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  1. The frigid wind whipping through the high mountain peaks are stinging your exposed skin as you slowly and stiffly make your way to the fabled Academic's Retreat. Since the time when the air grew bad and the water murky, humanity had slowly let go of most modes of transportation, preferring the cheaper and more dependable draft animals and their own two legs. You start to wonder about the wisdom of such a decision, though, as horses cannot go where you are headed safely, and only your state of the line holographic transmitter is between you and a frozen and horrible death, all alone and forgotten.

    Your dark thoughts leave you soon, however, as you finally take in the place where you got through all this trouble to find; an unique learning institute teaching those from fourteen years of age to those of twenty how to get to the top of the food chain of this harsh and cruel world, will this become your destiny as well? You hope so, for going back home do not seem like an option at all, you are freezing and exhausted.

    Through a long and ancient bridge you go, and after what seems like years you are in a small antechamber, a touchscreen computer waiting for you, ingrained in the rough stones of this massive hold of knowledge. As you approach it, words in the most commonly known of languages, Adamese, come to life upon the glassy surface of the screen.

    Welcome to the Academic's Retreat, traveler.

    Please complete the following questionnaire:


    Age: (We must remind you that all entrants must be in their fourteenth year of life and will only leave on their twentieth birthday should they be accepted.)
    Reason for seeking entrance:
    Strongest Point:
    Greatest Weakness:

    Appearance: (Please remove anything hiding your face from the screen and wait for the camera to go off.)

    Completed, thank you for your time, please enter the antechamber and wait for either your acceptance or refusal, have a good day.
    The screen then got dark and still as a small door opened into a faintly lit room beyond. What may happen next, you could only guess...

    As you approach the room, strange writings appears on the wall, in an unknown language of old.


    At least a good paragraph per post, please!

    Post only one decisive action, no more, no less, per posting cycle, I shall give you the result at the start of the next cycle.

    Please try to use good spelling and grammar, I don't expect perfection, but no l33t ot text talk!

    Be polite OOC.

    Have fun!

    Note that this will be a shade of grey world, and will have quests and stats, just know that these will be introduced in the prologue... or tutorial if you prefer.
  2. Name: Yuna Hatashi

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Reason for seeking entrance: To better herself and become the best at all she does.

    Strongest Point: Yuna can find a creative way to solve even the hardest of her problems.

    Greatest Weakness: Yuna is easily pressured when she has to make tough choices, or choose a side in arguments.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  3. Excellent, the only tweak to make is they all start as 14 years old, but accepted and cute pic!
  4. Sorry about that, must have pressed the wrong button, but I fixed it.
  5. Nothing to worry about, here we go, accepted!
  6. Name: Annaliece Decarion​
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Reason for seeking entrance: Annaliece strives to improve every aspect of what she does, from ice skating to her general lack of social prowess.
    Strongest Point: She's almost always cheerful, and her mood tends to be infectious.
    Greatest Weakness: Annaliece isn't very sociable. Despite her cheerful personality, she's also shy, and will quickly search for a way out if she's confronted by someone she doesn't know.​

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Annaliece has unusually good instincts. Despite her inability to read a map, she tends to pick the correct route on guesswork alone. As well, she catches cold easily, but this doesn't hinder her much.
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  7. Name: Catalin Scott

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Reason for seeking entrance: She feels stuck in a rut and wants new challenges in her life. She hopes this school will help her grow and shape her into a respectful women.

    Strongest Point: She's very strong willed and motivated, she loves a good challenge and won't give up.

    Greatest Weakness: Has a leadership/superiority complex, she always has to take charge and can't stand to let anyone else lead because she "knows how it should be done".


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  8. Accepted, welcome :)!
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  9. Profile done. Had to change themes so I could see the skeleton lol.
  10. Accepted, Wolf :)!
  11. Say, could I add in a couple extra details, or are those reserved for the RP itself?
  12. Sure, go ahead!
  13. Is this still open?
  14. I'm fairly certain it still is. But I'm no GM. ^_^
  15. The creator of this roleplay has self deleted her account! D: This has been moved to the graveyard.
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