The Abyss

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  1. The sound of a thousand heavy locks being released at the same time echoed and ranged throughout all the population wards. Once the echoing ceased, a loud but heavy male or female voice came over the speaker phones. "Hello, and welcome to another day in The Abyss. It's now 6:00. All inmates need to be up in fifteen minutes or else." The voice warned heavily and coldly, and then came to an abrupt stop. The the eerie silence and looming punishment wandered in the air. The sounds of creeks and metal sliding slowly began to fill the emptiness of sound.

    A usual morning schedule in The Abyss, The sound of the unlocking doors accompanied by the guard's harsh voices. And an occasional public demonstration of the one or two of the inmates that may have overslept. Guards typically gave a an oversleeping inmate a good one minute beat down, which was extreme. Most Inmates spend the day in the infirmary after such an experience. The guards, or the what the inmates would refer to the monsters, are brutal and unmerciful in their punishments. Even the smallest of offences could get some physical discipline from them. Although if the inmates are good boys and girls, most of the guards didn't bother them too much. Most being the key term. Some were out to pick and prod at the inmates, making sure they weren't too lax and reminding them where they were...and what they were worth.

    But today was no day out of the ordinary, it was slightly cloudy, chances are it might rain. The weather may force outside jobs for inside maintenance, but no shift in the day. Breakfast is served bright and early at 6:45, and from there it's straight to the job. Then a break for lunch at 12:40, and work ends at 3:55. After work is free time, and during free time inmates are allowed to wander within the perimeter of the center island or of their population ward. Though, even though today seems to be nothing special, will it hold anything special for you?

    (Okay, now, take from the beginning post as you will. I've already presented a number of things you could have happen, first post first serve on what kinda happens. Though, Your first post may be a bit lengthy, considering it will describe from how you woke up till free time. But, don't do anything after reaching free time. Let everyone post and then we'll go from there.)

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    Caithly slept on her right side facing right to the wall while hugging her blanket as close as she could. Her blonde hair fell over messily, covering half of her pretty face. As soon as the sound of unlocking doors reached her ears, Caithly awakened from her sleep, yawning lazily before she got up and made her bed. The horror of those who overslept crossed her dark gray eyes when she took herself to the bathroom. She quickly cleaned her whole body, washing her hair, and dressed up. Wearing her prisoner's uniform, she tied her hair into ponytail and rushed to the kitchen. She was quiet early, but she knew that being early would much better than being late here.

    Caithly was ready with her apron on and waiting for the chef to come. Finally she saw middle-aged man walking inside with chef hat on his bald head. She quickly followed him and nodded as he gave the instruction. The chef took a glance at Caithly, throwing playful smile and faint wink. Caithly just responded with polite smile, revealing her tiny dimples, then hurried to do her job. It was not the first time that the chef tried to flirt with her, well not only him anyway. But, Caithly tried her best to avoid any contact with those men, mostly responded with polite smile and walked away for she didn't want to end up having physical relationship with them. Some men even yelled unpleasant words to her, but she ignored them constantly, hoping they would get tired and stop which until now it hadn't stopped. Well, one thing that made her felt safe, she thought that the guards wouldn't let things, like rape, happened here.

    Menu in The Abyss was never delicious food, mostly just plain soup and some meat for energy as lunch while for breakfast mostly just bread and half glass of milk. However, it still needed some preparation for it would be served to thousand prisoners. Her job was at its busy peak when it came to eat time. While the rest of it just simply preparing food for the next eat time. It was indeed tiring, but at least cooking was her hobby and it didn't need too much muscle.

    Even she just got at The Abyss for 2 months, Caithly did her job properly. She remembered the location of kitchen utensils and she knew exactly what she must did just like the chef's instruction. Since she just promoted to chef's assistant, now Caithly usually helped the chef to coordinate the rest of prisoners, making sure that everything was in its place and the food was enough. Sometimes, Caithly would still helping with the cooking and cleaning for it's better for her to have something to do instead of just watching them work.

    Finally after the busy hour, Caithly had time to rest her body. The dishes was still there, but at least the lunch time had passed. Fixing her messy hair, Caithly stood up and went to clean the dishes just like she used to do. She clenched her teeth as the cold water touched her hands, water in The Abyss was always as cold as ice. She really missed warm water in bathtub at times like this. After she finished, the clock was already at 3.15. Caithly stretched her body and rubbed her neck to release the tension. Unknowingly, the chef was standing behind her, clearing his throat before tapping at Caithly's shoulder, "I can help you to relax your body," he said while grinning like a creep. Caithly startled and quickly made distance with him while bowing nervously, "That's okay, I... I can do it myself, thank you for your concern," she smiled and rushed to the bathroom, hoping that it would be free time soon.
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    Lilith barley got any sleep last night. Not like she could, she was busy in her own world. Her new world. Yet, she wasn’t as tired as she’d thought she’d be. Was she excited or afraid? Maybe a mixture of both. The guards at the Abyss was no joke. Sadistic creatures. When first arriving, she’d thought she’d be greeted by the Warden, instead was greeted from the sight of guards beating an inmate. She was at loss of words, not bothering to say anything and followed the rest of the new inmates. Being yelled at where they would stay, where they would eat, where they would shit. We’d be designated to our jobs in the morning. 06:00. Too early. Inmates were pointed out a window, another island, which is where we’ll be working. Also free time. They were connected by carriers. “Oh, that’s so cool.” She said. “It reminds of this one movie, where the aliens were…” she trailed off. One of the guards glared her down as a warning. It’s best to stay silent for now.

    She rubbed her eyes, so itchy. She jumped up and stretched, bending over touch her toes, arms behind her head, pulling her elbows down. Once done she grabbed her rag and tooth brush and went to the bathroom. At least they were kind enough to stay clean. Breakfast was… bad but it was better than nothing.

    She was guided to a nurse’s office, being told what was expected, and as expected tend to wounded. They gave her a rolling chair and she sat and clapped, smiling, as if a child. There was a guard (well looked like one) posted outside, he didn’t mind too much of her. Yet she talked non-stop her entire working hours. She had gotten more patients that she thought she would and continued to path them up, while talking of course. She even made lots of new… uh… buddies. Yeah. That.

    “I wish I had some magazines. You know the one with the celebrities having affairs and such.”

    “Have you seen this one movie about a boy being raised by his single father and the son gets kidnapped and the father meets this woman…”

    “You ever watch the show ‘Pretty Women’? ...No? Great show, I starred in it.” Liar.

    “I use to be an actor and we’d be on the road going from theater to theater.” Liar.

    “I had this pet turtle when I was younger…” She lied. Her father never even let her have a pet, said it’d die easily and they were cursed.

    She sat in her chair, looking at the guard, making many hand gestures as she talked to him. “..and then the story was exposed to the media and cameras were flashing in her face and-” 12:35. “Oh. Lunch. I love our talks.” She smiled, though he didn’t really talk back.

    She walks into the cafeteria. He smiled going away shortly once seeing a lot more inmates. She giggled heading towards the line, talking with another female inmate. “And to be honest not many people here aren’t very good looking,” she lowered her voice. “I’m just glad I look… better.” She told, going on to another topic. She picked up her tray. “Uh… I remember having salmon when I went to this Jamaican restaurant…. Much better than this.” She simply said. Walking to a table with other inmates, she saw another blonde woman being cooed at. She laughed, so did some of the other inmates around her. “She’s pretty, but not that cute.” She simply stated.

    13:00. Work. And back to chatting and patching up. One inmate actually had the flu, she placed a mask over her mouth and nose. “Not being rude, just don’t want to get sick. If this spreads then we’re all doomed.” She said, a hand over her heart. She couldn’t give medicine to him right away. She had to write it down and send in a request and get medicines for this type of sickness. For now she simply told him to stay in the shade, drink water, and keep away from everyone.

    16:00. Free time. She could actually talk more with her “friends” and it was exciting. She loved talking about celebrities, movies, television, and reality. “This is like high school.” She commented on the facility. “Except… more deadly..” she nodded as others did. Lilith look up and saw the familiar blonde from the cafeteria. Lilith didn’t think much of her, but she seemed more startled than anything. She simply blinked at her and smirked. “She reminds me of that girl with supernatural powers. Ever seen that movie? Outside girl who’s awkward and lonely. And as usual, no one wants her.” She insulted. “But… pretty.” She glared at that.

    Lilith waved at the blonde woman then went on conversation on other things.
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  4. Lucius Vondrack

    "Ughhhh..." was Lucius's groaning response to the sound of his cell door unlocking. The loud and damming sound that ever sense his first days in The Abyss has broken Lucius from his sleep.

    "Another day, eh?" was his soft and empty response to the harsh tone to the intercom that greeted him everyday. The voice belonged to the female head guard of his population ward. She was a mean son of a bitch, cracking down and prodding his fellow inmates for the slightest inconvenience to her. Though, he kept out of her way the best he could. Lucius tried to keep a lot of people at bay, it was dangerous here. Hell, he could already hear yelling a few cells over from a guard. It seemed someone had overslept already. Another beat down in the cell. An advantage, the guards did their beatings in the cell instead of holding everyone up to just watch. Meant all the inmates on time could go on to breakfast, and those victims and their friends took a stop to the infirmary.

    Slowly he stood from his bead, stretchering and doing his morning push ups. A little routine Lucius started to wake him. getting up so early in the beginning of his sentence left him tired for the day, but a little excising got him going for the day. It wasn't long before he was sliding his own door to head out for the day. Knowing well enough the guards would search his cell without him present, and he wasn't like he had anything to hid...well, he hadn't had to hid anything ever sense he had to prove he was no bitch to the local bullies. He learned first hand of the the apathy the guards held toward the inmates...How? He stabbed a man in cold blood who tried had tried to make sexual advances, he had fended him off in a few fights before, but he kept escalating... and he...Shaking his head he continued on down the stairs as he pushed off his darker earlier days.

    Walking to the main island for breakfast was nothing out of the usual, the cloudy skies and the whispering of loud chatting of the other inmates. He didn't spot his usual crowd, so he kept to himself as he walked. Waving to those he slightly knew, Like Carl or Jenny. Giving them small chat, asking them what their plans for the day. As usual, nothing of any real importance. He took his lunch from a rather cute blonde. New fish he thought, she had only been around for at least a couple months. Though, their were the rumors of the ever murderous cook, but those were just rumors.

    Work went on as usual, he ended up working alone today as he worked to repair wiring in the ceiling of the bathrooms. It seems the rats had been chewing the lights out of the bathrooms, leaving them dark. Though, it wasn't much of a job to connect the wires once again to get the lights working. Rather slow and tedious sense he had to do it by hand and he had to keep wary of whatever may be lurking..As well as remove the bodies of the poor electrified rats. Fun. But, lunch came around and it was straight back to work. Lucius finished his work by the time free time came around, and went out. Standing tall as his black and white Uniform flowed with the wind, curious of what he would today out during free time.
  5. She woke up when the tin voice garbled in over the intercom.

    Dragging herself off the hard lumpy thing that passed for a mattress and pulling her hair out of her face; wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand lest she have been drooling. Nothing there though, she'd always been a light sleeper. She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood. Joints popped and cracked as she stretched. She was tired, she was not yet used to the schedule, but she didn't dally with her discomfort. You jump when they say move. You just do. Or you end up the poor, crying, retching, fools getting beaten in their cells. She had decided not to be one of them.

    First thing on the day's agenda: Breakfast.
    It was standard fare for prison. Not especially tasty but not terrible either. It certainly wasn't some rubbish nutrition loaf, not yet anyway, but even after only a week she could not imagine anyone intentionally breaking the rules here. They'd get a lot more than shit food.
    She ate. She talked only if someone happened to talk to her and mostly kept to herself. Seventh day though... She couldn't continue keeping to herself. For the last six days other prisoners were just a blur. A series of interchangeable faces and voices that her brain just hadn't taken the time to categorize and assign names to. She made a point to look around and take note of a few people.
    A woman getting catcalled, a tall man, a woman who talked a lot, a large man who bothered wearing a toque, a man with a broken nose handing out the meager breakfast, a few others...

    Next, it was work. Work was mindless.
    It was all the tedium of cleaning a gun, over and over and over again, without the benefit of being able to shoot it later. Or even feeling any sort of accomplishment in having completed a task. Once you finished one of the machine pieces there was another waiting. And another after that. The only solace is that it became so routine so quickly that she could at least think about other things while she did it. And no one could chastise her quick skillful fingers. She didn't like it but she did the job well.
    Lunch came and went. Then it was back to work. Back to reflection time and the repetitive sounds of other workers doing the exact same job around her.
    Then... She and the others there, along with every other prisoner at the sprawling facility, were allowed to leave.

    Free time.
    She was quick to put down the parts so she could leave but not so quick she might damage anything. She wanted to leave but she wasn't looking for a beating either. She glanced at the other prisoners who were doing much the same, before she headed out to a common area.
    While she walked there she tussled again over how she might make some allies here. Maybe just someone to talk to so she didn't lose her damn mind.
  6. Jeremy Avrey

    Jeremy had decided to drag his sorry ass out of bed on time today, though some days he found it harder than others. Not because he usually slept in or anything, but because of how empty it felt here alone in his cell. There was too much time to piddle away on thoughts of “might haves” or “what ifs”. Too sober for three years going. The complex itself felt like a weight, and it weighed most heavily when he was lying in bed.

    Jeremy had woken late before and received a pair of broken ribs for it. Other times he had only been admonished which was more than lucky. He hadn't always played nicely, especially when he was first incarcerated. Not that he started fights, but he did sass the guards. After several months of beat downs he decided to keep his head down when it came to the staff. Instead he switched tactics. Now if he felt like acting out he would instigate a fight with another inmate, allow a couple of punches to strike home, then watch as their asses got handed back to them tenfold by security.

    It was cathartic to watch, and every strike against him felt like a step further in the right direction. A sort of endless payment on his end. It never felt like being in this hellhole was penance enough.

    Lousy piece of shit...” He greeted himself that morning before getting up, plastering on a smile and building up the courage to meet the day head on.

    Rise and shine!” He hollered as he tromped off to work, “All your mugs are looking gorgeous today! Especially yours. Matches your cunt.” He winked at another male inmate he was referring to.

    Who in turned told him, “Shove it, Avery, before you get hurt.” Nothing new.

    I'm so popular,” Jeremy chortled before whistling a tune, pretending not to hear the cries of a man who began to be beat further down the row. Better to not acknowledge it.

    Work for Jeremy wasn't so bad. He did labor in the cafeteria which consisted of chopping up food, stirring food, heating up pre-packaged food. General food stuff. Then he would put that food stuff on a plate and give it to someone when it was time to eat. He did this for every breakfast and lunch. He considered it a better chore than where he started, which had been janitorial work, and assembly for a while after. That had been the most boring.

    Now he only had to help prepare meals during the majority of the work hours and clean pots and pans every so often. Besides, Caithly had turned up there recently. He couldn't complain about having to work with her. Blondes were his favorite after all, and she made the kitchens look fucking good. Who cared that she was nearly half his age. Legal was legal right?

    Today while passing out trays he gave an extra portion to another blonde. A new face he didn't recognize. Her looks were more plain than Caithly's but her tits were bigger. Something he decided was very important. So he kept note of it. Perhaps the prison gods were blessing him with all the young blonde eye candy for good behavior. That was fun to think about, and it was as exciting as his job had gotten that day. That and accidentally burning his thumb.

    He nursed his thumb between his teeth as the work hours finally came to an end and Jeremy set off to one of the yards.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Sidney Court.
    The sound of a monotone guard echoed through Sidney's ears. He told his mind to stay in for five more minutes, but then that alone gave him adrenaline. He jumped out of bed, but the very second his back straightened; he fell to the cold, hard ground.


    His hand rose up to his head, soothing it with gentle rubs in small circles for just a second before making his bed. Let's just get this show on the road, he thought to himself. As Sidney folded the blanket that felt like paper, his daughter came to his mind. He sighed, but before he could sulk in loneliness, his thoughts were getting drowned out by the sounds of metal bars unlocking. When he was all done with his tedious routine of making beds his fingers ran through his hair as another sigh passed through his lips. Before he could even leave his cell, there were more sounds. Sounds of groaning and screaming for the idiots who decided to sleep in late. Fuck this shit man, it's way too early. Especially for monsters like guards.

    Sidney was heading to the washrooms with a towel and toothbrush when he spotted in the corner of his eye a guard, walking right into his cell without notice. Good thing he had nothing to hide. He didn't want to start any more trouble anytime soon. Especially when he was so close to freedom. When he reached his destination he simply brushed his teeth and washed his face, patting his face dry with a towel. Another sigh escaped him, wow, can you even breathe today? Whatever, prison life is pretty boring anyway. Nothing out of the ordinary. Guards, pretty ladies, gay sex, sadistic treatment. What could possibly be better than this life? Sidney chuckled at his sarcastic thought before heading out of the washrooms, heading over to the cafeteria for some plain artificial crap they called breakfast. Today was cloudy, but all of the inmates were feeling cloudy in one way or another. Sidney knows he was. Breakfast was always social time for him. It's his job to be social. He spotted his usual crowd of watchers and began to talk to them for quite a while, picking up on other inmates, guards, wardens.. Then it came to the sixth island. Sidney excused himself politely and walked away from the conversation. He was deathly terrified of that place.

    Work was work. Terrible, dreadful, work. He was beaten senseless until he accepted the stupid occupation. He didn't even wish to do it. Walk around, snitching on other inmates. It gave him really bad rep and the risk was high when it came to not getting in fights with other deadly criminals. Since he didn't really have a specific work area, Sidney was usually seen conversing with others on the job before he was written up. Every single day was a warning note. But nobody took account for him, because he was useful when it came to tattle telling.

    Then lunch was also social time. Unfortunately, he had to sit with his group, who picked up the conversation of the sixth island. He just sat there, twirling at his food until it was free time. During the wait, he was punched in the arm for being so silent and a.. Well.. The word was definitely not nice. But everything isn't nice in prison. No matter, he was relieved when it was time to go lollygag around the prison halls, conversing with others in a jolly manner. It was quite the work. And it was VERY boring. He was just roaming around, doing nothing! Or, at least, snooping around. Sidney was the life of the party, some might say. He definitely wasn't an introvert, but it was nice to just be alone sometimes.

    Watchers will always be done with work no matter what time it was. It was time for free time. The best time with the exception of hammers. Sidney noticed a blonde woman rushing towards the bathroom. She was probably new, because he hasn't seen her before. Poor newbie, he hopes she survives. Sidney shrugged her existence away and headed to the center island for more conversing. Perhaps instead of his usual crew of snitches he can find new acquaintances to converse with. But that was simply a possibility.
  8. Lucius Vondrake

    The main yard was bustling and loud as always. The vast open field was filled with bathrooms, tables, and various exercising equipment that could be found in various places throughout the yard. Though, Lucius sat with Ringo at one of the tables. He had wandered over after work when he found Ringo had set up the chess board for anyone to play, though Lucius was the only person to really play him. Maybe the odd fellow here or there, but it was usually Lucius who took him for a swing. The occasional inmate would walk over and would exchange some goods for either smuggled goods or something to be smuggled in. Yet, It had to be a miracle or just dumb luck none of of the guards checked Ringo's mail for contraband..then again, they probably don't care and allow it in. Just so they can have something to crack on the inmates for. It almost seemed liked they wanted the inmates at each others get their minds off The Pit, but even Lucius tried to push the thought of The Pit back into his head.

    But It would seem today Ringo had finally caught up to Lucius in skill with chess, and was coming close to checkmating him, but Lucius held a strong defense with his queen and rook.

    "Coooome on, Micky. You always win...And I'm so close. If you let me in, I'll give you something.~"

    Brushing off his more then racist nickname, Lucius shook his head. "You've got to earn it, laddy."

    "Breaking my balls, Micky, breaking my balls." He said laughing a bit, making a move that surprised Lucius. He had somehow gotten around his protecting rook, taking his rook and leaving his queen in the open. Though, if he moved his queen it was checkmate.

    "Breaking your balls? You're about to bust mine." Lucius retorted as he moved the queen out of the way, though Ringo took victory with his checkmating rook.

    "Yahhoooo!" He exclaimed as he smiled wide. "Well, as promised, I've got a little something for you."

    "Something? You just rightfully beaten me."

    "You've coulda wasted my time by leaving your queen."

    "True..." Ringo smiled grew as he pulled something out from his backside and under the table. Lucius got that it was probably some contraband, but feeling the sharp edge agasint his fingers as he grabbed it made it gulp.

    "Are you serious!?" Lucius said as he put the shank into his underclothes quickly, trying to get it out of the open quickly.

    "Shhhh, don't let the guards know somethings on."

    "Sweet Mary Jesus..."

    "Hey, don't knock it. Maybe you can take care of Philippe now."

    "There's no need to murder him..Jesus..We got into a couple fights, but no need to murder him over it."

    "But there are rumors he's coming for you." Ringo said dropping his happy go lucky side.

    Lucius shook his head. "Set up the board for another game."

  9. [​IMG]
    Finally, it was free time. Caithly peeked from the bathroom door, looked around and found that the kitchen was nearly empty. She breathed in relief before coming out of the bathroom. Free time... was okay for her, Caithly didn't have much friends here, didn't have one actually for she was afraid to approach people first. She didn't mind having someone talk to her, but to initiate conversation was not really her thing. She spent most of her time watching some men playing basketball on the yard or watching people playing chess, she wished to learn playing chess since she was kid but she had no one to teach her, or just walking around and when she found a perfect spot, she would sit down and read her only book all over again. Caithly tried to stay as low as possible, didn't want to make any problem here for she knew that she wouldn't stand the beating. She might chat with some people, but mostly just lame topic before the topic turned into something inappropriate, so once again she would just pull herself from the conversation.

    As she walked heading outside the cafetaria, she saw the short-haired woman looking at her and laughing with her friends before she waved to Caithly. Caithly just smiled and continued her walk. She knew that they were talking about her, not exactly knew, but she experienced this a lot and her feeling somehow told her so. This was the reason she couldn't make many friends for the men usually targeted her body, while the women liked to talk about her rather than being friends with her. Caithly was never good at blending in, she didn't belong here anyway. She was supposed to be in normal jail, but he requested to put her here, what could she do?

    5 years... Caithly wished time could fly in a blink of an eye. It's been only 2 months and she thought that she was already gave negative image to people around her. Having at least one friend was the only thing she could wish now. Sighing, she leaned herself on the fence, watching as the cloudy sky started to rumble. It might start to rain soon and she didn't mind at all. Hearing the sound of rain was much better than the laughing sound of those women.
  10. [​IMG]

    “I need to go to the restroom.” Lilith told the other inmates, beginning to walk away. Once out of eyesight she began roaming around the facility, well the areas that inmates were allowed. She was in a new environment, it was best to learn it and not get lost. One inmate offered to show her around, yet rejected.

    Honestly, the other inmates annoyed her. Though having a conversation, loving that others were listening to her, they agreed with everything she was saying. ‘No wonder they're in here.’ She thought, annoyed. ‘They need someone to guide them, they don’t even have a mind of their own.’

    She stopped in her tracks and looked at her surroundings. Great. Where was she? Lilith literally began walking backwards from the directions she came in. She had no plans in getting in trouble on her second day.

    Still walking backwards, she still had no clue, but there was a door leading to the yard. She smiled, seeing multiple other inmates. Some chatting amongst one another, two males playing chess, many sitting alone, and few gangs. This is will be fun. She opened the door and went out in the area, she would try to associate with the gangs, but let’s not get that comfortable. She saw and a couple of females, talking with each other and thought it’d be best to know them.

    “Hello there.” Lilith greeted them. At first they raised their eyebrows at her but as she began chatting away with them, they were comfortable. Lilith laughed talking about stories on how she went on broadways and how one time she went surfing. Of course none of that was true, it was just fun to tell.

    “We had the giant eggplant color bus, and we were being driven for hours! But the food was amazing!” Lilith told cheerfully. She sighed happily. “It was worth it.”

    “That’s so cool!” The red headed woman said. What was her name again? Andria. Yeah that was it. “How did you get trapped in here anyways? Your life seemed like it was so fun!”

    Lilith simply smiled at them both. “I was framed.” She simply sighed. “They framed me for a hit and run.” The thought coming quickly to her. “It was bad enough it was my car, yet I wasn’t even driving.”

    “That’s unfair.” Said the other woman. Dawson. She finally remembered.

    Lilith nodded in agreement. “It is. And now I have to suffer here!” Lilith sadly and dramatically yelled.
  11. Jeremy Avery

    Jeremy craned his neck to watch the roiling overcast sky. He swore he felt some drizzle against his skin and he pocketed his hands irritably, then cursed to himself. It only figured. Here he had been hoping against hope the weather would have cleared up. This damn depressing complex could have done with some sunshine at least. Everything else was so dreary already and didn't need the sky's help to keep it that way. The people here were enough. His mood was enough.

    Speaking of dreary moods...

    Before he could trudge off he heard the squeaking door of the cafeteria and it stole his attention. Out slipped Caithly. A shy and distant but pretty thing, her head somewhat downcast and appearing dejected.

    Jeremy licked his lips in thought before decidedly jogging off after her. He loped along with hands still pocketed before he caught up with the girl and flopped against the fence. It made the chain link waver.
    “Hey, Caithly.” He pulled out a hand in an awkward wave. Even though she was within half a foot's distance from him. He didn't seem to care how close he stood, hovering right at her shoulder.
    “So where did you disappear to during work?”

    Cole Hanna

    Cole Hanna had seated himself on one of the benches outside a building. This was a new prison but still prison. He hadn't been incarcerated long. Only four months during trial, and he had never served time before. In general he had been a more than decent citizen.
    This was his first day in this penitentiary but the Abyss he had heard stories of previously. Mentioned in threats that were whispered during trial. This, supposedly, was a place that held a promise of retribution. His home state did not support the death penalty so the pleas and concerns bubbled to the surface. From the locals. From the victims parents. Please immure him away from society and seclude him with other undesirables, in some dark corner of the world.

    People were dramatic. Like the girl over there. Seeking attention.

    If the rain came he would have to put away his sketchbook. The thought was dour, though he still had time yet. Cole took the thick chunk of graphite he held and began to work into the rough toothed paper, his eyes moving between the page and the swaths of inmates that passed. He would do something quick. Just an impression of his new surroundings. He didn't have time for much more.
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  12. Lydia Collette

    She had decided to find open air. Inside the complex it was all too easy for everything to smell like sweat and flesh. The occasional bouquet of blood, vomit, or shit. And while working the ever present acrid scent of metal cleaner.

    The wet concrete smell outside on a cloudy day could have been a field of pansies for how refreshing it was.
    But now came the hard part... People.
    It was funny the shit you could do and still be terrible at talking to people. Especially if you wanted them to maybe like you after you talked to them.
    She walked over to what must have been the only empty bench in the yard. Well mostly empty. Some big guy was sitting on one end, but he gave her no mind. And it was long enough that they couldn't have been in each other's space. Even if he did look to be something like thirty stone by the look of him. A ball of lard wrapped up in cheap cotton.
    She tore her eyes away and looked for people who might be useful... Or friendly.

    No one really caught her attention in particular and it seemed like everyone had found their person of interest to talk to already.
    Seventh day. How had she managed to be so completely antisocial for seven days. There were a couple of guys still on their own. But just a few.
    There was one guy just moseying around, looked as if he has just gotten there as well and a tall man drawing or writing in a little book. She couldn't tell which from this distance. She'd seen him before, but could not recall his name. They worked in the same department. He was new, so new she hadn't heard a thing about him.
  13. [​IMG]

    Free time was much more different than previous times, he was alone, roaming the outside world like it was nothing. He knew where everything is, every cell, every office.

    Every kitchen. Sidney walked over to the cafeteria, but before he could get himself comfortable, he saw the woman who rushed to the bathroom. Alone. Well, that's odd. What was a stunning woman doing alone? Perhaps, verbal abuse? Should he speak to her? He took only one step forward before a group of his friends caught up to him, drowning his thoughts with a jumble of conversations all at once.
    "Whoa, guys. Calm down. One at a time."
    So much for new people to meet. Sidney's group of friends forced him over to where they usually sit. His "friends" were like basic white chicks but men. Some even spoke in high-pitched feminine voices, which he loved. It wasn't like a, "No homo bromeo" kind of deal, he just really thinks that unique voices were, well, unique. So he sat with a bunch of his friends, laughing and conversing as the sun began to hide once again in the grey cotton ball of clouds. It was probably going to rain again, but Sidney didn't mind. He liked the smell and feel of rain. Even the sound. It calmed him. Prison life was tough but rain was probably one of the best things you can ever encounter here in prison other than your check at Commissary. Still being awake and alert he turned his head in many angles and directions, hoping to spot a glimpse of everyone that was new.

    Some dude sketching. Artsy, he liked that.
    Great, he was becoming a basic white chick.

    A woman with short hair conversing about something exciting.
    Cute. That hair brings out her cheekbones.
    God Sidney needed to stop doing that.

    Without even thinking, he slapped himself in the face. His friends just stared at him like he was going insane. Maybe he already was.
    "Ahaha, mosquito.."
    The friends just shrugged at his reaction and reason and Sidney continued to scope out the scene.

    That girl. From the bathroom. Might as well call her Bathroom Lady until further notice.
    One of his friends tapped Sidney on the shoulder and looking around finally stopped, going back into conversations about cute men, comic books, razors, and hot chicks.
    What a great time to be alive.


  14. [​IMG]
    Caithly's eyes wandered around, looking for something worth looking at. She liked to observe her surrounding, watching as people did something, at least it would sometimes help her pass the time. Her eyes first landed at the woman that waved at her, chattering with new people, she always with someone new all the time. Caithly wished she could be as sociable as her. It would be lovely having friends to spend time in here.

    Then, her eyes moved to a man who was sketching. She leaned her head forward to have a better look and smiled. Cute. A man who loved to draw was quiet a rare sight. Resting her head on her left hand, Caithly shifted her eyes to another blondie, like her. She was looking at the same artsy man like her, yes he was totally an eye candy for girls.

    Not far from them was two men playing chess. Caithly could just ran downstair and watched the game carefully, maybe asked them to teach her, but she was too afraid. They might think that she was a weido or something, she shook her head and put aside the idea. The last man that caught her eyes was this watcher. Quiet stood out among the others for he liked to roam around, checking stuffs. Yes, he was handsome and popular, always surrounded by women and Caithly didn't want to be one of those women, asking for his attention.

    After she was tired enough to observe her surrounding, Caithly rested her face on both of her hands, looking at the sky and waiting for rain to come before someone flopped beside her and called her. Startled, Caithly moved her head to her right side, finding the lunch lady, nickname that always made her day, was waving at her, "Ah! Hi, didn't see you coming," she formed a smile before turning her body to him. He was... quiet close. She could even hear his breath.

    She stepped backward sligtly, making a distance with him. It wasn't because she didn't like him, just her way to protect herself, "I was there all the time, I think... But spent the rest of it at the bathroom," she paused and bit her lower lip. She didn't want to badmouth the chef, so Caithly would just kept it herself. Playing her finger on the fence, Caithly tried to continue the conversation, but she couldn't find something to talk about, "Hmm... So, do you like being the lunch lady?" Caithly cursed herself for throwing such a silly question, but couldn't help herself hiding her giggle from saying that nickname.
  15. Lucius Vondrake

    Now it started to bug him. Lucius slowly became anxious and nervous at the thought of philippe making a move. It wasn't like Lucius couldn't handle him in a brawl, but the problem laid in the unknown. The last time Lucius and Philippe butted heads, Philippe walked away with a permanent scar above his forehead. Quite obvious, and many asked him about it, and Lucius couldn't help but smirk whenever he heard Philippe come up with some blatant lie to cover that he had the snot beaten out of him. Though, to his defense, Lucius had attacked abruptly, giving him no time to prepare. His hand tapped slightly as he thought about his coming attack...and how it may be his last. He had to know for sure. Giving one look to Ringo, he quickly said "Thanks, mate, but I've got to go. I might be back later."

    Ringo gave him a sympathetic nod, shooing him off as a new challenger appeared, taking Lucius's seat as he got up. Now, he couldn't ask philippe directly if he had the means or the will to kill him, but he might know some people that could. Though, going to Them is a very risky measure. Watchers weren't the most favorable people, but if you wanted information, they were your guys. Poor bastards though, being beaten into being a snitch is despicable, but most reasonable people understand...Yet, most people in this prison weren't reasonable.

    Not many know the difference between the watchers and the regular inmates, but hanging around Ringo has allowed Lucius to get to know who's who and where they stand on the prison food chain. Especially watchers, though, they don't seem to be the best when it comes to not being conspicuous. They usually all hang together, but today they'd have a plus one for awhile.

    The 6'1 Irish man slowly approached the table, tapping the shoulder of a man he simply knew as court. He wasn't certain if he was a watcher, but he knew if he hung around the more obvious ones, he might know something. "I need to ask you something." He said confidently and causally. His eyes deathly set on the man.

    @Commander Cheesecake
  16. Jeremy Avery

    His gaze traveled up and down Caithly's body. Even though Jeremy remained casual it was no secret he was checking her out. He had no shame. She looked good and he'd fuck her if given the opportunity. Still he wasn't so distracted by her body that he was unaware of the girl's unease. There must have been a reason she had slipped away early, but it was none of his business. He hated people prying into his own. He figured that was at least one decency he kept. So he didn't pester.

    When she asked him about his nickname, Jeremy started laughing loudly. “Are you shitting me kid? It's awesome. Well, as awesome a gig you can get in here. I'm the lunch lady! Who wouldn't want to be?” He grinned widely at her throwing out an arm towards some plain gray and beige buildings used for other work. “Being a janitor, well that was all shit. And in assembly, I'm a clumsy motherfucker and my hands got tired. Or at least that's my excuse. It's boring.”
    He shrugged. “Now I can spit or piss into someones food if I don't like 'em.”

    Cole Hanna

    Cole's hand slowed when he caught sight of a woman not twenty feet away. Their eyes met for a moment and he recognized her. She was familiar. As to how? The assembly room. That was it, he was sure. He had watched her backside during some of those dragging hours. The job left plenty of room for ones mind to wander and he had a habit of allowing it. He didn't have a name to put to the blonde but that could be rectified.

    He shut the sketchbook over a finger to keep placement. The graphite he pocketed before offering a small diffident smile and then looking at the ground between his feet. All as if deciding on something. Cole then stood and approached the other inmate.
    “May I bother you?” He scratched the side of his neck absently with a freehand, “I'm new.” He chuckled at that, “Ah, that was awkward wasn't it? How do you even introduce yourself in prison?”
  17. [​IMG]

    After a few moments of laughter and quiet chats that boomed across their whole table, Sidney turned his body around again. He liked to watch things, it was his job after all. He noticed the same old people he was observing from before, doing the same thing but differently. He didn't wish to go all out and observe each and every one of them so he turned back around. One of his friends, Warren, decided out of all the things that they could possibly talk about in life, he chose the sixth island. The number six just sent chills down his spine. Sidney blocked it out by daydreaming about freedom. About his daughter. It's been a long time since he's seen her, and he began to wonder if she was still alive. He unwillingly crossed his fingers, and Warren noticed it.
    "Hey, Science Kid, the hell you doing that for?"
    You're in jail for a long time, and you suddenly learn that honesty is the best policy when it comes to talking to other inmates that conversed with you.
    "Just hoping my daughter is alive. That's all."

    His table went to utter silence at Sidney's words. Maybe it was just because of pity, or his words triggered memories of long lost families who have given up hope on them. It was probably the pity, because some of them went to give Sidney a pat on the back, or even a bro hug. Awkward.
    Before long, Sidney felt a tap on his shoulder. Great. Usually if someone that's not in his table taps, said someone wants something. Sidney turned around, trying to make it seem like he was tough. He even stood up. Sidney was merely four inches taller than the man, and that was all it took to look down at him with glaring eyes. Sidney's friends noticed the commotion between him and the stranger and his companions all stood up to look at the man.

    "Aye, Science Kid, he giving you trouble?"
    "No. Sid'down guys. I got this."
    Sidney's demeanor changed from a threatening one to kinder and reassuring one.
    He began to smile. A huge smile. Sidney grabbed onto the man's shoulders with a firm grip before turning the shorter man around and pushing him away from the table gently, laughing. He really was the life of the party. Always taking kindly to strangers.
    "Whaddya want, kid?"


  18. Lydia went rigid when he looked up and met her gaze.
    Immediately looked away.
    And then, much to her surprise, he was coming over. And looking for all the world like he was going to ask her to dance at a school function. He looked unsure, like he had to pluck up his courage to walk over. Odd that, he must have been a head taller than she was, at least.

    He had reached her quickly, the benefit of a long stride, and was talking to her before she could put any more thoughts together. He had a kind and sort of awkward manner. Not so threatening at all, maybe she could make a friend if she tried.
    She made a tight smile that never touched her eyes and attempted to be personable.

    "I think you just started." She tried. "What's your name?" Then held her hand out.
    The sounds that came out of her mouth were less than friendly. More... mechanical. She was doing a poor job already, she knew.
  19. [​IMG]

    Lilith laughed amongst the two, giving fake smiles. Goddamn this was becoming more and more [BCOLOR=inherit]annoying by the second. She didn’t know if she could keep doing [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]this. The constant agreeing, nodding, and [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]smiling. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]There’s got to be something more[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] interesting than this… [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]There was a silence.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] Something about a child? She couldn’t really hear over how [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]much Dawson loved those weird birthday animals. “[BCOLOR=inherit]And what’s your sign Lilith?” [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Lilith paused. Actually trying to[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] listen in on the group of men, chatting so… [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]normally. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]“Uh…” [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]she started unfocused. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]The bull looking one , I think.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] She [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]answered,[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] unsure. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]“The Taurus?” Dawson [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]said. Why was she amazed? [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Is it that big of a deal? “[BCOLOR=inherit]I'm a Taurus as well!” she said, excited. Great.[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Lilith was more annoyed than she was before.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] Lilith smiled at the woman. Smile as fake [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]as their relationship, but she needed something to keep her entertained. In all honesty, Lilith was more excited to work again. The guard that just listened and listened was the best part, and what's better, he didn't even speak back. Just small glances.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]Another silence[BCOLOR=inherit],[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] this time [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]actually paying [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]attention and looking in the direction it came [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]in. She [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]recognized one male, he sat alone[BCOLOR=inherit],[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] drawing[BCOLOR=inherit]. Why were there so many isolating themselves? And the other[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]male… well, she didn’t recognize him at all. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]But from the look of the situation, something serious must have been said. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Lilith smiled, something that[BCOLOR=inherit],[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] may be[BCOLOR=inherit], worth her time. She tried not to show her excitement[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit], yet The Abyss was so boring so far. She looked around, looking for someone in[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]particular. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Kayden[BCOLOR=inherit].[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]Yeah. She was quiet, always keeping to[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] herself[BCOLOR=inherit].[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Lilith was actually happy she got to talk with others, even if they [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]were too quiet… or straight annoying. She put on her[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] smile, excusing the other two and went and sat in front of Kayden.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]“[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Hello~ Kayden.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] She greeted[BCOLOR=inherit], adding a small wave. Kayden thought nothing of it but just gave a[/BCOLOR] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]short and small smiled back. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]You saw those two? Over there.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]She whispered. Pointing in the direction of the two, trying to go unnoticed. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Kayden looked over at [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]the two [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]males then nodded. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]“[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]They’ve been… keeping[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] something. I knew them before, but they[BCOLOR=inherit]…[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] she [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]trailed off, trying to[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=inherit]seem uncomfortable or upset. She sighed.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Can you go, I don’t to say spy, but…[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=inherit]Kayden simply gave a nod, went near the men, leaning against the wall. Making sure to [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]keep a safe distance. Unseen. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Yet able to hear[BCOLOR=inherit].[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit] Lilith [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]smiled. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]‘[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]Holy [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]shit.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]’ She thought to herself, people are[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=inherit]too gullible or she was an amazing actor. Yeah. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=inherit]She[BCOLOR=inherit] was. Lilith kept her giggle to herself, yet she couldn't get her hopes up yet. Hopefully Kayden does her job correctly. Honestly, she didn't know a lot about Kayden, but she said Lilith was nice enough to speak to her. That was the sweetest thing. Lilith got up and went back to Dawson and Andria. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    Lilith didn't even know she was skipping until Andria asked why. Lilith smiled happily. "Kayden is such a nice person. You should try talking with her." She simply replied.

  20. [​IMG]
    Well, Caithly obviously could see how he looked at her, just like other men used to do, but somehow his personality made her at ease. She felt more comfortable with him than other males since he never cooed her or threw nasty words at her. He respected her as a woman. If he had dirty mind, Caithly couldn't really blame him, he was a man after all. That was just natural and holding his urge was not something easy, she appreciated that.

    Caithly giggled as the man threw her a joke, at least she thought it that way, "I hope I never pissed you," she said before tucking her hair behind her ear. As they chatted, Caithly could feel that the wind started to blow harder, making her body chill. Hugging her body, Caithly looked at the Jeremy, "I think we need to find someplace warmer or I might catch a cold, you too," after her words slipped out from her mouth, Caithly realized that her sentences might sounded ambiguous and somehow gave him wrong intention, "But, you can stay here and enjoy the weather though," she smiled, trying to hide her nervousness.