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Does this role play sound interesting?

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  1. So this is a story about a demon and a human who fell in love with one another. Despite the demons reputation, he loved her more than life itself. It was then that the war between demons and angel began forcing the human to watch from the side lines. She watched the slow destruction of the love of her life. He became very cold toward her and when she tried to pry inside, he would hit her afraid of her getting too close. This caused her to run to his best friend. They both knew something was off with him and they tried to talk to him but it was pointless. After a while, the two started dating. The human was pregnant with the demon's child but she was too afraid to tell him. After months of constant fighting, it was in the final stretch against the angel lord and the demon lord(her boyfriend). She couldn't let this progress any further. She went to the battlefield and right before the final strike, she got in between the two of them, the love of her life's blade plunging into her stomach. Right there, she lost everything.

    She fell into his arms, blood spilling out of her mouth. The demon was crying, begging her not to leave him. He couldn't lose her. The angel man took pity on them and asked if he truly loved the girl. The demon said yes. The angel cut his hand and poured his blood into the human's mouth right before she went limp. After about ten minutes, she slowly opened her eyes. The demon had never been so happy in his life but the girl stood up and approached the angel lord, beautiful white angel wings ripping through her skin. The now angel girl said she was leaving for the angel realm. The demon couldn't believe it and said how much he loved her but she wouldn't hear any of it. She said he should have thought of that before he hurt her. She left for the angel realm and quickly became a well respected angel who fought hard to protect the angel race. She also protected the demons from harm and worked on getting stronger for years before creating a realm for the demons. However, the realm drained her of all of her powers and within minutes, she collapsed. The angels tried to bring her back but she was gone.

    A hundred years later, the demon hates his ex girlfriend and everytime she reincarnates, he tried to hunt her down but is never able to kill her before she dies. Its finally present day and he's living with a close friend of his who's actually an angel who is betraying his own kind for his master who saved his life. When they find out about a seventeen year old human girl living in New York City who is the next reincarnation of his ex lover, he moves there and they start going to school with her. It turns out the human girl is more beautiful than any human girl they've ever seen and is almost the exact replica of his ex lover making him hate her even more. It turns out, she is being bullied and suffers from depression and anxiety. Her mother abandoned her after her father left her pregnant mother. She currently jumps from foster family to foster family. Not to mention, people have bullied her her entire life. She has never really had many friend. Despite this, she never stops smiling. She didn't let anything let her down, despite her constant loneliness. She was the perfect girl

    The demon hated her but pretended to be friends with her. He just needed to get close to her so he could end her life. Not like anyone would miss her. Her current foster dad was an abusive alcoholic and her foster mom was a pushover. Every time, he tried to kill her he couldn't. He would hesitate which would finally bring the girl to finding out her true identity, that was she was actually a direct descendant of his ex lover. After a while, the two end up falling in love. The human girl even accepted him killing her a couple of times but every time, he couldn't. She was the bravest girl he's ever met.

    Note: There's more to this story but I want to focus on the love between the demon and the human girl. This is a story that I started writing a while ago but abruptly stopped and couldn't get back into writing it but I like the plot. Oh and this story will begin when the two met. I just figured I should add stuff that happens afterwards. Message me if you want to begin it with me. First comes first serve. If I've already found someone, but you still want to do it we can do it through messages.

    Demon guy: Phoenix/Adrian(Me)
    Angel friend: Orion(Me)
    Human girl: Violet(Role player)
    Human girls friends(Role player)
    Angel girl/Ex lover of Phoenix: Amaranthine

    So yeah, I think that's it. -shrugs-
  2. Violet smile walking down the busy streets of New York City happy to be heading to school again as she like it. Her blue jeans with black boots and a white coat she had on was shining as the sun shined on the snow around as she approach the school.
    Smiling she walk up and sat on a bench to sketch the view of the city from the school her long red hair is in a side braid and she never stop smiling despite how bad her life has been from being bullied to abused in foster homes and being moved around. She always hope if she is happy then nothing will bring her down and she can do anything.
  3. Phoenix stopped his car in front of the school. He drove an expensive car that he managed to get by hypnotizing the car dealer. He got out, his long silver hair sparkling in the sunlight. Girls stared at him as they walked past and started to whisper about him, almost immediately. He took off his sunglasses, his mysterious silvery eyes practically piercing through anyone that he looked at. He glanced around at all the staring faces. His eyes met Violet's only to move to the next girl's. Orion, his clumsy best friend, stumbled after him. "Sire, remember were just here for the girl."

    Phoenix let out a laugh and glanced in his direction. "Doesn't mean I can't have fun." He smirked as he waved at some girls staring at him. He wore a black shirt, black skinny jeans, and black combat boots but they were covered by his black cloak. He always dressed to impress. He thought hard about his outfit every morning. He was sometimes a Goth lord, a vampire wannabe, or sometimes he just dressed comfortably but no matter what he wore, it was all to impress someone. "Remember, my name is Adrian and yours is Ryan," he whispered and then noticed his friend tense up. He stopped, pulling him to the side. He touched his cheek, running his hand through his friend's blond hair. "You can always go home if your nervous."

    "No, sire. I told you I would stand by your side no matter what and that's what I'm going to do," replied Orion his sparkling blue eyes smiling at Phoenix who just smiled in response before walking through the front door of the school. He walked into the front office, grabbed their schedules before heading to their first class. He approached a young girl and said in his very thick British accent "do you know where room... 210 is?" She quickly blushed and hurried off, leaving Phoenix watching her in pure curiosity. "Human's are weird."
  4. Violet walk into the office she give a note on why she was late yesterday. She then turn seeing Phoenix and walk up smile. "Hi I'm heading to 210 if you want to follow your more welcome to" she said softly and walk out held the door waiting. "Come on I don't bite" she giggle
  5. Phoenix smirked and said "I think you should be more worried about me biting. The names Adrian by the way. Ryan and I just moved here from England. New York is so different than my hometown." He snickered. Ryan walked beside Phoenix, keeping up easily. When they got to the class, he asked "and what is your name?
  6. "Awesome. I never been to England is it nice?" She giggle at what he said trying to bite her. "Your funny Adrian" she smile and nodded at Ryan. She sat down by the window and said softly "violet welcome to New York oh and if you want to eat in class you have to share with the teacher if she want some and only water aloud but if you have a dark cover cup you can sneak soda in here and drink that or coffee" she smile taking her books out. She took her jacket off and scar on her arm is shown from a knife.
  7. Phoenix snickered and said "yeah." When she was talking about the class rules, he smiled at her and replied "I'm sure I will figure it out." He leaned back in his desk, glancing at Orion who was passed out on his desk. "Already?" He sighed but when the teacher walked in, he sat up. She was rather cute. He snickered. This class wouldn't be so bad. He started writing in his notebook. It was just random sketches. Orion looked up, rubbing his eyes sleepily but then he quickly stood up. Adrian glanced at him and asked "what is it?" Orion looked around at all the snickering students. "I found her, sire!" Adrian cleared his throat and said "shut up, you idiot!!" He punched him in the back of the head, annoyed with his behavior. "We will talk about it later..." He looked out into the distance, visions of Amaranthine flashing through his head. He remembers everything about her. Her smile, her laugh, her innocence... he especially remembered the pain stricken face she made as he blade went through her stomach and the hate she showed him afterwards. He glanced at Violet for probably the first time and stopped what he was doing. He hadn't really looked at her since they met. He had other things on his mind but what he saw wasn't a normal high school girl. It was Amaranthine. He remembered the day they met and remembered the kind smile she gave him. "An... exact... image."
  8. Violet took notes and blush seeing him look at her. She smile at him and wrote a note and handed it to him. It read "you alright? Your staring at Me" she smile and giggle quietly. She sat back and the teacher put a movie on and she started watching it and ended up dozing off being tired.
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