age, doing so would mean she lost her position on the Nightvein Council and as a result lost all Nightvein powers, the only one remaining being immortality. As Nightveins have evolved far beyond simple concepts, they long ago stopped using gender or birthright to organise ranking, relying on simple experience for that. The older you are, the more authority you have. For this reason, any number of features can be changed on the mortal form, except for age. She despises this as it is quite obvious that she is the most powerful Nightvein born in the last couple of millenia - the last one took the guise of a prophet in Israel around the time of the founding of Christianity. Somehow, he was defeated by his own disciples. No one knows how. It is rumoured that he gave up his Nightvein form for a love interest. Meira thinks she should be the queen of the Nightvein race, but as she is still young she cannot assume the position. As a result she brought herself to the Academy where she decided to take up the knowledge trade, specifically dealing in the most tight locked secrets. She knows she can put a hefty price on the accumulation of that. Her own secret? Well that's a secret.
    Special features: The headdress she sometimes wears can be taken off like a mask, however, while on, it grows to encompass the whole head, in the form of a demonic skull.
    Extra:(If any, or leave blank)
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  6. @TakedaXxXKaori accepted :) I forgot to mention this in the CS tho, is she human or something else? And also is she a student? Or also some club member? I forgot to add species and position in the CS my mistake
    @Violon 'Cello' I guess it's fine, as long as he or she is not over powerful without a bit of weakness and can beat everyone up resulting in got modeling it's fine. Looking forward to your character.

    My character:
    Name: Alvondo Valdonzo (Alvon)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Devil's servant, though originally human he had some devil powers and blood in him
    Position: Student/Hunting club top member/Student council member(but rarely goes for meeting)
    Weapon: As a hunting club member he has a variety of choices, but he prefers daggers and knives. He's also good at hand to hand combat and fighting skills
    Special Powers: He can heal faster than others, and his speed and strength is also faster and a bit inhuman. However, once attacked by the heart his powers weakened. One last power is that he can erase his aura and causes people to barely notice him or difficult to find him. This is a power granted by the devil to him, for he is also an assassin.
    Personality: He isn't one of those good students in class. Well, not exactly bad either. He is just quite "playful" and even a bit naughty or jerky. However, that doesn't mean he's a total jerkass and people dislike him...He has a nice and gentle side, and though he may tease people and bother them he meant no real harm most of the time. Quite lighthearted and easygoing, many people befriended him and he's a good friend unless you get to his other side. Despite his cheerfulness he is also mysterious. He has friends but not exactly close. Alvondo doesn't like it when people start to question who he is and his background. That's almost like stepping into his "other side"....Yes, as a devil's servant, though he rarely shows it he can also be cold hearted, sadistic and even cruel. He's actually cold in nature, hating a lot of things. He doesn't really show mercy in his character. If one question too much about him he can suddenly turn cold, with an icy smile or not depends. Alvondo is not stubborn--he can be sly and tricky. However, if he finds people he truly treasures his real gentle side can show and will do anything to protect those he thought precious...Though he can appear strong and tough, his mind is actually weak, with a soft side he rarely shows.
    Taken away during war time to a laboratory, Alvon was tore from his family and friends, and forced to become a test subject in the laboratory for war usage. Suffering quite lots from being tested and could get to the level of torture, Alvon's heart lightened up when he met a girl, also another test subject. They gradually became close, and despite being tested, bullied and mocked, they had each other. Time passed and Alvon and the girl developed more feelings to each other, becoming their only support in the laboratory.
    However, it didn't last forever. As the war reached its peak, the kingdom was losing. Not wanting to lose, the government came up with the bizarre idea of creating human weapons, where humans would be enhanced and act like a robot. The girl and Alvon became the text subjects for the experiment.
    They tried to escape, but failed. Struggling effortlessly as they were experimented, the result became Alvon's greatest nightmare....The scientists failed. The girl, being experimented first, became a monster like lunatic instead of an enhanced human robot. Alvon watched as the scientists running away from their own creation. He in a huge panic and confusion of both wanting to escape and save the girl, didn't run away like others, Instead, he fought with her, only to result in a stab to his right eye...
    The girl, lost in conscience and physical shape, at last collapsed upon herself and died.
    Seeing this, going through this, Alvon had been so close to committing suicide when anger overtook him, and extreme hatred. He wanted revenge, he had enough of suffer in his life, and losing the only one he loved. But he was powerless, what should he do?
    It wasn't until a mysterious figure appeared in front of him that Alvon looked up.
    Yes, it was a devil. At the most hopeless and emotional moment the devil had heard him. A contract was created, and it was that he would become the devil's servant and did as what he was told, in exchange for the devil's assistance in helping him revenge. He changed from a human to devil's servant, and at last enrolled in Xythalia Academy both to follow the devil's order and to find out more of the scientists and the laboratory he came from, keeping his past and true identity secrets.
    Special features: Because of the contract with the devil, his right eye that was stabbed turned into a devil's eye, so he had one eye red other blue.
    Extra:Has surprisingly a childlike side where he can blush and act like a tsundere. He likes cakes and black tea, hates veggies.
    He often wore a necklace of a cross with him. It was a gift that the girl had given him when they were still at a laboratory--a gift that proved their friendships. Alvondo still wore the necklace every day, indeed precious to him.

    Geez I typed too much again. Might do some edits later.
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  7. hmmm...interesting. Lemme think something up so gimme a bit.
  8. Name: Kyoutozaki westin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Species:Half demonic dragon.
    Position: Student and archery club's and kendo's top dog
    Weapon: He prefers using a bow, or a Japanese style katana.
    Special Powers:

    spiritual flame: The demon half of him as the ability to create and manipulate flames around his body.

    Dragonic senses: his five sense are enhanced.

    Dragonic flames: these flames are a bit different, they erupt from his finger tips, and they are the color of black, these flames do not burn humans or holy beings but they will harm demonic creatures.

    He is hot headed, a bit of a loner and has a very dark aura around his body, he like to get into fights a lot and that's why he likes the kendo team more then the archery team.

    He was made fun of, as a kid for being a half breed between demons and humans. This caused a great darkness to lerk in his heart. once he got 13 he started to hunt, with a bow and fight with a sword, he trained long and hard to fight for himself. There is not much more to say about his young childhood. he joined this school to find out more about the people within this academy. He has heard rumors of some of the students with in the school through underground people. Thats why he joined and is now searching for answers.

    Special features:He has a black dragon tattoo all along his back.
    EXTRA: i know my Bio is not long but i never do long bio's I prefer to leak out his bio through the role play.
  9. @shinakawolf nice. Yes you can leak the bio out through RP. Accepted :)
    @dunruffle looking forward to your character. :)
    @Raitoningu you'll edit it...Right? ^^
  10. ok cool and thanks for the accept, i look for role playing with everyone
  11. Name: Royalt Valse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 125,000
    Show Spoiler
    Topwhite.jpg Doesn't actually wear a monocle. Or cape. Tall but slender.
    Sometimes wears a white long coat when cold, or a black long coat when mourning, planning to kill someone, or collecting a soul.

    Species: God of Death
    Position: Student, Student Council Member
    Weapon: He always carries around a parasol, which hides a rapier sword in it.
    Special Powers: Interacting with souls, the dead, undead, heavenly beings, hellish beings, etc., practically invincible (Mortals would seem to have trouble with him), heightened senses. Note that myths and legends say he can kill with a single touch, which he uses to his advantage, but in reality, isn't true.

    Personality: Has a extremely friendly, kind, and eccentric demeanor. Constantly smiling, he tries to make whoever he's around happy. He is extremely compassionate, happy when others are happy and sad when others are upset or angry. It's nearly impossible to get him angry. However, he sometimes seems distant and lonely. He absolutely hates being the God of Death, having to take souls and making sure the mechanism that is death is working. He becomes very depressed when planning to take a life. He often times tries to make people who will die soon ready for it. When he does happen to get solemn, which isn't often, he will be very quiet and sincere, yet firm.

    Bio/Background: When he came into existence, he originally war black robes and carried around a scythe. back then, he merely saw it as a job, and was very inconsiderate. He was very close with the God of Life (Cough cough someone wanna play that?) - Yet, he still was inhumane, and even killed off great masses of people for the fun of it. However, he had been broken when his friend had left, and he became lonely, starting to be around humans, and became sympathetic and fond of them, eventually acting like them. He changed his dress style to a white coat and top hat, hiding the fact he was Death and letting him mostly start again. He came to the academy out of interest, taking his mind off his duties and into a place of secrets. He still hopes that one day he can see his friend and make things right again.

    Extra: Favorite color is magenta, likes cake and mangos, dislikes death and raisins.
  12. Name: Arlo Maupin
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Species: ghoul
    Position: Substitute teacher and head of the music club
    Weapon: his guitar

    Special Powers: Arlo can control sound waves. His guitar is an enchanted item that can emit a wide range of sounds, letting Arlo literally be a one man band. The guitar changes its appearance to match his mood or the music he is playing.

    Carefree and easy going, would rather sit back and let other people fight. He is friendly to new people and likes mooching off people. But if someone manages to make him really mad he will lose control and revert back to his feral undead nature.

    Arlo is undead, he is not a mindless zombie but an intelligent ghoul. You would not realize he is dead unless you checked for a heartbeat or he survived a normally fatal wound. His main diet is dead flesh, which he disguises as various hand made sandwiches. He came to the academy several years ago, when he graduated he was too lazy to go out and find a job so he became a resident of the academy. While not officially a teacher, Arlo's main duties are to help new students and fill in for any teachers. He is also the unofficial peacekeeper of the academy, since it is not uncommon for there to be violent disturbances, he helps either break up the fights or end them before they get out of hand.

    Special features:
    Arlo can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement. At low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, while high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans but can be used for sonar-like effects. Since sound vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and any form of medium, defense by using physical barriers is difficult. The vibrations can also affect at a molecular level.

    likes: naps, music, free stuff
    dislikes: troublesome students, long hours
  13. CS:Name: Sara Vangaurd
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Species: Human
    Position: Student
    Weapon: N/A
    Special Powers: Pyromancy (The ability to control fire.)
    Personality: She is nice and kind, she loves tea and is always trying to make the people around her feel better. When she is angry, she will lash out on someone and sometimes she doesn't know her own strength but all round she is gentle.
    Bio/Background: Sara grew up in Brooklyn, New york. She had a brother named Flann and her mother's name was Malissa, her father left the family at a young age. When she was 5, she was able to control a small bit of flame. Then soon after she burned down the apartment building her family lived in. When she was 7 Sara was put into an orphanage. She moved from parent to parent each one she burned down the house in pure rage. Then no one would take her. At the age of 12 she went on the road... She has been running away ever since and no one knows why. And then she found the academy of secrets.. A place where she will be accpeted for once.
    Special features: she has the tattoo of a flame on her right hand.
    Extra:(If any, or leave blank)
  14. wait for me at least! I'll have finished my app in the next 24 hours and if I havent then idk... sue me or something.
  15. God of life sounds fun to play. Hum.... Would you like the god of life to be a male or female or either, Violin? That matter, is it OK to have a god of life in this rp too?
  16. @Yokura Yes as long as, as stated before, he/she is not so powerful that it's godmoddling.

    @Dr.Roleplay accepted :)

    @Raitoningu Alright :P Will be waiting for you then.
  17. i am perfectly ready to start the role play
  18. ((Whoo Accepted I am ready tos tart the roleplaya s soon as raitoningu is done.