The Abyss Program.

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  1. For 80 long, savage years, Humanity has been at war. Slowly but surely, an alien race, named by the humans; "Ammutseba" have been advancing, carving off pieces of Human territory, devastating all in their path, never stopping, never yielding. Some of you have fought them before, some of you have seen the destruction they are capable of. For the time being, you have been stationed to a on a planet in the Alpha Centauri System, It's surface is currently almost entirely rock, with some rivers of lava pouring from tall crags. The days are still hot like a desert, and the nights terribly cold. You have chosen or been chosen to join the Abyss program, in which you will become an experimental Super Soldier, one that would become the ultimate human warrior, one that would turn the tide of this war!

    [Humans, Evolved Humans and Humans with minor cybernetic augmentation.]
    [Any powers a character must be limited, only giving a slight advantage.]
    Purpose for Joining:
    [Minor criminals are often conscripted.]
    Place of Origin:
    [Earth, Mars, Titan, Star City, Venus and Kepler-186f were searched for candidates so far.]
    [You may use slightly mutated or cybernetic enhanced humans.]
    Extra: [Optional]

    You each find yourselves in a drop ship, on the course to the base on Alpha Centauri B. The Interior is dimly lit, with two benches on either side. There are two doors, one that leads to the cockpit, and another larger door that leads out of the ship. A man in a sharp military outfit stands at the door to the cockpit. He is tall, with dark grey hair and a well combed mustache. Badges on his jacket indicate he is of high rank. He is smiling slightly, and obviously in deep thought. He adjusts his hat slowly. Looks around and says. "Not much talking going on here..." His eyes move across the room. "Anyone here from Star City?"

    Below Is A Depiction of a low rank Ammutseba.

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  2. AWESOME...

    Name: Leia Karns
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: tumblr_maj2vxvNm51qbqb3yo3_400.jpg
    [Humans, Evolved Humans and Humans with minor cybernetic augmentation.]
    [Any powers a character must be limited, only giving a slight advantage.]
    Purpose for Joining: Family was killed, she wants revenge.
    [Minor criminals are often conscripted.]
    Personality: Fighter, hot-headed, and stealthy.
    Place of Origin: Earth (moved to Mars)
    [Earth, Mars, Titan, Star City, Venus and Kepler-186f were searched for candidates so far.]
    [You may use slightly mutated or cybernetic enhanced humans.]
    Extra: Her family lived on Earth for her toddler years, then it started. They got off on an escape jet, but her parents didn't survive the flight. Now Leia lives on her own on Mars, where her hair turned green forever. (Also I got her name from Star Wars xD ran out of ideas)

    "I went there on vaca once." Leia told him holding her arm back with the other. She couldn't believe that she was finally going to get revenge. Those fucking monsters! She hated them, because they came aboard the ship and killed her parents.
  3. The tall man continues to look around as he says. "An Ammut drop-ship was able to send a volley of infantry-pods into the City's hull"

    [Star City is the name of a large space station complex, it is three times the size of New York City, and is a center for technological study.]

    "34 of us died holding off 97 of them, so we started working on long-range turrets to keep it from happening again." His eyes fix upon Leia. "I'm Major Reilly, what's your name?"

    [Major Reilly is a decorated fighter, he has led 41 successful missions and 7 unsuccessful. He has served in the war for 41 years.]
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  4. "Leia," she stuttered, "Leia Karns.". "It's nice to meet you." she said, looking a bit shy. This was normal, for it was in her mother's side of the family.
  5. Major Reilly looked around once more, and said to the whole group. "Attention please, in twelve minutes we will be entering the atmosphere of the planet, we will be doing a HALO jump Why? I want to make an entrance, there will be marines there, all of them have seen combat, and I bet they want to see Humanity's Saviors! ...anyway, don't open your parachute too early, the wind can carry you far away, and there are rumors of Ammutseba wandering around..." He looked back at Leia. "You ever seen combat?"
  6. "That's why I don't have my parents by me." she replied, smirking for a little, remembering them. "Sadly, when I moved to Mars, Ammutseba overtook the plane. A couple of other young children, including myself, attacked. Thank goodness we still had our pilot." she added, remembering of all the kids, kicking Ammutseva butt.
  7. [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Name: Izak Holmberg[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Gender: male[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Age: 15[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Appearance: soft, ivory-white hair and pale violet eyes. Normal height for his age but had very pallor skin, due to stress j[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Purpose for Joining: his military parents forced him [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Personality: quiet, slightly self-centered, easily amused[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Place of Origin: Titan[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Extra: Izac was the top of his class (grade-wise) since the start of his education and was very talented. The only time he would get attention was when he 'showed off' and he hated doing that. He loved the arts and things that would advance human society. He feels that eventually, peace would be made between the two sides, but until then, he would have to survive.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Izak was sitting in the very back on the right bench. He had a nail and was etching a cat into the wall. He hoped this place wasn't as boring or mean as he imagined it. He would love to have some time to himself to be creative and entertain the other people. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]He lightly skimmed over what the highly-decorated Major was saying, and almost spoke up when he said anything about star city. His uncle was based there. Izak had received some chocolate for his birthday from him just a few days ago. But the girl with the odd green hair spoke up and they went on a conversation.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Izak listened to the directions for parachuting. Honestly, he didn't like heights. Ever since he had fallen out of a pine tree in the orchard on his home planet, or really, moon of Titan, heights sent shivers down his spine. He sighed, preparing himself in the past few minutes he had left with something solid under his feet.[/BCOLOR]
  8. Major Reilly raised an eyebrow and nodded he though for a moment, before saying. "I heard the Ammuts on that vessel were too bulky to take cover behind the seats, is that correct?" A few seconds later, the intercom activated, and a voice with a cheery demeanor said: "Two minutes until high-altitude-low-opening jump, please acquire an oxygen mask and a parachute"
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  9. As Izak put on his equipment, he realized how nervous he was. His mind was prepared to flip to fight or flight at any moment, even though he wasn't in too much danger.
    He surveyed the people around him. They all seemed composed, though he was pretty sure someone somewhere had gotten sick. His palms were clammy under his gloves and the heat in his gear seemed to get hotter.
    He put on his parachute as he had done few times before, and tried to stop the chorus of worried screaming in his head.
    "What if the parachute doesn't open?"
    "What if you die in combat later?"
    "Can't you give up?"
    "SHUT UP! SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!" He yelled, clearing his mind. The bell rang for one minute.
    "My Swedish luck will save me right? I mean, my dad comes from Former Sweden on Earth. They seemed to be pretty lucky. My family never died in combat. They probably had guardian angels outta the wazoo! I have that, right?"
  10. "Correct." Leia told the Major, grabbing her stuff and readying herself for launch. "Don't worry, the statistics of you dying at parachute are slim to none." she said, calming the other boy. She lined up as second in line, as she was eager and loved parachuting.
  11. Major Reilly looked around one last time, and told a speech as he walked to the other side of the room. "Everybody... I'm not going to lie here. We have been getting our asses handed to us for eighty years. For seventy five years, we have been in total war. For sixty years, humanity has been ruled by a single government. For ten years, the Ammutseba have been using their own supersoldiers. Last year, the Human casualties were more than Ammut casualties for the first time... This year... three days from now, you will lead Humanity in it's first successful counter attack, in three days, you will be sent to the enemy-controlled planet of Artemis.

    [Artemis was a human-controlled wildlife reserve, hosting all manners of alien creatures, it was the most recent planet to be taken by the Ammutseba, on an interesting note, this planet was not subjected to "terraforming" and scouts report The Enemy are actually placing additional life forms to the ecosystem.]
  12. Izak was calmed a bit by Leia's reassurance, but almost lost it when he heard they only had three days before they had to be sent to the enemy planet. This was probably overlooked when he got the memo, because he had never heard about this.
    "Seriously, stop worrying dumbass!" He said to himself.
    Picking up his courage, he lifted his chin a little, but felt a bead of sweat roll down his face. He breathed, in, then out. He was ready to jump.
  13. Major Reilly added one more thing to his speech. "I've fought Ammutseba on three planets, I've seen how strong they are, how fast they are, how smart they are... they will never run... they will not surrender... they will fight with everything they got... In three day's you'll make them rethink that strategy." Major Reilly pressed a button on the large door, a low rumbling sound was heard, and the door slowly opened, flooding the room with light. A large amount of small scars were now visible on The Major's face, and they were quickly concealed by an oxygen mask. The roaring of the wind made it difficult to talk. A voice on the intercom was still able to be heard. "Alright, thank you for flying with us today, please put hands and feet... outside of the vehicle, and remember, don't let the wind carry you off." Major Reilly stood at the edge of the door... and was suddenly stopped. He couldn't have been scared of the jump... he was looking straight ahead. "Everyone out of the craft ASAP!" He fumbled for the intercom in the room. "There's are ammut aircraft closing in on us! I want evasive action the moment everyone is out!" [BCOLOR=#000000]The attack vessel is closing in with a shrieking engine, it's painted white with small amounts of black where the wings meet the base, and designs are painted in red. It has three guns, two on the wings, one of the front, which swivel towards the Human dropship, the barrels on the guns start to glow a bright bluish green.[/BCOLOR]
  14. "Outta my way, dumbasses! You wanna survive?" Leia shouted, jumping backwards out of the plane. She gave a sarcastic wave to them as a bullet shot. She easily dodged it, and landed on the planet safely. "Now THAT'S what I call fun!" she shouted to herself, relaxing on a rock on the surface.
  15. "Shit." Was all Izak could mutter, before he threw himself out of the plane with the mass of other people. The wind attempted to carry Izak off, but he managed to land on the hard rock without a problem.
    "That WAS sorta fun." He said, then nervously awaited his orders.
  16. The sounds of guns, rockets, and energy weapons rang in the sky. Soldiers took shots at the Alien craft from the ground, the last out of the craft of Major Reilly, he nearly landed atop a pillar-like rock, and looked out in the distance. He turned towards the future Super-soldiers and jumped down from where he was. He blew a whistle. Trained soldiers positioned themselves in trenches and behind sandbags. An intercom was heard. "All hands ready, we are under attack, defend the recruits at all costs, if the Ammutseba break through, Humanity is done for." Major Reilly yelled.
    "Head over to the armory... get a weapon, fight if you have to, don't get killed, don't put on the power armor because your nervous system can't handle it yet, and, if they find out about the armor they'll send their entire army here!" In the distance, a dust cloud was visible, and the sounds of the alien's roars could be heard in the distance.
  17. Name: Dexter Skylore
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18

    Appearance: About 5'9 with dark brown hair with faint red and black streaks that is cut a bit above his eyes and swooped slightly to the right. His skin is tanned bronze and his eyes are a very light blue that get darker towards the center. He has a cybernetic replacement on his lower left arm but has full control as if it he had never lost it.

    Purpose for Joining: His family saw him useless and weak, so he was sent to join as a test of worth.

    Personality:The military is the last place Dex thought he would end up, he is kind and has a timid nature. He prefers to think things out calmly rather than fight but he is submissive and will back down from standing up to those he sees as higher authorities. He is highly intelligent and can think quickly if caught in a bad situation. Although usually kind and forgiving, but if he or someone he cares about is in danger, that will bring out a dark and merciless side of him.

    Place of Origin: Star City
    Extra: His family's bloodline posses the ability to produce electrical currents but Zero can only cause small power outages, use it as a backup energy source, or use it as a means to electrify an attacker. He uses this energy to control his cybernetic arm, an overuse of his ability will disable it therefore he refrains from using it.
  18. Dex slowly approached the armory looking at the dry ground trying to avoid the brutes who didn't take what was going on seriously. He turned his head towards the direction of the alien roars then he began to run. As he arrived most were already beginning to arm themselves to defend the base. He then grabbed what he could and quickly moved away from the others. Looking at the gun, that he though was surprisingly light, he could tell that he would have to be a bit too close to the action than what he would prefer, then again, he rather not be here at all.
  19. [BCOLOR=#000000] The fighting had started. There were sixty marines. The Ammutseba's numbers were hundreds strong. The Ammutseba were in clear site, but they did not fire yet. Most were on the ground. A few were on top of the tall crags. The bayonets of their rifle gauntlets dragged across the stone. All of their roaring and yelling had stopped. There was movement in part of their formation. Emerging from the crowd, was a different Ammutseba. This one was nine feet tall, with damaged black armor as opposed to the others' new white armor. His visor was a glowing red[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] rather than the others' plain black visors, his helmet was adorned with structures similar to antlers, and his long forearms were wrapped in shining steel chains. This one carried a massive sword, large even for his towering size. He held the blade over his shoulder as he stared to the human campsite.[/BCOLOR]

    [The Ammutseba-Paladin's Sword, not my art this time.]

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  20. Leia turned to the armory, stealing the nearest rifle, dagger, and sword. She took some armor as well and headed for battle. When the indifferent Ammutseba came up, she aimed for it, fully aware of the fatal weapon. She aimed just a bit to the left of it, and readied to pull.