The Academy (A somewhat Vampire Acadmey rp?)

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  1. Ideas for ‘The Academy’

    Some of this will sound like the Moive/book which it is but i change a few things up

    Humans: They are their but we don’t really care about them unless they are the food bankers. You know that Vampire crazies person that want to be bitten and may have went missing. Yeah them.

    Moroi: they are the nicer vampires they control Earth Wind fire and water and other elements but Ill get to that later. They also don’t have super speed and supper strength. They drink blood and NO THEY DON’T SPARKLE!

    Strigoi: BAD VAMPIRES; The ones the Moroi are protected from. It takes 5 of Dhampir’s best to hold one down. Also they are not dumb they are smart in some way. They mostly follow someone’s order.

    Dhampir: the protectors of the moroi, Halflings. And no they don’t drink blood and no they don’t have super strength or super speed. No VAMPIRE has this. They don’t choose their Moroi and the Moroi does not choose them. They are chosen but faith that’s it that’s all.

    Other races but we don’t care about:
    Witches and warlocks: they use dark or light magic.
    Werewolves: they turn into Dogs at night..... I mean Wolfs at night
    I think that’s it.

    With the Moroi society altering their leaders from 13 royals families. They secretly made a school hidden away from human and Strigoi society. Deep in Romania somewhere (didn’t see that coming did you..... you probly did whatever.) soon after it was build many of the royals families children went to that school and many non royals came as well. Many years have pasted and the school is still running but now two new students are coming. And they will shock the school.... I hope.
    This is a school drama, romance is allowed there can be sex but Just don't detail on the group also finish it in Pm but follow the rules please anyways it also has mystery and drama. WHAT! this IS like High school people their going to be drama even if your Vampire.

    The Families/Govermanet:
    Names of families anbd About them: Coming soon. I DON"T KNOW ANYMORE

    Dhampir Ranks:
    Writen: their are ranks. by the way once you get this abilty it stay with you
    Ultra: When your an ultra is a extramly rare case. their are not many of them. maybe only 2 or 3 of them still live. the only reason of this is because they are like the first to be Taget. dracula had this.
    -See what the vampire see (it can't be controled so you never know what happens when its going to happen)
    -feel thir feelings (one way. So if the vampire feels sad your going to feel sad)
    -Feel pain (one way again so if you feel pain the vampire will not feel it but if the vampire does feel pain you will feel pain)
    Master: not comman but commen. they also are the last stop no more learning but you still train (atound 40 of them) (also you don't have to be an adlut to have this)
    -Some maigic your vampire does will come to you. cool right. so if your Vampire is a fire vampire you can use fire. and so on and so on.
    Path: Path are just people still learning
    -teleapathic (both ways. vampire and D)
    Rokie: Just found your Vampire
    -you just started you only get to feel where your vampire is. (ex: if you get lost from the vampire in the school for a stupid reason your just walking and poof you just find the vampire.)

    Introduces: Coming soon
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  2. I'll be looking forward to this.
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  3. VAMPIRE ACADEMY! *fangirls*

    I remember Tarus, Dragomir, Ozera, Ivashkogv, Drozdov, Dashkov...Sezelsky... I think...and...Conta, Lazar, Badica. Two are missing, but I don't remember witch ones. X3
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  4. hahaha lolz yeah i was like watching the movie not relizing it was the book till i got to the somewhat sex part and i was like Holy shit im dumb.
  5. I have more things to add to this once it is added I will Make the real thing Alright Childern Now wait for me!
  6. This sounds amazing!
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  7. wow I should make more info Rp more oftent! XD this is the fist time I done soemthing like this!
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  8. Amazing! Looking forward to the rp.
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  9. *Falls to the floor dying* Need help Can't find 13 or 14 names last names (really good last names) for the family's and it needs to be from different Country's *Dies*
  10. Pm me and I will get back to you later. I'm really good with names
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  13. No really I want to Make a group for this Because Like hey I can keep track a stuff.

    Anyways WHen the 'you can't make groups' thing stops I'm going to make a group and I'm going to have the finishing toches over there is you don't like something in the group tell me asap.

    Thank you for staying with me!

    By the way you can have yaoi and yari characters I SUPPORT EVERYTHING!!!!!! Crossdresser go for it! no gender (people who like to be called z or something like that) go for it.
  14. I really like this. o.o
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  15. Thanks ^^ I just need to wait for stuff to stop stoping me from making a group >.>
  16. xD I think a lot of people share your pain
  17. this looks cool (can't believe I didn't see it sooner) are there still spots open? :]
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  18. Very interested in this as well! Loved the books , own them all of course! Lol not so much the movie. But I look forward to this
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